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Detroit Manufacturer Asserts
Machine Age Has Not De
stroyed Opportunity
West Orange, N. J., July 31.—(/P)
The future of opportunity in the ma
chine age is a rosy one in the eyes
of Henry Ford and Thomas A. Edi
This optimistic agreement was ex
pressed in an informal interview by
the automobile magnate on his 67th
birthday yesterday and by the 83-
year-old inventor in his answers to
the annual questionnaire submitted
by newspapermen.
Other points on which the two were
in accord were that hard work is the
paramount essential of success; that
prohibition is beneficial; that busi
ness depression is of negligible grav
ity, and that the unemployment prob
lem has no perfect solution.
Mr. Ford, who came to West
Orange to help welcome the 49 boys
from every state who take the Edison
scholarship test this morning, sat on
a rail fence with Harvey S. Firestone
and for almost two hours discussed
the affairs of the nation with report
ers and several of the scholarship
The general assertion that the ma
chine age is wrecking culture drew a
strong denial from Mr. Ford, j
“Industry itself is a part of cul
ture,” he said. “The fact that a man
knows a lot about industry does not
prevent his using good grammar,
standing straight and appearing well
Every industry takes in almost every
art. We need beauty in everything
and culture should be a thing of
practice, not something apart. Every
article should be a thing of beauty,
well made and well thought out, and
then there will be a market for tt.
“As to the effect of modern indus
try', there never was a better chance
for the individual worker. Modern
industry calls for more scientific la
bor than ever before. More machines
are needed to build more machines.
These machines must be designed
and built and that is developing a
high class of labor which is very well
“The day of individual success is
not over. There are a thousand
chances where there was one in my
qO V
Mr Ford asserted that there is no
such’ thing as overproduction. _lf
goods don’t sell." he said, Its be
cause they are not any good or are
too high-priced.” For produc.s like
cotton and wheat, he said, new uses
must be found.
Hurley Expects Big
River Development
St. Louis, July 31.—(API— En route to
Washington from North Dakota,
where he addressed an American
Legion convention at Bismarck and
inspected a Missouri river diversion
project at Devil’s Lake, Col. Patrick
J. Hurley, secretary of war, stopped in
St. Louis last night. He planned to
resume the trip, which he is making
by air. today. • .
Hurley refused to discuss the de
velopment of Scott Field, near Belle
ville. 111., as a heavier-than-air post.
“All the cities near army airports
want them enlarged,” he said. “If
we fulfilled all desires in that line we
would have the largest air force in the
world.” „
Within the next five years, Hurley
said. 9.000 miles of the Mississippi
system would be developed for navi
gation purposes.
Plane Catches Fire,
Plunges Into Ocean
San Francisco, July v 3l.—(AP)—-A
life saving crew was' searching the
waters near Point Reyes, 30 miles
north of here today, in an effort to
learn the fate of a large unidentified
monoplane coast guardsmen reported
as having burst into flames and
plunged into the ocean. .
Coast guardsmen said the cratt
appeared shortly after 9 o clock last
night, flying toward San Francisco,
flying only 200 feet above the water.
A - 40 mile wind was blowing. Reach
ing “bootlegger's cove", the plane
seemingly caught fire and plunged,
guardsmen said. A check of Pacific
coast air ports failed to disclose any
planes missing.
Roosevelt Opposed
By Filipino Leaders
Manila. July 31.—(AP)— Manuel
Quezon, senate president, acting sen
ate president Sergio Osmena and
acting speaker of the house De La
Salas today accepted President
Hoover’s offer to discuss the ap
pointment of Nicholas Roosevelt as
vice governor of the Philippines.
In a message to the Filipino mis
sion at Washington the insular lead
ers said they were willing to discuss
the subject with an open mind, in
accordance with the president’s sug
gestion, “prompted by a sincere de
sire to reach a just and satisfactory
The insular senate unanimously
went on record the appoint
ment of Roosevelt and native opposi
tion was widespread. His book “The
Philippines: A Treasure and a Prob
lem,” contributed to the opposition.
London, July 31.—(AP) —The com
mittee of privileges of the House of
Commons, investigating a speech
made by E. Sandham, labor, charg
ing members with bribery and
drunkenness today reported that his
statement was a gross breach of
privilege, that the bribery charge
was a gross libel on the House and
that Sandham deserved the censure
/ of the Commons.
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| In the Matrimonial Spotlight
John Hay (Jock) Whitney, heir to one of the country's greatest fortunes,
here is shown in an exclusive new photo with his fiancee, Miss Elizabeth
Altemus, during one of the rest periods in the semifinals of the junior polo
championships at the Rumson Country club. New Jersey. Miss Altemus
recently recovered from an illness. Whitney is the son of the late Payne
Whitney, multi-millionaire sportsman.
Italy’s Relief Work
Is Showing Results
Rome, July 31.— (JP)— Araldo di
Crollalanza, minister of public works,
today reported to Premier Mussolini
'that first aid service in the regions
stricken by an earthquake last week is
beginning to be demobilized in several
phases, that remaining being confined
to a limited number of townships and
special categories of the population.
The minister said that tenting ac
commodations are being systematized
with the aid of the military and that
the is being appre
ciably curtailed as the local provi
sioning resources improve.
The first group of anti-earthquake
houses is well under way, 205 such
dwellings now going up in 12 town
ships. The work is being done by 750
workmen, assisted by soldiers and
Think Body Is That
Of Missing Flyer
Rangoon, Burma, July 31.— (/P) —A
mutilated body believed to be that of
the missing British aviator, Eric
Hook, was taken into Prome yester
day by members of a rescue party.
The body was found on a bank of
the Buyo river Monday and was little
more than a skeleton, the limbs miss
ing. Burial was made today at Prome.
No official report identifying the body
as Hook’s has been received here.
Hook and James Matthews were
flying from England toward Aus
tralia early this month when their
plane was forced to land in the jungle.
Matthews was able to Walk to safety
but Hook was too badly injured.
St. Paul, July 31.— (A I ) —A five-year
old girl was in a serious condition
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here today—victim of a hit-and-run
The girl, Joan Geisenheyner, re
ceived a fractured skull and lacer
ations when a boy riding a bicycle ran
into her near her home, then scurried
away. Her mother obtained a de
scription of the boy and he was being
hunted today.
Thos. P. Gore Leads
Oklahoma Primary
Oklahoma City, Okla., July 31.
(AP) —Thomas P. Gore, blind former
senator seeking to regain his seat
lost in the Harding landslide, today
gradually increased his lead over
Charles J. Wrightsman of Tulsa, as
the tabulation of the Democratic vote
in the state primary Tuesday neared
Wrightsman and Gore were the
leaders in a field of nine, including
three former governors. With 2,537
or more than three-fourths of the
state’s 3,338 precincts reported, Gore
had 56,665 votes, Wrightsman 54-
646. The>run off primary election of
August 12 will determine which will
be the democratic nominee.
King to O. K. Naval
Measure by Proxy
London, July 31.—(/P)—A traditional
form of royal assent which has existed
some 400 years will put into effect
the London naval treaty bill, prob-%
ably tomorrow.
The treaty bill, which gives effect
to the London naval pact as far as
Great Britain is concerned and al
ready has passed both houses of par
liament, will not be signed by King
Instead the king, after reading a
copy of the measure, will sign a royal
commission which authorizes three or
more peers to give his assent.
Our newly remodeled pavilion will be
open to the public free. Everybody is in
vited to attend and enjoy the evening.
Dancing free to the music of Jack Dunn
and his Country Club orchestra.
Hundreds of*Men Join to Fight
Flames in Several Scat
tered Sections
x'JiS'Oula, Mont., July 31.—(/Pi-
Several hundred volunteers today
were fighting flames in western
Montana and northern Idaho forests
where lightning had Ignited the tin
der-dry woods.
A fire sweeping along a six-mile
front in the Selway forest east of
Kooskia, Idaho, last night had con
sumed 600 acres of timber. Another
forest blaze 50 milgs northeast of
Missoula raged beyond control. Two
other less dangerous blazes were
burning in the same region.
Several fires were beyond control
in the Bitter Root Valley south of
Conner. Another was burning on
Skalkaho creek.
Regional forest officials described
condition of the woods as similar to
that prior to the long seasons of de
structive forest fires in 1929.
Worried In Pennsylvania
Harrisburg, Pa., July 31.— (JP)— The
parched mountains and valleys of
Pennsylvania today offered a serious
forest fire menace and threatened
destruction of crops.
Depleted reservoirs in centers of
population also caused anxiety. In
Hanover, the city council told the lo
cal water company that if a serious
fire broke out one day citizens would
have to go without water the next.
While all forest fires in the state
were reported as under control, large
forces of men patrolled fire sites to
prevent their breaking out anew.
Complaints of crop damage con
tinued to be made by farmers
throughout the state. While most oi
the wheat crop was harvested before
the drought became serious, other
crops, especially corn, potatoes and
tobacco, were being damaged. In
some sections fruit growers were re
sorting to watering fruit trees.
Poland Announces
Increases in Tarifi
Warsaw, Poland, July 31.—(AV-
Tariff increases, some of which af
fect the United States, are published
in the official Gazette, having been
approved by the cabinet. They will
become effective tomorrow. The in
creased customs, it was said, will
seek to protect agriculture. The tariff
on wheat is raised from eleven'
zlotys per hundred kilograms to 17%.
This increase will not affect Ameri
can import orders very much but in
creases on lard and bacon are con
sidered important for American deal
ers. The customs rates on lard were
raised 100 per cent.
Mexico City, July 31.— (tP)— Mexican
customs agents along the American
border have been ordered to leave off
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root and all.
Calluses go also and you can rub off
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your hands—the magic treatment.
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Radox—put 2 tablespoonfuls in a gal
lon of hot water—do this for 3 or 4
nights In succession—then lift out the
This joyful exhilarating foot bath
is simply great—you’ll enjoy every
minute of it and your burning, sore,
tired, aching feet will feel better than
they have for years—ask for Radox
and foot comfort will be yours.—Adv.,
their pistols, the government bolding
that tourists get an unpleasant im
pression when armed men go through
their baggage. The customs depart
ment also has ordered the discharge
of agents who are not polite to tour
Southern Desperado
Escapes from Pen
Baton Rouge, La., July 31.—(/P)
Steven R. Beck, notorious New Or
leans desperado, who in 1928 led a
spectacular break from the Angola
penitentiary which resulted in a gun
fight in which six men died, was at
large again today.
Beck disappeared while at work on
a painting job at the prison late yes
terday. Today posses and blood
hounds were seeking to capture him
after his third escape. He was under
sentence from 4 to 14 years for bank
robbery in 1928. In that year he led
a party of 18 other convicts in an
escape and the clash with prison
guards followed. He was recaptured
Women of Islam
Ask Divorce Rights
London, July 31. (A*; The Daily
Herald says that women delegates
from every Moslem country have just
concluded a congress at Damascus
which represents the first concerted
move by women of the Islamic faith
to escape its restrictions.
The correspondent says the women
adopted a resolution calling for aboli
tion of the veil; for permitting brides
and bridegrooms to see each other bc-
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