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f Increase of $843,791 in Gasoline Tax Expected by State for Year
! $2,000,000 AFTER
Virtually Nothing Left of Reve
nue of First Two Months,
Due to Rebates
Figures So Far Indicate That
1930 May Produce Cross
Return of $4,000,000
Increase of $843,791 20 in gasoline
tax collections Is expected by the
state highway department for 1930.
Only a part of the increase will go
to the state highway department,
however, since the counties now share
in this revenue, one-third of the net
proceeds going to them.
In 1928, collections totaled $2,204.-
040.35, of which the highway depart
ment got $1,460,000. The sum of
was paid to 39.102 persons
who made applications for refunds.
Returns for this year are not com
plete, but the department estimates
that $3,156,028.80 will be collected and
$1,142,358.90 paid out in refunds on
56.950 applications.
These figures represent seven
months of tax collections on a basis
of two cents per gallon and five
months of the three-cent tax. The
(hree-cent tax law became effective
In July, but no money was received
under it until August.
During the first two months of 1929.
the highway department received
nothing, most of the money collected
being used to pay refunds. In March,
however, it received $40,000. The sec
ond quarter brought $510,000. the
third quarter $620,000 and the fourth
quarter is expected to produce $290.-
000. Of the refunds. 20.650 were
made in the first half of the year for
a total of $372,032.44 and 36.300 in the
second half for a toal of $770,326.46.
Of the anticipated $4,000,000 collec
tion for 1930. it is expected that
$1,500,000 will be paid out in refunds
on 74.000 applications. This is only
$50,000 less than the highway depart
ment expects to receive as its share.
Payments to the highway depart
ment for 1929 are expected to fall
short of the estimate made by the
department in its budget for this
year. Collections were estimated at
$2,286,000 and refunds at $783,000
with a net income of $1,523,000 to the
department. The increase in refund,
payments left the department $63,000'
short of its anticipated revenue, how
Copenhagen. — NEA t— A full-sized
model of an “ideal home” on display
here includes the following odd fea
It Is circular, with a flat roof of
prismatic glass; a rubber door mat is
so situated that a step on it starts
mechanism to remove dust from
«hoes; beds are equipped with rubber
air mattresses; dining tabic has glass
top to eliminate tablecloths; doors and
windows are worked by electricity;
floors arc covered with rubber; garage
doors open and close automatically;
antenna on roof picks up electrical
energy transmitted by wireless; in the
study is a suction tube in direct con
tact with the local postoffice; and
Indian Head
Price pat Tm
i-laeh B4JIA Laa» S4JM
Phase It
We have the esrleolve eel*
eff ladles Head Llgalte
Ml Prsai SI. bMMMrfk. N.D.
MeftfcaUna mb*
• DdcriUon ebartetcr- f
I tm ear aavvlee. W« I
#a •wjrthtaf to n- J
Mm yea «f wp» I
flinty md worrt- 1
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yjS|MMalll I
• 4
I Weather Report
• 4
r r»*iii|»**r;i 1 ii»•*• ;it 7 u. in
Ittghtst >• st< nlny 7
I«o\\ liist liisht
I’rtM-ipittOion to 7 a. 1 >
Highest wind v* loelty 1’•
tiiiUiitil. itt:i*oi< r
Tfinprt i: l’i • .
tlitth l.'i.-t
STATIONS— list vos- 7 1
night ftliiy hr«
HiKtliiiN. D.. -now . 7 I '.
Amarillo. Tux., vlear .. 7.s 7.»>0
lloise, Idaho, i lotidy . . . I .07
t’algary, Alta., snow... •• ."I
t’htmgo. 111., t-loudy... 7 1 :. > .00
Denvei. Colo., •■leaf. ... ::n t<7 "•)
Den Moliii'h, la., mist., ill 3*'. .07
Devils Hake, snow t 7 .Id
Dodge City, Kan., elear 7* •!<» "d
LOdnionton, Alta., Hdj .■ —l*t .•»4
llitvre, Mont., snow I s . 1 1;
I Helena, Mont., snow... -t 11 .is
Huron, H. 1 rain 77 7*> .no
Kamloops, )!. elds . . 4 .on
Kansas t’lty. Mo.. f|o . . 4o tl .It
Hander, Wyo,, elear. . . 4' •> I .«>»»
Medicine Hat. Al., cldy. <» .It
Miles t’lty. Mont., snow s 11 .fto
Modena, I'tah, cloudy . . 4o .‘.7 .00
Moorhead, Minn., sums s 17 .11
North Platte, Neb., cldy 7<i .7' .on
Oklahoma t’ity. fngg> ■ 33 .no
IMerre, 8. 15n0w.... I s 7s .oi
Prince Albert. Sas.. cldy 7 4 .. .no
1 IJu'Appelle, Sjik.. snow.—lo .01;
Itapld t’lty. S. !>.. cldy. 7" 7t .'in
llosehurir, ore., rain... in t .as
St. Houle, Mo., foggy.. 47 id ud
St. Paul. Minn., rain... 77 74 .on
Salt Hake City, t.'., cldy 57 7.s .no
S. 8. Marie, Mich., kiiow is 74 .os
Seattle, Wash., enow. . . 37 3X .!<•>
Sheridan. Wyo., cloudy 13 ::** .no
Sioux t’lty, la., inlet... 33 34 .an
Spokane. Wash., clear. 3*; 40 .Is
Swift tlurn’t, San.. snow— 3 . . .30
The Pun, Man., clear.. . —2S .on
Toledo, 0., cloudy 20 33 .00
Wllltston. N". Ik, snow. o 4 ..'.O
Wlnnemucca. Nev.. rain 4s ;,s .04
Winniueg, Man., clear. —lO .. .00
For lilsinnrck and vicinity: Snow
tonight and Wednesday, Continued
For North Dakota: Snow tonight
and Wednesday. Continued cold.
An extensive high-pressure area is
centered over Manitoba, and cold
weather prevails from the northeast
ern Rocky mountain slope eastward
to the upper tireat Hakes. A deep low
pressure area Is centered over Wash
ington. and warm weather prevails
from the middle and southern Rocky
mountain region northwestward to
the north Pacific coast. Snow occurred
at moat northern stations, with falls
of more than four inches In parts of
North Dakota and Montana.
Hlghwnys throughout North Dakota
are mostly in poor condition, due to
drifting snow.
Devils Hake. —5; cloudy; roads lntd.
Jamestown, t>; cloudy; roads fair.
Fargo, 9; cloudy; roads fair,
tlrand Forks, I; snowing; roads bad.
Valley City, 2; snowing; roads fair.
Hlsmarck-llandnn, 3; snowing; roads
house refuse is shot down a chute
straight into an electrical destruction
him what he
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Rex Willard Feels Efficiency
Has Accomplished Halt in
, Downward Trend
‘•Prices of land in North Dakota
have just about reached the level they
were befor' the war, and the rather
slow decrease during the past two or
three years indicates that land has
probably reached a steady level.”
This is the opinion of Rex E. Willard,
farm economist of North Dakota
Agricultural college.
“Unlike lowa, fouth Dakota and
Minnesota.” Mr. Willard says, “land
prices in North Dakota did not go
so high and consequently have not
’ had so far to fall.” The fall of land
j prices in South Dakota has nearly
1 stopped, but in lowa and Minnesota
land values arc still on a downward
j trend.
The reason for the continued de-
I clinc In land prices since *921 is the
j difference in price between what a
j farmer pays for the things he buys
! and what he receives for the products
!he sells. “Only when the increased
j efficiency of farmers overcomes this
j situation is t safe to assume that a
downward trend in land values will
be stopped,” declares Mr. Willard.
“This apparently has been accom
plished in North Dakota."
Land prices vary widely in differ
ent parts of the state, a truth re
vealed clearly by a summary of data
on land sales compiled by the Great
er North Dakota association. The
highest priced land is in the south
east, followed by northern R-ni River
valley counties. Proceeding westward
prices average less, approximately in
proportion to the normal production
per acre, according to Mr. Willard.
Unimproved land is generally about
$lO per acre less than improved land.
Listed below are the average 1929
prices of land in various sections of
the state. These prices are the aver
age of a large number of sales conse
quently some prices were much higher
and others ’ ere much lower than
the average in any one region.
! In Richland, Ransom. Sargent,
| Dickey and La Moure counties the
average selling price of improved land
is $43 and unimproved land is $32.
Improved land sells for s4l and un
improved for $35 in Pembina, Walsh,
Grand Forks and Traill; while 831
and $lB arc the prices averaged in
Steele. Nelson, Griggs, Foster. Eddy
and Ramsey counties. In Towner.
Rolette, Pierce, Benson, Sheridan and
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Wells counties Improved land aver
ages |2B and unimproved S2B. In
Logan, Mclntosh and Emmons
counties. $27 improved and sl9 un
improved are the prevailing values.
McHenry. Bottineau. Renville,
Ward and McLean counties have an
average of $26 and sl9; and Moun
trail, Burke, Divide and Williams
answered that question yean ago.
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average $25 for improved rad $23 for
unimproved land. Improved land In
Ur Beginning tomorrow and continuing until TMi
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V'.'” '-*$»S
McKenzie. Dunn. Mercer, Oliver,
Morton. Grant. Hettinger. Bowman
and Stark oountles brings $23 and
sl7 for unimproved.

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