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Special Corrospondonco.
Oaklnnd, I. T.( May 7. Tho farmors
aro wearing smlloa again, slnco tho
rain. Oata and corn look well, and
most of thu farmers aro through
planting cotton.
J. It. Armstrong of Horatio. Ark..
was In town Saturday and made ar
rangements to put In n paper horo.
Assistant Chief Kngtncor Daltou of
tho A. & C. has located hero.
Q. . Wjitkins of Cumberland was
In town today.
E. A. Munch of noar Cliff was hero
J. It. Powell has his addition to his
rosldenco on South Main street about
A tramp stole a bottle of Dr.Calil
well's Syrup Pepsin. Whon ho ap
liearod In court ho oxplalnod that ho
saw In tho ndvortisoment that it was
"easy to tako," so ho took It. "DIs-
charged," said tho Judge. I will go
and tako some myself." It Is easy
to tako and Is a perfect laxative Sold
by W. U. Frame, Ardmoro and Ma-
Preparing dinner on n hot summer
day Is robbed of all Its terrors when
i you use tho Quick Meal gasollno
atovo. Thoy aro safo and simple, dur
ablo and economical. Your home Is
not complcto without one. You have
ovary advantage In buying at B. No
land's. 4-0t
TVIir tlie Colonel Stopped Ills Scorn
of Clilnnmcn nt Five.
"1 bsil rend," said the colonel as ho
was relating some of his experiences In
China, "that If n person fell into tho
wnter no one could pull him out, hold
ing that his fulling In wns a decree of
Providence that must not bo Interfered
"One day on one ot tho canals I
stumbled and went overboard, and, al
though there were twelve boatmen, not
ono of them would extend mo a hand.
After n eloso shave, ns I cannot swim.
I got aboard again, and ns Boon ns I
recovered my breath I yelled nt the
boss boatmun:
"You Infernal scoundrel, but why
didn't you help mo out?'
"'It was your fate to fall In ho
calmly replied.
"'And It's your fate to take n good
licking!' I said ns I went for htm.
"When I had finished him off, I took
nnothcr, nnd I was just polishing off
my llfth victim wliou the sixth man
hulled mo to say:
" 'There seems to bo a mistake here.
We nro taught that If n person fulls
Into tho water he must save himself
or drown, but wo are not taught that if
ho does save himself he Is nt liberty
to lick hnlf of China In revenge.'
'I thought bis point well taken,"
laughed the colonel, "and I stopped my
score nt live nnd went down to chango
Into dry clothes." Ooston Globe.
Peppo Fate Afri-Kola
Orange Phosphate
Cherry Darn-y-Ana
Ciders, all Kinds
Ginger Ale
Iron Brew
In constipation Heroine anorils a
natural, healthful remedy, acting
promptly. A few small doses will
usually bo found to so regulate the
excretory functions that they are
nblo to operate without any aid what
ever. Price CO cents. At V. U.
Frame's City Drug Store.
Foley's Kidney Cure
makes kldncz'S and bladder risht
Sorc3 and Ulcers never become chronic
tinlcsi the blood is in poor condition is
sluggish, weak mid unable to throw ofl
the poisons that accumulate in it. The
system must be relieved of the unhealthy
matter through the sore, and great danger
to life would follow should it heal before
the blood has been made pure and healthy
ana all impurities eliminated lrom me sys
tem. S.S.S. begins the cure by first cleans.
iug nnd invigorating the blood, building
up the general health and removing from
luc cysteni A CONSTANT DRAIN
Vhcu this has lce:i accomplished the dis
charge gradually ceases, and the sore o:
ulcer heals. It is the tendency of their- old
indolent sores to grow worse and worse,
and eventual! v to destroy the bones. Local
applications, while soothing and to some
extent alleviate pain, cannot reach the seat
of the trouble. S. S. S. does, and no mattei
how apparently hopeless your condition,
even tuougn your constitution jias uroKcn
down, it will bring rcltet wlien nothing
Apiln Trrrn Vnr lli'nutjr nml l'mlt.
Apple trees nro so beautiful, even
when bare of bloom nnd fruit, that
they should bo grown In plensuro gar
dens, like lilacs and laburnums. Ten
nyson speaks of orchard htwns, nnd
there Is no reason except bud taste
why they should not have n real exist
ence. Tho gloom of the llr tree, mag-
nltlccnt no doubt In Itn own northern
forest, Is mere incongruous dreariness
when It is dotted about n suburban
lawn. Nothing will thrive under it
nnd often It will not thrive itself, but
tho apple, with nil tho associated beau
ty of tho countryside, gives us fruit
nnd blossom nnd grateful shndc. In
tho grass under It will grow daffodils,
columbines. Irises nnd many other
plants, or It may be trained ns n hedge
to divide one part of the garden from
nnothcr nnd with nil these uses mny
still produce grent crops of fruit. It
would be a pleasant task for the sub
urban gardener with his half ncro of
ground to grow three or four choice
apple trees with the enro that others
give to roses. London Speaker.
else can. It supplies the rich, pure bli
necessary to heal the sore and nourish
the debilii
Mr. J. II T.illittt. Lock Uox ais.Winona, !HI,
eaya-. "Six veers nno my leg from thekiKcto
the font was one solid sore.
treat il montid I made two trips lo Hot Springs,
but found no rrltrf. I vmluduccltotry S. 8.8 ,
nml It made a complete cure I have been a per-
lecuv wcu man c r since
is Uie only purely ver.
ctable blood purine!
known contains no
pohonous minerals to
ruin the digestion and
odd to. rather than relieve your suiter-
inns. If vour flesh docs not heal readily
when scratched, bruisedorcut, yourblood
ibin bi d condition, and any ordinary sore
Is apt to uecome ciiromc.
Send for our free book and write our
physicians about vour case. We make tw
charge for thia service.
Dixon's Shoe Shop
TIip t'ttlntc Lock.
A womnn who had solved the servant
girl question by lmiortliig n buxom
young colored girl from Virginia went
out to give her orders for dinner ono
dny nnd was astounded to see the ne
gro bitting on the lloor with her hair,
or wool, standlnn out around her h.vul
In a black nnd shiny nimbus. Not
hearing the approach of the mistress,
the servant went on with her occupa
tlon. which was pulling first ono curb-
lock nnd then another in n way that
suggested that she had either lost a
fortune or "got religion." The madam
stared n moment nnd then exclaimed:
For gooduess' sake, Hetty, what are
you doing?"
The maid hurrlwlly scrambled to her
feet nnd nnawered:
"Oh, nolhln'. ma'am. I'jso got n sore
throat nnd w Just tryiu' to And the
lock what would null mail palate up
and cure the tickle." New York Times.
Manufactured by
Ardmore Bottling Works
Sockwell & Bray, Props., Ardmore, I. T.
Corn Oats
Bran Hay
A Specialty
Genuine Comb Honey
in Pound Frames
AUR Groceries are
" the very best. Plan
supplies a specialty.
tation and camp
West Main St., Ardmore,
I. T.
You are invited
..to call at our store to look
through our variety ol goods
for the house and lawn.
We beat others making
prices on
Screen Doors
Plain and Fancy.
Screen Wire
Black and White, all Widths.
Ice Cream Freezers
Lawn Mowers and
the care of the lawn.
every other utensil needed in
Practical Tinners
and Plumbers.
Building sooth ilda Kaat ;
Ardmore, l. T.,
ain at
A M PLC maoblnery and skillful work-
man. Booti and tthoaa mad to or
der. Bapalr work of any kind don at
taaannabla nrloaa. Boota f ram M to IU.
Shoes rroai M to 03. Expert BtUeniac
ana rstcnuuraooe.
All work KMMBtaxt. a induction
10 par east on all work tor poor widow
aaa orpnan.
kant oi
lot sale. Your custom will ba ai
bop Boota and Sboea
on bead
a. J. OlZOIf.
For absolute'
ly the best
Laundry work
done wKU the
luteal clotbee
savins nod Menu in or machinery.
Leave your bundle at Elliott &
r'a barber shop. Basket
leaves Tuesdays aud Thursdays,
returns Thurediiyn and Saturdays
J. E3 Provence,
Agl. Acme Steam Laundry, Gainesville, Tex.
a ! n n-fc 1
$100 Reward
Will bo paid by the Chickasaw
Stockmen's Association for tho
arrest and conviction of anyone
steal Int: stock of any kind from
any member of this Association.
Notify Jeff Payne. Pauls Val
ley. Charley Roll, Roil, I. T.,
or W. L. Lapsley, Wynnewood,
I. T., Inspectors.
DE. T. P. Howell, Pres.
O. Y. Halet, Soc.
Saxony posMcascs one of the beat
regulated nyatfuia of fortstiy in the
world. The fo-.i'sts of Saxon; lervt
not only the pniijose of gtvlnif the Mute
u substnntlnl annual reveno, but tney
iiiltl n tbouaandfoHl to the acenery of
the country, thu attructluji mauy tour
lata into those porta every summer.
The moat Important ftnture of the for
eats, huwvvcr. Is the fact that they
ktep forever ullve the fountaiua of wa
ter wuieli spriiiK from tue Jiiunin nis
of the Erzgehtnse and 3aon Swttr.er-
land. The foreats furnlah the mate
rial and the water the hUrtire power to
hundreds of pulp, puper and rhw mill,
which, in turn, irive employment to
thousands of men, weraea and eUll-dren.
Mlaiht Have Bewa Worn,
"Charley, dear." raid young Mru.
ToiUinn. "that hciw you bet oa "1-
"Thure'a uo ueed cf brlutriuj; the mat
ter up. I know thiit my Juutiiuent wiia
very Una aud ull that.
"Ob, 1 wouldn't take It to Heart! 'i Ue
horse might have liven beoten wora&
Vou must ghe hiui credit fcp i;ealng
around ahewfl of the homes that were
I entered for the following raceV-Wash-
iogton Star.
Par Tour Pabts
"No, sir." declared Oaaaon a he
wanned up to his subject, "you'll never
Im happy so long as you are in debt,
Pay your debts, Bwayuaclt, pay your
But I havB no money," said gwiy-
'Then borrow It,H Detroit Ifree
Press. '
Trnth' Clinnces.
Willlnin The Idea of his calling his
book a historical tiovoll It doom't
agree with history even In the slight
est particular.
Frederick And so may be quite true.
Doston Transcript.
A HE you interested iu your fellow! Aie you concerned in the
affairs of lite? Do you caro anything about the tfreat men who
have brought about tho conditions in which you live, uud those who
are in power todnyf Do yon enjoy wholosome, animated stories that
are true to life. Do you care for beauty in any form! Then there is uo
escape for you; you must join the army who read McClure's regularly
New Romantic Love btory by Booth Tarkingtou. nuthor of
"The Geutlcuinn from Indiana" and "Monsieur Beuucaire." a tnl ot
love thwarted but triumphant, of gallant men and beautiful women
It deals with lite in indiaua nt tue tune ot tne Mexican war
The Man with the Hoe
If there is one class of people that de
serve, above all others, to have labor
saving machinery and profit making
machinery, that class is the farmer. Add
profit to vour hay crop and save worry
and breakdowns by using the
National Hay Press
Everybody deserves a good Buggy and
tue man who buys from us will never be
disappointed, There is no chance for
dissatisfactioe when you buy
The White Elephant Buggy.
We have a new car and can give you just
what you want at prices lower than you
expect to pay, and on terms very reason
The Hardware Men.
s Your Lreait is uooa.
you can't
If you have no
afford to do without one this Spring
and Summer. Or if the one you have
is getting old you can't afford to do
without one of the New and Hand
some Buggies just received in our last
car of the
Blees-McVicker Buggies.
Don't come with the reply tnat you
are not able. Call and see what we
will do toward making you able. Our
stock includes Buggies, Stanhopes)
Surries, and ROAD WAGONS.
The Story of the Stondnrd Oil by Ida M. Tarbull, author
"1 I,-.... Vnnnlanr "l it'., ,tl 1 innnla " A ilnmitla linnion atniin
A I'uiili'.
Mother (rcprovlnsly to little girl JusL
ready to o for a walk) Dollytunt
hole was not in your glove tuTsuiTJrir
Dolly (promptly) WUero was It, then,
Of 100,000,000 passengers by sea all
tbo world over fifty lose their lives. Of
tho same number by rail forty-seven
re killed.
the first and still the jjreatest of all tiutts not au economic treatise,
but an exciting history.
Guttett d ib Old listers, ly J hn j Clin MorrU' Stife Eecolliillotn. Stories
LiFuifii'. Iutnstingaudbeliifnllof Saluni, Bernhardt, Mrs. Bid
papers on Miehui'lapgelo, Raphni 1 dons aud others.
Rftubranor, etc-., iheir fiuest pict- Bttl Ot MIlllUltRI. By the author
of "Wall Street Stories. "
Tbl Fottll KUDer Serial Tale of the
ure reproduced iu tints.
r. vnicj 01 DllTrtTili, Bis views II
the tjpical New' Yorker, Philadel
pbian, Bnutoniiiii, ar d inhabits ii I.
of Chkaco and WashinRtou.
WUUn UlM Wblte ou Tillman, Piatt,
Cleveland and others.
Michigan Woods.
Jmpblne Uttt Dukto, More Child
Ebbj Lon Stories, by George Madde&
Illaatratad propectu. dcrtbln In fail many otar fealoren, ent traa to any adcjraaa
S, 3. McClure Co.. m-iss a, Street, tNew York, N..Y.
But at any Price THE BEST.
A thoronuh. nradloal tratntntr tobool, comiiletci and ud to data In avery depart mant
Ba and nlabt aobool toe eutlro yoar. Dav puplli attend nlfc-bt aobool wltboat extra
ataarca. Tuition t7.DC nar month or $1" fur unlimited aoholariblp. Hoard. $10 to SIS
par month. Movaoatlon. Pupil raay enter at any time. Kvery pupil U Iplaeed on bt
merlta atd may advance a rapidly a hU ability will permit. Thorough trnlnlnir In
hurtest time oonalatent with elllolenoy. Iteforonoea Any bank or bnilneaa arts In
Oalnearllle. fur oatalok'no addroas
O. r. SELVIuaE',A. U., Proildant, Oatneavtlle. Texas
Machinery, Mill I Gin Supplies
High Grade Belting a Specialty.
Write for what yon want?
Reclining Chcir Cars
Texas, Oklahoma
Indian Territory
Double Dally Service
Pulmaa Buffet SieepiiiaCert
Waw solid VmtuulSi Ttataa.
VBMSwaled :-cluiuIi
Vtrtmi Varffea.
with so mstris at atnnm
fm- U tafvnnal aatt Mtl
.l.t4(ir.,T.I.i Oilll.. Tti.
iM. . Ticlr4. T. .., C;H..'...M, O.T.
a, ff. Ue,.M T.. Uula ir h.kik.
j w.m w h: i s
Broadway Carriage Shop
Painting Woodwork
Tire Work
Cold Tire Setting:
Can make you anything in the Buggy Line
At same old stand, Corner North Mill St. anq Broadway.

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