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I Proorteter. I
subscription. i
l OaaYaarSI. J
Prosldent. YIca President.
Ardmore, Indian Territory.
Designated Depository for Bankruptcy Funds m Chickasaw Nation,
Surplus Fund, Cash $135,000.00
Capital Paid Up, Cash.... 60,000.00
The oldost bank In Indian Torritory. Accounts or Arms and Individuals
solicited upon the most liberal terms consistent with Rood banking.
up in smoke. The cost is trifling
summed up in words.
Eupion Oil
The following merchants only aro
Pottitt Bros.,
M. P. Bomar,
Skipworth J. A.
A. A. Bailey,
J. A. Bodowitz,
Kendall W. C
P. A. Laughlin.
I General Insurance,
I Real Estate and.
I W, S, Wolverton & Son, Agents,
Ardmore Cotton Exchange.
GUILLOT BROS., Managers.
Oldest Commission House In the Territory.
(up stairs.)
For Futura or Immediate Delivery.
Private Wires New York, New Orleans & Chicago,
20 Bales of Cotton. 1000 Bushels-of Grain.
10 Shares of Stock. 50 Barrels of Pork.
Continuous Quotations.
Prompt Execution of Orders.
The Rental and Real Estate Agent
Prompt attention given all business listed
with him. Your business solicited.
Office, Coleman Bros.' drug store.
Cashier. lut.Cubr,
'If your house burns
up and your barn
burns down
...friends and neigh
borj will sympathize, but sympa
thy will not rebuild the burned
premises. Better carry
on anything that can or may go
The advantages can hardly be
handling Eupion Oil in Ardmore:
A. P. Jones, W. A. Payne,
Dillard & Allen W. A. Davis,
McCharen & Veb3ter Porter Staples,
R. T. Dallas S. E. Jenkins,
0. Crosbv.
M. T. Felker.
Son Bros. Co.
Long Distance 'Phone
No. 96.
Conditions Which Cry Aloud to, Con'
grcss for Some Affirmative and
Aggressive Remedial Action. .
People, Products, Schools.
Spoclnl to tho Artlmorelt$.
Washington. D. C. Fob. 28 -HJurlnR
tho course of a debate on tlio Imllnn
bill tho other day Roprcseutntlvc Lit
tlu submitted to tho house some In
tercstInK facts in relation to condi
tions existing in Indian Territory, and
Incidentally wished tho Territories of
New Mexico, Arizona anil Oklahoma,
Goil speed In their struggle for state
hood! It Is astonishing how Ignorant
members of congress aro In regard to
conditions existing In Indian Territory
They cannot understand how a Terri
tory possessing a population of -150,-
000 people has no territorial form of
government, no local form of taxation,
and no supervising officers, except tho
fodcral judges. This condition of aft'
airs was brought out clear In Mr. Lit
tle's speech, llo said:
"Mr. Chairman, I desire at this tlmo
to use a few minutes In the discussion
of a question raoro or less germaln to
the bill; at least, germaln to the gen
eral Indian problem. I shall, on this
occasion, address mysolf exclusively
to tho conditions In the Indian Terri
tory, hnown as tho Territory of tho
Five Civilized Tribes.
"We have In that country n condi
tion unparalleled, I think In tho entire
history of this Republic. We have a
condition there that cries aloud to this
congress for some affirmative and ag
gressive remedial action. As Is known
by most of the members of this Iioubo,
there aro five tribes of Indians In
this territory, amounting to about 80,-
000 people. There Is also In this coun
try a population, shown by tho last
census, of 391.9C0 American citizens,
who have no part In the tribal affairs
qf the government of the Territory
and are without government.
"This countrj comprlsen 31,100
sriuare miles. It is not, as is under
stood by a great many, a country sim
ilar to that of tho various other Indian
reservations, throughout tho United
States, but it Is a country peculiar to
Itself. It Is not only an Indian country,
but it Is a great country whore tho. de
velopment Is not only phenomlnal but
"With a population now of some
100,000 people thero wo find not' a sol
itary emblem of government, oxoept
the limited tribal governments of the
Indians, the municipal government In
tho cities and towns, and tho govern
ment represented by the Federal
courts. I believe that the tlmo has
come when Its citizenship, Its Intelli
gence, Its progress, and Its property
Interests demand at the hands of con
gress that It be given at least ti lib
eral form of government.
"In tho year 1001 they produced In
that country 230,000 bales of cotton,
with corn, oats, and other cereals In
like proportion. This country Is creat
not only In agricultural Interests, de
veloped largely by American citizens,
but great In Its mineral resources. In
tho year 1001 It produced 2,301,088
tons of merchantable coal and 33,000
tons of merchantable coke. It has In
operation today 280 first-class coke
ovens In tho midst of tho numorous
and great coal-mining Intorasts of that
"Not only this, but there aro more
than 1000 mites of railroad In ictlve
operation and more than 2000 milos
or tolophono ana telegraph lines.
Thoro. aro In this country !io. jr
poratod cities and towns having u
population of from two to flvo thous
and Inhabitants each, by the cohhub
of 1000, and many smaller towns havo
doubled their population since that
time. The fact Is tho grdwth of popula
tion In this country can scarcely bo
measured by any normal rule.
"All told, they havo In this country
moro than ISO cities and towns, tho
number beyond 90 being the smaller
ones. In those cities and towns they
havo over 40 banks In operation, with
a capital of raoro than $3,000,000, with
deposits of over". $7,000,000, When you
come to estlmato tho taxable property
of that country thoro can bo no Intel
ligent estlmato made that will reach
a sum less than $50,000,000.
"For the school poulatlou outside of
the Indlnn population, there are no
school opportunities except the limit
oil opportunities that hnvo boon tent
porarlly proMded by tho non-eltlsens
In the towns and cities. There nro In
that country more than 80,000 children
of the same bono and blood as our
flOlvoa,. $ho are without. any. school
prlvllogoa nt nil. nnd It has boon nild
Is n crying shame, In my mind, that
&01110 measure of relief has not boon
"t believe that with a Territorial
government the taxable wealth of that
country, excluding tho nontaxable pro
perty belonging to the Indians, Is am
ple and abundant, with such personal
and privilege taxes na may be legiti
mately anil Justly Imposed, to furnish
at loast moderate means of common
school education to tho thousands of
children that are growing up without
any of tlicwe benefits.
"I bollove the agitation for a state
government for tho Indian Territory
will only havo a tendency to delay
any rollof. Too many believe that con
ditions are not ready for formntlon
of the Indian Torritory Into a state. I
wish to God they wore bolleved to bo
so. 1 believe thnt not only tho Indian
Territory, but Oklahoma, Now Mexico,
and Arizona should bo admitted Into
stntchood. ((Applause.)
"I believe It but fair to the citizens
of that country, but fair to that sec
tion of the country. I believe tho In
dian Territory ought to be put on tho
road that will lead to ultimate Inde
pendent statehood l believe that Ok
lahoma Is now toady for statehood,
both In wealth nnd population. (Loud
applause.) Tho Indian Territory Is
ready, so far as population and wealth
aro concerned, but the conditions
there, In my Judgment, will not Justify
It, or at least make It boyond the hope
of man that It should be accomplished
at this time.
"Hut I believe that this congress
should give to tho people of the Indian
Territory a liberal form of govern
ment, such ns their conditions demand
and Justify. I believe the crying need
Is not only that, but that groat wealth
and "population stands today without
a mouth-pleco on tho lloor of this
house. For six years I havo had pend
ing beforo congress n bill to simply
give them u roprescntntlvo upon tho
floors of congress. Give them n mouth,
so that they may speak; give them n
tongue, In whlth their wants and
rights may bo made known upon tho
lloor of this house.
"I do not believe that thoro Is a
man In this congress. If bo understood
the circumstances of this country and
the immediate conditions but would
grant them representation and self
government. Hut when men think of
tho Indian Territory ns they do of
the ordinary Indian reservation of tho
West, the analogy Is no moro apt
than In comparing the ordinary reser
vation and Its population with that of
any of tho Western States.
"You may travel through tho great
State or Kansas through the great
state which I havo tho honor In part
to represent, or through tho state of
Missouri and through tho Indian Tor
ritory to tho empire state of Texas,
and unless you know or have bo mo
0110 to toll you from tho Im
provements In the cities and towns
and tho electric lights that you sec as
you pass through tho cities and towns
you will not know when you pass be
yond tho bounds of a state.
"I boliovo that theso conditions
ought to bo met Justly, ought to bo
met fairly, and ought to bo met
promrtly. It Is not necossary to lo
privo "tho tribal Indians of any right
that he now enjoys; but ho himself
has no representative, strango to say,
though a citizen of tho United Statos
doolearod so by the act of congress, to
havo all tho rights and prlvllogos of
an Amorlcan citizen. It Is not necos
sary to abolish tho prcsont limited
tribal forms ot' government ; they .may
exist as. they exist now In some of
tho Territories and statu. Thoro will
bo and must he- somo protection for
tho groat number of people, fbr tho
groat amount of property, permanent
ly located In that country under tho
authority- of congress. With cities of
from 0000 down to towns of 150 In
habitants, ranging In number somo
thing over 150 of these towns, with
nothing but a simple, meager munici
pality, many of them, without that.
thoy huvo been authorized and havo
purchased, many of them, their lota
as fast as they can bo put on the mar
ket, tho ground iipon which thoy live.
"The towns have been segregated;
the property has been put on tho mar
ket, and this vast number of people In
that country are without any represen
tatlon here, without any govornmcnl
ae such as we give them through
four different district courts niul tho
court officials. Those courts need not
be disturbed by territorial government
The form nnd conditions thoro can
enslly bo mot, nnd will not be n bur
den either to tho courts or tho people
thoro. nnd It will afford some oppor-
iiiiltloH In tho cities and In tho coun
try for tho establishment of schools
that will give tho children an oppor-
unlty (o bocoino Intulllgont citizens
of our common country.
"I only want to submit those few re
marks In tho hopo that tho condition
of that country might attract the In
telligent attention of members or
congress, to lead them to InvestlKHto
those conditions, ir you do, I have but
little hesitancy In saying that I bo
liovo any disinterested man will con
cur In my views. I have no personal
interest In that country, but they havo
no representative bore. To those or
us who aro most familiar with tho con
ditions, Impressed with tho conditions
thero, It becomes In a measure our
duty to speak.
"I hope congress may at this term
give unto tho Indian Torritory a lib
eral form of Territorial government
that will meet tho conditions, nnd If
stntohood can not bo acquired In any
other way, although roluctnntly, voic
ing, ns we know, tho sentiments of
tho people, while they do not want
single stntohood. thoy would accept
anything as an oscnpo from the condi
tions which oxlst there today. (Ijud
One Outlaw Killed, Two Captured and
an Officer Wounded.
Guthrie, O. T., Feb. 22. A fight oc
curred today between Oklahoma offi
cers and tho band of outlaws who
killed Sheriffs Smith nnd Heck at An
adarko a month ago. As a result, ono"
of tho outlaws, Wnltor Swofford, la
dead, and Deputy-Sheriff1 W. A. Jones
or Ashor. O. T., Is sorlously wounded.
Tho snow enabled a posso under Shcr-
IfT M liner or Shawnee. O. T to trail
tho outlaws to an Isolated houso,
south of Wewokn, It T. As tho posso
approached, tho outlaws, thoro In
number, camo from tho houso and
opened flro. Tho flro was returned nnd
for several mlnutos tho battlo waged.
Deputy Sheriff Jones was shot by
Swofford. who had opened tho fight.
Whon Jonos fell tho olllcors turned
tholr attention to Swofford and ho was
pierced by several bullets and killed
Instnntly. After tho battlo had contin
ued sevoral minutes longer, tho othor
two outlnws, Sam Casey and HIU Wat
son, surrendoredorfon of $9000 for
tho capture of tho three men woro
outstanding. .
Consistency Is ofter but another
name for contrariness.
J. A. BIVENS, President.
A. H. PALMER, Cashier. W. A. WOLVERTON, Asst. Cash.
AFirarvioFiE. 1. nr.
Capital and Surplus
Accounts of Arms and individuals
The First National BAnk
of Marietta, I. T.
Established, 1896
offers to depositors every facility which their Balances,
Business and responsibility warrant. , v -
Directors ' , ,
Judge Overton Love olTies-Willis
Geo. M. D. Holford Jas.' N. 'K'irkpatrick
Jas. A. White W. S. Derrick
E. F. Graham J. G.'ButLer
Albatross Flour
is sufficent warrant for the claim that there's
the test of several years' use in Ardmore and
is more popular to day than ever. Place an
order with your grocer.
WMITEMAN BROS., Wholesale Distributors, Ardmore, I. T.
Of Grandma Griffith's Money, the Col
ored Boarding House Keeper.
AVI11 Carson, hoards nt Grandma.
Griffith's, tho old colored woman who
keeps .1 colored boarding houso up
nofir tho round bale gin, that Jb he
did not board thoro, but is being taken-caro
or now by tho city, and helps
keep tho streets clean.
The trouble with Will was, that he
loved to dress too well, and when
Grandma Griffith sent him up to Mr.
Ussory's to draw another negro's
board money ($ti.00) Will needed
about tho nmount to pay on a suit of
clothes, nnd thinking that ho could re
place tho money ho appropriated tho
money rccovod to his own use, greatly
to Grnndma Griffith's detriment.
Grnndma sent up to Mr. Usscry for
tho monoy again, this tlmo by another
party and Mr. Usscry went down to
sco her. Ho found Will Carson thoro
nnd Will seemed a little restless, so
ho laid hands an Will and detained
him whllo another party went for u
pollco officer, who locckod Will up.
Will pleaded guilty this morning
before JikIro Gait to stealing the mon
ey, nnd was fined $10 and costs, mak
ing $10,10. Witl will have 'to sorvo
tho city seventeen days for hla:raBh
That volunteer walking cultivator
pleases every farmer wno sees It. Sold
by Stevens, Kcnnorly & Spraglns Co.
Woman's Guild.
Tho Woman's Guild of St. Philip's
Episcopal Church will meet with Mrs.
Humphreys, corner 2nd nvcnuo and
C street, southwest, on Tuesday af
ternoon, February 25, nt 3 o'clock.
Miss Ileulali Green, Secretary.
Pasture Lands.
800 acres of best prairio pasture
in Choctaw nation. Fine grass,
not crazed. This pasture controls
10,000 ucres of outlying, open
timbered pasture. There iia never
failing water and good dwelling,
lias a good new 3-wire fence.
A Bargain at $1100.
300 Head Mixed Native Cattle
One to eight years old, $10
Will sell cattle and pasture to
gether or Boparritoly.
Aboyo is offored at 40 per cent
less than actual valuo in order to
close an estate
Redfield Real Estate S Rental Agency
Ardmore, Ind. Ter.
Bstabllsbed 9 Years,
DON LACY, Vice-President
all alike.
Courteous treatment

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