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Special Correspondence.
Tussy, I. T., May 4. We aro having
nlco weathor now, anil nil the farm
era aro busy planting.
Mr. Mnsteraon, nttornoy-at law, of
Birmingham, Ala., la visiting his
brothor, J. P. Mnstorson, of Honno-pln.
Mrs. J. A. nnd Miss Leone l.ooncy
vlsltod Mrs.. Salllo McCarr yesterday.
.1. D. Allday of Taylor county, Tox
as, Is locating at Honnopln,
Mr. Lonum of Hoblson is In town.
Will Fox Is able to bo at work
again. Ho Injured his knee badly
last wcok.
Will Wright, who lived on Sandy,
hnpponod to an accident lat Sunday
which proved fatal. Ho shot him
self In the abdomen, nnd died Wed
nesday night
Mrs. Jonnlo Morton Is back homo
again from an oxtondod visit In Tox-as.
narnoy Jonos Is bnck in Hennepin
again. Ho has boon In tho Comnncho
country for some tlmo, and says It Is
pretty rough country.
Wo hnve a good prayer mooting
bore, and eerybody Is Interested.
A Cashier Testifies.
Dr. Caldwell s Syrup Pepsin cures
constipation. Sold by W. H. Frame
Ardmoro and Madlll.
Pepsin Syrup Co., Montlccllo, 111.:
Gentlemen: After twenty years of
aches and pains caused by constipa
tion brought on by aedentnry habits,
I havo found more relief In two hot
ties of Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin
than all of tho hundreds of other rom
edlos I havo tried, and I take pleasura
In giving you this testimony, bellov
Ing you havo tho finest preparation
mado for stomach troubles.
Very truly yours,
Cashier Wabash Jt It., East St. Louis
Sold by W. 13. Frame, Ardmoro and
Foley's Kidney Cure
makes kidneys and bladder rlzht
Foley's Honey and Tar Is peculiarly
adanted for astnma. Droncnuis nnti
hoarseness. Sold by Honnor & Bon
A Theory Which In Plnualble. bat
llutlicr HIilli'tiliiUK.
Very few people's noses nrc set prop-
pcrly upon their faces. Any obsorvnnt
person who will go along the street and
take notice of the nasal organs ot tho
passerby may easily convince himself
on the subject. Not one Individual In
a hundred, whether man or woman, is
abovo criticism as to the arrangement
of his or her nose.
One might think that naturo Is n lit
tle careless about this matter. When
tho nose turns off at an anglo Instead
of assuming Its Just and proper nttl
tude, It tends, nt nil events In extreme
cases, to glvo n disordered effect to tho
features as n whole, but If naturo real
ly docs riot caro which wuy a nose
points there ought to be as many noses
turned one way as aro turned the other.
Hut Is this the case? Not n bit of It.
As you walls down tho street look nt
tho people ns they go by, and you will
discover tbnt the noses of ninety-nine
out of every hundred turn to tho right
When once you have begun to notlco
this fact. It will constantly nttract
your attention, in truth, the objec
tlon to starting in upon a study of this
kind Is that you cannot get away from
It afterward. It haunts you steadily
nnd persistently. Whenever you meet
a frlund you look nt his nose to mnko
sure whether It turns to tho right or
Now, tho phenomenon being ns de
scribed, what Is the reason behind It?
Why should nearly everybody's noso
turn to the right rather than to the
left? There seems to be only one way
to account for It, and that Is that nl
most everybody Is right handed and
uses his handkerchief correspondingly
so from Infancy to old age tho no.to In
tho process of being blown nnd wiped
Is persistently tweaked to tho right;
hence as the Infant passes through
childhood and Inter youth when tho
nnsnl organ Is Uexlblc and In process
of formation, so to speak It Is obliged
gradually but surely to assume nn In
clination eastward.
If this theory be correct, tho noses of
left handed persons ought to turn cus
toniarlly to th left Such, In fact, np
pears to be the case, but data on thl
Interesting branch of tho question aro
not sutliclcutly complete to nfford a
final conclusion. Saturday Eveulcg
Peppo Fate Afri-Kola
Orange Phosphate
Cherry Darn-y-Ana
Ciders, all Kinds
Manufactured by
Ginger Ale
Iron Brew
Ardmore Bottling Works
Sockwcll & Bray, Props., Ardmore, I. T.
-gum, - I -
!2pKT-$EL9Bfeajt 1
A Specialty
Genuine Comb Honey
in Pound Frames
AUR Groceries ar
V the very best. Plan
tation and camp supplies a specialty.
West Main St., Ardmore, I. T.
Sale of Bankrupt
On Thursday, the 8th
day of May,
1902, between the hours of 10 o'clock
a. m. and .1 o'clock p. m., In tho town
ot Wynnewood, I. T., tho undersign
ed trustee of tho estate of J. G. Gar
rett, bankrupt, will sell nt public auc
tion to tho highest bidder, for cash,
all tho stock of general merchandise
invoiced at $7.b8S.32, and fixtures nt
?280.3b. Tho stock consists of a well
selected lino of dry goods, notions,
boots, shoes, hats, etc.
All porsons interested will be given
a full opportunity to Inspect the same
by calling on tho undorslgned.
This 2d of May, 1902.
Trusteo of J. K. Garrett, Bankrupt,
Wynnewood, I. T. 4-4 1
1747 Rhode I
Island Atenue I
Co. ,
-I have
Feb. 18,
R. Bremer
Gentlemen :-
used coke Dandruff
Cure for the past
year and found it an
excellent preparation.
Altheas show their Rose of Sharon
flowers In August and September.
In setting out a tree tho previous
season's growth should bo shortened
one-third to three-fourths, according to
tho roots.
The golden coreopsis nnd the feath'
cry suoots or tuo garuon asparagus
make a beautiful and artistic combina
tion in a simple vase.
Wntercrcss is good when tho leaves
are large. The size of tho leaves indi
cates the amount of tissue strengthen
ing chlorophyll In them.
The safest rule In pruning is to keep
wntch on the young trees nnd cut out
any branch that seems to need removal
while It Is yet small enough to yield
to the knife.
Trees that grow largo tops, such as
elms, silver maples, lindens, etc.
should bo planted forty-five feet apart
in order to allow each tree room for
expansion and prevent too much
Plants of sweet William must be pur-
chased for n new garden, as those
grown from seed sown In tho spring
will not blossom until tho spring fol
lowing. Once started, however, they
will continue year ufter year.
You are invited
..to call at our store to look
through our variety ol goods
for the house and lawn.
We beat others making
prices on
Screen Doors
Plain and Fancy.
Screen Wire
Rlnr-k- nnd White, nil Widths.
Ice Cream Freezers
Lawn Mowers
the care of the lawn.
' ''ip .
and every other utensil needed in
Practical Tinners
and Plumbers.
lilnck S-u IVcullnrltlr..
The Ulack sea differs In a most re
markable manner from other sens and
oceans. A surface curreut nows con
tinuously from the Hlack sea Into the
Mediterranean and an under current
from tho Mediterranean Into the Ulack
sea. Tho latter curreut la salt, nnd, be
ing heavier than the fresh water above,
It remains stagnant nt the bottom. Be
ing snturated with sulphuretted hydro
gen, this water will not maintain life,
nud so tho Black sea contains no living
Inhabitants below the depth of about
100 fathoms. The deeper water when
brought to tho surface smells exactly
like rotten eggs.
A RE you intoreste'd in your fellow? Are you concerned in the
uifuirs of lite Do you care anything about the great men who
hnve brought about the conditions in which you live, and those who
are in power today? Do you eujoy wholesome, animated stories that
are true to life. Do you care for beauty in any form? Then there is no
escape for you; you must join the army who read McClure's regularly
New Romantic Love Story by Booth Tarkington, author
"The Gentleman from Indiana" and Monsieur Beuucaire," a tale of
love thwarted but triumphant, of gallant men nnd beautiful women
It deals with lite in Indiana at .tlie time ot ttie Mexican war
n n ttt UU Ti-U. IT..
me man mm sine noe
If there is one class of people that de
serve, above all others, to have labor
saving machinery and profit making
machinery, that class is the farmer. Add
profit to your hay crop and save worry
and breakdowns by using the
National Hay Press
Everybody deserves a good Buggy and
tue man who buys from us will never be
disappointed, There is no chance for
dissatisfactioe when you buy
The White Elephant Buggy-
We have a new car and can give you just
what you want at prices lower than you
expect to pay, and on terms very reasonable,
The Hardware Men.
$ Your Credit is uood.
If you have no Buggy you can't
afford to do without one this Spring
and Summer. Or if the one you have
is getting old you can't afford to do
without one of the New and Hand
some Buggies just received in our last
car of the
s Slees-McVicker Buggies.
Don't come with the reply that you
are not able. Call and see what we
will do toward making you able. Our
stock includes Buggies, Stanhopes,
Surries, and ROAD WAGONS.
The Story of the Standard Oil by
I !Cn XTlrt 11 I ifn rxf I. mAA n 11
For absolute-,
ly tho best
Laundry work
done with the
latest clothes
saving and cleaning machinery
Leave your bundles at Elliott &
Miluer's barber shop. Basket
leaves Tuesdays and Thursdays,
returns Thursdays and Saturdays,
J. H. Provence,
Agt. Acme Steam Laundry, Gainesville, Tex.
Haa Upon.
An Englishman went Into a restnU'
rant in a New England town and was
nerved for Ills flrst course with a dell
cacy unknown to hlra, so ho asked tho
waiter what It was, and tho waiter re
"It's bean soup, sir." whereupon the
Encllshnian In high indignation ro
"I don't care what It s been; I want
to know what it is!" Philadelphia
A llnatoncae Definition.
Teacher Ilavo you ever heard of tho
"happy Isles of Greece?"
Llttlo Waldo Yes, ma'am.
Teacher Can you tell mo something
about them?
Llttlo Waldo They aro pieces of pork
entirely surrounded by beans. Chicago
the llrst and still the greatest of
but on exciting history.
Greatest ol the Old Masters, by John
LaFarge. Interesting and helpful
papers on Michaelangelo, Raphael.
Rembrandt, etc, their finest pict
ures reproduced iu tints.
Mr. Dooley on His Travels. 11 is views on
the typical New Yorker, Philadel
phian, Bostonian, and inhabitants
of Chicago and Washington,
Ida M. Tarbull, author of
A dramatic human story of
all tniBts not an economic treatise,
Clara Morris' Stage Recollections. Stories
of Salvini, Bernhardt, Mrs. Sid
dons and others.
A Battle ot Millionaires. By tho author
of "Wall Street Stories."
The Forest Runner Serial Tale of the
Michigan Woods.
Josephine Dodge Daskam. More Child
Wlllam Allen White on Tillman, Piatt, Emmy Lou Stories, by George Madde
Cleveland and others.
I Martin.
Illustrated pro'poctus, describing In full many othr fealnres.'sent freo to any addreaa
S. S. McClure Co., 141-155 east 25th Street, Dew York, N.Y.
But at any Price THE BEST.
$100 Reward f
Will be paid by the Chickasaw
Stockmen's Association for the
arrest and conviction of anyone
stealing utock of any kind from
anv member ot this Association.
Notify Jeff Payne, Pauls Val
ley. Charloy Rolf, Roll, I. T.,
or w. Jj. Liapsiey, wynnewood,
I. T., Inspectors.
DR. T. P. Howell, Pres.
O. V, BixsT, Sec.
Talent Is aptitude for a tfven line.
n tho old Blblo blgnlllcance it is power
intrusted to one for a specific use. Ev
erybody has somo talent worth culti
vating. Tho moro wo uso what wo
originally havo tho greater becomes its
value. Ladles Homo Journal.
A thoroazb. practical training achool, complete and up to date In every department,
Day and nlcht school the entire year. Day paplti attend nlirht aohool wlthont extra
otaarce. Tuition J7.60 per month or flu t or unlimited acholarahlp. Board 10 to $12 fiO
per month. No vacation. Puplli may enter at any time. Every pupil la Iplaced on hl
merlta and may advance aa f apldly as bis ability will permit. Thorough training In
aborteat time consistent with efficiency. Inferences Any bank or business arm In
QalnesrUle. For catalogue addreaa
O, P. SELVIDOEi'A. M President, Qalnearllle, Tezaa.
Tho man who tries to drown his sor
row in tho (lowing bowl muat sooner or
later discover that sorrow Is amphibi
ous. Philadelphia Record.
Italy, hat Sfy (tddrlet ot chemical
Machinery, Mill ? Gin Supplies
High Grade Belting a Specialty.
"Write for what you wnt.
Reclining Chair Cars
Texas, Oklahoma,
Indian Territory
Double Dally Service
Pullman Buffet Sleeping Car.
Nw Solid Vesttbuld Trains.
Uatqualed Schklulss.
Ptrfeci Service.
Tor M lafrmtloa mII o tick., MTl
C u; IU. or a4drll
l.Lliin,T.P.. . Oillll, T11.
Jn.. V.Tirird,T...,0klihmi,O.T,
6m. N. Im,0.P.I T.A., llttlt Diek.Ars.
D. E.
Carriage Shop
Painting Woodwork
Rubber Tire Work
Cold Tire Setting
Can make you anything in the Buggy Line
At same old stand, Corner North Mill St. an Broadway.
Mjj QjM

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