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leader of Walther League Says
Views Should Not Be
Forced on Anyone
Cleveland, July 16.—<AP>—Selection
ol next year’s meeting place was the
principal business before the annual
convention of the International Wal
ther League today.
Delegates from New York, New
Jersey and Pennsylvania Joined in
urging that the 1931 meeting be held
at Lutherland, Pocono Pines, Pa., a
summer colony and camp promoted
by the league.
The Rev. Harry Weldngr, Cleveland,
j yesterday told the 2,000 young Luth
erans assembled for the cohventlon
that churches should not be made a
“weapon for prohibitionists.
“The Lutheran church does not
'want to force its views upon anyone
through the state,” he said. “It feels
the prohibition law expresses the
religious sentiment of a few churches
who consider it their duty to tell
others not affiliated with them how
they must live.
“The Lutheran church feels that
this is usurping the rights of the
“It does not deny the right of an
to express at the polls the
that prohibition will bene
fit the country, but it feels that he
should not endeavor, through the
church, to force this conviction upon
Rev. Weidner and E. J. Gallmeyer
of Port Wayne, Ind., who yesterday
was reelected president of the league
for the third time, agreed that there
was little likelihood the convention
will consider any resolution on pro
War Not Necessary
Says College Head
Denver, Colo., July 16.—(AP)—The
president of a little California college
»which evolved from a single class
hx>m in which Mrs. Herbert Hoover
ijstudled, today told the fourteenth an
nual convention of Lions clubs that
fche theory of the Inevitability of war
twas without support from science
Dr. Walter P. Dexter, of Whittier
Whittier, Calif., who two
years ago conferred on Mrs. Hoover
«the degree of doctor of literature,
itirged the delegates to the interna
tional conclave of the serivce clubs
to “desoclalize” war.
Detroit Gang 1 Guns
Get Tenth Victim
Detroit, July 16.—(AP)—David Over
[fctein, formerly Identified with the
: notorious purple gang, was found
(shot to death in an alley at 6 a. m.
Overstein was the tenth victim of
ffeang guns here in less than two
i weeks. Police said he recently bps
i been engaged in liquor operations.
(He was released several months ago
ifrom the state reformatory.
Swl Lowdl .. H '* h . Tnr ? r . ■ J *° <l «W» Raymond Hntton JK3
Directed by GEORGE B. SEITZ KL\
Betty Compson superb as jWn
ftt* the Female Philo Vance
I c eP tt ®*cot* ieW who outsmarts crime on its
■■*2** CAPITOL ■■—•*-- I
Thursday , THEATRE Ad " ,ts 35c untu 7:80
Report Insect Army Mobilizing
To Destroy Farm Crops in West
Washington, July 16.—(AP)—An in
creasing army of Insect pests was re
ported mobilizing today to plague the
western farmer and plans were push
ed forward in the offices and labor
atories of the department of agricul
ture to combat the invasion.
An outbreak of grasshoppers, fore
cast by the department two months
ago, was described as apparently ma
terializing in half a dozen states.
Dr. W. H. Larrimer. department en
tomologist, at the same time reported
a host of range caterpillars, capable
of laying waste thousands of acres of
grass, was gathering in northern New
Meanwhile, other department en
tomologists indicated the dread sugar
beet leaf hopper—described as one of
the most serious existing drawbacks
to the beet industry—might appear in
greater numbers than last year.
Opposition to Present Premier
Seeks Retaliation for U.
S. Tariff Bill
Ottawa, July 16.— (JP) —The general
election campaign, in which the Lib
eral government, headed by Premier
MacKenzle King, is seeking return to
office, reached a climax today with
the provinces of Ontario and Sas
katchewan as focal points. All seats
in the house of commons are to be
filled in the voting July 28.
Chief opposition to the return of
the government comes from the con
servative party, headed by Hon. R. B.
Bennett. For weeks Premier Fer
guson of Ontario has thrown all the
resources of the provincial govern
ment into the fight against the fed
eral government, and today the gov
ernment in Saskatchewan, headed by
Premier Anderson, officially threw its
weight against the government. Both
provincial governments are conserva
tive, but it is unusual for a provincial
government to array itself officially
in a federal campaign.
Both provincial premiers declare
they are actuated by attacks made on
them and their governments by
Premier King, who has just concluded
a campaign in western Canada.
With the final days of the cam
paign in sight, the issues have be
come clarified. The tariff question
has been to the fore, with the oppo
sitlon charging the government with
timidity in its dealings with the
United States and proposing full re
taliation for recent tariff increases
In western Canada it has been
charged that the government has in
creased the unemployment problem
by encouraging immigration from
Cedar City, Utah, July 16.—<AP>—
Confident they have picked up the
trail made by Maurice Graham, air
mall pilot, when he left his wrecked
plane in the Kanarra mountains last
January, searchers today prepared to
push deeper into the mountainous
country in their quest to learn his
Grasshoppers, similar to the “lo
custs” which have plagued Egypt and
Palestine since Biblical days, were re
ported Increasing throughout the en
tire United States, although threaten
ing most In North and South Dakota,
Michigan, Nebraska, Idaho and Colo
rado. An expected outbreak in Mon
tana was averted by cold, wet weather
at egg hatching time.
A curious, wasp-like insect was be
ing Introduced in the west to combat
the range caterpillar, Dr. Larrimer
said. Feeding on its enemies eggs, he
explained, the wasp should wipe out
the caterpillar within four years.
No means has yet been devised to
combat the sugar beet leaf hopper,
other entomologists disclosed. Inten
sive experiments are being conducted
to discover a means of chemical con
Walker Has Valet
But It’s All a Joke
New York, July 16.—(AP)—Mayor
Walker has a valet and for that rea
son his removal from office is urged
in a letter sent to Governor Roose
velt by Stewart Browne, president of
the United Real Estate Owners’ as
sociation. “No self-respecting Dem
ocrat would have a valet,” says the
letter. But it is all a joke and the
letter was sent by mistake. Mr.
Browne explains.
St. Paul Airmen Capture First
Two Places and SIOO Prize
in Handicap Race
Winnipeg, Man., July 16.—(A>)—Half
a hundred planes, many from the east
and south, lined up yesterday for the
Impressive fly-put at the club house
of the Winnipeg Flying club, com
memorating Manitoba’s diamond
Jubilee. Throughout the day and far
into the night, flyers soared and
stunted above Stevenson field at the
west end of Winnipeg
Thirty-seven of the machines in
the air were visiting planes, for the
most part from across the border. St.
Paul, Minn., airmen captured the
first two places in the 16-mile jubilee
handicap, carrying a prise award of
SIOO. Vic Groome, Regina pilot,
pressed his moth to the honors in the
balloon bursting test.
The four entries in the jubilee
handicap finished in the following
order: Chadwick Smith, St. Paul,
flying a Douglas pursuit; Gene Shank,
St. Paul, Lockheed Vega; Geoffrey
O’Brien, Toronto, Puss Moth; and
James Ray, Philadelphia, Pitcairn
Mall wing.
Prominent flyers at the meet in
cluded A. L. Cheesman, noted Wilkins
expedition pilot; Speed Holman, pres
ident of the St. Paul Flying club; and
Captain Pat Reid, who sought the
body of Carl Ben Eielson in Siberia.
Dance tonight at Glen-Echo.
Al’s Band playing.
Senate Advocates of Naval
Agreement to Bring Matter
to Vote' Next Week
Washington, July 16.—(AP)—The
burden of carrying on the senate’s
discussion of the London naval treaty
rested today upon the shoulders of
the pact’s opponents.
Advocates of the arms limitation
agreement, confident in their over
whelming voting strength, left the de
bate to the opposition and awaited
the end of its oratorical efforts.
When that time is reached a final
vote on ratification will be taken. Ad
ministration leaders predicted this
would come Tuesday, or possibly
Wednesday of next week.
Senator Watson of Indiana, the
Republican leader, said 60 members
had pledged themselves to remain in
attendance, thus ending the worries
of the administration over the prob
lem of maintaining a quorum.
Senator Johnson of California and
his small band of colleagues in the
fight against ratification were ready
today to continue their aggressive
campaign, with a drive for approval
of reservations.
Two were prepared by Senator Mc-
Kellar, Democrat, Tennessee, but so
great Is the numerical strength of the
Reliability Economy
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know it has been built for many thousands of miles of satisfactory,
economical service.
Letters from users in every part of the world show the value of its
sound design, good materials and accuracy in manufacturing. You
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tell you what my new Ford did."
Further tribute to the sturdiness, reliability and general all-round
performance of the new Ford is shown in the repeated and growing
purchases by government bureaus, by police departments, and by large
industrial companies which keep careful day-by-day cost records. In
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‘Settle It Yourselves/ Declares
Judge After Hearing ‘Rosie’s’ Case
Pittsburgh, July 18.—(AP)—Rosie—
that’s Andy Watazchyn’s cow—prob
ably would like to know just why her
vegetarian diet has been cut off so
abruptly, but what Andy Watazchyn
and Joe Wednlck—that’s the man
that had the nifty garden next door—
would like to know, is how they are
going to decide on the amount of
damage Rosie did to the garden.
The Messrs. Watazchyn and Wed
nick shouted at each other, shook
their fists and waved their rams in
Magistrate John Sweeney’s court yes
terday in a vain attempt to settle tht
Mr. Wednlck, who knows his onions,
also his beans, cabbages, etc., says
that what the buU is supposed to have
done to the China shop is nothing to
what Rosie did to his garden. He
demanded $175 from Mr. Watazchyn.
pro-treaty forces it was almost unan
imously predicted these would be de
They would have the senate insist
neutral vessels be Immune from at
tack in time of war and call upon
Great Britain to scrap all her naval
bases in the vicinity of the American
The reservation of Senator Norris,
Republican, Nebraska, stipulating the
treaty is not modified by any secret
understandings extraneous to itself,
is to be approved.
It was submitted after President
Hoover had declined to give the sen
ate all correspondence involved in the
negotiation of the pact.
Senator McKellar, in a speech today,
Good Performance
Mr. Watazchyn said even $lO was too
According to the testimony, Mr.
Wednlck locked Mr. Watazchyn in the
Wednick kitchen for three hours in
an effort to change his estimate of
the value of certain vegetables. He
even set up the home brew. Mr.
Watazchyn says he finally escaped
from the kitchen. He’s sure some
body fired a shot at him. An empty
shell was found in a shotgun owned
by Mr. Wednick. But there Mr. Wat
azchyn was wrong again, according
to Mr. Wednick. That shell was fired
while Mr. Wednick was celebrating
the fourth of July, he says.
Magistrate Sweeney said something
about “the good old Solomon days”
and then told the Messrs. Wednlck
and Watzachyn they’d have to settle
the thing themselves.
told the senate France and Italy
had been “brought on the verge
of war" by “secrecy, bad blood and
Jealousy” surrounding negotiation of
the naval treaty.
One Found Guilty, One
Freed in McLean Court
Washburn, July 16.—Harry Dim
ond, Regan, was acquitted in district
court here on a charge of driving a
ca. in Wilton while he was intoxi
cated. The defendant was repre
sented by A. L. Games of Regan, and
McCullough and McCullough of
Otto Mayers was convicted on a
Ford Motor Company
char*e 01 illegitimacy. Hugh Me- Lindell, Washburn, and William
Cullough assisted State s Attorney Langer, Bismarck, conducted the de-
R. L. Fraser in the prosecution. G. A. fense.
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