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The Daily Ardmoreite. (Ardmore, Okla.) 1893-current, July 20, 1894, Image 4

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The Cozey movement has struck John P.
Smith's stock of general merchandise like a
cyclone, and he is determined to meet the
hard times full in the face- and .sell to his
customers so that they can pay and live and
"buy again. Don't fail to see him in his brick
on the corner of Main and Court Street:.
KALI 87.
Tb liel ol frb nai '( ' I'-h-mi rh t.ri-.
Fir lt bat'h'r ant r r-al to inu --uH-Jtc -ri.
l"f"e aad prompt 'i-)ier a ' parn jt Ibe it .
Manufacturers' Agent for Heavy
UnrKtiii id iftntipr.v, trncli n. antumntic and plain tiyinca.
a!i ki'ii!- of Iwi ti, c tton ginH o wl pretie, tR-t u fai 8, el
vator, 1 nc aL -tit, pullcyc, ti-IUngo n oiime flttinic, bind
prfi, clf-rkc, (lriipiin, inotreia, thrcalirt. liy precfeea
t'jiir, oil, cteM etc.
South Caddo Street.
For licit turnout. iii(Ir or doiilic, bu vartca. aurrlc hi1 I.h kh. KxperifiicMl j
drivt r luri nii'l inuli M u i .iniiii.i."U.
r ass BeawXflss
l-uccs. r to Jt.IIK T. ALKX AXDKIt J
The Leading Druggist on Low Prices and
I liavo loitMwl tlio above Iioiih. A pnrt of j-mr p!itronnp(i go
Mailed Tabic mil Biirpamml in tlio Indrun Tornlory.
G. W. WILHELM, Proprietor.
The Star Grocery, headquarters for every-
'iJtl'iiig good to eat, at
r . .ti , .n
prices, win meet, an uumTjeuiiun, i ry mo
and seet
Second door east of postoffice, Ardmore,
I ill it
iho. m.
aCa "iCa
Fine Stationery, Perfumes,,
and Toilet Articles.
Finest Cigars in town.
Prescriptions a specialty.
Call and see me; I can in
terest you in prices.
Ladies, don't forget Friday.
Prescription Druggist.
the lowest possible
: a: -t-
Temble Headaches
Ayer's Pills
-1 ur"t lrr t!
Ajr Cajlir- of
toe m. T-7 Si
ea m. ?
IVbea, ! asr a 0
aaM sac aeie &:
!B 4 Ve ar-4,. & Vv sr W
Uim y,- it sfl ak fMj ilI to O
u u rtu) ftmM. ' - - - I' O
n n taU- 1 W a Ktba Vet - j
riw j4fets-( u) fcr trr XJaaf o
sarUua; u rrUfr tors to mtc:j xt
Arr" - 1 fatA tekJC thai o
niaataal. Ok a-lavl! bat in Im aa O
teu tin, eat, satu at pmst. sassans S
n unit nn I bat 11 w " o
t . JIXAX. Smt. Tl O
Prixe Medal at World's Fair
Cnlf, Colorado and Santa Fa R'y.
&l;H BOI NU.
' iJers ."kt tr U pi
ioirrf bocxd.
, Jali w v C Ban w
M W a-
Clahifn a4 Kaaaa Ut IWM ItUl.
1. It. Kaoov, Tfefcet Ag'L
W. S. Khevaji, Oen i'at. Az'L
Arrlral and Bepartnrc (7. S. Mailt.
Soma bonl mail cloe MS p. m
iioath Iiwm mail arr:.r- 6:13 p. to.
Korth boa nil lanil Ho- 10 in
North botrad msil arrives lOrJO a. in.
Kljbt atailv art rfoswl nt 8J0 p. in.
Uoarv order dtpartiueat ia often
U H a. m. and doaeu at A . Hi.
QrScc bour frcm fi a. ra to S p. m.
iUadaXK from t p. mM to 8dH p. m.
Joii.v fi. Hammb, 1. M.
Scum mm Makuy, Deputy.
Caisam 'ara--rraaaUrr I treat. r
rtea. rVvrT Lor4' a7 at 11 w a at aJ ti
p at o-lr trhA . t s. as. Pimjct
Mtla tnmry Wvtawlsf . J II am. Ckoir
araetlc rT rrajr (irnta ! Is p. aa.
usaias' AI4 mtir ' -nr I ssto ukriMi si
errry Taoeiyalrtt at rfacaaaoaaed raeii
Lard't 4 oaTaert' asratia iral LArt'a
47 la n awaui. All are eeroiajir latiBM
all Kiikti. I K. Msasa. Baaarlaiea.leai
taaaaracaaM) VoiaT Jofeao, rsM
lorn aarrtar CtjK-n-Hr4r7 Mr,
5rles cmy 8aata at II i m. aMdeaa,
HrtMavsy trart.
It no 'duel n(ytT firtnj! l ) a ia
i. Ckoir
araeue rnamt raia ai
SraShl'Safl. I'a-lor. u II. Ilrae
, CUrl:. t.
Hill, MeprnaJaaocitt.
oivii' socirriit".
Mfiil Lodga Xe . K. of I'.. aSrM rrnj
Taarwbtr arat at 7 30. Hall avim4lr oaert
kqaw. Ceart Htwl. Viltla Kmgiu eur
.rnllf iorllad.
W. K. McKcltkt, C. C.
J. T. IIowmh. K. K. A a.
Antor I4e So. II, A. V. aad . M , '
mt I ihrir ball ua Math Uadte trl. tb
Rial SaianU alfbt la task muatb, ea or bw
for. th fall ovm4
It li. rwtr, Worabtpral Muttr.
A M.hilumaii, axrefary.
Ar-t-not Ubapter. No
II. lioeal Arab SIk-
. iia
i. fDtat IM
lr ball or Wblula.tou'.
fourth Tbarvta
alrfbl la oaeb montu .
Mll.ltt lll lwi.t
H. ktLLtaAK, Soemarj .
ArHiaara Camp So
S, Woodram of Ihr
ia. aw
la tkair
r ronat at waltunauM
Hall rrvry a
, la aarb Moalb
, aUaaal.
aad foartk Moadar aiahu
VitlUag amaiaigaa InrliwI lo
1 C M KaanaitK
. liioaoa IlEko, dark
coaial coraraaatl3r.
Adverti.'O in the Anlinoreite
MoPK P&e
frfaiaafptfa Ti fl a a tm nmmaue O Manei t rt
HAUfiUt IhLAlC mnU DUtmU
. , . AND . . .
Free Reclining Chair Cabs
From Texas
. . . TO . . .
St. Louis, Kansas Cltj
and Chicago,
Staking cloae connection wuii fast trains o.
ISottvrn and .Northern Hues lor
Now York, Boston, Philadelphia,
', Buffalo, Montroal and St. Paul.
Tlo "Knly" now rum to et. IhiI over Its
ownriMla. Ami Is tliuoi'.iycuntinuoiiillnu
from Deep tVutor to j
St. Louis, Kansas City mid Hannibal.
service unsurpassed.
Information cheerfully f urntshod by
iame8 iiAiticnu, tr.a.ouvsti,
Cr1 ftni III. 1,1., Cat im jn,
r ,",-, jHM.,X.t r. Ky.i.-t
tr.Loiu.so. iitio.v, i"
! Th Itul i o- Ik, TOatfe !
tjwiatW as tnah.
Ta f the aantlr woaoWfai tlbe
lis r ia the" worti r Igeated
within ta temtary tf Ctaa ae fire
arte Mvata of TfcnfrrilV aof t
-stater .wratr-Sve talk? rrt ml St.
3ry-f , Neither is reaaarkaM? on
eat f site, and to the Wt of mr
l-no.rVta-e Ike dignlfrlaf; title of "ear
era" ax arer Wen" Vetowed a
ntker of toe two. Thy iaiatjf com
wHkia tae eatjTy wroderaI b
e of tk Ibbmh maWr of lU
Miit. of rar.oet ttxet awl eol -
which oVpead froat tb r roof. 1
aiH- tfce a aaar T-nnril. .
"IrCfmi a. --La Virjfia." aJl the other
jt tbeaaaaeof 'h "Blk ! Warnor."
THe Virxia wu (Siaeorere4 a few years
go by tbe ooctr.rV)r of aa irripatiiiir '
yspxn. who ar v eBfaed in
, aririaa; a taaa! thtaojgk a moajitaia
catV4 "La Yirjria Pnah" for tae Par
nate of Xapfing ta rtrer Wjood. 1
Wba the lifht was flrat let into this :
( wn4erfal aa4erar'Nil ehaaaber tb
' fl'-t K uU to hav bca atartlia? .
the reef afci iour plittatfB? with
rabs and Miata of amatal aaaai aaii
i the oraf taioe4 iritb nuiUaatt 0t rais-
1 lKmvotoadUUcUte.
I The "Blaek ITaniar'lcarfe'b a eoa.i
! Verpert of the Virgin afei tva dtMoe
i ra by Miners at a paiat where their
tunnel tra Mi it b.-naath the ar
Alton mad the VxntirrbHM Control Itv
tn Th.ia llandr4 of tt Uhis.
A carefal eititaatof the iveelth at
the JUtote paU it at SMn.O90O.OM, aud
tfati Brakes the iumay the riehaat ia
the United State. What Sft awre, tae
treatth of the AUr is in isah ' shape
that it eaasot bat increase, for Ike
reaaoa that it la frilt-edged Xew Ysrlc
Cilj real estate, aoioe of '.rbiefa ban
within the paat ten years iacraato-f In
raloe 700 per eeat and ik ktill apfrJ
atiaj;. The policy of the Aston ha
always been to bay real atate on the
line along which New York City b
sow exteudinr and hold it for a riae.
rarely selling, howeear, bat Imildinjr
and ranUas- instead. The remit la
that the Aetor propert1! are in ralna-
ble lands, in britk. iron, stoaa and
mortar instead of in (1 actuating blocks i
and bands, the fixed rulue of which is !
always uncertain. As a family the
VanJerbflts atand next to the AsUm
in the matter of wealth, ami their
riche must lie considered in the
, atrregate and in
1 tndiriduul fortun
eoraraon. Mnee their
trtdiridu.il fortunes are iooll , so to
kpealc Yon will often hm? Corneilut
Vanderbllt, the present head of the
nonae, naolert as twing worth 3S(v
house. qBototl as being
OOO OOO. Of edune he
Is not wortli
! aBy "tieii amount.
Cornelius hii nwl
of thoVanderbilt millions but thoe
who know tay that he is personally
not worth abore SW.000,000, if ai
Hoar Can.dlam 4ttil K.quluiiac M.iiiieb
Their Canine Cnurir i
Mr. Cameron In his talk with a ro- !
portflr tokl of the d" that are ued j
for blodcin dtirirjfr the A'inler In the !
Northwest territorie of Canada. j
Hlx or eiht tlut arc used on each j
hledjje. They are fod inly onoe in
twenty-four hours, and that in in the ;
morning before the start is made, and ,
after the ihijrs are in harness. At
that time about foir pounds of frozen
fish nro K'trcn to them. Kverylliing '.
mutt le in readinewi for the start, '
and the men muit look to it that they '
are at hand to jump on the ilod;ft,
for at the very instant that thn lat
morsel of Sail disnppearn the dogs aro
oil at a brenk-nock speed. Strange as
it may seem, the drivers do not dare to
feed the dog unload thoy aro .in liar
ncui. OtbertviKu they would scatter,
and nothing mora would be seon of
them. Tlioy are drircn with one lon'
rein attached to the leaJer.
A whip with a very short handle and
a very long lash is used to urge them
on, though in mott ease they need no
urging, for they nuem to feel that the
faster thuy go the quleker thoy will
come to the poxt where foml and
warmth and u lazy life await thorn.
They travel often as far as ninety
miles a day.
Ulijr I. u;
"It i a somewhut ourloiM thing,"
uhtorved a oouimerekil traveler, "that
eren the tnol fantidhms individual
whfi will reject with indie-nation a
tumbler that had been used by another
uinor bi note i, win not nesiuiic to
drink oat of a cup or glass on a rail
way train, although It may have been
, utMi iy thousuouj. ol persons, many
' of them of not over cleanly hnblta.
Thu same thing applies to the par
sons who use the loo-water coolers In
public buildingH or hotels. Why then
i played by person at a lwtel or other '
table as to the nse of a tumbler from I
I winch a sitiglu person natl previously
'allnual Air.
Thi' national airs of great cotintriei
are short, while thoe of little coun
tries are long. "God Save the (Jueen
is fourteen bars, the Itulan hymn is
tlxtcen bars, und "Hall Columbia" liai
Iwuuty-olght bar. Slam's national
hymn has Mrunty-lxbarH, and that ol
Uruguayttevmityi Chili's forty-six, and
so on. San Marino has the longest
national hymn, except China, which is
bo loug that people take half a day off
to lUteu to 1U
Clr. utatloa r the Illlilf.
The bible has been printed, either
wholly or In part, lu 3SI languages or
dialects. I p to April, 1S93, there had
been moro '.han 37,000,000 copies of
bibles, tusttmenU mid portions of the
scripture piinted in Ureat ltritulu aud
Atnurica, by varioui bociutlc, while
the tnilllous printed by private pub
llchcrs fimu'jt bo estimated.
. "
; And a S-Dlcndid Susincss will "be the
Mik mW mm mk M
t . .
jw In "-
m KilJtiM idl beljjnmioa .
' idgkid all .081) Bnui ,
- 1 in stllvjanUri u
1 ' -i JllBlb 8V
" tq w lod
& I7l
rar-i.nriar. i M m.

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