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r$ A WlH J-isCtSiOJl. :
rre thousands of vr.nrme
on the 'ery threshofld ot life
ythi to make a wise decision as to
Ualbrssiness or tsrofessien they will
yfoUw. To all sscb. we would say, be
r . 'fore Aecidinjj the question write to B.
F. jjohnson fc Co.. Richmond, Va.
'They can be of sea-rice to yon as they
. - -e been to others.
T1& Uzrfted States has a lower per-.
: -ent4ge of blind people than any otlnsr
; 'oonrtry in tie world.
So) vast are the mins of Pompeii that
"'they cannot all be excavated at the or
dinary rate of progress, before the
- middle of the next century.
There mre 6.000,000 lea ves on an elm
tree thirty feet high.
i- Two beetles of German Syrup
reared fme of Hemorrhage of the
Ivlicgs when other remedies failed,
i-Ham a married man and, thirty-six
yfcars of age, and live with my wife
aiid two little girls at Durham, Mo.
i Ihave stated this brief and plain so
tpat all may understand. My case
' ' was a bad one, and I shall be glad
!r tb tell anyone about it who will
y r-rite me. Philip L. Schbnck, P.
! i Box 45, April 25, 1890. No man
j ' yatsM ask a more honorable, busi
: .-. cess-like statement. 9
The teed Child
. is largely an
Fresh air
and exercise
usually pro
duce sound
appetite and
sound sleep.
Sickly chil
dren obtain
great benefit from
Scott's Emulsion
of cod-liver oil with Hypo
phosphites, a fat-food rapid
of assimilation and almost
as palatable as milk.
Prf-nr-rt hv Srntt Few--. X. Y. A'l r-rrttl,
OdeU fJ T , t ter fur !0. if cash with or-
' er Is rfc-t-.e'l -jefora Nov. 1st, 1893. The
; ;miiii Otfc'l 1r rw riter i used by Lawyers.
... f yiflssrers. i. T s. Aiercnanui, ruuors ant
- c Saremnient :ers, because of Its clean
prit, simnl.c" y and manifold copies. No
I teacfter required, it win aa your worn m one
hours practice. Order now and take advant-
f of this exceptionally
88 W. Jackson St., Chicago-
Sff BB
This Trade Mark l on the bert
in the World !
A. J.
sSww a'-?1
X Your
I Strength
A few bottles of S. S. S.
will do It. If you are
troubled with a depress
ed, tengrrid feelinp, and lack of energy, your
blood is imt ri'iht. and needs iiurifviue.
win thoromrniy clear awav all im
purities ana impart new vigor anil
life to the whole system.
"I hareaaed your medicine of ten for the past
lirut years, and feel safe in saying that it is the
best geaexal eait- restorer in the WKrld.'
F. l. CilBSOS, liateertHe, Ark.
OavTaatuea Eiaod and Skta diwsaaes mailed free;
Caaitair ott'ca End DeoDle
who biVf. wtak lungsor Antii-
v. ftUCixM use Ii v' a Cure for
Cr.ns'.m?.jon. 3t has carrd
tbo4UDtfi. itiir rjottnjur-
A.AA PVftrrwhfr'. an I-'A
:be fctt cough rr;;p.
254 -
r'ii-. fur scif-ft.t-aure.
rnrtt int ffo:r'-tT
9fvU.-d. (i. V. hOLhk
M.-a. CO., J BrrLd-
tenis, Trade-Marks,
ln. rj-lKl fT " Inrfi'oiVOnidi. or linn rn..
i.wauva uu j.uir as to ratentiit.::t
?E?J,lSfBa H" "?E8 CURES
ii.iiMLBij wciallrrMdiM fall. SoldmpJ
1 -1
alacteA NW
JuJOntrtntt" ooanty Sunday School
ajuuw.la.tion will noia naif dozea
meetias U th county thU week.
married; Wedcebday niffat to Euebne
iiereriue, ovmiyuns, u
a member of th oompny
school honse at Washington Friday
in the stampede which followed a
number f pupils were injured.
The arrest ot Editor Gradseur, o
the Saxon Arbiter Zeitung , at Berlin
was due to a statement in his pape
that he propagated Socialist doctrine
among his comrades in the army.
The first annual meeting' of the
Southwestern Association of Railway
Surgeons convened at St. Louis Thurs
day morning for a two days' session
with nearly 300 delegates in attend
ance. At the City of Mexico the banking
bouse of Pedro Martina & Sons, estab
lished thirty years ago failed Thurs
day for $1,000,000. It had been the
Mexican correspondent of the Bar
ings. Superintendent Stump, of the bu
reau of immigration, has irone to Chi
cago to settle the questions apt to
ariie there on the occasion of the
numerous foreigners leaving the
The three men killed in the svreclt
on the Pennsylvania road near Law
rence station, N. J., have as yet not
been identified. It was one of the
worst wrecks that ever occured on
that line.
It is now generally believed that
Stone has confessed to the truth in
his last statement concerning the
Wrattan murder, and that his mind is
affected by the horrible work he per
petrated. Three hundred miners at the mines
of the Union Coal company, at Lafay
ette colliery, near Denver, are out of
a 6trike. The trouble grew out of a
manner in which the company pays
the men.
After a stormy passage of 186 days
the ship Undaunted has arrived at
'Frisco from Philadelphia. The Un
daunted had a terrible time rounding
Cape Horn aud for days could make
no headway.
Edward S. Hart, secretary of the
Bank of California, died at Ian Fran
cisco Friday, after an illness of two
months. He was 58 years of age and
had been in the service of the bank
several years.
The officials of the American Ex
press Company now admit that a large
sum of money was stolen m transit
between New York and St. Lome, and
say that they are on the track of the
guilty parties.
The presentation of a handsome sil
ver service to the cruiser .New York
took place Tuursday in the New York
navy yard. It is the gift of the citi
zens of New York and was raised by
Governor McKinney, of Virginia,
has refused to give Doc Taylor, the
preacher murderer: a reprieve, or to
commute his sentence. He was hanged
at Wise court bouse Friday, preachiag
his own funeral on the scaffold.
The remains of Gounod were re
moved Thursday from the house at St.
Cloud where he breathed his last. The
body was taken to the Gounod resi
dence in Paris. wllPrR if. nan Hoc in
state in the great composer's study.
The interstate commerce commis
sion Thlirllai in an nnininn Vitt rVm-
missioner Knapp announced its de-
uecision oi ine case ot 1'nelps & Vo.
aiynin5t. tn Tptqo Jt- .... ; ! -.. j
company in favor of the complainants.
Men to the number of 600, at work
r, . ...... uuituiiiga,
6truck Thursday on account of a sub
contractor employing- non-union men.
An effort is beino- mmli tn hsvs Ya
Boston building trade men co-operate.
A cotton gin belonging to J. II. Med
lock. five miles smith nf Ktonhianc
Ark., together with a small quantity
ox cotton, was ournea to tne ground
Wednesdav niVht. T1k fi w ex
posed to be the work of White Caps.
William fJilison nnrl Pa,l TTV.;.-
son were arrested at Salt Lake Cit
Friday for a safecracking job commit
ted in Grand Island, Neb., last Sun
dav. Thev arp lir. i -oil t ..-.....-."
wanted in a dozen cities for similar
At Brunswii'k. O.i th.
cially reported FriJav thirty-one new
MnA3 r ....li " i
.aoco jx vciiuw icvcr aiiu one ueatn.
Unless the' be ikbone of t.lio wooil,,
that has prevailed for 6ix days past
soon changes the result is erpected to
'be bad.
Mr. Savers, of Tc
the house committee on appropria-
isaya vnai ne presumes that he
will earn the title of the meanest man
in congress because ba intends to in
sist on rigid economy in all expendi
tures. The Illinois sunremp ivinrt Tlmi.
day reversed the dacision of the lower
court in the case of the people against
the Braceville Coal Company, and de
clared the weekly pay 3 aw passed by
the Illinois legislature unconstitu
tional. The senatft rmnmitt. . , .........
. ....... . . jumu re
lations met Thursday morning to con-
vifll" V; PI i Ina.n r
61CW to action unon the hnnso hill
amendin.tr th Irpnrtr
ten! lor six months tho timo t.-k;,v.
- . -- (LA ' H1V.11
Chinese laborers can register.
Lindsbur has tm nn o.,-it ,i,..n '
" . 'n I i . i . ' 1 1
ing house.
The Preshvterinn smmi f i
sustained tire action of the Des
Moine Presbytery in deposin"- Kev.
G. XV. Baxter, who until ,.,.uni,. t,..i
charge of the church at Kn x'vilie.
n.-.w, na-hs triat ne was convict-l
ed of iinmoralitv.
Masts sticking up thirty-five feet
above the water Jed to the discovery
that a large vessel was sunk in thir
teen fathoms about twenty-three
miles from Cleveland, O., in Lake
Erie. It is thought to be the River
aide, with seven people aboard.
WAsanraTcsr, OcU 50. United SUtes
Consul Courtney Hixon at Foochow,
China,1 observinir th decrease of con
sumption through tho Amlck treat-
meat is supplying tne American col
ony as well as the Chinese with the
free medicines obtained from the gen
erous Cincinnati discoverer. No gor
ern mental action will be taken to
wards iss slating consumptives until
the regular session.
Chicago, Oct 30. The sanitary au
thorities aroused by recent editorials
on the Amlck cure and the infectious
ness of the disease, are debating how
best to isolate consumptives. The Post
says: "Consumption is placed by Mich
igan in the same category as smallpox
and it will be similarly quarantined.
Let Illinois fall in line at once."
Dksveb, Ost. 30. The proposed
state legislation isolating both resi
dent consumptives and those coming
here has led to the incorporation oi
institutions for their care. The Den
ver Sanitarium company opened theirs
last week to the patients of all phy
sicians, .and combines isolation with
the Amick treatment, which each con
sumptive is given opportunity of test
ing with medicines furnished these
physicians by the Cincinnati doctor
without cost. The Boston company for
the colonization in Colorado of is
olated consumptives has applied to
the state land commissioner for two
sections of land, which will give out
of doors occupation.
The Lawrence wire mill is now run
ning day and night at full capacity.
The public funeral of Gounod, the
composer, has been postponed until
Russia's czar has ordered large in
creases to be made in the Baltic and
Black sea fleets.
Eastern Dakota reports one or more
inches of snow and a bad storm of
hail prevailing.
Professor Brooks, at Genava, N. Y.,
says his comet is growing brighter
and has two tails. Its speed is in
creasing. The annual reunion of the Twenty
first Illinois, General Grant's old reg
iment, was held at Mattoon, 111., Sat
urday. A dispatch to the London Times
from Shanghai says that the great
Chinese cotton mill has been entirely
destroyed by fire. Loss, 8500,000; un
insured. Emperor William was represented
Friday at the funeral of Count Blucher,
who was murdered on Thursday last
by a gardener on his estate with whom
he had some trouble.
The Love wagon factory at Durant,
Mich., was destroyed by fire Sunday
morning. A residence owned by Wil
liam Schilds, adjoining was also
bnrned. Loss S4",000.
At Kenova, Ky., Saturday night,
James Murray, a baggageman, shot
and mortally wounded Harry Smith.
Murray escaped. The cause of the
quarrel is unknown.
Bernhard Baum, proprietor of the
resort known as liuuiu's Pavilion, in
Chicago, suicided Saturday afternoon
by shooting. His business had not
been prospering of late.
Commodore George W. Melville, engineer-in-chief
of the Uuited States,
makes in his annual report, a strong
recommendation for the conferring of
positive rank on members of the en
gineer corps, instead of ''relative
rank," now held.
Seven people were injured in a col
lision of an electric car and a street
railway car in Chicago Monday morn
ing. One woman sustained a fracture
of the skull a n may die. All but L.
L. Wallace of Clinton, la. were Chi
cagoans, At Southampton an American
named Windell, accompanied by his
wife and son, was Thursday taken
into custody at the request of United
States Minister Bayard, and is said to
be wanted in New York charged with
a heavy defalcation.
Cassius H. Reed of New York,
twelve years ago owned the Hoffman
house and real estate bringing his
wealth up to about SI. 000,000. Now
he is said to be penniless. His home
at Far Rockaway was sold October 13
under foreclosure.
George Meyer, a New York carriage
maker has disappeared, and Harry
Meyer, his partner, made an assign
ment for the firm Monday. The
affairs are in a very cenfuscd state,
and the sheriff has received attach
ments for $9,400.
At Kokomo, Ind., Buck Harland
and Steve Finebolt were arrested by
United States Marshal Haskins Thurs
day for counterfeiting: Harland is
said to have made some of the best
counterfeits in this country. Lew
Harlan, a brother of Buck, made his
Superintendent Mendenthal of the
United States coast and geodetic sur
vey, arrived at Cleveland Monday to
meet Commissioners W. F. King, rep
resenting the Canadian government.
To-day they will confer upon the long
standing dispute concerning the loca
tion of about twenty-five miles of the
boundary line between Maine and
Now Brunswick, surveys for which
were made last summer.
In compliance with the request of the
California branch of the society of the
I laughters of the Ainoricaa Revolu
tion, who are arranging to plant a
liberty tree at opening of the mid
winter fair at San Francisco, the
members of the Washington society
have sent small quantities of earth
from the grave of Martha Washing
ton, MtJ Vernon, liladensburg and the
Washington monument to be used in
the- planting.
Mon. Calabiana, archbishop of Mi
lan, died there Monday.
The officials of the Big Four deny
that their employes showed heartless
nef,s in connei-tion with the recent
wreck at Namooki, I1L, and the offi
cials of the Alton also deny that the
employes refused to give aid when
sailed upon.
The Westminster Gazette contra
dicts the report that Herbert Spenier
is dangerously ill, and says that he is
at his heme in London, and though in
a feeble state ot health, his condition
does not war- mt the alarming rumors
circulated coaji-rnin him.
it ilet far Amal fO fnix,
-The terrible poisons, Paris green,
London purple and arseaioua icier
one or all hare become necessary
requisites of the farm and garden.
Familiarity with danger has bred con
tempt aod recklessness to such a de
gree that the press cannot too often
urge rural people to greater care and I
. People making as of Pari green,
etc., who live many miles from a drug
store, however, should keep the
material for making the antidote on
hand. According to the "Dispensatory
of th United States of America" the
following can be recommended:
"Mix 1,000 grains of the solution of
tersulphate of Iron with twice its
weight of water, and keep the'raixture
in a well stopped bottle, rub 160 grains
of magnesia with water to a smooth
and thin mixture, put this in a bottle
capable of holding thirty-two fluid
ounces (about one quart), and fill it up
with water. When the preparation is
wanted for use, mix the two fluids by
adding the magnesia mixture grad
ually to the Iron solution, acd shake
them together until a homogeneous
mass results."
Farmers remote from villages or
cities will do no more than use ordi
nary precaution, if they have the two
mixtures put up by their apothecary,
and keepthem on hand for use in an
emergency. The mixture of the two,
prepared as directed above, is a safS
antidote for Paris green. Londoa pur
ple, or white arsenic (arsenious acid),
the three compounds of arsenic most
apt to be found in the hands of farmers
nnd gardeners.
Sorrow in the Xear Future
Awaits those who disregard symptoms of liver
disorder. Be on time if yon f?el distress in th
region of your liver. If your viesge isallow,
eyeballs yellowish, tongue coated, or if you
are tronbled with constipation, sick headache
and occasional dizziness. Hostcttcr's Stomach
Bitters will banish theseTinpleasant Bymptoms,
and shonld be used early and persistently. The
bowels are relaxed without pais or griping,
and are not weakened by It as they are by the
action of a violent purgative. Digestion grow
more active when it is used and the system in
vigorated, because it insures assimilation of
the food constituents by the blood. Kidney
complaints, malaria and rheumatism are over
come by this searching and thorough remedy.
ltrm TYatar Fur low.
The popular fad recently current in
regard to warm water for cows is one
of the silliest. It is aa invention by
ome person who has never realized
how a cow will enjoy a draught of
fresh cold water as much as her owner
does. If the person who gives bis cows
warm water should take his drink in
the same way he will realize this fact.
Why! warm water ia an emetic! and is
so because it nauseates the stomach.
But a drink of cold, fresh water; how
refresh; ir :t. is. k
"Sweet Charity.'
In the Artists' Exhibition of 1893 at
the New York Academy of Design,
there was exhibited an oil painting by
J. L. G. Ferris,entitled'Sweet Charity,"
Its richness of coloring commanded
instant attention, while the lesson it
taught was so impressive that one nat
urally returned to it for a second view.
Its"subiect is a young- lady of colonial
times who is on an errand toine of the
poorer families of the town. She has
a sensible, charming face, which ex
presses with remarkable fidelity the
sentiment of her errand. There is not
a home that this charming picture will
not ornament. It must, be seen to be
Sweet Charity" was purchased by
the Publishers of the Youth's Conpax
ion and has been reproduced in colors
in large rdze 14x21.
It will be sent to all new subscribers
to The Companion who send $1.75 for a
year's subscription, and the paper will
also been sent Fre from the time the
subscription is received, to January,
18!4. and for a full year from that
date, to January, l8!Kr This offer in
cludes the Double Souvenir Numbers
published at Thanksgiving, Christmas
and New Year's. Address.
Tiik Youth's Companion,
Boston, Mass.
Yeiitilfttloii urRoMe abTM.
The eyesight of many horses Is in
jured by the pungent ammonia odors
from their manura. The liquid excre
ment is especial 'y rLuh in ;:mmonia.
At all seasons an absorbent ghould be
kept within re .ch, aiTd in SunitrieK
especially, free ventilation must be
given, to remove the o.lors us soon as
the ammonia is roi-med. .Wire net
ting over windows will admit air and
exclude fii ?s.
Last year 19,488 licences were taken
out in England by persons wishing to
brew their own ale.
iiow'a This I
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for
any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Props., Toledo, O.
Vie, the tuitlcrehjneu, cave known F. J.
Cheney for ttie last 15 years, and btllcve him
perfectly honorable in all business trans actions
and financially able to carry out any obliga
tion made by their firm.
Wcst fc Tri-ax, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo,
O. Wai-dixo, Kixnan & SJArvin, Wholesale
Druggists. Toledo, O.
Hull's Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous
surface of the system. Price 75c per bottle,
bold by sit Druggists. Testimonials free.
Train robbing in Spain is guarded
against by stationing two soldiers in
every railway car.
Beecham's Pii.ls aet like magic on
the vital organs, restore lost complex
ion and bring back the keen edge of
appetite .
Half a million lives are daily depend
ent upon the efficiency of iron and steel
wire rones.
A. Child XInJoys.
The pleasant flavor, gentle action and
southing effects of Syrup of Figs,
when in need of a lax;itive, and if the
father or moUier be costive or bilious,
the most gratifying results follow its
use; so that it is the best family rem
edy known, and every family should
have a bottle on hand.
The fame of Columbus is assured.
He has 02 souvenir spoons dedicated to
Coo's t'oagti Bsltam
Is the oldest and be li will break up a Cold quick,
er than anything else. It Is always reliable. Try Ik
Arthur Elder "Nelson who died re
cently, made $12,000 a year writing
dime and half-dime novels.
Vl) u'.
LJ V 'CLarig?
of its ingredients upon each other in the loaf while
baking, itself produces the necessary gas and leaves the
wholesome properties of the flour unimpaired.
It is not possible with any other leavening agent
to make such wholesome and delicious bread, biscuit,
rolls, cake, pastry, griddle-cakes, doughnuts, etc.
A Bncksport, Ma, man paid his taxes in
crows' heads the other day.
A colored man was the first one in Geor
gia to market a bale of cotton.
Atchison Gioba: "A man's reformation
always da'.es back to the last tim he was
French school boys wear uniform, and
every Institution of learning ha Its dis
tinctive dress.
The barbers ct New York are renting
out the ceiling of their shops for adver
tising purposes.
John Sherman is a financier. It Is said
the bulk of hi wealth is so invested as to
bring him 13 per cent.
France has a salvation navy. It is aa
annex of the Salvation army and has a
boat on the river Seino,
The Milwaukee Journal think when liv
ing becomes a mere matter of habit our
days ot usefulness are over.
The publishers compliment Stanley's
manuscripts. He writes pi duly and accu
rately. No changes to make.
The people are alway taking advantage
of the rat. An "illuminated cat" to scare
the rodents away ha been Invented.
Carlyle: The meaning of song goes deep.
Who is there that la logical word can ex
press the effect that music has on ual
Nockamixon township, Bueks County,
Pa, boasts of a lour-legged duck which
uses them al'. in a way that Is a sight to
see. v '- ..'"'--
Mrs. Anna Garland Spencer has charge
of a church la ProvilentS. B. L She has
the reputation of being the best speaker
here. - ' -'' '
Senator Stewart of Nevada is alw.ts
enveloped in a cloud of moka. . He is
more closely wedded to the weed than
A railroad is to be built from Archangel
to Vologda to unite the extreme habitable
north of the Russian empire with the
Mrs. Reagan, wife-of the Texas senator,
learned shorthaud without a teaohsr, in
order to become her husband's private
Miss Louise Imogene Gulney, the poetess,
is a remarkable pedestrian. She think
nothing of walking twenty mile a day by
way or pleasure.
A new model school in Germany, which
has been built at a co-it of t)ij,003, coutins
a large dining-room where 7)J poor ohllUrea
can be fed in winter.
The czar of Russia has forbidden ap
plause in the theaters of St. Petersburg. '
He is liable at any time to issue an order
against babies crying.
A sum of $53,00. has been collected by
American ladles for the furtherance of the
higher medical education of womea at the
Johns Hopkins University.
Nobody ever likes to meet tha "I-toli.
you so" people. Person avoid them in
this world and they hops jjt to meet thel
in either of the other worlds,
A plan'i has bco-i saw2l to Eureka, CaL,
for exhibition at lbs world's fair. It is of
redwood, twelve and a half feet long, six
teen feet wide and foyr inches thick.
A novel summer charity in New York
provide) summer excursions for little girls
who are cbligod to take cars of younger
children while their parents aro at work.
A Waterviile, Me, m n was placed in
Ibe lockup for being drunk. When h.
awoke in the mora ing he discovered th'it
he had been sleeping with a corpse oil
A farmer at Warwick, R. I., being un
able otherwise to disperse a gang of
tramps la bis yard, overturned a hive of
Chronic, Tortusring
Cases of
xf--:. , -XVV
. . a.f.Ts 't.-U -
- , . . ji- a..
Especially for Farmers, Miners, R. R. Hands and others. Double sole ex
tending down to the heel. ' EXTRA WEARING QUALITY.
Thousands of Rubber Boot wearers testify this is the best they ever had,
&Sk yeSf is&Ut f Cr tfcsra and don't be persuaded into aa inferior article.
SHOULD be u.u
ever yeast
served heretofore.
Yeast acts by
and the
destruction of
part of the
gluten of
the flour to pro
duce the leavening gas. Royal
Powder, through the action
Over $300,000 of glass house property
went up in smoke last year.
The silver at the world's "fair shows
that in the manufactured article Amar
ica undoubtedly takes the first rank.
I Care Drspeptl Bad CootlpMn.
Dr. Snoop's Restorative Nerve Pills snt free
wli-i Medical Book to prove merit, for Jestamiv
Druggistshc. Db.Shoop.Box W.,Itclo Wis.
Boston will no longer permit fruit to
be ripened in dwelling houses.
If tha Baby Cntlla Taetfc,
B s-rs and nM that old and well-triad mridy, Haa
Wirau's Soothiws Sinr for Ctuidran TaaUlag.
Many insurance companies will not
allow parlor matches in the hotels.
" Hanson's Magic Corn Waiv.
Warranted to care or muoey refunded. Ak your
driucKiia fur it. Price 15 ucdu.
The ages of an egg and a woman can
rarely be told by outside appearances.
Fhlloh's roaran iptton Curs -
Is sold on a puarante. It cures Inelplent t'oniMim T
tion. It is the Imt couch Cure. 25ci.a0oiJi.aSl.uk
Indiana's supreme court says that
cities cannot fix the price of natural
n iivmnn w uuiiw-iiv
are lightened when she turns to the right
medicine. The chronic weaknesses, delicate
derangements, and painful disorders that
afflict her sex, are cured by Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription. In hearing-down
sensations, periodical pains, ulceration, in
fiauunation, and every kindred ailment it's
a positive remedy. "
J-Tadtsonoflle, Wrpktnt t
County, Ky. f
Dr. H.V. Pibro-,,
Buffalo, St. Y.i Dear Sir--.
Plaso aoeeat my
; f' thanks for tho good your
; medicines save done for'
i me.. I. truly b-uaro tbe
saved my life; it is a suro
and certain euro. I ara
having perfect health; I.
am anilt anri ran alii
. mv housework.
Every Invalid lady
should take Dr. Pierce
Favorite Prescription ana
Golden Medical Discovery.
Sesond-Hand Brevier
Body Typa
For Salo Cheap.
We have one thousand pound of brevtsf
body type in good condlton,made of extra
metal by Barnhart Bros. Splndlt;,
manudto urers of the famous superkif
cepper-m'xed type. We will sell It
fontai of 100 pounds or more, to be eltv
ered as soon as we get ou our new, at the
. -
25 Cents a Pound,
Place Your Order flow
9 West Jackson St.,
C7R nf) In MM nn can ba mad tnoathlv
rw.vw w wt.wv.wv wsrklnirfor
IThoi-n-on's Ey Wa!:.v
i W. IT. TJ. Wnaeia, VoL 0--
Q3L. PROMPT fl!('D snas.

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