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Revenue and Expenditures Occupied Major Share of Last Session
324 Bills and 10 Resolutions !
Sent to Governor From I j
Legislature | •
i j
Education Measures Number ]
23, Judiciary 32, and 1
Insurance 16 *
Questions relating to the collection 1
and spending of state revenue occu- .
pied the major share of the time of
members of the state legislrture,
analysis of the bills passed discloses. J
Of the 324 bills and 10 resoultions *
enacted, 72 pertained to apmoprla- ,
tions and 35 to taxes and tax laws. (
The number of bills in other classi
fications follows: Agriculture nine, 1
banks and banking 12, cities and vil- (
lages 16, counties and townships *
seven, schools and education 23, elec- j
tions eight, game and fish three, ,
highways and bridges 15, insurance
16, judiciary 32, public health three, 1
public land six. public utilities two '
and miscellaneous 59. Seven house
resolutions and three senate resolu
tions were approved
A complete list of the. new enact
ments by The Associated Press, is
given below.
H. B. 142 —Anderson of Sargent: i
Provides manner of security for seed
furnished or funds loaned by public
agencies from purchase of seed. i
H. B. 185 —Johnson of Traill and
Northridge of Barnes: Repeals pro- ;
vision of farm storage act requiring |
insurance on grains stored under act
and makes other minor amendments. ]
H. B. 215—Steedsman of Grand
Forks and Aljets of Wells: Extends j
time for applying thrasher’s lien
from 20 to 30 days. ]
H. B. 286-r-Delayed bills committee: <
Regulates sale of dairy products by i
state institutions and prohibits use of
oleomargarine at such institutions. ]
H. B. 302 Northridge of Barnes j
and Correll of Cass: Prohibits pack- i
ing plants from purchasing livestock
by weight until after such livestock
has been graded and sorted in yard.
H. B. 304 Correll of Cass and
Northridge of Barnes: Requires all (
weighing of livestock at packing
plants to be done by licensed weigh
S. B. 70—Brunsdale of - Traill and
Brostuen of McKenzie: Establishes
state seed department, including $60,-
000 appropriation. A ,
S. B. 192—Committee on livestock:
Provides for tuberculin testing of cat
tle in counties lying adjacent on two
sides to counties wherein cattle have
been tuberculin tested and such coun
ties have been established as modified
accredited tuberculosis-free areas.
S. B. 193—Committee on livestock:
Repeals law requiring that letter "T”
be punched in ear of cattle reacting
to tuberculin test.
H. B. 8 Appropriates $5,000 for
expenses of delegates to national po
litical conventions.
H. B. 9—Appropriates SSOO for bur
ial expenses of inmates of state pen
itentiary and state traning school.
H. B. 10—Appropriates SIOO for
erecting headstones over graves of
soldiers, sailors and marines in Unit
ed States war of rebellion.
H. B. 11—Appropriates S3OO to com-
Eensate commissioners at insanity
earings. ,
H. B. 12—Appropriates SSOO to pay
expenses of presidential electors.
H. B. 14 —Appropriates $2,000 for
glanders and dourinc indemnity fund.
H. B. 15—Appropriates $2,500 to pay
premiums on bonds of state officials
H. B. 16—Appropriates $5,000 for
department of minimum wage.
H. B. 17 Appropriates $2,000 for
North Dakota Firemen's association.
H. B. 18—Appropriates $847 for
state board of veterinary medical ex
aminers. „ „„„ ,
H. B. 19—Appropriates $3,000 for
inspection and eradication of bees
H. B. 24—Appropriates SIOO,OOO for
state aid to volunteer fire depart
H. B. 25—Appropriates $70,000 for
State National Guard.
H. B. 26— Appropriates $60,000 for
bovine tuberculosis indemnity fund.
H. B. 27—Appropriates $34,100 for
livestock sanitary board.
H. B. 28—Appropriates $29,900 for
Btatc transportation officer,
H. B. 29— Appropriates $2,000 for
State corn show at Bismarck.
H. B. 30—Appropriates $2,500 for
preservation and control of artesian
.waters in state.
H. B. 37—Appropriates $30,050 for
(vocational education and rehabilita
H. B. 38—Appropriates $12,340 for
State board of administration.
H. B. 39—Appropriates $215,960 for
State penitentiary. ,
H. B. 40—Appropriates $23,450 for
State historical society,
H. B, 41—Appropriates $28,065 for
commissioner of immigration.
H. B. 42—Appropriates $10,200 for
department of coal mine inspection.
H. B. 43—Appropriates $24,000 for
State board of auditors. „ ,
H. B. 48—Appropriates $13,000 for
salary and expenses of veterans’ serv
ice commissioner- _ „ ,
H. B. 49—Appropriates $104,906 for
state normal and Industrial school at
H. B. 50 —Appropriates $116,830 for
school of science at Wahpeton.
H. B. 51—Appropriates $230,225 for
tuberculosis sanitarium at San Haven.
H. B. 52—Appropriates $93,245 for
state school of forestry at Bottineau.
H. B. 53—Appropriates $25,425 for
school for blind at Bathgate.
H. B. 54—Appropriates $28,500 for
office of state - grain storage commis
H. B. 55—Appropriates $360,195 for
Minot Teachers college.
H. B. 56—Appropriates $164,498 for
Dickinson Normal school.
H. B. 57—Appropriates $333,066 for
Valley City Teachers’ college.
H. B. 58 — Appropriates $208,040 for
May ville Teachers* college. „
H. B. 59—Appropriates $60,000 for
state contingency fund.
H. B. 60—Appropriates $149,107 for
maintenance of capitol grounds.
*BL r K n 6l-ifel»riates $139,990 for
and fish department.
*hTB. 62—Appropriates $126,576 for
nufffrw vehicle registration bureau.
It B! 65— Baaeflug of Stark: Ap
propriates 19,400 for buying section
of land to tease to federal government
for use in connection with experiment
station at Dickinson. ... __ .
H. B. 146—Struts of Stutsman: Ap
propriates $396 to pay A. M. Forrest
| for damages sustained in collision
1 with state snow plow..
H. B. 251—Rulon of Stutsman: Ap
propriates S3OO for board of examin
ers in performance of duties relating
to sterilization of feeble-minded, etc.
H. B. 278 Acheson of Bottineau
and Halvorson of Ward: Appropri
ates $7,000 for conserving water lev
els and rehabilitating streams in
Turtle Mountain region.
H. B. 311 Twichell of Cass and
Swett of Kidder: Appropriates $2,172
for pictures of former legislative as
semblies to replace those destroyed In
capitol fire.
S. B. 13—Appropriates $331,100 for
school for feeble-minded at Grafton.
S. B. 14 —Appropriates $2,000 for
care of feeble - minded In state at
S. B. 15—Appropriates $21,000 for
hospital for insane at Jamestown,
S. B. 16— Appropriates $85,000 for
care of insane in state at large.
S. B. 17—Appropriates $50,000 for
wolf, coyote and magpie bounty fund.
S. B. 18—Appropriates $2,000 for
boys’ and girls’ club work at state
S. B. 19—Appropriates $61,200 for
department of public health.
5. B. 20 —Appropriates $4,000 for
refunding money erroneously paid in
to or credited to general fund.
S. B. 21—Appropriates $157,500 for
school for the deaf at Devils. Lake.
S. B. 33—Fowler of Cass: Appro
priates $113,035.75 for payment of
deficit in general maintenance fund
of Agricultural college.
S. B. 44—Appropriates SIO,OOO for
North Dakota Children's Home so
ciety at Fargo.
S. B. 45—Appropriates SIO,OOO for
Florence Crlttenton Home at Fargo.
S. B. 46—Appropriates $312,140 for
state training school at Mandan.
S. B. 47—Appropriates $102,773.64
for extension division work of State
Agricultural college.
S. B. 48—Appropriates $275,360 for
experiment stations of Agricultural
S. B. 49—Appropriates $1,170,897.60
for state university at Grand Forks.
S. B. 50 Aporopriates $846,760.30
for Agricultural college at Fargo.
S. B. 52 Appropriates $2,126,645
for general budget including most of
state departments.
S. B. 84—Appropriates $35,000 for
maintenance and repair of temporary
quarters for legislative assembly and
various state departments.
S. B. 85—Appropriates SIO,OOO for
St. John's Orpnange at Fargo.
S. B. 86—Appropriates SIO,OOO for
North Dakota House of Mercy at Far
S. B. 128—Appropriates $15,000 for
paying deficit In general maintenance
fund of tuberculosis sanitarium at
San Haven.
S. B. 155—Appropriates $2,321.61 to
pay deficit in premiums for insurance
on state capitol due to state fire and
tornado fund.
S. B. 247—Appropriates $12,000 to
pay judgment awarded Knutc Bakkcn
as result of Injury received at Drake
H. B. 129—Holte of Cass and Sweet
of Kidder: Raises limit of state farm
loan bonds from $30,000,000 to $35,-
H. B. 149—Swett of Kidder: Em
powers state treasurer to deposit state
fire and tornado fund in approved
state depositories at usual rate of
interest paid on other funds subject
to check, and if amounts are over
$50,000 they shall be deposited upon
time certificates.
H. B. 205—Aljets of Wells and Ru- I
lon of Stutsman: Provides for dls- '•
trlbution of unclaimed dividends and
for disposition of receiver’s certif
icates held by the Depositors’ Guar
anty fund.
S. B. 73—Recodifies state building
and loan associations laws.
S. B. 82—Recodifies state banking
S. B. 87—Revises law on consolida
tion, merger or other transfer of busi
ness of banks and trust companies, as
recommended by banking code com
S. B. 98—Changes h-w regulating
taxing ot renewal notes ana «xnecu
bility, as recommended by banking
code commission.
S. B. Ill—Revises laws relating to
annuity, safe deposit, surety and trust
companies, as recommended by bank
ing code commission. i
si. B. 123—Requires depositories of
public funds in state to pay substan
tially the same rate of interest as
such banks pay to Individual depos
itors, as recommended by banking
code commission.
S. B. 132—Relates to taxation of
stocks of banks and trust companies,
providing that in aetcrmmlng vne next
amount of such corporation’s invest
ment in rea restate. no real estate wmch :
has been charged off, nor any real
estate not carried on books of such
corporation as an asset, snail oe de
S. B. 151—Makes slander and j
libel of any annuity, safe deposit, j
surety or trust company, a felony. |
S. B. 236—Sets interest for any
legal indebtedness at six per cent un
less different rate not exceeding nine j
per cent per year is contracted in i
writing. !
Cities and Villages
H. B. 173—Wilson of Slope: Au- |
thorizes municipalities to issue bonds :
for funding outstanding indebtedness
incurred prior to January 1. 1931, in I
certain cases. Emergency clause.
H. B. 196—Olson of Burleigh, by
request: Provides for construction of
boulevards or other public grounds
within any city and for maintenance
of such property.
H. B. 235—Ffcnning of Morton:
Authorizes cities and villages to pur
chase fire equipment upon install
ment plan.
H. B. 236—Pfenning of Morton:
Authorizes municipal firo depart
ments to attend fires outside of cor
porate limits and provides perform
ance shall be in line of public duty.
H. B. 237—Kneeland of Stutsman:
Repeals law' enacted in 1927 relating
to tax levies for general expenses of
H. B. 262—Halvorson of Ward:
Permits cities and villages tt> Con
tribute towards construction of fed- |
eral aid highways passing through
H. B. 274—0150 n of Burleigh, by re
quest: Provides that city justice of
the peace and,police magistrate term
of office shall be four years In cities
vnth commission form of government.
H. B. 287—Jardine of Cass and
Northridge of Barnes: Provides for
penalty of violation of powers granted
a park commission.
S. B. 202—Fowler of Cass: Pro
vides that municipalities may issue
bonds for purchase of sites for dis
posal of sewage, and other refuse;
also airports.
Corporations and Cooperative
H. B. 229—Crockett of Cavalier:
Amends present law to remove limi
tation of creation of debts by certain
cooperative associations.
H. B. 133—Plath of Cass: Permits,
by majority vote of stockholders,
amendment to by-laws of cooperative
H. B. 164—Struts of Stutsman: Per
mits stockholders of cooperative mar
keting associations to vote at meet
ings by mall.
S. b. 55 -Whitman of Grand Forks:
Outlines what shall be'contained In
annual reports and audits of cooper
, ative marketink associations.
8. B. 110—Plath of Cass: Permits
majority of meeting to invest co
■ operative association reserve, not to
i exceed 25 per cent, In capital stock
ot any other cooperative amoctatkm.
S. B. 153—Matthael of Wells: Pro
vides for consolidation of domestic
corporations lr.to one corporation
under charter of their existing cor
poration; with exception oi canning
S. B. 226—Fine of Benson: Raises
fees for filing articles ot incorpor
Counties and Townships
H. B. 7C—Wilson of Slope: Pro- !
vides that board of county commis
sioners, after revocation of permit to
herd stock in a district, shall not
within one year declare it lawful to
run stock at large within that district.
H. B. 107—WUson of Slope and
Lamb of Bowman: Authorizes county
commissioners to permit and super
vise erection of cattle guards at rail
road crossings.
H. B. 223—Thompson of Burleigh,
by request: Authorizes counties,
cities, towns, villages and townships
to acquire, operate and maintain air
H. B. 294 —Correll of Cass: Em
powers civil townships to Jointly own
and operate fiijc fighting equipment. 1
3. B. 12—Jones of Dunn: Makes it 1
mandatory for township board to call
election where one-third of voters in
township ask for dissolution of town
S. B. 207—Fowler of Cass: Changes
amount of bonds to be furnished by
certain county officials, and sets spe
cific amount of bond now fixed by
county commissioners.
S. B. 248 —Delayed Bills committee:
Provides that county commisioncrs in
counties of more than 8.000 popula
tion be paid $6 per day and in
counties unacr 8.1 au population, *;>
per day.
Education and Schools
H. B. 74—Traynor of Ramsey and
McManus of Rolette: Raises high
school tuition fee from $54 to $72 an
H. B. 95—Kneeland of Stutsman:
Required teachers In public schools to
take oath of allegiance to constitu
tion and flag.
H. B. 113—Lofthus of Nelson:
Raises limit on construction cost of
schools organized by petition iro>n
$1,200 to $2,500.
H. B. 116—Butt of Mountrail: De
fines term “consolidated school’’ to
mean all schools consolidated by elec
tion, whtch employ not less than two
teachers and serve not less than 18
contiguous sections, without regard to
manner of their formation.
H. B. 117—Martin of Bottineau, by
request: Provides for publication of
1,000 copies of superintendent of pub
lic instruction's report biennially in
December preceding legislative ses
H. B. 118—Lunde of Ramsey, by
request: Provides and fixes bonding
of all school district treasurers and
city treasurers acting as custodians of
school district iuna;>.
H. B. 121—Aljets of Wells: Defines
high schools and schools doing high
senool work.
H. B. 123—Wilson of Slope, by re
quest: Provides lor return of terri
tory previously taken from common
school district when desired by iwo
thirds of electors in common school
H. B. 126—Holte of Dickey, by re
quest: Elimniates teachers institute
fund and creates county superintend
ents’ contingent fund to pay expenses
to district teachers meetings, play
d&ys» etc*
H. B. 127—Kadcll of La Moure, by j
request: Raises qualifications for
teaching positions.
H. B. 128—Bishop of Stark, by re
quest: Provides for manner at let*-,
ting contracts other than building or
letting contract other than building
contracts in all classes of school dis
tricts. ' v
•H. B. 135—Correll of Gass, by re*
quest: Permits establishment of free
kindergartens upon a majority vote
at election called by petition of one
fifth of electors in district.
H. B. 137—Herman of Mercer:
Specifies manner of election for
changing site or removal of school
H. B. 247—Martin of Bottineau:
Requires depositories to furnish on
July 1 of each year to school district
clerks and county superintendents
statement showing amount of de
posits credited to such school.
H. B. 291—Delayed Bills committee:
Provides for use of school houses for
i other than educational purposes.
S. B. 105—Brunsdale of Traill: Pro
vides for commission to ascertain
condition of teachers’ insurance and
retirement fund, appropriating $5,000.
S. B. 112—Fine of Benson: Pro
vides for school 'year of at least eight
months and for discontinuance of a
school where attendance is less than
four pupils for 10 consecutive days, as
recommended by school code commis
S. B. 117—Brunsdale of Traill: Re
quires school board to pay transpor
tation fees by July 1 following school
i year during which fees were incurred.
S. B. 118—Ettestad of McHenry:
i Provides for educational facilities for
j children not residing in territory not
organized as school district.
S. B. 119—Marshall of Dickey:
! Provides for letting of contracts to
| furnish vehicular transportation to
school districts to lowest bidders,
i S. B. 121—Putnam of Foster: Pro
-Ihi bits school districts from levying
| tax for school building fund if there
I is outstanding indebtedness.
S. B. 129 —Burkhart of Ward: Re-
I quires school census to be taken each
odd-numbered year, instead of every
year, and also will include crippled
S. B. 209—Sperry of Burleigh: Au
thorizes establishment and mainten
ance in certain high schools of de
partment of junior college.
Elections and Election
H. B. 98—Lynch of Richland: Re
peals !aw requiring registration of
H. B. 156—Halvorson of Ward:
Permits voters physically unable to
1 attend polls to vote absent voters bal
H. B. 193—Halvorson of Ward apd.
Hamilton of Towner: Permits use of
guide cards at elections.
S. B. 92—Brunsdale of Traill: Re
| quires candidates for county offices
and the legislature to file petitions
| containing not less than five per cent
of vote cast at last general election.
8. B. 93—Provides for filling vacan
cies of elective county officers, super
intendent of schools and county com
missioners on no-part” ballot.
S. B. 114—Atkins of Towner: Pro
i hibits persons who are candidates for
office to act as election officer at an
nual election of directors of school
S. B. 144—Ployhar of Barnes and
Cain of Stark: A concurrent resolu
tion for a constitutional amendment
which would require 40,000 signatures
on petitions to initiate amendments
to the state constitution.
8. B. 145—Murphy of Walsh. Ploy
har of Barnes and Cain of Stark: A
concurrent resolution for a constitu
tional amendment to require 25,000
signatures to refer a measure; 30,000
signatures to initiate a measure and
35,000 signatures to refer an emer
gency measure.
Game and Fish
H. B. 22—Game and Fish commit
tee: Consents to acquisition by fed
eral government, of land and water
area within North Dakota for migra
| tory bird reservations as authorized
by congress.
8. B. 28—Game and Fish commit
tee: Permits game and fish commis
-1 sloner to issue license to remove beav
' er where animals cause property
: { sß—Game and Fish cqmmit
• [te4: Recodifies state game laws.
Highways and Bridges |
H. JU. 84—Bonnsack of Traill: Ap
propriates (35,000 lor construction of
a bridge across the Red river between
tastern terminus of state highway No.
7 in Traill county and Minnesota
highway No. 6 in Norman county,
H. B. 45—Bishop of Stark and Wil
son of Slope: appropriates $25,000
toward construction of a bridge
across the Little Missouri river ui
Slope county to connect highways
No. 21 and 16.
H. B. 66—Isaak of Dunn: Appro
priates $177,000 toward construction
of “Big Bend’’ bridge over Missouri
river near Garrison.
H. B. 217—Johnston of Walsh:
Transfers $200,000 from bridge fund
to state highway fund.
H. B. 226—Ruion of Stutsman: Ex
tends state highway system maximum
length from 7,500 miles to 7,600 miles.
H. B. 300—Brunsdale of Traill:
Provides in cases where low bids for
bridge and highway work are approx
imately the same, preference shall be
given to contractor who is a resident
of the state.
S. B. 7—Murphy of Walsh: Re
enacts 1929 appropriation of $35,000
lor construction ot a Red river bridge
between Walsh county, N. D., and
Marshall county, Minn.
S. B. 32—Cain of Stark: Appropri
ates SIO,OOO toward construction of a
bridge across the Missouri river at
or near Elbowoods.
S. B. 59—Bonzer of Richland—
Amends act providing for* supervision
and regulation of automobile trans
portation companies.
S. B.'Bo—Bonzer of Richland: Lim
its gross weight of motor vehicles on
state highways to maximum of 20,-
000 pounds.
S. B. 100—Lynch of La Moure: In
creases gasoline tax from three to
lour cents per gallon.
S. B. 101—Miller of Mclntosh: Ap
propriates $3,000 for sounding for
proposed Missouri river bridge near
Fort Yates.
S. B. 157—Bonzer of Richland: Re
organizes state highway department,
removing governor and authorizing
him to appoint a chief commissioner
and two part-time commissioners.
S. B. 242—Delayed bills commit
tee: Authorizes board of supervisors
cf township owning and operating
road construction machinery to enter
into contract with board of county
commissioners for building township
roads by county. '
S. B. of McHenry: Re
quires township to install crossings to
afford aocess to premises of owner
of land where township constructs
ditches or drains in connection with
road work.
H. B. 101—Erickson of Kidder and
Rulon of Stutsman: Permits entry to
membership in fraternal benefit so
cieties without medical examination.
H. B. 102—Erickson and Rulon:
Permits member’s estate to be named
beneficiary in fraternal insurance
H. B. 103—Erickson and Rulon: Al
lows fraternal insurance societies to
issue a policy covering entire family.
H. B. 104—Erickson and Rulon:
Permits fraternal insurance societies
tc issue endowment policies.
H. B. 150—Muus of Ward and Swett
of Kidder: Provides for refund of
premiums when state fire and torna
do fund exceeds $2,000,000.
H. B. 153—Muus of Ward and
Swett of Kidder: Amends law gov
erning insurance of public buildings.
H. B. 188—Jardine of Cass: Amends
compensation act to include injury
or death of police officer acting in
•line of duty outside of the state.
H. B. 200—Flannigan of Stutsman:
Permits policy holder to be engaged
in more than one hazardous occupa
' H. B. 207—Cox of Burleigh, by re
quest: Eliminates secretary of agri
culture and insurance commission
er as members of the workmen's com
pensation bureau.
H. B. 208—Cox of Burleigh, by re
quest: Sets up manner of payment
of premiums to workmen's compen
sation bureau.
H. B. 209—Cox of Burleigh by re
quest: Limits compensation bureau
field to not less than three nor more
than four groups.
H. B. 210 —Cox of Burleigh, by re
quest: Provides for appeal by employ
er or employe from decision of com
pensation bureau.
8. B. 31—Magnuson of Bottineau: 1
Requires domestic mutual insurance
companies other than life insurance
to notify mortgagees of a policy when
contingent mutual liabilities have not
been paid.
S. B. 57—Magnuson of Bottineau
and Lynch of La Moure: Authorizes
county or district mutual insurance
companies to reinsure risks.
S. B. 154—Fine of Benson: Re
quires surplus of $45,000 as condition
to admission of foreign mutual com
panies to do business In state.
S. B. 156—Sperry of Burleigh: Re
quires firms writing burial insur
ance- to comply with laws governing
legal reserve life Insurance compan
ies. requiring payment of policies or
certificates in money.
H. B. 7—Fitch of Cass: Validates
any sale of real estate property con
summated more than three years prior
to January 1,1931 by any board of
county commissioners, except in such
cases where action has been brought
prior to July 1, 1931.
H. B. 68—Fitch of Cass: Provides
for appointment of guardians for in
competent war veterans, and minor
children of disabled or deceased war
veterans and committment of veter
ans. •
H. B. 85—Peters of Pierce: Re
lieves automobile, owner from respon
sibility in case of accidental death or
injury to passengers, except when ac
cident results because of intoxication,
wilful misconduct or gross negligence
cn part of owner, driver, or persons
responsible for operation of vehicle.
H. B. 97—Martin of Bottineau:
Permits administrators of estates to
apply, with approval of probate judge,
for extension of mortgage.
,H. B. 109—Aljets of Wells and
Northridge' of Barnes: Provides for
automatic lien upon any equipment
repaired by blacksmith, machinist
or garage keeper, inferior only to
first mortgage or conditional sales
H. B. 125—Dahl of Emmons and
Olson of Burleigh: Modernizes law
relating to bonds from contractors on
public improvements, providing for
lien for gasoline purchases.
H. B. 131—Acheson of Bottineau:
Clarifies procedure in mortgage fore
closure actions.
H. B. 145—Svingen of Bottineau:
close was executed, but was not exe
closure sales made prior to this act
where the power of attorney to fore
close was executed, but was not exe
cuted prior to beginning of foreclos
ure proceedings.
H. B. 179—Cox of Burleigh: Pro
vides for a lien for garage 'keepers
for storage of motor vehicles.
H. B. 180 — Cox of Burleigh: Vali
dates foreign receiver’s deeds.
H. B. 189—Jardine of Cass: Pro
vides procedure for limiting time
within which claims of sub-contract
tors may be made or enforced to six
H. B. 195—Cox of Burleigh: Amends
law relating to duty of county auditor
in transfer of jreal property as to
taxes, deeds and other
H. B. 231—Cox of Burleigh: Re
quires board of administration to
purchase supreme court reports and
deliver to University of North Da
kota law library.
H. B. 261—Hklvorson of Ward: Au
thorizes county courts of increased
• jurisdiction to make use of regularly
called jury paheL
H. B. 279*—Pfenning of Morton: Re
quires law students after July 1,1936,
to have two years college work in ad
dition to regular law study.
H. B. 284—Van Berkom of Burke
and Bums of Ward: Requires any
governing board refusing to grant
permit for public dances to state In
writing reasons for refusal. Appli
cant has right to appeal to district
court. Also extends time of permit
to one year.
S. B. 3 —Bond of Ward: Repeals
emergency provision of present bad
check law, enabling stricter enforce
ment of law.
S. B. B—Cain of Stark: Provides
for a conciliator to effect conciliation
of controversies at option of the mov
ing party.
S. B. 39—Whitman of Grand Forks:
Amends law on distribution of es
tate on final settlement to Include
Srsonal estate as well as real es
S. B. 41—Makes first, second, third
and fourth degrees of forgery pun
ishable by not more than one year in
county jail and 10 In penitentiary.
S. B. 42—Whitman of Grand Forks:
Makes technical change in applying
costs, disbursements and attorney’s
fees in civil actions.
S. B. 71—Matthael of Wells: Le
galizes certain deeds, judgments, de
crees, mortgage foreclosures and
other transfers of real property.
S. B. 72—Matthael of Wells: Limits
time In which action may be com
menced or defense Interposed Involv
ing certain actions for foreclosure of
real estate mortgages.
S. B. 75—Sathre of Steele: Elim
inates from statute regarding actions
against partnership, the clause that
a "summons may be served on one or
more of them.’’
S. B. 120—Sathre of Steele. Cain
of Stark, Matthael of Wells and Fow
ler of Cass: Provides for supervision
of administration of trust estates in
district court, and for adoption of
rules of procedure in such actions.
S. B. 131—Sperry of Burleigh:
Legalizes execution and acknowledg
ment of certain deeds, mortgages, i
and other Instruments in writing.
S. B. 158—Murphy of Walsh: Pro
vides for duplication of notice of ex
piration of period of redemption re- I
lating to certificate holders and 1
S. B. 161—Cain of Stark: Legalizes
and validates judgments and sales in <
foreclosure of mortgages on. Teal-e- <
tate by. action prior to taking effect 1
of bill where assignment of mortgage
was not recorded before instituting i
action to foreclose such mortgage by. <
assignee. „ 1
S. B. 181 —Fowler of Cass: Author
izes juvenile court to commit to fee- i
ble-minded institution any feeble- J
minded deoendent or neglected child. 1
S. B. 190—Brunsdale of Traill:
Makes operation of any vending ma- i
chine bv slugs a misdeameanor. 1
S. B. 227—Cain of Stark and Mat- '
thaei of Wells: Prohibits recommit- <
ment on suspended sentence charge
when time expired exceeds length of 1
sentence i
S. B. 235—Lynch of La Moure: Re- !
vises habitual criminal act.
Miscellaneous j
H. B. 3—Twete of Divide: Reduces
sheriff’s mileage fee by automobile ,
from 20 to 16 cents per mile snd by ,
rail from 10 to eight cents per mile. ,
H. B. 60—Mau of Ransom: Em- ,
powers emergency commission to
transfer from one fund to another .
belonging to same department until •
June 30. 1931. j
H. B. 32—Twete of Divide: Reduces
county school superintendent's mil- ,
eage fee from 15 to 12*4 cents per .
H. B. 47—Twichell of Cass and Hal- .
crow of Pembina: Amends state pro
hibition law to permit use of alcohol
In hospitals, laboratories, clihics and
for manufacturing purposes. .
H. B. 67—Steutz of Stutsman: Re
quires annual registration and pay
ment of license fee by all persons
practicing medicine and surgery in .
North Dakota. 1
H. B. 79—State affairs committee: •
Provides for creation of capitol com- ;
mission for purpose of constructing i
state capitol.
H. B. 93—Gibbens of Towner and
Olafson of Pembina: Creates office ,
of chief inspector as head of depart
ment of weights and,measures and
requires licensing of gasoline pumps ;
in state at $1 each.
H. B. 96—McDowall of Cavalier,
Opdahl of La Moure, Morgan of Rich
land and Sundby of McLean: Pro
vides for tax of 10 cent per pound on
all oleomargarine sold in state and
requires licensing of all wholesalers
and retailers handling oleomargarine.
H. B. 99—McDowall and Crockett
of Cavalier: Permits operation of
unlicensed aircraft except for hire.
H. B. 106—Hamilton of Nelson:
Regulates sale and manufacture of
imitation ice cream.
H. B. 115—Lamb of Bowman and
Wilson of Slope: Authorizes villages
to appoint and pay night watchman
for police purposes.
H. B. 119—Strutz of Stutsman: Re
quires every dog in North Dakota to
be licensed at $1 each.
H. B. 140—State Affairs committee:
Requires all persons co-partnerships,
associations or corporations licensed
as an investment company or dealer,
to forward to the state securities com
mission all documents necessary for
issuing a lieu certificate.
H. B. 141—State Affairs committee:
Amends law governing sale of secur
ities. - -T -
H. B. 147—Pfenning of Morton-and
Bishop of Stark: Provides penalty
for violation of regulations govern
ing undertakers. ’
H. B. 148—Svingen of Bottineau
and Crockett of Cavalier: Estab
lishes industry of manufacturing
coffins at state prison.
H. B. 162—Mau of Ransom: Au
thorizes sale of Drake mill.
H. B. 177—Mau of Ransom: Pro
hibits any gasoline, other than anit
knock gasoline, from containing any
foreign coloring matter.
H. B. 182—State Affairs committee:
Creates fund designated as .“capitol
fire replacement fund,” and au
thorizes emergency commission to
transfer from that fund, appropriat
ing $306,000.
H. B. 184—Traynor of Ramsey:
Creates state governmental survey
commission. .
H. B. 194—Fitch of Cass and Inder
gaard of Foster: Prohibits posses
sion, sale and use of machine gun,
sub-machine guns or automatic rifles
larger than .22 caliber, except by
H. B. 204—Morgan of Richland:
Permits licensed ministers, serving as
pastors of churches, to solemnize
H. B. 218—Twichell of Cass: Au
thorizes board of administration to
repair and reconstruct north wing of
fire-swept capitol, appropriating $lO,-
- H. B. 219—Ostrem of Pierce: Re
peals laws establishing and creating
a prison revolving fund.
H. B. 220—Steenson of Pembina
and Lamb of Bowman: Provides for
collection, arrangement and display
of state products and resources at
World’s Fair in Chicago in 1933, ap
propriating SIB,OOO.
H. B. 221—Hamilton of Nelson and
Helbling of Morton: Repeals laws
providing for operation of state trol
ley line.
H. B. 222—Fitch of Cass: Trans
fers $350,000 from “Returned Soldiers
Fund” to general fund of state.
H. B. 233—Wlgen of Adams: Re
i peals law deeming marriages per
-1 formed under Indian law and cus
tom as legal.
H. B. 268—Jardipe of Cass; Re
vises motor vehicle registration law
I and rates. ,
, H. B. 281—Lynch of Richland: Fa
-1 cilitates recovery of stolen motor ve
hicles and provides for licensing of
dealers in used cars.
H. B. 293—Baseflug of Stark: Pro
vides for appointment of superin
tendent of criminal identification ,
bureau and two assistants.
H. B. 301—Traynor of Ramsey:
Eliminates secretary of agriculture
and labor and superintendent of pub
lic instruction as ex-officio members
of board of administration.
H. B. 307—Smith of Cass and Wil
son of Slope: Places hail insurance
department on budget basis.
H. B. 308—Brunsdale of Traill and
Herman of Mercer: Reapportions
state’s 49 legislative districts.
S. B. 4—Martin of Morton: Re-
Bcals8 cals 1929 act which placed all of
'orth Dakota in central standard
time zone.
S. B. 22—Porter of Cavalier: Per
mits sale of tobacco and other ar
ticles In barber shop.
S. B. 24—Porter of Cavalier: Sets
limit of one on number of appren
tices, who can work under supervision
of registered barber.
S. B. 25—Porter of Cavalier: Per
mits governor to select barber board
with free hand, except one shall at
all times he a journeyman.
S. B. 26—Porter of Cavalier: Raises
age limit from 18 to 18*4 years for
persons qualified to receive certi
ficate of registration to practice bar
tering; sets period of apprenticeship
at 24 months instead of 18.
S. B. 40—Whitman of Grand Forks:
Permits removal of noil-resident fee
ble-minded person to place of resi
dence at expense of state.
S. B. 66—Whitman of Grand Forks:
Authorizes board of administration to
transfer license for radio station qt
University at Grand Forks.
8. B. 78—Hamilton of McHenry and
Sperry of Burleigh: Authorizes ad
jutant general to file as claims
against returned soldier’s fund, ap-
Plications received subsequent to July
, 1927.
S. B. 79—Porter of Cavalier: Per
mits merchants conducting business
more than five miles from a drug
store to sell home remedies and in
secticides by procuring license from
pharmacy board.
S. B. 88—Atkins of Towner and
Sperry of Burleigh: Creates mill and
elevator commission to manage state
8. B. 96—Brunsdale of Traill, Cain
of Stark, Sathre of Steel, and Stucke
of McLean: Creates Industrial sur
vey commission, appropriating SIO,OOO.
S. B. 122—Eddy of Stutsman: Per
mits board of administration to in
crease satary~of matron at hospital .
for the insane.
S. B. 142—Hamilton of McHenry
and Lynch of La Moure: Increases
salary of state transportation officer
from SI,BOO to $2,400 annually.
S. B. 149—Watt of Cass: Provides
that fees collected by state register
for recording marriage licenses be
turned into general tund instead of
department of public health.
S. B. 167—Gronvold of Pierce: Au
thorizes board of administration to
make survey at Rugby for future in
sane hospital. ... _
S. B. 186—Sperry of Burleigh: Per
mits state fire marshal to appoint his
own help. _
S. B. 191—Gronvold of Pierce: Pro
vides for licensing of a garage storing
motor vehicles for hire for the own
ers on basis with transfer or railroad
companies. _ ,
S. B. 200—Hyland of Ramsey. Fred
rickson of Nelson and Putnam of ■
Eddy: Creates Missouri river com
mission, with $5,000 appropriation. ,
S. B. 204—Watt, Fine, Brunsdale
and Burkhart: Tightens up cigarette
stamp tax act. , , _
S. B. 205—Gronvold of Pierce: De
fines duties of state auditor.
S. B. 223—Ettestad of McHenry:
Increases speed limit of automobiles.
S. B. 239—Sperry of Burleigh:
Transfer $5,000 of Company A fund,
National Guard, to militia fund.
S. B. 245—Delayed Bills committee:
Provides penalty for divulging tele
phonic or telegraphic messages.
S. B. 246—Delayed Bills committee:
Permits transfer or lease of biological
station at Devils Lake to city park
board. _ .
Public Health
H. B. 227— Baseflug of Stark: Regu
lates and licenses tourist camps.
S. B. 107 —Porter of Cavalier: Regu
lates cemeteries, and defines duties
of state health department in regard
to burials. . ...» ...
S. B. 108—Stucke of McLean. Au
thorizes state health department to
accept funds from federal government
and to use this money and certain
other funds for public health work,
matching the fund from unexpended
portion of budget, in accordance with
congressional act.
Public Lands
H. B. 80—Halverson of Ward: Fixes
and provides for collection of feeß in
cident to leasing-and sale of school
H. B. 81 —Halvorson of Ward: Pro
vides for disposition of interest on
all moneys In custody of commis
sioner of university and school lands.
H B. 82—Halvorson of Ward: Pro
vides that county treasurer shall
notify state land commissioner of all
moneys collected on Btate school lands
within 15 days of such collections.
H. B. 83 —Halvorson of Ward: Em
powers state board of school lands to
ease school land containing gas,
sodium, chemical substances or al
loidal and other clays.
H. B. 114 Halvorson of Ward:
Amends laws relating to redemption
of state and school. landß.
H. B. 203 —Halvorson of Ward: Sec
retary of state replaces governor in
joint commission of university and
scbobl'-land? In. mprtgage foreclosure
S B. 102—Porter of Cavalier: Gives
right of eminent domain for gas or oil
pipe line systems.
S. B. 103—Porter of Cavalier: Grants
authority to county, township, city or
village boards to grant right of way
for gas or oil pipe line systems.
Taxes and Tax Laws
H. B. 23 —Johnson of Traill: Limits
time of appeal to county commission
ers for refundment of taxes paid un
der protest to 60 days after such pay
ment and limits - commencement of
•court action to recover such protested
payment to within 60 days after re
jection of claim by county commis
sioners. Provides that protested tax
moneys be kept In separate fund by
county treasurer. ;•
H. B- 35 —Johnson of Traill: Limits
time for abatements and refunds of
Unjust and invalid tax assessments.
. Hi-B. 36—Cox-of Burleigh: Extends
time within which additional taxes
may be assessed upon certain income
returns. ■ _. , .
H. B. 77—Twete of Divide: Allows
sale of property acquired by county
through tax deed on installment plan.
H. B. 87—Lamb of Slope: Reenacts
law providing for refund by state hall
Insurance department to hail tax pur
chasers and persons paying hail taxes
for which they were not liable.
H. B. 152—Johnson of Traill, Haus
mann of Ramsey and Northridge of
Barnes: Exempts from taxation grains
stored In elevators, except sesd grains.
H. B. 160—Jardine of Cass and Mc-
Dowall of Cavalier: Provides for taxa
tion on gross earnings of express,
sleeping car, telegraph, telephone,
power and gas companies.
H. B. 161—Thompson of Burleigh:
Validates tax sale certificate on real
! estate sold for delinquent taxes con
, summated three years prior to Janu
ary 1, 1931, with provision to set
> aside such tax deed action started be
' fore July 1, 1931. . _
H. B. 167 Traynor of Ramsey:
I Provides that lands to be sold tot
personal property taxes shall be des
’ ignated by resolution of the county
' commissioners.
H. B. 171—Traynor of Ramsey: En
. titles dwner of tax sale certificate to
. tax debd three years from date of tax
H. B. 186—Timm of Mclntosh: Ap-
Firoprtates $29,815.95 from state -hail
nsurance fund to reimburse school
. and institutional funds for hail In
demnity taxes patd on lands acquired
by state through foreclosure proceed
r * n H* B. 198—Lynch of Richland: Lim
its assessment to pay deficiencies for
* special improvements to 10 mills upon
•. all taxable property.
Prohibition Agents Call (or Acetylene
Torches to Open Safe of Ralph Capone
Chicago, March 13.—</F>—Fed
eral prohibition agents early
Thursday raided the Cotton club
of Ralph Capone in suburban
Cicero, and called for acetylene
torches in an effort to open the
safe-to obtain records for use in
their investigation of the liquor
The raid liras the upshot of a
previous visit to the club by Roy
Budd and Dan Copely. federal
prohibition officers, who were
sitting in front of the place
March 5 in an automobile when
accosted by an unknown gunman
and Jack Karron, the club’s door
man. Despite the fact that they
revealed their identities, Budd
and Copely said they were taken
to the Cicero police headquarters.
H. B. 230—Kneeland of Stutsman:
Provides for reciprocity in taxation of
estates and manner of deductions
from such estates.
H. B. 240—Brunsdale of Traill: Re
quires county treasurer to make
monthly reports to treasurer of each
taxing district of amount of sinking
funds in his possession.
H. B. 241—Mau of Ransom: Extends
time of levy of one mill for capitol
building purposes until 1940, an in
crease of four years.
H. B. 243—Traynor of Ramsey: Re
quires auditor to announce before any
public sale for delinquent taxes the
total amount of taxes, including pen
alties and interest, against such land
to be sold:
H. B. 2.6 T—Bishop of Stark: Prohib
its further issuance of bonds of state
mill and elevator series and milling
H. B. 282 —Traynor of Ramsey: Per
mits voluntary hail Insurance, separa
tion of hail taxes from general taxes,
and prompter payment of claims.
H. B. 299—Delayed bills committee:
Provides that upon petition of :i
jorlty ot electors in unorganized
townships, county commlssu
levy an additional tax, not to exceed
four mills, which shall copsntute an
emergency fund to be used for road
and bridge construction in such un
organized township.
S. B. 10—Gronvold of Pierce: Places
supervision of refunds of gasoline tax
wlth-tax commissioner instead of state
S. B. 34—Fowler of Cass: Requires
all bond issues of all political subdi
visions of the state to be due serially.
S. B. 63—Brunsdale of Traill: Pro
vides for $1 per capita tax to be used
by schools in county In which tax is
S. B. 64—Brunsdale of Traill: Pro
vides that notice of appeal to. the dis
trict court from decisions of the board
of county commissioners In cases re
lating to taxes shall also be filed with
tax commissioner.
S. B. 65—Brunsdale of Traill: Makes
it unlawful to remove buildings from
lots in municipalities unless taxes and
special assessments levied against lots
are paid.
S. B. 74—Putnam of Eddy: Provides
that in event of erroneous description
of real estate, property is not to be
omitted from taxation, but description
shall be corrected.
S. B. 81—Brostuen of Williams, Pou
poro of Grand Forks and Thorson of
Adams: Makes personal property taxes
due December 1, instead of December
31, and makes other changes in per
sonal property tax laws.
S. B. 91—Cain of Stark and Erickson
of Divide: Makes changes in limita
tions of tax levies ot cities, villages
and school districts.
S. B. 95—Fowler. of'Cass: liWposesf
tax on gross earnings of express com
S. B. -126 Renauld of Rolette:
Makes property of Indians who are
wards of federal government exempt
from taxation.
S. B. 165—Jones of Dunn: Imposes
(ax on income of non-resident indi
viduals, fiduciaries and corporations
doing business in state.
S. B. 178—Committee on taxes and
tax laws: Provides for division of
tracts of land Jointly assessed and
taxed, and for redemption of a part
of the same.
S. B. 179—Tax committee: Provides
that if check or draft in payment of
taxes, assessments, fees and licenses
are not honored, fee shall stand as a
charge and lien as though no credit
had been given or payment attempted.
S. B. 184—Bonzer of Richland: Im
poses tax on property of telephone
companies, measured by their operat
ing revenue.
S. B. 185—Renauld of Rolette: Au
thorizes board of county commission
ers to contract with sheriff to pay him
for collection of personal property
taxes that have been delinquent.
Warehouse and Grain Grading
H. B. 71—Isaak of Dunn: Provides
that grain storage charges shall ter
minate yearly on June 30.
H. B. 213—Lavik of Sargent and
Acheson of Bq|tlneau: Amends law
relating to redemption of storage
tickets upon transfer of ownership of
.S. B. 68—Brunsdale of Traill and
Brostuen of McKenzie: Provides for
licensing, bonding, regulating and de
fining wholesale potato dealers.
S. B. 69—Brunsdale and Brostuen:
Establishes a standardized and uni
form system of grading, labeling and
inspection of potatoes and certain
other produce, and to regulate sale
and distribution.
S. B. 177 Marshall of Dickey:
Where public warehouseman operates
more than one warehouse in same
town, with same working force, only
one license shall be required from
state railroad board.
S. B.' 222 —Watt of Gass: Revises
charges for grain stored with public
warehousemen, amounting to about
5/6 cent a bushel per month.
House Resolutions
Al—Kneeland of Stutsman: Re
quests judicial council to make sur
vey of poor and poor relief conditions
in state.
B2—Holte of Dickey and Erickßon
of Kidder: Petitioned congress to pass
legislation for loans on adjusted com
pensation certificates of war veterans.
D4—State affairs committee: Peti
tioqed congress to enact legislation
placing tax bn palm oil, used as col
oring matter in'oleomargarine.
19—Craig of Benson: Requires state
departments and institutions to make
uniform and itemized budget requests.
Jlo—Burns of ward, Hausmann of
Ramsey, Aljets of Wells, and Timm of
Mclntosh: Opposes use of convict
labor by state.
LI 2—Smith of Cass and Swett of
Kidderi Petitions congress for fa
vorable action Great Lakes-St, Law
rence waterway.
Ml3—Van Berkom of Burke: Rec
ommends that capital commission
consider feasibility of installing elec
tric voting machine in new capitol
Senate Resolutions
C—Hamilton of McHenry and At
kins of Towner: Petitions congress
to pass senate bill 5109, known as
the “farmers farm relief bill.”
G State affairs committee: Ex
presses appreciation to South Dakota
for latter’s message on capitol fire
and offer to aid in replacing docu
-1 ments lost.
’ O Atkins, Eastgate, Hamilton,
, Marshall, Fowler, Patterson, Gronvold
| and Sathre: Endorses Bismarck as
1 capital city of North Dakota.
Tuttle I
4 «
The county basketball tournament
was held in Tuttle last Friday and
Saturday. There were four teams
competing namely Steele, Tappen,
Robinson and Tuttle. On Friday eve
ning Steele defeated Robinson and
Tuttle was victorious over Tappen,
thus leaving Steele and the local
quint to play the championship game
on Saturday evening which we are
very proud to say was won by our
team, the score being 19 to 11. The
They were subsequently
after, charging Karron with in
terferring with federal officers.
Thursday morning Budd awl
Copely led a squad of federal of
ficers into the club. They report
ed they found a half dozen guests,
the chorus girls and orchestra
scattered over the club. The
guests promptly broke half a
dozen bottles of liquor on the
floor, but there was no other con
* After releasing the guests and
members of the chorus and or
chestra, the officers began a
methodical raid of the place for
liquor and other evidence. When
Manager Jacob Sptelman refused
to give them the combination to
the safe, they decided to try to
bum it open.
award was a beautiful silver basket
ball mounted. The second award
went to Steele which was a new bas
ketball. The consolation game waa
won by Robinson, who also received a
Rev. T. K. Jacobs, who has been
seriously 111, suffering from pneu
monia, is reported out of danger and
his many friends wish him a speedy
recovery. His brother who Is an M.
D. returned to his home at Wlllmar,
Minn.,. Saturday, after a week’s at
tendance at the bedside of his broth
Mrs. Julia Kracmer received the sad
news of the death of a sister at
Black River Falls, Wis., and left
Tuesday to attend the funeral. She
was joined at Jamestown by Mrs. Ry
der Hamro of Bismarck, another sis
ter. The community extend their
sympathy. *
Art Baden returned home from
Merrill, Wls., where he has been em
ployed through the winter months
with a construction crew.
. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gray departed
last week for lowa, where they will
make their future home. •
Mrs. John Hanen returned home
from the St. Alexius hospital Thurs
day, where she has been receiving
treatment for a broken leg.
Mr. and Mrs. Belk and son of
Grand Forks are guests at the John
Hinkel home.
August Frye received a painful In
jury one day last week when he ran a
spike through his foot while doing
carpenter work on some farm build
ings north of the city.
August Frank returned from the
N. P. hospital In St. Paul, where he
had been receiving treatment for in
juries received a few weeks ago. He
is slowly recovering.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Harding of
Bismarck were callers at the home of
Mrs. Emma Virgin one day last week.
A village caucus was held Tuesday
evening at which time nominations
were made for a new trustee. J. G.
Lybeck and L. Wendtland are the two
candidates to be voted upon at the
next 'election.
Mrs. Marie Jones, Misses Doris and
Beva Scott and Dorothy Kennelly of
Bismarck were among the out-of
town folks to attend the dance here
Saturday evening. Music was fur
nished by Sammy Kontas and his
Troubadours of Bismarck.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jacobson of
Wing were callers here Saturday eve
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Palmer of Bis
marck were callers in our city Sun
Bertha Kopp of the Home Cafe vis
ited with her parents Tuesday eve
ning. returning Wednesday morning.
The sub-district basketball tourna
ment will be held at Steele Thursday
and Friday of this week.
Archie Olson representative of Ar
mour company was a caller in our
Tillage Tuesday.
John Wetzel of Bismarck spent ths
week-end here visiting vtfth relatives
and friends.
Rev. and Mrs. Klnzler were callers
at the John Anderson home north of
town Saturday.
John Hanen and Mrs. Gueren were
business callers at the county seat
The Tappen basketball team won
the free throw contest here, and were
awarded a handsome trophy.
Mr. and Mrs. Con Farstead and
daughter Florence of Harvey. Otto
Baden of Velva and Miss Helen
Benum and mother of Bergen, were
guests at the Baden home Sunday.
4 -♦
The “llu” has interfered with the
attendance at school the past two
weeks. Dorris Hogue was in the hos
pital several days last week but was
able to return to school the latter
part of this week. Orland BJelland
has been confined to a Bismarck hos
pital all this week and we understand
is in a serious condition suffering
from complications.
The following pupils have had per
fect attendance during the last
month: Hazel, Mabel, and Richard
Anderson, . Norman Fricke, Ruben
Geigle, Delores and Lillian Qehrke,
David and Jeryl Haibeck, Doris and
George Poole, and Lavyrl Williams.
The fourth and fifth grade geog
raphy classes have been jnodeiing
relief maps of the United States and
North America. The maps are at
tractive when completed, and colored
with water colors.
The Young Citizens’ League held
its regular weekly meeting Friday aft
ernoon. Plans are under way for a
party to be given soon. The president
appointed the following chairmen of
standing committees: Physical train
ing—Richard Anderson; patriotism—
Norman Prlcke, and courtesy com
mittee—Harry Engelman and Lavwrf
Louise and Lawrence Zoller visited
school Friday afternoon.
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nia Wave. Nook, 102 Third street.
Bismarck. Phone 782.
. *£i aban l a f ar mers ship between
6,000 and 8,000 carloads of truck
crops annually.
More than half of the 688 students
at Wake Forest college do outside
* work to defray expenses.

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