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Klndnett to a PrUoner Cost a Vlnlta
Attorney $250.
Vlnlta. I. T.. Dec. 2S. A man was
brought In here yesterday and put
Jail on a chars cf burnWK hoy starts
ana with shooting at K. C. Part at
Gholsoa. Attorney W. H. Kornegay wn
rapteyed to represent the prteoaer
ami gave bond for him In I W to take
Harris up to his oce. While la the
law efflee Harris escape and this
morning Attorney Koraogay Is "mand
lag goo" for ?M0 for the appearance
of Harrta. The bond was J dared for-fettcHi.
Health and Beauty.
A poor complexion Is usually the re
sult of a torpW liver or Irregular ac
tion of the bowels. Uales nature's
refuse Is carried off It will surely
cause Impure blood. Masplos. bolls
and other oruptlons follow. This Is
nature's method of throwing off the
poisons which Ujc bowels failed to re
move DeWltt's Uttle Barly Risers are
worWs famous for remedying Oils con
dition. Thoy stimulate the liver and
promoto regular and healthy action
of the bowels but never cause griping,
cramps or distress. Safe pills. City
Drug Store.
Old Negro Hoarding Probably Cost
Him His Life.
Guthrie .0. T Dec. IS. At 2 "clock
this morning a shanty bolonglng to an
aged ng.o named Tom Owens was
diseavored on fire and by the time the
fireman arrived nothing was loft of the
shanty Tout a few hinting Joists. In
grappltas; the fire hooks to pull down
thee JoSMs om of the Bremen dlecor
ore til body of the old bum lying In
ta narrow space between the stove
and whore the side of the shanty had
boon. An employe of the Santn Fe de
jiot sum Unit ho saw a man running
from the place Just as the fire was dis
covered, and It u believed that the old
man was murdered for the few dollars
he had hoarded and the building fired
to hide the crime. The dead nearo
claimed to be over a hundred years old
and at one lime a fclave of Andrew
Gainesville Notes. Wnat did you mean; u aas Tar uou-
Th rtealstor ears, while sitting In der feller's faulL ae var talkln1 bout
his office this morning about 11 o'clock raisin' te assessment an das mok me
r, . . - i. ..,.,.nt- .triri-an hot. "And rou said yaud 'was in,
with a severe stroke of paralysis. He
was removed to his home on North
Taylor street where he now is. He
has been unconscious from the mo
ment of the stroke and all efforts up
to I: JO o'clock to revive him bad prov
enen fruitless. Hie condition Is regard
ed as very critical.
Mr. Adams, boat known ae "Axe Han
die" Adams, hocauas he mad and sold
these articles, was found dead la his
bod this moraine at his home north
of the McAfee crossing. It i supposed
that he died tome time during the
night and that his death was sudden
and without warnuig as no one In
the house was aware of his having
passed away until tals morning. A
subscription was taken tats afternoon
b member of the Confederate camp
? wfcirh he tras a member, to defray
his lun;ml expenses, as the old man
was without means.
What did that mean? "Veil, et meant
det Aye var merabor an" haf yourst so
motch to say as anybody." Wjhen you
"said 'I'll open It.' what did you meant"
"Some feller could not get Into the
doo. Aye tank. You seo dear vlfe. et Is
lock all tarn." "Once or twice I beard
yan said. 'It s a show down.' What
does that mean?'' "Hutdah, Aye haf no
right to tat yo tengs outside of te
lodge but Aye will tat ye dis: Das
means In lodge language, "God blase
mac home."
The Best Platter.
A piece of flannel dampened with
Chamberlain's Pain Balm and bound
to the affected parts Is superior to any
plaster. When troubled with lame back
or pains In the side or chest, give It a
trial and you are certain to be more
than pleased with the prompt rellof
which It affords. Pain Dalm also cures
rheumatism. One application gives re-
For sale by City Drug Store and F.
F. J. llamsey.
J. W. Bryan of Lowder. Ills writes:
My little boy was very low with pneu
monia. Unknown to the doctor we
gave him Foley's Honor and Tar. The
result was magical and puisled the
doctor, as It Immediately stopped the
racking cough and he quickly recover
ed." Bonner & Bonner.
Insure your property with the I I
Tyer agency. Fire and tornado insur
anee. dS-lm
For broken limbs, chilblains, burns.
scalds, bruised shins, eorc throat, and
sores of every kind, apply Ballard's
Snow Liniment It will give Immediate
rellof and heal any wound. Price 25
cts. and 50 cts. W. B. Frame, City
Drug Store.
Saved His Life.
"I wish to say that 1 feol 1 owe my life
to Kodol Dyspepsia Cure." writes H. C.
Chrastenson of Hayfleld. Minn. "For
three years I was troubled with dys
rensi& so that I could not hold nothing
on ray stomach. Many times I would I exception of brunettes
be unable to retain a morsel oi ioou.
m it t M ...... I ... Ka1
Doctors said I could not live. I read f-Q I ey S tlOTiey end I Q.r
All Is fair In love and war with the
one of your advertisements on Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure and thought It fit my
case and commenced its use. I began
to Improve from the first bottle. Now
I am cured and recommend It to all."
Dteeet your food. Cures all stomach
troubles. City Drug Store,
Christmas presents are now la order.
Why not send the Dally or Weekly
Ardmoreito to your friend back In the
old states! You know It would be ap
! predated for YOU never write a word.
cures coWc nrrvenrs pneumonia.
As some spoiled mortals see It. "free
list suspended" Is a declaration of war.
Don't forest the city Uvary stable
far the swoHost turnouts in -he city.
Phonne 27. T. B. CATHEY. Prop
Heaven Help Us.
The disposition of children largely
depends upon health. If they are
troubled with worms, they will bo Ir
ritable. cross, feverish, and perhaps
seriously sick. White's Cream Vermi
fuge Is a worm expeller and tonic to
make them healthy and cheerful. Price
15 cts. W. B. Frame, City Drag
Anent the Death of J. N. Worthy, Mem
ber John H. Morgan Camp.
Whereas. Our late comrade, John
N. Worthy has departed this life and
will no longer meet with us around
the campflre; and
Whereas, curing his life he was an
upright cltisen and a brave soldier.
He Joined the Confederate service In
ISO, was taken prisoner shortly af
terward during a skirmish at Port
Hudson. Bscaped and Joined his regi'
raent at .Manilla, .miss., upon many
battlefield he upheld the flag we all
love, and finally surrendered at Cltro-
nel. Ala.. 1S6 .J. N. Worthy was a
dutiful husband and father. He died
on the th day of November. -1001. at
Bltoxi. Miss. It Is therefor
Resolved. That in the death of Com
rade Worthy our camp has lost one of
Its most worthy members; our country
has lost an upright citizen, and his
family a loving husband and father.
Resolved. That we extend to the
family our most sincere sympathies:
that a copy of these resolutions be fur
nlsbed to his family, a copy furnished
to the dally papors of Ardmore. and
that thoy be spread upon the minutes
of this camp, and that our earap be
draped In mourning for thirty days.
is moving
stock of
to the
Opposite Post
It will be some centuries yet before
boy dislikes the smell of
Pneumenla Prevented.
Amoax the tens of thousands who have
used Chamberlain's Cough Remedy for the small
colds and la grippe during the past powder.
tew years, to our Knowledge, not a "
Thos. Whitfield & Co.. 240 Wabash FOleyS IlOney and TaT
avenue. C tiles co. one ot tne mosi
prominent retail druggists In that city
In sneaklnc of this, says: "We recom
mend Chamberlain s cougn itemeay
I- tmm I -t mnn M 1 a 1 t Tt
In our troubles, but use Hunt's Cure ' .71 ZL
for itch tetter rl Ucblngj- -
piles and eczema. Guaranteed. . , aexlmonta."
For sale by Clttv Drug Store and t-.
J. Ramsey. I VS&S
fo- nhitdrcn.nfr-suT. AVj opiates.
All Christmas Day lacked was a few
lncnee of snow.
Tammany Turned Down.
New York. Dec. 2S. That Soth Low ,
xvlll n-m. th. mayor's ofltt and I ' WOmn who kn0W hoW
. . .... t.. i. 'dree herself knows very Utile about
out on Wednesday next Is the topic dressing a turkey
ijku mierosis I A cold, cough or la grippe can be "nip-
now. Mr. Low has made unique prepar-1 ln .j, a or two of
attoM for tanlnc charav of the city ! Foley's Honor and Tar. Beware of
1 substitutes. Bonner Bonner.
rantod a suite of owcaa. ukug an en
tire floor of an omce bnildlng on Mad
kioa Square. This was fitted up with
flasks, typewriters, etc.. and a squad
of clerks and assteuuris were employ
04. Than the mayor-elect was ready
tor hsittnasa,
The buaineas was to conduct a city
gavaramant In futurity. Bach depart
moat of the city government was In
aulrnd Into, and a man selected to suc
caad the present Tummany Incumbent
at tha head of that department. The
methods of the department were laves
tgated and a decision reached as to
what changes would be made In those
methods after January 1st.
The work was thoroughly done, and
all has now bean fixed. Nearly all tha
appointments have been announced
and they have been of a conspicuously
high order and on January 1st. all
that will bo neeeeeary will be for Mr.
lxw to sign a number of papers mak
lng his desires of legal effect. The new
auministratioB win taea be ready to
proceed to its work of reform. Just as
if the new Incumbents had their two
months' training actually in omce.
The name on an umbrella doesn't
necessarily belong to the man who has
the umbrella.
Saw Death Near.
'It often made my heart ache,"
writes L. C. Over-street, of Elgin. Tean
'to hear m? wife cough until It seemed
her weak and sore lungs would col
lapea. Good doctors said she was so
far gone with consumption that no
medicine or earthly help could save
her. but a friend recommended Dr.
King's New Discovery and persistent
use of this excellent medicine sated
her life." It's absolutely guaranteed
for coughs, colds, bronchitis, asthma
and all throat and lung diseases. 50c
and $1 at W. B. Frame.
Free medical advice. Men and worn
en suffering from chronic disease
are entitled to consult Dr. Pierce. Bui
falo. N. Y.. by letter, abeolutey without
fee or charge. For more than thirty
years as chief consulting physician to
the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical In
stitute of Buffalo. N. Y.. Doctor Pierce
has devoted himself to the treatment
aci cure of chronic forms of disease
Assisted by his staff of nearly a score
cf physicians, eacu man a specialist.
succe.it has oeen phenomlnal. ninety-eight
p.-. oon of every hundred treat
being absolutely and altogether cur
ed. Women have especially availed
themselves of Dr. Pierce's offer of free
consultation by letter, thereby avoid
ing unpleasant questionings, the ob
noxious examinations, and odious lo
cal treatments considered necessary
or some practitioners, uver nair a
million women have boea treated by
Dr. Pierce and his staff for diseases
peculiar to women, with unvarying
success. Write without fear as with
out fee. Every letter is treated as
strictly private and sacredly confiden
UaL and all answers are sent in plain
envelops, bearing no printing upon
them. Address Dr. R.V. Pierce. World s
Dispensary Medical Association. Buf
falo. X. Y.
Deafness Cannot be Cures'
toy local applications, as they cannot
reacn tne diseased portion of the ear.
There is only one way to cure deaf
nana, and that is by constltuttona) rem
eat tea, Deafnee a caused by an in
flamed condiUou of the mucous lining
m imm muMacniou rut, when this
tabs gets inflamed you have a rumb
ling sound of imperfect heerles. and
wnen K is entirely cloeed deafness is
tne reeau. nod unless the In asm ma
"on can be taken out and this tube
restored to its normal condition, hear
ing win be destroyed forever: nta
oases out of ten are caused by catarrn
which It nothing but aa Inflamed
oanditioa of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dol
lars for any case ef deafness (canted
by catarrh) that can not be cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for etrca
lars, free.
F. J. Cheney i- Co . Toledo, a
Sold hy DrugtJet. 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Ho Is a good physician who adsnia
iisterft medicine to the heart in the
shape of wit and humor
Satisfied People
nro, the best advertisers for Foley's
Honey and Tat and all who use It agree
tuat It Is a splendid remedy for coughs
colds, or sore lungs. Bonner & Bonner.
There are few ailments so uncom
fortable as nlles. but they can easily
be cured by using Tablsr's Buckeye
Pile Ointment Relief follows use.
and any one suffering fom piles can
not afford to neglect to give it a trial.
Price. 50 eta. In bottles, tubes "5 cts.
W. B. Frame, City Drug Store.
True love doesn't cut much congeal
ed aqua pura In a divorce case.
It Is getting so that the
wants credit for what he does
take It.
Have you a cold? A dose of Ballard's
Horehouna Syrup at bed-time will re
move It. Price 2o cts. W. B. Fiame
City Drug Store.
Dr. Echols will be at the WhltUngton
hotel every Monday, from 1 to 4 p.m.
Practice llmltod to disease of the eye.
ear. nose and throat. Errors of re
fraction corrected. 19-tf
Frisco Syttem.
Has put on a new train known as the
'homa City and Kansas City. This Is
.He fastest and finest equipped train
out of Oklahoma for Kansas City, St.
Louis and Memphis.
leaves Oklahoma Ctty at 6:10 p. nu
arriving at Kansas City 7: 10 next
morning. St. Louis i.ii p. nu and
Memphis 6:00 p. m. It eoe.tu of hag
gage car. three (3) chair cars, and
one (1) Pullman. The PaUmaa sleeper
and one ensir ear goes throagh to
Causae City without chance, one chair
car through to SC Louis, and one
through to Memphis. The return train
leaves Kansas City f :I0 p. m- arrtvteg
at Oklahoma Ctty lt:U a. m.
Further information ragarduat; rates.
Ume etc.. will he cseerfaDy gleea by
any Frisco System Agent or the under
signed. B. F. DUNN.
District Passenger Agent. Wichita.
Photos by iDStantancons
and Flash Light Processes.
Why send pictures away
to have them enlarged and
ran the risk of losing them
when yon cin get the work
done at home!
Stud o over Randol's store,
Ardmore. I T.
from WM Mi Tn an
Prose Quotations
Poetical Quotations I
Courtship of Miles i
Standish r
Light of Asia
John Milton
Leu her
$1 each
Courtship of
Farcy Cloth Binding
75c each
Watered Silk and i
red limp Leather, IQOC
bandy volume size, i each
popular tit.es '
Miscellaneous History and
Fiction at various prices.
Colemao Bros., drogs and books
Hogan's Alley. u
Hognn's Alley, that very ("extrava
gant farce comedy, has can sad more
laughter than any similar orpamri
Uon, The piece has had an exc;?;ir:.a;
long run. this being the fo-:"'i seasoc
Joe Plynn Is widely kno-. a-.
Irish King and he has &urror..iJ: j him
self with a capable company of far
ceurers .nraoos them being Floradore.
mho created such a sensation in the
cast with her grace and beauty. Matt
Kussell. the famous Dutch comedian,
noted for his funny songs and aoao
losus. Tot Young, the bank) wlaard.
the Trix Trio, noted exceatrktue sing
ers and dancers, are among tne Im
portant members. The company make
their initial bow before aa Ardmore
audience. Wednesday nicht, Jaa. l.
Among the singing features of this
company are sung "Go Way Back and
Sit Down." Floradore Quartette. -Every
Nigger Had a Raglan On." Mr
Harry Clinton Sawyer, the celebrated
song delineator. Is especially engaged
with this attraction to produce his
singing specialties which &jways re
ceive at ovat.m
North Caddo Street.
PHONE 116.
L, B. Roberson, Prop,
nil other lines in
the latter the Quest
in the world.
All locomotives are
beinc fitted with
Oil Burners (No
V S Eeenan.6 P A
4WchjarC,BflaaIhatt r".
trr uu-ai ir ol-rMi
a Msvtar. ci rtntuai iyninr
:uTD.BfJj Soia Drnnriiti,
Pauls Vallev, I. T.
Everything new and first-class.
Special attention given to
transient trade. Best sample
rooms in the city.
Pate;- $2 per day.
A story Is told ef a Swede oat In
Kansas who stayed out hue one night.
and at breakfast the next morahashht
pood wife II ales demanded an expla
nation- "Where were yo last nlghtr
she asked In a before hreatefaet tone
of voice. -Ve haf a special meetfn of
te lodge. Hutdah. aa' Aye var ear. yu
bat your boots." "What did you do
a., the Jodjer "Vast eferythlng for
te snta of te order." "Last night you
were tilting in year sleep, aad you
said something about two cent limit
Coal vs. Clinkers
If clinkers were a penny a ton you .
wouldn't boy thtn to beat with,
yet yon pay the coal price for tbem ;
wben tub bay poor coal. Ever '
. i .1 .a w
uube oi man .. .. Let us nilyonr
bias "with the kind of
CSZl till EifiS 13 iSttS.
If iu sias ou want try
A Perfect Health Brea&
One block south of postofllce.
House Moving
before letting your work. Has
jut rcceiyed new timbers. Inquire
Xo. 120 Sixth Avenue, between
Washington and A St., Northeast.
Brain Bread"
is superior in quality and tasU
to aur other bread we havei
evr baked, and that's saying I
a sj eat deal. Purina "Brain
Brrsd" contains all the ele-
mf-iits ot bluterean wheat
the best crown, which insur
es proper nourishment for ev
ery part of your body; unlike
most health bread, it's deli
cious to the taste. Our trade
is rapidly increasing because
we bake Pnriua "Brain Bread"
fresh every day. A trial loaf
will convince vou of the truth.
Dr. CaldvreH'H Syrup Pepsin to cure
any ca-e of Constlpatiun, Indigestion,
Sick Ilcndachc or Stomach Trouble
whoc tA&cii according to directions.
v?C irO ls;cs;-i-sj
If. after taking two-thlrda a fifty
cent or one dollar bottle, it fails to
do a represented, wo will refund the
purchase price
1 want mules from C to 8 yearn
old, 14 hands up. Bring vour
mules to the Leon Wagon Yard
and recieve the highest mnrkut
has imitat-TO-sftn? ck-ahrs
will substitute ;f ou don't
watch out. Be sure ou get '
Coke, the original eua'rantecd
cure for IXtndrurT. falling hair,
scalp exema. etc A dash
on thu hair alter lathing pre
cnts roltls. Awarded medals
ami all honors at P.-iris Fipo
sition ocr all cornet it. rs.,
ScU lit cry n here, Uoek lut It inc.
tl.A.1 l HUMh.H ... -
V. R. tlRUAlim CO., CHICAaO. j
i ii fcmnii nj i i J LI jj,mj ,.t
Goke Shampoo
& Toilet Soap
cIimiw tho Itatr awl .ialp." t
i icios llio oomplexion. Great
W. II. FRAME, DniKljt.

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