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A. Risaner was a Sterling caller
Dan Walmon threshed for Martin
Reddy and John Elness Thursday and
Friday and he also threshed for J. R.
Johnson Wednesday.
Mrs. Jennie Clarke and Miss Vio
let were Sterling callers Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Remmis and fam
ily from near Steele moved on the
former Tollefson farm during the
J. R. Johnson was a Sterling caller
Ed Freshour went to Ternvik one
day during the week to exchange
wheat for flour.
Mr. and Mrs. Archie Johnson of
Bismarck called at the Johnny Sharp
home en route to the Knute John
son’s home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smith were
Sterling callers Saturday.
Eli Harding called at the Edward
Smith’s home Saturday.
Fredo Envik and crew threshed
barley Sunday south of the Elder El
ness farm and he also threshed for
Mrs. William Clark Monday.
Mrs. Jennie Clarke and Miss Violet
visited at the Knute Johnson home
J. R. Johnson was a Sterling caller
Saturday morning.
Andrew and Harold Gerrovan and
also Eli Harding visited with Ken
neth Johnson Sunday.
Mrs. Jennie Clarke and Miss Violet
were Sterling callers Saturday.
Mr. Remmish and Adolph Hansen
called at Mrs. Jennie Clarke’s home
Monday morning and they also
called on Freda Envik.
Knute Johnson threshed for George
Harding Monday.
Martin Olson finished threshing
in this vicinity Friday and pulled his
outfit home.
Mrs. Ed Holton and son had the
misfortune of breaking down with
their car Tuesday on their way to
Sterling, and John Elias of McKenzie
pulled them to the Sterling garage.
Mrs. Knute Johnson visited at the
Tyler Johnson home while Kenneth
went to Sterling.
Frank Kershaw was a Sterling
Caller Monday.
Ed Gibson helped Mrs. Johnny
Sharp paper her house the forepart
of the week.
Miss Huber was out calling on
friends Saturday.
Mrs. W. J. Shultz, Mrs. Ed Gibson
fend Mrs. Leora Dunn were Sterling
callers Monday.
Lester Clark called at the Tyler
Johnson home Sunday evening.
Ed Gibson took Mrs. Seaman Gib
fcon over to the Walter Deisyman
home Sunday to spend a few days.
Lester Clark called at the Roscoe
Parker home Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. George Harding
Were Driscoll callers Saturday.
Friends of this vicinity were
shocked to learn of the death of
Johnny Sharp who passed away
Monday night at 8 o'clock at his
home. He had been suffering with
cancer of the jaw for a long time.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Schmidklng and
family visited at the Harry Clooten
and Td Freshour home Sunday.
Morris Strom and Henry Rosen
dahl threshed their flax Thursday
afternoon. The Strom boys then
moved their machine home as they
are not done with their threshing at
Albert Johnson helped Steve Little
stack his com fodder Thursday.
Hilda Krause helped Mrs. A. L.
Games of Regan with her work
Marilyn Johnson motored from the
school Thursday evening with Mrs.
Edna Scott, her father being at
Steve Littles.
August Krause took his hogs to
Regan Thursday evening.
Bert Hedstrom commenced his
threshing Thursday.
Earl Davis was in this township
Wednesday looking for a horse that
his father had pastured for him,
some one had opened the gates and
the horse was gone.
Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Davis drove to
Rock Hill Thursday on a business
errand. They returned the same day.
Mrs. Bigler called at school No. 1
tone evening this week.
August Krause and son Reuben
have been hauling hay from in south
of the Jim Littles farm in Rock
Margaret and Eunice Davis were
Regan shoppers Wednesday evening.
Willis and Ellis Gill were business
.Callers on Nels Tosseth Thursday
morning to buy barley.
Mrs. Gross Broste has been on the
Bick list for a week, she is staying in
Delbert Davis tod: Elmer Falmers
horses home Wednesday, he had been
using them to cut flax and seed rye
on the Dr. Brant farm and land.
Victor Strom helped with the flax
hauling Thursday for his brother
Nels Alms and son motored to Bis
knarck Thursday on business.
Paul Davis took dinner Saturday
Evening with his parents. L. W. Davis’.
H. B. Gill threshed Saturday aft
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Alms were
j Chopping In Bismarck Thursday.
• Margaret and Eunice Davis drove
j to Rock Hill township Saturday and
brought back a load of hay and Mr.
Davis moved his header home, the
boys, Staton and Owen helped Nels
Tosseth thresh barley Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Elget Strom have
moved north of Regan where Henry
Rosendahl did live.
Mrs. L. W. Davis spent Friday with
! Mrs. Nels Alms.
Arne Tosseth called at the L. W.
Davis home Friday evening.
Benny Benson called at Nels Tos
: seths Thursday morning.
( Ida Tosseth is spending a few days
1 with her sister, Mrs. Benton Back
i' man, of near Wilton.
Mr. and Mrs. Nels Tosseth and
children visited Mrs. A. Tosseth Sun
day afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Aim motored
to Wilton Friday where Mrs. Aim had
dental work done.
j Benny Benson of Estherville helped
] Nels Tosseth thresh Saturday after
Oliver Tosseth spent the week-end
at home. He also helped his brother
Nels with his threshing Saturday
Henry Rosendahl helped the Strom
beam thresh Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Davis, daughter
Leona, and sons Staton and Paul,
were Sunday evening guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Arne Tosseth.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Perkins were
Friday evening callers in Bismarck
and took in the show'.
Mrs. Bert Hedstrom will return
home this week from Bismarck.
Mr. and Mrs. Nels Tosseth and
children, Mr. and Mrs. Arne Tosseth
and son and Mr. and Mrs. L. W.
Davis, daughter Leona and sons, Paul
and Staton and Oliver Tosseth, Owen
Davis and Willis Johnson all motor
ed to the mine near Wilton to watch
them remove dirt Sunday afternoon.
Neks Tosseth finished threshing the
first of the week and Arne Tosseth
moved the machine home.
Paul Davis spent Saturday night at
his parental home.
Miss Nord, who teaches school
north of Wilton spent the week-end
with her mother at the Bert Hed
strom home. Mrs. Nord will leave for
her home at Drake in a week.
Mrs. Benton Backman is in Bis
marck and her sister Ida is doing her
work while she is gone.
Stroms. Hedstroms, Gills and Sun
quists are all threshing this week.
Isreal Kcator is helping Bert Hed
strom with his fall work.
Staton Davis called on Bennie Ben
son Monday afternoon.
Arne Tosseth helped Nels Tosseth
with his wo>k Monday.
Charley Keator called at the L. W.
Davis home Tuesday morning.
John Lund has been on the sick
Miss Bcrgctta Tosseth called on
Mrs. Nord at the Hedstrom home
Sterling |
Mr. and Mrs. Art Chenoweth of
Newton, lowa, are visiting with
friends here for a while. They vis
ited with their daughter and son-in
law, Mr. and Mrs. John Knowles In
Bismarck for a few days last week.
Mel Ness was a Bismarck caller
Mr. and Mrs. Art Chenoweth, Mr.
and Mrs. A 1 Kusler, Mr. and Mrs.
George Kusch, and Mr. and Mrs.
Martin Nelson were supper guests at
the Roy Turner home Wednesday
Arnold Kusch and Charley Fbx
called at the Tom Stewart home
Tuesday evening.
Miss Bernice Schmidkunz visited
school Thursday.
Jim Riley was a business caller In
Driscoll Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Hassin Eele and
family called on Mrs. Hornsey and
family Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Smith enter
tained Mr. and Mrs. Ed Fogaraty at
cards Saturday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. O. Printze, Mr. and
Mrs. George Kusch, and Mr. and Mrs.
Tom Stewart visited at the John
Sedivic home Saturday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Johnson were
dinner guests at the Tom Stewart
home Sunday. They also called at
the Roscoe Parker home in the aft
Richard Lang was a town caller
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lewis and Mr.
and Mrs. A 1 Chapin of Driscoll called
at the Tom Stewart home Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Johnson and
family were Sunday dinner guests
at the Roscoe Parker home.
Mrs. Ed Schmidkunz called on Mrs.
George Magnus Saturday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kossel called
at the Tom Stewart home Sunday
Misses Ruth and Katherine Wagner
called on Miss Adelaide Hall Sunday.
Clarence Hansen and Leroy Ander
sen called in Sterling one day last
week on their way through from
Montana to Wisconsin.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Schmidkunz and
family and Miss Clara Anderson
called at the Ed Freshour home Sun
I McKenzie \
The local P. T. A. held a regular
meeting in the school house Tuesday
night. Meeting was called to order by
President W. L. Watson. Officers
elected were, president, S. E. Clizbe;
vice president, Mrs. G. Manly, secre
tary-treasurer, Mrs. Henry Lewis.
The retiring president appointed the
following committees, membership
committee, H. E. Hermanson and
Miss Myrtle Martin; program com
mittee, Edna Putnam; refreshment
committee, Mrs. T, T. Hughes. The
program consisted of piano solo, by
Miss Lovetta Sanborn; demonstration
by 4-H club girls. Ruth Lewis and
Esther Watson; talk by county agent,
Mr. Putnam. The next regular meet
ing of the P. T. A. will be held the
second Tuesday, in November, as the
regular time is the first Tuesday of
each month, and would interfere with
election day. Refreshments were
served by Mrs. G. Manly and Isabelle
Miss Myrtle Martin and Miss Ava
nella Eilingson were Tuesday evening
callers at the J. B. Swanick home.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Miller and
family, of Carson, were entertained
at dinner Saturday evening by Mr.
and Mrs. R. C. Boren. Mr. and Mrs.
Miller visited at several other homes
before they returned home Sunday.
Miss Lillian Watson, who teaches
at Wilton, spent the week-end with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Wat
Mrs. George Hughes and Mrs. T. T.
Hughes visited friends in Bismarck
Mrs. Cora Paul and Mrs. Jerry
Sweeny of Bismarck were visitors in
McKenzie Wednesday, Mrs. Paul vis
ited her daughter, Mrs. O. W. Gilbert,
and Mrs. Sweeny visited at the G.
Manly home.
Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Belcher ac
companied by Miss Martha Lea left
Sunday for Doland, S. D. Miss Lea
has visited with friends here the past
month. Sunday night Mr. and Mrs.
Belcher visited at the home of Mr.
Belcher’s sister, Mrs. Brink of Doland,
returning home Monday.
Nels Struwing left Saturday for
Minneapolis, where he will visit his
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dow and fam
ily of Bismarck, were Sund ly visitors
at the O. W. Gilbert home.
Mr. and Mrs. George Manly and
family, Isabelle Colby and daughter.
and Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Raeshke,
motored to the Wm Reed fox farm
south - of Britton Sunday.
Allan Paul former McKenzie resi
dent was married Saturday to a
South Dakota girl. Mr. and Mrs.
Paul accompanied by Mr. Paul's
mother and brother, Mrs. Cora Paul
and Donald of Bismarck, were visitors
at the home of Mr. Paul’s sister, Mrs.
O. W. Gilbert Sunday. Mr. and Mrs.
Paul left Sunday evening for Minot.
Esher Watson and Rosadell Wild
fang were among the ones winning
prizes on the chickens at the corn
show Saturday in Bismarck.
Mr. and Mrs. George Manly enter
tained Mr. and Mrs. Harry Raeshke
to dinner Monday evening. After din
ner, Mrs. Manly and Mrs. Raeshek
motored to Bismarck.
Floyd Belk, Paul Antrim, Manfred
Manly, D. B. Leathers and Howard
Nelson motored to Long Lake Sunday,
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Swanlck accom
panied by Miss Myrtle Martin left
Friday morning for Fargo. Miss
Martin stopped at Valley City, to visit
with relatives and friends. Miss
Martin returned home Monday by
M. A. Doucette returned home
Sunday morning from Grand Forks,
where he has been employed the past
few months.
Mr. and Mrs. T. I. Bailey of Bis
marck and Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Crum
and children of Tuttle, were Sunday
dinner guests at the T. T. Hughes
home. Sunday evening Mr. and Mrs.
Crum accompanied by Mr. and Mrs.
Hughes motored to Bismarck, where
they visited at the C. R. Jacobson
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Coder and fam
ily of Moffit were Sunday visitors at
the M. A. Doucette home.
Miss Pauline Fuehrer of Sterling
spent Sunday here at her parental
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Neiman of
Sterling were visiting friends in Mc-
Kenzie Saturday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Easton, Mr. and
Mrs. George Watson, Miss Lillian
Watson, Miss Sanborn and Miss El
lingson, attended the dance at Me
noken Saturday night.
The 4-H club under the direction
of Isabelle Colby are 100 per cent
finishers in their 4-H club work.
TTiere are seven members and all re
ceived badges at the 4-H banquet at
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Long and Mr.
and Mrs. C. T. Barton of Braddock,
were visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Van
Dyne. Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Anderson
of Bismarck, also visited Sunday at
the Van Dyne home.
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Anderson made
a trip to Bismarck Sunday in Mr.
Anderson’s plane.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Fuehrer and
daughter Betty June, were in Bis
marck Monday consulting a doctor
for little Betty June, who is on the
sick list.
Mrs. B. F. Coons accompanied by
Mrs. E. Van Dyne were shoppers in
Bismarck Monday.
Miss Ruby Thompson visited Miss
Mary Ellen Reese at the Stark home,
Monday evening.
The 4-H club under the direction
of Mrs. P. P. Bliss will hold- a meeting
at the W. L. Watson home Saturday.
The girls finishing their year’s work,
were Alice Cllzbe and Esther Watson,
finished fourth year work in sewing;
Madeline Boren, Ruth Lewis and
Mary Ellen Reese, finished third year,
and June Johnson finished first.
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Millet of south
of Bismarck moved to their farm near
Wing. They spent Saturday night at
the Wm. Stark home en route to
Mr. and Mrs. Amundson of Brad
dock and Mr. and Mrs. E. Van Dyne,
were visitors of Mr. and Mrs. O. E.
Anderson of Bismarck, Friday eve
Kennith and Ruby Thompson at
tended a Halloween party at the Ly
man schoolhouse Wednesday night,
where Miss Arah Thompson teaches.
Mrs. Otto Dela Barre and daugh
ter of Sterling and Mrs. Albert Ran
dahl of Elgin visited Mrs. E. L.
Adams Monday evening.
Tuesday afternoon the Larkin club
members entertained at the T. T.
Hughes home in honor of Mrs.
Hughes. The afternoon was spent
socially, after which delicious re
freshments were served by the mem
bers. Mrs. Hughes was presented
with several beautiful gifts.
Mrs. Charles Roberts of Jamestown
is the guest of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. P. E. Roth.
f Painted Woods |
The marriage of Arthur Franklund
and Bertha Spltzer occurred Thurs
day Afternoon at Washburn. Miss
Edith Franklund, a sister of the
groom, was bridesmaid and Verene
Peterson was best man. Mr. Frank
lund is a son of Mr. and Mrs. E. V.
Franklund of this vicinity and Mrs.
Franklund is a daughter of Mrs.
Spltzer of east of,Wilton. A dance
was given in their honor at the
Schmid show room at Wilton in the
evening. Several of the people in this
vicinity attended and report a very
good time. At midnight a delicious
lunch was served by the parents and
relatives of the young couple.
Mrs. Louise Gilcher and small
daughter Betty Lou spent from Sun
day until Wednesday at the Ole Lille
fjeld home.
Tuesday evening Mr. Gilcher mo
tored from Jamestown to take his
family home.
Mrs. Gilcher spent a week visiting
her sister at the Mandan training
school. She is matron there. She
also visited at the home of another
sister, Mrs. Al. Fossum of Bismarck.
Mrs. Joe Brown and small son vis
ited at the Wm. Brown home Thurs
Mrs. Ole Soderquist visited at the
Ole LillefJeld home Tuesday after
Mr. and Mrs. Elias Liilefjeld and
sons Edwin and Gerald spent Mon
day evening at the Ole Liilefjeld
Mrs. John Puth, who has been at
her farm home cooking for threshers,
returned to her home at Bismarck
Friday, Walter Shafer taking her by
Andrew Nelson has been busy haul
ing straw from the Smith place this
Mr. and Mrs Frank Erickson and
son Ernest spent the week-end at
the Andrew Nelson home.
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Brown and
baby and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Brown
spent Sunday at the Walter Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Elias Lillefjeld and
sons Edwin and Gerald spent Sunday
afternoon at the Ole Lillefjeld home.
Ellas, Edwin and Ole Lillefjeld
called at the Dick Iverson home Sun
I Steiber 1
4 4
Merwin Oder was a Regan caller
C. L. Malone hauled a truckload of
hogs to Regan Monday.
William Fricke called on friends
here Friday.
Mrs. John Anderson and daughter
June and Albert Ralph and Johnnie
motored to Bismarck Thursday eve
ning and attended the corn show and
visited relatives Friday returning that
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Boschee and
small daughter were Regan visitors
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Malone were
callers in Regan Friday.
Wm. Oder was a caller at C. L. Ma
lone’s Friday.
Robert Patzner hauled coal several
days last week.
Mrs. Alta Herman called on Steiber
residents Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Malone were
Sunday guests at the home of their
daughter and son-in-law Mr. and
Mrs. Harold Baron of Benedict.
Mr. and Mrs. Gotlieb Steinert were
business visitors in Regan Saturday.
They also visited with relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs. William Steinert
were Regan shoppers Saturday.
Mrs. Emil Sattlcr returned home
from Bismarck Monday where she
had been a patient at one of the !*os
pitals there.
* Wild Rose . *
General election will be held at
Wild Rose school No. 1 Tuesday No
vember 4th from 9 a. m. until 7 p. m.
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Hirvela and son
Gus, junior who went to Fergus Falls,
Minn, to visit relatives a couple
weeks ago returned home Tuesday.
Mrs. Hirvela reports her sister who
was ill in a hospital much improved
in health.
Miss Ellen Peterson, who teaches
near Hague, spent the week-end at
the home of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. O. L. Peterson.
A carload of lignite was unloaded
at the Spur last week for the Wild
Rose schools and some of the school
Miss Ada Saville attended the corn
show Saturday and was an overnight
visitor with Miss Helen Brownawell
in Bismarck.
Chales Richards, who has been very
ill in. a Bismarck hospital for some
time returned home Thursday con
siderably improved.
Marvin and Harold Bwanson left
last week for a trip to Sioux Oity,
lowa and vicinity.
Miss Helen Skramstad, teacher of
school No. 2 was shopping in Moffit
Jake Voll, Mike Glovich, R. W.
Feltheim and Homer Brownawell
shipped cattle from Moffit Saturday.
Mr. Bannister of Napoleon made a
short business call here Saturday.
O. B. Swanson was around posting
the notices of election the fore part
of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. O. F. Buck Entertain
ed Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Brownawell
and son Homer and Miss Maxine
Burnsides to a goose dinner Wed
nesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Carlisle enter
tained at their home Sunday Mr. and
Mrs. O. R. Martini and their sons
Ross and Richard of Braddock and
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Brownawell.
John Beauelair and Miss Louis
Riedman of the Moffit teaching fa
culty and Homer Brownawell visited
Miss Helen Skramstad at the H. A.
Carlisle home Saturday evening.
Miss Maxine Burnsides, teacher of
school No. 1 attended the Valley
City homecoming over the week-end.
Harry Koenig received word of the
serious illness of his mother at Park
City, Montana.
Miss Helen Skramstad plans on
leaving for Fargo Wednesday to at
tend the N. D. E. A. meeting there.
Mr. Jacobson of the Patterson Land
company was out from Wing last
week calling on the farmers.
Melvin Erickson and Laurence
Olson visited last Sunday with Clar
ence Magnus.
Lylas and Marie Magnus visited
with Lenora Hedstrom the previous
Sunday as she was home from Wing
spending the week-end with her par
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. F. Nelson, Gwen
dolyn and Gertie Mae motored to Bis
marck and Mandan last Saturday on
Melvin Magnus called at the Clar
ence Kettleson home last Monday to
see his sister Mabel.
J. L. Kelly from Bismarck was a
Trygg caller last Wednesday.
Charlie Christ of Rock Hill was a
caller at the Arthur Magnus home
Wayne Inget and Sulo Eckholm
were callers at the Arthur Magnus
home Saturday evening of last week.
Arthur Magnus and son Melvin and
Louis Olson motored to Bismarck
Friday of last week where they at
tended the convention for school di
John Anderson was a caller Monday
at the Martin Nelson home on local
Elmer Trygg called in at the Geo.
F. Nelson home Monday and other
places on a business mission.
Martin Nelson called Tuesday
morning at the John Anderson home.
Geo. F. Nelson and John Anderson
motored to Bismarck Tuesday night.
Elmer Magnus returned home Sat
urday from Wing where he has been
working. .
Sam Brown hauled grain to Regan
Tuesday by truck for the Nelson
brothers. *
Geo. F. Nelson and John Ander
son were brief callers Tuesday night
at the Nels Nelson home en route to
Hugo Nelson returned home with
Victor Engdahl Monday night to as
sist him in his fall work for a couple
of weeks.
Geo. F. Nelson and John Anderson
were luncheo.i guests Tuesday night
with Floyd and Irene Anderson in
Fred Habeck’s car arrived at Lime
Creek. Minn., on the following Tues
day after they reached there and
they found everything in good condi
tion and no poultry was dead. They
will stay with her parents this winter
in Lime Creek as they have renters
on their farm. Clara also attends
high school in Lime Creek.
Nels Nelsons motored to Regan
Tuesday on a business mission.
Floyd Anderson motored to Regan
Monday and had some repair work
done on his car.
Nels Nelson called Wednesday at
the Geo. F. Nelson and Martin Nel
son homes on local business.
John Anderson called in at the
Nels Nelson home Thursday morning
on business.
John Anderson and the Nelson boys
threshed a few stacks of grain
Thursday for Andrew Olson on the
John Fors’oeck farm which he rented
this summer.
A number from here attended
church services held in the Rock Hill
school near the Emil Olson home.
Rev. Oster and Elmer Trygg offici
ated. John Law assisted with the
singing and music.
Mrs. Geo. F. Nelson was a luncheon
guest Thursday with Mrs. Charlie
Gladys .lelson visited school No. 1
in Trygg Thursday with Emma Nel
Andrew Olson called on the Nelson
boys and John Anderson Thursday.
Leroy Rooker shocked corn for John
Habeck Thursday.
Irene and Floyd Anderson came
home Friday night from Bismarck to
spend Saturday and Sunday with
their parents, returning Tuesday
Hazel Andersen was a dinner guest
and visited Saturday at the Geo. F.
Nelson home.
Hugo Nelson came home Saturday
night from the Victor Engdahl home
where he assisted his brother-in-law
with the fall work.
The Halloween party that was held
at the Herbert Little home Saturday
night was largely attended. The eve
ning was spent informally. At mid
night a luncheon was served by the
hostess. The room was decorated
with black and orange and with
pumpkins and tapers.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. F. Nelson stopped
in at the Charlie Farrell and Joe
Varley home en route to Baldwin
where they got Gertie Mae from the
W. C. Gerke home.
Albin Spangbergs and Nels Nelsons
attended church services Thursday
night in the Rock Hill schoolhouse.
Arthur Magnus and Lynn called
at the Rikkola’s and Tolliver’s Mon
day of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. John Habeck and Al
fred from McKenzie were dinner and
supper guests Sunday at the Geo. F.
Nelson home. Mrs. W. J. Jlras, Willie
and Lillie and Sam Brown were also
super guests.
Ella Trygg came home from Mc-
Kenzie to spend the week-end at her
parental home and returned Sunday
night with John Habeck’s to resume
her high school duties.
Pete Lundquist, John Habeck, Al
fred and Gerald Nelson were social
callers Sunday at the Albin Spang
John Habeck motored to Bismarck
one day this week and took Alfred’s
rose comb Rhode Island Red chickens,
which he received this spring through
County Agent Miesen. He won second
prize at the 4-H club meeting held
during the corn show in Bismarck.
Carlyle Sheldon, former resident of
Trygg, who also got some chickens
last spring, won thrid prize.
Nels Nelsons entertained some vis
itors at their home Sunday.
Albin Spangbergs motored to Bis
marck one day this week where they
took Violet’s single comb Rhode Is
land Red chickens she received
through the county agent last spring.
She won first prize at the 4-H club
meeting held during the corn show.
Mr. and Mr 3. Olgot Ryberg were
visitors Sunday at the John Ander
son home. Mrs. Ryberg is Mrs. An
derson’s sister.
ePter Lundquist is staying with his
sister, Mrs. Albin Spangberg.
Harvey Fritzgirald and Ruben
Krause called at the Geo. F. Nelson
home Sunday night.
Leroy Rocker assisted John Ander
son in threshing this week.
Gene Farrell came home Sunday
from the Charlie Anderson home near
Sterling and Moffit to visit his par
ents here. En route he stopped at
the John Glum home in Sibley Butte
and brought Mrs. Glum and children
here to visit her sister, Mrs. Farrell.
Mrs. Olgot Rybsrg assisted her sis
ter, Mrs. John Anderson in cooking
for threshers.
Sheriff Itollin Welch called in our
territory Monday and deliverey bal
lots for the lection Nov. 4.
Mrs. John Glum, Gener Farrell and
Mrs. Gene Farrell and children called
Sunday on John Anderson and the
Nelson boys, east of the Rue buttes to
see Charlie Farrell.
o . ■ ——to
| Heaton |
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Heinle were in
Washburn Tuesday.
Edwin Schucker was a business
caller at Y/ashburn Tuesday.
Wm. Wagner was a caller at the
A. H. Heinle home Wednesday morn
Wm. Wagner was a business caller
at Fred Wagner’s home Wednesday.
Frank Brezden took a load of grain
to Wilton Wednesday.
Wm. Wagner was a business
caller at Wilton Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brezden moved
to their new home on the Granvoy
Miss Mary Brezden was a visitor
at the A. H. Heinle home Thursday
Wm. Brezden and son Joe Brezden
were at aWshburn on business Wed
Mr. E. L. Hall and Bernard Hall
and Mr. and Mrs. Findling and Mr.
and Mr a J. Hammock, Mr. and Mrs.
D. Keck and Mr. and Mrs. E. R.
Logge all attended the funeral of
Mrs. N. Loughlin Thursday.
A H. Heinle took a load of grain
to Wilton and brought back a load
of lumber Friday.
Frank Brezden took a load of grain
to Wilton Friday.
Mrs. E. L. Halls and sons Bernard
and Norman Hall, left Friday for
Wisconsin. They expect to be home
in four weeks. They are visiting at
Mrs. Halil’s daughter’s home.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Geast are tak
ing care of Mrs. Hall’s form while
they are away visiting.
Louis Geast was in Wilton shop
ping Friday.
Wm. Brezden was an over-night
guest at the ePte Kobynick home
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Walcker and
son Norman and Barah Heinle and
Jake Heinle were visiting at Andrew
Heide's home Friday and Saturday.
On ther return from Goldwin they
visited at the A. H. Helnle home.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Helnle and
family visited at John Newheathe’s
Sr. Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Sockman
are the proud parents of twins, a boy
and a girl.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl .Scholman are
the proud parents of a baby boy born
Tuesday at Turtle Lake.
Jake and Gordon Bower of Goldwin
are visiting at John Newheath’s this
Mr. and Mrs. John Horner Sr. at
tended the church at Washburn Sun
day afternoon.
Mrs. B. Knobs and daughter were
visiting at John Newheath’s Sunday.
Christ Walcker is visiting at his
brother, Fred Walcker’s place this
Rudolph Helnle and son Herbert
helped John Newheath Jr. head flax
Herman Newheath visited with his
brother John Sunday.
Gelbcrtson is building a house at
TurtW Lake this fall.
Mrs. August Walcker of Underwood
was a visitor at Fred H. Walcker’s
home Tuesday.
Christ Niemiller and Fred Neimiller
Sr. were business callers at A E
Heinle’s home Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Christ Neimiller and
family visited at Christ Berg’s home
at Wing Sunday.
Wm. Wagner was a business caller
at Wilton Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Helnle and son
Richard called at Fred Wagner’s
home Monday evening.
Word w.*s received of the death of
Mrs. John Williams Sunday morning.
Rev. F. F. Schwandt held the fu
neral of Mrs. Notom Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wagner and
Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Lagge went to
Wilton on business matters Monday
Lyman j
Miss Sylvia Eckholm returned
home Sunday after working four
weeks at Max Langs near Sterling.
Mayme, Arthur, and Raymond
Hokana had the misfortune of having
their car being shoved off the road
Friday night on their way home from
Bismarck. The accident happened
close to McKenzie. Mayme and Ray
mond were hurt quite badly but
Arthur escaped with little Injury.
Mayme and Raymond are in a local
Mrs. Ida Thorson was a Capital
City caller Friday.
John Mollonen threshed for Ru
dolph Marju’s and Mrs. Anna Dronen
last week.
John Moiianen, Leonard and
George Kavonius and Henry Pihlaja
were Capital City shoppers Tuesday.
Jack Matson was an over-night
guest at John Juhala’s Wednesday.
Severt Gylden and Severie Eckholm
were Wing shoppers Thursday.
Misses Sadie and Sallie Gylden
and Myrtle Arch spent Wednesday
evening at Gust Eckholm’s.
Quite a number of young folks
from this vicinity attended the party
at Gladys Rue’s schoolhouse Thurs
day eevning. Everyone reported a
good time.
Frank Holmes spent Friday evening
at John Gylden’s.
Mrs. Gust Eckholm and son Severie
and daughter Siere and Sallle Gyl
den were Bismarck callers Friday.
Jack Matson called at John Gyl
den’s and John Waiste's Thursday.
Alma and Aina Kangas spent Sun
day evening at John Hokana’s.
Miss Arah Thompson and little
sister were visitors at Miss Myrtle
Arch’s school Sunday.
Mrs. John Gylden and son Sergie
and daughter Sallie. Edwin Olson,
Severt, Sulo, and Sadie Gylden spent
Saturday evening at Gust Eckholm's.
Mrs. Ida Thorson and children and
Mrs. E. Arch and daughter Myrtle
called at Mrs. Anna Dronen’s Thurs
Edwin Waiste was a shopper in
Bismarck Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Josephson called
at John Gylden’s Wednesday.
Bill Mulari called at Louis Olson’s
and William Wanttaja’s Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Matson and
son Ben and Jack Matson spent
Monday in Bismarck.
Mrs. L. C. Holmes and son Frank
were Capital City callers Monday.
Severt Gylden was an overnight
guest of Severie Eckholm’s Satur
Severie Eckholm assisted Jacob
Niemis’ drove cattle to McKenzie
Martha Koski left for her home
at Arena Thursday. She has been em
ployed at L. C. Holmes for the past
six weeks.
Silo Gylden, Eino, Eckholm, Myrtle
Arch and Sadie Gylden were callers
in Wing Sunday. While there Myrtle
and Sadie spent the afternoon at
Clyde Harvey’s.
Seth Harju and Andrew Dronen
spent Tuesday evening at John Gyl
Andrew Dronen was a Wing caller
Severt and Sulo Gylden and Ed
win Olson transacted business in
Wing Tuesday evening.
Mrs. Ida Thorson and daughters
Ruth and Francis transacted business
in Wing Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Gylden and son
Sulo spent Sunday evening at John
Frank Holmes was a Wing caller
Bill Mulari took a load of flax to
Wing Thursday.
Henry and Andrew Eckholm spent
Sunday with Sergie Gylden’s.
Arvid and Ambro Eskeli, Sulo Eck
holm, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Josephson
and son Clifford and Adolph John
son spent Sunday at John Gylden’s.
Arne Eskeli visited at John Waiste’s
Several from around here attended
the funeral of Mrs. Sabastian Mastel
at Hazelton Friday morning. She
was laid to rest in the Catholic cem
etery there.
A party was held for the members
of the Sunday school last Wednesday
night at the church. A peanut race
was the main feature.
B. F. Lane was a dinner guest at
the Wm. Lane home Sunday.
A large crowd from here attended
the Runey sale Tuesday.
Mrs. C. B. Porter visited with Mrs.
Ella Porter Monday.
Mrs. Crele Botts, Mrs. L. N. Bullock
and Mrs. Minnie Benz were Bismarck
callers Tuesday.
Miss Violet Benz left last week for
Great Falls Montana after visiting
here for a few weeks.
Miss Harriet Moffit visited with
Mrs. V. Benz Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Pillsbury and
sons attended the corn show at Bis
marck Friday.
Mrs. Burns Bailey and children
visited with Mrs. Benz Monday after
Mr. and Mrs. John Benz and chil
dren, Mrs. Anna Hoeft and children,
Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Carroll and
daughter Lois spent Sunday at the
Adams home.
Callers at the Everett Porter home
Sunday were Ed and Mike Kleeman,
Mr. and Mrs. Keting and son Bobby,
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Argast and son
Dean, Henry Weirenga, Milo Gill and
Neil Edwards.
Henry Wildfang Jr., of Sterling, was
a weed-end visitor at the Wm. Lane
home. He and William enjoyed a
good hunt on Sunday morning.
Miss Gladys Moffit spent the week
end with her friend Miss Beth
A very large crowd attended the
4-H club banquet at the Elks hall in
Bismarck Saturday evening.
There will be a Halloween party at
the Hall Friday night for the benefit
of the church. Everybody come and
have a good time.
Mrs. S. T. Mauk is spending this
week in Bismarck at the Frank Everts
home and visiting with other friends.
Rev. and Mrs. Kinzler attended the
Braddock Ladies Aid supper last Fri
day evening.
Mrs. Oreen and sons left for their
home in Canada on Wednesday
morning after spending several weeks
visiting relatives here.
Mrs. Ed Olson was pleasantly sur
prised on Monday afternoon when
about 50 guests surprised her on her
birthday. A lovely lunch was served
and Mrs. Olson received a lot of
pretty and useful gifts.
W. E. Nichol and family moved
into the Benz house Saturday where
they will reside for the winter.
Porter and company are threshing
their corn this week.
Peter Hofstad took some of the 4-H
girls to Bismarck Saturday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hamblen
and Mrs. Hamblen’s sister from Har
vey, N. D., visited at the Pillsbury
home Sunday and in the afternoon
all of them visited relatives at Mc-
Kenzie. Mr. Charles Hamblen was
just released from the Veterans hos
pital at Fargo, where he has been
taking treatments for his limbs which
were injured during the World war.
The girls of the 4-H club enter
tained at a party in the hall Tuesday
evening. About 40 were present.
Games and dancing were the pastime
of the evening. A nic lunch was
served by the girls.
Mr. and Mrs. Pillsbury motored to
Bismarck Wednesday.
Mrs. Jim Hill and son visited at the
Alfred Faust home Wednesday.
Mrs. Ed DeHaan visited with Mrs.
C. E. Moffit Sunday.
Korme Kimble left Sunday for a
visit to Minnesota. Mrs. Kimble
and granddaughter, Phyllis, returned
Saturday evening from a three weeks’
visit in Minnesota.
I Hazlegrove 1
Carl Geiesle called at Ray Hazle
grove’s Monday.
Floyd Brblin called Monday at the
Frank Gray home.
Frank Gray took Miss Opal Gray
to the schoolhouse east of Tuttle to
the teachers’ meeting Tuesday.
Ray Hazlegrove called at the Frank
Gray heme Monday.
Archie Franzen has been helping
Frank Gray move over to the Russ
farm this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Geiesle were in
Wilton on business Thursday.
Miss Rose Marie Gargen’s scholars
are nearly all sick, therefore the at
tendance is small.
The Mclntyre children and Wayne
Drumm and the Ochsuner children
are all sick with the measules and
are not able to go to school.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hazlegrove were
callers Friday evening at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Geiesle.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ulfers attended
church in Tuttle Friday night.
The Jack Stewart family were in
Tuttle shopping Friday.
Some of those in Tuttle Saturday
were John Hawkins, E. Siamers and
daughter Franise, Miss Estell Thoren
and Mrs. Jake Hirsch and daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hazlegrove, Jim
McQuiren, Mr. and Mrs. Milt Gold
smith and sons Dale and Lawrence
and daughter Dorothy, Frank Gray
and Elmer Perry were all in Tuttle
Saturday shopping.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Sattler and
Carl Geiesle, Mrs. Owen Mclntyre
and Miss Lena Kraft were among
the shoppers in Tuttle Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Milt Goldsmith and
sons Dale and Lawrence were in
Steele Saturday.
Mrs. Carl Geiesle was sick Satur
day. We hope she will soon be well
and able to be up.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Worm and fam
ily left Sunday for California to
spend the winter months.
Mr. and Mrs. Mart Frazen and
family of Tuttle are going to move
on to a farm northeast of Tuttle.
Mr. and Mrs. Vemol Goldsmith
and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Goldsmith were
dinner guests Sunday at the Cleve
land home northeast of Tuttle.
Melvin Webster and daughter Virgie
called at the Julius Zwiegle home one
evening this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Emil Sattler enter
tairied the following at dinner Sun
day, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Sattler and
son Irvin Sattler, Mr. and Mrs. Julius
Zwiegle and and daughters Dela and
Ruth, Bill Zwiegle and Mr. and Mrs.
Ray Hazlegrove.
Mr. and Mrs. Godfred Weber and
some of th 3 Zelmer young folks called
Sunday afternoon at the Emil Sattler
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Glanvllle and
sons were guests Sunday at the Emer
son Glanvllle home.
Owen Mclntyre was out one day
putting up signs for the coming elec
Miss Lena Kraft has been assisting
with housework at the Owen Mcln
tyre home.
Ivan Goldsmith, who is working in
the northern part of the state, was
home for a few days visit.
Irvin Sattler took Mr. and Mrs. Emil
Cattler to Bismarck Monday. Mrs.
Sattler is to remain there to doctor a
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hazlegrove were
supper guests Saturday night at the
Frank Gray home.
An error was made in reporting
that Irvin Sattler was leaving for
California, as he.went to Alta, N. D.,
to spend the wdek-end at the Enul
Sattler home.
Mr. ant' Mrs. Gpdfred Weber were
also quests Sunday as the Zelmer
Miss Sylvia Stewart spent the
week-end with her folks.
Ed Wagner called at the Christ
Wolff home Sunday.
Frank Gray was in Tuttle Saturday
I Clear Lake
Henry Olson called at the J. E.
Sharp home Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Christensen
had as their guests Wednesday eve
ning for supper J. W. Preston, daugh
ter, Mrs. Helen Ipsen, and grand
daughter Pauline.
Christ Schoon was a Bismarck call
er Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Stiles were Bis
marck shoppers Thursday.
Mrs. Ole Newland spent Thursday
afternoon visiting with Mrs. Ernest
Clifford Nelsen and son De Wayne
of Driscoll called on his mother, Mrs.
Carrie Nelsen. Thursday.
Mrs. Helen Ipsen, daughter Pauline,
and father, J. W. Preston, left for
Huron, S. D., Thursday where they
expect to locate. The pest summer
they have been up here putting some
fine buildings on their land. Mr. and
Mrs. Allen Van Vleet are the new
The township hall is getting a new
coat of paint. Vernon Brenden is
doing the work.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Gibson were call
ers at the J. W. Beyer farm one day
the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Nelson and
family of Driscoll were overnight visi
tors at the H. A. Smith home Satur
day night.
Robert Sharp and daughters Flor
ence, also Mrs. Henry Olson and fam
ily visited at the J. W. Beyer home
Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Ole Newland and
family were Sunday callers at the Bud
Lund home in Kidder county.
Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Paslay enter
tained Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Smith to
dinner Sunday.
Roy Smith has been helping Ben
Orne move from the L. A. Slaaten
hue’s farm down east of Driscoll on
Pete Lathrop’s land.
Mr and Mrs. Vernon Brenden and
son took Sunday dinner with Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Helgeson.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nelman, Mrs.
Robert Sharp and Miss Florence call
ed at the J. E. Sharp home Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Coder of Moffit
took Monday evening dinner with the
Albert Christensen family.
H. A. Smith was a business caller
at Steele Monday, going there to see
Mr. Whitney, the well driller, about
his well.
A number of young folks surprised
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Van Vleet Mon
day evening.
Sad news came to this locality Tues
day morning of the death of J. E.
Sharp Monday evening, and whose
funeral will be held Thursday after
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nelman were
called to the J. E. Sharp home Tues
day morning.
Township board meeting was held
Tuesday evening.
Estherville )
Mrs. Wm. Mickelsen and children
spent Monday afternoon at the
Harry Davenport home.
Mrs. A. H. Lundberg and Mrs.
John Keifer were guests at the
Frank Mickelsen home Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Art Strand and Alice
Strand motored to Bismarck Mon
t Mr. and Mrs. Roy Little, Gene and
Norman were Tuesday evening vis
itors at the Alvin Ghylin home.
Mrs. Alvin Ghylin and Mrs. Roy
Little called at the Ole Olson home
Tuesday evening.
Ole Olson of Wilton was a busi
ness caller in this community Wed
Mrs. Homer Taylor. Mrs. S. L.
Jordahl. Mrs. Earl Mowder, Mrs.
Alvin Ghylin and Mrs. Roy Little
practiced for the halloween pro
gram Tuesday evening at the school
Mr. and Mrs. Ear! Mowder were
Regan callers Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mickelsen
were business callers in Wilton Sat
Among the Regan callers Satur
day from here were Mr. and Mrs.
‘Carl Berg and family, Roy McCul
lough, Cecil Elkins, Mrs. Harry
Davenport, Ruth Wilmont, and Mr.
and Mrs. Roy Little.
Mrs. Harry Davenport motored to
Wilton Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Berg and fam-
Uy spent Saturday evening at the
Jake fisher home.
Earl Manning motored to Wilton
hnday evening, Melinda returning
home with him to spend the week
Ruth Wilmont spent the week-end
at her home here.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Mickelsen and
children were Sunday visitors at the
Louie Jorgensen home.
Visitors at the Harry Davenport
home Sunday were Mrs. Tom Hol
lingsworth, Mrs. Otto Larson and
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mickelsen and
family of Wilton.
Mrs. Art Strand returned home
Monday after having spent the past
week at Bismarck.
Frank Mickelsen called at the
John Boschee home Monday.
Mrs. Wm. Mickelsen and children
were Regan shoppers Monday fore
Harry Davenport was a Regan
business caller Monday forenoon.
Monday morning.
Ole and Olaf Wold called in Regan
Monday mornnig.
Earl and George Mowder were Re
gan callers Tuesday.
The township board met at Wm.
Mickelsen s home Tuesday afternoon.
British Debaters to
Talk at University
Grand Forks, , -{/P>
Talks on the “modem aspects of
Anglo-American relations” and “the
British educational system” were de
livered by D. Hope Elletson of Oxford
and B. J. Chehan of Liverpool uni
versity, English debators, at convoca
tion at the University of North Da
kota today.
The pair will appear in an
tional debate against a university
team tonight. Representing the uni
versity will be Richard Heaton of
Dickinson and Carroll Day of Bow
man. They will defend the negative
side of the proposition that the world
has more to fear than to hope from
the future development of machines.

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