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SIDNEY SUGGS, Proprietor.
Published every Attorcoontexcopt Sat
urday) and Sunday Morning.
Offlce of Publication .North Washing
ton Street.
Entered at the Postofflcc at Ardmorc ft.
second-class mall matter, Xov.1793.
Subscrlotion Rates.
One Week J 15
One Month w
One Year 6-M
The Ventilator Is the name of a
newspaper which ts expected to Im
prove the sanitary condition of Fort
Roosevelt proposes to go to the bot
tom of the government affairs in Ok
lahoma. If he does sot want to touch
rank potlsUon he should gel some one
to go la his place.
This w myproperly b desicsat
ed basaar wee. Jodslag from the num
ber which will be held. The ladles of
the different ehnrches have been work
ig dU!pUr to draw the dollars frees
their hosoaods' pockets.
The coomm for -.ajonlc headeoar
:r la Tux. us ix-ea settled ia fa
vor at aco. aod no dovbt there win
K goaoral aconleeence I athat action.
TW other candidates ranked Is the
followtatg seder. Fort Worth. Houston
xsd DaHis.
Ardasore may yet have a unoa Jo
jot which win be a dandy. If the A &
C. road ! go through Ardmoro on
the O ' G. right-of-way. which we
tadertsaad Is qntte likely, then all
three roxds will wtthoot doubt use the
taase depot.
The daUy Phoenix, published at Mus
kogee, has. reduced its else by drop
ping fonr pages. Lack of advertising
by ktonl dealers Is the attributed
cause. Phoenix Is a good paper just
the ame .and will no doubt continue
to give our people full satisfaction.
Admiral Dewey positively denies the
statement recently published that the
Schley court of inquiry had reached a
decision in tho caso and that Admiral
Schley had bcon found guilty on five
counts, and adds that It will be at
least anothor weok before the court
will concludo their labors.
Somo time ago tho town of Musko
gee voted bonds for the erection and
establishment of a waterworks sys
tem for that place Those bonds have
now been approved by the Secretary of
the Interior, and work will at once be
begun. Muskogee will net the wn'ex
from Grand River. The town aid her
people are to be congratulated.
Connecticut has a new law that
sends the man to kill who refuses to
pay his poll tax, and keeps him there
until it Is paid. Ardmore needs just
such n law. olse abolish the poll tax
altogether. The Idea of some having to
t-o this tax. whllo others absolutely
refuged, and dfd not pay. is poor policy
In city government.
J. It. Hensbaw went to Sherman
this morning.
George W. Olst, the A. & C. engi
neer, is here today.
Judge C. D. Koan wont to Pauls Val
ley on business- yesterday,
Attorney C. L. Herbert was here
yesterday from Ardmore.
There will be an oyster supper bete
The Choctaw. Oklahoma & Gulf
road Is shipping rock- to Ardmore
over tho Santa Ke. which they will use
for building purposes there.
n. M. Pike has returned fron the
sew country and will remove his f.ixn
lly to his new home there at once.
A number of the young people of
Bart attended the eatertalnment at
the home of Mrs. It. M. Statt last
CI Me Wolvorton Is here from Ma-
Bd Hartwell has located here fron
Mill Creek.
Jack Hotllday I oa the slek list
Mrs. Jack 14 c A lister, who has been
oa Ute sick list for so long a time. I
reported better.
Fred Rice of A rd store, who has been
attending school here. left this morn
ing for Houston. Tex whoro he Is
wltaess In a murdor trial.
The Odd FellowB met In their new
hall last night for the first time. The
building Is a credit to the town.
The Earl gin has passed the POO
Mrs. D. F. Lamb died here yester
day afternoon. The funeral will occur
this afternoon.
Mrs. J. T. Khlte is quite sick with
slow fever.
Elmer O'Drien from near Denton.
Texas. Is hore to see his father, who
Is quite sick.
Mr. Hartsell wont to Ardmore todly
with cotton.
D. F. niount and wife from Pales
tine. Tox.. aro here visiting their son,
Horbort. The older Mr. Mount Is the
owner of a lumbor yard nt this plac
He la also a conductor on the Interna
tional & Great Northern railroad.
John and Owon Donolioo had their
oxamluing trial yosterday afternoon
and were bound over in .the sum of
$500 each, which they have not yet
given. They were on trial for having
stolen a cow from Lute Weaver, then
killing hor aad attempting to sell the
beef to a butcher here.
The prospects are quite favorable
for a snow here today.
The school house here is being re
paired today.
Oklahoma politics are to be thor
oughly aired, and uovernor Ferguson
will feel like going into a new house
Mr. Roosovolt and Secretary Hitch
cock have decided that tuero is some
thing rotton In Oklahoma and they
propose turning every chip to find It.
Two trusted special agents of the de
partment, aecompaniea by two expert
accountants, a stenographer and three
detectives are to be seat from Wash
Ingtoo. with the oxpross purpose of ex
posing every fraud .and those connect
cd with it In Oklahoma. I fanythlng re
mains to be purified after they get
through it ia expected that Governor
Ferguson will be able to attead to It
There Is going to be a shaking up of
political ple-eatera such as has never
before been thought of. Let It come
and then statehood.
The Banks Hotel.
That's the name of the row hotel up
on Main stroet. and Mr. W. II. Alex
ander, the proprietor. Informed the
Ardmorefte yosterday afternoon that It
was hia intention to hay? the hotel
open and running by the first of Jan
uary, next v
The brick work Is practically fin
ished and th.e plastering will be done
as fast as workmen can do it, and the
hotel completed.
Mr. Alexander said he had employed
an expensive cook .as he considered
good meals very necessary to keep his
What does it profit a woman if s'le
gain the whole world of knowledge and
lose her own health? Young women
students, and school teachers, eager.
ambitious and full of onorgy, very of
ten neglect tholr health in the struggle
to gain education. Thoy oat insufficient
food., and it irregular hours, they
allow Irregularity of the wonwinly fun
ctlous to be established, and the re
suit Is that they beoome chronic n
valids with all their education practic
ally worthless Thore is a plain road
back to health for such as theee. mark
ed by the feet of thousands. It is the
uso of Dr. Pierce's Golden Discover?
for disease of the stomach and diges
tive and nutritive organs, and I)i
Pierce's Favorite Perscrtptton for dis
ease of the delicate organs of woman
hood. A cure wo certainly follows the
use of those remedies that out of hue
dreds of thousands who have tried the
treatment, ninety-eight In every hun
dred have been perfectly and perman
ently cured. Constipation, with its cal
Mnttoo consequences, which Is a com
mon ailment of students, can he en
tlreiy cured by the use of Dr. Ilerce-s
Ptensaat Pills.
The "Choctaw Rotte" is certuialy up
to date In the way of asodera equip
ment aad superb service. "Holiday
excursion Rates.'
Oysters, fish and poultry to be good
must be fresh and of tho beet quality.
No other firm In the city goes to the
oxpense and pajns we da in buying
only tho beat antrln keeping the stock
perfectly frosh. Wo solicit a share of
your business. Pulllaci & Rogers.
Judge Gait fined Jim Johnton. color
ed, and Frank Harlan, white. $5.65
each, for falling to pay their stree
Who Is the Defaulter?
The oucetioa will be answered some
Urn next weett by the people of Sta
tor's Madison Square Theatre Com
pany. Tho play is a thrilling comedy
drama introducing some of the most
novel and sensational stage offsets
known to modern stage craft
Lincoln J. Carter, one of the best
jsnown writers of melodrama of the
present day whose pltys have been
throughout the United States is the
author. The critics aad public consid
er the Defaulter to be his" greatest
By paying a heavy royalty, aad Mr.
Stater's reputation as a manager, he
Is permitted to present the play for
the first time at popular prices. We
present the play with special seenery
oaiated by one of the beet known
scealc artists In the country.
The production represents an out
lay of J1W0 combined with tveeka of
hard study by our able company. Wo
feel confident to say that this Is the
most elaborate production ever at
tempted by a popular price organization.
The Bullet
Of the assassin may be moretudden, but
it It not more sure than the dire punish
ment eulrd out to the m&n who buei
his stomach. No man is stroiinrthati
his osuch. When the stomach U dis
eased the whole body is weakened.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
cure diseases of the stomach and other
organs of digestion and nutrition. It
cures ditriMs of other organs when it
cures the discAMi of the storasch, on
which the sercral organs depend for
nutrition aad vitality.
I would Mr la rwrt to jtw mrdiden
IK I I hrr tn crtlUy fcotti tir thtc: "
write. Mr ; ft. Dell, of l- -oJa Via Burin Co.
It. vIwlfltBD,tin
at I thmtht ilnort
tt dftlh t ioot I wu S
roaSoN to njr houe
tnd part of the Umt
ta njr bL I hatl
Uken f tHua of ra pli
ant, o-ai ii eir il
theiu . bat f mt
mjt that ' OoMm MrJ
ieal OtvoTtTT 1 has
enrrd me. aod t ..day T
I am ttoutrr than 1
hare beea fir twmtT
Cears. I am n w Tirty.
Jrr rear ok! Hare
taken In all twenty i.ne
bottles of Golden He lical
DUoorery ' be4e two r
three dot en rUU of Dr.
Pierce-" 1-elletv but now I
take no medicoe
Dr. Pierce's Pleas
ant Pellets cure constipation.
The Powell Murder Case, Ada Mayor.
, alty Matter and Other Cases.
Pauls Valley, I. T.. Dec. ".Monday
morning the Powell murder case was
resumed and Wednesday at noon ar
guments were presented by Attorney
Wm. D. Johnson, for the government,
followed by Attorneys Prulett and
Russell, for tho defense, the case was
closed by Wm. Ownby, who ppoke
ior about seven hours and the case
went to the Jury Wednesday about
3 o'clock. Friday afternoon the jury
came into the court room and stated
that they had failed to agree. The
judge sent them back for further con
sideration. The habeas corpus case of Otis
Weaver was called Friday morning
and the court refused to take any ac
tlon on It. as the defendant was not
in custody at the time the writ was
granted. The facts developed in till
case that he was tried -for carrying
a pistol and before a Mr. Drury at Ada
and that Drury was not the mayor
legally elected, but that the mayor had
resigned, and Drury was elected by
the council, and upon that election
bad a certificate issued to himself, by
the clerk of the United States court
at this place. It seems that Weaver
was also mistaken as to the law and
thought that when the mayor resigned
he ns rocordor became mayor. Tho
DittrJct attornoy will file an aftldavit
against Drury. for holding the offlce
as mayor of tho town of Ada, unlaw
fully. Tho case of "Will Haynos. charged
with larceny was tried oy a Jurv. and
they returned a verdict of not guilty.
This morning the dl6tric attorney
filed a notice In the Maijarljr""murdor
caso to set aside tho refusal of Judge
Thomas at the last term of the court
to transfer the case to Paris, Texas,
upon the ground that Maharty was
a c'.tlaen of the Chickasaw tribe of In
dians and under the existing l.i any
member of the tribe has a right to do
this, upon an affidavit being filed that
he is unable to get a fair trial here.
Judge Towncend set the order aside,
then Mr. Johnson wanted to contest
the motion, by making a showing that
the defendant was a Seminole freed
man but Judge Townsend sent the
case to Paris. The gorernmcnt aved
an oxceptioa to this ruling and asked
for sixty days to prepare a transcript
aad file same in the Court of Appeals
of the Indian Teritory.
Yerker Taylor. Motion Prulett n
Stllwell H. Russell represent Mabarty
and they are elated over the court's
ruling, the feeling la this dlstrl"t le
strong against the dofetviant as he
Is charged of being an accessory to the
killing of Hnja My cU mms!.al of
the town of Davit about two ye.ra
Saturday's Work.
Special to the Ardsoreite.
Pauls Valley. 1. T Dec 7. The Jury
In the Tom Powell murder trial which
has been out since Wednesday and
which announced yesterday afternoon
that it could not agree, was discharg
ed this morning. They stood eight. for
acauittal and four for conviction.
The case of Henry Johnson, charg
ed wtth assault to kill, was tried to
day by the Jury and Johnson aeqalt
ted. L. S. Sparks pleaded guilty to the
charge of larceny.
The trial of Shelby Slade, charged
with larceny, was begun today. Tho
evidence is all In and the jury has
been charged. The arguments will be
gin Monday.
Fine Candies in Christmas Baskets a Specialty
"E have a large assortment of Fire Works of
every description. Will make it worth your
while to stop in at our place, get prices and see
the variety of Fire Works at wholesale and retail
Our Fruits are ths finest on Earth.
We are agents for the world renowned Candies
manufactured by
Lowney Loose Bros.
Allegretti Lyons
and make a specialty of Fine Candies for the
Holidays. See our fancy baskets and packages.
Everything will be sold at the right price.
Second door East of Post Office. Ardmore, I. T.
Headquarters tor Christmas Fire Works. 77
Following Have Been Recommended
for Oklahoma and Ind. Ter.
Special to the Ardmorelte.
Washington. D. C Dec 7. A book
of estimates sent to congress last
Monday contains recommendations
for the following appropriations for
Oklahoma and Indian Territories:
Salaries and expenses of Oklahoma'.
Territorial officials:
Salaries of Governor, Chief Jus
tice, four associate Judges and Secre
tary, $ 19,500.
Legislative ospenses, $25,000.
Total, $16,000.
Expenses of Indian service:
Indian Agencies: Kiowa agency.
Oklahoma, Jl.SOO; Osage agency. Ok
lahoma, I1.S00; Pottawatomie and
Great Nemaha agency. Kansas, 11,200,
Ponca, Pawnee. Otoo and Oakland
agency. Oklahoma, $1,600: Sac and ,
Fox agency. Oklahoma, $1.S00; Union
agency, Indian Territory. J2.50O. )
Fulfilling treaties with Choctaws.
N -0.032.3?, fulfilling treaties with
Crveks. JI9.SsS.40; fulfilling treaties
with Klckapoos. $3,327.72; fulfilling
treaties, with Osages,. $8.IS6; fulfill
ing treaties with Pottnwatomles, $2iv
611.11; fufllUng treaties with Semi-'
notes, I2S.SO0. Total. $135,S36.12.
Miscellaneous supports:
Support of the Apaches. Klowas.
Comanebes. Wlohltas. and affiliated
bands, $f.M; support of the Chey
ennee end Arapahoee. $70,000; sup
port of the Klckapoos. $6,000.
Incidental expenses of Indian ser
vice in Indian Territory. $1S.W0.
Support of InaWan school at Chi- (
locco. Oklahoma Territory. JSl.WO.
Spend Christ with kinfolks and
friends in the old states by the "Choc
taw Route."
A. S. PuIHam has bought out A. E.
Rogers and the firm name hereafter
will be A. S. Pnlltom & Co. Messrs.
Clarence Tnielove and Cyrus Pyeatt
will be on band to wait on you .and the
new firm solicit your patronage.
Cottcn Market.
Cotton opened firm yesterday and
closed strong. Lint cotton sold for 7.26
to 7.(0 while seed cotton brought 2.6S.
Cotton seed $11 per ton .Receipts i;
the day were light, about 100 bales
being marketed.
Attaway Stoek.Sold.
The John Attaway & Son's bankrupt
stock of goods was sold yesterday at
Berwyn to Joe N. Barall of Ardmorc
for $1,310.
Asa's Tin Shop
km and Tin
Oct nj
Beta Placing
Practical Tinner and Plumber.
Notice to Hunters and Others.
I hereby pive notice that nil
hnntera and tresspassers, whenever
found on my farm, (known ns the
Lastcr place) one mile north of the
corporate limits, will be prosecuted
to the fullest extent of the law for
trespass. A. D. Chase.
Ardmore, I. T., Nov. 11, 1901.
Red Cross Bag blue makes the
clothes whiter than snow. Large
package only 5 cents.
If its signs yon waut try
One block south of postoffiee.
Holiday Excursion Tickets to Local
Points and to Points on Connecting
Lines In Texas.
For tho Holiday excursions wo will
sell excursion tlokots between nny
points on our lino and to points on
connecting linos In Toxas nt rate of
one and one-third fare for round trip,
minimum round trip rato to bo 50c!-'
Dates of snlo December 23d, 21th
25th. 26th. 3l!st. 1001. and January" 1st,'
1902. All tickets limited to continuous
passage In each direction and to Jan
uary 3rd. 1002 .for final return.
Tho "Choctaw Ruuto" la advertising
iow excursion rates for tho Christmas

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