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Expects to Have Bill Ready for
Senate Soon After Reas
sembling From Vacation
Washington, May 2D.—(A s ) —Hardly
had the new house tariff bill reached
the senate side of the capitol today
before administration leaders com
pleted plans for its consideration by
the finance committee of that cham
The measure, approved by the
house by a vote of 264 to 147. will be
taken up by the committee June 11.
and Chairman Smoot in making the
announcement estimated the com
mittee would require about six weeks
to complete its work before formally
reporting it to the senate.
With a summer recess now planned
by some leaders, the chairman said
he would have the bill ready for the
senate as soon as It reassembles from
the vacation.
Quick Agreement Seen
No consideration was given today
bv the Republicans of the committee
to the provisions of the bill. The Re
publicans on the committee are re
garded as administration supporters
and little difficulty is anticipated in
agreeing upon a measure acceptable
to the party leaders.
While the Democrats will be in
vited to sit with the committee
throughout the hearings and in the
revision of the bill, the prospects of a
solid Republican lineup makes it cer
tain that so far as the committee is
concerned the bill will be a Republi
can measure.
This measure, designed to give
thousands of American agricultural
and industrial products additional
protection against foreign competi
tion, will provide the basis for exten
sive hearings to be conducted during
the summer by the senate finance
committee if the committee conforms
to the history of tariff legislation, it
will then rewrite the bill and report
it to the senate with many changes.
Oppose President's Powers
Among those changes, Representa
tive Garner of Texas, Democratic
leader, and other prominent members
of Ills party in congress, expect the
senate committee, and subsequently
the senate itself, to decide against
the action' • f the house looking to
extension of presidential authority
over the administration of the tariff
and his powers to change rates.
Garner sought that end yesterday,
through a motion to recommit the bill
to the ways and means committee
with instruction to provide for aboli
tion of the present tariff commission
and elimination of the flexible pro
visions of the bill and for the estab
lishment of a fact finding board re
sponsible only to congress.
Motion Voted Down
His motion, which also sought to
prevent transfer of authority to re
view valuation methods from the
customs court to the treasury depart
ment and to bring about adjustment
of rates “in all schedules so the duties
shall not exceed the actual difference
between the cost of production in the
United States and abroad,” was voted
down 254 to 157. a majority 10 less
than that recorded for the bill.
In the final ballot on the house
bill, which followed the rejection of
Garner s motion, 20 Democrats joined
the majority and 12 Republicans and
one Parmer-Labor member recorded
their opposition with the minority.
The latter included Representative
Beck, Republican, Pennsylvania, for
mer solicitor general, who led the at
tack on extension of presidential
power to change import duties, which
he believes congress should have ex
Minneapolis Flyers
Fail to Set Record
When Fuel Runs Out
Minneapolis. May 29.—GD—Gene
Shank and Owen Hauglknd, whose
attempts to set an endurance record
in their single-motored monoplane,
Miss Minnesota, failed Monday be
cause of lack of fuel, will make a sec
ond attempt next week, they an
nounced today. The entire flight will
take place over Minneapolis, with a
landing at Robblnsdale airport.
Local aviators will conduct refuel
ing operations, Shank announced, and
the Miss Minnesota again will be
used in the attempt to better the
record of more than 172 hours set by
the Fort Worth.
The two aviators also will try lor
the world’s long distance flying rec
ord, keeping an accurate check of the
number of m 'c' traveled in the air.
Dodge Will Receive
Better Mail Service
Patrons on rural mail route No. 1,
Dodge, N. Dak., will enjoy six-tlmes
a-week service beginning July 1 as a
result of an order soon to be issued
by the U. S. Postoffice department.
The route heretofore has been
operated as a tri-weekly service.
Congressman J. H. Sinclair repre
sented the petitioners before the pos
tal authorities.
City-County Briefs 1
Judge Pred Graham, Ellendale, is a
visitor in the city today.
. Rev. O. 8. Rlndahl, pastor of the
Trinity Lutheran church, will deliver
the commencement address to the
graduating class of the high school at
Driscoll Thursday evening, May 30.
m«i Mary B. Ervin. Cedarville, 0.,
will speak at the Baptist church Sun
day evening at S o’clock, instead oi
Sunday morning, as an
nounced. While in the city Miss Ervin
will be a guest at the home of Mrs
8. H. Cook.
Mim Bertha R. Palmer, state super
intendent of public instruction, left
, this morning for Buffalo, where she
will deliver the high school com
mencement address this evening. Miss
Palmer will spend Memorial day as a
guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs,
Wesley McDowell, Valley City. Friday
' evening she will speak at the gradu
ating exercises at the Sheyenne
schools, and Saturday evening will be
the commencement speaker at Fort
Mce; * •-* : ■
mi** *m- n-r’-r--««*. m *
' It’s Bargain Time
i On Building Now in
| View of J. Trimble
James Trimble, district manager of
the Montana-D koa Power Company,
is one of the business men backing
the proposed memorial community
building and the bond issue for its
cost. He feels that the city is offered
several bargains for building now and
in the manner proposed.
“The American Legion offers us
$84,000 which we cannot get at another
time,” he said. “That ought to in
duce us to act now. It’s a bargain
offer. We are to get a $209,000 build
ing for $125,000.
“Then there is the matter of the
new high school beii.g served before
it is even planned. Superintendent
h. O. Saxvik has given a good reason
for the memorial building, in stating
that the auditorium that would be in
the proposed structure will be just so
much a part of the next high school
building. That means that about
$25,000 of the money to be pu„ into
the community building will be vir
tually returneu when a high school
is built, as the gym will not have to
be included in it.
"Thus the Legion is giving us $34,-
000 and we are giving ourselves $25.-
000 more if we build now. That's like
cutting the $209,000 cost in half for
“If we are going to live up to our
location in this portion of the state,
we will need this building. It will
be a good and paying investment in
the conventions, shows ancl other
gatherings it will bring here.”
McMahon to Meet Club
Boys and Girls and
Hold Demonstrations
Dr. Don McMahon, veterinary ex
pert from the Agricultural college,
will be in this county next Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday, to meet
with all the boys and girls clubs. The
meetings will be at farm houses and
by groups at convenient central
points in the various communities.
Dr. McMahon will talk on club work
and the feeding of their pigs and
calves by the club members.
There also will be some docking and
drenching demonstrations at which
Dr. Mahon will lecture on methods.
Tuesday evening he will meet with
the Slope wool pool at Sterling com
munity hall.
Knoeppel, Newsome
Nominated at Dallas
Dallas, Tex., May 2D.—(/Pi—Ray
mond J. Knoeppel, of New York and
Eugene Newsome, of Durham, N. C..
where the only candidates nominated
for the presidency of Rotary Inter
national here today. The election
will be held tomorrow.
Pierre, S. D., May 29.— (/Pi — Funeral
services were conducted at the state
capitol today for Lieutenant Governor
C. E. Coyne, who died Monday after
a month's illness. Burial will take
place at Rapid City tomorrow.
«jtet Contents 15 Fluid Drachm
A\fe*etaWe PreparatioafcrAs
similatingtheFood bjrßtfulr
Thereby Promoting Digestion
Cheerfulness and Rest.Cofttwrt
neither Opium, Morphine nor
Mineral. Not Narcotic
y jMeofoMJkSMuaman
! mZ I
| / Ahelpfuffcmf^yfa'.
, Constipation and Diarrhoei
and Feveriafcj^iJjJ 4
I rac Simile Si<n«l
Solo Endurance Flyer Will Not
Connect Wires, Fearing
Short Circuit
Los Angeles. May 28.—(/P)—Flying
only by the light of Los Angeles
Metropolitan airport far below him,
Herbert J. Fahy, test pilot, continued
his assault on the solo endurance
flying record, today.
The lights in Fahy’s plane failed
late last night. He dropped a mes
sage saying the failure apparently
had been due to a short circuit and
that he was afraid to attempt turn
ing them on again because of the
danger of setting fire to the mono
Metropolitan airport was kept light
ed and at his request mail planes
were ordered to clear the field at a
height of 5.000 to 6.000 feet to avoid
the possibility of colliding with his
darkened ship, which was keeping
close to the 1,500 foot level.
Fahy piloted Ills monoplane past
the 27th hour of his flight at 7:43:05
n. m., today. The record held by
Martin Jensen is 35:33:21.
•> ■ ■ - - 4*
| Memorial Building j
I Favored by Langer, j
j Committee Is Told j
William Langer has notified the
memorial community building cam
paign committee that lie is in favor
of their project and will support the
bond issue of $125,000 to be voted on
Friday. R. J. Kamplin and Mr. Laug
er’s office announced today.
Mr: Langer was out of town and
could not be seen as to how he would
couch his support. The committee
understood that he favored the build
ing on the general grounds set out in
the campaign literature. His adhe
sion was received with considerable
pleasure by the campaigners.
Wool Growers Meet
At Larimore; Plan
Sale of Wool Clip
Grand Forks, N. D., May 29.—f/Ti
Representatives of wool growers’ as
sociations of Grand Forks, Nelson.
Traill. Cavalier and Walsh counties
will meet at. Larimore. Monday, to
plan disposal of their wool clip of this
year. County Agent William R. Page,
announced today.
Mississippi Channel
Cost Survey Okayed
Washington, May 29.— y/P) —A rec
ommendation that the cost of a nine
foot channel between the mouth of
the Illinois river and Minneapolis be
determined has been approved by
Major General Edgar Jadwin, chief
of army engineers.
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happy. That’s a mother’s reward for seeing that
nothing prevents sound sleep; that no fretful or
feverish spells interrupt play; or interfere with
appetite and digestion. The knowing mother
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er’s Castoria. The doctor approves this pure
vegetable product. Only a doctor should give
your baby anything stronger.
Fletcher’s Castoria is soothing to infants; it is
a sweetening influence when Baby’s stomach is
sour; a gentle persuader when any youngster’s
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for it in any home until the children are all grown.
And in the dead of night when colic or diarrhea
makes a sudden attack it is indispensable. Get
the genuine, with Chas. H. Fletcher’s signature
on tne wrapper.
Children Cru for
) C. B. Little Opposes t
| Memorial Building; j
i Urges Court House
+• ■ %
The memorial building proposal, as
embodied in the proposed city bond
issue, does not meet the approval of
C. B. Little, president of the First Na
tional bank and one of the large tax
payers of Bismarck. He is opposed
to the project on tax grounds and the
need of a new court house. The pro
posed building he considers a luxury.
“We need first a new court house."
said Mr. Little. “We should have it
this year, even. The present struc
ture is a menace to the property in
terests of the whole county. It is no
fit place for the irreplaceable records
stored there.
"If we build a new court house—
and we must do so soon—we can
hardly get off with an expense less
than $500,000. See where that puts
us. We are close to 6 per cent in
taxes now’. Either one of these two
buildings will put us over that. Look
what the two will do.
“Higher taxes mean higher rents.
People are now complaining of the
rents as too high. How can we get
people to come in if we make that
situation worse? I want to see Bis
marck grow, but I think we can best
do that by holding taxes in check.”
South St. Paul. Minn.. May 29.—</F»
The lowest price levels in 10 years for
sheep were reached at the market
here today when all classes of sheep
and lambs dropped 50 cents a hun
dredweight. Commission men said
lack of demand w f as responsible for
the decline. Prices for cattle and hogs
exceed those of a year ago.
High School Seniors
Observe Class Night
Thelma Amundson will be valedic
torian, and Theo Vettel will give the
salutary address this evening at the
Class Night exercises of the Bismarck
high school. The program, held at
the city auditorium begins at 8
Elsie Mac Nelson will read the class
history, and the class poem will be
presented by Hannah Julia Jordan,
winner of the Alumni Essay contest.
Iris Meinhover and Thomas Bou
trous will present the class prophecy,
and a musical number will be given
by the girls' glee club.
The class will, presented Jointly by
Lucilc Coghlan and Guy F. Larson,
will carry out the time honored cus
tom of presenting the ohcrished pos
sessions of the class, and Ben Jacob
son and Wallace Green will smoke
the Peace Pipe.
Singing of the Class song, com
posed by Marguerite Kennedy and
Elmer Klipstein, will conclude the
La Moure. N. Dak.. May 29 —La
Moure's Memorial day program is be
ing arranged by committees of the
Prank L. Townsend po t of the Amer
ican Legion and its auxiliary.
David J. Molt, commander of the
local post, will preside. Practically
all business houses in the city will
close for the day.
Parts of the program already ar
ranged follow:
Parade of former servicemen, aux
iliaries, Boy Scouts, school children,
and other organizations at 9:30 a. m.
Invocation, and music by La Moure
band. Songs by the audience.
Music by a mixed quartet of Me:>-
dames C. P. Young, and C. V. Payne,
and 11. E. Cottam and John Muir,
’ Dear Land of Freedom," an arrange
ment from Sextet from Lucia.
Flag salute and recital of constitu
tional preamble by La Moure women's
auxiliary members*.
Lincoln's Gettysburg address ty
Alfred Lutgen.
Music by La Moure school groups.
Address by Rev. Wilson Johnstone,
pastor of the Methodist Episcopal
church at Lisbon.
Sioux County District
Court Term Postponed
Fort Yates, N. Dak., May 29.—(D
The regular May term of the Sioux
county district court, scheduled to
open Tuesday, has been postponed to
July 9. Trial of four Indians on a
charge of manslaughter In connection
with the death of Eugene Yellow
Lodge last February, will be held at
that time.
Your Furs
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O ffl of the estimated value
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in a fine ieeatlen- eteem heat, a large living room with a fire
place that really works, bedroom, dressing room. bath, two large
eleoeta. maid’s room, kitchenette with botlt-ln features, new elec
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Phene M for appointment hi the afternoons only.
tavoshdent and Insurance
We Close at One
Memorial Day
A. & M. Tire Service
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Tousley and Schott
Reported Improving
Jamestown, N. D., May 29.—(jTV-
Improvement is being shown in the
conditions of Frank C. Tousley. Bis
marck. and John P. Schott, Linton, it
was reported by attending physicians
today. The men were seriously in
jured in the automobile accident in
which J. M. Stewart of Linton was
killed last Thursday.
Schott apd Tousley, the latter's
condition Is the worse of the two.
have hovered between life and death
sincothe accident.
Minneapolis, May 29.—'/Pj—With
the completion of 54 holes of the 72-
holc Big Ten championship golf tour
nament, Lester Bolstad. captain of
the Minnesota team, led the field with
235. five strokes under his nearest op
ponent. John Burgelin, Michigan,
who had 210.
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Closed All Day Memorial Day
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