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"A hint to the
wise is suffi
cient." A wise head will
give careful tho't
on buying a piano.
Let it be a sweet
toned instrument
which will grace
the home and to
-which it will be a
pleasure to listen.
Wc can save vou money.
Call and cut our price.
Olivette Soap.
....Will Stand....
Hardie's Eldo Cigar, I
oooooo oooooo oooooo oooooo
, ) It lnn'l.wlmt you paT frrn I liinr, Z
1 it's the ln.iaurn that Clk'iir iclves
l you If iliuro'" a (sitilsfTlni; "
i iuallty In a 3 Crnt CIk til ire's no A
' iiiu luijliik' 10 I'cnli for n smoke.
You won't do illmiiiilnteil In ttip 1
is i, r o ci o aw. S
"OOOOOO oooooo oooooo oooooo
II I). MAKDII3, iMniuilncturer,
T lVnnlnKton .V Htonit'N Ilullillni;.
At Hie Opera Mouse.
Tl'iio Mndison Square Theatre
'company closed their week's en
Kagement nt this plnec Inst night,
jirodueing the great southern
.)Iuy, ".Marked for Life." Tho
Stater company have enlisted inauy
warm friends in Ardmore by their
excellent productions and social
intercom se among our people.
While this id their second appear
mice here this year, Ardmore will
again lie ready to welcome this ex
cellttttt-coinpauy hack again. They
iinost certainly have deserved bettor
Uioimes (linn they received.
Carpet matting, rugs, art
enures, linoleum and window
Bhndes at the furniture house of J.
1. Jones.
For the nobbiest shirt waist
lials in town go to Mrs. Spur-
HQOll'jS- ' 1'- sw
"Tho piii for the best essay on
the Hrook school, by the children,
'Offered by Col. Sidney Suggs of
the Ahdmoiuhtk has been awarded
dStlie Allen, and that young lady
will receive the Weekly Aiu
moiikith regularly hereafter for
one year.
Vurniluiii sold on easy pay
ments, if you wish, at the furni
ture and uarpet house of C. 1!
Thirty six suits all wool serge
worsted; very nobby, well worth
.$12.50 Special price $S 50
0 A II
N hf! FMflN
.Mrs. Arnold' $5,000 Damage Suit
Occupies the Untlrc Day.
There wns but little done in the
district court yesterday outside of
the case in which Mary C. Ar
nold sues I. K. Harmon et al for
$."i,000 damages. The parties to
this Biiit lived near Klk, and it
seemed that Harmon had rented
some land from Arnold. There
arose a difference between them in
reference, to the land, and while
pistol and gun ploys were going
on, Mrs. Arnold claims that she
became so excited that it caused
her prot-tration for several weeks,
and for other damages she sued
Harmon for $5,000.
The plaintiff was represented by
Cruce, Cruce & Cruce, while the
defendant had employed Herbert
& Cannon and Furninn & Mather?.
Strong speeches were made on
both sides and the jury went to
the box about 0 o'clock-
The jury, after being out for a
short time, returnoJ and informed
the court that they had been una
ble thus far to agree- They were
allowed to go home, but to recon
vene 'Monday morning, when they
will try to reach n verdict.
Special discount on luces and
embroideries this week at West-
heiiner & Daube's.
Have you thought of buying oil
stock, or would you buy the right
kind if you had an opportunity T
See what N. It. Tisdal has to offer
10 at
Three months for $1 ; 1110 books
to select from, all late and popu
lar. Homi:u IiOYii-
Having purchased the J. S.
Jenkins photograph gallery in the
Itandol building I Hud that I could
not successfully attend to all the
details of two galleries and have
sold the gallery in the Herbert &
Lewis building to my brother, If.
L. Cole, who from now on will
have full charge of that business
My old friends and customers will
llnd me nt all times in the Itandol
building where I have the best
1 quipped photograph gallery in the
Indian Territory.
12d(iw S. S- Cole-
Good Tilings to Eat.
When you want anything good
to eat come or 'phone to
Pomnit Staples',
The Hed Headed Grocer.
12-at 'Phone 57
See Akers this
ture at cost.
week for furni-
Services at Broadway.
I will preach at Broadway, Sun
day morning and at night and not
at Carter Avenue as was stated in
Saturday morning's Citizen.
.1. M. Ultos,
Foil Sale Santa Fe eating
house and hotel, near bauta Fr
depot; good paying business; all
goes at 1. 0 tSoing to lieau
moot. Addnea -ox 105, Aid
more, I. T. 12 2t
Don't fail to visit Westheinier &
Daube's store this weok. Big spe
cial sale in all departments.
The ladies of the First Presby
terian church will serve dinner
Thursday, May 10, from lktfO to
2 o'clock at Peeples' cafe.
l:or Rent.
Several nicely furnished rooms
to rent- Apply,
10-Gt Mhs .1. W. Philips
A saving of $1 on a $12 50
conch- This is what .1-11. Akers
offers you as long as he stays in
business in Ardmore.
S V JW Mead JL M A A 11 JL
"God SO Loved"
Will he the Pastor's theme this
morning at the
Cumeiland Presbjletlan Church.
At the evening service tie pulpit
will be oecutiud by
All the World's a Stage and tiach
one I'lay a Part.
Arthur Julian is here fioin I)u
lieu Ingram is in Mndill ou buti
Jim Davenport from Troy, I. T.,
is in the city.
Will Munell of Cornish was iu
the oily yesterday.
Tom Adkins wnn in the oily yes
terday from Douslnrty.
Wade Hampton of Foster, Okla.
was in the city yesterday.
Capt. J. S. Hummer came .')
from Pauls Valley last night.
Mrs. M. L- Stowe and Mrs- Pet
Law left for Betwyn yesterday.
Mr?- Hugh Suggs and son ol
Herwj 11 are visiting relativf b in tl e
Messrs. Shippey nnd Craig came
in from the camp for a short time
W. P. Mobley and W. T. Sloan
uro ependiug the day at Oakland
and Mmlill.
Mrs. Jessie Schullz of Mil
Creek is visiting at the residence
of Mrs. II A. Lodbettei.
Prof. J. H. Hendrix has return
ed from Ouinesville, where he
visited the public schools.
Miss Minn Crim, Mrs. Gallatin
and Pud Wntkins have gone to
Sulphur to spend a few days.
T. P. Williams, J. W. Williams,
and J. W. Ownby of Paris are
registered at the Whittington.
Mrs. T. A. Walker and children
from Peach Springs, Arizona, are
iu the city visiting Mrs. Walker'
daughter, Mrs- W. 1(. Yeldell.
S. S. Kvonts, formerly of Mari
etta, nnd George Frwin, both 0
Hereford, Texas, weie in the city
yesterday eii route to Iv.nns aftei
J. C. Graham of Ardmore win
iu town Tuesday. Mr. Graham
will be (plite well remembered by
Puree) I people who visited Ard
more on a certain occasion, but
we don't know whether he wut
still loaded down with "kejs" or
not. Purcell Register.
The newest street hats in town,
at J J Dahus'.
New Potatoes.
New Snap Deans,
At the Cold Storage Market.
Smoke Umliu's Ki.no.
rnnvrralnn Tl.roiml. I'nrW,
An old Cambridge friend of mine who
lini) h good deal of the wisdom of tlio
(terpen! In III in lind 11 farmer In Ills pur
ls!) In Norfolk whom tie could not gut
lo church. Whenever he pressed upon
til ni his neglect or I1I3 had example he
wns always met with the same excuse.
"Von lie too young and do not know
enough to teaeh surli as I." At Inst he
ii ve up the fnrmer In dcstKilr. Hut
one day he haipeued to puss liy the
farm while his parishioner wan en
gaged n killing n Hue pig. My friend
Mid: "What a pis! Why. he weighs 'M
atone!" "What dost thou know of
plgs'r" replied the fnrmer. "I only wish
he weighed as much." Whvu they next
met. the fnrmer. to his surprise, told
my friend Unit the pig had beeu found
to weight Just III sloue. He added.
much lo my friend's gratification. "And
thou wilt see me at church next Sun
day, parson " Manchester (iunrdlnu.
What An- Wr Com Inn Tut
The fond mother had Just killed 10 of
her 11! children.
She wns a hnppy wife, and her bus
band enmu home early every night.
"Now," she sold, with a contented
sigh. "John can close with the agent
for thnt house."
This was 'JO years from now, when
no landlord would accept a tenant with
more than two children. New Vork
The Victims.
"Some men," said Uncle Ubcn, "gits
de reputation of beln patient when do
troof Is dnt dey's too Indolent to stnu'
up fob whut dcy Is entitled to."
Wasblugton Star.
Smoke Hni die's Klpo.
Tnldft Seventy. One True Hills Ad
Journs for the Term.
The grand jury which has been
in esiou for oue week handed iu
their tiniil report hi Jndge Town-
setid yesterday, which is ns lot
Since our last report we have
found true bills iu commissioner's
cafes, viz:
Wash Lewie, Disk Shields, It. I
Mitchell, J 00 Abies, soiling liquor.
I.Hwreiico Martin, et nt., larceny
Charles linll, Introducing liquor.
II. W. UeorRo and Will atcKellop.
John Fuller, Henry Heck and Jul
ius DotiHhoo. burglary
We return the following "no
bills" in commLiioner's cases,
Will (Jraham, Introducing liquor.
Wiii, Illgglns, selling liquor.
We return the followiug original
true hills:
Weapon 3
Larceny 7
Vggravated Assault 7
-el'log L'quor 3
Olsturblng Peace 1
Murder 1
Ardmore, I. T., May 11, 1001
Hon. Hosea Townsend, United
States Judge:
Silt: Wc, the grnud jury, beg
to submit this, our final report:
We have found true bills in com
missioner's cuses, It.'
True bills In re-roferred cases 3
Original true bll's 35
Total.... 71
Wo have found no bills In commls
eioner's caeos S
Ut the true bills returned they
were the following offenses:
Violating revenue law 1
Lnrcony si
itocuivlng stolen property I
Soiling liquor lfi
Assault to kill 5
Murdor : 6
Itobbery 1
Introducing liquor 'J
Manslaughter '2
Adultery 1
Arson 1
Aggravated assault 1
Disturbing peace 2
l-'orgery 1
Burglary . 1
Total 71
We have examined the United
Stares jail at this place and find
the same to be iu fir.-t-cluss condi
tion, the prisoners well enred for
and ted.
We tlntuk the court and all of
ficials for courtesies extended.
Itespictfully submitted,
P. B. Auvriiuit, Foreman.
T. W. WEsTlinnoh", Clerk.
LosT-Ludy's gold watch "Cora"
engraved on the back of it. Lost
iu southwest part of Ardmore.
Finder will be paid $15 for re
turning same to this office.
7-Ct Mauie Echols.
Ten Negroes Drought Down From
the Canyon,
Wfeu the negro excursion train
passed Ardmore yestetday utter
no m Deputy Mnrshol Beynolds
and Jack Walter stopped off with
ten excursionists iu tow, whom
they had arrested at the Canyon
for carrving pistols and gaming.
Dr. Bunn was one of the ten, who
wns iu charge ot the train, and fot
resisting au officer, he was pined
under arrest-
The other nine negro-?, who
were searched and placed in jail,
are Joe Alexander, Warren Towns,
Ben Booken John Goosby, James
Rachels, Bob Kasley, Jce Woodcr,
Will Miller ami Ed Bulltr.
Six pistols were ttkeu away
from the crowd. Jack said he had
several morn rounded up but they
got away from him.
Murshul Reynolds said he could
have got u hundred if he had had
sunicient help.
They nil had on their Sunday
o'othes and weic lookingtheirbest
They lived at different points from
Cleburne to Ardmore.
Dr. Bunn, who is nlso colored,
was taken up to see Judge Brad
ford at his home' to see if he
could give bond. After hearing
his statement the judge released
SprngiiiB & Co. have a big lim
of ice cream freezers. Any size
any price you waut.
Just a Few
It Will Pay You to Read Them Carefully.
It i wcaiiM in to icad such mooest statements as "1 sell tt e bot
hi oe iii eHftli. "I am the largest shoe dealer In the country "Ktc
Itut ni.IV WC WhNner In vmir rnr rnnfld
.ell the Lestshi.e on earth, wk don't claim that wo sell in. ro shi es
tt'.tn every one el.c pu'. together We won't trv to make yi.u be
in-ve Hint wc are the only one that can buy nnd sell shoes
lU'T '.vk no say that we think we handle up to date, honest
!'.! s: lllHl We L'lYo flliflll V:lllln fi.r ninnnv pui.nli-i.fi tt l.-.v
wuli pride on the Inrienso of our business last year. And yet we
if. n "t ;illktl((l If urn want nn.lr. rlutn fiu.t vi.n r u... i.,.ii.. ..... .,.
cine nnd s. e our tnck of Ladles' Oxfords, tics and button, nnd strap
-iir.rln P'icis $1 50 ?n.1 SO; men' rhocs. high and low cut. In nil
.nuns in m i 1 j sj .ju. nice
LYINrM, The Shoe Man
to be hud always at your service. Special attention given to out
of town trade. Prices on nil street hats reduced this week.
MRS. JAMES, Milliner.
IIARdROVi- coi.u-au.
The Closing l:erclscs Will Dcgln
Friday, flay 17.
The following program has been
urrunged for the closing exercises
of Hnrgrove College, which will
begin next Ftiday, May 17th:
This hour will be given to Miss
and her primaries, interspersed
ith music by the mandolin club
and piano.
Conteet for gold medal by the
and Henry W. Grady soci-
Literary nddress by Hev. E. D.
A musical recital.
Coutest tor two gold medals
2. The elocution clnss.
Commencement sermon by Bish
op It. K Hargrove of Nashville,
Sermon by Hev. Sam .1. Thomp
son, presiding elder of Oklahoma.
Fss iys and orations.
Address by Hev. L. M. Broyles
of Oklahoma City.
Kor 10 days longer I will con
tinue to sell furuititro at cost.
After that date I quit business iu
Aidmore. J. II. Akehs.
Make wholesome ice creani at
home. Buy your freezers from
To l-lect Officers.
The Ludies ot the Leaf will hold
their annual election of officers to
morrow at it p. tu. nt tho residence
of Mrs T. N. Colemau.
Mhs. W A. Lkdiibttkk, Pres.
LOWHNSTIIIN'S always ahead in receiving
now and popular MILLINERY. Our aim is
to sun tne most stylish Trimmr-d 1 Into at
prices where all fancy profits are wholly forgot mi. We
make friends with every sale,
Just received another lot of KNOX SAILORS, specinl
long as they last
Rough and Ready Straw Suilors, 25c.
We are headquarters for
Misses' and
Wc liuve the
to date in stiles Wn guar
antee then patterns nerfect in
2isj- iiditi'Fiie fiortdstrt.'lt when cut according to duec
wm' 'n!aimc,,ru''',r tio"M- All patterns are 10 c's
elze :i, .1). is. 30. each.
New idea Fashion Review
New Idea Womm's Magazine
Now on Sale,
Plain Facts
assortment price from $1 Ui SJ r,n
LITTLE comes in for n large
GIRLS' share of our attention
MILLINERY We c,,n rulit;ve "oih
ers of the trouble of
planning and making their chit
dren's hats or assist those who
desire to do their own trimming.
In either case money can be saved
by purchasing here.
Everything in lnil'iueiy at the
lowest prices- The best trimmers
Sim. Cnrrlr Xntlnn Snl.l In llnvo Jtniln
if I.-..OOII rroii. Her WnrL,
Mrs. Carrie Nation, the snlnon
Btnnslier. Is said, according lo a Wield
ta (Kan.) dispatch to the Chicago Inter
Ocean, to hare made euough out of her
crusade to li cop her In comfort the rest
of her days. Itellahle nuthorlty says
she has made $1..000. Of this ninount
she will use $.".000 to build a cottnge
In Topeka, nnd the remainder she will
Invest and with the Interest and pmllt
therefrom meet her expenses.
Klie has also reaped n good deal of
fame, which will always lie of some
little benefit lo her In the cause of tem
perance. Her husband has Jumped
Into prominence ns n persecutor of sa
loon men. and he will continue to get
a large patronage from temperance
people over Kansas, who will continue
prosecuting snloonlsts whether they
win or not. There are enough cases
plied up against Mis. Nation nnd her
friends to keep the courts busy for a
Inng'tlme to come, anil out of each one
David Nation probably will get a fee.
Clerlnn.l tn Smnlitrr In the llerk
nlllrln. Kx-I'rcsldent Cleveland nnd his fam
ily will spend the summer nt a place
called Itlrerslde, In Tyrlngbnui, ten
miles south of Lenox, says a I'lttslleld
(llnss.l dispatch to the New York
World. Mr. Cleveland nnd his family
were guests of Mr. and Mrs. (Slider two
years ago. when the o.vprcsldcnt great
ly enjoyed the trout llshlng iu this vi
cinity. The prime reason given for
their, coining to Ilerkshlrc Is that they
think the children will be In better
health than at Gray C-nhlcs. The
house they have leased Is an old fash
ioned country place on n hillside, with
n fluo outlook. It Is said that Mr.
Cleveland contemplates building n
country house In Tyrlnghniu In the
near future.
Rudolph Wm. Kicpzig,
Harmony and Counterpoint.
Beginners as well as Advanctd
Pupils received.
For terms write to P. O. Hox 552,
Ardmore, I. T.
Children's Trimmed Hats, 50c,
agency for
Idea Paper Pall!rni
Shirt Wiltl,
ac si, so. as. ia u u

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