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, On-
WhuMrtd in Our Uar From
Intend TeV the Temioty
Pild.y Alternoon.
Jh Wan, Stabs JMM KOUUin"
n 1' Side-May Prove I atai.
I'bU morning about 8 o'clock a
serious cutting alTray m
'ae cuecia oi
BERioiwirrriNa affray. THE PASSING THRONG.
All ths World' a Me and
one Flay a Fart.
I Dr. II.
.A "port . ! ,,UK ,ajH;.aJo.B,.l.r. c. !:,
Max Heyrnan of Gainesville is in
col. wind
T. 11. Bond ia'
Yaccinatior?. ,
Mr, Hughes brrc rtfceuli4
Sanger Bro.
Tnm Martin ft4'A
, V
hero vialtlntr tlia VaFfg
-... . ... i
10 (Illl tUC editing, 18
the man, V
in jail.
tn jb.1i.
FryAne 1
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V iu'l
Uitchie. . ' 7
IN.. I a ' -J I'
Choctaw is prV
hi, work hern' .. ,
Uorooon ,0 v!bU 8am 01afg(
lhjK noii.
W. TT Thompson and Mr.
Murray went to Gainesville yester
day afternoon.
W. J. Cook is in Marietta buy-
ins lumber.
Mrs. M. Heasoncr ia quite sick.
Tho surveyors here decided they
would work today and have their
holiday tomorrow.
There was a dance at the homo
of Mrs. Williams' last night.
lu JWYN.
Tho Santu "'o has fluifhed the
gravel platform hero
John Mulkey went to Ardraoro
Mrs. N. 8. Osborn is quite sick
with symptoms of smallpox
Prank Arnold is nblo to bo oul
aeain after a severe caso of small
llufe Scivally is hero today.
Harve Qorrison of Oklahoma
City is here.
P. P. Hillis b here from Hoff,
J. J. Sberley,. aged 05 year
living two miles south of here
died ou the lGth aud was buried
tho following day ntProyenco
J. M. Ourara went to Ardmoro
Our school has begun agai
since the smallpox scare has sub
Spragins & Co., have a big;line
Iiacki. ,
Trapt, ' 1 '
Surreys and
They bundle Hone bu
quality and sell at prices that hnv
built up by far tho biggest hard
ware and wagon and buggy trade
in tho Territory or North Texas.
Wo make a specialty of renting
houses and land and collecting rents
7tf DeFkEKSR & llAKTIXO.
The J. C. Lewia Si Plunknrd
comDanv wh cu if uiiieu lor mo
opera house, Saturday, Feb. !i3
nresenta a talented company of
comedians iu an ontiroly now ver
sion of the well known comedy
success Si Plunkard. All new fen
tures, now novelties, everything
Clean white racs wanted at tuts
The Cotton Belt route will make
low rates to Washington, I). C
and return, nccount of mauguru
tlon coremonlce. March 4. For
full particulars wtite to D. M
Morgan, traveling passenger agent
Fort Worth, Texas.
bet information the
could learn, Joe
x5wley, who is in town with his
Wngon and team from Marsden,
and Jesse Honbiuson were together
and stepped into Foe's cider joint
on North Washington street to get
i. Short Mill be Taken
Back to Hlsslsslppl.
Iiomitv Sheriff 0. li. hooch oi
Oxford. LaFayette county. Miss.,
- - ... ..ti
arrived iu the city last night with
rennisition papers for Dr. II. J.
ashington of Graham 13 1 Short , charged with forgery. It
in the city. wa8 necessary forjudge Townsenu
.1 ti liliprmn U in the city in slcn the papers first and Mr.
from Pnrcell.
A 11 I'dBMnn nnniA
Hpnisnn lflRt tilr-nt. genii's signature, "c
tomorrow otiernoou nnu uuer jc-
maininc over with his friend J. S.
MrPharen until Monday, he will
fiiE fact that
our house is
crowded for
space is mon
ey to you.
The Shoe Man
H p w v
stor yo' paa
tho Unco to
save money.
Uoach left on the noon train today
. . m
. . fiL:.i...i.n ... nai . nimn iiki
lin IrOm I lor Uicaiinua i ,,.,
thn best
The family that koops on baud and
uiea oocaalonally tho celobratod
I'rlokly Ah Hitters, la always a well
roRUlatod t-rally. W. 11. Frame.
Ladles, I havo scoured Uie agen
cy for tho genuine pure baking
nowdor. named "Porfccti" au
gnarauteo every ouneo u bo
pure as oheialatry can make u I
hall always carry the verj- best
monc.v r-au buy.
S. E. Jenkins.
Uhas. Dnrie was in Gainesville
on business yesterday.
ArthnrMavbewofStroud, Okla
is here visiting his parents.
W. U. Lawrence carao in from
lluckhorn )esterday afternoon.
S. M. Torbett and wife left yes
terday afternoon for Austiu, Texas
Clarence Truelove came in yes
terday evening from Oklahoma
Mrs. V. A. Kiblauk, who has
been on a visit to her sick brother
drink. IVy shook dico ant
took a dri'.k of cider.
They then went back into a lit
tie rjoin in the rear of the building
1 pretty soon Poo heard tbem
fussing in there and went to see
what tho matter was. The door
was locked, and ho took his key
from his pocket and unlocked it,
when he found Brawley trying to
cut Roubitison with a large pocket at lloU8t0n, has returned home.
knife. Honbinsou warding on tue
nifo with a chair.
Poe ordered them to stop the
fuss, and, he faid, Brawley turned
on him. Houbinson took adrabt
nge of this and ran out and Brow
lev rieht after him with his knife
lilt ilrnwu.
They ran acrofs the street, down lhicasunu
Puradisa allev to Mill street, where Kom Wanted
they turned south and ran through Wanted, famished rooms close
Wm. F. Warren, mayor of Ber
.i t
wyu, came down on tnc eariy
morning train and stopped off in
Deputy Sheriff J. B. Boach of
Oxford, Miss., arrived here last
ni.ht and left today At noon for
take Short back to Missiscippi.
It seems, from what we learned,
that Dr. Short, some six years
ngo, before leaving Mississippi,
forged a note for $3,500 und signed
four or five prominent men's names
to it. He hod the note cashed by
Ben Price, cashier of the Oxford
bank, and every year as tho note
would come due Short would pay
the interest on it and havo it ex
tended another year.
This has been kept up all the
time, and the parties who were allj
leged to havo signed the note know
nothinj of it. In the meantime
Dr. Short got into trouble out
here, and perhaps his nuances ran
low. The toto fell duo again, and
as it was not looked after, tho
bank notified the endorsers that it
was due and uupaid.
Of course they wcro surprised.
Spring is approaching and our big stock of
Spring and Summer Footwear Is An'ving,
Winter goods must give way. We haven't room for am.
See the choico shoeB we have left, and make us an Her.
We havo nn expert shoemaker regularly empl yed.
RICES oiten advertised are misleading and
are not significant of 1 rue Value, liggs at
;c per dozen might prove a poor investment,
and so it is with merchandise. Old goods have a dc:
predated value. Goods out of style are not worth a
full price. Ordinary makes are poor investments.
Vnn'll tnkii no chances at out store. We're buildinrr
our business and reputation upon the merits ol the
best annarel the world produces. The very best
goods not high prices is ''at we offer you.
the Chinese restraraut, then down to town for light housekeeping. TuBt was the first timo they knew
Main fctreet until they reached Address bouis turnings, care 01 l0f Us existence. Steps were taken
Juke Bodovitx'a store, Brawley or-1 big Simon & Bro. -l - Ut once to 'apprehend Dr. Short.
casionally inllicting slight wounds
across Uoubinsoti's shoulders.
Houbinson turned iu at Jake's,
and as he did so Brawley made a
stroko at him with his knife. It
is thoucht that this was where the
serious cut was indicted.
Officer Tom Nolen interfered hera
and arrested Brawley, and with
Marshal I'ulliatn's assistance, took
him to the United States jail.
uonbinson was iaen to ur. vou Ardmoro for teu
Keller's office, and a visit there ti.e 0rLnnizatlou
this morning found the pattern 8cnools has been
lying on tho doctor's operating faithful .member
chair Btill talking to his friends. board. Beinc
Dr. von Keller stated that he
Don't Let 'Urn Kun Away.
Yesterday ono of onr deputy
marshals hired n team to make a
trip iuto the country, and as he
weut to leave ho was warned by
tho owner of tho team not to "let
them run nway."
The deputy this morning told ua
that ho actually wore the whip
S. S. Carr Announce. 5000 bales of first-class hay. out on them; that he cut all tue
Today we take pleasure in an- Delivered to anv nart of the citv in good switches along the roadside
nounciuc to our readers the candi- in lmln Intn nr mn TenvA nr. and frazzled them
dacyof Dr. S. S. Carr for tho Ljers at Westheimer & Daubo's
olllce ot police judge tor the city. 10 lm t. E. Roland
Dr. Carr has been a resident of
Wanted Position as stenogra-l He was arrested a few days ago by
pher and typewriter or clerk. Ilef- Deputy McLeuiore at the instance
erences given. Address, Miss of Marshal Hammer and locked up
Grace James, Lone Grove, I. T. hero as n fugitive from justice.
O'l tf , rr- ....
Ur. S. S. Carr Announce. r.nnn i,flieg fl,at.n1nsR
pnrt from being Wnshiugton's.
birthday, this is nlso Arbor Dajv
and it jou have not planted any
trees this year yet, you should set
about it &t once.
wus cut to the cavity; that his left
years and siuce
of our public
an active and
of the school I
almost physically I
disabled from following his profes
sion, Dr. Carr says he feels fully
which would devolve upon him if
elected to the honorable office to
which he ospues. Dr. Uarr is a
Por Sale or Rent.
iV business house in a good
gentleman knqwu to nearly all our country town for sale or rent. For
people as a close reader, a gifted 1 particulars addrefs D. T. Nisbett,
and ready speaker with a precise I core of Ahdmoheite, Ardraore, I.
and submits his
claims for due
Hargrove Notes.
rresuient Whttten visited iu
Top prices paid for livo stock of Oklahoma City from Saturday till
lung was cut; that hn was bleeding Lapabe pt attending the duties
internally, aud hia situation was
'At 3:30 o'clock this afternoon
Jesse Itoubicrfou was still living
T)rvav. Keller said ho did not
thlnkihe could get well.
Judge Bradford has been trying knowledge of tho needs of our city, T.
to get a post mortem statement
from him but had failed to do-so
un to this hour. He did stato to
Judgo Bradford this morning,
however, that ho and Brawley had
been gambling during tho night
aud Brawley cut kirn in Poo's
Houbinson is able to talk n littlo
but it seems to be nt random. All
wo cau say now is that he is very
Pictures framed to order at a
verv low rrice. A big lino of
handsome moulding to select from.
All work dono promptly. 10 in
T. 0. Bkidoman.
Work ou the Frisco extension is
progressing rapidly. The con
struction gang 'has now reached
Red rive. and will reach Denieon
If VQu have a house to rent, let
us know it and wo will soon have
it occupied. 7tf.
DeFrkese & Haktino. .
At the Jail.
TTonrv Wirk. Julius Donahoo
and John Fuller, nil colored, were -nd show you city chaps tho pride
arrested yesterday by Deputy
Mrs. B. M. Stewart of Thacker
ville came up Saturday and stayed
with her children until Monday af
ternoon. Mrs. Stewart was ac
companied by Miss Pattio Bond.
Miss Emma Scott nnd little
Jewel Smith of Woodford, were
very welcome guests in our homo
With term examination and pre-
runnier Than a Circus. parations for n concert all coming
Si Plunkard nnd his fnmous this week, wo fully realize that
farmers will bo at the opera house life is not a holiday. Come to seo
Saturday. Feb. 23. Si will bring us Friday evening nnd we will try
his famous farmer's band with him to make your visit pleasunt.
all kinds. 7tf
DeFkeese & HAitTtsa.
Foit Kent A three room house,
good well and stable. Apply Ann
moreite office. 22t
By using tho baking powder
named "Perfect" you will show
appreciation of pure food. Always
use tho "Perfect."
S. E. Jenkins.
Jack Walters and placed in jail,
on a chargo ot burglary.
Seth Pervin was arrested this
morniug nt Newport by Deputy
Poe aud lodged in jail. Pervin is
charged with stealing n horse
about July last from h. P. Barn
hill ot Mill Creek. Mr. Barnhill
was nt n loss to know whero his
horso was goue uutil last Decern-'
ber, when suspicion arrested on
Pervin, and deputy Poe investi
gated thn case, coucluded he had
evidenco enough and he was ac
cordingly arrested us nbovo stated.
Wasted Young men aud ladis
to Ihmi-i. tolegr()nv situations
wcured or ooat of kani g refund
ed. Daluas Tei.mkai-h Coi.lkoi:,
Dallas, Texas. j25 lm
The Moon Bros' buggi ar
always reliable; always sail under
the same colors Iu order to ecll
them their uanut doeau't have to
a changed. Hay them from
Nuble Tiro's. gpd&wtf
Vutia WMh fnul ""in
')!. rii. Prlii"
iHIV IllBlfU. ut
t!-M d WfH,lMWrf
of Fairview. Si says, Gosh, 'him
and his buglers are right in it,"
and will parnuo about noon, ram
or shine, no difference, cause all
him nnd his boys havo got to do is
to tuck their trousers iu their boots
nnd wad' . mnd knee deep. "Si
will leau M' baud whistling the
mocking bird," bo don't fail to see
this novel nnd amusing etreet
"Ladies who take pride in clear,
white clotlieH, should use Red Bag
Blue. Refuae imitations."
See us before Belling your hogs.
7tf DeFkeese & Uartinq.
She Got Away.
Yesterday II. Wells nnd bis wife
arrived in the city from Texas, in
March of their daughter, .Miss
Kduu, who, the oM gentleman
said, had been y'siiing iu Mis
souri .
Edna is about 17 years old aud
has beeu stoppiug at Mrs. Pirtle's
until yesterday aflwnuvt.
she heard that .her, pare.nl
here for her, when'shed
To the people of the Indian Ter
ritory: Inasmuch as the dreadful
disease, smallpox, is steadily grow
ing worso I now offer absolutely
freo a prescription that is guaran
teed to prevent it. All it costs
you is the calling at my office over
Bonner & Bonner, Ardraore, I. T.
If you can not call, send $1 nud
tho medicine will be sent you by
return rami.
dw m C. T. Doukmus, M. D.
out on the
horses, and his arm is nctnally sore
from constantly chastising the
team in order -to keep them iu a
decent walk.
"Run away!" he said "why you
couldn't make them run away with
a ten foot pole."
Tho concert which was billed
for Hargrove college tonight has
been .postponed on account .of the
1 inclemency of the weather.
Table Supplies.
Nice veal tomorrow,
Sliced ham 15 cents per lb
Head cheese 3 lb. for 25c
Dressed chickens and turkeys.
Fresh vegetables,
All the time,
At Heath & James,
10-4 1 Cold Storage Market.
The Muskogee 13 wind Power
company of that citjtyiHB been in
corporated under tho recent corpo
ration law with a capital of $50,000.
Tho incorporators are G. W. Tur
ner. W. D. Turner and W. W
Do you need any fruit trees set
outf Do you want your trees
pruuedt I uuderstaud the bust
ness and can do the work. I have
had much experience with vine
yard work. Leave orders at Ram
sey's drug storo. 21 0
Frank Venieuo.
Hartshorne is full of contractors,
surveyors mid teamsters to com
menca work on tho Hartshorne
Ardmoro rond.
Lightness and durability is tho
combination you want in a buggy.
After you nro satisfied ns to- the
superior quality then the price is
considered. The Enterprise bug
gies nro light, they are durable,
aud Spragins makes the price
righl. 13dwtf
Siuce Jnnnary 1, 1901,
livery stable is doing
strictly on the cash basis.
; To My Friends and icqnslnlances:
I am maklnc preparation to open i
a Oral claaa Plamblpe anil Tin Sbop j
about tho Orat of Marcb, and will be 2
prtpared to do all klnda of 5
Plumbing, J
Tin and
Iron Wark
Tar and J
draval Roofing
on abort notice. Every piece of jay
work ahall be cuaranteed.
Wlablntr a abare of your patronage,
I am joure for Tin and PJamblnir
work, j
Hardy Bulldln?. North Caddo Street.
Local and Lonir Distance 'Phono U.
New Year
Mnny of thoso who doubt the purity
and quality ot any
excepting that mailo at homo havo
come to another way ot thlnklntr.
Tiieu ociiovo tnoro Is none lllco ' that
produced here. Would llko to ,
you make a test. Glvo
ovorsnongo and dough
lng tho Now Year and i
You'll like It better I
over eaten, aud all I
cd .a
"I from
31vo up woijRdTf)
ugh and. nvcwTr-
nnd cat our Wad. J
r than any jWu'vo
It co-its Is ,
5 FOR 5c.
Spiegle's Steam Bakery
The Best Is Ojur Motto.
.o or
IIKN we embarked In the Hardware and Iiunlemcn't business In Ardmnm n1, .
attention was devoted to tho selection ot the best goods on the uiarkot. Our T'
selection was made, Tlieso goodt are tho best, thef farmers havo learned it and o Cr'
co'itinuaiiy add r.ew customers every year. Head this Hit of standard goods, "use ftl
m.i KrTfc. vlifrf reitoVro
them exclusively and you'll never havo causa for regret
u tZ f uck's Sioves, Moon Buggies,
dh Jolm Deere and Eao'le Plows,
Dccring Harvesting Machinery
Sudbakcr mik1 Moline Wagons.
ckofPhlf and lleay lUrriare, also HaddlM and ITarncs
. in wLiu ay nu' iroodt are Ibn best. W t
Sbm iae of gu, Mad i "
r-. m

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