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Akdmoekitk Publishing Co.
F. E. Wilson, Editor.
Ii. S. W. Passer, Bu. Man.
IS reune Paper St Sunday Morning
.Ho 1. Express, a,
I No. 9. Passenger, 8:13 p.
o. 15 Local Freight 2 30 p.
nKo. . Expreu, 110 a. m
a, la Passenger, 1.0:20 a. m
yXo. 1 Local Freight, 1. p m.
Bottta Vonnd mail closes 5:45 p. ra.
Eouth bo una mail arrives &13 p. m.
North bound mail cioscs 10 a. m
North bound mail arrives 10: -0 a. in.
Night mails are closed at 8.30 p. in.
lonev order department is open
at 8 a. m. and closed at 5 p, m.
at 8 i
OfQce hours from 8 a. m to 6 p. m.
ays from 2:30 p. m, to 3:50 p. m.
John S- Hamfb, P. M.
JSummbebs Hakdt, Deputy.
The Ardmore Ardmorsite ia a
hustling daily aud is pulling earn
estly for the town. Sherman Beg
ister. ; Humor now has it that Vice
President Thome of the Tex a &
Pacifio is s xn to wed Miss Helen
Bid i will be received until Satur
day Uee 1st 1893 at 11.45 a. m. for
nwti. wvn ob a ware nouse ior
J. Ik Spraegini & Co., accordiug to
plans and specifications now on file at
the office of the undersigned. The
owners reserve the right to reject auy
and all bids.
C. B. Douglas Architect,
OJiseover First National Bank.
. Mr. Harshaw keeps the fluent
and best oysters of any place in
the city. His tables ar9 supplied
Nh the best the markets afford,
fceeps a first-class line of cigars.
1 1 ift riatmrtmpnt ia cmari. fTia
patrons are trea'ed right. lie
wants the city patronage and be
, lieves that he merits md deserves
Ma share of it. He a's runs o
lirst class lunch counter in connpe
tion ith his restauraunt. He
keeps ' careful and well selected
fruits canned go ds, bananas, etc.
He makes a specialty of fresh fish
and oyster. His charges are
. reasonable. 1
Sea those fine M. D. Wells shoes
at the Racket Store, selling at cost
Notwithstanding the unfavorable
conditions of the weather and the
horrible state of the streets, the sev
eral churches had a good attendance
last night.
ONE QUARTER OFF on clothing
at the Big Iron Store.
Qapt. Whitnngton returned from
Gainesville yesterday, in company
with his children who had been visit
ing their auut.
Any country merchant that wants
holiday goods can get bargains at
tu4Serner Drug store. Green & co.
lwk. .
Marshal L. L. Stowe, went to Texas,
last evening on business connected
with his office.
The Racket Store sells ladie's fine
shoes for $3.50 tLat others charge
$5 for. Iwk.
- Fort Worth is becoming interested
in Ardmore as is evidenced in the de
sire of a syndicate of public spirited
citizens to give us light and water
works. Let us advance.
Worlds of fresh eggs at Jenkins &
Harris' Caddo street, 36-2t.
For fine hosiery of every kind, go
to the Racket Store. Iwk.
There was a fisticuff Saturday night
between two well known citizens of
Ardmore. No serious damages re
- salted. -
We are headquarters for holiday
rrnrtds.. Call and look through our
YVT..- ..II aiipfhi.fr
for a
email profit. Green & co.
The Racket Store is the cheapest
crab house in the Territory ,and don't
jou forget it, Iwk.
Lorenzo D. Curtis was tried be
Judge Gates last Friday on a charge
of adultery, found guilty and sent
over the road in default of $1500
The circumstance's of this case are
rather peculiar. Curtis, who is an old
man, not less thsn sixty, was a mer
chant in business at Cisco, Texas,
where he has a wife and quite a fam
ily, haviug sixteen granu children.
In the fall of '92 he took a trip back
to his old home in Georgia, taking
advantage of excursions to that state.
While on the journey he fell in with
a widow by the name of J. J. Baits,
whose home was at Paslestioe, Texas.
He seemed to bo quite struck with
her and on the return of both parties
to their homes, he opened a corres
pondence with her, representing
himself to be a widower. He finally
proposed marriage, which was accept
ed. Curtis sold off his stock and
made preparations to .leave Cisco,
representing to his wife that he would
go to seek a location. lie went to
Palestine, and Mrs. Baits left with
him, he agreeing to marry her at Deni
son, but put the marriage off upon
arriving there. They came to Pur-
cell last February and put up for a
weeb- or two at the Central Hotel.
They went from there te a room rent.
ed of Miss Gray in tLe Beeler build
ing only a few nighis before the build
ing was burned. The fire cause 1
them to seek another home, which
they found at Hazelwood's. At all
these.'places they represented them
selves as man and wife and were
thonght to be such.
Tho old man had some money and
in connection with two other parties
he bought the lease of a ranch out on
Dibble, Creek where he was living
with his forty-year-old charmer when
j arre,ted
The deserted wife at Cisco was not
long in discovering that her recreant
spouse was not alone in his flight, and
she began her search for him and his
paramour. A drummer who had
known Curtis at Cisco saw him here
and on a subsequent visit to Cisco
dropped a few remarks that put the
wife on the track. She came here
and in a short time had the game run
to earth, with the results above
stated. Purcell Register.
TheG.,C.& Santa Fe Railway
(Santa Fe route) will sell excursion
tickets December 19, 20 and 21 to
Kansas City, St. Louis and Hanni
bal, Mo ; also all points in the
round trip, good fur thirty diys
from date of sale. The undersigned
will be pleaae'i to have your busi
ness, and will cheerfully answer all
questions and give information as
to rates and routes. Call upon or
address, I. R. Mason,
Agent. Ardmore, I. T.
It you wish ytur clothing made in
style, go see J. btolfa, the new tailor
over J. F. Robins on's store.
nov 22-1 m
One of the most popular eating
houses in the city is that of Mr. Har
haw. When you eat there ouce
you will go again. See this popular
young man's "ad" elsewhere. tf.
Fine fat turkeys for
at Jenkins & Harris'.
Commissioner Scott's court was at
a standstill today.
ONE QUARTER OFF on clcaks at
the Big Iron Store.
Get your Thanksgiving turkeys
from J. N. Worthy. tf.
Harshaw sets the best table for
the least money of any man in
town. t-f
It was rumored today, that W. C.
Washington of Marietta, took a tew
shots at a man there yesterday. The
name of the assaulted man could not
be learned. He was wounded but
not seriously. Washington claimed
it was accidental.
Don't forget that the Ardmoreite is
an Ardmore institution and will de
vote its energies and what little talent
in commands to the best interests of
the territorial metropolis. We are a
missionary in the field, seeking to do
some good for ourselves an ten fold
good for the city.
Prepare your "ads." for the ap
proaching holibays.
TMimugiving ! nearly here.
Go to Jenkins & Harris for your
Thanksgiving turkey. 26-2t.
Mr. and Mrs
quite seriously
Porter Staples are
indisposed from la-
DRESS GOODS reduced 35 per
cent at the Big Iron Store.
Democracy and city improvement,
are our slogan cry. We have the one
and must have the other.
Green & Co. will kick the bottom
out of holiday goods. We mean bus
iness. Come and see our well assort
ed stock. Corner Drug Store. Iwk.
A new time table on the Santa Fe,
went into effect yesterday. The day
passengers now arrive as follows:
north bound 10-10 a. m, south bound
6.33 p. m.
C. B. Ladd's new cook has re
turned and the rush to the Central
hotel is something wonderful to
behold. 2t
ALL boys', youth's and men's sui's
and overcoats reduced 25 per cent at
the Big Iron Store.
JoeNelms returned from Paris yes
terday. He says there. is no uncertain
meaning in J itdge Bryant prououm e
ment against whiskey pedlers.' They
must either quit the business or ac
cept penal servitude.
Clothing! Clothing!! Clothing!!!
Mens, boys and chiidrens clothing at
ten per cent above actual cost. Re
member these prices are lower than
other cost sales. The Racket Store.
Mr. Frost a popular business man,
of Daugherty, was iu the city today.
The building occupied by Mrs.
Dobbins is for rent. Apply to her
for further particulars. 27 Iwk.
Mud is bad enough, but mud and
darkness combined without crossings
are simply horrible. Let us have
light and street crossings.
A ball will be given at the Odd
Fellows hall next Wednesdav night,
and a grand time is promised those
who attend. All are invited. The
object for the occasion is to have a
good time. The floor managers a re
Ber Foster, Tom Suddeth and Frank
Scivally. 27-3 1,
Mr. D. J. Kendall left last night for
Muskogee, to attend his duties as
court crier. The Ardmoreite follows
him to keep bin posted on home hap
Lum Johnson agent for the New
York Life insurance company, left
this morning for Velma and other
western points in the interest of his
If you want good jewelry or silver
ware, go to 1. 11. rarker. lie has a
large and well selected stock, and his
prices are low. Every f rticle you buy
from him is guaranteed to be as rep
resented. As many as three le.ters
will be cut free of charge on everv
piece of jewelry or silverware bought
of him.
Judge West, contemplates a trip to
Paris to attend to a number of impor
taut cases in the federal court now iu
session at that place.
Jee Barral rejoices over the advent
in his family of a thirteen pound boy
Saturday night. Mr. Barral will not
vouch for the correctness of the scales
but he will swear the little fellow is
there in full twenty horse lung power.
Sam Greenwood, well and favora
bly known in Ardmore, has bought
the Bringman & Frasher Oyster par
lor and In connection therewith will
run a first class short order house.
The trade of Ardmores elite is ear
nestly solicited. Next door to City
Bakery. 27-4t.
Editor McAdam, of the Chieftain,
is off on a trip to Kingfisher, O. T.
where he was sent as a delegate to
attend the statehood convention.
Oysters and fish served in any style
at all reasonable hours next door to
the city Bakery by Sam Greenwood
Hon. Solomon E. Jackson, went to
Mu ikogee Saturday night. He will
take in Paris court before return,
ing to Ardmore.
A limited number of o'possuras can
be sold if brought to this omce ny
Wednesday afternoon. 27-2t.
A days sunshine dries up Ardmore
mud, but that blessing does not pro
vide suitable street crossings.
T. V. Powderly has resigned as
master workman of the Knights of
An enr?ged husband in Indiana
wiped out the entire family and
then killed himself.
Mexico is in the throes of an
other revolution which promises
to assume alarming proportions.
The rumblings of war are heard
in the Europpan ranks. France,
pain snd Itally are involved in
the disturbances. r
Senator Mills of Texas has been
consusulted by. the house Ways
and Means committee and his sug
gestions asked as to provisions of
the new tariff bill. The bill as
agreed upon knocks out the sugar
bounty, lets whiskey alone and
levies an income tax on corpora
tions, bequests and inheritances,
direct and collateral.
At a meeting of the American
Legion of Honor, Chickasaw Coun
cil, No. 1232, the following resolutions
were adopted:
Whereas, That Supreme and All
wise power that created the earth
and all things therein, Who holds in
His hands the destinies of nations,
and at whose command the Heavens
roll back as a scroll, a power to whom
we all bow in reverence and submis
sion, has 6een fit to remove from our
midst and to transplant to a lovelier
and fairer world, where the many and
endearing excellencies of character
shall blossom to full fruition, our be
loved sister, Sarah Agnes Whitting
ton, and while we yield, our love, sub
mission and obedience to that power
that doeth all things well, be it
Resolved: That in the death of our
beloved sister, the earth has lost one
of its loveliest characters, the commu
nity a true Irieud and companion, the
church an earnest, faithfnl christian
worker, whose ear was ever open to
the Master's call, and whom grim
death could not appall at bis an
proach: for she was ready to go home
to her Savior. The bereaved hus
band and children lose a wite and
mother, whose vacant place no one
ean till, whose memerv and loving
care will remain enshrined in the
hearts of those she loved in life, until
time and death shall be no more
and that this Lodge has lost a well
beloved sister, whose many deeds of
kindness endeared her to all our
hearts; and that our sympathies go
out to the bereaved family in this
their time of sorrow and deep dis
That a copv of these resolutions be
furnished the ARI'Moritb ior pub
lication and spread upon the mm
utos of this Lodge.
Max Munzesheimer,
Jo F- Williams,
J R Best. commit: e:.
wmtrd-Tn-o furnished rooms, salt
able for Ugbt hoane-keepins. bjr iuau
and wlftWUh ou child. Addreaa "Al
pkwbet." tills See.
Mm Rattled With a nully and Knookaa
Him In m Cocksd Ban.
When Sir Richard Burton was trans
ferred from Fernando Po to the con
sulate of Santos and Ban Paulo, there
wae a tunicary of Capachtna, French
men and Italians, which contained
some curious specimens of muscular
For example: "One of the monks
was a tall, magnificent, and very pow
erful mu, so ex-cavalry officer. Count
Bomebody, whose name I forget, then
Fray G . Before he arrived there
wae a bully in town, rather of a free
thinking class, so he need to go and
swagger up and down before the sem
inary and call out: "Coma out yon
miserable pettieoated monks! Come
out and have a free fight for Oo or
the devfl.' When Fray O arrived
be heard of this, and it so happened
he had liad a English friend, when
be was with his regimes tt who bad
tsmght him the use of his fiat. He
found that his brother monks wu
dreadfully distressed at this un
seemly challenge, t he said: 'The
next time he cocoes, don't open the
fate, bat let the porter call me.'
"So the next time the bally ap
peared, It was so arranged that the
gate was opened by Fray O (the
auai crowd bad collected in the road
to see the fun), wno looked at him
laughingly and said, 'Surely brother,
we will fight for Ood or the devil. If
you plea.' So sayiog the friar
turned up his sleeves and gown, and
told his adversary to 'oome on,' wbion
he did, and he was immediately
knooksd into a cocked bat. 'Come,
get up' said the friar. 'No lying there
and whimpering; the devil won't win
that way.' The man stood three
rounds, at the end of which he whim
pered aad halloaed for mercy, and
amidst the Jeers and bravos of a large
4towd the viUage cock' retired, a
taaaa of jelly and palp, and was never
Seen within more than half a mile ot
the seminary. . .
Editcr Ardmoeeite -The dis
tinguished and celebrated editor
of the Chieftain, in. a short para
graph of nis o)ost recent issue dis
poses of our idea of a munjcipl
Kovernment to his own satisfaction
by intimating that as he has tried
the system once end faileck We
the citiaens of Ardmore are not
capable of carrying it to a success
ful issue. In the same issue only
on another page appears four solid
columns under a big scare had of
resolves, to wits, whereases and ex
planatory notes . regarding and
appertaining to the Chickasaw
Nation's method of governing its
territory which Bro. Mc. has here
tofore seen fit to criticise and for
which criticisms he is threatened
with expulsion from the nation.
Sow if the non-citizens can not
govern themselves locally and the
citizens can not govern themselves
nationally to the satisfaction of
our esteemed friend why wont
some of the powers that be, create
a small sized kingdom, people
it with willing subjects and
plating on the throne thereof
surmounted by a glittering crown
our fellow journalist, let him show
to the vulgar world his own pet
method of ruling. 'Twould be a
Eight worth going many miles to
witness and Cardinal L d ter
as ' the power behind the throne
w.'uld make a fitting setting for
the scene. It seems to us the
Chieftains chief has hardly given
this matter proper consideration
since it was first spoken of in the
Akdmoreite. It seems to us his
objections are absurd. It seems
to u he should hare agitated this
matter before as it is of so much
importance to to the city in which
he lives and it seems to us he
should not get on the dumps be
cause he was not the originator of
the scheme but shou'd help us
pull the proposition through by
taking the advice in the heading
above and "Flop over Mc.'!
Many Citizens.
Brass buttons, whea sent in an en
velope to a young roan, means that
the young man either possesses too
much er not enough of the brassy
article. We leave the true definition
of the matter in the hands of a cer
taiu young lady and gentleman in
this city. However, these mat ters
ge nerally adjust themselves, and, be
lieving this, we are surs that such to
kens of a lack of the article named or
sn overabundance of the same will
be amicably adjusted by the parties
Tie GalTBstca ani Dallas
To Csap Apaca with tho Frogrooi7
Times Kas lieon
EXtiA R(l ET TO 1 8 TAT. EM.
Thn Rivir.g ffa render one-third
more reading iuattr thin LoroTofors.
With tiiis jdctiUooH( 'frts TVBtKLT
News wul h- i-.urpnpssd by any (fun
eral nr?:ior ia the United fa.atco.
It Is Strictly a Newfjspcr.
It dooi not attoaivt to please every
body, but it does try to maee lUeii in
terwtiiuf to a TttK'ily cf maoora.
In political mutters it gives the news
and viv.-s of all sidos, nilowina tl;e
reailer to intcUieeitly deet.ie ior hua-
nir u ail tree Aiuoricau
should. , .
Upsides it full end Renral news f nat
ures it contain iiiuetrauous by lamotis
artists and
Notwithstanding this increase Iu l9
and in oipeuM ths price tamnmM tUo
One Dollar a Year.
If you are not familiar with It eend
for a free sample eopy. convince yonr
self of iisraerits.tlionsiib-.cribe tnrongn
your local s.Tnt and be happy; or yon
ean romit direct to
A. H. BELO ft CO , Publishers,
Galveston cb Lmllas
Borrnt by draft, paHofttce ordor. Pa
ciSo. Wel!:-FarSo. American or United
States oxpross monoj ordar. If sent In
aiy other m&uier it is at tho sender
CVt Itb t)r. McCoy, opposite Iron Store, Ard
mfere, I. T
Specialties: Operative Snrjrery, Diseases ef
womvn ana cnuureo; nervous dtseoK-s . raen
mstism and diseases of the skia. Has had
over twenty one year practical experience In
Lives a general I'ractics Permanently located.
N ..
Seedless raisins, London layer raisins, loot
Muscatello raisins, citron, evaporated
apples, peaches, peara, aprleots. drW
flKs. staffed olives.niineed meat, t reaeh
sardines, olive oil, plga feet.
Barley, mace, white mustard powder
ed, white mustard seed, ewlery aanee
cracker meal, aodels, lsaf sage is
. packages.
The most complete stock of fancy
groceries that has ever been
carried in this city. You are
cordially invited to call and
inspect my goods'and prices.
Free delivery to any part of
the bity.
J. Til. WORTB7.
Spot Cash Grocer, McCoy Building,
Mais St. - - Aediioek. I. T.
old homes in the southeast
$3 Santa Fe Route
oks m m ies vm m
Tickets to be sold Dec. 19, 20, & 21, '93
good roa EKTURK
A Special Train consisting: of Free Reclining
Chair Cars, Palace Day Coaches and Smoking
Car. will leave Ladonia, Texas, on the morn
ing of December 19th for New Orleans via
Kosenberc: and Southern Pacific Railway , with
out cbnnge, making; close connection for all
Bontucsstern points.
Lampasas Branca trains will make close
connections with thtftpecial train at Temple.
A Pullman Palaefe Sleeper will be attached
to this train at Rosenberg.
In addition to above route, tickets will be on
sale via all lines through Fort Worth and
8hreveport or Memphis.
For detailed information as to rates, routes,
time or connections, apply to any Santa fa
Agent, or write to
W. A. TP LEY, W. 8. KEEN AX,
lrsv. rabs. Aet., tien 1 rasa. Agt.,
Dallas, Texas.
Galveston, Texas.
WOfflce over.Citj. Nationl Tank,
Ardmore, I. T.
-Officeup stairs just across the
street In front of court house
Ardmore, L T,
n. s. "DBHJfBH,
ferOffl"e over First National
Bank, Ardmore. 1. T.
ajrOfflee up stairs near the court
9"Offlce over First National Bank
Ardmore I. T.
Have c-s Property
von mean business.
rou will do well to see
me, from the fact I will
see twenty men who
want to buy where you
do not, and I believe I
can make my commU-
eiou and get you your
money before yon can
sell. If you have
Property to Konti
Or wish to rent, buy or
sell yourself, come and
see me.
Office over Williams Ss
Boyd, McAdam & Co.

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