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Victoria Model Is Newest of
- Many Types Offered by
* Ford in 1931
De Luxe body types, most of which
have been introduced within the last
year, will feature the exhibit of Ford
cars in the Bismarck auto show, ac
cording to the Copelin Motor com
pany, local dealer.
Mounted on the Model A chassis,
which has attained such world-wide
popularity for speed, power, reliabili
ity and economy of operation, these
de luxe cars offer a wide range of
body types that afford a new degree
of comfort, luxury and beauty to the
owner of a low-price car.
As the name implies, the de luxe
Fords are something out of the ordi
nary. From the rustless steel cowl
lights, to the quality upholstery, satin
finish hardware, toggle grips, robe
rails, dome lights and other refine
ments, they reflect the tastes of dis
criminating motorists.
Newest among the de luxe Fords
is the Victoria which is built along
entirely new lines with a slanting
windshield, light tan top and rear
quarters, and a body which curves
gracefully out and down from the
belt line at the rear. The individ
ual front seats fold forward. The
rear seat is wide and comfortable
with an arm rest at either end.
Seven Models in Line
Besides the Victoria, the Ford de
luxe group includes the town sedan
with three windows, the de luxe se
dan with two windows, the convert
ible cabriolet, a coupe, a phaeton and
a roadster.
In addition to the de luxe cars the
Ford Motor company offers a choice
of standard body types which are
represented in the exhibition at the
show*. These include the Tudor, a
coach type popular as a family car;
the Fordor, a threewindow sedan;
the coupe; the sport coupe with mm
60-Horsepower Car, Longer
and More Beautiful, Hits
Lowest Price
Freshly styled for 1931 and present
ing new elements of grace, comfort
and performance, the Pontiac Six is
a ttracting favorable attention
throughout the country for the in
creased values it is bringing to the
low-priced field. It will be exhibited at
tne Bismarck Auto show by the Stair
Motor company.
Although longer and more beauti
fully proportioned than before, the
big 60-horsepower car is offered at a
base price below the minimum at
which any Pontiac previously has
been introduced.
The longer wheelbase of 112 inches
has permitted the designing of bodies
which create a "close to the road”
impression of low-swung length—the
latest achievement of Fisher crafts
Among the external advancements
in the new bodies are: chrome-plated
screen which conceals and protects
the radiator core; curved tie-bar sup
porting the new chrome-plated head
lamps; longer hood secured by elec
t ric-plated handle locks; one-piece
lull crown fenders carrying indicator
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ble seat; the phaeton and the road
ster. There is also a station wagon
with seats for eight.
An interesting thing about the Ford
exhibit in the show is that, with the
eception of the addition of de luxe
cars, there are no radical changes in
models. In accordance with the com
pany's policy, improvements are in
corporated in the car as they are de
veloped and no radical changes are
decided upon until it is determined
that they are fundamentally sound
enough to be more or less perma
Model A Improved
Hence, while the Model A is essen
tially the same as it was last year,
it nevertheless has been improved in
many respects. Fenders, running
board shields and other enameled
parts which are most likely to be
scratched or marred are treated with
a rust .preventative before they are
painted. Triplex shatterproof wind
shields now are made with plate glass
to improve vision. The instrument
panel is newly designed and is indi
rectly lighted. Hub caps are rein
forced and there are numerous oth
er improvements that would be ap
preciated by the mechanic, all of
which contribute to the longer life of
the car.
Rustless steel which was introduced
in Ford cars a year ago continues to
be one of their outstanding features.
Thousands of Fords have been in use
now under all sorts of weather condi
tions and the universal experience
has been that the rustless steel radi
ator shells, hub caps, cowl strips and
other exposed metal parts have re
tained their original lustre.
Other features of the Ford which
are being pointed out at the auto
mobile show are the five steel-spoke
wheels, each of which is electrically
welded into a single piece; the Hou
daille (pronounced hoo-dye) double
acting shock absorbers; the more
than 20 ball and roller bearings; and
the numerous steel forgings.
lamps similar to those introduced last
year on the Oakland Eight.
The concave running board aprons
carry a smooth body contour to the
aluminum-bound steel running
boards, covered with moulded rubber
while the rear splash apron extends
from fender to fender.
Comfort Is Assured
Greater passenger comfort has been
attained through sealing by felt and
rubber pads, the pedal and control op
ening, through heavy dash insulation
which muffles road and engine sounds
and keeps out motor heat by a
felt-backed front floor mat.
To render the body silent under
road stresses, metal to metal contact
has been eliminated where the body
is joined to the frame through cush
ioning by 10 fabric-reinforced rubber
pads, enveloping the 10 body bolts,
five on each side. The four engine
mountings likewise are insulated with
rubber, while the new transmission
drive has been redesigned to include
a rubber hub of the type that has
been so successful on the Oakland.
This hub forms a barrier against the
“telegraphing” of road and axle noises
to the engine. New rubber shackle
bushings not only make for car si
lence and easy riding but at the same
time eliminate 12 chassis lubrication
The newly developed semi-drop-base
Attracts Favorable Attention
wheel rims are 5-16 of an inch wider
than formerly, allowing the Id by 5
inch tires to carry a 13 per cent
greater volume of air than similar
tires on conventional rims.
Install Larger Brakes
Larger brakes have been installed
to provide more certain control and
greater safety. The drums of the
four-wheel mechanical internal type
brakes have been enlarged from 11
to 12-inch diameter, increasing the
braking surface from 177 to 214
square inches, thus providing an add
ed braking reserve of 21 per cent.
A new engine device called the air
silencer, developed by the AC Spark
Plug company, eliminates carburetor
and manifold roar during high speed
operation. The cast iron transmis
sion support and a new fully en
closed fly-wheel housing which pro
vides a rigid base for the transmis
sion combine to eliminate the possi
bility of mis-alignment between the
transmission and the engine. At this
point an additional motor support
cross member Increases the rigidity of
the heavier frame, now 17 per cent
stronger vertically and 54 per cent
stronger horizontally. A new and
sturdier differential carrier housing
and the new "big tooth” gears of the
rear drive represent other factors
which further increase reliability.
The 1931 Pontiac is offered in six
body types, the two- and four-door
sedan, the four-door custom sedan,
the standard and sport coupe and the
convertible coupe. The latter model,
with combined advantages of open
and closed car, is a new body style in
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And Many Others
MARCH 19-20-21
Bismarck, North Dakota
Ford Introduces New Model
the Pontiac line. The sport coupe
and convertible coupe, both equipped
with rear deck seats, afford comfort
able accommodations for two addi
tional passengers.
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Kaye Don Will Be Honored De
spite Fact He Failed to
Establish Record
London, March 12.—(NEA)—Mal
colm Campbell set a new speed rec
ord in the United States and Kaye
Don failed. Yet the latter is to re
ceive the honor of having England’s
newest motor named for him.
The new car, called the Kaye Dm,
will be put on the market by a Cov
entry firm shortly. It was designed
by Sir Dennistoun Burney, one of
the designers of the dirigible R-100.
The same streamlining effect used
on the dirigible has been carried out
on the new car. In the Kaye Don
model pains have been taken to cut
down wind resistance to the mini-
mum and the resulting design is
something new in automobiles, al
though it is not to the point of being
The makers report that at speeds
of 50 miles an hour about 45 per cent
At the Bismarck
EVERY ONE of the handsome Ford cars in this display is deserving of your special
attention. The body styles conform with every possible need that a man or wom
an can have for a motor car. There are types ideally suited to the growing family,
to business and professional men and women, to the boy or girl in high school or
Notice particularly the variety of beautiful colors, the comfort of the spacious
and deeply cushioned seats, the richness of trim and upholstery. Remember, too,
that even more important than such features as ever-gleaming Rustless Steel and
the shatter-proof glass windshield is the new Ford's mechanical excellence.
Standard Body Types De Luxe Bodies
Roadster .... .• •. •>«,,.. $554 De Luxe Roadster $599
Phaeton >.« .. . ax.!.;.]. •.• . • •»;. ... 559 De Luxe Phaeton • •r«XKT«a*;#.e ....... 704
Coupe . . .... ;«xio.sk. ... • • 622 De Luxe Coupe 657
Tudor Sedan .m«<# 622 Victoria •••••.......:.i..»........ 712
Sport Coupe 632 Convertible Cabriolet ........... 727
< Fordor Sedan 722 Town Sedan 762
Prices Include Complete Equipment at Bismarck
Copelin Motor Company
Bismarck, North Dakota
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more value for your dollar 99
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§•** ff! , . lSMfjM.7SM.73*!*.'*
«*■»- *•** *g JP!!? Washings i «.7s.»_ ',70 *.73 s*.**
1111 Chassis COURIER TYPE
hajmsknlM* Lubrication
>M_!*Tf ni> *?•**! j«wn. ».w S.IS '.**
♦A Special Bread Mall Order tire b aud* ky mom nknewa manufacturer and told trader a name that -«
■Ol U_ M lh« vdSk, awDr »mm* fc* taMs t* iiwltae Rm wbr U. d<M *
»•«**« ammrmmtmm lfa.Mwrf.rt.nl Er Firm..■>»» Ike ano “FIRESTONE” ud <w
riea flair ■■limited P»T|1(II —I 7—aredowhfr prlmtad, w
Copelin Motor Co.
Bismarck, North Dakota
C —» fc-CiWHTi T«ro for Twrirtf the EXTRA VALVES
of the horsepower of the ordinary au
tomobile is used in overcoming the
resistance to the wind set up by flat
surfaces. At 75 miles an hour 85 per
cent of the horsepower is used in this
_ win** o»«m farffiJa!
ROW Robber
yolnme Hfcn.in. Sfb cu. in.
MORE Weight sbMlba. SSdflbs.
MORE Width 4.7fi0. 4.7 am.
MORE Thick
ness of lire tff• in. .SSSin.
VOW Plies at
Tread b plies Splice
SAME PRICEi sf4t SS.bg
The present design has been adopt
ed to eliminate this waste, and it is
believed the car will be a good deal
faster by reason of the design of the
body, without any need for increasing
engine power.

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