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Daily Ardmoreite.
Wo will give with every
25 cent ruth piirehasn an elc
gaut piece of hcet miuic,
costing from 25 ceuts to 60
reult in auy music tlore.
To .Wruw tl.buu, wltW took
lock n-cnrlty, rut mouth.
KIt. rr e.nt coram nalou-Cor
rlllat trc)irly ir In.traown
Ul lu tale, otbcrwli notbJke
N. H. McCoy.
Guaranteed Largest Circulation of any Daily Paper Ever Published in the Indian Territory.
18, 181)4..
. V7. T. BO DINE.
the Exclusive Control and Sale of
Prices Seasonable and Terms Easy: Acre Property
a Specialty.
In tho midst of the addition, 300 feet pqunre, is reserved for a ncliool building. For par-
ticularf, apply to or nddress
Box 39.
Bodine & Zuckerman,
Weighed Down by a Scuso of His
Unlit, C. M. Ilnworlh Places
Ulmecll lu tho Hauds
of the Law.
Capl Slowo hat returned from Hous
ton, Tcx where he went after C. M.
Ituworth tho Itoek island embezzler.
Tlio prisoner was taken to Unucnn
where he will haro a hearing before
Commissioner Reagan today.
There it something very pathetic
connected with the causes leading to
tho apprehension and tho humiliat
ing cuudltiou iu which the young
wan is placed by his deviatiou iroiu
the pnlh of rectitude. Ilawurth is n
young man ,of good parcutago and
np.rudld educational utlalnmuuts. He
bud been in tho employ of tho rail
road company ns agent and operator,
and allhctimool his disappcitinuco
last August was tlntioucd at Torrid, a
town south ol Duucau, ou the Hock
lslnud. During that mouth ho
skipped with 1,31)0 of the company'
funds Atul disappcniud, eflcclUHlly
t-vudiiig all the cflorta of tho com
pany to entire his arrest.
All' ut a week or ton days since,
while in Houston, he Attended a re
ligious revival and became converted
to religion, alter which his llrst act
was to telegraph tho superintendents
of thu railroad and also the express
company of his whereabouts, and his
desire to surrender uud make resti
tution. Not hearing from them as
quickly as be thought he should,
lie went to tho bheiltT and told
him of his crime and asked
to ho taken In charge. Aftor satisfy
lug himself of tho man's sauity and
earnestness tho sheriff took him in
custody and untitled Captain Stowo.
Ilawurth had changed his name,
completely covered up his identity
nnd Inft fur hla voluntary action would
iu all probability uovor have bceu ap
prehended. Ho says ids dual lifo and the knowl
edge of liis 'crime' made lifo a burden
with ouch a 'dread constantly hover
ing over him as must attend a hunt
ed animal with the sleuth hound iu
pursuit. (J ii every baud hit con
cicuco emoto hlin'with a senso of bis
guilt until' at last his Ideas of chris
tian duty influenced him to rnako a
cleau breast of everything aud abide
tho terrible consequences.
He says ho Invested tho money lu
lauds which have greatly enhanced in
yaluo and which ho will soli and with
tho proceeds mako full and completo
financial restitution to tho injured
parties, while he will mako no effort
to cvado tho punishment of tho law
for his moral wrong.
Captain Stowo bat the utmost faith
in his penitence and Is deeply Impress
ed by bis tlncoro desire to lead a
changed lifo, oven -though to accomp
lish his aim, -It boiug nocetsary for
him to wear 'a felons garb behind
prison bare. That "tho way of the
transgressor Is bard" is most cicarly
exemplified in bis case.
Ho will bo brought hero lonnnor
row for incarceration.
tho olhor day uud ono of thorn was
carried to Purccll to bo tried belore
tho commissioner, mid was bound
over under u $200 bond to appear at
Ardmore. All tho proceedings will
cost tho government perhaps several
hundred dollars, nnd parties whether
guilty or innocent, a like amount, and
a great deal of trouble, when it could
havo bceu settled with almost no cost
hero lit home if we hud a local court
to try such cases. Wynnowood Re
With its brandies running in every
direction, nre the arteries and veins
which convey tho blood to every part
of tho tystcm. A cold, sudden
chnngo or exposure, may cause
poisonous adds lu clog tho circulation
and thou comes Rheumatism. Ho
ward ifvou valuo lifo remove tho ob
struction with Dr.Druiumnmrs Light
ning Remedy, fiend $5 to tho Drum
inond MrdVclno Co., 48 Maiden Lane,'
New ork, and they will send you
two largo bottles by express enough
fur n mouth's treatment, with full
special directions. Agents Wauled.
16 2w
While congress is wrangling over
territorial matters they should give
ns somo kind of a towuslto law and
graut us charters for tho establish
ment of municipal ge erumcuts with
Authority to disposo of petty ca?esof
misdemeanor. This would givo us
bettor government nt less cott to nil
concerned. Then a
Business Kducatiou to be Given
the Most Popular Young Lndy
Gentleman by tho
Tmlgo Hardy returned from
wyu yesterday afternoon.
Kaglo lye, $3 n caso,
On Monday next tho Ardmorcito
will opeu a voting contest for a
scolarshlp in tho North Texas Uusl
ncss College, located nt Gainesville,
nudcr the nblo management of Prof.
J. M. Rudlsill. It will bo open to
both young ladies and geutlcmcnthc
ouo receiving tho highest number of
votes to bo entitled to tho scolnrshlp
frco of chnrgo, which will carry ho
or she through tho cutlru busitics
coursc'iu cither, bonk keeping lu all
its phases or short hand and type
writing. Tho contest will bo con
ducted under tho coupon system
which will bo published from dity to
day, which when clipped entitles tho
holder to one vote. Rules and regu
lations governing tho contest will bo
published in tho Ardmoreite Monday.
This is a rare opportunity for a
deserving young lady or gentleman
nt Racket
1G It.
For Sale Fifty lots lu southeast
A rdtuoro. Apply to Lum Johnson.
30 tf
Wanted A situation by au ener
getic young man. Call or address
"Energetic" this olllee. 80-tr
Constablollill was up tho road
yesterday on otllclal buslncs .. ,
Clutrctt snip, 100 lbs., $3.60 a case
at W. O. Huston's Racket Store.
, 1G 4t
J. II! Spragtns Sc Co. meet any
body's prices on screen doors.
17 If.
For Rent Some nlco rooms. Apply
to .1. t. Hoyd near tho Presbyterian
church. 18 tf
Hon. C. 11. Keudrick returned this
morning trout Purccll, where ho had
been ou business before commis
sioner Thompson,
Woman's Friend soap, $2.75 a , case
at W. O. Dustou's Racket Store. '
10 It
Tho best grades of liianllla aud sis.
sll twino at .!. it. Sprugius & Co.
17 tf
Just received a carload ofsawod
oak fen co post which I will sell cheap
for cash. Apply to John William.
6 tf
C. D. Carter returned last evening
from Purccll where ho had bocu con
ferring with some patties coutcinplat
lug leasing tho now hotel when com
pleted. Nothing detlnlto lias bcon
agreed upon yet but morn than likely
a trade within tho next few days will
be consummated.
Itothcnbcrg & Schloss' Spanish
hand made, long clear Havana 'liter
clgnrs, $1.7.' a box at Racket Store
1G it
Do you waut your furnittiro re
paired by ono who knows how to do
It and do It right Call at cabinet nml
job shop opposite publolUcc. .ivij
Lawrence. tf
To (jet a oan of the finest French sar
dines we .bave ever had. Thev are just
simply elogant. G-oods are arriving dai
ly iresh and nice. Monday We will have
a big toilet soap day. Oome everybody
and get your goods at half of what you
have been paying.
20 pounds stand, gran, sugar, $1.00.
23 pounds dried grapes, $.00t
g'ood tobaQcpK25 ce n ts a pou nd. .
California plfJms, crapes, apricots," I5c.
I. 1 Richardson Lumber Company,
(Capital Stock 150,000.)
Lumber, Sash, Doors,, Blinds,
Lime, Cement, Etc.,
Ardmore Ind, Ter.
to obtain u business education mid to
town tax could
he collected and tho streets nnd other I
- .f i.i t.i i.i
name umu wiwiuui mi) cuubiultiiuiu
their popularity at ouo aud tho
improvements could bo curried ou
with tome system. Wynucwood Ito-'
If you contemplate taking ail vim l
agn of tho very low rato from 'l'oxns
points to California, that nre now be
ing quoted by tho Santa Fo's Route,
do not wait much lunger, as on nnd
After April loth, 180-1. California nito
will ho restored to rates iu e lie el Feb
ruary 2!lrd, 1894, which nre as follow:
lbt class limited lu 110 davs, $60 00
1st " G 62 00
2nd " " G " 35 00
Rouud trip " July Sib, GS .10
"9 months, 80 00
Until April 11th, 1891 inclusive, tho
salo of llrst cInss tickets from all Tex
as paints on its iiinin Hue nnd Paris
brauch, at; tho following very low
figures: ,
Sluglo trip, limited to 6 days, $20 00
Round "if " 60 " 35 60
Tho'llld-wlntor fair at San Fran
cisco it now Iu tho height of Its glory,
aud you cau rco all its beauties at a
nominal oxpousu.
For Information regarding tickets,
lime tables and sleeping car accom
modations, apply to thi nearest Sauta
Fo agent or address,
W.S. Keen an.
General Pas'nrer Agcnt-
Firo Chief Taylor gave an excellent
imitation of a man in a runaway iu
front of tho Hotel Royal yesterday
morning. Tho department was mak
ing a run, aud Taylor was with tho
Helm hoso cart, to which his famous
horses, Frank aud Kate, were at
tached. In somo manner tho cart
capsized aud Ooorgo'j head was on
tangled iu wheels. Luckily, ho re
eelved hut a few slight brultes.
Gulhro Leader.
Trot out your candidates nnd pro
ceed to groom them fur tho race. Re
member tho polls will bo open Mom
day morning nnd will so continue un
til Wedueedny aftomoou, nt G o'clock,
duly 26.
Anothor rcasou why wo should
nave local courts hero is that two of
Subscribo for tho Ardmoreite.
a deck, writing lablo, counters, shclv
lug, or any cabinet or job work of
any kiud, then call at cabinet aud Job
shop onposito postotllco nud Jmvo the
woik none as it ought to bo.
tf W, 13. Lawhknck,
5 c; s w m i
1 3 i-Hl
2 -S - I
o w 3 ca
91 fl 3 B a p
i m "-3 n
I - , S ... O
H ' . 5 -a O
' S "" S S 3D
" w a . . n
a W
! M I w
msm fs- au
l mrM turn WM
After using Drummoud's Llgbtuiug
Remedy lor Rheumatism, according
to direction, for teu days, Mr. Joliu
W. lloyonton.of Hampton, Va., writes
that lio cau walk and attend to Dust
uess, which be could uot do boloro.
This Remedy has a remarkable re
cord of cures not ouly relieving
pain, but restoring all tho functions
of tho crippled limbs. If you want a
euro, eond 5 to tho Drummond Medi
cine Co., 48 Maiden Lauo, New York,
nud they will ship to your express
address two largo bottles of their
remedy, with full directions for uso
Agents Wanted. 16 2v
Now is your cbauco tosoenro yonr
local dally uud tlio Fort Worm Uully
Gazotto for tho small sum of $1.10 per
mouth. This is ouly teu cents moro
than tho regular niouthly price of tho
Statu ok Ni:v Yoiik,
Ai.hany, .lauunry
w Yoiik, ")
12th, 1891.)
. .lumen K. I'lrrcx. tonrrlutciidcnt of In.ur-
niicrui iiiu.uiiriii -.nw i ui ft. uu iirrtuj crril
ft Hint t!l New Vork life In.oriince roiiiiinuy
mi mr tnjr in ..rtv iui.i in ilia ainir VI prff
lork. lb nuiy nuiuniiiiM iu iruntnci nil" bn.l-
iir.H oi ino lufcnrniicv in una biih.
1 lurtiicr ci'lllfv lliut. In iK'conlitnrn with
tlii ihuvIbIuiiii of Mellon Hi of Die Imuraiica
law of tile Unli' of New Vork, I li!ircnuimllh
policy oulu'ntiont or tli nkl cnmiuiuy, oul-
Iniiuinx on lllii.'lnt dur of Decrmilrr. IMCl. lu
be mluiil h hit till' coinblnvu extivrl. ncu IrIiIu
of inorlullly.nl 4 it-r cent llili n.t, nnj 1 tlml
llio ni'i viiiiio iiii-rcoi, on ino siti uuy n itr
ci-nibcr, ltun, to b
812S 0a,072.00.
I furlhrr rrrtlfy tlml. from IUhiiiidhI Main
mrnt lor Iiueemlwr .11. IrtM. lllol in tliit 0n-
ii.ni I me nt, llio cu' uriilua. to liollcy-huMuit in
SI 7,025,030.18,
on Hie buili ofnilmlltnl nrt
after ili'lurtlnx llicrclrom the net reserve
($l24,mni,i!72.0U) n r.ilculnlcil by tUoUiimrl
mcnl, mill nil older Iliiblllllei,
In wlliiim whereof. I lmvn here-
nnto mibtL-ribiil my mimit, hik!
ImcAL.t cnueU my olBclnl tenl lo be urHioil
at tlinclly of .Mbniir, tho tiny mij
jrnr nr.i aiiut.i wrilien.
8uierinUinlent of luturunce,
L. O. KoilKltTBON,
General Ageut, Ardmore.
Places all kinds of iusurauco with responsible comnaulci Flrn nml
Lightning, Tornado, Life, Accident, Employers', Liability, Plato Glass.
Steam Rollers, Etc.
All companies roprcfonted lu this ngoiicy aro old aud tried; You do uo
experimenting wheuwo plaAe- your husiucss.
Assets sulllolont for all poxsiblo contlugoucles, as tho following list
fully demonstrates:
Mro and Tornado. Ortranlzod.
Insurnnco Company of North America, - , 1792
llarltord Firo Iusurauco Company. . . lHIO
fierman American Iusurauco Company, 1872
Firo Assoclnllon, ...... 1817
Scottish Union and National, ... wi
London and l.ancnsLlro 1'lrc, ... iHGl
.Manchester Firo, ..... 182 1
Caledoiilnn, - - . - . ' . . JHOA
Niugnra Fire, ' i860
Springlleld Flro nud Marino, -' - . -18 19
rennsyivanin fire, .....
Orient, 18G7
Wcstchoster Urc, 1837
2,091,G9 1
Total assets flro Insurance companies,
Life. Organized.
Mutual Lifo Insurnnco Company of Now Y'ork, 1817
Accident, Plato Glass, Etc. Organized.
Fidelity nnd Cnsuality of Now York, 1870
Employers' Liability of Loudou(nssct lu U.S. only) 1880
Otnco First National Ilauk, First Floor, Ardmoro, lud. Tor.
" 1,190,977
$ 3,861,761
Tho grand Jury yesterday evening
returned a Iruo bill of ludintincu
against M. Jackson, Ftiporlutoudcu
of the poor farm, charging him with
DurliiL' tlio early tmrt of tho week
tlio grand jury nttompted an investi
gatiou of tho affair, but tho ofl'ort was
unsuccessful, tho wituossos rofusiug
to testily. Tho commissioners court
was iu)scsslou aud ono Miss Halo,
aged about 46, am inmato of tho poor
house, was summoned beforo that
body. After boiug fully assured that
no barm would como to her from
testlfylugjSho told tbo court that Jack
sou, by threats of having her removed
from tho house, succocdcd iu gaining
her pormissiou for Improper relations
that haro coutinuod ever siuco with
more or less frequency.
JJr.Jacksou was placed under bond
and released. Ho stoutly a" sorts bis
inuoccuco. Gnlucsvillo News.
Tho trial of Sam Kiggx, ou tho
chnrgo of abduction had a very ecu
satlounl denoumeut. At tlio con
clunou of tho trial tlio girl mado a
movo to go In the direction of IHggs,
tlio mother checked Iter aud declared
that sho must go along with hor, The
girl commenced to cry aud said, '!
want Sain. I cannot livo without
him. Ho 1h (ho only man tjmt.I will
lovo lu llio world, Old ,1 jnust go
with Sam." Tho mother Incited iu
ynln, thou bIio cxcIaliiiQd). f If you go
with him wo must part, fo.rovor."
"Then, mother, wo will parf. forcvor;
I cannot give up Sam." 'Givo me u
farewell kiss, daughter." Tho two
ombraccd and tho girl throw herself
Into tho arms of Sam, and thoy. loft
tho court room arm-Iu-arin. Deui
son Herald.
Ily clubiug with tho Gnzolto tho
Ardmoreite is abio to oiler to its
readers n most oxcellcut combination
of local aud general news, all ivcsh on
the day or happening for ouly $1.10
per mouth for both papers. tt.
Last ulght tbo nudiouco which had
gathered to sea tbo McCauu Kendall
Coiupftny;in"Eat l.yuuo" were start
lod nud much Irightcued by a threat
cued lire wbllo the play was iu pro
gross. A lamp on a pianoby the
stago was toppled upou tlio tloor by
a child aud brokou. 1 be oil look flro
instantly, which created agrcatblazo
aud stampeded tho gathering, but the
flames wero soou suppressed, the
C. T. Urauy, Jailor and deputy
sheriff of Collin county, Texas, Is in
tho city ou his return from Oklahoma.
Ho has been to Guihrlo on official bus
iness which resulted most unsatisfacto
rily but ou his returit ho meet with ti
streak of luck with which ho Is Tory
much pleased. Last February ho lost
a vory raluablo blood hound through
tho thlovlng proclivities oft at that
time, unknown partio. Deputy Ab
llurch was an old tluio frioiitl Mr.
Brady nud ho was nodded" of th'o loss
and koptu closo w nlch for tho nulmnl.
A few days since ho located tho dog
llftesn miles cast of 'Davis. Yester
day tho two went to tho placo nud
I found tho stolon property lu tho pos
session of a man named Goodwin, n
brother of fuo man w lib had stolen ami
brought him to tho territory. Tho
dog know Mr, Brady at slghtaud was
delighted at his restoration as much
as was bis master. The thief will bo
caught aud dealt with accordingly,
Mr. Brady will return homo this after-uoou.
I have for salo lusido nronorly pay-
lug 33 1-2 por eeut ou tho pjico asked.
Call at oueo if you waut tho gYcntcft
Dargnut over oiiereu in ;ne ctty.
8co Douglas half page ad. of audience reseated and the plaj pro-
Fcrndalo Addition in thin issue, grcssod without turthor Interruption.
Joint II. Smith has removed Ills
storn from West Mam street to the
room lu bis b'rick building adjoining
his old grocery stand. The cuaugo is
a decided lutprovemoot both as to
location and appearance.
See DwUgW( half pa go ad. of
Ferudulo Addition lu tuia irniuc.
11) tf
the boys lu town had a llttlo "scrap"
uazctto aiouo. ii
0. Y Guiucsvlllo Kcglster,

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