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The Daily Ardmoreite. [volume] (Ardmore, Okla.) 1893-current, August 23, 1894, Image 3

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i M.r,r. have foi: sale
Business property
Resident- property
Farm property
Ranch property
In and adjacent to
Ardmore, .
The Summit Oityr
See my township and
section maps. Reli-
able and official.
A QurerOld Conntry nnil Slrniico
Cmt'omi. HaveNotUliiK uutl
Want Nothlnc.
V. U. Ito"' of iho clly ol MpxIco In
In tlm cltv. In fotklng with llio AnU
luoioiiu rui.ortur rcKr.Ung ilie I'rst--Wliilc
Inud of the Monltzuiuiis ho
'Wo. nro v'ttlnjr on nicely down
our w iy now UcxIvmI, h u""'r old
couiilry, mid I jndn if you we
down tliui v yon would linvn h jjod
tinm if you wanted to lku lliious -b-fv.
Kor liftnnrc. If 11 dozen innrdnrit
of dUtliigula cd iteonlo 'nke plnco oa
riiv of ill'; diy irfci!(lhi2 Kri.Uy ev
ery dii'lvtlin rsa c n't o' thuia till
Kriclny. Tlmt it murdor diy anil tht v.
. . . ...... ....in I
lioiu everyumi m iwi i m .......
that dav. It i tlio same ltiliK with
miy other klud of news. It would lie
grossly uiiirofus.iuiial for ono pnner
llioru to sfiooj) iiuolliur. Yo8, tho ion
joiily of icoi o,''ibii to ho happier
thoro than th'uy o in thli eouutry.
To Uetniro thoy Imvou't nnyihlng, hul
then, the iimjoiity ol thcin dou't want
They Are Barroit.
Vfy Wih to Inlorm our jmtrons
Umt,Snin and Ol It'oherUon are burred
from the. prize shooting.
Caddo Street Shooting Gallery.
Cnpi. Whltlington, John Fielder
olid It, W. Jtandol will form a strong
Ardmoro eomuierchd Irlo to Xuw
York; (or the imrchnno, of goods. They
will'pibbnbly leave tonight.
Our Lmt Campaign Rate.
The Foml Weekly GhjcUc four
mouths on trlnl for ouly twouly.tivo
ccuU. ii-diicit on Tuesday nud Friday
of each wcokj eight iingns to each i-
nio, Lurgoslclrciimlloii in 'lexiiH. 'I .id
only noivupniior of xtiilu circulation
in Texw that fctandh for free Bllver
colnngd. ijciiil for sample copy. Ad
diem, Tho SuiiiMWklt Guzotio,
423 It Fort Worth, Texas.
The. reception and suulal hint uighf
given by Mr. aud Mrs. T. Y. Morgan
wn a happy s icccsj. About forty ol
The poutlicrn wmi'Ib of nummer
Tln i ti'hern wind" nf Mimmor
'I lie nu'herh winds ol siimmnr
The mi(ln n winds "f tununin
The Fouthern wind- of summer
The Bniitlmrn wind? of Miinnmr
Tho 'Oiithcni winds or 'tini'ii -
The southern wjn-ls "f (summer
Th- -oii'hrrn wind o" s-'jnin.'r
The southern winds of rummer
Thi addition now on tlic m-ukot. p0c iho watur-colod drawing f the p'at.
h,- lots are I'KlxIl f) aod I .1) it ; lUo Sou:h of Main atr.-ot, f.ti:o a 10 )-fot avonuo .vh'uh is nearly
Tor paitii ulnrs, )tnee?, etc , call oi, or addr. as
To Stimulate Business for a Short Time, Lots will be Sold
Rooms 1 and
til.- n.icl.'lv yolil'U pi ..).lo Mli'tid-d
niiil initiiieil tin 111 eiv s ill ini i i l-
''" ifiii wen, wieu i.y
. .. 1 1. ....... . . . 1. ..
nuMfM, ...
oci'ii-i'io wliloli mlduil iitrauly loiin.
rt I
tupji 'oj'1-. I
WnM.I-T rent a eotta nnnyen-
lent li liiiiiiiie-s. AppiV 111 llili I'lllcu.
,,2 lf
Charloy E. Edward's loft for
Borwyn today, whoro ho will
take charge of R. Hardy ' h moi-
onntilo interests. In order to keep
. . '
lumsoll postea no BUDsonoou to
41 r 1 t 1
tho Ahdmoueitk boforo loavtni'.
Prof. J. M. Kuaistll, president
of tho Indian Territory Business
Collogo, enmo up from Gaines-
villo today.
Capt. .1. 1. Gait returned from
Purcoll this afternoon.
Saturday -next Is tno day on
which the Purcoll Rogristor has
called a meeting of. tho farmors
to bo held at that plaeo for the
purpose of organizing for thoir
mutual protection. Ardmoro
should Horjtl up somo missionaries
to assist thorn.
Clean up your prumUrs. Your life
possibly, mid a doctor's bill almost
assuredly could thus ho saved.
Half a Dollar to Know It All.
For only titty ceuis you euii sol tho
SemUWeekly News ((ialveetou or
iJalhis) every Tuesday aud Friday lor
SiX UiOlltllB.
This will take you through aud be
youd what bids fair to ho oue of the
most exciting state campaigns ever
witnessed in lexas.
Hand &0 cents to your postmaster
or the local uewsdealur.or send direel
to 'A. II. Helo ,fc Co., I'ubhshors, and
get full proceeitliiM o( the politieid
procession in tno nest general news-
paper in tiiosottin wesi sixteen pages
a week.
One hundred, live, ruergetle, agents
WAiitvd tu work lifo insuraiico wilhiu
I lie Oklahoma and liniian-Tcrrltorles.
Goed and liberal cummUsinu paid.
(Jood compntiy and liberal features
Address II, M. Wolvoitou, General
Agent, Duncan, Inil. 'ler. H tin
Sulucrlho for the Ardin nvito
cannot contaminate the air with Hie ei'y't miasma in W rii-lulf aiU'iii-m.
cannd fill vour liomo with sanl ami tit -t from tin city's struts ami alley- in Find (' n l lithiii.
oa-ir-nt make yi ur ure.ou nn.l sli dv l.nvn n receptacle for blowing truth nu-1 pipera in Fcrntl tie n'ditioii,
cannot permeate ymir home with noxiou ens nii'l "dors in hYnnhilo nlU ion.
hu n torn rs lor tho honsowifi' or invalid hop In mo if! in Ferndale adlilinil
mu '-o music in tip br.mchrn of tho miisdve oak and hickory in Forndnle nddition.
murmur- to tho carrol of tho bird a in Fcmdiilc uddiMon.,
ktw tho waving lawns with temli hroith in Forudnln addition.
cool thf -lndv grar? 'neaih tho lafy tr.'ps in Konuhile ad-'iliioi ,
make life a iihadure in a home among thu verdure of Fi-mda'e ndilitinn.
Williams & Pennington Block, Main
Vny or Go to Jail. J
Tl-.i-qi. all u. of Jinw ,to collect!
snbscrii.ti.iiiR has hcen dL-etiwed
,y ,H.1M.V ,.0,lntrv. pnblishein
.. . ., . ,,
A M'tern j.nper silyo tjntt J'ti
I'eu'.tmper in JMiiMn re:entlv
brought suit, against firtv-threo
" f .'
men who would n. t pay their tilth-
ner ptionH, noil oot.,incd j.Hgmeu't
5ach cas.. f.r the anri.nt of the
Of t ,o.e. t weiity eiht made
n'f'l;H that thoy owed no imuv
than the Hw a hiwcd them, thli-
. ...
preventing attaehment?. Then
, , , , ,
under the dmi-don of thh .Supreme
ort ,,,.v w.-re arreted for petit
i.,m.y and h umd over in tho sum
jugyo ench. .Ul but nix euve bond.
The postal laws niiikc it i'Otitlnr-
cenv to take a iiaju'r and refuse t
pay lor it.
Tho Sherman
,want day
7 tf
Deputy H.T. l.i.iiUuy went to I;ula
Valley today on olllcial husluess.
Dr. Wiilvoi'lon went to. Gainesville
011 the afternoon train,
W. -M. SpaikT-returncd 011 tho al-'
ternooti train Irom 1 nacKcrviiic,
where ho had been to look after thu
thrashing of his nut crop.
Iouty Joliu E. Sleplicns, of Davis,
is in tho city.
Jim Cobb, tho Davis Indian, was
today htld under $"200 bond OyJtidKo
Scott on a charxoof assault. Ho was
committed .
An activr agent lu each county In
the United Stnto, to solicit subtc'iip
Hons for the Twlco-a-Week Itopublic.
A liberal commission wilt he paid to
IhisiIlth. Addrens Hniiiirti.lpiiitnnl .11 r.
culation. Thu KcpuUlfo St. louls,Mo
li. O. Uoberson Inlt this ultcrnoou
for Itowlo Texus on iuiportaut buti
ucss, Charloy Cravens went to Marietta
this allot noon nhnro ho will remaiu
durlug tho grain and cotton season.
Jobu lllrge, the Shornian cotton I
1'iiyer, who always operates in Ard-I
mm mm
morn duriup tins fill eaoii and v ho
hnM'bceu h'M'O for the psM few dav
surveying ih- ileid, rettirtieil home on
tlilx al'iernooii I ruin.
Deputy Uenfj;u ."jtewai t wont to
I'urli litis atleruoou on oliieial bui-
Wnliiigtnii, i. C.II. of P.
For this oeraxiou Hie (i , C. V S. F.
will soil round trip tickets Au' J'Jutl ,
JSril, slid 'Jilli Atdmni'ii to Wiisliiug.
Ion and 1 el 11 in at 'J3.10. Call iiiou
llio niiileii-lneil fur Itirtlicr iuloriua.
t lun . 1. It. Muf-on, Agent.
There were 25 f uirth-clase Pout
masiois appuintcd yesterdny,
Adj .urnment of Coiigross is not
expected now before Saturday or
There linn developed coiii-idor-nhlu
opposition to Hills alien Anar
chist law
fcnrveyor Scott Harrison of Kan
fas City, in pulling tho wlrVs for
I.t'S. t hiui o0 ineuihcrs were prc
to.nl lit the meuting of the House
nf I'preaentativoi).
The Treasury Dcpnrtmcut has
transmitted $185,000 to Gulvctnon
for work on tho harbor.
The Internal Hovontio Bureau
has completed preparations to op
crate under thu new InrilVact.
Tho .Senate Fhnce Committer
roported l'avonibly tho minor tar.
iff bills, known as tho "popgun",
tub OonKressiotittl campaign
committees nro prepuriug to pond
out pamphlets telling what Con
greet) has dono
An effort U hoing mado to luvo
a settlement made for tlin floizuro
of British Bealera in Beluing Sea
hy Undo 8am.
Today was exceedingly dull as the
term applies tu local happenings,
Advertise in tho Anjwiorcite.
M . - V
a mito long.
From $25 to $100
Street, Ardmore, Indian Territory.
M County' Cattle.
.Several of tho stockmen and rull
road oillcors at Woodward have hecu
figuring on thu amount of cattle that
will bo shipped from that poltit this
year, ami eouut on 10,000 car loads,
The stockynrds and chutes have re
eciitly been put In splendid repair autl
stockmen will have no trotihlolu car
lug for and loading their cattle when
thry (omu in, Tho chutes uro ll.tcd
!n such a (losttiun that threo dnr can
ho loaded at once. Guthrlo Leader,
Fur Sale One third interest In farm
of 'JfiO acres in bend of Wnshita river,
wariMiitee title from citizen purchaser
gets runt oil this ycar'i erop amoiiut
liig to '.50. Next ten days only.
'li lw Itnditio .v uckcrmnu.
The use.ol Hall's Hair Itcuowor pro
motes the growth of t l.o hair, and ru-
stores lis nut lit al color and hcatilyi
ficcs the scalp of dandruff, tetter, and
all impurities. lw
Lampnmu SprlUEa,
On each Friday aud Saturday dur
ing June., July, and August, (hero
will hu on sale, round trip tickets
Irom Ardmore to Lampasas, Tex., at
a rate o( C.M, good tor six days.
I. It. Mason, Agt.
A loan of $'.'00 ou short tlmo and
gilt edge security at n good rate of
iutorest. For further Information call
at this office or address "Cash," care
fuhscriho for thu Ardmoroito-
Dealor iu lino liquors.
All orders given prompt atten
tion. Corner Elm and Commerce Sts.,
Gainesville, Tuxns,
Asdguee'i Sale.
Nutlcn l tierby Blf n, that I will fll all tbo
l.rnp.rty. Utcly coiiTi-ynt lu ioc, by MIduIu
hilt, by a coruln ilrtd of m.Uuiiitat, cm
kltilLgof mlocl ofinlllluvry, IihU. capa, rln
tou. ioreU. iiiila, gloTM, fuitbrni, 9ur,
velv. It, vrlllDKi. fto , noil tliu funilturv nul
Hxtnrra. UMr Ioeate.1 In bulltlhiK. on Nortb
Ca'liu slrfetln the town or Arruorc, I. T. ut
publlo auction, (nr caib Inhsn l, lotbo Mgbutt
tiu'i br.t bklJfr on tUtimUy tbo stb, day of
MmtiTubor, IhHI. at the hDniduor ol tbo Uty
Nalloual Hank bulbtlftg In Ardmore, I.T. Kur
turtbor iiarUouluru vuqulre of the uuJer.lgucil.
Uiviu IlLuriiiD. .lgiu'v.
fbl, Augntt twt '
-.A h.
;.: i&s-.-
' -IF YOU llAVli-J
Nouses to rent
Farms to rent
Property ior sale
Loases to exchange
Call at my office and
Jist them
I'll Do Business,
Soe my complete city
map, showing ad
ditions. Dealer.
A hack leaves Ardmore aud Tisho
iniugo dally at,8 o'clock a. in., arrlV"
lug al each place at ! o'clock p. nit
Hacks pass tlirotigh Dm wood, F.arlo
ami .Maims vllle, Carry mail, paeseu
gers and oxprcs. Tho Ardmoro
hcadipiarlcrs at the Central Hotel,
Red - Express,
The New Niarht Train
On the Santa Fe.
-And --
The Quickest Time
Solid vestibnled train
Galveston & St. Louis
"W. S. Xdejian,
Gi V, A. Oftlveston, Toxas.

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