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: I Driscoll |
»,• * -4
" rr u _____
A. S. E. Metcalf spent Monday in
Bismarck having some dental work
Mr. and Mrs. Melford Swanson of
' Dunell, Minn., visited Mr. and Mrs.
x ; C. A. Swanson Friday.
Mi*, and Mrs. Joe Rustad came Sat
urday from Homestead, Fla., to visit
' and attend to some business. They are
visiting Mr. and Mrs. A 1 Chapin at
v present.
Mrs. Vannie Lewis of Bismarck is
visiting at home.
Miss Tiny Sleight, who has been
- spending some time at the A. P. Ros
v'' home, returned to her home in
Tappen Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Swanson re
u turned Saturday from Jamestown,
3 where they spent the Fourth.
‘ Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hull and
family, accompanied by Misses Van
h nie Lewis and Ruby Apland, and Joe
Lewis, left Tuesday morning for Be
midji, Minn., where Mr. Lewis will
look after his farming interests and,
i incidentally, do some fishing.
;; Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Wallen and
v "Beatrice and Keith Wallen spent the
Fourth with Mr. and Mrs. A 1 Chapin.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Swanson enter
tained Mr. and Mrs. Melford Swanson
at dinner Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Carr, Loren Carr,
and Mrs. Robins and children spent
, Thursday at the C. E. Newcomer
Mrs. F. O. Johnson entertained
Tuesday afternoon for Mrs. E. C.
Ruble and Miss Beatrice Olson, of
The daily vacational Bible school
closed Wednesday afternoon. In the
evening a program was given at the
church to give an idea of the ground
covered in the course of study.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Anderson of Bis
marck had Sunday dinner at the H.
A. Knudson home. In the evening
they all attended the Chautauqua at
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lewis and Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Apland, with their
families, spent Saturday at Lake
Mr. and Mrs. Egner Swanson re
turned Friday from Linton.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Stewart and Mr.
and Mrs. E. Johnson, of Sterling,
spent Saturday with Mr. and Mrs.
John Stewart.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Van Vleet, Wilma
Van Vleet and Mrs. A. M. Bruschwein
were Bismarck callers Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Lathrop and
daughter Betty Jean returned Sunday
evening after n trip to Canada.
Mrs. Elmer Koon entertained at a
party for little folks Wednesday in
honor of her daughter Vera’s birth
Miss Beatrice Olson, who has been
visiting her home for a week, left Fri
day for Minneapolis.
Mrs. Ingeborg Rasmussen spent
Friday and Saturday with Mrs. H. A.
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Johnson enter
tained Mr. and Mrs. Egner and Floyd
Swanson Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Bruschwein and
family motored to Tuttle Sunday.
Mrs. H. A. Knudson and Valdis
spent Monday at the Rosvold home.
Mr: and Mrs. M. F. Olson enter
tained Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rustad Sun
Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Anderson and
daughter Nora, of Mandan, spent
Sunday with Mrs. Meyer.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lewis and family
spent the Fourth at the Apland home.
Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Johnson enter
tained Rev! and Mrs. Oress at dinner
Wednesday evening.
f Steiber 1
fr —-4
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hickel and son
Wayne and D. E. Mattis spent the
Fourth at Minot.
Among those who attended the
Farmers’ Union picnic in Regan Sat
urday were Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gree
nan and son Wesley, Mr. and Mrs.
Mike Eoschee and family, Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Patzner and family, Mr.
and Mrs. Hickel and son Wayne, Mr.
and Mrs. C. L. Malone and W. S.
John Anderson was a caller at C. L.
Malone’s Monday.
Gerald Jones was a business visitor
in Regan Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Bosches and
family of Estherville township were
Sunday visitors at Mike Boschee's.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Wilson and
family of Mason City. lowa, were
guests at the Paul Greenan home Fri
Wm. Anderson went to Bismarck
Tuesday and returned Sunday.
Among those who spent the Fourth
at Wildwood were Dave Dixons, Rob
ert Patzners, C. L. Malones, John
Andersons, Fred Bergquists and Ger
ald Jones and Miss Vina 'Oder.
Mrs. C. L. Malone, Mrs. H. M. Me
Daniels, Clementine Adams and Lan
etta McDaniel were visitors in Regan
f Wild Rose *
* 4
The school board held its regular
quarterly meeting at the clerk’s office
Tuesday. '
O. B. Swanson and son Harold mo
tored to Bismarck Saturday where
Mr. Swanson took treatment for blood
poison in his hand which is slowly
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Brownawell and
son Bobby of Sterling made a short
call here July 4th on their way to
celebrate at Pursian park. Lake Isa
bel and Bismarck.
A number of our young peopje at
tended the dance at Brae! jock Tues
day evening.
Mrs. L. R. May and little grand
daughter Sally Lou May visited a
couple of days last week at the S. J.
King home in Bismarck.
Mr. and Airs. Ernest Seville were
Sunday visitors at the O. B. Swanson
Norman Rippley of Moffit made a
cliort call on ~*arry Koenig Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Carlisle and son
Roger motored to Bismarck Saturday
with Miss A- ia Carlisle ”1 i returned
there after a two weeks vacation here.
Several members of the O. L. Peter
son family . . jyed the fireworks in
Bismarck nursday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Brownawell,
Mr. and Mr . Jim Hill ard Miss Wan
da Parks of Moffit were calling oh
friends here Tuesday evening.
A large number from here cele^
brated the Fourth at Pursian park.
Lee May and
little Carol May came down from
Bismarck Wednesday to visit rela
tives hejre returning to the capital city
Miss Madge King, a former resident
of Wild Rose, is recovering in a hos
pital at Bismarck from an attack of
diphtheria followed by an operation
for the removal of her tonsils.
Quite a number from here went to
Bismarck to see the fine fireworks
display the evening of July 4th.
I Glen View *
» ——*
The Fourth of Jtfly was observed
in the usual manner. From the
community some went to Bismarck,
some to Wildwood and some to small
er community celebrations.
Mr. and Mrs. Lars Jacobson mo
tored to Minot FMday to attend the
fair and to visit friends. Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur Larson of McLean coun
ty accompanied them. They re
turned home Sunday evening.
George Trusdale of Bismarck is
spending a few days at Jacobson.'s.
Mr. wid Mrs. Walter Simoiis and
daughter Beverly left Tuesday by mo
tor to Olendive, Montana, to visit
with Walter's mother who lives there.
Bertha Spltzer, who has been em
ployed at the Victor Franklund home
in McLean county, returned home
Mrs. Phew of Minneapolis is here
visiting at the Jake Spltzer home.
Mrs. Phew will be remembered as Mrs.
Christ Deede, formerly of Baldwin.
Mr. and Mrs. A 1 Holden returned
Monday after a 10-day motor trip
through Montana. Mrs. Holden was
called home by the death of her step
father, Peter Anderson, of Wilton,
Friday morning.
Hazelton I
Mr. and Mrs. Emil Deitrich came
home from Grand Forks to spend the
Fourth with the children. They re
turned last Friday, where they will
continue their work at the university.
Peter Fischer entertained a num
ber of his boy friends at a birthday
anniversary party Tuesday evening.
Bert Thompson and J. B. Lands
berger made a business trip to Bis
marck Tuesday.
Miss Anna Schneider, sister of Mrs.
John Meyers, left Wednesday for her
home at Hebron, after a two weeks'
visit in Hazelton.
Mrs. Ed Burns and family, the for
mer a daughter of Mrs. E. O. Bea
strom. arrived last Friday for a week’s
visit with the Beastrom family.
The following from Hazelton cele
brated the Fourth at Napoleon: Mr.
and Mrs. George Zirbes and family
the Misses Rose Appert, Mary Shea,
Margaret Scherr, Margaret Hoff, and
Eleanor Landsberger, Zlrnhelt and
Eugene Landsberger. They report
a very enjoyable time. Clayton Mc-
Mullen motored to Jamestown Sunday
to spend the day.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bhea and Sidney
Casey -returned Saturday evening
after spendlhg the Fourth at Sidney,
Mrs. John Meyers entertained the
Christian Mothers’ society Saturday.
Ed. Taube returned Saturday from
the cities where he had accompanied
a carload of stock.
Members of the parish of the Cath
olic church will hold a picnic at Bea
strom’s farm Sunday.
Gerhard Jonkman has completed
his work soliciting for the Extension
magazine and has started working in
Meyer’s butcher shop.
Elvira and Helen Wohlman and
Mildred McDonnell spent the day and
evening of the Fourth at Bismarck.
Mrs. Mayme Forsythe arrived in
Hazelton Saturday. She will spend
the summer with her mother, Mrs. M.
Mrs. Schneider, mother of Mrs.
John Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. John
Schneider and Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Schneider, all of Hebron, came down
Saturday to visit at the Meyer home
over the week-end. They returned
Monday. •
A large crowd attended the Beck
and Walker negro minstrel Friday
evening. It was reported as being a
fairly good show.
Wilfred McCusker rrrived home last
Wednesday from Regina. Canada,
where he has *>een attending school.
He completed his high school course
this term.
Baldwin presented a deserted ap
pearance July 4, most of our resi
dents spending the day elsewhere. A
number went to Bismarck to attend
the big celebration. Others motored to
Wildwood, north of Wilton, to spend
the day at the resort A few families
spent the day at the John Herdebu Sr.
home, where a picnic was held.
Mrs. Fredolen Rupp and children,
Richard and Frances, are spending a
vacation in Minnesota. They will be
guests at the Claus Garmer home at
Clearbrook. and will also visit rela
tives at Westbrook. En route home
they will visit relatives in the eastern
part of North Dakota.
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Nordstrom re
turned home early in the week from
a short visit with relatives and friends
at Minot and Roseglen. They were
accompanied by then* children, Glen
and Iva May.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Fricke, accom
panied by their son Edward, Paul
Borner and Harry Englemann, mo
tored to t‘ capital city Thursday
evening to see the fireworks.
Mr. and Mrs. Basil Small and family
were recent guests at the Henry Small
home in Bismarck.
Clark and Clyde Monroe and sisters,
Sizabeth and Catherine, visited with
lends at Menoken Sunday. •
Mr. fnd Mrs. Leroy Ellason and son
Douglas, of Bismarck, spent Sunday
at the Alvin Nordstrom home.
Mr. and Mrs. William FMcke and
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Border'visited
with the O. G. Rupp family Sunday.
Laurence Little, accompanied by his
grandmother, Mrs. Richard Nixon,
left Saturday for Mt. Vernon, Wash.,
by train. Laurence plans on remain
ing there for some time (f he can find
work, and Mrs. Nixon plans on mak
ing her home there. She came here
last spring from Mt Vernon, and has
been living in Bismarck.
Mr. and Mm. Anton Eidahl and four
children and Mrs. Peter Barthsmass,
of Roseglen, spent the Fourth at the
Alvin Nordstrom home. Mrs. Sidahl is
the sister of Mrs. Nordstrom, and Mrs.
Barthsmass is her mother.
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Scott, Mr.
and Mrs. I.erbert Kubsback, Mr. and
Mrs. Victor Engdahl and family, Mr.
and Mrs. Nels Nelson, Victor Hugo
and Emma Nelson and Ruth Jordan
were Monday evening guests at the
home of Otto and Alice Swanson. Mr.
and Mrs. Kubsback were en route
from Sheboygan, Wls., to Minot and
William Dohn of Bismarck was here
the fore part of the week attending
to business affairs.
Miss Wilma Johnson of Still is
visiting at the home of Miss Grace
A number of local young folks at
tended the dance which was held at
Wildwood on the evening of July 4.
Rev. Matteson and family, of Wil
ton, are moving to Coleharbor at an
early date. Rev. Matteson assisted
Rev. Clark during the revival serv
ices held here some months ago.
A number of Baldwin folks at
tended the Chautauqua which was
held in Wilton the past week. The
programs were thoroughly enjoyed
and well attended.
Miss Laura Rupp has returned to
her work in the Bismarck hospital
after spending two weeks at her home
near Baldwin.
The teachers and pupils of the Bible
vacation school gave their closing ex
ercises in the community hall Sunday
evening. The work has been in charge
of Mrs. Leander and sister, who have
been making their home with the
Fred Wood family the past two weeks.
f Painted Woods 1
4 4
Mr. and Mrs. Ellas Lillefjeld and
sons, Edwin and Gerald of Wilton,
and Mr. and Mrs. Ole Lillefjeld spent
Tuesday evening visiting Mr. and Mrs.
Christ Lillefjeld of Bismarck.
A big majority of the people of this
vicinity spent the Fourth at Wild
wood. Many of them spent the day
at the Henry Johnson farm where
the people were invited to come and
bring their dinner, and picnic among
the trees. Others motored to Bis
marck to spend the day.
Mrs. Amy Bloom and children of
Garrison spent the Fourth at Wild
wood and visited with her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Brown, and other
relatives and friends.
Andrew Nelson was a Wilton visitor
Ole Lillefjeld helped Eincr Soder
qulst drive some livestock to Wilton
Mr. and Mrs. Ole Soderquist and son
Einer spent Thursday afternoon vis
iting Mrs. Maria Elsberg.
Mr. and Mrs. Iver Erickson were
Wilton callers Wednesday.
Orbia Hannifield spent Independ
ence day with her parents. Orbia is
attending normal at Dickinson.
Lester Brown motored to Mandan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hannifield and
children epent Wednesday at Bis
Mr.' and Mrs. Frank Erickson and
son Ernest came up from Bismarck
Thursday and took Mr. and Mrs.
Andrew Nelson with them to the
Henry Johnson home where they had
dinner together.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Brown were Wil
ton callers Wednesday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Elias Liilefjfld and
son Gerald had dinner at the Ole
Lillefjeld home Thursday. After
dinner they all drove to Wildwood.

Miss Mary Schlenker returned to
Bismarck Sunday after spending a
week at the Malone home as a guest
of Mrs. H. Baron.
Mr. and Mrs. wm. Hickel and son
Wayne were Regan shoppers Tues
Mr. and Mrs. John Carlson and
family visited relatives at Driscoll
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Malone, Mrs. H.
M. McDaniel and daughter Lanetta
and Miss Clemie Adams returned
from Bemidji, Minn.. Monday evening
where they had spent a week visiting
Gerald Jones was a business vis
itor In Regan Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Dixon were
Regan shoppers Wednesday.
Mrs. John Carlson attended the
social meeting of the Legion Auxiliary
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hickel and son
Wayne and D. E. Mattis were Bis
marck visitors Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson and
some of the children were at Minot
several days last week attending the
Dave Hochhalter and Emil Stroh
were callers at C. L. Malone's Wed
nesday evening.
Mrs. Anton Lehr was taken to a
Bismarck hospital Tuesday for treat
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hickel were
Regan shoppers Tuesday.
■ ■' 1 4
Hampton I

Mr. and Mrs. Jake Scheirmeister
and the former’s sister Hilda called at
the Godfrey Grenz home Saturday
evening. >
Of those that were callers at Lin
ton Saturday were feob Chesrown,
Bteve 1 Koppy Sr., John Backhaus,
Porter Umber, Math Koppy. Herman
Backhaus Jr., Mr. and Mrs. John J.
Ohlhauser Jr.
Earl Smith. John Joeb. Fred Ohl
hauser. Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Ohl
hauser and son attended the rodeo at
Pollock, S. D.
Miss Elizabeth Koppy assisted Mrs.
Godfrey Grenz a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Prank Yetter and
family. Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Lawler
and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Lawler
and baby were Linton shoppers Satur
Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey Grenz and
daughter Alma and the latter’s broth
er Helmut Scheirmeister were shop-
ping at Bismarck Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Smith and chil
dren of fiaselton spent Sunday at the
home of their daughter, Mrs. Jake
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Schwarts and
son August and Mr. and Mrs
Schwegman and baby of Odense
passed through here Saturday on
their way to Strasburg where they at
tended the festival of Bt. Peter and
Paul. On their return trip Sunday
they stopped at the Steve Koppy
home for a short visit.
While playing ball Sunday at the
Dayton diamond one of the ball play
ers ran into Henry Knlttsl injury ing
his lip and knocking several teeth
John Backhaus was a Linton caller
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lawler and
family spent Sunday at the 8. G.
Busby home.
Porter Umber and John Rensckers
motored to Linton Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Koppy and
Mrs. John Rebenltsch and son John
of Fort Rice motored to Leola, S. D.,
Monday where they spent several days
visiting with relatives.
Mrs. S. G. Busby and son Ferman
called at the Ed Weller and Steve
Koppy homes Tuesday.
Frank Chesrown is giving his build
ings a coat of paint.
Carl Woods of near Linton crossed
the river Wednesday where he made
a business trip to his uncle who lives
south of Cannon Ball.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kiemele were
business callers in Linton Wednesday.
George Umber of Winona spent
Thursday with his brother. Porter.
John Rensckers went to Cannon Ball
Thursday to spend the Fourth there.
John Suverly of Livona called at
the Ed Weller home Thursday.
Steve Koppy Sr. was a business
caller In Livona Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Lawler visited
the latter’s mother Mrs. Postle of
Linton Thursday morning.
A number of people from here went
to Linton to celebrate the Fourth. A
big parade and races were held in
town, the afternoon was spent in the
A number of the young folks of this
vicinity attended the dance at Lin
ton in the pavilion Thursday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Tillston and
family of near Fort Rice were seen in
this vicinity Thursday while on their
way to Livona to spend the Fourth
with friends and relatives.
A number of people of this vicinity
attended the ball game at Cannon
Ball Friday afternoon.
Godfrey Grenz started in haying
this week.
The fine rain which visited this
community Saturday night and Sun
day was very much appreciated. It
was badly damaged by dry weather
and this rain will do wonders to make a
fairly good crop.
Mrs. Cameron’s daughter and fam
ily are visiting at the Wm. Lane
home, where Mrs. Cameron and her
son work. They are from Minnesota.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pills
bury on Monday, July 8, a son.
Mother and son are doing fine.
The dance held in Moffit Monday
evening was largely attended. The
Bostonians played and supper was
served by the grandmothers. Every
body seemed to have a good time.
The postoffice has been moved into
Fred Hursey’s building and Mrs.
Luella Shultc has been employed as
deputy postmaster. Fred Hursey is
Fred Pillsbury visited at the Ham
lin home near McKenzie Tuesday
The school board held its regular
meeting Tuesday evening. All the
finishing up and starting new busi
ness of the year was transacted. We
will have five teachers the coming
year and will have 4 years of high
school. Yhe new addition is under
W. E. ITichol and sons are digging
the basement of the new addition of
the sclioolhouse.
Jess Smith of South Dakota with
his family visited at the home of Al
fred Faust last week. Jess is a
brother to Mrs. Alfred Faust. They
were on their way home from Glen
dive, Mont., where they visited with
the Warren Smith family.
George Parks is moving the two
buildings he purchased from the N. P.
railroad at Bessoba and Robert Car
penter is assisting h*m.
Melvin Thorsen is grading the road
north of town which runs east.
Lloyd Hofstad had a spell of sum
mer pneumonia which seems to be
going around. His parents took him
to Dr. Baer at Braddock on Saturday.
He is all right now.
The crew that is fixing the elevator
is busy remodeling the building.
Everett Porter, Joe Coder and C. E.
Moffit motored to Bismarck Friday
afternoon to advertise for bids for
the addition on the schoolhouse.
A large number of people from
Moffit and vicinity spent the Fourth
and the evening of the Fourth in
Bismarck. The display of fireworks
was magnificent.
Mrs. Earl Jenkins and daughter
Marguerite of Detroit, Mich., arrived
in Moffit July 4th to visit for a few
days with relatives around Moffit.
She is a sister of Mrs. Burt Johnson.
They went to Wishek on Friday to
visit with Mrs. Johnson and on Mon
day Mrs. Johnson accompanied them
to Moffit to visit other relatives.
The Misses Harriet Moffit and Alice
Mauk, Wm. Lane and Murray House
spent Sunday at Pollock, 6. D. They
visited at the Carlson ranch and re
port a fine time.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Moffit spent the
Fourth at Lake Isabelle.
Several from here visited Seaman's
park at Linton the Fourth.
John Lunde is some improved at
Glendive. Mont., where he is being
treated for ulcers of the stomach at
the N. P. hospital there.
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Lane enter
tained a number of relatives at dinner
on Tuesday.
Those who have viewed the corn
field on Everett Porter’s place report
it one of the finest fields of corn in
the country.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Olson of Ster
ling attended the dance at Moffit on
Monday evening.
The Ladies Aid met at the church
Saturday, July 6. A fair crowd was
f Hazlegrove, I
Last Sunday Elvin Gray and his
mother. Mrs. Frank Gray, and his
sister Opal called at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Will Harty.
Emil Battler helped Jack Stewart
fix his windmill and Mrs. Battler and
daughter Shirley visited Mrs. Jack
Stewart while Emil helped Jack.
Elvin Gray and his mother and sis
ter xtere in Tuttle Monday on busi
ness. They were also dinner guests
at the Albert Gray home.
Miss Otilla Brose and her brothers
called at the Ulfers home Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Haslegrove called
at the Ulfers home Monday.
Elvin Gray and his mother and
sister called at the Haslegrove home
Monday evening.
Melvin Webster drove to Turtle
Lake Monday to visit relatives.
Miss Adelia Kraft stayed with Mrs.
Moffit 1
Battler while Emil was gone.
Harry Ulfers was in Arena and
Tuttle Wednesday on business.
Melvin Webster and Mr. and Mrs.
Emil and daughter Shirley were in
Arena Wednesday, also Tuttle.
Chris Witzille of Arena was In
Wing and Tuttle Wednesday on bus
M(. and Mrs. Ray Hazlegrovc were
in Wing and Arena Wednesday on
business. They also called at Ed
Wagner's on their way.
Mr. and Mrs. Owen Mclntyre and
family left Wednesday for Montana
to visit their son Patrick and other
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hazlegrove called
at the Harry Oray home In Wing
Mrs. Jake Horner called at Mrs.
Harry Gray’s Wednesday afternoon.
H. Worm of Tuttle was in Wing
Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Williamson and
daughters Jean and Lois and son
Jimmy drove to Mrs. Williamson's
parents at Fessenden Wednesday
night where they spent the Fourth.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Qlanville and
sons Dean and Harold were in'Wing
Among those who attended the
rodeo from this vicinity were Mr. and
Mrs. Bert Qlanville and sons, Mr. and
Mrs. Ralph Halver and son, Mr. and
Mrs. Elmer Drumm and family. Mr.*
and Mrs. Ben Klanburg and family,
Mr. and Mrs. Emil Sattler and daugh
ter Shirley, Mr. and Mrs. Christ Wolff
Jr. and family and Mr. and Mrs. Ray
Mr. and Mrs. Orner and family
from north of Tuttle took in the rodeo
the Fourth.
Mr. and Mrs. Emil Sattler and Mel
vin Webster drove to Lake Williams
Thursday evening.
Ed Wagner and Miss Pauline Wolff
attended the big celebration at Bis
marck Thursday.
Andrew Kraft and his sisters and
Miss Lydia Remick took in the rodeo
Thursday in Tuttle.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ochuner and fam
ily were in Tuttle Thursday to the
rodeo and also the Chris Stolher
Jakie Fassavigcn and John and
Vernol Goldsmith rode in the rodeo
at Tuttle.
The Elmer Dunken family were in
Tuttle the Fourth.
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Hawkins called
Friday at the Hazlegrove home.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ulfers took in
the celebration at Wildwood Lake
Emil Sattler called Friday at
Hazlegrove’s and Ed Ochuner's.
Mrs. Jake Felkele passed away the
3d and was laid to rest Sunday,
July 7th. She leaves to mourn her
loss her husband and children and
father, mother, brothers and sisters
besides other relatives and friends.
We extend our sympathy to the be
reaved ones in their hour of sorrow.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hazlegrove were
shopping in Tuttle Saturday.
Mrs. Harry Gray and son Bobby
and daughter Mary Lea arc guests
this week At the H. K. McCumbcr
home in Pettibone.
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Hawkins and
Mrs. Hawkins’ brother Alex Shurner
were dinner guests at the Hazlegrove
home Sunday.
I Temvik
♦ *
M. E. services will be held next
Sunday morning at the schoolhouse.
Rev. and Mrs. Brooks were visitors
in town Friday afternoon.
The Christ Albrecht family spent
the Fourth at Bismarck.
The* painting and decorating of the
Baptist church has been completed.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Ludwig Zollcr Friday.
Jacob Weber and Johnnie Knapp
were seen in Temvik Monday eve
Albert Beck spent Saturday evening
in Linton.
Emilia Walker spent Sunday after
noon visiting the Misses Esther and
Lydia Albrecht.
The monthly missionary pregram
was given Sunday morning by the
King’s Heralds.
The interior of the schoolhouse is
being cleaned and improved for the
coming term of school.
Jake Oyster and Jake Breckcl mo
tored to Napoleon Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Levi Shoepp and
Gottlieb Shoepp of Hazelton were
visitors at the John Leno home Sun
Mr. and Mrs. John Blazen and
daughter Viola and nephew Floyd
Toll took in the fireworks at Linton
Thursday and an enjoyable time was
reported but a new tire was stolen
from their car.
Jacob Pfaff transacted business in
Linton Monday.
Jake Burkhr 't, Mr. and Mrs. Carl
Reich Jr. and children celebrated the
Fourth in Bismarck.
Many people from here spent Inde
pendence day at the Seeman park
and Linton.
Ted Bohlc drove up from Eureka
Wednesday to spend the Fourth with
his friends.
Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Stcdman and
family took . the celebration at Lin
ton Thursday.
Mr. and Mr u . S. G. Stcdman and
family took in the celebration at Lin
ton Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Focll and chil
dren spent the Fourth at Linton.
Mr. and Mrs. Baltser Reich and chil
dren of McLaughlin, S. D., arrived
here Monday evening. Their only six
year-old daughter died and they came
here to have the funeral Tuesday
afternoon, she was laid to rest in
the Temvik cemetery. They are well
known here, as they have grown up
in this community and have been re
siding in McLaughlin the last few
Quinten and Catherine Foell. Car
rie. Bennie and Esther Burkhardt
motored to Ree Heights. S. D., Satur
Mr. and Mr:. Fred Walker, who
have been staying in Montana for
several months, returned home Fri
Mrs. Verl earner of Linton is vis
iting her mother, Mrs. Britts, for a
short time.
Fred Albrecht of Emmonsburg vis
ited at C. A. Albrecht’s Monday.
Mr. and Mrr. Charles Enders and
children returned Sunday from the
Black Hills where they have been
spending their vacation.
Emilia Walker came home from the
St. Alexius hospital at Bismarck
where she hid an operation for ap
Mr. and Mrs. Kast of Minot were
overnight visitors at the Fred Ochs
ner home one day last week.
The Ladies Aid sup’.ier at the Bap
tist ch’trch was successful.
A special meeting of the Temvik
Shipping association was held Satur
day afternoon to decide whether they
should ship all their stock to the
Farmers union. **owever, they voted
to send it to any market.
Mr. and Mrs. Waiter Moore and
sons, had dinner at the Ed Larvik
home on the F» urth and then all of
them spent the afternoon at Linton.
Five carloads of cattle and hogs
were shipped out of here Tuesday by
the Temvik Shipping association and
private farmers.
Rev. Brooks of Linton and daughter
Bess called on the parents here to
get them interested i" organizing a
Boy Scout movement. The first meet
ing will be held next Monday at the
schoolhousc. All boys of that age are
welcome to com; and join.
Frank A. Muckier left Wednesday
morning or I*wr to visit his sister
and her husband who have been in
the hospital for two months but have
returned home.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Reich left Tues
day morning by train for Sacramento,
Calif., where they will make their
Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Larvick and
family returned from the Black Hills
and Mankato, Minn., where they have
been spending sever ' weeks visiting
relatives and old time friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. DeWitt and
children took in the fireworks at the
Country club in Bismarck Thursday
Mr. and Mrs. Will Foell spent the
Fourth at Secman park, south of Lin
f Ecklund 1
Wallace Anderson was a caller at
the A 1 Holden home Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Falkcnstein
and son Wallace were business shop
pers in Bismarck Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Johnson were
transacting business in Bismarck
Donald Morris was a caller at the
A. F. Anderson home Wednesday eve
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Perkins visited
at the Gene Perkins home Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Falkenstein
were callers at the Ira Falkenstein
home Tuesday.
J. M. Thompson was transacting
business affairs in Bismarck Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Burl Monroe were
Wilton shoppers Wednesday.
Richard Olson, who is employed at
the Clarence Falkenstein home, was
a business caller at the Ira Falken
stein home Tuesday.
Donald Morris ground feed for Carl
Johnson Wednesday.
The Misses Marjory and Dorothy
Morris were shoppers in Wilton Wed
Herb Frickc was a recent caller at
the Leo Sheldon home.
Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Morris and
daughters Marion and Eunice visited
at the Fred Sclirador home Friday.
Mrs. Schrador is in very poor health.
Walter Spangberg and Bennie An
derson were recent shoppers in Wil
A large number from this commun
ity celebrated the Fourth of July in
Bismarck. They also took in the fire
works in the evening and it was said
to have been something wonderful.
Mr. and Mi’s. Carl Berg and family
were callers at the Howard Toplin
home Saturday.
Dean Myers of Denhoff ivas a visit
or at the T. F. Morris home Friday.
Carl Johnson was a business shop
per in Baldwin Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Anderson and
family, and Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Morris
and family were among those who at
tended the Farmers Union meeting,
the horse races, and the ball game in
Regan Saturday.
Harry Speten was a business caller
in Still Saturday.
Sunday visitors at the T. F. Morris
home were Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mor
ris and family, Brandt and Lenard
Morris. Edith Rickel. Joe and Willie
Jiras, Levi Anderson, Issy Brown and
Grace Falkcnstein.
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Anderson
and daughter Betty were shoppers in
Wilton Saturday.
Those who attended the Bible
school program in Baldwin Sunday
evening from this vicinity were Mr.
and Mrs. Clarence Falkenstein. Mr.
and Mrs. J. M. Thompson, Donald
and Dorothy Morris. Bergeta and
Agnes Tosseth. and Leland Perkins.
Misses Mabel and Elsie McCullough
attended Sunday school in Still Sun
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Falkenstein
were visitors at the Ira F&lkenstein
home Sunday evening.
I Braddock *
♦ «
Miss Myrtle Olson and Arvid Katka
were married in Hazelton Sunday
afternoon, June 30, by the Rev. G. J.
Schlegel, Lutheran minister. The bride
was gowned in pink satin and carried
roses and sweet peas, and was attend
ed by her twin sister, Miss Margaret
Olson, who was dressed in pink geor
gette and carried pink carnations.
Eino Rcusu was best man. After the
marriage ceremony a wedding din
ner was served at the home of the
bride’s mother, Mrs. Julia Olson, at
which only immediate friends and
relatives were present. The happy
couple left July 6 for their new home
at Lead. S. D., where the groom is
employed in a gold mine.
H. W. Allen received a telegram
Tuesday informing him of the death
of Mrs. Emma Colton of Mason City,
la. Mrs. Colton, nee Emma Horton,
was born in England July 11, 1859,
and came to the United States when
17 years of age. and lived in Roches
ter, N. Y., prior to her marriage to
Capt. John A. Colton. She and her
husband were among the settlers of
the old Williamsport neighborhood,
locating in 1835 on a homestead. Her
husband died in 1895. and she made
her home much of the time there
after with her stepson, Fred H. Col
ton, and family. When the town of
Braddock started they took up their
residence there, and the subject of
this sketch filed on a homestead a
mile north of Braddock, made final
proof, and owned the land at the
time of her death. She also owned a
home in Braddock, where she lived
most of the time from 1910 until 1925.
Since then she has lived in Mason
City, la. She was well known to all
the settlers in Emmons county. The
old home was on the road from the
central and northern parts of the
county to Williamsport, which was
then the county seat, and was a con
venient stopping place in those early
Mr. and Mrs. D. Fadden of Bis
marck drove down Wednesday eve
ning and visited with Mr. and Mrs.
W. J. Sempel.
Our little “burg” was very much
dc* erted July 4. Only the depot agent
and postmaster had to remain behind
u: til late in the day. Some journeyed
to Bismarck, some to Linton, some to
Napoleon, and. last but not least, some
gathered at Pursian park to spend the
day, where they felt their children
would be safe.
U. Baer and wife, of Timber Lake,
S. D.. returned home Monday, after
spending the week-end at the home
of Dr. Baer and family.
Mrs. Tom Horn and Mrs. Robert
Liversage, who have been visiting
friends in California, returned home
George Hanson went to Grand
Forks Wednesday to visit with his
family, who are living there. His old
est daughter, who has been seriously
ill for some time, is continually grow
ing worse, and is not expected to live
much longer.
Mrs. Ed Van Dyne of Guyson,
N. D., is visiting with Mrs. F. M.
Long over the week-end.
Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Shepard drove
down from Bismarck Sunday. Mrs.
Shepard spent the afternoon at the
E. F. Savage home, while Mr. Shep
ard and his brother James motored
to Kintyre and Napoleon to investi
gate trouble bn the telephone line.
Mrs. Wm. Blessman and three boys,
from Kansas City, arrived in Brad
dock Monday to visit at the home of i
Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Peterson and other
Mr. and Mrs. o. R. Bauer returned
Monday night from a week's visit
with friends and relatives in Minne
* Rev. and Mrs. Alfson and daughter,
who have been visiting for the past
few weeks at the home of their
daughter, Mrs. G. F. Peterson, left
by auto Tuesday for their home in
Mrs. Sherrill of Chicago arrived in
Braddock Tuesday to visit with her
sister, Mrs. Palmer, and family.
Miss Mary Elliott was the guest of
Mrs. T. J. Thompson Monday. Tues
day morning, accompanied by Mrs.
Thompson and daughter Grace, she
drove to La Moure to visit her par
ents. Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Elliott.
Mrs. Clinton Sisco and two children,
from Scranton. Canada, are visiting
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. T.
R. H. Corey is taking the fresh-air
cure by sleeping in his tent, which
he has put up among the trees in
his yard.
Mrs. Wm. Baxter, accompanied by
her daughter. Mrs. Nellie Larrabee,
and daughter Muriel, of St. Paul, ar
rived in Braddock the afternoon of
July 4. Mrs. Catherine Henderschott
of Bismarck, who is a sister of Mrs.
Baxter, arrived in the mernig, and
all are staying for a short time at the
Baxter residence over the drug store.
Mrs. Henderschott is on her way to
make her home with her daughters in
Flint. Mich., and Mrs. Baxter will re
turn to St. Paul with her daughter.
The best wishes of their many friends
will go with them to their new homes.
Master Wilfred McCaskor of Hazel
ton, who is attending Campion col
lege at Regina. Sask.. is at home for
his holidays, and spent Saturday with
Braddock friends.
Mrs. H. W. Allen and Mr. and Mrs.
Arnold Anderson and Shirley May
spent Friday afternoon with Linton
Misses Phrene and Winifred Junge
came down from Bismarck the morn
ing of July 4 and spent the day visit
ing their parents. Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Junge, of Braddcck, returning home
in the evening.
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Savage and little
Mary Lou DeFrance visited at the
F. A. Bier home Wednesday evening.
Miss Emerelda Fetterley of Pollock,
S. D.. is the guest of Miss Hattie Fet
terley this week.
Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Albright and
family returned home this week,
after a visit of several weeks with
relatives in Missouri.
The Braddock Shipping association
shipped three carloads of stock to the
cities Saturday. Smith Engleman ac
companied them to St. Paul.
Mr. Connor of Wibaux, Mont., ar
rived in Braddock Saturday to visit
with his daughter. Mrs. Chas. Pear
son, of the Tell neighborhood. Mr. and
Mrs. O. R. Bauer drove them out to
the Pearson farm.
Mrs. George Smith of Bismarck and
her mother, Mrs. James Brown, of
Long Lake, were visitors at the H. W.
Allen home Saturday.
Vic Deßemee, accompanied by Mrs.
R. H. Corey, went to Bismarck Sat
urday and brought home with them
Mrs. Deßemee and infant daughter
from a Bismarck hospital.
Mrs. Wm. Robinson and three boys,
who have been spending a short va
cation camping at Pursian park, came
back to Braddock Friday and will re
turn to spend the rest of the school
vacation at the home of her father,
Alex Macdonald, at Glencoe.
Max Lee, James Walsh and Ray
Eckery, all of whom are working in
Bismarck, spent the week-end at their
respective homes here.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Piers and daugh
ters Alice and Gertrude left Wednes
day morning on a vacation trip. They
purpose stopping at Aberdeen for a
short visit with relatives, and will
then go on to Wayzatta and Minne
Mesdamcs Allen. Long, Anderson
and Savage attended a meeting of the
O. E. S. in Linton Tuesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Axel Nordstrom and
daughter Alice returned home Mon
day to Walnut Grove. Minn., after a
few days’ visit with relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs. James Shepard have
moved their household effects down
from Michigan, N. D., and are now
living in the roon\s adjoining the tele
phone office. Mrs. Shepard is in
charge of the telephone office, and
Mr. Shepard has charge of the lines.
Ole Gorder and Carlye Salhus, who
made a trip to Saskatchewan, Can
ada. returned home Thursday.
Mrs. Coraline Hayes, who has been
visiting at the home of her brother,
Fred Junge, left Sunday with her
brother. Xavier Junge, to visit at
their home at Venturis, N. D.
♦ 4
l Canfield |
4 4
Those of the neighbors that could
n't go away for the Fourth celebrated
at Canfield lake. A picnic dinner was
enjoyed by all, after which races
took place. The winners: Girls’ race
under 10—Jackie Jorgenson, Ist;
Hazel Taylor, 2nd. Girls’ race over
10 to 15—Grace Francis. Girls’ three
legged race—Grace Francis and
Louise Walker. Women’s race—Mrs.
Mowder, Mrs. H. Davenport. Boys’
race—Conrad Wilkenson. Women’s
three-legged race—Mrs. Mowder and
Mrs. Jorgenson. Men’s race—Ed
Rasche, Ist; A. Ghylln, 2nd. There
was also a tug of war and horse race,
won by Philip Schuch.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Keifer the
Fourth at Wildwood lake.
Burnett Jacobson is employed at
the A. F. Ghylin home.
The girls met and practiced ball
at the Ole Olson home Sunday. They
are planning on practicing again Fri
day, Sunday and Tuesday.
Dee and Ernest Bailey, Violet Olson.
Pete and Burnett Jacobson spent tha
Fourth in Bismarck.
A special election was held Monday
to vote for bonds.
The school board met In tha teach
erage for their meeting Tuesday
The carpenters are boarding at tha
A. F. Ghylln home.
Mr. and Mrs. John Moser, Mr. and
Mrs. John Kelfer were dinner guests j
at the Joe Keifer home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Ohylin and 1
daughter Hilda and Elsie, Mr. and *
Mrs. Wm. Allenberger and sons were )
callers at the ... F. Ghylln home Sun
day evening.
Mrs. J. Howe. Mr. and Mrs. H. F.
Swanson, Miss Charlotte, Wilmot and
Ernest Swanson went to Florence
Lake to swim Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Bergeson and daugh
ter Alice of Fargo visited at the j
Strand home over the Fourth.
Misses Alice Strand and Alice Ber
geson and Einer and Art Strand vis
ited at the N. O. Strand home at
Bantry over the week-end.
Clarice Howe returned from Bis
marck Monday where she has been
visiting for a weeks.
P. J. Jacobson and Mrs. Ole Olson
called at the A. F. Ghylln home Mon
Mrs. Mable Bailer and daughter
Elsie and sons Dee and Ernest called
at the Ghylin home one day last
Mavis Strand returned to her home
at Bantry, N. D., after spending sev
eral weeks with her grandmother.
A. Ghylin and Martin Strand era
helping do carpenter work on the
new schoolhouse.
Ollie Cook returned home from Bis
marck, Sunday, where she has been
spending a couple of weeks visiting
friends and relatives.
J. W. Olson called at the Ole Olson
home Friday.
Those attending the dance in Regan
from here were Burnett Jacobson*
Oscar Olson. Ernest Bailey and Olaf
Clear Lake
Mrs. Ann Erickson of Minot visited
over the Fourth with Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Olson and other friends.
Miss Evelyn Thomas called at the
Albert Christensen home Wednesday
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Smith spent
Wednesday and Thursday at the H.
A. Smith home.
Albert, Christensen called on Olaf
Olson Wednesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Brown and
daughter of Halliday are guests at
the home of Mrs. Brown's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Ole Nelsen. Mrs.
Brown is under a doctor’s care at
Mr. and Mrs. Christ Schoon and
son Ernest motored to the Peterson
home at Verona to spend the Fourth.
They returned Sunday evening.-
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Nelsen and
children motored to GlanviUe and
spent, the Fourth with Mrs. Nelsen’a
sister, Mrs. Mable Carlson. They re
turned Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Bud Lund and fam
ily of Kidder county spent Sunday
with Mr. and Mrs. Ole Newland.
Donald Keeler is at a Bismarck
hospital suffering from a bad cut in
the face received July Fourth.
Miss Myrtle Christensen spent
Sunday with the H. A. and Edward
Thomas families of Driscoll.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Orne spent Sun
day afternoon with Mrs. Orne's par
ents. Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Pasley.
Mrs. Marie Olansen and sons Olof,
Erling and Raider attended the pro
gram Sunday afternoon at the Zion
Lutheran church of Lein township.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shaffer and
Fred McCay took Sunday evening
supper with Mr. and Mrs. Albert
Frank and Win Koterba spent Sun
day evening with Mr. end Mrs. Ben
Paul Pasley and H. A. Smith were
Bismarck business callers Monday.
Frank and Win Koterba called et
the B. F. Pasley home Monday.
The ususal school board meeting
was held Tuesday afternoon.
Ole Olson was a Monday evening
caller on his brother Alfred.
Myrtle and Walter Christensen
called at the Frank Shaffer home
Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. Koterba entertained Mr. and
Mrs. Ben Orne and Mr. and Mrs. Al
bert Christensen and family Wednes
day evening in honor of her son
Frank, who is here visiting from
Sauk Center, Minn.
Frances j
John Olson did some repair work
on his tractor Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dietzman —4
son Edwin called on Mr. and Mrs.
Hal Westacott and family, of Ster
ling. Monday evening.
Henry Miller was a business caller
at the W. A. Dietzman home Wednes
A large number of folks from this
vicinity attended the Fourth of July
celebration at Bismarck.
Floyd Owen and Elmer Lundquiat
were released from the jury until the
15th of July.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Glum and
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Glum, of Canada,
were supper guests at the W. A. Dieta
man home Friday.
Mrs. George Manely and Lawrenea
Madland were out collecting for tbi
Sibley Telephone company Wednes
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Glum of
and Mr. and Mrs. Herman Otum
were dinner guests at the William
Kershaw home Friday.
Walter Dietzman hauled a cesr to
McKenzie Saturday for Floyd Owm.
Mrs. Martin Tooker and daughMfr
June returned home from the hos
pital Saturday.
Mrs. John Glum and Mrs. B& Cttum
transacted business In Bismarck Sat
Mildred Dietzman returned heme
Sunday after spending the FOmlh
with friends at Miller, O. D.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence MadlMMt
and son, Donald, Carl Muth, Mr. «Mft
Mrs. Ben McCluskey and family «f
Wing were supper gueMs at the MB
Madland home Sunday.
Edwin Dietzman visited with Joe
and Gsrey Glum Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Farrell mi
Trygg township were Sunday vhttote
at the John Glum home.
The term “EuMwiair was uM
in India years ago to demribe V
child of a Hindu mother tMtiwmSSk
guese father.
w* " :

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