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Motor and Equipment Associa
tion Says Overhauling Now
Will Save Money
The hard wear and tear of winter
driving makes a thorough inspection
of the automobile more desirable at
this time of the year than at any
other season, according to a bulletin
received here from the Motor and
Equipment association.
“In line with our nation-wide pro
gram to point out to motorists ways
and means of getting greater \ alue
out of their cars,” the bulletin states,
“we are urging our dealer members
to recommend inspection to all car
owners in their community.”
“This inspection should cover
everything that has to do with the
car’s performance, its appearance, its
safety, and its riding comfort Ad
justment or replacement of worn
parts, removal of blemishes in ap
pearance caused by hard winter driv
ing, and the possible addition of
needed accessories will immediately
repay the owner in increased satisfac
"The real value of inspection, how
ever. comes from the elimination of
serious accidents or breakdowns which
might result from undetected minor
ills. This saving, plus the less rapid
depreciation of a well-kept car. will
definitely lower the fiscal cost of au
tomobile ownership.”
The Captial Chevrolet company,
Copelin Motor company, Fleck Motor
company, and Corwin-Churchill Mo
tors, Inc., are Bismarck members of
the association.
The American Automobile Associ
ation estimates more than 500.000
new drivers who are a potential men
ace to life and property are admitted
on public highways of the United
States. This is because they do not
have to undergo a test for a driver’s
Special highways that will by
pass th'? built up and congested areas
of Chicago, and costing about $30.-
000.000. will be constructed to accom
modate visitors during the World's
Fair there in 1933.
A saving oi *7OO on iliis largest,
Music Afternoon and Evening. - - - Style Show Every Night - - - Garage Clinic in Actual Operation
Fancy Dancing Friday Night - - - - Lions Male Chorus Saturday Night - - - - Merchants* Displays
There Is plenty of room in this Hudson Town Sedan. Greater roominess, luxurious fittings and upholstery and
new performance standards mark this new Greater Hudson model. Both front and rear seats are adjustable
and even the tallest passenger will find ample leg room. A big demand is expected for this dashing car. Motor
and chassis refinements have increased the flexibility of the Greater Eight motor.
Clutch, Hand Brake, Carburetor,
Oil System Are Particu
larly Noteworthy
Along with the beauty of its trim j
lines and the case of operation which ;
always has marked Hudson motor
cars, the 1931 models contain many
mechanical improvements and refine
ments which add to both comfort and
economy, according to Hudson engi
neers. The Hudson will be shown at
the Bismarck Auto show by Sandtn-
Wllde Motors. Inc.
They list a few of these as fol
The clutch plate of the new Great
er Hudson Eight now Is formed from
duralumin, a metal alloy which com
bines lightness of aluminum with the
strength of steel. The lighter weight
has the effect of causing the clutch
plate to practically cease spinning when
the clutch pedal is depressed, this
preventing gear clashing and the ne
cessity of pausing between shifts and
also renders the shift practically
A new hand brake lever using a
thumb release incorporated with a
new pawl and ratchet design is rat
tle-proof and makes disengagement
of the brake easy even from the fully
engaged or “pull-on” position. The
hand brake lever when disengaged is
A BIC SIX, mrimm* IIU m I mm
a pawn pin. nsrr ....
a nnnxiAFTT imsn . . •
ta SM
▼iiir* n«u wu lew
win*. it-tM ommO ..... aw
milr* lVfc-tM duwia .... MS
40 priw f. •. fc. ToM*. OUe
Sandin Wilde Motors, Inc.
Lahr Building*
304 Fourth Bismarck, N. Dak. phone 1500
New Hudson Town Sedan Shows Beauty and Quality
most powerful, low-priced
■The new WiUys-Knight costs S7OO less than last year's
car a saving of more than onethiid •• • Yet this
reduction, impressive though it be, is not the only out”
standing feature .. . This new WiDys-Knight is larger,
faster and livelier ... It is distinguished in appearance,
luxurious in appointment... It brings you the smoothness
of the patented double sleeve-valve engine —B7 horse
power, quiet operation, sturdy reliability, no valves to grind.
in a position in which it is accessible
r*nd yet does not interfere in any way
with ingress or egress through the
left-hand door.
The carburetor Is fitted with a self
clcaning air purifier, which separ
ates dust or other foreign material
! from the air stream before it can en
! ter the carburetor or engine.
In the dual flow automatic system
employed, every working part in the
engine is submerged In a bath of cool
oil. The oil is prevented from enter
ing the combustion chambers by
means of the unique piston and ring
construction developed by Hudson en
Accoustical pads of weather-seal
ing jute arc cemented to dash, cowls,
door panels, rear and quarter panels,
toe boards, front compartment floor
boards, and between the rear seat
cushion and floor, preventing body
rumble and providing weatherproof
interiors. Weather stripping at the
bottom of doors has been changed to
felt, resulting in a noiseless positive
weather seal.
The new engine is of the moderate
speed type, developing its maximum
l horsepower of 87 at 3600 R. P. M.
The Lanchester vibration dampen
! er reduces the effect of the vibration
'produced on any crankshaft through
: the action of the power impulses be
ing transmitted by the connecting
| rods to the shaft.
Facilitates Starting and Greatly
Improves Handling When
Motor Is Cold
Among the new developments in the
Essex Super Six Is an automatic
choking device which is combined
with a by-pass into the manifold,
iacilitates starting and greatly im
proves the handling of the car when
the engine is cold. The jet which
supplies gasoline to the by-pass when
the dash choke control is out acts as
the low speed jet when the choke is
in. ,
This jet terminates in the main air
passage and operates throughout the
entire engine speed range. The new
by-pass introduces the proper mix
ture of gasoline and air into the in
take manifold at high velocity and is
one of the contributing factors to the
i great acceleration exhibited by the
I engine at all speed ranges.
B. C. Hubbard Had Good Start
in Tsingtao, but Sold Out
* for Chinese Dollar
San Francisco, March 12.—(NEA)
—lt would have been better If B. C.
Hubbard had stuck to engineering in
stead of dabbling in the automobile
game. For the latter, while it made
a him, also broke
America treasur
ing one Chinese
dollar, the amount
for which he sold
Hubbard, after
graduating from
the Bchool of En
gineering at Pur
due University,
Lafayette, Ind., in
China to teach
* ’ railway bngineer-
Hubbard ing at Tangßhan
Engineering college. In his three
years of teaching, Hubbard had lots
of time to roam over sections of
China and view the country and its
people. He was particularly Im
pressed by the lack of good trans
portation facilities.
All shipping was • done by boats,
carts or on the backs Of coolies! Roads
were nothing more than tracks worn
into the earth by the endless pro
cession of uncomfortable vehicles
hauled along by donkeys.
After three years In the Orient,
Hubbard returned to the United
States and, during the next five
years, lived here? Back in his mind
was the thought of China’s trans
portation needs, and during his stay
here he collected valuable informa
tion on busses and trucks, body de
signs, maintenance costs, and so on.
liack to China Again
In 1920 he returned to China and
spent the largest part of three years
traveling over north China, from
Shanghai and Hankow on the Yang
tze river to Harbin in the north. He
interviewed Chinese officials, talked
motor roads and motor transporta
tion, inspected proposed routes and
helped lay out others.
Hubbard could look ahead and see
The Finest Performinq Six Hudson Ever Built -
Competes with the Lowest in price
Chailenqes the Finest in Quality
Essex challenges the performance of any six, All seats are wide and deep—with lots of room
regardless of price! It introduces fine-car style for comfort while riding. Head-room andleg
and Super-Six smoothness to the lowest price room are greater, doors are wider, bodies are
field. It is strongly builtto assurelasting satisfac- insulated against weather and noise. Allcontrols
tion and utmost dependability. It matches the are easy to reach and operate. Your nearest
economy of cars most noted for low operating Hudson-Essex dealer is ready to give you a
cost. It gives you Rata Riding Cotnfort for demonstration. Go test its challenging perform
the first time in a car of its amazing low price, ance and Rare Riding Cotnfort yourself I
The Value Sensation in a Year of Sensational Values
China possessing a system of good
roads upon which thousands of auto
mobile* ran.
'‘The first realization of this dream
came in 1922 when the American
Red Cross, as part of their famine
relief program, constructed a motor
road, from Chefoo to Weihsien, a dis
tance of 180 miles,” Hubbard says.
“After the road was completed, it was
turned over to the government which,
in turn, leased It to a private con
cern. , #
“This company bought some old
passenger cars, mounted antiquated
truck bodies on them and started a
bus line. The line was patronized to
the extent that the busses were load
ed down and hundreds of passengers
were turned away daily."
Handled Three Can
Hubbard saw the value of automo
biles in China and the people’s tend
ency to adopt the new method of
transportation, So he got the agency
for a truck manufacturer and two
passenger cars and opened up the
Hubbard Motor company in Tsingtao
in partnership with a Chinese busi
ness man.
Business got so good that soon he
and his partner started building their
own plant, with room for 100 cars, in
which assembly and repairs were
As a promotion scheme he made
s trip in a car from Tsingtao to Che
foo, a route that had never been tra
versed by auto before, and which lay
over mountains and sandy river beds.
The car was loaded with supplies and
implements for road Ynaklng.
After constructing most of the road
which the car traversed, and en
countering huge obstacles on the way.
the car and its occupants reached
Chefoo. It took four days to cover
250 miles. The return trip was made
ir. two days, due to the road making
the party had completed on the first
Back in Tsingtao Hubbard dived,
into his business again and had it
going along smoothly until the as
sets of the firm was SIOO,OOO against
$30,000 it owed.
“Then came the rebellion under the
leadership of Chang Kai-shek, the
troops from the south gaining victor
ies every time they met the north,"
Hubbard relates. “The attack ad
Sandin-Wilde Motors, Inc.
, Lahr Building
Phone 1500 Bismarck, N. Dak. 304 Fourth Street
vanced until Tsingtao, among other
northern cities, was threatenea.
Out Dropped the Bottom "
“Business quickly dropped to noth
ing. Chinese were afraid to invest
a cent in anything. The opposing
forces were confiscating motor ve
hicles of all kinds.
“Banks shut down on credit and
called in loans. Outstanding accounts
for cars and trucks previously sold
could not be collected and all unfilled
orders on the firm were canceled by
the buyers.”
Hubbard then offered all the cars
in his stock at cost, cut that price in
half, and that in half again. But
there were no buyers. His assets con
sisted of stocks, his buildings, equip
ment, accounts receivable and other
securities on which he could not real
ize a cent.
“There was just one thing to do,"
A uto Dealers
Visit our booth at the Auto Show,
Welding Clinic and Equipment
Display at Our Store.
Hubbard concluded, “and it was done,
I sold my entire holdings in Hubbard
motors to my bank for one Chincso
dollar and then cabled to America for
passage money to return to the
* TT *
Auto Is Exhibited
♦ *
Cleveland, March J 2.
Imagine an automobile v*tn
three gear shift levers. 10 gear
shift speeds, two differentials,
five axles, six wheels and no
chassis. The freak automobile «
the Tatra, made in Czecho-Slov
akia. It was displayed here at
a meeting of the society of auto
motive engineers.

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