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This machine, with few equals
and no superiors, we sell for.
We have other Machines from $20 up.
The tinv; of paying long prices for Sewing
Machines has passed. See us for the RIGHT
lll!ltl!AI)l!l A t HIS DOOR.
Aged Farmer Could .Not Hear Flying i
Clayton, N. Y. Miy 11 When
J3eo. Daird, tin old fartnor, walk
ed out of his houso to cross to
one of his Holds this morning
his wife and two (laughters stood
in tlio doorway, watching his ro
troatintr liguro. Tlio old man
had to pass over the trades of
tlio West Jorsey and Soashore
railroad, which run within a fow
foot of his house, and ns ho is
very doaf his children usually
look out for him as ho approach
es the dangorous point. They
still had thulr eyes on him, whan
the morning express from Cape
May came rushing up the track
ut a milo a minuto clip. They
scroamcd u warning, and tlio en
gineer olow a mighty blast on
his whistle but ttiu ohl man did
not hour. As hugotou the tracks
the Hying train struck him and
hurled his body far ahead uud
thou struck it again.
Before the eyes of his loved
ones the old man was decapitat
ed, his head rollinK away from
tlio body, uud ho probably never j
know what struck him.
Plies nro not only moot painful, bat
also vary dangerous, as the Inflamed
nodulos aro vury apt to tako on mal
ignant notion, mid enncur of the rot"
turn la produoud. They should be
cured. Tnbler's Iluokeyo Pilo Olnt-
wont will cum
cases, Prlcn 60
Tubos, 7f cents.
Drug Storo.
tlio most obstinate
cents In bottles.
W. II. Frnmo, City
(loorgo L'ndhury, tlio Kuglish choc
olnto manufaoturor, has presented
to tlio olty of Itlrmlnghnm an oBtato
of 111) ncros, valued at (000,000, upon
which to build houses for working
"I luivo lioenj HutlerliiR (rum dys
pepsin for tlio pant twonty years and
havo boon unablo after trying all
preparations and phyalclntiB to get
any rollof. After tnklug ono bottle
of Kodol Dyspepsia Ouro I found re
lief nnd nm now In liettor health
tban I bavo been for twenty yours
I can not praise Kodol Dyspuptlu
Curo too tilclily " Thus write Mrs.
C. W. Roberts. North Creek, Ark.
City Drug Htoro, W. It. Kramo Prop.
Tlio woman who ban roared a fam
ily of roapeutablo eona nnd dnugh
tora hns porformod n splendid eer
vice for tnnnkiud nnd hns laid up
groat treasuroH in heaven. Hut she
Is likely to bo behind In c'ub duos,
You Take u Chance
Who n jufforlng with n cold, In
grlppo or nouralgla by tnSIng lino
Molink, nt It will curo any cneo in
one dny. All druggletB aro author-
lied to refund your money in any
caso It fall to ouro. l'rloo 96c per
package, Humombor tho iiamo,
Competition of uleotrlo trnmways
la nlluded to in many of the half
yearly roporU of Knullsh rallwa.VB ns
ntloctlnu abort dittnnoe pnasunger
Moore's 1'lluius nrn u Kliarantoed
curo for nil forme of Mnlarin, Actio,
Chills nnd fover, Swnmp Fovor, Mn
Inrlnl Fover, Hllloua Fever, Jaundloe,
IilllousnoBa, fetid brunth and a tired,
llstlosa foolliiK. Tlioy ouro llhoumu
tlsm nnd tho InsBltudo following blood
poison produced from mnlnrlnl pola
oiling. No (Julnlno, No Arsenic,
Aclda or Iron. Do not ruin stomach
or tooth. Kntlrely tasteless. Prlco
60o por box. Dr. O. O. Mooro Co.,
No. 310 North Main Street, St. Louie,
Mo. Hold by W. I). Frnmo, Olty
DruK Btoro.
The- licit All-Hound
Family Sewing
Automatic Tens:on,
Easy Running,
Nickel Plated,
Ball B-aiing,
Seve.i Drawers,
Drop Mead,
Simple and Silent.
Ind. Ter.
ilooh" Is Worth $i,ooo.
Xew IJuven, Conn., May 11.
Eva Bartholomew is givon just
$1,000 damages iu hor suit
against Charles D. Parrnoleo,
who jumped out of the bus and
yelled 'booh" and frigbtenod
hor so that she will bo practi
cally speochloss for life. The
end of the famous "booh" ease
ctnma today when the decision of
the judge was announced. Miss
Bartholomew says she is incap
acitated for school teaching as a
result of I'ni'melee's nractic 1
j ko.
A Very Ifrmarkable Hcmed).
"It la with n good deal of ploaeure
nnd satisfaction that I recommend
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholora nnd
Dlnrrhoon Kemody," saM Druggist
A. W. Hnwtollo of llartlord, Conn.
"A lady customer, seelnRtho remedy
exposed for sale on my show oaBC,
aid to me: 'I really hellovo that
medicine laved my Ilfo tho past sum
mer while nt the enoro,' nnd sho. be
came so entbuslnstlo over Its merits
that 1 nt once made up my mind to
recomtneud It in the future. Recent
ly a gentleman camo Into my store
o over come with colic pains that
he tank at once to the floor. I gave
him n dose of this remedy which
helped him. I repeated the dose
and in Hftoen minutes he left my
tore smilingly Informing me that be
felt a well ns ver." Sold by Olty
Drug Store nnd F. J. Itamaey.
Organized Against America.
London, May 11. A llaue
dispatch says that Germany has
invited France, Austria, Hol
land, Switzerland, Belgium and
possibly Hussiu and Italy to
combino in a monstrous com
morcial union against America
until tho protective tariff is abol
Aloil Hum Soon l-orifuttcnt
fa an aoho or n pain or trouble
any kind when onu Is well rid of
nnd If It happens to bo hendacho
stomach trounlo thnt bothors you,
tako I)r, Caldwoll'n Syrup Pepsin
mid you will nototily forget you evor
had It, but will know thnt you are
not liablo to have It ugaln. Tho doso
Is small nnd It Is pleasant to tako,
W. U. Kramo City DniR Store.
The UuBsInn novernlnent opened
t!25 new snvins banka Inst yenr,
mostly nt railway Rtntlons. Tho to
tal number la now 6100
Children who are weak, frntful or
troublesome should ho Riven n tew
doses of White')) Cream Vermifuge
They will thou become strong,
honlthy nnd active, have rosy cheeks
bright eyes, will bo happy nnd Inufih
lug nil dny long. Prlco, '30 cents W.
11. Frnmo, City Drue Storo.
From November 1 to April 7 of this
yoar 13.000 car louda of oranos had
been shipped from California
qqq cnr 0R,. o emon9.
Skin altuctlons will readily disap
pear by uslnc DeWltt's Witch Uaiel
Halve. Look out for counterfeits. If
you fjet DeWltt'e you will cot good re
aiiltH. D la the quick nnd iwsltlvo
curo for piles. City Drug Store, W.
II. Frame Prop.
Tho manner of parting tho bslr Is
no Indication of the extent of one'a
mental capaolty. ItnUl bonds have
been known to evolvo bright Ideas.
Dr. Caldwoll's Syrup Pepsin is
Kimrnntood to cure constipation,
In JlKostlon, slcl; hondnoho nnd
stomach troublo by W. 11. Frame
City DruR Storo.
Whonover you Ret It Into your
bond that overybody iu tho world Is
aRalnst you take somo liver pills.
Prices and Quotations on Lite Stock
and Produce.
By Heath & James:
Choice (at Jteeri, ... Si 60 to 18 10
Choice fat cows.
Medium fat cows, ! N to S
Stags and oxen i 08 to S
Cboise fat bogs, 1751b!.
and upward,
Mixed fat bops, same. . .
Light fat bogs, Its lbs
and upward
Oeod fat wethers, M lbs.
and noward
9 M to
8 MM
INK 4 00
Llebt fat motion, M and
sn ibs a oo t
t M
ccooucn maiiklt.
The following lire the prevailing
quotations on the local market, and
will bo cbapgod dally as the market
Corn, per bu 48 to 80c.
Oat,..." " aOtoiSc.
Hay, per ton to (
Prying Ublcksns, per dot 5.00
rieno.. .." " !00 to.5
BRKS ' 8 to 10c.
Turkevs 8" to 90c.
Uuttar. per lb 15 to 80c
Irish potatoes... " " Wc.
Swrot potatoes..." " 60c.
The belt way to reform the world
is to start in at home.
You are much more liable to disease
wbon your liver and bowels do not
not properly. DeWltt'a I.lttlo Early
Risers romovee the cause of dlseat o.
Olty Drug Store, W. B. Frame Prop.
Husband Never Kissed.
St. Louis, May 11. Mrs.
Luura A. Schumann testified to
day in a divorce suit that her
husband had never caressed her
and that what actions of endear
meat took place were prompted
wholly by her.
Schumann did not take up this
point in his statement, but de
voted himself to a narrative of
his comnlaints against his
mother-law. He suys too much
mother-law caused him to leave
his wife.
Tho Schumauns arc very well
to do, and are woll known in
So ah St. Louis. The case was
taken under advisemeut.
When the liver falls to secrete bile,
the blood becomes loaded with bil
ious prcpertlei, the digestion be
come! impaired and the bowels con
stipated. Heroine lias a direct ac
tion on the liver and excretory
organ, and a few doses will cure
any caae of biliousness. Price, 50
cent. W. B. Frame, City Drue
The dog that occasionally shows
b teeth U not likely to be kicked bj
every fellow who comet along
If you haven't anything to do and
want to not busy put a cblp on your
shoulder nnd start around tho blooK
DoWltt's Little Kurly KIsorB search
tho remotest pnrta of tho bowels and
remove the impurities epcodily with
no discomfort. They are famous for
their (fllcacy. lnsy to tnko, never
Krlpo. City Drui Store. W. 11.
Frnmo Prop.
l'our years apo thn total shipments
of salted salmon from Seattle to tho
Knst BRgrcRAtcd Isbs than 10UJ bar
rela. This yenr it is expected to bo
50, CC0 barrels.
If peoplo only knew what wo know
about Kodol Dyspepsia Curo, It
would bo used In nearly every houso
hold, ns there nre but fow peoplo
who do not suffer from n feolinR of
fullnoss nftor eatlnR, helohlne, llatu
lonco, sour Htomnch or wnter-brnsh,
caused by IndlRostlon or dyspepsia
A preparation such ns Kodol Dys
pepsin Curo, which, with no aid
tram tho stomach, will dlRost your
food, oortnlnly can't holp but do you
Rood. uuy urUR atore, w. o
Frnmo, Prop.
When n womnti has nothing about
her houso or toilet to change, sho
chauRcs her mind.
Ono 8-room hniiso, otic of the best
Improved places In town, waterworks
mniUKiioiii t ne notice, inwii and rar
den. As Hue a selection of fruit trees
as can be hud If you ever Intend to
own a home In Ardimire It will pay
you i (hi j i one.
o. 721, corner Washington st.. aud
7tli Avenuo, N. w. ml-d
Bven a shrewd womsn may err nt d
be deceived once, whereupon she
h eooniDB r subtle one, nnd dnner to
her nssoolates.
Warning Order.
In tb Unlleil Htatats Ulatrlct Court In th
iuuiBB iprruitrT, aiiuioern ui.iriol:
8rb Jmklc, I'lalDliff, )
va 4173
Alfroil Janklnn. Dffonilant. I
TtiUroilaut.AI(ea Jmklni.In warned to
Iipar In tola Court In thirty clay. m) an
awor the cniilalnt of tho plaintiff, Barah
WltllttlM linn IIolfB Tnirn,inJ lu,l,.u ,.
nalil Court ami tlio aval thereof this 1st itay
W4 UMJ t Wt.
'Sei,'-l, , C. M. Caupbkli . Cinrk.
P.jipatrlrk. Hl.irlna A Iiron. Attorney
Ham II. llullor, Attorney non.reatdent.
I'lrtt iiubllthud May 1, 1W1.
An All-American Route Discov
ered by Lieutenant Hcrron.
"Jrarrtpil hy Intllnn (Snlilra, II, I8ipr
dlllnti U'n. Cnnahl In tlip Tolls of
AVInlrr'a Icr nnd Minn-l)Uro,f rfil
Allollirr (SrpMl Mnutitnln tlrl,1p
Miinnl )loKlnlrr, 'Jll.lHMI I'rrt lllb.
The rrport of Lieutenant Joseph S.
llerron. Kljlitb cavalry, who. with bis
rruMll command, was reported to tw loot
In (be vicinity of the IHKlnley ranee,
Alaska. In toe fall and winter of :."09.
la about to be published by the war 2
pertinent, writes the Washington cor
responilent of the New York San. A
portion of the territory traversed by
Lieutenant Herron and bis men was
utter before prawod by the feet of
white men, and the narrative of that
officer represents the heroic efforts of a
small party In unknown regions against
almost Insurmountable obstacles, de
serted by guides, caught In the tolls of
winter's Ice and snow nnd deprived of
transportation and hamix-rcd by scar
city of food. It was only in the carly
sprlng of 1000 that Intelligence reached
the war deportment that the gallant
band had arrived In safety at Pert
After encaging in some explorations
In and about Cook Inlet during the
months of May nnd .lune, 1S09, Lieu
tenant Ilerron nnd the men who were
to accompany him Into heretofore un
explored regions were landed by steam
boat at the bend of navigation of the
Keechntun. Prom this point begnn the
fcrles of overland ciplorntlotis to the
Yukon, the object being to discover
the iiiMt practicable route to the Junc
tion of thnt river with the Tnnann.
The detachment wns com noted. In ad
dition to Lieutenant Herron, of five
men. Fifteen tnck horses carried ra
tions to Oct. 31. Considerable trouble
was encountered In getting Indian
guides. Two Indian guides were Anal
ly engaged, and on July 1, 1S90, the ex
pedition began Its Journey.
The llrst objective was to get through
the Alaskan range, n mass of enor
mous peaks nnd glaciers about 70 miles
wide, extending across Alaskn nnd con
Ktitutlui; the chief barrier to the Inte
rior. The ex'teditlon consumed the en
tire month In exploring these moun
tnius. Moose nnd benr were occasion
ally encountered, which gave the expe
dition fresh meat. On .Inly '2'2 the crest
of the divide wns crossed, nnd tho ex
pedition started down the other side.
East of the divide the drainage Is Into
the Pacific ocean, west of It into the
Iterlng sea. The latter Is closed by ice
lit winter, while the Pacific ocean Is
In the latter part of July the Indians
deserted and went back to the coast.
This proved a severe blow to the expe
dition. Thereafter Lieutenant Ilerron
raveled by the compass and sun. With
September came frosts that killed the
grass and leaves, and the horses were
fed on flour. A great deal or food wns
subsequently lost during the month by
accltleut nf one kind or another from
which nieu and horses suffered. One
night a big brown bear knocked down
cache and nte 0 win ml of Imeon.
Fortunately nn Indian crossed the
leaf's trnll mid killed It, nnd mem hern
of the expedition evened up matters by
eating bruin In turn.
For two months Lieutenant Ilerron
wns compelled to renin In ntnong the
Indians before ho could llgure n wny
out to civilization. In the meantime
ho was not Idle. lie learned the Inn
gunge of the tribe lie was nmong In or
der that he might gain nil possible
knowledge of the country yet to be ex
plored nnd by so doing worked tlio res
cue of himself and men. In the mean
time the horses hnd either died natural
deaths or hnd been killed aud eaten.
The horse blankets curried by the par
tr were made Into clothing, socks and
mitts. Their food, when they could get
It, was moose, henveraiid tlsli. The In
dlans were hospitable, but required
careful mtiiiageiiient.
In the latter xirt of November Lieu
tennnt Ilerron, with four Indians as
guides, resumed the exploration of tlio
Inst 171 miles on snow-shoes, cutting
nnd blazing a trnll and uinpplng the
country ns he went along. Nine doj
nnd three sleds hauled such Impedl
mciitn ns remained to the expedition.
Durlug the extremely cotd nights that
ensued the men bivouacked on tlio
ground, digging through the snow, us.
lng their snowsliocs as shovels, piling
shelters of spruce trees around them
nnd keeping the (Ire going nil night to
keep from being frozen to death. It
wns only when they found a band of
Indians camped nt Cosbnget, ou the
Tmmmi, that biich luxuries ns bread
butter nnd ten passed their lips.
At 3:30 on Dec. 11. 1MK). the little
baud of hardy explorers reached their
objective iioltit, the Junction of the Tn
nnnit nnd Yukon rlveis, nfter having
iMisscd "i months nnd 11 days on the
trail. The total tiuiiihor of miles truv
clcd was 1.000, all on foot.
In his observations on tho country
traversed Lieutenant Herron says he
xhould Judge the Kaskokwim to bo
nnvlgnble for large steamboats as far
ns tlio Kehentnu nnd for small stentu
boats its far us the Tatlntlino. The
general characteristics of Interior Alas
linn rivers nre strong currents, great
erosions nnd sedimentary deposits,
shifting channels and rapid rise In
spring. They arc frozen from about
Nov. 1 to May 1 nnd nre open to nnvl
grit Ion about .lime, July, August and
part of September. The llontlng ice nt
tho mouth of the Yukon usually delays
navigation there until nbout July 1.
Tho highest water occurs In May.
Iu addition to Mount McUluley, cele
brated as the highest mountain la
NorS America. Lieutenant Ilerron
claims to have discovered a second
great mountain In this range 20,000
feet high, which he has named Mount
Koraker. after the senior Ohio senator.
The Sncliltnn Indians cnll the moun
tain "Itolshot." which in Itusslau
means big. The Kuskokwims col!
tbem "Dlsii7.ee" ami the Tana no s aud
Yukons "Din-alee." The all Amerlcnu
route pas nenr Caldwell nnd Fleish
man glaciers, but does not touch thctn.
At one time they ground out the vnl
k'j aud the pass wblch now opens the
way through the mountain. The In
dian trail to Tyoonok rnns through the
pass between the mountains Hatay and
Sneedee. The discovery of this pass
adds to Lieutenant Herron's route the
advantage of a direct all laud -.rni
tlon with Tyoonok This, with a lert
extenlou along tin con-t to a point lie
low the west Fort and. such as Kus
tntsn. makes posslbU an open harbor
free of Ice all the year round. Simp-
son pass In the McKlnley range opens
a way tn the Yukon. Kuskokwim and
Cope Nome countries. Lieutenant Her
rou Judges the pass to be from atiout
n quarter to aliout a half mile wide.
It Is of slight grade, free from gla
ciers, safe from snowslhles. the eleva
tion ou tbe crest 3.000 feet above sea
level, and Is approached by wide vnl
Icjs. It Is n wide gap cut out In for
mer ages by the Fleishman glacbr.
which has receded and now stands
back nut of the pass.
The primary object of Lieutenant
II iron's exedltlon was to find an
available all American route Into the
center of Alaskn from the open har
bor of Cook Inlet, and he Is firmly con
vinced that he has found It. If true.
and no otic has proof to the contrary.
he has performed n great service to his
country aud especially to tlio ritture
commercial Interests of Alaska. He
claims for his routo the following ml-
vnntnges: First, It pierces the center
of Alaskn, nnd, second, It touches navi
gable points and winter trails on the
most Important river systems of Alas
ka viz, Sncliltnn, Kuskokwim, Tnnn
nn nnd Yukon and ns n consequence
taps the country drained by them, the
most resourceful and promising of Alan-
ka nnd which connects with Nome.
A Itrlnrnol Solillcr fnyn They Are
Inilualrliiiia nml llnecr to Learn,
Sergeant Thomns II. McClung of the
Thirtieth L'ultcd States Infantry, who
traversed the greater portion of tho Is
land of Luzon during n two yenrs cam-
Ilgn agalust the Philippine Insurgents,
is nt home nnd gives some interesting
accounts of conditions existing In the
archipelago. In speaking to tbe St,
I.oul Cilobe-Dmocrat correspondent at
Flora. Ills.. Sergeant McClung said:
rhe people of the United States
bnve a misconception of the character
of the inhabitants of the Philippines.
Instead of lielna: a race of savages, the
major p-rtion of the population !s in
telllgt ut and well advanced in clviliza
tlon. considering the chaotic state of
affairs which bos existed for ages As
a people they are very fond of musl
and every town of any consequence lias
a band. The Tagalog tribe, which pre
dominates in Luzon, represents the bet
ter type of the native Filipino, and the
people are remnrkably well educated
In many Instances tbe children not
only read and write Tagalog. but Span
ish ns well, nnd gladly Improve the op
portunity of learning Hngllsh. The bet
ter classes welcome American rule, nnd
especially the property owners, who
recognize the benefits to be derived
from n settled condition of nffnlrs.
The roving bands of marauders who
are causing most of the trouble nt the
present time have nlwnys Infested the
Islands, and the better clnss of nntlvcs
fenr them ns much ns do the other resi
Sergeant McClung Is n veteran of the
Spanish-American war, having served
In the First Mississippi volunteer In
Pasture Your Lows.
I have secured the Hoff pasture,
where there is li-nv nf rtush and
wafer, nnd will i iistiire your cows
for one $1 pn- lieail. I will call
for and de'.ivnr them buck nt
oiulit. I will also kt-ep a fine Dur
ham bull in the pasture a part ol
the time. Respectfully,
W. B. Landiium.
Leave orders at Suss & Craw
ford' d store with Luther Ltntlrum
Tho woman
who thrown herself at
a msn'a head
will soon find borself
at bio feet.
A brainy woman
loves deeply and
hates deeply ai d
long, equally
Ntvr trust a woman who call
you "doarM twenty-four hours after
you mflot.
$100 Reward
VMIl be paid by the Clil. as.iw
Stucknioii'a AsmicIhH h Tur t
urrest and conviction o' amnne
stcillltllt stork ' f any kir.d f-i tn
am' member of this Assi elation.
1U. T. P. Howw.I.. P es.
O. F. II ALKY. Sec.
Kortb and a$t
Red River Division
It Shortens the Distance,
It Opens Hew Territory.
. The Oreat
At Buffalo, N. Y.t May ist to No
vember ut, iooi.
With which oii should be thor
oughly acquainted are
Complete Information gladly fur
nished by agents
i.W. S. KLCNAN, O, P. A.,
Passenger Service
"St trooMi to atixr fieiUcu."
to St. Louis, Chicago
and the East....
H13D80UE HEW OHAIB 01R0 (8tU Im).
iMllitir. Chilr Ciri (Butt Frit) Hilly U
Ba say Tlokal Agenl, or writ
a. r. ECflBM, im. K if ipit, n. tiui, m.
L.i.rao!rx, E.r.TCutiE,
ratmAattuitallp, tii'lrutruAKaillrl,
Dyspepsia Ctwe
Digests what you eat.
It artlflc'.aMy dlRMt s bo food and aids
Mature in strengthening ami rccon
Btructlntf tlio exhausted illgestlvo or
Kaiis. It is tho latest dl-ovcred tllpost
atit ami tonic. No other preparation
can appmarh it In elllclency. It In
stantly relievesand permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigc-tiun, Heartburn,
Flatulente, Konr btoumcb, Nausea,
Sick Headache, Uastrnlula, Urampsanil
all oilier results of imperfect dlRcstlon.
I'rlcotKV.uiidii. r.ircfcbocontnltuSW times
loialltlie. ItookallulK)iitdjRt'iiluniulftUfn'U
Wepored by E. C. DcWITT &CO.. Crjlcaflo.
Olty DruR Sloro, W. H, Frame, Prop

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