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r w pet 17
is Cobb?
I Hew-Idet Comedj.
Expert YaudeTllle Turns.
October 17
s Chili Parlor
Has moved back to Caddo street.
Remember that be always has the
best ehili and home made candies.
210 West Main Street,
Tender Steaks, Fins
Roasts and Chops
A specialty. Bay where you
get the best quality and great
est quantity for the money.
Gold Storage
Our market iu always supplied
with the best of everything to eat.
uur cold storage keeps m perfect
condition every particle of food
for the table. Fresh meats of all
kinds. The purest lard, fish.
oysters and celery.
J? ree delivery to any part of
the city.
flaves Hats, $2
Big Cash Store.
. y -v h. r timj
? New Market
w- 'w" W
The Business tens' Attorney Speaks
oa Tribal Tax Affairs.
The following letter will be pub
lished in the Gainesville Hesperian
tomorrow, morning and will proves
interesting reading to our people
at this particular time:
Gainesville, Tex., Oct. 14. For
the information of the public and
of those interested I deem it not
amiss to give an account of Satur
days proceedings of the Indian po
lice and Indian authorities at Ard
more. A number of business men
iu Ardmore, as well as in other
portions of the Chickasaw nation,
have suits pending in the courts
seeking to ascertain if they had
any rights that any one was bound
to respect, and especially to learn
whether they were compelled to
pay money to the Indians when
ever demanded. It seems that
these suits unnecessarily stirred up
Wright, the Indian inspector, Sho-
enfelt, the Indian agent, Jones,
the commissioner of Indian affairs,
and Secretary Hitchcock of the in
terior department. It appeared
to anger them that any -one should
presume to go into the courts and
question the legality of anything
they saw proper to do. During
the pendency of these suits the
newspapers were filled with com
munications threatening these liti
gants with coercion if they failed
to comply with the demands of the
Indians, and warning that the en
tire power of the government
would be used against them. The
gross impropriety of threatening
litigants in order to force them to
abandon proceedings beerun and
prosecuted in good faith -seems
never to have occurred to these of
ficials. Even the attorney general
of the United States, not to be
outdone by his inferiors, gave out
an opinion containing similar
threats. The opinion was widely
published throughout the Indian
Territory, and was well calculated
to intimidate the private citizens
who were seeking to have their
rights adjudicated in the courts.
As might be expected, these threats
produced much uneasiness in the
minds or persons concerned: for
if those clothed with brief author
ity have so little respect for the
courts, and for the settlement of
controversies in a lawful and ord
erly way, as to threaten litigants
with coercion, no one could foresee
what they would next attempt.
On October 10, Jones, the com
missioner, with the approval of
Hitchcock, the secretary, addressed
to onoenien, the Indian agent, a
telegram, reciting that the contin
ued presence of Sig Simon, J. B
spragms, K. W. Kandol, A. Klos-
ki, i. isodovitz, John Fielder and
Y. B. Lynn in the Indian eountry
is detrimental to the peace and
welfare of the Indians, and direct
ing Shoenfelt to remove the per
sons named from the Chickasaw
nation in accordance with Sec.
2149 of the Revised Statutes, and
to close their places of business and
their business. This was accompa
mea Dy a copy of the old law of
1834, conferring upon the commis
sioner of Indian affairs the riht.
wun me approval of the secretary
!ll 11 .... .
of the interior, to remove from any
tribal reservation any person being
there without authority of law, or
whose presence within the limits
of the reservation may, in the
judgment of the commisaioner. be
detrimental to the peace and wel
fare of the Indians.
Shoenfelt, the Indian agent, with
the approval of Wright, the in
spector, thereupon addressed a let
ierio- w. jams, captain of the
Indian police, commanding him to
close the places of business of the
above named merchants, and to
remove them from the limifs of th
Chickasaw nation.
XT il
iuw, iaese .papers were not is-
sued in good faith.. Secretary
Hitchcock and 'commissioner Jones
The Medicine Case ;
which Is filled from s
our stocic or druss Is
sure to be reliable.
Many leading physicians fill
their cases here, and send their
patients herewith prescriptions
because they know the purity
of the drugs we handle and our
care in compounding. .
(.cm HERE rest DRRCS
I. ii: COLE
Main 8trvt, Ardmer
M ':'J .
must surely have known , that the
city of Ardmore is not an Indian
reservation, and they could'oot but
know that these peacable.Iaw-abid-ing
citizens, who were endeavoring
to ascertain their rights in the
courts, were in no sense a 'menace
to the peace and welfare of the In
dians.- The Indians in the city of
Ardmore constitute not one v per
cent of the population'. It is plain.
therefore, that these documents
were but a scheme to intimidate
the inhabitants of Ardmore and
force them to comply with the de
mands of the Indian authorities.
Armed with these papers, Capt.
Jack Ellis and his police pounced
upon the city of Ardmore in all
the pride, pomp and circumstance
of glorious war! Accompanying
them were a Mr. Beams, the tribal
collector, and Mr. McMurray,- a
gouger, whose intention it- was to
receive the money which the people
should be terrorized into paying.
Shoenfelt, the agent, sent a tele
gram to Ellis instruetinghim not
to execute the order of removal
where parties offered to settle with
the Chickasaw nation, but that the
places of business must be closed
and remain closed during the ad
justment. Ellis and the police
closed the places of business, in
forming the parties, however,
where Beams and McMurray could
be found, and that their stores
would be re-opened as soon as a
settlement was had.
No better scheme could have
been devised for the extortion of
money, for the season was the bus
test of the year and Saturday the
busiest day of the week, and the
report that these houses were clos
ed would create a feeling of uneas
iness among the creditors of the
merchants. It was supposed that
a man would comply with almost
any demand rather than suffer
such consequences; especially as
the persons engaged in closing the
stores wero financially irresponsi
ble, and a dollar could not be
squeezed out of them with a com
press. It is easy to see that it was' mon
ey the authorities were after. If a
certain amount of money was
paid, the peace and welfare of the
Indians ceased to trouble the offic
cials. One party was informed
that the payment of $10 would be
a sufficient recompense for his in
terference with the peace and wel
fare of the Indians, and another
was told that $1.60 would answer
the purpose.
As might be expected, Judge
Townsend promptly granted an in
junction against the.se proceedings.
It is, however, greatly to be re
gretted that some of the merchants
in their terror bought their peace
of Beams and McMurray. I hardly
suppose such scenes will ever be
repeated in the Chickasaw nation
ana earnestly trust they will not
t l i .
iueu wno nrmiy. steaaiastly and
discreetly contend for their rights
rarely fail to secure them. Pro
ceedings like that at Ardmore are
so high-handed, and evidence such
utter disregard of the plainest
right of the citizen that the temp
uiuuu iiMneei iorce wun torce is
A.t A. A. B . a m .
strong, and would perhaps be jus
unable, but that would not be for
the best. The citizen can obtain
his rights in an orderly and legal
method through the courts. The
courts can always be depended on
to do what is just and right, and
though they fail to do what in our
opinion is right, it is the duty o:
all good citizens to cheerfully sub
mit, for the courts are the final ar
biters of all controversies. If
otner attempts are made to close
men's places of business the citi
zen should quietly submit, and if
tuc uuun K wiunn reacn, appeal
to it ror redress,- if not brine- mit
bl twice to replevy and secure his
property. If carried from the Tr.
ritqry, he should go peaceably and
quietly, and return on the Dext
iram ana onng suit for damages
The town authorities, in the v.
tivuo wuco nave jurisdiction over
persons and property within thi.
limits, and no set of men have the
ngm to create a distnrhflr. n
aemean tnemselves as did these
police in the citv of Anlmn
mi . . - - :
j. tier may ana snould h rawi
for the disturbance of the
Oand made to answer fully for their
I AAnJn.f Tl. -1 1 1
vuuuui,. iucjr euouia De arrested
and tried for false imprisonment.
Men who are so lost to -inRt;
decency as to endeavor by force to
prevent the citizen from renrt;
to the courts should have Yae law
dealt out to him in all it
The American people are pot be
lievers in despotism, and thev will
not approve these despotic and Il
legal acts of the officials of the in
terior department. Sooner or later
tney .wtft ibe called to a strict to.
conctr r Hen of their met!: ''
not long con tinned in ofSce.
Jake Bodovttz Refused .to Pay the
. Tax sod Was Ejected Today.
Capt. Jack Ellis,' chief of the
Indian- police, was still here this
morning looking none the worse
from Saturday '8 proceedings. " He
remarked that the merchants were
coming in One by one and paying
the tax and that he believed they
were men too sensible to further
resist, knowing tnat ejectment
would be the inevitable result. -
Capt. Ellis came" here clothed
with authority to close the places
of business and to eject from the
Territory several Ardmore mer
chants. 'He was enjoined from
closing their places of business by
Judge Townsend, but the federal
judge had no authority to . issue an
injunction against ' their ejectment
and Capt. Ellis said if the mer
chants had not paid he surely
would have begun the work of
How came it that you had or
ders for the ejectment of so few
when others have refused to pay!"
was queried. 'Other Ardmore
firms were reported" said he '-'but
the full name of e ich member of
the firm wes not given, and no or
ders for - their ejectment were
Captain Ellis returned home to
day to South McAlester. He was
accompanied as far as Oklahoma
City by Jake Bodovitz, the only
business man who absolutely re
fused to pay thetax. Jake will be
taken to Oklahoma City and re
leased, and will probably return
on the morning tram. It remains
to be seen whether his refusal to
pay will subject him to any fur
ther annoyance.
The Pauls Valley case, which
occurred last Spring, is in point
and if it serves as a precedent,
J ate will be permitted to pursue
the eyen tenor of his way untroubl
ed by visions of Indian police or
one per-cent collectors.
Business Hen's League.
rne Business wen's Lieagne is
hereby called to meet at the city
hall tomorrow morning at 8
o'clock. All members please be
present. Sia Simon, Pres.
Joe V7eiss, Sec'y.
Fresh car Albatrcss flour just in.
For sale by all grocers.
A will saw your cord wood at 50
cents a cord, five cords and over,
arop car a in post omce or see me
at wood yard.
2l-lm L. B. Eoberson.
For reason . of the unusually
heavy docket to be disposed of at
Chickasha this session of the dis
trict court, H. D. Beynolds of this
city has been employed as assistant
prosecuting attorney and accom
panied the other officers of the
court to that place this morning.
The Woodmen Circle will
tonight in Odd Fellows' hall.
To the Public.
Hereafter no complimentaries
will be accepted at Bamsey'g drug
store unless countersigned by us,
and are not good unless presented
by the owner or his employe.
15-16t Kloski & Morgan,
Managers Kloski's Opera House.
Breach ot Contract.
ueo. w. fhUlips has filed suit
here in the commissioner's court
against T. J. Satterwhite, alleging
a breach of contract and asking
for $28. From the complaint it
seems that Mr. Phillips and Mr.
Satterwhite entered into an agree
ment in which the former bound
himself to purchase the entire
1900 cotton crop of the latter at
me oupumieu price oi $2.30 per
hundred pounds in the seed. Ten
bales of the crop were delivered,
but now it seems that the defend
ant tired of the contract and is
having his cotton ginned at Lone
Grove, for which breach the plain
tiff asks to be remunerated in the
sum of $28.00.
unoou inwu Tune es emitn's
stable, one dark bay horse. 6 veam
vu, x-xa iiouub uiga, no or an as.
Bmaueiarin forehead. Will pay
reasonably Tor bis return to th
sraoie. Whitk & Smith
5-2t. ,
Lw Bates t Saa A stoat.
Via M. K. 4 T. railroad (Katy Flyer)
account Ban Antonio International!
Fair, October 20 to Nov. 2. Tickets
on sale October 17, 18 and 19, good
returning November 4. ,
vcuiwc b uumoer or. nat . cars
oaded with cotton bales passed
through here this afternoon en
route south. Flat carsloaded with
cotton is an unusual sight in the
Ardmore yards and attracted con
siderable attention. t. Each car was
provided with an extra' man as a
All the World's State aad
. , , oae Play a Prt.-t
Keller is here today from
John Attaway is here. today from
Springer," , - . i ?, r
D. Cannon, postmaster at
Brock, was here today.'
Andrew Hardy has returns., from
a visit to the Dallas fair.
J. R. " Pennington transacted
business al Marietta today.
J. N. Haney, a young insurance
man of Boff , was here today.
Jo S. Berkshire, of the Oakland
News, was in the city yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Heath have
returned from a visit ten the Dallas
fair. '
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Ledbetter
8 pent Sunday with relatives at
Davis: ?, :
Mrs. T. Y. Morgan has returned
from a week's visit with friends in
W. E. Moore returned this
morning from a business trip to
B. W. Bandol returned this
morning from a business trip to
Oklahoma. '
F. O. Keyes, operator at the
Cotton Exchange, Bpent yesterday
in Gainesville.
A. S. Gnillot of Gainesville is
iu the city today looking after
business interests.
Dr. O. L. Bounds and T. T.
JTarman were visitors to Ardmore
today from Sherman.
Allen Glover, a traveling sales
man from Corinth, Miss., is' in the
city for a few days, the guest of his
cousin Charles Glover.
Jndge Townsend, Capt. Ham
mer. Geo. F. Gates, C. O. Bonn
and other federal offcials, left here
for Chickasha this morning.
The following Ardmore people
visited the Dallas fair Sunday
Frank Cook, Dave Best, Jim Light,
John Prater, Fred Bandolph, Jas.
Stancell, Misses Stancell -and
Misses Mullins.
Chas. E. Mertins, B. L. Looney,
Sol and Manuel Lowenstein, Leo
Friemel and Herschell Holder Ard
more musicians, leave here this
evening to play for the Gainesville
festivities this week. . -
Born To Mr. and Mrs. Edgar
Sandlin, this afternoon, a girl.
See Ardmore Drug Co. for School
Books and School Supplies. ll-6t
Boy Wanted.
At once, a bright, lively boy,
with some education, to work as a
messenger boy. Apply at Western
Union Telegraph office today.
New baby carnages just received
at A. C. Young's. - . 2dwtf
Eat the Best:
Colorado Irish Potatoes,
Colorado Cabbage,
Northern Onions, .
Fresh Tomatoes, ,
New Snap Beans,
White Swan Peas,
French Peas,
White Swan Stringless Beans,
Gold Dust Peaches, !
Van Camp's Peaches,
Yan Camp's Sonps,
Eyeporated Blackberries,
Pitted Cherries,
. French Sardines,
White Swan Mince Meat. , ,
Pure White Cottolene,
Creamery Butter,
Country Butter,
Pumpkin Yam Sweet Potatoes.
All' kinds Evaporated Fruits,
Big, Fat Hens, ;
Frying Chickens,
Fuil line White Swan Coffees,
Pure Maple Syrup,
Northern Apples,' ' -
All at
Pobtcb Staples',
The Bed-Headed Grocer.
Phone 57. 14-3t
For Rent.
A two room house on Hargrove
Heights. Apply to R. B. Wilkes
son. i ntf
' ; Suits Filed.
Mary Brown vs Jerome: Brown
is the style of a divorce suit filed
in the clerk's office today. The
plaintiff alleges abandonment.
J. B. Mackey vs Mary C. Mackey
la another action for 'divorce on
statutory grounds v - -r!
The oldest and best transfer Hae!
in the city Is run by Cheats &
Finley. Give thbsa yrr.r cills.1
Ladies not neglected. Box turbans at fZ.W ana np.
MRS. J AIM EDS. Millinery.
The Oral a, Produce, Live Stock and
Cotton Qaotatloas.- -(Faralshed
by Ardmore Cottoa Kxebaaf)
Month Opened High Low
WNOT 74 l- 74 1-S 71 S-
DC. 78 1-4 It 1-4 4 l-S
NOT. 17 5-8 ST $-4 S7 S-S
Dec. u - a 1-4 as
ITot. 1-S M 1-S
DC S1S-8 21T-S US-S
Poms -
Not. 10.97 W.S7 10M
Jan. 11.22 11J2 11.20
Not. f.M 6.86 tM
Jan. 8.S7 6. 66
Nor. 6 65 6.65 6.M
Jan. 6.00 6.02 6.87
71 7-8
17 1-1
91 8-8
21 7-8
Ksw Tobk
Oct. 9.70
Nor. 9-7
Dee. 9.35
Jan. 9.86
Men. 9.9S
Max 9JS
Nsw Ou.BAaa
Oct. 9S1
Dm. 9M
Jan. 9.08
Mar. " 9.12
9 15
9 12
The following are the prevailing
quotations on too local market, and
will be changed daily as the market
Wheat, I .60.
Corn,.....'. A .40 to 45.
Oats, 19 to 22.
Hay, r- J5.00to6 00
Oat bags, 9o. Wheat bags, 8 l-2o.
Egg , ' 12 1-2 to 15
Butter 15 to 25
Hens 1.75 to 2.00
Frying Chickens .. 1.55 to 1.75
Green hides, 5c: dry bides, 10 c.
Wool. 10 to 12 l-2c-COTTOH.
Average prioe.T. 7.50 to 8.25
Receipts 300 bales.
Phone 27 or 35 for Cboate &
Finley's closed carriage or wagon
ette. Oldest transfer line in town.
8 6t.
Double Daily Service Choctaw Root
Two fast trains- daily to Little
Bock, Hot Springs and Memnhis.
with close connections for St. Louis
and all points northeast and south
Ardmore Drug Co. for Perfum
ery, Toilet Articles and Druggists
bundries at lowest prices. ll-6t
Ladles' Aid Society.
The Ladies' Aid Society of the
Christian church will meet tomor
row afternoon at 2 o'clock, at the
residence of Mrs. T. N. Coleman.
uooa dry cook wood at T,. R
Kooerson's Wood Yard. 'Phone
116- . ' 24-lm
re ear. C.H.ROWAN. MnwMk...wi..
- Wanteo.
500 cords of wood at $2 per cord
by the Ardmore Oil & Milling Co.
Leave Tus calls at the Big Stone
Barn. 'Phone 125
.T. B. Cathky.
Ask your grocer for Bed Cross
Bag Blue.
Large package five
- California grapes, plums and
pears, bananas and fresh candies
every day in the week at Ben
Ingram's. 16.1m
Correct Millinery 1 1
jpattwm ot ;ouoti icUo7t wT' - u1 "lotr. wa sits a tM
Pls-c InmAc'
Special 5aler
at 4 "el mm
of tnimrers iiats
Mexicans at.
75c and $1 00
Hat for a
$2.00 to $4.00
A nice Trimmed
Misa at
" School hats, baby eaps and ev
eryhting in children' headwear.
Special styles . and prices for
little folks.' .
That quality
Is seen to advantage in all
our productions, but espe
cially is it evident in
Ringer Bros.'
Hats ...
Men of laste wear Ringer
Bros.' hats, because they
know that when a hat is
sold here, it is sold with
the object of conforming
to the contour of a man's
face . and figure. Tney
know, too, that Ringer
Bros.' hats are correct in
mode. Men of judgment
get their hats here because
they know they secure
quality as well as style.
TiilorlBg, Hitj.-fanhtliiJ.
Firrt Door West of First National
Bank, Ardmore, I. T.
Wood meal Circle.
The Woodmen Circle meets in
the Odd Fellows hall on the first
and third Monday nights in each
month. All members are urged to
. Pure corn chops for chicken feed
at L. B. Boberson's Feed Mill and
Wood Yard. 'Phone 116. 24-lm
The Home-Builder's and Savings
Bank of Fort Worth is making
loanB in the Territory every day.
For prompt loans on Ardmore
property see their local agent, N.
B. Tisdal. 8-lm
Booms fob Bent. Two fur
nished rooms, with or without
board, at
12tf Mrs. O. W. Wilhelm's.
Hustling young man can make
$60 per month and expenses. Per
manent position. Experience un
necessary. Write quick for parti
culars. Clark & Co.. 4th and Lo
cust streets. Philadelphia. Pa.
Positions Wanted.
Two young men want positions.
Both are B. S. students from M.
N. C, Houston, Miss." . Two to
three years' experience as teachers
and some experience as salesmen.
Address " D." care this office. .
Fob Sale Lands and town lots
standing in oar name in the fol
lowing Texas counties and valued
at $50,000, on reasonable terms:
Dallas, Bexar, Victorja, Kaufman;
ranch in Victoria county included
Address Ouiixot Bros.. Ard.
more Cotton Exchange. 5tf
Fob Bint Office rooms over B.
W. Bandol 's. Apply at store.27tf
Your particular attention is
called to the fact that we carry
the largest and finest assort
ment of
Millinery Goods.
in Ardmore.- Our Hats are "the
most stylish with the best ma
terial for the least money. --
Unexcelled production of our.
own designs,' worth from $8.00
to-$10.O0, special sale,
Hits, i'i
Walking Hat, Golf
Ladysmith, only
V. O.DAYI3."
rr:?.rtir.3 esfcrt re.

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