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SIDNEY SUGGS, Proprietor.
Published Every Afternoon (except
Saturday), nnd Sunday Morning.
Office of Publication: North Wash
ington Street
Entered at tho Postofllce at Ardmore
aa Second-class Mall Matter,
November 2, 1893.
On week IS
One month -CO
pno year J&.00
The official newtpaper of the United
6tate Court lor the Southern District,
Indian Territory; alto for the Chicka
saw Nation; and also for the Chicka
saw Stock Association of the Indian
Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railway.
Galveston & Cblcngo Exp. ..3:40 a.m.
Cleburne & K. C. Express.. 4:26 p.m.
Galveston & Chicago Exp. .12:35 a.m.
Cleburne & K. C. Express. .11:33 a.m.
A. W. DUNHAM, Agent.
W. S. KEENAN, G. P. A.
All United States mails close 30
minutes prior to train time.
Terms of U. S. Court for Year 1902.
At Cblckasha Begins Monday, Feb
ruary 17 and September 29, and con
tinues in session two weeks.
At Ryan Begins Monday, March 3,
and October 13, and continues In ses
sion ten days.
At Purcell Boglns Thursday, March
13. and October 23, and continues In
session for ten days.
At Pauls Valloy Boglns Monday,
March 24, and November 3, nnd con
tinues for six weeks.
At Ardmore Begins Monday, May
E, and December 15, and continues In
session for six weeks or longer.
f J J
Uso thoLong-DlstancoTelephono
4 and call up
If you want tho Ardinorelte.
f . . .J. .J. .J. .J. .J. ..
Ardmore, Monday, June 30.
It Is believed now tlint Congress
will adjourn Thursday, July 3.
Eight Inches of snow Is reported as
having fallen nt Denver, Colo., yoe
terday. Tho first halo of cotton ,1s reported
In Texas this morning, at a place call
ed Dovlne.
A two-mile tunnel Is to bo bored
through tho San Jose mountains, In
Moxlco, In an effort to top largo bod
Mob of gold.
It Is estimated that tho cost of llv
lng has advanced ono-thtrd since 1S!)G,
but wages have not Increased. The
cost of living Is now more than last
Dick Coffey was In the city today
from Sneed and reports flno crops In
that section. He says the citizens are
making great preparations for the
picnic there tomorrow.
Tho various committees on tho ro
unlon program aro getting down to
"strictly business" methods now,
thoy realize that tho time Is short
nnd thero Is much to bo done.
Hallroads have suffered by wash
outs In tho recent rains In Texas. Yes
terday tho main lino of tho Wabash
was Inundated at many points, andnt
East Alton, 111., several miles of tho
Big Four track was washed away.
Pauls Valloy Is confidently expect
ing a system of waterworks. Donlson
Wo prosumo tholr oxpectlng Is hlng
od on a different system from that
which they enjoyed about the end of
Tho Union party of tho Choctaw
Nation will hold n convention on July
3, and nomlnato a candidate for prin
cipal chief, or endorse one of the men
now before the people. It Is said that
chances aro In favor of Indorsement
lor Tom W. Huntor.
Tho dopartniont of the Intorlor has
ruled that old, established roads in
tho Indian Territory cannot be fonc-
ed. This ruling if kept In force will
work a hardship on sorao of the land
holders, whoso lands havo country
roads winding around through .them.
Ardmoro peoplo talked loud and long
about the big reunion which Is to bo
hold In July, but when tho tlmo enmo
to put up tho money tho enthusiasm
died out. Checotah Enquirer,
Don't you think It. Tho enthusiasm
and tho cash aro both growing In pro
portion aa tho daya go by. Ardmoro
does things. This reunion will bo on a
scale never beforo attempted In the
whole Indian Territory. Come over,
t OOOOOO O OOOOOOO 0 0 O 0 oooooo
Mrs. E. V. Williams, who has been
In Hot Springs for some time to 1)0
benefitted for rheumatism, returned
home Saturday.
Will Jack spent Sunday at his home
Tli'- ball game botweon Borwyn and
Hock Creek Saturday wo won b, tho
Hock Creek boys, the score being 13
to 9.
Tho Dougherty and Drake br.ll
teams will play hero next Sunday.
Miss Morris of Sorghum Flats Is
visiting Mrs. Brunnor's slsteri Miss
Tessa Majors.
Bub Majors, who has been at work
nt Chlckaeha. has returned home.
Mr. and Mrs. Mllner and Howard
Butt of Ardmore parted through yes
torday on route to Turner Falls on
Honoy Creek.
Georgo Maynard or Mill Creek Is
Rev. 1. N. Woodard of Hickory was
horo today en routo to Noblo, Okla.,
where he will nttend the district con
forenco. J. M. Davis and T. A. Walker of
this place left today for Noblo, to at
tend the conference.
The romalns of tho Infant child of
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hubbard, were
brought hero from Baum and burled
Miss Nettle Hardy has returned
from a visit to Sulphur.
Mrs. Emma Mlddloton Is horo from
Hickory visiting hor parents, Mr. and
Mrs. John Hardy.
Iis Dollle Sumner of this place
and Edgar Glbbs of Denton, Texas,
were married here yesterday after
noon nt 2 o'clock. The newly marrlod
couple left on the afternoon train for
their new homo nt Denton.
Mrs. Ed Hubbard la reported ns be
ing In nbout the same condition ag
on Saturday.
M. L. Newman was horo yesterday
from Cornish visiting the family of
Hlchanl Crool.
Mr. and Mr. Creel's bnby 1b still
quite sick.
Clark's show Is to appear here Wed
K. c. Tucker la here representing
the Anlmorelte.
W. H. Land rum left today for his
home nt Ardmore.
Clark Bros., show la to giro a per
formance hero this aftornoon.
M. M. IUghtower la still Improving.
Mrs. Long Is reportod some better.
The fifth Sunday meeting closed
A light rain fell hore yostorday,
which was our first for several weeks,
and was badly needed.
Moderation to a very great extent
is apparent in regnrd to tho street
crossing controversy. We believe
that a satisfactory agreement to all
concorned enn bo reached now with
out trouble.
It Is now the Panama canal qr
none. President Hoosevelt signed
tho bill Saturday evening. Tho pen
used by tho provident on that occa-
slon was presented to Sonator Hanna,
who appreciate? tho souvenir.
Among numerous dispatches re
ceived by the king, ono from a largo
meeting of TrnnBvaalors asBombled at
Balmoral, TranBvaal, won especially
gratifying. It embodied n prayor that
tho Almighty would restore him to
JobbIo Morrison has been found
guilty of murder, In the second do-
greee, and her sentenco will, bo Im
prlsonment for at least ten years
Josslo, with a razor, killed Mrs.OHn
Castle, who had olght days prevlou
ly married Jessie's suitor,. This trial
was tho result of an nppeal from
five years sentence.
Read It In His Newspaper.
George Schwab, a well known Ger
man citizen of Lebanon, O., is a con
stnnt reader of tho Dayton Volks
zoltung. Ho knows that this paper
aims to auvortlso only tho best In ltc
columns, and when ho saw Chamber
Iain's Pain Balm advertised therein
for lamo back, ho did not hcsltato in
buying a bottle of It for his wife, who
for eight vveokB had suffered with the
most terrlblo pains in hor back, and
could get no relief. Ho Bays: "After
using tho Pain Balm for n few days,
my wlfo said to mo, 'I feel as though
uorn nnowy nnd beforo using tho ou
tiro contonts of tho ;ottlo tho unbear.
ablo pains had entirely vanished and
sue count again MKo up her houso
hold duties." Ho is very thankful
and hopes that all suffering llkowlso
win near or hor wonderful recovery
This valuable liniment Is-for salo by
mo wiy urug atoro ami v. j, nam
About six weeks after tho wolf
appears nt a man's door it looks to
him as If It were holding ti family re
Curtis Reports a Bill for Punishment
of Larceny In Indian Territory.
Special to the Ardmor'lc.
Washington, D. C. Juno 29. Hepre-
senatlve Curtis of Kansas has fa
vorably reportod a bill fixing the pun
ishment for larceny of horses, cattlo
and other live stock In tho Indian
he bill provldos that any person,
whether an Indian or othorwlso, who
Bhall hereafter be convicted In tho
Indian Territory of stealing any
horse, mare, gelding, filly, foal, mule,
ass or Jenny, or of stealing any kind
of .cattle, pigs, hogs, sheep or goats,
shall bo punished by a fine of not
more than one thousand dollars, or
by Imprisonment for not more than
fifteen years, or by both such fine
and Imprisonment, nt the discretion
of the court.
Rogers, Ruby and Rowles Join the
Christian Church Yetterday.
Nearly every Sunday from one to
two, nnd sometimes threo of our pas
tors In town have been visiting our
Jail In the afternoon and prenching
the word of God to the unfortunate
inmates of the institution.
The work of the preachers has re
sulted In good. Tho prisoners al
ways pay the closest attontlon to tho
words of tho pastors, and they are
thus encouraged in their good work.
As an evldonco of this fact, yester
day afternoon Hev. G. T. Black hold
a special service at 4:30 o'clock for
the purposo of baptizing John Howies,
George Ruby and Luther Hodgers.
Howlos was convicted of man
slaughter, Huby nnd Hodgers of sell
ing liquor, and were sentenced this
aftornoon by Judgo Townsond.
The church was crowded with the
members and others, and overybedy
seemed to sympathize with the un
fortunate men. They were under the
escort of three deputy marshals, who
returned them to the Jail after they
wore baptised.
Speclnl Correapondence.
Henldton, I. T June 28. Hot winds
yea, wa hail 'em, on tho 21th and
25th. The thermometer pasacd 110 on
tho 26Ui. The damage in tin's sec
tion on bottom lamia ia not much, hut
the uplanda are hurt. Two more' daya
of such winds would havo ruined ev
erything. Those of our farmera who
planted the early variety of cam
have an assured crop, and It la safe
to say there will he more corn In this
section than there was lost year. It
la too early to apeak with certainty
regarding the cotton crop, although
It la looking rnlrly woll where the
proper tillage has been given.
Drs. Gordon and Tenguo made a
trip to Hastings in the Comanche
country this week, thoy report crops
west or Mud Creek a failure.
Dr. Settlo of Chagrls was on our
streets this week.
Mrs. Welch living near Chagrls Is
having a serious tlmo with a spider
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Luther Nolen,
a son.
Mrs. Hcttle Collins has been quite
ill all tho week, but Is reported some
better today.
R. T. Hlcketts of Graham Is hero
arranging for the reunion and picnic.
Mr. Spray and family from Mon
tague county, Toxns are horo visiting
W. M. Knight's family.
Special Correspondence.
Hoff, I. T., Juno 2S. A light rain
fell hero Inst night.
People aro beginning to feel blue
ou account or tho hot winds that have
been blowing for the last few days.
Howevor, no damage has yet been
done to crops.
Tho picnic nt this place tho 24th
and 25th was woll attended.
Rev. C. H. Carlton has returned
rroru Waco, Tox., whero ho has been
for the past month.
Miss Ella Splawn and Mr. and
Mrs. Mathews of Thackorvlllo havo
been visiting Mr. Mathews' parents
tho past week.
Miss Laura Book of Wetumpka vis
Red her sister this weok and enjoyed
tho picnic.
Miss Daisy Bird, hor sister and
Miss Ella Haven are visiting Mrs.
Miss Evelyn McClintox loft Frldny
evening for Eldorado, Kan., whero
sho will visit for Bovornl weeks.
Artlo L. Wilson of Ada Is visiting
In Hoff again this weok.
Sam McDonald is visiting Ills par
cuts. .Mr. McDonald is in tho railway
postal sorvlce, and suffered Berlous
Injury In a wreck a short tlmo ago.
E. A. Butt of Wynnewood was In
town this week on business.
Miss Lilllo Hlgglns of Sulphur Is
visiting Miss Nelllo Roff this weok
Williams, Corbn & Co., Invite you
to see their new shipment of White
Mrs. Clark, at Duncan, Receives a
Fatal Stroke Building Wrecked.
Sperlul 'Phono to the Arflmorelte.
Duncan. 1. T., Juno 30. Ynsterday
morning at C o'clock, while Dr. G. F.
Clark and wlfo wore standing In the
wost door of their home, watching
n. thunderstorm, lightning struck the
houso, wrecking tho building consid
erably, especially the door and door
facing where Dr. Clark nnd wife wore
standing. Tho doctor nnd his wife
woro both knocked to tho floor, Mrs.
Clark falling upon her husband.
Dr. Clark was dazed for only a few
seconds, and ns soon as conscious
ness returned ho asked his wife If
she was killed. Receiving a negative
reply, ho laid her upon the floor nnd
crawled Into tho other room (his legs
being partially paralyzed, so that he
could not walk), to Bee If the two
children, aged 6 months nnd 2 years
respectively, had been hurt.
When tho building was struck tho
rhlldrcn wero asleop upon a bed.
Tho bedstead was completely demol
ished by tho lightning, but neither
of the children wore Injured. Happy
at finding tho children unhurt, the
loctor crawled back Into tho room
where he had left his wife, but his
Joy was turned to sorrow, for Mrs.
Clark was dead.
Sovcral of the neighbors who had
seen tho lightning Btrlke tho building
called in to render assistance. The
two little children were sent to Dr.
Hall at Marlow, who will caro for
them during tho temporary absence
of their father.
Mrs. Clark's romalns were shipped
to Pilot Point, Tox., Inst night, whoro
hor parents reeide. The doctor ac
companied them.
Special Correspondence.
McKInney, I. T., June 29. The
drouth la still with ua. The hot
winds enmo to see us, and the result
la that great damage was done; 10S
In the shade wns the highest temper
ature during tho woek.
All farm products are Injured, some
corn la a total lose; atock water Is
getting very scarce; grttae getting
scarco. Altogether, rain la badly
needed. Farmors are through with
work, and flailing la the order of the
Jack Holt and family, F. M. Oa-
borne and ramlly and Scott McKin-
noy attended the fifth Sunday meeting
at Ardmoro.
Joe Holt left Friday morning on an
extended visit to Ada, I. T.
to hifjh profits; the inexorable demands of tnrxlern nierchandisinc re
quire the closest possible tmriuK of
equipped to do business on the nnrrowest margins, and that means
you get better VAUE"3 IIEKE, dollar for dollar, than elsewhere.
Bovb' waEhuble Suits, ages 4 to 14
The $1 kind this week
Boys' Waists, ages 4 to 13 yean;,
values, this week 23c or
Ladies' Vests, well taped and finished, the kind that sells all over
town 3 for 25c; ns long as they last 5 for 25c
All ladies' or gents' Hose either in Lace or Drop Stitch, sold the
world over 25 to 50a a pair; as long as they last 15c
And a store full of other VALUES too numerous to mention.
Call and be convinced.
ii 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i mm
i " " ' ' '
Eqtaine Cleanliness
The horse, unlike certain kinds of men, was
never a tramp. He likes to be clean. No man
should condemn a horse to poor food, poor harness
or intermittent attention of any kind.
Our Brushes, Sponges, Curry Combs and Fly
Nets all afford every opportunity for horse clean
liness and comfort.
f"E best place in Ardmore to buy staple
and fancy Groceries and all kinds of
Feed is A, A. Bailey's.
West Main St., Ardmore, I. T.
Mrs. D. Strickland and family of
Denlson, Tox., aro here visiting rela
tives. Jones DeArmond la off on a visit
to Russet and Mndlll.
Hubo Brown of Grady vfaa here last
week visiting relatives.
Quito a number have attended the
district conference at Mariotta this
Mose Collins wns called to Mari
etta today to see his father, who Is
reported very sick.
Wo aro very sorry to Inform our
readers that smallpox has again
reached us. This time ono of our
prominent young ladles la tho vic
tim, and we fear that many have been
exposed. Miss Lela Buckley, tho vic
tim, has been quite sick, but la now
A young man from Marsdcn will
lecture horo next Sundny evening on
the "EvIIb of Profanity."
Why Suffer With Backache7
I have Buffered several years wltn
backache, and after taking ono bottle
of Smith's Sure Kidney Cure, I have
been cured. Since ben I havo not been
troubled" with my back. Too much can
not bo Bald In Its praise.
Capt. WM. FORREST, Memphis, Tenn.
Price 50 cents and $1.00. For sale by
F. J. Rnmsey.
Special Correspondence.
Milo, I. T.. June 28. We are still
having dry weather, and corn is suf
fering. Cotton prospects are fine.
Tho oats crop has nil been harvested.
Cutting and baling hay Is In full
Tho road loading from Elk. bv wav
of Milo and Woodford, to Ardmoro
has somo very bad nlaces In it. Wo
oxpoct Ardmoro to help koep up this
road, ir she expects to share In our
trade thia fall.
J. W. Johnaon lias returned from
Dloomfleld academy, where he wont
to attend the closing exercises of the
school. .
C. M. Grant made a trip to Ard
mors, Sunday.
Born, to Mr. nnd Mrs. Sam Moek,
a daughtor.
The health or our community Is
tho most hsal'ns salvo In tho wsrld.
Every size or sewer piping In stock
at Williams, Corhn & Co'b.
Foley's Money and Tar
I cures colas, prevents pneumonia.
commission. We are especially
years, the $2 kind, this week SI
all colors and kinds, regular 50c
2 for 45c
-r "r -r wr b w r r
And when your horse
is fitted out with our hand
made harness or saddles,
he is comfortable and the
rider or driver is always
safe. Come and look
through our stock. We
are always glad to show
every piece of goods in
the h juse.
AdvertlFcmeuts under this head will
be received at the r.te of five (6)
cents per line. No advertisement re
ceived for less than fifteen cents (15)
cents. Special monthly rates furnish
ed on application. Tho notice may
contain any matter of "Lost,"
"Found," "For Rent," For Sale,"
"Stolen," "Strayed," or any purpose,
without display lines.
WANTED Experienced harwaro
salesman wants a position. Address
A, this office. 30-Ct
WANTED Two good ngonts; none
but hustlers need apply; references
required. Address 13ce & .Klrby,
Box 35C, Ardmore, 1. T.
WANTED A good agent in every
town In the Indian Territory; ref
erences required. Address Deo &
Klrby, general agents, Box 3G5,
Ardmore, I. T.
WANTED Trustworthy person ia
each county to manage business;
old, established house, solid finan
cial standing; straight, bona fide
weekly ensh salary, $18, paid by
check each Wednesday, with all ex
penses, direct from headquarters;
money advnnced for expenses. Ad
dress Mnnager, 379 Caxton Bldg.,
Chicago. 15-s&m-4w
WANTED A cook. Mrs. H. W. Ran-
dol. 22-tf
WANTED Fifteen teams. Apply to
A. Moore, on Santa Fe work.
WANTED A first-class dry goods
man and stock keeper, and a cafh
girl. Address P. O. Box F9, Ard
more, 1. T. 25-lf
WANTED Five young men from
Chickasaw county, at once, to pre
pare for positions In tho govern
ment service. Apply to Inter-Stato
Correa. Inat., Cedar Rapids, Ia.
WANTED Teams for railroad work,
at asphalt mines four miles west
of Ardmore; wages $t pet day.
John Burke. 2C-7f
WANTED Fifty capable men to
write accident and sick benefit In
surance in the Territory; top con
tracta to tho right partloa; com
pany pays 10 per cent, on collec
tion also; only those who furnish
recommendations wanted. J. J.
Bates, state agent, South MeAlea
ter, I. T. 25-0t
WANTED Men to cut wood by the
cord. Apply Weeka Bros. 10-tf
WANTED Agent at every poatoflloe;
good pay. Address Mutual Relief
Circle, Ardmoro, I. T. 30-lm
FOR RENT Two doors west of court
house, a nice down stairs front
room, well furnished.
29-3t MRS. STOWE.
FOR RENT Nicely furnished rooms,
N. Caddo street. Mrs. Ella Hunter.
FOR RENT Store room, 25x80, with
track facilities; possession given
June 1. Apply Whiteman Bros.
piano. Apply at this office. 2D-lm
FOR SALE At a bargain, three 8
foot show cases, good as new. Ad
dresB Box 170. 22-Ct
FOR SALE Confectionery nnd cold
drink business, cigars, tobaccos,
stationery, etc., in postofflco build
ing. Call on or address Doylo Nor
man, Wynnewood, I. T. 23-Ct
FOR SALE Heavy wrapping paper
and old newspapers at Ardraoreito
FOR SALE A 12-roora houso near
Hargrove; lot 200x200. Wolverton
& Son. g.tf
Just as this trio
towers above other
mon of the day, bo
does this trio of Nee
lifree Shirts tower
above other shirts
now on the market.
Exquuite Night
Hobes and Pajamas.
Extra large sizes in
Neglicee Shirts, B. &
W. Linen Shirts.
rv iiavcuiiu man
Confided to us tho other day that ho
used Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin in
i.in r.Mti.. -. a. rpm-
UIO lUUiliy, uuu UVUUl'U uu uiiivi
edy, as It seemed to keep tho entlro
lamuy so perfectly ireo irom cuu
patlon, Indigestion, sick headache-
whit, and be convinced.
Elephant buggies.
and stomach trouble Sold by W. B.
jbteiSoId cy
irnme, Ardmoro

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