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SIDNEY SUGGS, Proprietor.
rshlfshetl1 erery At ternoon (except Sat
urday) and Sunday Morning.
Oflce of Publication .Xorth Wsihlns
ton Street.
toured at the Poitofflce t .v- -re
sseond-clsjs mall matter. l
Subterlptlon Rater.
Out week
Ob month
Dot year
of tks
for the
Southern District, Indian Territory,
alio for
alio for the
of the Indian Territory.
urf, Colorado 4. Santa Fe Railway.
South Bound
BalTetton & Chicago Exp.... 3: 40 sju
Cleburne k. Kan. City Exp. .4:20 p.m.
North Bound
Galreaton & Chicago Exp.. 12: 35 a.m.
Cleburne &Kan. City Exp. .11:33 a.m.
A. W. DUNHAM, Agent
JR. 8. Keenan, O. P. A.
All United Statea malls clone 30
minutes prior to train time.
YEAR 1902.
IU Chlckaeha Begins Monday. Feb
ruary 17, 1902. and September 29,
1902, and continue In session two
Sat Ryan Bcr.lns Monday, March 3,
1902, and October 13. 1902, and
rnntlnuea In session ten days.
Jit Purcell Begins Thursday. March
13, 1902, and October 23, VM, anu
continues for teu days.
'At Pauls Valley Begins Monday,
March 24, 192. nnd November 3,
1902. and continues for six weeks.
'At Ardmore Begins Monday. May 5.
1902, and December 15, 1902, and
continues for six weeks or longer.
Uii tbt Lode DUtaace Telephone
Phone No. 6,
If you want the AnDuoitErris.
Ardmore, Wednesday, May 7.
It Is rumored In Washington that
Blxby quit the Dawes commission to
run for congress In Minnesota.
Dispatches describe Moxlco as a
hive of commercial activity, new
bankH and railroads planned nnd
AmnripnnH cobblinc everything In
F. Bret Harto. the famous Amerl
can author, died suddenly In London
last night. Death was caused from
hemorrhage, aggravated by nn affec
tion of the throat.
iJchtnlnu statistics In the United
States last year showed that nlno-slx
toenths of the persons struck, recov
ered. Lens than one-fourth wore
struck In open ground.
A Kansnn fanner near Clny Conter,
who became despondent over the en
tire loss of his crops, committed -Mil
cldo by hanging, last Saturday, and
on 'Sunday It rained.
If Dallas people will make tho
Methodists of the world feel as much
at home as they did the veterans, thou
tho praises of the Queen City of
Toxns can be sung In every part of
the Union.
Henry C. Payne has been selected
hy Roosevelt and other party leaders
as tho successor of Senator Ilanua m
chairman of the republican national
committee, and the next catnixilgn
.will be couducted by him.
The Dally Phoenix of Muskogee has
suspouded publication. If we may be
allowed the expression. It, like others
WO know of, "bit off more than It
could chew."' An Associated Press
Borvlco to a paper like Phoenix was
nn elephant on Its hand. Doubtloss the
weekly will ountinue as good a itsper
ns of yore.
We are pleased to sue our city fath
ors awakening to the fact that when
a contract is mado with tho city
should bo fulfilled, this In reference
to the contract with the Electric
Light Company. It Is safo to say
tills contract had been complied with
us It should. Ardmore would today
havo had a free mall delivery system
In operation.
Tho valuation of proporty so far as
necertalned while seemingly satisfac
tory to some, Is being condemned by
others as o.cesslve, and some very
heated debatos along that line have
been had durtng-the day. Taken as a
wholo the Ardmoreltc considers tho
appraisement a very conservative one,
and the best thing our people can do
Js to quietly swallow their medicine.
As tb eyf-openers mntinoe to be
rnid cat to tb property holders
by tr.f town lt (OtnraiMiun. ur j-
try thicken. We bav already stated
many arf perfectly sstlsSed with their
M-hiule of apprait. white oth
ers are not. nor are thy wholly to
blame for bg dltlsJ. fcr there
temt to be a lack of equity la Ue
tppratcemeat. There tm w e? do
nnUtwnnlly of price govcratog H. or
Instance, tafce the store bwlMtnr of
VTestbelraer U Dabe om the North
side of Main street, this bolMIng onder
one roof with mo partlttoa waUs oc
cupies spape of .two lots, one ttetongi
to B. F. Frenslry. t aB 8
echciiiled at J. the other belongs to
Weiss Bros., and Is shedoled at 1140.
thew two lots are exactly the same In
slse. and although adjoining baTe nn
eqoal value in the sum of UM. Both
are Inside lots.
Then another. W. S. Wolverton has
property In the Brat ward 220x50 feet,
scheduled at 152. while Just across
an alley ami le desirable property.
J. O. Watt says he has only lllxJOO
feet and this to schedaled at SIM. A
difference of the entire price of the
Wolverton place for one smaller.
We coo Id go on with such compari
son hut It li not necessary. The Ard-
morelte has bad all along the utmost
confidence In the members of the
townslte commlElon and today oar
confidence la unshaken In the ap
praisement of this property we believe
the commission has acted with alt fin
corky, and certainly no mark of fa
vorltlera can be charged to these gen
tlumcn. Our people should not be
too quick to condemn this work, for
we 'all have plenty of time tn study It.
and we believe the commission has
well-grounded reasons for all they
have done. These we will probably
be Informed of In due season. We
also believe that If any clerical error
has been made, the same will be
cheerfully rectified by the commis
sion. We therefore counsel conserva
tlve deliberation of the work, looking
o a harmonious ending. Inasmuch as
we bavp rattier a slight chance to hot
ter the matter by kicking.
The prohibition fight seems to be
on In earnest In Cooke county, and the
Gainesville Register 1. taking an In
erest In the matter. It says:
"The town of Greenville did not
want prohibition, and went 'wet' by
over "00 majority. The county as
whole went dry by a little over 100,
and hence Greenville's business men
and taxpayers have forced upon them
something thoy do not want. In
Cooke county there Is a large per cent
of prohibition territory. Galneovllle'i
business men nnd taxpayers are ask'
Ing that something she does not want
be not forced upon her.
"When the several localities which
hnve prohibition in Cooke county vot
ed on the proposition, Gainesville
took no stock In It. It was a propo
sition which affected those localities,
and It was for that people to deter
mine. Now a county prohibition elec
tion has been ordored. Gainesville
doos not want prohibition and will
cay so In an emphatic way at tho
polls. Will the Justlce-lovlng citi
zens or the county lorce upon ne
that which will depreciate the town
proporty values, stagnntu her busl
nous and ImiKide her progress? Think
well over this matter before you cast
your ballot. You have that which
majority of your locality wanted.
Now give Gnlnorvillo that which n ma
jority of her people ask at your hands.
Tarns Blxby, acting chairman of the
Dawes commission, has handed his
resignation to tho president. Blxby
has gone to his home In Minnesotn,
but will return and wind up his affairs
In connection with tho commission, at
Muskogee. While no reason Is as
signed for this decision of Blxby,
some think the criticisms of the slow
procedure of the commission's work,
by rougressiueu and others. Is the
cause. The resignation has not yet
been accepted.
How very different Is the attend
ance upon convening of court now to
what It was a few short years ago.
what It whs a few years ago. Ard
more then resembled a circus ground
with the miiltltiKlsj: people who
attended from all rnmf of the South
ern district, blanket Indians, negrc-oj
nnd whites of all classes, with condi
tions and charactont'equally as varied.
Now court converSea'and we know but
Jlttle dlfferencnj'frqm lir every day
arrairs. The holding ofTjjirts at other
points, have made this change. Instead
of a public thoroughfare being block
ed by tbne-shell men and nil kinds
of skin games to catch the unwary the
ordinary every day business Is con
ducted steadily.
President Roosevelt has threatened
to convene congress In extraordinary
seaslgn immediately aftor adjourn
ment, unless a bill "providing relief
for Cuba" Is passed.
.. . m
Fishing tackle to tho angler's coa?
ton at Wlllln . in,t. A. r..'- T 3
site, shape, form, fashion of hook, line
or rod, r
I oooooooooooooo 0 &O0 oooooos
Lone Grove.
Dr. Pink Brown returned borne to
Davit this morning:
S. W. Grew left today for McKlnney.
Tex., oa business.
Leo Brown returned to bis botse
at Parts Valley yesterday.
Dr. W. I. Brown, who has been very
ill. Is reported much better today.
Mayor E. E. White left yesterday
for a three weeks' trip to SL Louis.
C. J. Webster, cashier of the First
National bank, has- also gone to St.
Louis on business.
Mli-s Lottie Brown left today for
Norman. O.. for a month's 'vlilt.
W. A. Gilliam of Ardmore passed
tbroagh this morning, en route to the
Henry Cain place, after some cattle.
The tracklayers are busy at work
today, and expect to finish up the
gap today.
The extension of the telephone line
from Earl to New Manns ville Is about
com pie tod and the connections will
be made this afternoon.
Summers Hardy and Mr. Archer
went to Ardmore today.
Quite a number of people are In
town today.
There Is considerable excitement
here over our prospect of securing a
district court at Tishomingo.
W. C. Wells left today on a business
trip to Roff and Ada.
A fight, which was of no serious
consequence, occurred here yesterday
afternoon. The parties are up before
Mayor Rennle today.
The legislature Is still In session
but will adjourn this afternoon.
Miss Mabel Donohoo and George
Davis were married at the home of
the bride's parents Monday night.
Professors Campbell and Hawkins
are here from Wynnewood, and are
preparing to begin a business school
In Ravla. They say the school will
be located here permanently.
G. W. Baker Is here from Troy to
Governor Moeley is hero from Wa-
J. J. Johnson of Woodville Is here
Instituting a Woodmen circle.
Dr. Morris of Wapanucka Is In town
Guy Granbury and Miss May Gwlnn
of this place were married at Madlll
Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Granbury
wont to Woodville today.
Mr. McCollum Is here today from
Madlll on business.
Rock Island Road Will Build Line to
Connect These Cities.
Special to the Ardmoroite.
Fort Worth, Tex., May 7. There
will be no abandonment of prellmlu
ary work now being done by the
Rock Island on tho line from here
to Houston. It had been Intimated
that work would bo called off. It Is
known positively that the present
roads do not view the now line with
favor, as It will be the shortest mile
age and the lowest grade In Texas
An official statement Issued today
says that no agn-einont has been ac
cepted, and that the road will posl
tlvely be built.
Of tho value of the newspaper as
an agent of publicity, Printers' Ink
nn Interesting New York publication
says: "The newspaper has taken tho
place of the book. It is the newspa
per rather than tho library to which
men go In search of knowledge. The
newspaper Is read universally. Hence
It Is the one lending medium for
reaching the people. That can be
said of It which can be said of no oth
er medium, that It goes everywhere
anil Is read by everybody. It is they
only who pass by given billboards who
read the signs Inscribed upon them
It Is they only who ride In given stroc
ears or steamboats who read tho
dnrds of advertising displayed there.
Hut the newspaper goes everywhere
It Is tho great twentieth century col
porteur, bearing to every home the
progress of civilization and declarin
tho things that nro and are to be.
These are facts that the people are
growing more and moro to understand
and as they understand they value
the paper more and other and less
means of publicity less.
Over nt Sherman. Tex., a school
teacher was telling her class ol small
pupils something about anatomy. She
said: "Tito eyes are to foe with, th
nose Is to smell and the feet are to
run wlhli." At this point a little boy
Interrupted, saying: "That Isn't tho
way wth papa,. His none runs and
his feet smell."
bat a woman doesn't tell about
herself causes many a marriage,
Advocates Home Rule and Endorses
C. O. Bunn.
Be It resolved by tbe Lincoln Re-
publican club of Ardmore, In regular
meeting assembled:
FlrsL We are unalterably opposed
to the appointment of an assistant
district attorney for the Southern dis
trict not recommended by the United
States attorney for said district and
the Jsdge of said court: and
Second. We condemn the action of
other Republicans of the Indian Ter
ritory who seek to control the patron-
ge of this district, without regard
to the wishes of the Republicans
thereof; aid
Third. We earnestly recommend
for the appointment as assistant dis
trict attorney for this district Mr.
Clinton O. Bunn. who Is a good law
yer, a loyal Republican and a resi
dent of this district.
Francis Pottoffice Robbery.
On the 30th of April, in Francis. I.
T., at night and while it was thunder
ing and lightning, some parties gain
ed entrance to the postofflce. and
having the purpose of robbery is
their bead, proceeded to blow the safe
open with dynamite.
The explosion was so loud and the
destruction so great that it disturbed
the whole neighborhood and. the
would-be robbers ran away and left
their booty.
Deputy Bob Nester, with his usual
zeal and energy, run down and ar
rested James Burns and Asher Bayne,
and had sufficient evidence against
them to have them bound over after
their trial was over before Commls
sloner Talbot.
Deputy Nester brought them over
last night and lodged them In Jail.
Farmer Almost Decapitated.
Wagoner, I. T.. May 6. Whllo hunt
ing near here, Henry Hlghtower, a
well known farmer of Clarksvllle, at
tempted to blow some dirt out of the
barrel of his gun, which he supposed
to be unloaded, when the piece was
discharged, killing him instantly. The
unfortunate man was almost decapl
tated by the heavy charge of shot
with which the gun was loaded. He
was accompanied by his two sons
when the accident occurred. .
P. McCadden, of the McCadden Con
structlon Co., contractors who are
now working on the C. O. & G., be
tween Guthrie and Chancollor is In the
city today. Mr. McCadden says that
Guthrlo has now three roads, and
three more the C. O. & G., the Ft
Smith & Western and the M. K. & T.
are building that way as fast as pos
Notice In Bankruptcy.
n the matter of R. M. Cox, bankrupt;
In bankruptcy;
To the Hon. Hosea Townsend, Judge
of the District Court of the United
States, for the Southern District of
the Indian Territory:
R. M. Cox, in said district, respect
fully represents that on the 13th day
of January last past he was duly
adjudged bankrupt under the acts of
congress relating to bankruptcy; that
ho has duly surrendered all his prop
erty and rights of property, and has
fully compiled with all tho require
ments of said acts, nnd of the orders
of the court touching his bankruptcy
Wherefore, he prays that he may bo
decreed by the court to have n full
discharge from all debts provable
against his estate under said bankrupt
acts, except such debts as are ex
cepted by law from such discharge
Dated this, the 21st day of April
. D. 1902.
R. M. COX,
J. P. WOOD, Bankrupt
Southern District of Indian Terrl
tory. ss.:
On this 21st day of April, A. D. 1902
on reading the foregoing petition
it Is
Orderod by the court 'that a hear
ing be bad upon tho same on the 16th
day of May, A. D, 1902, beforo said
court, nt Ardmore, In said district, at
10 o'clock In the forenoon; and that
notlco thereof be published In tho
Ardmoreltc, a newspaper printed Jn
said district, and that all known cred
Itora and other persons In Interest
may appear at the said time and place
and show cause, If any they have
why the prayer of the said petitioner
should not bo granted.
And it is further ordered by the
court that tho clerk shall send by mall
to all known creditors copies of sal
petition and this order addressed to
them at their places of residence, as
Witness, the Hon. Hosea Townsend
Judge of said court, and seal there
of, at Ardmore, In said district, on the
21st day of April, A. D. 1902.
! Judge.
i(First published April 22, 1902.)
Tho i,ea8oned love of a twlce-raado
widow has Its reminiscent periods.
Ardmore to Tishomingo.
LeaTe Ardmore 8:20 a.m.
Arrive Provence 10:20 p.m.
" Durwcod 11:30 a.m.
" Earl 12:30 p.m.
M MannsTille 1:20 p.m.
" Norton 3:00 p.m.
" Ravla 5:30 p.m.
" Tishomingo 7:00 p.m.
Leave daily except Sunday.
Ardmore to Madlll.
Letye. Ardmore 7:30a.m.
Arrf Mnilir 11:00a.m.
Wilson :i2T30pSq
" Mcijljlan 2:30 p.m.
" Tyler v 3:30 p.m.
" WeaVertbn 4:45 p.m.
" Oakland 5:30 p.m.
" 6:00 p.m.
Leave, daily except Sunday.
Ardmore to Healdton.
eave Ardmore C:30a. ra,
Arrive Lone Grove 8:30 a.m.
" Hewitt 10:30 a.m.
" Healdton 12:30 p.m.
Leave dally except Sunday.
Ardmore to Simon.
Leave Ardmore 7:00 a.m.
Arrive Brock 9:00 a.m,
" Cheek 10:00 a.m.
" Simon 12:00 m.
Leave dally except Sunday.
Star Route malls close promptly on
leaving time.
The Burllnoton's Very Low Rates,
Every day during March and April,1
1902, very low one-way Colonists'
rates by the Burlington Route, as fol
lows: Kansas City to Portland, Tacoma,
Seattle and Puget Sound points, $25.00.
To Spokane and surrounding terri
tory, $22.50. To Butte and Helena
district, J20.00.
For exact rates to Intermediate and
branch territory, consult nearr st tick
et agenL or write the undersigned.
"The Burlington-Northern Paclfl.2
Express" is the great time-saving
train, carrying through coaches.
through chair cars and through tour
ist sleepers, to Butte, Helena, Spo
kane, Puget Sound and Portlannd.
From Denver to the Northwest
The Burlington has fast service vla
Billings In connecetlon with "The
Burlington-Northern Pacific ExpresB."
Burlington's Fast Denver Train.
To St. Paul and Minneapolis.
Fast trains leavo Kansas City 9:35
p. m., arriving Denver 3:15 p. m.
next day. Another Denver train leaves
Kansas City 10:40 a. ni. Double dally
tnrough chair cars, sleepers, dining
Best Line East-Bound,
Double dally train service Kansas
City to the twin cities of tho North,
via Omaha and Sioux City.
To Chicago. Famous "EU" leaves
Kansas City at 2:20 p. m.. anlves
Chicago 8:10 a. m.
Double dally service to St Louis.
Do us the favor to write for rates,
free printed, Illustrated descriptive
matter. Let us advise you the least
cost of your trip.
823 Main St, Kansas City, Mo.
L. W. WAKELEY, Uen'l Pass'r Agt,
St Louis, Mo.
St Louis, Mo.
Ice Cream Freezers, all sizes, at
The Ardmore Steam Dye Works
Phone 230 ,s SMo. Clothes Cleaning
I ADIES, Rive us those soiled Silk Waists and Skirts: No differ-
anna )inu- .1 ninti- Mi o nnlnv-Q mnv u - tliov will lnnlr lit-n 1. r n
we are tbrouffh ith them.
Yours for business,
when it's made of
Flour." The best
toi is fe M ol life H I
any Flour can have is that when once
J used it's always used. This can be said S
of Queen of the Pantry.
J We have a magnificent stock of canned
goods and cereals on which we are mak-
J ing attractive prices.
S Order what you want. Felker has it. S
R. W. Dick-"...'. Mayor
H. Mathers City Attorney
John L. Gait Police Judge
G. H. Bruce City Clerk
W. R. Roberts. Assessor and Collector
D. E. Booker Chief of Police
Bob McGee City Scavenger
First Ward J. W. Golledge, J. S.
Second Ward J, . S. Mullen, I. R
Third Ward C. L.lByrne, W. C
Kendall. A.
Fourth Ward W. T. Gardner, A. C.
Young. ' "
Finance C. L. Byrne, chairman;
A. C. Young, J. S. Mullen ' "
Street nnd Alley I. R. Best, chair
man; C. L. Byrne, W. T. Gardner,
J. S. McCharen.
Police W. C. Kendall, chairman;
I. R. Best, J. S. McCharen.
Fire W. T. Gardner, chairman; J.
W. Golledge, J. S. Mullen.
Waterworks A. C. Young, chair
man; J. S. Mullen, C. L. Byrne.
Ordinance J. S. Mullen, chairman;
J. W. Golledge, W. C. Kendall.
Cemetery J. W. Golledge, chair
man; W. T. Gardner, I. R. Best.
Sanitary J. S. McCharen, chair
man; J. S .Mullen, W. C. Kendall, A.
C. Young.
Board of Health.
Dr. J. W. Moffett, city physician;
Drs. S, S. Carr, J. W. Smith, Walter
Hardy; Mayor R. W. Dick
Summer is Here
DD pleasure, economy and
comfort to your home by
providing it with one of our
Ouick Meal
Gasoline Stoves
White Mountain
Ice Cream
and one of our
Drn't forget that our store
is Headquarters for fine
China and Glassware.
f. W. 5. Pflll,
Oyer Peoples' (aLHooms 5 and 10
called for and delivered promptly.
Queen of the Pantry
recommendation that

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