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F. E. WiLaoir, Editor.
B. 8. W. Pittst, But. Man.
Breting Paper & Sunday Morning.
Mail and Express, v .- :t- a.s.
Kansas City Xxpress, :3S p. m
Mail and Express, lt-.lO a. m
Kansas City Express, 1.0: l a. aa
Train stop on signal.
I. R. Maso, Ticket Ag't.
W. 8. Keixan, lien- Pass. Agt.
AMIVAL3 and departures
South bound mail closes 5:45 p. m.
South bound mail arrives 6:1S p. m.
North bound mail cioses 10 a. m
North bound mail arrives 10:20 a. m.
Night mailt are closed at 8.30 p. m.
Money order department is open
at I a. m. and closed at 6 p. m.
Once hoars from 8 a. m to 6 p. m.
Sundays from 2:30 p.m., to 3:30 p. m.
John 6. II am ex, P. M.
BcKxaiBS Hardt, Deputy.
2 Opera. - House 3
Thursday, December 7.
The Greatest Event.
Positive appearance of the
world famous comedienne,
Aided Bj
John O. Gilbert.
Joe Gara thorn,
And a great comedy east,
in the fanny comedy,
4 4 Shoo tin' Craps."
City Drug Btoro.
Opposite Craam Bakery,
J. H. HUGHES, Prop'r.
Ardmore, Ind. Ter
All kinds of territorial drinks aad
the best brands of cigars. Good
tables, an orderly house and gentle
wanly treatment of customers
Mad and slush are abundant today.
Dr. Yarbrongh came in this mrn-
iag from Paris.
DRESS GOODS reduced M per
eot at tho Big Iron Slore.
Dr. Hardy, or Overbrook, iraa in
the city last evening.
ONE QUARTER OFF on cloaks at
the Big Iron Store.
Mrs. T. E. Wifeon is quite ill at her
home on North Caddo street.
ONE QUARTER OFF oa clothing
at the" Biglfon Store.
Deputy John E. Stephens came
down from Daugherty last night.
Wantd.-tTwo furnished rooms
address Ardmore Commission Co.
12 4 tf
Geo. Holder came up from the farm
yesterday and is circulating among
his friends.
Diaries for 1894
Moore's Book Store.
London &
dec 5-5t.
Will Cheuny, with Bert Foster the
job printer, returned from Paris this
A full set of teeth for $7.50.
dec 2-tf A. E. Walters, Dentist.
Capt. W. F. Bradley, a prominent
commercial man of Dallas Texas, is
in the eity.
ALL boys', youth's and men's sui'S
and orercoata reduced 25 per eent at
the Big Iron Store.
Mr. Miller, who has been indispos
ed for several days was able to be up
today, we are glad to state.
We are headquarters for holiday
goods. Call and look through our
stock. We will sell anything for a
small profit. Green A co. lwk.
Mr. P. W. McCoy, who has been
confined to his room for the past sev
eral days is able to be out today.
For the next thirty days I will
make a full set of teeth for $7.50.
A. E. Walters, Dentist,
dec 3-tf Ardmore, L T.
The Ardmoreite, of Ardmere, is
the most enterprising daily in the
,fctoeaw,Na?n--GuthriA Leader
Silas JBojiftxfnS mjsd
last night where he had been in ai
tendance upon . the United States
Wanted To trade a good team of
horsee for a place ia Ardmore. Call
on me early. C B. Lado.
dec 6 tf Central Hotel.
R. W. McAdam president ot the
recent statehood con ention, will so
journ in Washington this winter.
Perry Democrat.
Satisfaction guaranteed or money
refunded by tae "Noss Jollity Co."
in their unique novelty "A Quick
Match" at the opera bouse, Saturday
ere, Dec. 9th. lwk.
News of the death of C, 8. Stinnett
a prominent farmer residing on Cad
do about thirty-five miles distant, was
received today His death occurred
Monday after a lingering illnes.
the Finest Company
22 Ibr of sugar for $1 at the Racket
Store.' lwk
No sidewalks, uo crossings but mod
to shoe tops.
92 lbs. of rice for $1 at the Racket
Store. 12-6 lwk
Mose Long, a full blood Seminole'
Indian, was released from jail yester
day on bond. Capt. Stowe bought
him a ticket to Pur cell and sent him
on bis way rejoicing. ' ; 'I
cents a
the Racket Store.
l2-6I wk.l
Mr. J. E. Boles missed the tgrd
Monday night and in , consequence
did not start on his visit to Eastland
Tezae, until this morning, . -
Calico 5 cents a yard at the Racket
Store, - , , 12-6 lwk
Mc- Harris, one of W. F. Whitting
tons gentlemanly salesman who was
called to Paris as a witness in the fed
eral eourt, has returned and is again
at his post of duty.
- The Racket Store is a rusher for
low cash prices. 12-6 lwk.
The dissolution sale by Moritz &
Goldman offers bargains never before
offered in Ardmore. 12-6 tf.
traia passed through going south this
Moritz & Goldman will dissolve
partnership Jan. 1st. Until that time
their entire stock will be sold at actu
al cost for cash. 12-6 tf.
"-. M. C. Pettig'ew sold yesterday at
public sale a number of mules and a
threshing machine. Lee Gait bought
four of the mules. The sale was to
satisfy a debt.
Sam Greenwood having bought the
oyster parlor and short order busi
ness of the cream bakery has re-arranged
things and is prepared to serve
first class customers in first class style.
Ladies are especially invited and
assured of treatment acceptable to the
most fastidious. His cuisine depart
ment is in the hand of a first class
cook aud everything served over his
tables is of unquestionable quality.
11-5 tf.
Our stock must be sold before Jan
uary 1st. Cost aud cash the induce
ment. Moritz & Goldman. 12,6 tf.
.Lett night it began to rain and con-
?t i-aidaiffht when it
the ground was cov-- ed with a white
shroud. It did not -uiaiu long how
Master Carl Clod, son of Mr. D.
P. C.oyd, late editor of the Ardmore
ite, arrived last night from Fort
Smith Ajk., and will remain here
with his father. The youug gentle
man is only thirteen years old, bnt he
made the trip through without trouble
or unusual incident.
Those in need of anything in the
line of dry goods, clothing, bocts,
shoes, furnishing goods, or
hats, can save money by calling on
Montz & Goldmau. 12-6 tf.
Sam Greenwood makes a specialty
of short ordere -at all hours day or
night. tfl2 5
changed to srV .TaySfr1 rff
A Success of Magnificent Dignity.
rr llalsaBRaSHk IssVsallsM twsSsaLi ssbb IsHSsmI
1 N A
Ever Seen in Ardmore.
Mas. Hattm Baixbt JLuraa Hsv
BKur This Mokxivo. , .
Mrs, Battle Bailey, wife of O. &
alley, eommltted aaieide this mora
lag about 9 o'clock by ' hanging her
self. The reporter was aa the soeae la a
little while and learned frem Mr.
Bailey the following parti u Jars.
feaiiY trouble was the eaaee leadlaer
to fatality. It appears that this
bar fifth effort at takirj her Ufa
within the past few, Sottas. Mr.
Bailey; said tola mernlag before day,
fMi. Bailey asked him to A drug
store and get her es-rtfai7 which
he did. On bis return he head a"f
noise as If something falling heavily
on the floor. He rushed into the
room and found bis wife had fallen
from a box on which she was stand
ing while fastening the strips of cloth
tern from a sheet and twisted into a
cord, to the staple in the eeiling.
She was choking but by quick action
the cord was removed aad her at
tempt thwarted for the time being.
o i n : - .1 a j i
. biD ,orrT for h,r Mti.
saia sne wouia give up -me iaea ot
self destruction. Mr. Bailey was re
quested to go out and gel her a cup
of coffee. He did so and it was while
he was away on this errand that he
work was completed. Mr. Bailey
says be was not absent exceeding
twenty minutes. Tha body was
swinging from the ceiling suspended
by th- same strips of sheeting with
whi . she made the first attempt.
Mr. Bailey cut her down at once but
life was extinct. The neighbors were
informed of what bad happened and
quite a crowd of curious spestators
were soon on the scene.
The trouble ia the family dates
Galvanized Iron Flues
J. M.
. Roofing and Guttering.
- a , Manufacturer of
r feiHiirr:; roih corn ice.
West Main Street, -
The City ffiH
A.J. TfOLVIETOS, Prttldtrnt.
J. A. BIVENS, Viet Pretidtnt.
EO. B. EDWARDS. Cttbler.
DO 1.ACT, Attitttat Catbltr.
Capital, $50,OCO.
Accounts of firms aud individuals solicited,
lections and proceeds remitted promptly
m hi
.vrfTrs fiN. t .
No Advance in Prices. Prices, 25, 50 and
back to iaei May aad was brought
about ny charges of infidelity the
Fart af tha wife towards the husband.
Oa yaeierday they had agreed to a
separation and ahe was to htve left
thla snorniag far Denison. Her
things had boea packed aard carried
to tha depot bat owiag to the Inclem
ency or the weather aba decided not
to go until thie afternoon.
From a colored woman, who lives
near it was leaned that the woman
was very unhappy and that she U.ld
her that she would rather die than go
Mr. Bailey is deeply affected bal
ha does not feel that aay
blame can be attached to him. When
the reporter reached the house, the
markarOf the cord were plainly -risible
around her neck. Iertb-cne jCrol
The remains will be hurried tomor
row. .
Ifhrs the woman may have'
been wayward aad brought on her
own unhappiness, yet who can refuse
to throw the mantel of charity over
her past and have a sympathetic feel
ing for her sad ending.
Later. Since the above was put in
type it has been learned that the body
is being embalmed and will be held
subject to instructions iroin her pa
rents in Missouri. Telegrams have
been sent and a reply is hourly ex
pected Drs. Roberson & Brown are pre
paring the old Harshaw restaurant
building for the reception of their
immense stock of drugs and will be
open tor business next Saturday.
They will carry a complete line of
drugs, toilet articles and holiday
goods. They are men eminently
high in their chosen profession aud
we receive them with open arms.
Gents furnishing goods, clothing
and hats at eost for cash by Moritz Jk
Goldman at the Blue Front. 12-6-tf.
carters For
and Well Tubing. Tin
- . - Ardmore, I. T,
Ml of Ardmore
Direttors A. J. WolTtrtom.
J. A. BiTtat, C. A. Simmon.
R. T. Dalltt, B. J. Williama.
H. JT. Fottt. H.U. Fttltrf.
Surplus, $2,000.
Special attention given to eol
11 II? fill
Seedless trMM," Ia4oa layer raiting, loose
Maeeateiio raiatee, citron, "porW
applet, Jobi, tprieoU, drt" '
. ast.etaarad oUta,!ni9d moat. Treaeli :
tartUBea, eU-rsell. pig ft.
Barter '--. whtlo mtuterd poirdsr
md, white atrntlerd Mod, oWtry mic, . .
ertKvk.tr saoal. andelt. Im( uh i ...
. packages.
The most complete stock of fancy
groceries that haa ever been
carried iu this citv. You are
cordially invited to call and
inspect my goods and prices.
Free delivery to any part of
the bity. -,
Spot Cash Grocer, McCoy Building,
Maw 8t. Abdmobk. I. T.
SECan Find Relief
R. L. BOYD haa established
in Ardmre a Wherrell Bi
chloride of Gold Institute
for tbe permanent cure of
the whiskey or "bitters," mor
phine and tobacco habits.
Is the best Bi-Cbloride of
Gold preparation made, and
it is endorsed by the United
States government by being
used in the National Soldiers'
Home and other Federal in
stitutions. o
"References given by people
that you know, and whose
cure you must acknowledge.
gts-rAnybody desiring treatment
will do well to call on Mr.
Boyd. Office over City Drug
Store, Ardmore, Ind. Ter.
DR. R. H. ALVIS is medical
adviser for the Institute.
F. M. EASTHAfil,
(Successor to J. H. Harshaw.)
fresh Oysters, Fish and Game
served at all hours, and in
any style.
First-class in every par
ticular. F. FUASTIIAM.
Corner Main and Mill Streets,
Ardmore, I T.
75 cents.

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