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15ourt-d at tb polaea at Ardmora, aa aac
nj clau mall matter, fimbi i", 19S- .
Arduous, I. TThurs, DaO. 14.
F. K. WiLSoK, Editor.
La auiPFc may not take the
place of Santa Claus this season,
but the outlook now is that it will
be an unwelcome guest at many a
Christmas table.
, an epidimic of train robbing
- seams to be passing oTer the conn
try, but well directed leaden pellets
. administered with promptitude are
bo t effective in checking its prog
ress. The Indianapolis News shows
how . slight is the difference be
tween the extremist of the two
parties in relation to the tariff.
The McKinleyites want it raised
and the free traders want it razed.
There is a complaint in Massa
chusetts that the laws of that state
alltiW females to marry at 12 years
ofoge. The emigration of school
marm, however, would seem to
indicate that the law is practi
cally a dead letter.
Press dispatches from Wash
ington to the effect that Governor
Altgeld n il not be a candidate for
United Stales Senator r.ext year
are not only authentic because
they are authorized, but because
they ar in direct line with what
was stated in the early part of lst
Congress is starting off in a
business like manner. The tariff
1'ill is occupying its attention and
is receiving that study which has
marked its steady development
since the idea was born in the
Democratic party. That this con
gress will pass a tariff bill which
will redeim the pledges of its
advocates goes without question.
T 8 beginning to dawn upon
the Bcpublican press that the em
p'oymeni of arrn&Jaftrfor"the
restoration the Quesn of
""ifawan has never ' been a part
of the policy of the administration.
The fact was clear enough from
t'ie beginning, but now fiat it has
been seen by the Republican press
it may be considered as univer
ally recognized.
Mh. D. P. Cloyd went to Davis
today with the buzz of a news
piper bumble bee in his ear. Dick
is a good fellow, well qualified
and all that, but when he tackles
Davis with a newspaper he will
find the hell box will be his fate
Davis ought to have a paper but
its people as a rule dont want one;
they are not sufficiently advanced
for that innovation on the rights
of barbarism.
Mr. LixdsaT, the railway mail
superintendent, has apparently
been running a civil service reform
bureau in this part of the country
Be forms Democrats out and Re
publicans in; Democrats away from
the polls and Republicans t" the
Civil service reform naa been
needing reversal for five years. It
will take five years of pulling the
other way to get an even civil ser
vice deal for Democrats. Evtn if
the offices should be taken out of
politics, the separation should not
be made until a resemblance to a
balance appears between Republi
can and Democratic party work
ers. Tha- Cleveland administra
tion canon a nonpartisan platform
make several thousand removals.
this winter without giving the
victors more than half of the spoils.
Put the parties' ob an even foot
ing in the offices and then it will
oa early enough to talk about tak
ing the civil service out of politics.
St. Louis Republic.
Any country merchant that wants
holiday goodi ean get bargains at
the Conor Drag stere tireen co
3wkv . ;
Our stork must be sold before Jan
nary 1st. Cost aud cash the inducement.-
Mori tz A Goldmuuiv 12,6 tf.
If you want good jewelry or silver
ware, go to T. II, Parker. " He has s
:arge aud well selected stock, and his
prices are low. Every article you buy
from him is guaranteed to be as rep
resented. As many as three lexers
will be cut tree of charge on every
piece of jeweh-y or silverware bought
of him.
Kewspaper life appear to bo ve
exciting in Russia. An editor In Kursb
re.-ently- discharged a proof-reader
Utrr ia tbe day the man returned,
killed the editor and then oprro-d fire
on the staff. Two wera killed an-,
tbe others escaped by Jumping out of
the window.
What ia claimed to be the largest
torpedo boat ever constructed will
shortly be launched at Xante.
France. The length of the boat will
be fifty meters, and it ia estimated
that she will attain a maximum need
of twenty-six knots an hour. She has
been namc4 the Lansquenet.
An interesting sentimental cere
mony was performed in England re
cently when some friends of the dead
poet and translator, Edward Fitz
gerald, planted at his grave a rosebush
that bad been grown from one that
flourished on the grare of Omar Khay
yam, the Persian poet, whom Fitzger
ld paraphrased so prettily into Eng
lish. Krnpp employs 10,000 men, who,
with their families, number 30,000,
constituting the bulk of the popula
tion of Essen, while over 3,000 are lo
cated at various branch works, and
tbe total number benefited by the
numerous charitable and philanthropic
enterprises of the firm Is estimated at
35,200 workmen, and, with their fami
lies, 87,9X) persona
An interesting occurrence at the
Carlisle Indian school the other day
was the marriage of Otto Wells, a full
blooded Comanche, t Mary Parkhurat,
an Oneida girL After the ceremony
they went to Wells' home, in Bucks
county, Pennsylvania, where he is a
tenant farmer. He is a graduate of
tbe school, which he entered as a
blanketed Indian boy.
I Tbe common oilcloth used for floor
ing naa a basts of very thick oanva
woven wide so as to be without seams
This is first dressed with oil, which is
carefully rubbed in; then several
coats of paint are applied and allowed
to dry. The colors are the last put
on, being printed with wooden blocks,
and that is the reason why, with a
little wear, tha colors disappear even
while the oilcloth is still good.
An Atlantic City, N. J., photogra
pher, .Mr. Shaw, prod aces a phot
graph at a single exposure, whicb
gives five different Images of the sam
person in different positions. ThW is
accomplished by placing the sitter
between two mirrors placed at an an
gle of forty-five degrees to eash-otherT
The doub'e reflejtiojr-between theso
mtrrtw3PCK!aces four images of the
persocfplaced in front of them, the
principle being the same as that of
the ordinary kaleidoscope. The orig
inal face is made in profile and the
reflections give the full face, opposite
profile and two rear views.
Tramp Madm, I was not always
thus Madam No. It was your
other arm you bad in a sling this
Mr. Watts I wonder if a woman
ever does 'get too old to marry? Mr.
Watts That's pretty hard to answer.
Age does not always bring wisdom.
No wi tall There goes a young artist
who will maker bis mark soma day.
Orowler He'd better b-gtn now; he
can't sign his name so anybody can
read it.
"Your husband is so magnetic a
man." said the visitor. "I know it,"
responded the wife. "I tound a steel
hairpin sticking in his coat collar the
other day."
He But don't yon think yon could
learn to love me? She It might
serve, like Greek and Latin at the
colleges, not for use, bat for mental
exercise. I'll think of it
The Poet Did you receive those
verses I sent yon last week? Tbe
Editor I did. "I haven't received
anything for them yet." "No; but
you will. The court will not convene
until next week."
"Do you take the dally paper?"
asked the newly installed janitor of
the apartment house. "No," replied
the lady to whom he was talking,
"we subscribe for it, but the people
in tbe next flat take it"
She Yon mustn't try to kiss me at
the station, for there are so many
people there.? He, protestingly
But everyone will think we are
brother and sister. She And we will
be, too, if you attempt it.
"Was his injury accidental?" asked
the New York man. "Not exactly,"
replied the man from Brooklyn:
"Whs do you mean?" "Well, yon
might say it was in the natural
course of event. He was run over
by a trolley car."
"It am a mighty good thing fer a
niggah to hab a hopeful an' sangwine
dispos'tlon," says Uncle Mose, "but
Wen H gits sich a bolt on heem dat he
b'leebea he kin git a libbin' by wa'tin'
fer it, he is got a little too saogwinity
fer to be any good."
"I know exactly the character of
the lady I am about to marry." -"ilw
did, yon find it outrV. Why. i took
one of her letters- to- aa- expert in
Handwriting. " "Wano't that rather
indiscreet?" "Ot no; I didn't give
him the original, but ar copy."
"What's tbe price of aa accident
ticket?" asked the traveler, "Well,"
replied tbe agent thoughtfully, "if
you take the last section of the train
we ean make yon out one for a quar
ter. If yon propose to ride in the last
car of the first section we don't want
you at all" j
oue wrr akd mmtm
Writers Wamr Tketr atralaa
Vp SSesT Uk Tata T-
1. Miss I want a pair of shoen,
with pointed toon, the same aa I bar
Storekeeper Tea. ma'am. Kladlv
let mo see the sue.
ft. Storekeeper-Jy gralons,I don't
think we haw any oi those ta atoekl
Foreigner What do you Aceerteeae
do when the officials yon elect fall tn
their duty to the public, aad hue their
own pockets?
American Do? Why, air, we hold
indignation meetings yea, air, otv
righteous wrath passes all bounds of
roprlety, and we actually bora them
effigy yea, sir.
"What do yon do next"
"Next? Why er we go b- to
our business, forget all about U, and
elect 'em again.
VaMr Haetefcy.
Eastern Mas (In the Rockies This It
a good healthy country, isn't It?
Western Man Ya'as its healthy
enough, el yea dont pot oa too many
Aaetaer ftrate.
Wife The doctor says X
change of climate.
Hnsband Well, the sky looks as If
we'd have it tn a few hours.
Highwayman Halt! My turn hat
come now. Yon are the book agent
who button-holed me on the streets of
Boom City, and I had to buy one oi
your bulky volumes in order to get
away before a crowd collrcted.
Bood Agent Y-e-e; but I am selling
an entirely different book now. Allow
me to show you
Highwayman Save your breath!
Your money or your life!
Book Agent; Moaeyl I had plenty a
few days ago, but the courts decided
that I must pay the funeral expenses
of all the people I had talked to death,
and it took every cent I had. Now,
just glance at thle prospectus of the
latest, best
But the highwayman had fled.
Aa American Ilarato.
Modiste Haf yon look of er see new
fashion plates I send yon?
Lady Yea, very carefully.
"And vat you decide?"
"I have made a composite photo
graph of them all, and I wish yoa tc
make my dress look as much unlike H
as possible,"
Old Gentleman Ah! this la a grecrf
piece of journalist Is philanthrophy.
The poor fellows are evidently starv
ing, and want bread more than any
thing else!
Alderman (HIekey) running for re
election) Everybody come la aa have
a drink wid met ' . !
FiepeieeT for Bmjt
Sehwiglsss Vatery ehse glass
peer. Vat music to-night?
Walter Vogaer.
Mr. Sehwiglaae Siastr vaterl
Id a seheonor.
Wart, KT
- That LMf U Wut
Shava "Xada tha Con crewman CTiah Ha
Uida't Aik4JaMtloaii .' :
The congressD -.a was tailing
stories. s
"It waa on me, oaoe," bo said: "1
had a friend who waa dry aa a humor
tat, bat not always dry as a drinker,
and when he was full ho did foolish
things. One of thest waa . bay a
Jack mas for $500, and when be sobered
ap and knew what he had done he
sold Htm back to the original seller
for atoa Naturally the lose of a hun
dred made him sore and he did not
Ike to be twitted about it One day
I saw him on a mule waiting in front
of a store and I spoke to him. He
was just full enough to be serious."
" 'Hello,' I said, and be responded
with a nod.
" 'You are a Judge of that sort of
animal yen are ridlng.area't you?
'"I don't know that I am particular
ly so,' be said earnestly.
" 'I thought you were ta the busi
ness. "'No, I ain't'
'Didn't you buy a Jack for S500 not
long ago?
"The crowd that had gathered gig
gled, and he looked more serious then
" 'Yes, I dld.'ae answered solemnly.
"'What did yon do with him?1
asked, with a wink at the crowd to be
"He looked at me solemnly.
'I helped elect aim to congress
he said, without a smile, and tbe aowl
that went up made me seek shelter ta
the nearest place that could be found. "
Ilavo ;-i Propoxrtjj
If you mean bssiaess,
yon will Co well to see
me, from the fact I-will
see twenty men who
want to buy where you
do not, and I believe I
ean make my romsais
sion and get you your
money before you cam
sell. If yon have
Psroportjj to Homt?
Or wiih to rent, bay or
sell yourself, reme and
see me.
Office over Williams h
Boyd, McAdam & Co.
TaS (hlrestci ni Mu
Tama airtse fas read an
mora raadlne matter Ma bm-tyo'of.
Wits tbi additional as Ta W MUI
Hmw will ba auorpaaaad u; eaa-
aral Mirapapar aa tba vaitM anavaa.
It Is Strictly a Newspaper. -
It doaa est attamat ta aJaaaa ararv
body, bat it daas try to maka itaaif t-
avaatiiie to a anar at raaaaa.
I aniitiaal mattara It slaa tba
and vtawa all atdaa. aUowla ate
aadar to iaWlUeaaUj lei kiaa
aaU. as all tra ianmi altlaaaa
Baaidaa Ha fall and raosral aawa fvat- f
araa tt aoatalna UlaatraOoBa fcr faatoas L
artiata sad 1)
ros thf tri
Hotwtthstandli e
One Dollar a Year.
If rnu are set familiar with tt aau
for a fraa sampla aopT. aoorta rr
aalfof liamariM.thaaabaaTlbe tfcrema
yonrlaealarant aad be happnetree
aaa ramit diraet to
A. H. BKIiO CO.. rubliaasssv
OabvasToa oa Pii.i.ts.
amlt br draft, paataflaa rAw. Fa
40. Wella-rarco. iaariaaa er Ualto
aoaaa amina.a aaliar. U mm ia
any oUmt atatuaar at fa M sae aaeaVs
I 1 I lb
i , via va
Q Santa Fe Route D
ve all reivri i
MI88188irri. Ta" If KISSES',
. AL0 TO
mm m mimmi
Tickets to be sold Dee. It, 80, A 31, 'IS
oooDiroa rrrKK
wrrniK s atb.
A Spaelal Tralar tomtttamg ef rres Kaellalaf
Chair Cars, falaoa Day CaaehM sad Smoalng
Car. will laavs Ladonle, 7exaa,en tha aaara -lag
af Daeembar I9th far Maw Orlaase via
Boacahars aad Soathara Paella BaUway, with
out ehaaga, aaakiaf eieaa eeaaaeOea fer all
Soatbaaatera utiaca.
A Pailiaaa Palaea Slaapar will atlaehae
to this traia st Boaaabai-f
Ia addiUoa to abova rests, tlekats wslV ba aa
ala via all Haaa throagh fort Wanh aa 4
tbravejMrt er Kampala.
far datailad iBfansatloa as te rstee, reataa,
ima ar eaaaaeuona, apply to I. tt. Maaoo,
ilakrt agcat, Saata r raata, Ardn era. I. T..
r wrlla to
Tra. I'aaa. Apt., - Oral Pan. A P.,
. PalUa, Jra, tialvratoa, laaa.
The " ' ApdMoF!
By Ardmoreite Publishing Company,
Yos Need Job Work of any M
- JSjaTagwwaaaBr
Patronize Tha
. Mi' I
For tbe wrongs that nssda rsaiataaaa
For tha raase that need assist ansa,
tor tha fatare in the distance,
And the food that we can do.
Hate the wrong and lova tha right,
And patroniie tha AtdKoMra.
- ra

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