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writ tilt.
j sidnby suaas.
l Proorlctar. J
1 One Ysar SI. J
number 08
Ylce President.
Asst. Caihr,
Ardmorc, Indian Territory.
Designator Depository for Bankruptcy Funds m Chickasaw Nation.
Surplus Fund, Cash $135,000.00
Capital Paid Up. Cash.... 60,000.00
Tho oldost bank In Indian Torrltory. Accounts of Anns and Individual
solicited upon tho moit liberal terms consistent with Rood banking.
Wreath of
Is Not Always a Pleasant
One lor the Holidays.
..but it is always
possible. Fire bus no respect for
persons, seasons or thincs. "'P
Minimize its effects by aarryint; enough iusurunco
nny dutnuRO done to tho house, furniture or stock.
to jffset any
BUY the:
nloof from tho olllcors. howrvi r. and
was never n rested until yesterday
morning, when "Deputy Jnek Mnrtln
arrested Mm nenr Keller. Ho was
placed In Jail.
Inquiry Instituted to Ascertain How
Land Companies In Muskogee Ob
tained Possession of Assess
ment Records of Lands.
Tlmt old rolnble Mitchell wagon,
Tho Monarch of the Hoad " Is sold
In A nl more ly Williams, Corhn &
G04N0 make of tho newer wagons can
over supplant It. Tliuy uro ns poifoct
as a wagon can ho. Call In nnd Heo tho
wagons and auk nbout prlcus nnd
terms. 20-tf
Talk of the town Florldlnl. 20-2t
In connection with the recent oxpos-
uro of tho fraudulent methods adopt
ed by certain of tho land companies
tho discovery has been made that
complete record of all the appraise
meuts mado by the fluid force of tho
Dawes commission has been stolen
from tho commissioner's olllcos. Cop
Its of the two records wore found In
the ofllces of two of the land com
panies which have como under thi
ban of the Secretary of the Interior.
How these records wore obtained I
a mystery that C. H. llrcckonrldgo of
Introduced In the House January
and Referred to Committee.
A. 11111, to provide for tho. appoint
ment of certain olllcors In tho Indian
Territory, and for other purposes.
Do It enacted by the Senate nnd
House of Representatives of tho Unit
ed Slates of America In Congress assembled.
That the president of tho Unltod
Stntos, with tho ndvlce and consent
thp commission Is now attempting to of tho Senate shall appoint a govern
or In nnd for the Indian territory
Tho folio wius merchants only are handling Eupiou Oil in Ardmore:
Pcttitt Bros.,
M. F. liomar,
Skipworth J. A.
A. A. Bailey,
J. A. Bodowitz.
Kendall W. 0.
P. A. Laughlm.
A. F. Jones.
Dillard & Allen
W. A. Payne,
V. A. Davis,
Porter Staples,
S. E. Jenkins,
0. Croabv.
M. T Felker.
Son Bros. Co.
General Insurance,
Real Estate and
W. S, Wolverton & Son, Agents.
Cotton Exchange.
GUILLOT BROS., Managers.
Oldest Commission House In the Territory.
(up staius.)
For Futuro or I m mo d la to Dellvory.
Private jvires New York, New Orleans & Chicago,
20 Bales of Cotton. 1000 Bushels of Grain.
10 Shares of Stock. 50 Barrel? of Pork.
Continuous Quotations.
Prompt Execution of Orders.
Long Distunco 'Phone
No. 96.
That a member of tho commission's
forco was btibod Is nccopted as tho on
ly plauslblo explanation, and M
Urorkonrldgo has ordered an Inquiry.
The olllrers of the companies . were
summoned before the commission
i'storday, but refused to explain o'i
they had obtnlnod the rocords. On thi
advice of their attorneys they refus
(d to be sworn, and dofled tho com
mission to force an explanation from
Mr. Ureconrldgo communicated nil
tho facts In tho case to tho Secretary
of tho Interior. Tho authority of thr
secretary Is supreme in tho Indian
Torrltory, and tho entire cotono of
land operators can bo expelled lron
within Its limits by hliu. If ho decider
that thoy aro a inonaco to the Into''
ests of tho Indlnns,
Tho value of tho stolon rocords car.
bo approximated from tho fact, that
cvory aero of ground in the Crook Na
Hon Is scheduled In tiiom, with the
government's assessment, of its vnl
ue. No ono except tho mombors of
the commission ovor had nccoss to
thorn. Uy referring to them tho land
companies could ascertain exactly
what class tho lauds leased by them
woro scheduled In and find to how
many acros tho holdor vns entltlol
through Ills allotment. All unallotod
lands In tho Indian Torrltory have
been surveyed, nnd assessed by tho
Held force of tho commission.
Thoso assessments determine tho
size of tho allotment. As nn lllustra
Hon on tho hypothesis, Hint an equal
partition of tho tribal lands would al
low each member of tho tribe J 00
ncros, tho ulfforonce In valuo of the
land would work a hardship on those
who wero forced to tako an allotment
In an unproductive locality. To over
como this, the government has ratel
tho lands In different classes, and
tnoso who recolvo an allotment in a
productive section, recolvo a propor
Honatcly reduced acreage,
It has dovelopcd that one land con:
pany has obtained a strip of tho rich'
est bottom land that stretches from
n point a few miles south of Muslio
geo to Chccotah, covering an nrea of
nearly twenty squnro miles. Tho com
pany has nlnety-nino year paid up
leases for every acre, and hohta tho
'bond for tltlo" of every occupant of
tho land. Tho officials of tho Interior
Dopartmont purpose to Inform nil o
allottees of tholr rights in Hie ppr.'
Ises and. In connection with the threat
onod criminal prosecutions, wl'l ro
storo tho lands to tholr rightful own
Wo have recently embarked in the GROCERY AND FEED business
nod deBiro to call your especial attention to our stock of clean, fresh
Groceries. We buy all kind'of Feed in car lots and can give ynu
what you want at very low figures. A share of your trade is respect
fully solicited.
Phone 202. West Main St. In tha Banks building
The Ardmoreite
For First-Class
May Issue Bonds.
Washington, D. Q Jan. 18. Tho
hoiiBo passed a bill for tho protection
of towns In tho Inuinn Torrltory and
providing that thoy may Issuo bonds
to an amount not to exceed flvo mills
on each dollar of tho taxable propor
ty of tho municipality for construe
Hons of sowers, water works and
school houses.
Caught Him at Last.
Something llko a year and n half
ago Doputy It. M. Cummlngs killed
a man out near Keller whllo trying
to arrest him. At tho time of this ac
cident It seems that ono Lum Boran
non tried to detain tho marshal from
doing his duty, which 1b against the
law In this country, and for which a
warant was Issued for Mr. Dohannon's
arrest Mr. Bohannon kept himself
who shnll lie vested with oxecutlvo
power and authority over said Terri
tory, see thai the laws are faithfully
oxetuited. ami hold his office for four
years, and until his successor shnll
ho appointed and qualified, unless
sooner removed by tho president. The
gorernor shall reside within said Tor
rltory, shall he commander In chief
of the militia thereof, shall be super
intendent of Indian affairs thnrolirr
and perform such duties relating
thoroto as may bo prescribed by tho
president of tho United Stntos am"
secretary or tiio interior; lio niny
grant reprieves for offenson agnlnst
the law of tho Unltod Stntos and of
nny Stato In forco thoreln until tho
decision of the president enn ho mado
known thereon. He shnll also bo one
of the commissioners of tho Flvo Civ
ilized Tribes, known na the "Dawes
Commission," and ox officio prosldunt
of utVt.eommlsslon. He shall ho paid
a salary of $C000 por yoar for his
norvlcos, and sucn nn nmount for con
tlngent oxpensos as may bo doomed
propor by the fycrotnry of tho Inter
Sec. 2. That thoro shall also bo up
pointed by tho preside a secretary
In nnd for snld Terr I to. who shall
hold his offico for four yua, unloss
hooner romovod for causo, whose du
ties, feos, nnd emoluments shall bo
prescribed by tho secretary of the In
torlor: Provided, That tho said secre
tary of Torrltory shall bo paid a sal
nry, which when added to said feos
and omolumonts will nmount to
$3000 por annum. Until othurwlBO
provided by tho law tho govomor and
secretary shall hold tholr ofllccs at
tho town of Muskogee In said Torrl
Sec. 3. That a dologato to tho llouso
of Representatives to sorvo during
each congress of the United States
may ho elected liy tho malo Inhabit
anto of said Territory, qualified to
servo as united states jurors, wno
r.hall ho entitled to tho same rights
and privileges as aro exorcised and
enjoyed by delegates from tho sover
al other Territories of tho United
Stntes In tho Houso of Itoprosonta
tlvos. Tho first election shall bo held
at such time and plnco and bo conduct
od In sucn mannor as tho govomor
shall appoint and direct aftor at loast
thirty days notlco to. bo glvon by
proclamation; and nt all subsequent
elections the tlnio, pltfeo and mannor
of holding elections shnll bo doslg'
nnted by tho governor until otherwlso
provided by law.
Sec. 1. That tho numbor of votes
cast at each voting precinct, for ov
ery person voted for as such dologe.t
shall, within throo days, ho certified
sealed up, and transmitted by mail
to tho secretary of said Torrltor
who, In tho presence of the governor
6nd chlo' juptlco of tho Torrltory,
ehall open and canvass the same. The
person having tho grcntcst numbor
of votes of tho qualified olectors, aB
horelnboforo provided, shall bo declar
ed by tho governor elected, nnd n cer
tificate thereof shall bo accordingly
normou8 Well to be Dun Three
Ronds Depot Together.
Tho now railroads coming Into Ard
more nro doing their best to complete
tholr linos as quickly us pos-ilblc. Tho
O. & (I., people are nearly toady
lay track along tho entire line.
he big cut out between Provenco nnd
Durwood Is tho last grading to be done,
nnd Shippoy hns thrown all his forces
to work on if, nnd working Irom day
light until dark Is making great In
roads In that cut. Wo mulcntnnd this
cut Is being mndu with enough for
both roads.
H Is now prohablo that tho iuylng
of track will bo dono altogether from
he other end. Othor .preparations are
going nhead, howover.
Mr. C. O. Scrlvons, of tho wnter en
gineering corps has Poor, hero now for
some time, and told nn Ardmoreite
roportor thi morning Hint the com-
pnny would sink nn onormous wMl In
the southern part of tho city Tho well
ill bo 21 feet In diameter, nnd 100
feet deep, anil will hold oh, wo
haven't figured out oxnetly bow much
wnter but It will hold all the water
u the world Hint Isn't outsfdo of It.
Mr. Scht I veils Is ono of thoso mon
that you read about, that knows how
o find water. IIo locatos tho wator not
with a hickory stick, magic wand, or
any of thoso old fogy ways but he
finds It from scientific prlmlpnls and
mnthemntlcnl calculations.
Schrlvens Is of tho opinion Hint
there is no nitoslnn wntor undnr us.
but on tho othor hand that at, or noar
0Q0 foot bolow us thoro Is nny qunnt-
Ity of coal.
Hear Florldlnl tomorrow night.
The Klngmnnn mowers nnd cultiva
tors load the world. Tholr construc
tion Is Bimplo nnd fewer rcpnlrs have
to bo mndo .in thorn than on other
mnkes. Buy them from Williams,
Corhn & Co. 20-tf
Tho supemntural Is supposed to be
that portion of the natural that we
do not understand.
Trot your hobby nnd Join tho grand
procession of reformers.
in somo pressing instnnccs ono
must pay his respects In cash.
Dixon's Shoe Shop
WhlttlnKtnn Ilulltllni; nnuth IJo Knstl
Mnln St , Arilmnro, I, T.,
A Ml'Li: machinery nnd iklllful work
ty limn. Hoot j nnd Hhocn mrwl to or
der. Nepal r work of nny kind dono nt
reonnl)lo lirlcon. Hoots from $8 to JH.
Hhoun from SI to J. Kxnort Htltcblntr
nnd rntclilni; dono.
All work eunrnntpcd. A rrductlon of
20 per cent on all work for poor widows
nud orphann.
Hliop Hoots nnd Hlioes kept on li.ind
for sale. Your custom will lie appreci
ated. II. J. DIXON.
New Suits Filed.
Two new suits wore filed In the dis
trict clork's oillca today. J. T. Johnson
s. I.I..le .Inl.nsnn Is the stylo of ono
divorce suit. Mr. Johnson nllogcs that
.is wlfo, among othor things, has aban
doned him ,nnd nsks tho court for
n dissolution of Ihclr mnrrlago vows.
Kntlo Thompson vs. Bubo Curtis.
Unlawful detainer suit.
A clioleo stock of men's furnishing
goods Is being slnugntercd at cost
Como early and buy.
lC-tf. ED 1HNGICK.
Seedl Scedl
For seed Oats, Cane, Millet. Sor
ghum, Yellow nnd Whlto Corn, Irish
I Sweet I'otntcos nnd all kinds of
Garden Seeds In bulk or pnekagos, call
en E. B. l'ugh. 17-lm
Dr. Benton Is sorlously sick with
pneumonia at his home on S.uth Mill
8 Leave your Orders for
Paper Hanging
and Signs
a.1 ijuitiinw ljiiuiuor lio,, ; uiock
North Ahdmoheitk office.
For Sale
Comer lot 130x140, four room
dwellinc closo in, very desirable
location; $700.
Corner lot 200 feet square, three
room dwelling, streets on three
Corner lot, eleprant residence,
8 roomB, every convenience! extra
desirable location.
Above nro locatml In southwestern part
of city. It will pay to luvustlirale If you
wnnt it desirable homo.
Business Property.
Two story modern brick 25x100,
pood location. Pays annual ren
tal of $1080.
Two story brick 25x100, good
location. Pays lental of $1000
If yon want to buy, sell or rent nny
class of olty property, either LAItOR or
HM ALL, wo will use our best onilenTors
to mnko It your Interest to deal with us.
Redfield Real Fstate 8 Dental Aenqr
established o Years,
J. A. DIVENS, President. DON LACY, VIce-PresldenL
A. H. PALMCR, Cashier. W. A. WOLVERTON, Asst. Cash.
Capital and Surplus
Accounts of firms and individuals solicited.
Accorded all alike.
Courteous treatment
The First National Bank
of marietta, I. T.
Established, 1896
offers to depositors every facility which their Balances,
Business and responsibility warrant.
Judge Overton Love
Gho. M. D. Holfokd
Jas A. White
E. F. Graham
Holmes Willis
Jas. N. Kirkpatrick
W. S. Derrick
J. G. Butler
Yes, tho sound of tho fnlllng rain
would bo pleasant mublc to us all. In
town wo would llko to see the clouds
of moving sand subdued, and In the
country our farmer friends muBt
needs bavo rain before they can dn
much plowing. In many places stock
water Is gone and as a consequence
stock Is also suffering.
gold medal is a badge of merit, and this
distinction was awarded ,
Albatross Flour
at the Pan-American Exposition over all
This should mean something to you it you want the best Flour
that can be made. Your grocer will supply you.
WHITEMAN BROS., Distributors, Ardmore.

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