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SIDNEY SUGOS, Proprietor.
Published eerr Afternoon (except Sat
urday) and Sunday Morning.
Offlce of Publication .North Waiblng
ton StrecL
Entered at the Postofflce at re a.
second-class mall matter, N
Subscription Rates.
One week
One month
One year
of the
for the
Southern District, Indian Territory,
i alto for
alto for the
of the Indian Territory.
Gulf, Colorado &. Santa Fe Railway.
Sooth Booed
Galveston ic Chicago Exp.... 3: 40 aja
Cletwrne L Kan. City Exp. .4:21 p.m.
North Bound
Galveston It. Chicago Exp. .IJ:Jfra.n.
Cleborne Kan. City Exp.. 11:33 a.m.
W. 8. Kcenan, O. P. A.
All United State mall close 3
nrtntates prior to train time.
D. M. REDF1EI.D, P. M.
"YEAR 1902.
At Cblckatha Begins Monday. Feb
fruary 17. and September 33,
nst2. and continues In beacton two
At Ryan Begins Monday, March J,
lfr, and October 13. 152. and
continues In sesalon ten days.
At Psreell Begins Thursday. March
13. 13W. and October 23, 1902, and
continue for ten days.
Kt PaU Valley Begin Monday,
March 24. 1902, and Notetabor 3,
1&2. and continue! for lx week.
At Ardtuore Begin Monday. May 5,
ISM, and December 15. 1902, and
continue- for 4x weokn or longor.
Any e.'ronecms reflection upon the
character, standing or reputation of
any person, firm or corporation which
may appear In the columns of the
Ardmorelte will be gladly corrected
upon Ita being brought to the atten
tion of the publisher.
Usi tht Lode Distinct Telephoni
:: Ajro call vr :i
5 Phone No. 5,
t It you want the Audmokkite.
Ardmore cannot aff'rl to p.'iy fav
orltlsm with tier officials. They must
pay taxes Just like other people.
It Is the duty of our city ofllclals,
aldermen, or whatever olllcc they hold
to pay this street tax, just the sanv ns
any laboring man has to, If he hasn't
the money lot him use a hoc or spado.
A woman ban sued for divorce bo
Can bi her husband wouldn't lit1
Mtnlght In bed. Well, wull, a man who
I ...II ... It . I.I,. ...I ... I..
run l lull HirniKm huh iu ui win-, in
jd or otherwise, don't deserve a wife,
Am nearly, all our poopta have paid
their tnxos, It would bo some autls
faction to know how many have paid
a poll tax. A groat deal has been saIi!
K'HardliiK tho payment of a poll tax
in vlow of Its unconstitutionality. No
man wants to pay a tax unless he has
to and imperially onu which Ih de
clarnd by many to bo Illegal. Thi-it-
aro those In Ardmori' whohavo fought
t Ills tax and have absolutely refused to
pay It. This your wo are Informed the
nnmlior has swelled. Those men may
IK! pronocuieu ami unless they can
how tho Illegality of tlio tax, ho fore
wl to pay It. Thoy may ho, but we ask
why wiih It not done a couplo of years
ngo7 Tho city Khiiuld not show favor
Ilium, If the debt Is just It should bo
paid, If tinjiibl refund the money to
bono who have paid It.
I'lio Question Is very frequently ask
"d. "who Is exempt for street tax,
and the nnswer Is generally given
that all ovor forty-live yours
of ago aro exempt. Possibly
otluw Incapacitated ffom Illness
and cilpplos, aro exompt. I-atoly
wo have boon Informod that another
elans are bolng exempt from this worU
o rtax, and If tnero Isnny law for It
or tax, and If there Is any law for It
tutor against It, On the contrary w
respectfully ask to ho shown. Our city
lias a number ot olllclals whoso nge
aio unln 15 years, these are being
exempted from this city tax, we hav
no doubt but any or all ot thorn would
pny this tax If thoy wore asked to do
fu, but to be plain, as no bill has been
presented It Is cpilto natural for them
to m'nlio no
effort to pay It. yiiero Is
? Where Is tho authority
the trouble?
bawno mmm 1
For a third of a. century Ameri
can housewives have found Dr.
Price's Baking Powder invaria
bly a guarantee of pure, delicious
and wholesome food.
Always makes the perfect biscuit,
cake and bread. ;
HutCt BiHlHG Po,ci Co,
which says these officials need not be
asked to pay this tax? It is not In the
ordinance, frora whom then does It Is
sue and Is It Jnstlee?; We say It Is
wrong, and unjust and should not be
allowed te remain thus another day.
We are a common people and all
hould be treated according to our laws
fairly alike. 7hm officials are paid
salary by the city, the name aa any
clerk In Ardmore ami we claim the
one la no more exempt from this tax
ation than the other. This should be
The beet Illustration of what eter
nity is. with Its endleee flight of time,"
said a western member of congress
the other day, "was one 1 heard given
by a preacher who was conducting
revival at a Colorado mining camp.
The rerlral had been well attended,
but there was a poor harvest of souls,
and the rough old preacher depicted
he joys of heaven and the tortures
of hell with discouraging results. One
enlnjc he announced that the revival
would close with that meeting unless
the sinners showed a desire to ropent.
He then depicted the eufrerlngs of
the lost, and In telling them how long
ti would be before they would be freed
from their environments of Are and
brimstone he said:
"You will suffer for all eternity. Do
you know what that means? I'll tell
you. If a little sparrow was to dip his
bill In the Atlantic ocean and take
one hop a day ana nop across
the country and put that drop
In the Pacillc ocean and then hop back
to the Atlantic, one day at a time, and
to the Atlantic, one hop a day, and
Atlantic was dry as a hone It wouldn't
be sun-up In hell.
'It Isn't neoesary to add that mourn
era came to the bench tnat night mid
the meeting continued for some time.
Washington Post.
The Dally Cltlxcn would have us be
lieve that tlio Frisco-peoplo have pur
chased the C. O. (1.. known ulso ns
the Western Oklahoma, which Is being
built into Ardmore. The Cltlxen Is In
error. The Ariimoreito lust uiurmiay
Ktivo the Item, which our niornng con
temporary alludes to, Tho lino pur
chased by the I'rlsco people is tli"
Oklahoma and Western and is being
constructed from Oklahoma City to
Quaiiah, Texas on the Colorndo South
urn, 180 miles wofI of Oklahoma City,
crossing the llock Island at Chlckasha,
thence through Lawton. The Oklaho
ma & Western lino in addition to
traversing the new reservation Just
opened up, gives the Frist") direct con
nection with the Colorado Southern.
It has become quite the fad for
preachers to rise up In their pulpits
and toll congregations how newspapers
should be inn J'eforo this' became
epidemic there was little reason why
publishers In general should kick. But
the thing has become very tiresome to
tho men who have been iu tho busi
ness n lifetime mid have fortunes In
vested In newspaper plants. It
Is not unreasonable to suppose that
there are a few publisher who know
ns much about tho iirnvspaper busi
ness as some of these ministers.
Tho Ardmorolto shows strong repub
lican leanings these days and Is secur
ing some patronngo. VInlta l.cador.
You are nway off on first, brother,
but on second you nro safe. Tho Ard
more has u patronago which Is tho
envy i
of many, nearer homo than
Ratine powders made from alum
and otter harsh, caustic adds are
lou er in pr ice, but inferior in work
uwl injurious to I he stomach.
The Beacon says, next to statehood
a Territorial form of government is
the best thing for the Indian Terri
tory. It needs a code of laws which
a lawyer can understand.
The Ardmorelt" will go further and
sey It need a code of laws which
the measaea of the people can under
stand. Chief Justice Gray of the United
States Supreme Court has suffered a
stroke of paralysis, but Is expected
to recover.
The opinion In Washington is that
the president's decision In the Schley
case settles the matter. It must also
be known, that the opinion of a great
many people who live ontshle of
WaHhlngton remains unchanged, as
Mr. Roosevelt will learn; their opin
ion is the most satisfactory.
The house committee on territories
unanimously voted to report bills for
the admission of the territories oj Ok
lahoma. New Mexico and Arizona. A
vote taken upon a motion made by
Moon of Tennessee declared It to be
the sense of the committee that the
three territories were entitled to state
hood. SVib committees have been ap
pointed to prepare the bills which we
in the Indian Territory await 'with
halted breath.
The Creek Town In Arms, Ready for
Crazy SnakeJ Other Notes.'
Special to tho Ardmorelte.
Wetumka, I. T., Feb. 21. The town
has passed through some excitement
for the last two nlglith. Wednesday
afternoon about 4 oVIOck a runner
came to Mayor Shires with the news
that Crazy Snakes hand would be In
town that night. Everybody rushed
to the hardware stores and received
a Wlnehohtor or n shotgun and buck
shot mid spent the night as nilnut;
Howevor. everything is still oiile
anil with tho exception of tho squads
west of Wowoku and around Henry
ettn. nothing more lias been heard of
Deputy U. S. Marshal Hd Fink went
north yesterday morning and passed
hack last night with Mr. Whisky Fed
iller for Muskogee Jail.
Mr. Taylor, who has been In tho'om
ploy of E. I.. Steed, went south last
night. r ,
Ed Hall, the elllciont mnnager of tho
HnHtings Lumber Co., left last night
for n visit to IiIh sister In the Pan
handle of Texas.
The six-Inch snow was onjoyod by u
merry crowd of slelgh-rlders last
night. Today nonrly every one Is gone
on a hunting expedition. Tlio blast
of tho hiintor's horn anil the yelp of the
hounds could be heard re-echoing
through tho vnle, which means
death-knell to the deer.
Mr. Mnckey's family of Mississippi
came In yesterday aud will make this
their future home.
The new town of Welcetka la still
on tho rush. Regardless of the cold
weathor the crowds continue to come
and property Is continually changing
lianas. i
Tho gdneral manager of the Fort
Smith & Western wns looking over
tho premises about the crossing. Be'
loctlng n place for their yards anil
Fnops. VI
Houston Bros, seoni to he doing a
hotter business than they could possl
my nnvo anticipated when they es
tabllshed their lumber yard here. He
cently they hnvo closed several big
deals. Thoy sold B. A. Simpson for
uis namiBomo Home and also mntorial
for tho construction of two hnnilBome
cottages for Mrs. W, M. Uohlnson mid
yesterday they closed a deal with the
Ardmore Ico company In which thoy
will furnish the lumber used In tho
construction of tlio now lco plant
Kendall has a full and complete lino
or vnu Camp s canned goods, JI. O
iireakrast crisps and all other II. O
goods fresh and crisp from tho oven
OOOOOO O OOOOOO 0 e o 0 oooooo
9 uriirn nurn i
-raiy sorlet) was
fe ast night and a
nice program
ar-.e.l out.
Cxir sboot now has an attendance
' f.ft;. holars.
M:ii Lucy, daughter of Henry
VTaahtagton. died her Thursday. Her
remains were buried yesterday.
Several thousand head of cattle are
being moved out of theietalk fields
ad put hack Into thelpastures.
The firm of a. V. Morris & Co..
who made an assignment and whose
stock of goods were sold here yester
day, purchased tHe.goods themselves
ace have adjusted matters so they
jRll reopen for business shortly.
Mrs. J. V. Turner died yesterday
afternoon at 2 o'clock. The remains
will be given burial this afternoon at
I ij'cJock under the auspices of the
Rasters Star, of which order the de
rttftXed was a member.
V. L. Spencer was arrested yester
day by the Indian police for refusing
to pay the cattle tax. He was taken
to Marietta where he made a compro
mise with them, paying the taxes, and
returning home.
J. E. Bowles of Ardmore Is here
buying horses and mules.
A. Milliard, colored, died here yes
G. I.. Tyson Is able to be out again
for the first time In several days, hav
ing been laid up with a severe case of
sore eyes.
Clave Crouch left yesterday for Am
arillo. Tex., for the benefit of his
J. W. Peck. J. T. Doak. J. N. Dun
can and Sam Colbert have announced
tbmaelves as candidates for aides-
men. Prank Puqua has announced for
the office of mayor
Some thief attempted to break into
the chicken house of Bro. Brlstow, the
Baptist minister, last night. For some
timepast thieves ha.ve been stealing
chickens from him and he had a lock
placed on the door of the chicken
house. The lock was considerably bat
tered up last night but the thiof was
unable to secure an entrance. Bro,
Brlstow says the thief must have
known that he liked chicken.
Messrs. Wright and Williams of Sul
phur, J. Helzey of Indianapolis, Ind.
and Goodenough of Henrietta, Texas,
were here yesterday.
Joe Jackson is moving up from the
E. M. doling Ib moving hero from
Anderson uandol was up yesterday
from Hock Creek.
Ed Shewbert of Sulphur was here
yesterday buying hogs.
George Irving Is able to be up again
Miss Maude Davis of Sherman. Tex.
arrived hore yesterday to visit her
brother, J. S. Davis, for some time,
J. H. Klrby of Clay Center. Kan.
is here visiting his brother, J. i.
A mass meeting of our citizens is
to be hold this evening to meet with
Borne railway promoters from Texas
and Oklahoma
Mr. Durham, a business man of Te
cumseh. O. T., Is here for the benefit
of his health
Mrs. , Hoy C. Oakes has returned
from Platonla, Texas, whore she lias
been visiting her mother.
Buck Paul Is here- from Pauls Vat
Pauls Valley,
The Chickasaw Teachers' Assocla
tlon Is still In soHslnn. Hev. T. J. Whit
ten of Ardmore gave quite an Inter
estlng address at tho Methodist
church last night, his subject being
TheMan of the Future. More teach
ers aro In attendance today than yes
''Frank Danlols, aged 1", nnd Miss
Susie Morgan, aged I I, elopod nnd It
Is supposod wore married. The fathor
of the young lady Is searching for th
party and says ho will have the young
man arrested.
Judge Lewis Is able to sit up some
Mrs. Thomas has suffored a relapse
and Is now much worse than durin
hor former Illness.
Dr. Hunk -returned last night from
Toledo whore he has been for several
days on professional business
Miss Pearl Lolly, tho Tishomingo
telephone operator, wob a passenger
on tho southbound train this morn
ing. She was cn route to Van Alstyne,
Texas, where she will visit for a few
Miss Mullen returned homo to Ard
more this afternoon
Teddy Whitman left this afternoon
for Ardmore.
Attorney Henij
haw has a child quit
H. 11. Tucker, n' Sniita Fe. brake
man. fell from n freight train south
of here today at obout 11 o'clock and
wns badly Injured. Ho was taken to
the hospital nt Cleburne this after
noon. TiicIioi'b homo was at Gaines
M. E. Burkhnrt Is reported no bet
Clias. Hedmon Is hero from Mllo.
Mr. Chanibors of Leonard, Texa
Is hero visiting his sister, Mrs. Pat
Mrs. Fitzgerald Is quite sick.
PianOS. Sotnn only Blifjhtly
Dionic "-"""Red. very, very
Pianos E. B. LUKE.
No EKt&rnml
The Hood my be In bad condition.
jret with oj external :,;ns, no skit
eruption or tores to md.catc it. Tci
ijmptornj In such catcs being a varlabli
appetite, poor digestion, an Indcicribabli
weakneis and uervoutneM, loss of Ccst
and a general mn-down c r.ditio:i of thi
system clearly showing the blood ha;
lost its nutritive qualities, r as become thh
and watery. It h in just such cases tha,
S. S. S. has done some of its quickest anc
most effective work by building up tht'
blood and supplying the elements lacVtnj
to make it strong and vigorous.
1 Mv wife used sev
eral bottles Of S. S. S.
as a blood punfier and
to tone up a weak and
emaciated system, with
very marked etlcct by
way of improvement.
"We regard it a
great tonic and blood
punner " j.i'.uci f,
.'rinceton, Mo.
is the greatest of ot
tonics, and you will
find the appetite im
proves at once, strength
returns, and nervousness vanishes as new
rich pure blood once more circulate)
through all parts of the system.
S. S. S. Is the only purely vegetabh
blood purifier known. It contains no min
erals whatever. Send lor our free book
on blood nnd skin diseases and write out
physicians for any information or advics
wanted. No charge for midical advice.
An Interesting .Session Held at Pauls
Valley Program, j
The Chickasaw Teachers Assocla'
Ion which met at Pauls Valley Frl
day morning has proven an interest
ng one.
The meeting was opened with pray
er by Rev. Matthews, pastor of the
auls Valley M. E. Church. The ad
dress of welcome was mad- by Hon
W. Patchell of Pauls Valley and
the response by Stiperlntedent J. H.
Hendrix of Ardmore.
Tho Pauls Valley orchestra was In
attendance and furnished some choice
selections which was appreciated by
the visitors. A committee was appoint
ed to work up an interest In the Nor
mal School at Ardmore during tho
The program which has been pub
iisneii in mo Arumoreite so gener
ously wns carried out almost to the
letter, nearly every teacher respond
ing to his assignment. The papers
read and the addresses delivered
demonstrated considerable thought
Some of the papers were most excel
lently written and the teachers en
tered Into the spirit of the meetings
with great zest.
All who attended the association ae
knowledge this to be the best meet
Ing In the history of the association.
Not only the teachers were enthusias
tic but the patrons and visitors as
President Whltten nddressed
sound and instructive lecture to
well filled house Friday evening on
"The Man of the Future."
The t-'ituniay morning session was
spirited. Several Interesting discus
slons were hnd. Supervisor George
Beck addressed the association In an
instructive manner. His subject was
Practical Suggestions to the 7 i0h
ers of the Chickasaw AssociatUn."
The association voted to hold Its
Thanksgiving meeting at Marietta
One would be Impressed with the
harmony and unanimity of the asso
tion. All business mutters were ex
pedlted, being dono mostly by com
The association adjourned at noon
Saturday, and tho teachers departed
for their homes with the tendorest
fcollngs nnd the kindest appreciation
for the people of Pauls Valley for the
hospitality shown them during their
Our Pauls Valley correspondent
furnishes us the names of some who
were present, hut was unable to ob
tain all. Those from Ardmore were
Mrs. V. A. Nlblack and Mrs. Joseph
Ino Carr : Misses Ella Bradford, Nan
nle Pulllain, Fay Smith, Maude Wor
ley, Alice Mersfeldor, Bertie Eddie
mnn, Betty Laltiio, Auna Matthews
Ethel McGee, Emma Polndexter, Cnl
lie Davenport, Mary Hobson, John W
Carr and J. It. Hendrix.
From Marietta B. Stephenson and
Miss Alexander.
Mr. Beck of Tishomingo.
Prof. Blazer of Chicago.
From Davis E. E. Bagwell, Mrs,
Lewis and the Misses Fonvllle. Will
lams, Ewlng, Sutcllffe, Stewart and
Hardin. s
Pauls Valley Professors Hender
son and Osborne, Misses Jordan, Me
(angle and Bishop, Mrs. Kendall, Mrs,
Bagwell and Mrs. Miller.
From Purcell MisBes Mosely, Ten
ant. McCIaln and Clifford, nnd E. A
Brennan of Fort Smith.
., Some fine ones
VjullarS (lainaced yerv lit
Mandolins tie nnd offered
Violins very cheap
23.21 E. B LUKE.
First Shoot of the Season.
Yesterday attcrnoon several mem
hers of the Ardmoro Gun Club went
out to their shooting grounds in th
Whlttlngton Park, and whllo only
few participated In tho Bhoot, thoy
had a good tlmo mid everybody came
homo pleased with the afternoon'
Those participating in the shoot
were: Ed Roberts, J. B. Spraglns, Jim
Havens, w. i Poland. Tom W ams
A. E. Fuller and V, C. Dorrlgan. Tho
latter gentleman If n Texan, and Is
saia to be n crack shot.
Is Injured Internally Arm Will Hav.
to Be Amputated.
Special Phone to the Ardmorelte.
Dougherty. I. T . Feb. 22 It R.
ker. a Santa re brakeman whn
e Is nt Galnenvlllo full fv. -
moving southbound freight train to
y auoui ii ociock, at a point two
lies SOtlth of this ulnre A fnm..
who was at work In a field near by
mm tan anu urougnt him here
re he was given medical atten-
His left arm was horriblv mani-u.i
by hte fall and It will have to be am.
putated at the shoulder. He was aleo
Injured Internally.
The In lured man win Inknn in
Santa Fe hospital at Cloburne on tbl-3
afternoon's train. F
Members From Both the Territories
There for the Annual Meeting,
Oklahoma City. O. T., Feb. 22
Some two hundred Shriners from all
over the two Territories arrived here
this afternoon for the annual cpre-
monlal session of the Ancient Order
of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.
About three hundred will be In at
tendance. Dr. Walter Hardy's baby Is
pretty Blck with pneumonia.
Used Good Judgment.
W. E. Campbell, local manager for
Houston Bros. Lumber Co., purchas
ed one hundred cars of lumber before
the advance was made and the mills
have been careless In shipping. His
recent trip to Wichita where he con
ferred with .Mr. A. C. Houston clenr-
ed up the matter and now the lumber
has begun to arrive. Seven cars ar
rived yesterday and there will be oth
ers before Monday morning. The ar
rival of this lumber has placed Mr.
Campbell in a position where he can
fill every order made by a contractor,
and having bought prior - to the ad
vance will give those who buy lum
ber from him the advantage of the
The Ardmorelte, one of the best
papers published In the Indian Terri
tory, seems to be enjoying a good
share of the logal patronage since It
has been made the otnclal paper of
that district. Muskogee Times.
Our big line of 29, 30 and 40 cent
shirts are oyc-openers at J. N. Bar-
New Business Firm.
J. D. Tanner and Mitch Stewart
will embark In the giocery, feed and
meat business in the building now oc
cupied by J. R. Pennington & Co., aa
soon as the company moves Its stock
of wholesale groceries to the Kloskl
stand. Tho new firm expects to be
ready for business the latter part of
this week. Mr. S. E. Prlddy will be
retained as salesman. The meat' de
partment will be under the manage
ment of J. J. Scott.
Eight spools of thread for 25 cents.
Wllllamantic and Clark's, Monday at
FINED. Address, J. S. DOWNARD,
Lock Dox 665, Ardmore, I.T.
Goal vs. Clinkers
If clinkers were a penny n ton you
wouldn't buy them to heat with,
yet you pay the coal price for them
when you buy poor coal. Eyer
think of that! .. .. Let us fill your
binB with the kind of
Coal thai Barns to Asbes.
Dp to Date Dentistry,
Crown and Bridge Work that elves
Plates that are jruaranteed to fit.
Fillings Gold, Amalgam, force
lain, Inlays, etc. "if
At prices consistent with good
Rooms over T. N. Coleman' '
Drug Store.
Dixon's Shoe Shop
WhlttlDirton IlullOlmr soath side East
Main at , Ardmore, I. T., '
AMPLEmaehlnUry snd skillful work
" men. Hoots anil H!ioe mnu to or
der, llepalrwork of any kind dono at
reasonable prlcea. Boots from 8 to $12.
?5SnV.rm UJ Expert Htltclilnir
and Patchlni; done.
All work eaaranteed, A reduction of
20 per cent on all work for poor widows
and orpnans.
Shop Boots and Shoes kept on band
for sale, "iour custom will he appreci-B,ed-

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