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Special Correspondence.
McKlnney, I. T.. May 4. A fine rain
fell hero last night which was very
beneficial to all crops, especially the
oats, prospects for fine crops are vory
flattorinc, and our farmers are about
up with their work.
Scvoral attended the funoral ser
vices at Now Hopo today.
A. Zellnor nnd wlfo of near Ardmoro
1 and a Mr. Irwin, of Arkansaw, line
ti lnttor a brothor of Mrs. Z.) were hero
last wook visiting relatives,
V. T. and Green Morgan received
n letter from their mother at Stephen
svlllc, Toxas, this ovonlng stating that
their fathor was not oxpected to live,
tho boys loft at once for hla bedside.
Mr. Joe IJams. of Corinth, Miss.,
was horo this week visiting his old
Mississippi friends. Mr. IJams expects
to return to Corinth In a few days, but
has about 103 degrees of Territory fe
vor which will llkoly cause his roturn
shortly to tho Territory wo need all
such men as Mr. IJams that we can
Henry Zollnor nnd family aro visit
ing relatives at Uroek since Friday.
"Vc failed to roport tho singing at
J. E. IJuckloy'a last Sunday night.
H. II. Heckham and family visited
Blnco Saturday near Ardmoro.
I'roparlng dinner on a hot summer
'.day Is robbed of all Its terrors whon
you use the Quick Meal gasoltno
stove. Thoy nro safo and simple, dur
ablo and economical. Your homo Is
not comploto without ono. You have
every advantage In buying at E. No
land's. 4-Ct
Foley's Kidney Curt
makes kidnu's and bladder rieht
Mnrlilne Tor Hum! nml Itnll Cnpn
Mc ut Carrying Three (lnn,
Mows, "ichors, Sons fc Mnxlm hnvo
ordered from tbo Inventor, Mr. l'rcd
erlek Slmnis, nn uxperlinentnl armor
protected road utul rail motor car, says
tho New York Herald. This car was
formally exhibited by Mr. Slmms on
the terrace of the Crystal palace, Lon
don. Mr. Slnims lias designed n really
powerful motor carriage, with a frame
suited to support the weight of heavy
armor protection. This frame Is : oc
tangular and constructed of heavy
steel channels. Careful study has been
given in order to combine In the tun
chine the greatest Rtrength with the
minimum of weight. The Idea Is that
tin) car should be substantial enough
to support If necessary a weight of
twelve tons, but It Is nut anticipated
that It will often be called upon to car
ry more than six tons. Tho engine
which supplies the motive power Is n
sixteen horsepower four cylinder hy
drocarbon engine of tho Daimler type.
with the Simins-llosch tuagnnto electric
ignition and timing gear. The fuel burn
ed Is petrol, for which tanks nro sup
piled underneath tho main frame, capa
bio of giving the car n run of 200 mllrs.
Tbo speed gear is on tho Connstatt
principle, with four definite speeds
1. e., one nnd n half, three, live and
nine miles per hour. Hut on an
emergency, by means of tho ncce'er
ator, these speeds enn be Increased 23
per cent. Tho steering gear Is of the
Ackermann typo, controlled by n hand
wheel. The diameter of tho driving
wheels Is i feet and the width of the
tiro for road work 0 Inches. Tbo dl
nmeter of the steering wheel Is 3 feet
with a tire of V.Yi Inches. Thus it will
be seen that for road work or traction
Mr. Slmms has designed a car of use
ful powor. To mnke It a serviceable
war machine be bns developed It In an
outer screen of VIckers steel armor. The
armor itself Is of crinoline shape nnd Is
provided with n ram at each end. Tho
extreme length of the nnnor. which Is
eighteen Inches off tho ground, from
point to point of the rams Is twenty
eight feet. The extreme beam Is eight
feet and tho height tcu feet. The car.
Iron Brew
Peppo Fate Afri-Kola
Orange Phosphate
Cherry Darn-y-Ana
Ciders, all Kinds
Manufactured by
Ardmore Bottling Works
Sockwell & Bray, Props., Aruniore, I. T.
Oats I
The Man with gthe Hoe
If there is one class of people that de
serve, above all others, to have labor
saving machinery and profit making
machinery, that class is the farmer, Add
profit to your hay crop and save worry
and breakdowns by using the
National Hay Press
Everybody deserves a good Buggy and
tue man who buys from us will never be
disappointed. There is no chance for
dissatisfactioe when you buy
The White Elephant
A Specialty
Genuine Comb Honey
in round Frames
iiutt urocenes are
v the very best. Plan-
We have a new car and can give you just
what you want at prices lower than you
expect to pay, and on terms very reason
The Hardware Men.
tation and
West Main St., Ardmore,
You are invited
..to call at our store to look
tho stripped hull of a man-of-war in
miniature. It la equipped with two
pompoms and two Maxims on ship's
mountings. It can carry 10,000 rounds
of small arm nmmunltlon. and the car
has also, at a pinch, carrying capacity
for twenty men.
to women l term of mi
anxlety.aeslout thought ai
weet anticipation. 1'alnai
dread, love and joy, coi:
With the ce.iatlon ol pain
necessary tochildbirth there
comes calm nerves, sleep,
therefore, presents tho appearance of throuch OUT variety ol COods
for the house and lawn.
We beat others making
prices on
Screen Doors
Plain and Fancy.
Screen Wire
Black and White, all Widths.
Ice Cream Freezers
Lawn Mowers
the care of the
diminishes the pain nccompnnyin? matern
Ity. With Its aid mothers can bring henithy
babies, sweet dispositional babies and Ideal
bablesintothe world. Take away the pain
of childbirth and youhavu bliss and ecstacy.
Morning sickness, sore breasts and excru
ciating pains caused by the gradually ex
panding organs, are relieved by this re
marxable soothing balm.
Among the manifold aids to childbirth
Mothor'm Frlond has grown In popular
ity and gained a prestige nmong rich women
aswell as poor; Itisfound and welcomed
In the mantion ns well as the cabin.
Children, strong Intellectually and physic
ally Is a duty every pregnant woman owes
Ily lessening the mother's agony of mind
ana diminishing pain a beautiful Influence Is
wrought upon the child, and Instead of peev
ish, Ill-tempered and sickly forms you have
laughing humanity that remains a blessing
ever after to vou and its country.
Try a $1 bottle. Druggists everywhere
sell Mother's Friend
Write us for our free book "Motherhood,"
' Atlanta, Oa. "
Some Samiilcn of It From Ills JJoiy
In his new volume entitled "Now
and Then," which the venerable Dean
Holo of Iiocuestcr has Juat issued,
there nro mnny pleasurable anecdotes,
a few old and many new, says tho May
Woman's Home Companion. One of
tho most time worn, but still ono of tho
most tlcUllnj;, Is that about a Jury at
an Irish assize, most of whom when
told by the Judge to go to their usual
places forthwith walked Into the dock.
Another anecdote, bearing on tlie
temperance question, Is as follows:
"John," said a clergyman to one of his
parishioners who had been in the habit
of tarrying long at the wine, "John, I'm
pleased to see you've got n nice new
pig. I know you've been wanting to
buv one for a long time. How did you
manage It at last?" "Well, sir," said
John, "I guv up makln' u pig of my
self!" Hut the dean's best tale Is of a pur
son who was In tho habit of offering
up the following prayer for Queen
Adelaide: "O Lord, savo thy servant,
our sovereign lady, the queen! Grant
that as she grows an old woman sh
may become a new man. Strengthen
her with thy blessing, that she may live
a pure virgin, bringing forth sons nnd
daughters to the glory of God. and give
her grace, that she may go forth be
fore her people like a he goat on the
I. T.
; a
your credit is oooa
and every other utensil needed in
t some
If you have no Buggy you can't
afford to do without one this Spring
and Summer. Or if the one you have
is getting old you can't afford to do
without one of the New. and Hand-
Buggies just received in our last
car of the
Practical Tinners
1$ ni ii n
; Diees-ivi cviGKBi Buggies.
A UV, vmi infnrpstpil in vour fellow Arc vou concerned in the W
ntfiiirs of lite! Do you caro nuythiug nbout the greut men who jl
have brought about the conditions in which you live, uud those who J
are in power tounyf Do you enjoy wholesome, animated stones that
are true to life. Do you care for beauty in any form? Then there is uo
escape for you; you must join the army who read McLlure's regularly.
New Romantic Love Story by Booth Tarkinctou, author of
"The Geutlemau from Indiana" and "Monsieur Beuucaire," a tale of
love thwarted but triumphant, of gallaut men and beautiful women.
It deals with life m Indiana at the tune ol the Mexican war.
Don't come with the reply that you
are not able. Call and see what we
will do toward making y&u able. Our
stock includes Buggies, Stanhopes,
Surries, and ROAD WAGONS.
Dixon's Shoe Shop
Whlttlncton nalldlDK sooth Bide East
Main 3t , Anlmore, I. T.,
AMTLE machinery anil skillful work
mnn. nnnti and Hhoes mad to or
der. Ropalrworlc of any kind done at
reasonable prices, lloota from $nto 112.
Shoes from $1 to J J. Expert Htltchlnc
and Patching done.
All work guaranteed. A redaction of
10 per cent on all work for poor widows
and orphans.
Shop Roots and Shoos kept on hsnd
(or sale. Your custom will be appreci
ated. U.J.DIXON.
The Story of the Standard Oil by Ida M. Tarbull, author of
"Life of Nopoleon," "Life of Lincoln," A dramatic human story of
the first and still the creatcst of all trusts not an economic treatisn,
WHAT A PRINCE EXPECTED, but an exciting history.
For absolute
ly the best
Laundry work
done with the
latest clothes
saving and cleaniug machinery.
Leave your bundles at Elliott &
Miluer's barber shop. Basket
leaves Tuesdays and Thursdays,
returns Thursdays aud yaturdays.
J. H. Provence.
Agt, Acme Steam Laundry, Gainesville, Tex.
$100 Reward
Will bo paid by the Chickasaw
Stockmen's Association for the 2
arrest and conviction of anyone J
stealing stock of auy kind from I
any member of this Association, f
Notify Jeff Payne, Pauls Val- X
ley. Charley Itoll, Boff, I. T., f
or W. L. Lapsloy, Wynnewood, Z
I. T., inspectors.
DS. T. P. Howell, Pres.
O. V. Haley, Seo.
Little I'Mwnnl Thiiuulit llrltlah Klnx
Would Hide mi I'.lr plum t.
Prlnco nlward of York, the Prinze
of Wales oldest son, who will ho klnc
some time If he lives, will he eight
years old a few days before his grand
father Is crowned and Is takiug as live
ly an Interest In tho preparations for
tho coronation as would ho expected
from a boy of his ago. writes the New
York World's London correspondent.
Ho Is said to have expressed pro
found disgust and disappointment at
hearing that the royal party will ride
on horses or In carriages In the corona
tion procession. lie thought that on
bucIi a gala occasion they might at
least b9 mounted on elephants and
camels from the zoo.
Gieatest ol the Old iaslers, by John
La Farge. Interesting and helpful
papers ou Michnelangeln, Raphael
Rembrandt, etc. their llnest pict
ures reproduced in tints.
Ur. Dooley on His Travels. II is views n
tho typical New Yorker, Philadel
phian, Bostonian, and inhabitants
of Chicago and Washington.
Wlllam Allen White on Tillman, Piatt,
Cleveland and others.
Clara Morris' Stage Recollections. StorieB
of Balvini, Bernhardt, Mrs. Sid
donn nnd others.
A Battle ol Millionaires. By the author
of "Wnll Street Stories."
The Forest Runner Serial Tale of the
Michigan Woods.
Josephine Dodge Daskam, More Child
Emmy Lou Stories, by George Madde!
Illustrated prospectus, d scribing In fall many other featuressent tree to any address
S. Ss AlcClure Co., Mi-155 East 35th Street, New orK,
But at any Price THE BEST.
Dtmtnnt to Fly Over Alps.
Tho municipal council of Cbamonlx
has Just granted tho uso of a plot of
land to M. Santos-Duinont for tho erec
tion of an aerodrome, says tho London
Express. Work will ho begun at once
under tho direction of M. Henri Uu
niontet, M. Dumont will undertake va
rious Alplno trips, and nn attempt will
be made to cross the Alps In his llylnj;
machine. Ho will also exploro certain
unknown portions of the Mont Ulanc
chain never yet visited by human beings.
In May.
I itrolt alone the countryslda In the Irish
days of May,
With memories of the old sweet life that
lie so far away.
And scarce a rustle stirs tho loaves where,
with a timid whir,
There flits a vagrant spark of Are, the
scarlet tanatser.
The bee drones rise and die again, and by
the woodland stream
The redhead's drumming- sounda as faint
as flail beats in a dream.
Thee, lo, beside a ruined fno wild rosea
rmI the eye.
The blossomed echMs of the songa sum
A thnrouch.nraetiosltralnlne school, complete and uo to date In every department
Day and night school the entire year. Dsr pupils attend night school without extra
ohn.. Tnltinn 7.ro nar month or tlu for unlimited scholarship. Hoard 10 to $12 60
nar month. No Tacatlon. Pupils may enter at any time. Every pupil Is Iplaced on bin
mrlt. n.l mar udTsnce as rapidly as bis ability will permit. Thorough training In
hnrteat time consistent with efficiency. Reforences-Any bank or business Arm In
Qalnesrtlle. for catalogue address
O. V. SELVtDQB'fA, U., Prettdont, Qalnesvllle, Texas.
Machinery, Mill I Gin Supplies
High Grade Belting a Specialty.
T1 Write for what yon want.
Reclining Chair Cars
Texas, Oklahoma
Indian Territory
Double Dally Service
Putlman Bulfot Sleeping Cars.
Neir Solid VestlbufM Trains.
Unequaled Schtlults.
Perfect Service.
For all Uronnatloa call oa ttck.t a1
of aa lln, or aHr.i
t.Llll4iri,T.P.a Dillll, Til.
Jut. V. ttilirl, T.P.A., Oklihimi. 0,T.
6m. N. Im.O.P.i T.A., Hull Bock, Ark.
D. E.
Carriage Shop
Painting Woodwork
Rubber Tire Work
Cold Tire Setting
Can make you anything in the Buggy Line
At dame old atand, Corner North Mill St. 111 , Broadway.
oh ( uMiWilt
In the years gene by.
-Will T, Hal In New York Tloaasv

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