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Affiliation of Local Radio Sta
tion With National Chain
Pleasure that radio station KFYR
has become a member of the National
Broadcasting company’s nationwide
network was expressed by a number
of Bismarck’s citizens interviewed by
The Tribune.
Some of the comments on the latest
step in local radio development fol
“The KFYR affiliation with the Na
tional Broadcasting’ company’s trans
continental network means another
forward step in the progress of the
city of Bismarck. The Meyer Broad
casting company is to be congratulat
ed for their progressiveness and
splendid programs. In the future
their programs will be even more ex
tensive and Interesting.” A. P. Len
hart, mayor.
“Any benefits accruing to KFYR
must accrue to Bismarck as well. A
radio station is always associated
with the city of its source in the
minds of a radio audience and the
assignment of KFYR to a national
hook-up will result in much favorable
publicity to this community.” Robert
Webb, merchant.
“Radio is a potent factor in the ad
vertising and education of today. The
Dakota National Bank and Trust
company joins with the many friends
of station KFYR in congratulations
upon the extension of their excellent
service by the hookup with the Na
tional Broadcasting company.” J. E.
Davis, president, Dakota National
Bank and Trust company.
“KFYR is one of Bismarck’s best
assets. As a medium of publicity and
entertainment, the station reaches
out in every direction far beyond the
city’s trade territory, bringing en
tertainment and information to hun
dreds of thousands of people.
“The National hook-up which has
just been assigned to the Meyer
Broadcasting company is in recogni
tion of the merit of the station and
an expression of confidence in the
company and will prove to be of the
greatest value to Bismarck and the
entire state.
“The Bismarck Association of Com
merce extends its congratulations to
Mr. Meyer and assures him that the
people of the city appreciate his en
terprise and courage.” H. P. God
dard, secretary of the Bismarck As
sociation of Commerce.
“The action taken by the National
Broadcasting company in adding the
Bismarck station to its roster must
be construed as distinct advantage to
Bismarck and the territory that it
serves.” J. P. PYench, hardware mer
chant and city commissioner.
“A civic improvement that has
been equaled but few times in the his
tory of this city. It* will insure re
ception of the best in radio programs,
whatever the weather, whatever the
season, whatever atmospheric condi
tions may prevail.” Jack Fleck, au
tomobile dealer.
“The nationalization of station
KFYR comes as the realization of the
dreams of many local radio fans. The
people of Bismarck and the people in
the territory reached by the local
station are indeed fortunate that the
efforts of station officials to join the
chain have come to a successful cul
mination.” Abe Tolchinsky, mer
“It is fie greatest single factor in
putting Bismarck on the map since
the establishment of the capitol here
43 years ago. It is of almost inestim
able value to the Community.” E. 8.
Allen, police magistrate.
“Radio is one of the greatest
sources not only of entertainment but
of education as well. It is the means
by which the finest talent the coun
try can produce can be brought into
the parlor of every home. The affil
iation of station KFYR with the Na
tional network must be regarded as a
forward step in the radio history of
the state. Scott Cameron, attomey
“The action of the National Broad
casting company in enrolling the Bis
marck station among its radio sta
tions will greatly facilitate the dis
semination of a service which has
come to be regarded as indispensable
We Wish to
On their N. B. C. affiliation.
This station is a great asset
to the entire community.
. ' \
Bismarck, N. Dak.
to the average American.” T. P. Al
len, Agent, N. P. Railroad.
“Aside from the entertainment it
affords, the radio station has become
a potent factor in the apprehension
of criminals. Station officials have
always shown a disposition to cooper- ;
ate to the fullest extent with the :
sheriffs office. I congratulate them.”
J. L. Kelley, sheriff.
“From the standpoint of enter- I
tainment and from the standpoint of
advertising the community, the an
nexation of the local station by a na
tional radio chain should prove an
unmitigated blessing to Bismarck.”
Verne Dresbach, proprietor. Grand
Pacific Billiard Parlor.
“Provides a metropolitan radio sta
tion fpr a city that is rapidly becom
ing a metropolis. Will focus the at
tention of surrounding communities
on Bismarck and should prove a
boon to the districts to the south and
west of us.” John Peterson, proprie
tor, Grand Pacific Hotel.
. “An asset to any city. Will bring
good radio programs to communities
so situated that they are unable to
get adequate reception of national
programs during the summer months
when it is difficult to bring in sta
tions located at any distance.” Fred
Hessenger, plumber.
“I regard the action of the National
Broadcasting company in Including
station KFYR among its member sta
tions not only as a tribute to the sta
tion but to Bismarck as well. Burt
Finney, merchant.
“Officials of the Meyer Broadcast
ing company, and particularly P. J.
Meyer, president, are to be congra
tulated for bringing a radio service
to the community which should place
it on a par with any city in the coun
try as regards radio. It was only
by dint of great effort and a very
considerable monetary outlay that
this service was obtained.” F. E.
Shepard, vice president and cashier,
First National Bank.
“I am more than pleased that radio
enthusiasts of Bismarck and the vi
cinity will be able to enjoy the splen
did programs offered by the National
Broadcasting company without danger
of trouble or interruption.” Mrs. W.
H. Bodenstab.
“I am convinced that this latest
step in the radio development of
North Dakota will prove of great ben
efit not only to the city of Bismarck
but to the state as a whole.” Vener
able M. Boniface, sister Superior in
charge of the St. Alexius hospital.
“The action of the National Broad
casting company in adding station
KFYR to its organization will en
hance the value of one of Bismarck’s
most valuable assets.” F. L. Conklin,
secretary of the Provident Insurance
“The admission of KFYR into the
great family of the National Broad
casting company’s stations is an
event of moment in the history of the
northwest. It is a recognition, not
only of the merits of this station, but
of the importance of the territory
which it so efficiently serves. The
people of North Dakota, and espe
cially those of Bismarck and vicinity,
rejoice in the good news and congrat
ulate the Meyer Broadcasting com
pany upon the well earned recogni
tion that has been accorded KFYR.
They also congratulate the National
Broadcasting company upon the re
cent addition to its system. It will
add greatly to the popularity that is
now enjoyed by the National Broad
casting company’s programs through
out the large section of the north
west where the voice of KFYR can be
heard when all other voices of the air
are mute.”
Chief justice, state supreme court.
Woman Jumps from
Window of Hospital
Mrs. George Orbansky, 28, Bel
field woman, sustained lacerations on
the legs.when she hurled herself
through two panes of glass of a first
story window in a local hospital late
Thursday afternoon. Attendants
said she apparently suffered from a
temporary mental condition.
The woman was recovering from a
major operation performed recently
and was apparently perfectly rational
when she suddenly leaped from her
bed and hurled herself through the
window before attendants could re
strain her.
She was not seriously injured in the
fall of approximately eight feet, her
injuries being limited to severe cuts
inflicted by the splintered glass.
She was reported to be resting
easily Friday.
Radio Expert ‘Riding the Waves’
" - —mi ■, in. ,a.— - .1
When radio folk talk of riding the waves they rarely are referring to
acquatic sports at winter resorts which give the tourist such a thrill. Most
likely they are talking about a job, for one of the most important men in
operating a radio station is he who “rides herd” on the radio waves which
the station broadcasts.
Equipped with headphones, he sits in a room by himself and listens to
the program. Buttons, switches and gadgets on a panel before him
enable him to increase or decrease the volume and perform a lot of duties
which are necessary if the listener, perhaps thousands of miles away, is to
be pleased with the program.
Above we see Ernest J. Grewer, “wave rider” for KFYR, seated at the
control board in the Bismarck studio.
Actual Work on Hoover Dam, Which
Will Tame Colorado River, Is Begun
Las Vegas, Nevada, March 13.
(AP) —The taming of the mighty
Colorado river got under way
Thursday. Actual work started
on Hoover dam, a monumental
engineering effort, fittingly
p&ced in a wild section that has
been a land of romance since the
16th century.
The turbulent stream which
draws its volume from seven
states has been the object of
study by government engineers
more than 40 years.
Out of 40 years of study and 10
years of fighting came the Swing-
Johnson bill, providing for an ex
Publisher Irving
Putnam Succumbs
New York, March 13.—(AP) —Irving
Putnam, president of the publishing
house of G. P. Putnam’s Sons, found
ed by his father, died Thursday at
the medical center.
How to Relieve
Colds Quickly!
The minute a sneeze or a sniffle warns
you of a coming cold, put Mistoi up
your nose with the handy Mistoi
dropper; also gargle with it. Quickly
you can feel it soothe the irritated
membranes nose and throat. It is
pleasant, easy, and the approved scien
tific way used by doctors! Checks
colds quickly! Get a bottle today!
ate. u.a . mt. ear.
We take this opportunity to
4 « *
On their progress and success in affiliating with the Na
tional Broadcasting System. It's another marked dis
tinction for
, * I
Bismarck Grocery Company
Patterson Seal - Minneopa - Cap-Kota « Princess Patt
Food Products
• v • j
,'. • f '
pendlture of $165,000,000 for the
great dam project, but even as
the “hard rock” crews went on
the job Thursday the fight still
was on in Washington.
Arizona, dissatisfied with pro
visions of the Swlng-Johnson bill,
filed suit in the United States su
preme court to prevent its con
summation on the ground that it
discriminated against the state.
Waving aside Arizona’s opposi
tion, the six remaining states of
the Colorado river basin entered
a compact under which the de
velopment now proceeds. The su
preme court case still is pending.
He was 79 and the fifth member of
his family to die within a year.
Mr. Putnam was an uncle of George
Palmer Putnam, who married Miss
Amelia Earhart last month.
It's a Pleasure to Congratulate
On their success and affiliation
with the
National Broadcasting System
of which all Bismarck can justly
be proud.
Provident Life Insurance Co.
Fire Chief Admonishes Those
Who Turn in Alarms to Give
Correct Street Address
A fire, thought to have been caused
by defective wiring, caused damage
estimated at S7OO at the Huber resi
dence, 414 Second St., Thursday night.
The fire was discovered by a neigh
bor who had come to make a cill and
who turned In the alarm after arous
ing a lodger who was the only occu
pant of the house at the time.
The flames had made considerable
headway by the time the fire depart
ment arrived and it was over two
hours before the flames "finally were
Considerable delay was caused by
the fact that the wrong street address
was given at the time the fire was
reported and that the fire depart
ment had considerable difficulty In
locating the fire, according to Harry
Thompson, chief.
In commenting on the manner In
which fire alarms are turned in.
Thompson said Friday that losses
amounting to thousands of dollars
annually are caused by the failure
of persons to give accurate informa
tion when reporting fires. He said
that if residents would realize the ne
cessity of keeping a cool head after
discovering a fire, and of cooperating
with the fire department by giving
them the correct street address, much
unnecessary fire loss would be elim
» !
Size Counts Little |
In Tumbling Class
*» — ■ »
Size doesn’t always county. At
least that what members of the
Bismarck high school tumbling
class think.
Seven of the class were too
small to gain a place on the De
mon basketball squad. They were
interested In athletics and so they
turned to tumbling.
Under the leadership of W. G.
Fulton, scout executive in the
Missouri Slope area, they have
in two months progressed far
enough to include barrel rolls,
flips, back flips, pyramids, table
work and spring board tumbling
in their repertoire.
In their first public appearance
this year the squad earned their
way to the independent district
basketball tournament finals by
tumbling between halves of the
Phantom-Washburn game.
Members of the team axe Jack
Andrews, Don Byers. Edwood
Knudson, Chester Perry, Ben
Cave, Anthony Walters and Nick
Burleigh Co. Woman
Mrs. Francis, 41, of the Glencoe,
Moffit vicinity died In Bismarck
Thursday night, a victim of pneu
Funeral services will be conducted
Sunday afternoon at the Glencoe
church. Rev. F. E. Logee of the
First Presbyterian church of Bis
marck will officiate.
Sheriff I
Probes Obliging |
Fargo, N. D.. March U.—VP>—
Sheriff Ahton Benson, Lahgdon,
Cavalier county, is obliging. So
is B. J. Bandars, present address
The sheriff had a “nap” Thurs
day in a local hotel room while he
permitted Sanders, his prisoner,
to write a letter. Not having a
stamp and loath to wake his cus
todian, Sanders left, telling the
hotel clerk he was going to the
Sanders, however, didn’t say
which postoffice, as Sheriff Ben
son learned several hours later.
Sanders was being returned to
Langdon .from Ludington, Mich.,
to face a worthless check charge.
Western Boy
Amazes Mother
"J. C., Jr.'s stomach was often upset
and he had very little appetite,” says
Mrs. J. C. Bradley, Mesquite, Dallas
County, Texas. “He was feverish and
his breath was bad. I found he was
constipated. _ _ „
“My mother always used Cali
fornia Fig Syrup, so I decided to give
my boy some. It surely surprised me
to see how quickly it stopped his
feverishness, cleared his breath and
tongue, regulated his bowels; made
him a strong and energetic boy
The quick, safe way to cleanse and
regulate the bowels of bilious, head
achy, constipated children is with
California Fig Syrup. Give it at the
first sign of bad breath, _ coated
tongue, listlessness or feverishness.
Every child loves its rich, fruity
flavor and it nets without griping br
discomfort Appetite is increased by
its use: digestion is assisted; weak
stomach and bowels are given tone
and strength. .
For fifty yean,"'doctors have en
dorsed this pure vegetable product
The genuine is always marked by the
word California. Look for that when
buying or you may get an imitation.
M-P Tire Service
218 Fourth Phone 427
Monson * Free, Frays.
We Extend Our
On tKeir success and affiliation witK tKs
National Broadcasting System,
Another Asset to a
Greater Bismarck
‘ - .• N '
••' •
V '
* •
Suffer Minor Hurts
As Auto Hits Ditch
Joe Klesalek, M&nd&n, and his
eight-year-old daughter, Mildred,
were injured in an automobile acci
dent on the Mandan Bismarck high
way about 5 p. m., Thursday.
Klesalek suffered lacerations over
hid right eye and the girl had similar
injuries over the left eye. They were
brought to a local hospital by passing
motorists but were discharged after
first-aid treatment.
Klesalek told hospital attaches that
a car cut in ahead of him, forcing
his own machine off the road.
Have demonstrated their faith in
As the capital city by joining the
n. b. c.
We Commend Their Achievement
Postoffice Bergeson’S
We congratulate KFYR upon
becoming a member of the N.
B. C. This will bring the finest
entertainment in the country
into the homes of the North
west at all times of the year.
Bismarck will receive great
benefits from this nation
wide advertising medium.
North Dakota Power &
Light Company
Will Demonstrate
Queer Device Here
Visitors to the Bismarck Automo
bile show will have an opportunity to
see in operation one of the most cur
ious devices recently offered to the
motoring public, according to the
Bismarck Tire and Electric service
which will have a booth at the ex
The devise is the “Auto Guardsman
Thief Alarm,” and is Intended to
sound a warning when fcny person
not authorised to do so attempts to
tamper with the car. It will be dem
onstrated by the company in Its

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