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I A1.S'. HAVIi l'Olt SAliBr
Re ident- property
Farm property
Ranch property
In and -adjacent to
The Summit City.
See my township and
section maps. Reli .
able and official. ;.
Thjr Cant Agraa and the liuttar
Auuult Ul'orutr With
m Stlck-Dlichuriced.
Krvtk .MollrMir'hd -s -titViufnllnr
wh(.n nnlfir i'Jftinif ll't'f'r. II up-jit-HM
tln-y do mil liHrmoii!)! on the
mhjT.td reUtiiiK to lh:ir rupucllTe
)u:ittnu. .'Jjfttnt? tloyti In" (hry hf-
cnmii oiiitrk'''! lit frn'u'lil, rrMiilt!h(r in
McBride,. -trlkhitf Iioors over the I
liotd with (i
fod 'z'il Ktick. Ho
tvu nrrpt1',d in wnrt-ftut 'MUfd
t'rotn .r dKi1-uthTion'ii.ctiariJ'Jchiirglui,'
him with ftsHiuli. Villi inlrut'tii mur
dirr. H tt. -
On iriHlh- wun dln'hMTjf'd for look
of jiiri'dictlijiu (J mdn1ut wuh theu
tusdtt hnt(ir,f!omniii'l()nnr .Scftt of
the Ardmorn court, on which jiroctss
Y. vii iftneil charging 'ageravatod a-
suit. Ho va givon a hearing today.
The testimony. pro huiI cou wan very,
conflicting rendering it .a knotty
)iietloti f(r the murt to. .decide, but.
alter hearing the evidence of the
partin aud 'calling in .fudge. Glbliotit,
who testified a in the evidence tJfep
iu hid court, t ho defenrinnt was ilis
ekarged. The. parlies Uvo m Kirl.
Robert llofiman," T. II. Par
lor's jeweler, wus bitten lust
'night on the evo-Jid by a spider, I
r ii f . , T , . 1
riosthat side of hiu-faoo in a
bling. Ho Buffered considerable
pain but dooB not untioipato any
,furthor HqriouB tro.ublo.-.
'-I .Prof. Boaaloy la still confined
to his bod from sickness. This
howover does not conflict with
his school whioh is moving;
smoothly along.
Charles Edwards today moved
his family and household effects
It Borwyn.Thoy will reside
there in tho future. ' .
Vrauk KZrrzr-pi Joll.lndlap,!
' e- w Va'J-S.i, j,.ri,v-tf " Q.',hmi today W4s dlsobarfc'Cd.-
Thn (iutlifTii win Ik of "iimnuT ennnnt rotitiimlnutc the nir witl thp cI'j'j iiiiasinn in Pth 'h1 ntl'l M i-n.
Tiii f u'hrrn wlmU of ..iimtner o.nnnt fill voitr homo, with sau.l ami dirt from 'lie city'" r ft n id nlhw in I'oritd nd I'Mmi.
'I lie MjiiM tirn winds ol Miimnir otmtxit tunic y-ur ;ri'fti nti.l nIi tlv I tvn n rnvptm-lo for l)'" lui; Imslt mpl piiion" in Fornd ilr lulilliioii.
Ti c JinitluMtt wihdRof 'unitnor e.'rtnnt ponnento your nnu with iio.iou pis nnd odors in Forftihiln addition.
Tlie foiiihcrn wind of mourner hn in terrors for tho liotifwifp or invnlid wIioho In nm is in Formlnli addition
Tho omithrn wind o' nimunr im'- e music iu tit- hr.itu'ltrH nf n m:Hivr vik nifl hickory in Forrfdnlo -idditinn.
-u joiithorn winjlti 'inn-n" m-uin r- to tV tNirrol of t.hf bl 1- in hrnl;ik- nldi'i m.
Tlit fHiHi"' ii in-ls if miinmi'r k'n t'' w-ivuiji 'awns with t n-or hrei'h in Foro-Hlc al li'ioti.
1 h- H' l:1). ni uintls o' h mm fool the lrid vrra-Mv 'ncaMi the I nl'y tr.vnih Kcrnd'lp udi'ltinn
Th( foutlnTii winds of .-unimer inako lift u j.l.a art' jn a home among tli.- crdiiro of Fnnda'u additiin,
'I'his addition now on ili m-ifknt. ?ciMh wat.-r i-olored drawing f tfif p't.
'I h- lots art) 10l).:r.O and l')tl tci-t ; aru houiU of Main nivut. fn'.e a lU.t-fi.it avonutf wlili-ft U iwrfrlv
For paitk-ulnr.-, priee;-, etc, t-all on )r addn-Hi
To Stimulate Business for a Short Time, Lots will be Sold
Rooms 1 and
I !,' on-; on home tNt ntti-rutiou.
; J'rom Mini it ic Iminlfi.l il-it th- ntrm
!f(..l (Jrwin of Pitiil- VhIIcv 'wns
flit 'ii th,pimfi y-'fi'rdxy iil'ii-rnoioi
n nn'ioiml trniirsp The cholco in
ri'rde'l a good ono
Itailurrd to 1-uvVr J II Coiniiilt. 8aU
plilt In Mri- Ills IfilhAr-
DrU'ilU ot the but! Miiclil (if n hoy
ol IU In Dublin wurn nivrn In tliu Dub
lin S.icla' I'.iTier.- List veU. In a
hmtvp in tho C nmtw lived u family
ci nKiinif of a iiioilur mid lour cull
uruii, ulio lia4 bffn we) to-do pcop'u
and were well (njutiect'.i, but owing'
to the bankruptcr and sulcldo nf the
father hiwl ben n-dnel to p.-nury
and obliged to live in one room, which
three othur fatoilles also occupied.
They vrtru Id ruirs and almost &trr
Inf. ' ,
A little wn of I? yas so dintnteted
at the sufferinpi l hfu mother aud
shtor Uial, In de?p.ir of btdnp ivhle to
tipM)rt thorn, ha bonirht wltli the few
hillinjri which hi had earned some
articles of clothing and impora entl
tlinjr .the buyer to insurance roapuna.
r He then wept and druwucd hluuclf In
oriler thiit hU family miffht lw helped
out of miners by his death. In his
.MMUh Ignorance he did not know
" th'atjlils doiDtr o would' be cutis dered
,4. jfruud and brfii? no lonent what
Tr to his dear onev This h the let
ter which the poor child wrota to hla
mother before ho went to his death:
"Dkah JIotiiur: J peut the four
and biipcuce half penny for yon
benefit, and I hops the money it 111
bring you will helpjyou to forlvo my
! rash bcU Tell the police to search !
h.arhor. ot VottoM o and when
I"0 '"tT0 '"nrt mo get them to writa
adscript on of mv cloths and what
I have iu my pockets. They will Hod
a cap mat cost alx-punce and will en
title you to 200 insurance money)
pair of suspenders, t '-jd. with a cou
pon ou thetn for i'300; a belt, Od, for
XI 00, and papers, ono entitling you to
1,000 and tho others to 300 each fn
all 3, ISO. Don't spend too much on
my funeral, and mlud the money,
which will uiakp you rich. Your
loy.uff son,
"Fbbdinakd d. l'ltErNn Bikkzi Bl
"P. &-Qood-bye."
W. II. llodgeg, (he man who came
iu from Cornish lust Monday and sur
rendered tit Deputy Georgo Stewart
to nu)Wr lo a cU'iitfe ot;ussauH with
j,lte, ,q ki,.anil triedtby Commis
2, Williams &, Pennington Block, Main
Tim Eiuorlck 'Bus Tenia Go nu a
Tare With tho bloat DIw
trouu Remits.
Thr ()uliihoiiKi'lni (ICiifiickVJIiid
jiiit b.it:k-il up to tho ili pul plniforin
nb ui i oVInck th h iil'turnoiiii, whitii 11
lljlj;llt tl':illl b.ii'kod down Ihu switch,
which fritfuioneil thu teiiin. Tin;)
Hiurtcil oil at llvelv gnit down th
truck, until the .crosiu netir the ei:
tiou hoiiM) iva reiiched, whnu, wiih
renewed (.pood, thoy aturlcd down
thu frtrcot hack ol d'ult's cotton vurd.
Ootu1u; iu conintit with a Uco tho
, 'hurt was orcrinrncd nud literally torn
Into kludliuf. Thu hors, tearing the
liarncst to piuccs,- kept up a Hubert
T. gait until Hie fctahlo whs roachul,
.when they ouleilv ' untorud llmlr
Took llr Np Htsndlnt IV-
Janitor Eastman of the new school
house In lVrry,vllo. Maine, w.y that
while thu pii 'll) were at play In the
yard tlici other duy ho looked out of
the wlndowand saw a number of them
gathered around u little girl. Their
actlonx Indlcutod alarm, and he went
out to see what the trouhlo was. lie
found tire child to ha sound ;slrcp,
while yet standing iipou her feet.
Janitor' Kustnmn took tha fflrl in his
arms and carried her into oue of the'1
teachers' brivutu renins uud Q.T0l.up a
bed and pillow f r her out of shawls
and various kinds of wraps Hero the
remain-d for over an hour, sleeping as
sound.y aud as peacefully as though
in her more coiu'ortible bid ut home.
After her nap she appc irn.t refreshed
and was eager for p ay agalu
Whit Tlisr Old Not neini,1.
Sraythe That druni'mur I met last
night told tfOmu of .tho best stories 1
ever heard.
Mrs. Smytho Well, Jf thoy woro
io good, w.iat wore thoy liko?
hraytbo- I couldn't ny exactly,
but they ucrti'lnty woron't Ilka tracts.
Truth. . : .
Shilo Vlcjilc."
Froin C'Ol. Barry, who,' togelliOr
with V, A. Ledbiittcr and Clarcuco
B. I)uuglif, atteuded' tho plculc at
Slillo,) I'sterduv, U 1 lenrimd tlio good'
people of Hint plain acquitted- theui-
11 111
1 A d a 1 1
M-lve nobly, Col. tarry and Mi.,
I. dlM'ttoi ililireri'it mlilii'be tilt!
to thu ocr.'i'duu ami tliu oiluiittou.
Tln:y speak iu the iru.tst liiuiiiK
tcrin- of thu idutiilkenl hospitality
cxti'Uili'd iIiimii and iui'ourqii,'uc! of
which ttfey ,-pi'iit a dclljdillt.l dny.
(,'ollon tuceiptk c-'Uiinuu on thu in
creaiiB daily, ihcre hntiiu; bt'i-it p'
cuired to ditto about 'J50 bairn. I'l icon
today were t.neliiinged, niuslii Iroui
6'80:lo ifou.
Tlro parly of tourists tji the Canyon,
uieuli'ou 'of which was matto ycutcr
dav, rclurmMi this nltern'oon,
Sam D.'iuhc nud bride uoru the rc
eipicuU bf a beautiful kcreuude by
thu band hut night.
I'rl ot the fln.rrnnKat.
A" the train stoppe'dat a Maal' town
16 V'.ryiuia, the mail-hag w.ts thrown
to a uogro loy of perhnps ti'teva yan,
who stilt ted otf at a brisk run to the
pohiolTkv. Hut a larger boy, turning
a corner, suddenly ran Into the mall.
cArrii rami .ne, turned In in. As iooo
as ho recovered h'unsolf, na turned
upon' thu n'gresoor, "I.o.tk-a-heabl"
hn cxcjftlmijd; "yon wants to bo keer
ul of dis ehilo. VherfyOU knock m'
doWm'bn Jar dc whofe gov'ment of
do U olt i) (I St r ten. I.carries de malll"
U tVna .H.lr.
"Henry, rryroc't ynn nwfu'.ly scared
whon you piojio.od to mo?'
Vh'-yp. dbar, I i tl
thought I heard - your father's fooV
tepii in the lull, you know."
Adt eitise In tlio Anlinoreifo.
Assignee's Sale.'
Nulenit hfro))y given, that I wl.l ellslt'lbe
HOP' rtjr, Utrly rtuivev.ct lo rac, hy Mlauiu
M III, liy s curtain i1,.el of ntUnmeiit, .eon
tiviliifTof hmocV. orrnlllnrv, tinle. curi, .rib
boqa. ,'orteU. uilts, gloirt, ffSlbMT,. lloilcru,'
vclv t, vtiIlDj!i etc . and.tliu furnltaru nod
tlttarm lau ly loeitvd In liiHMIni, on .North
Had tu street In tho ton n or Ar -many I. T. at
jmliHc suction, tnrcsab In lisnd, to the liCuhint
snd hc-t btddr. ou Kstuntay tbu 81b, day of
Si-pterabrr lr. ut thu front door ot the Uty
Katl.ibal Dank balhltiizln Ardmore, I T. Ti,r
further imttlcuUm cufjUro or the nndcrfc!nel,
lustu ItrnrniLii, Atalguvc.
Thll, AajuHS, IkOt.
Dealer in Hue liquor's.'
All oritur given jifonipt atten
tion. Corner Elin and Commerce Bts,,
Gainesville, Texas
ii milfc lonjf.
From $25 to $100
eal Estate
Street, Ardmore,- Indian Territory.
Mosloy Inangnrated As Oovs'rnsr,
Trait T. Walte Appointed
National Seerete'rr.
From Cltrli)' Carter who returned
Is-C nilit from Tiahomiugo, il U
learned that Cov. Moslny was duly
iuslnllud Into ollici M on' lay, .lutlge
Uoyd filed pitpcr.s of contest of whtrh
no uollro whs taken. Tho rlrtt "fllclal
act of the new govern or wai the ap
ptiliitmoni ofFrcd I'. Waite of this
city a nntlouul sccrulnry. Bulk
bouses of tlm legislature were organ
Uotl by tho election of Galloway Fra
zier as president of the seuate ami
Isoin' Okiuinbj speaker oT the house.
'I hero is a spirited contest over tho
membership of both branches of iEh
legislature from Tishomingo County
between the Motley and Hyrd fac
lions, thu latter having, it is claimed;
through fraud carriotl the county.
Their uigmbors rero suatetl and tho
Niualey faction '' ontostlng.
J. ii. Wagnou rcprei0Utiug 'af"eM
Pierce Oil Co , Is iu thu city.
waunmm; uiCLiivitf.-
In th- UnttfJ fUalet Court In lh f .'Jla'a Tfr
rilory, Third Judicial 171 ti loo, October
Icrm, irt.
Arnylaylor, I'.'alntlff.
W. A. Tajrlor, D.'fonlant:
'Jhe rtefndant, w.A Taylor, ti wsrotd' to'
spiarln thin rnurt In thirty daya and sntwur
the coroiliiil of the plalntlB. Amy Taylor
WlinnatbH JIonorat)l.H'U II, itnrt.jnijg'i
fint. ) if aald court, and thu ami tbaitsf
tbl, 7th S or tiaptrrabrr, 1801.
Joa. W. t'hllllpa. t'lcrt.
nrH.L, Uamit, prputy.
Johnaon. f'ru'rs A Orncc Attorni'ja.
O. W. J'atcbcil, Attorn. for Wui.Itctldint
Iu tbs United StaSa Court In the In lian Tarrl
taty, 'IbliM Judicial Kiriilou. October
Term, inn,
Msry latbartus Tborntsn, rjilntiff,
ITllliam Jsptr Thornton, H'.ftndant
7b def. ndao', William Jaaper Thornton, It
ivsrned tosp'jr In thla cour; in ,th.lty days
kud anawcr tbn complaint Of lbs plaintiff,
Mary Cailiarlne Thornton.
H !lnca the Ilonnralilo (.harla It. litnart,
(h:al I Jctlgo of ald r.oart, and tb seal
theroof tlilt, ilb day ol September. Wt
J. tV.HIII.LIfa, Jerk.
. v By r. J. PEAKCE, Deputy.
, Thonaa N.wroan, Attorney for i'oa.S;t!d at
.Dfndin?.'' '
Houses id rent
Farms to rent
Property rbr sale
Leases to excharige
i Call at my office ahel
list therri
I'll Do Busincsst
S6e my complete city
map, showihg ad
ditions. Dealer,
A lincfc Itavcs Ardfnorc aurf Tfsho.
mluff dally at 8 o'clock n. fn., arriv
fug at rnch place at fi 6yclock p. in.'
If neks pn's through Dui wood, Earlo
and Matiusvillc, Carry mall, ntsen-
,gcrs nud csprcM. The Ardtuoro
hcndquarlers at Iho Central Hotel,
1 "U
Eect - Express,
The Netv fchTfairf
On the Santa Fes
. t. -
The Quickest fiiri
Solid vestibul6d train'
Gaiveston & St. Louit?
W. S. SUtnas,
6. P'.- A. Galveston, Tixak.

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