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the; jg not
eonfiaeri to any
CHARM one place
The IJah&
nt. Gerta I'iaao w fllbr
dttlicbtfol in lb dt
connlry how or the
town tmniioo. lis floe qualities
know no limitation of plaea.
Ttio who appreciate appear
ance, tone awl MSebaaical rrfe
(ion can not fill U 1w pteaNd
vrith.tbe PIA2C08 in oar 8kw
'room's. Thry are high elsi'
gtromontB and eertaia to win a
Write for catalogue.
ArdrnOre, I. T
fur portal trmla i
WmMU cayoa. Jlr 12. IMS. tk
'a. C. . S. K. Rr- wilt Ml! :mn4 trip
UcVH (or M immUv. TnMa larM
Cletmrn, Tm., 7 . at.
tlic rollalilo Crocar bat In
5jj tlie city. Prompt. dllry.
Phone 1 10, North Oadito t.
f'ernofia ImvIbi; town for th aum
mr can itave Ute Arrtmorlt nalloil
ri ibolr add res wrory d7 tor only
VI mnti a month. AddrM can Ive
.anK0(l a often aa notified. The
papor will como U you evry day,
.in n lottor from homo. Try IL
S1Ih everythinfj goad
rhonu 98
Stand Prlvlieoet.
' 1 IliiYlni! purclinHCHl thu oxclualvn
rlnht for all Htnnil nnil nnuiRamunt
privlloRON on thu rnunlon Krounil, wa
iCrr Uin uniiio for milo to nil pnrtloa
uintercntuil In Htnml prlvllogM. Apply
t tlm olllco of tho city collctor, at
ho city lmll.
IV. II. I10I1KHT8,
18 tf
tylish Drivers
If you lmve not invcBtiuatuil
you will lu mirprisml to hcc
wlmt hwoII turnouts tlio IIol
liiml & CoIbom Livery Stable
Iiuh. Hvery bucify is iiowhik
up to (Into. Kvery liorHu in u
.Hiife, Btyliali driver.
Wo imk you to como around
iind k'ivo us a trial.
iud i won
tMiono ajH, South WaahliiKton St,
Sound Doctrine
' ft It wore pOBslhlo to do na rooi
work out of doom, or In a tout, wlmt
would ho tho tiBO of oomo imylug high
nxit In a hulhlliiK. You may lmvo
noticed that nil first olnsu workman
In nny (own or city nro locntod In tho
host hulhlinRH. If you want flint-clatm
.photos untl your nocntlvoti preserve!
kor futuro ubu, ro to
5. 5. (Olf, Ardmorc. 1. 1.
mi Nicholson.
(War Homier lit liunnor'n uruir tor,
itooma 1 nndl liotyrjifn Vti, vuu Kallor and
. KoUOUl.
"Jo Work for Negroes.
Baggago Transfer
BAGOAQK called for and deliv
ered to all trainH day or night.
Keliablo, flrst claffl service. Check
irr on nil trainB. rhonolGl.
Work of the Btneveltnt Scst At-,
tumtivj Pr&perUont. J
Th feTott soctety of ArT I
which ku worked so bard a:
. :
WKtSlf a hMfttol f'T -Ml pi'k
m gradually acaotaatishiag Ma
Ytrar ftmot Marw Dt'k.
jtor O T Bbv-h. Dr. T. . Boot J
A Mad4a u4 Bldaey Sg '
had appointed C rr.rr.
(to pt-k ot a swttabt pbf - for
ibustriUI. 1alt4 tb Roff triprr
00 4 m,J"
""f"" , .
J JT. mew WM huuiuci 10 covin
Mr. Aim not sad mcv froai
hlan bis eHy to tb property.
W ID4mU4 tb balldlaxg at tho
hospital will romron' a ma M
the property aw b srcbaed from
th twn art tmnmlmtom
Tb Mllbntn
bat foar
Tby art
and onr
qtMla at o ranvrtor.
ttrotg and rvlcabl.
MrB r ill tbat mU Im
CeM Caltvvay Dead.
Coefl Calloway, sob of Mr. aa4 Mrs.
ioka Calloway, aad a well kaowa
wuic ibm ft tbla ctty. d puaiaay
aigbl IMMK 11 oeloac; alter a thdrl
H wm ukB alek laat Friday, Im
HUMtatatr aftor tb Mmm battlo at
tb Drlrlag park, and tank rapidly
vatll doaUi.
OMifmur Wu a aMaabar oi tba
igbtlttg Tblrty-tbtrd, and aaw ctlv
orrlc In th PblllppiMoa. II wm
Mrtooaly wonndod at Baagart wbll
wltlt a aconttag party, ag tit Injury
tbon roclvd ant coaaofl to mIt
Ulm pain, and was probably th raal
eaoaa of bis 4aU.
Knneral Mrrleoa wore hold at th
raldnea ywitortfay aftomoon. com
ducted by Iter. J. T. Plerc. Oalnea-
vllle Hcaperlan.
Will Put In Cigar Faetery.
II. A. Kinney of Houston, Tax., af
ter spending about a week In our
city, returned home yesterday after
Mr. Kinney Is a algar manufactur
er, and Koes home to close out his
huslnoM, whsn lis will return to
Anlmnre nud onRaK In thu tnatmfne
turo of ulKant.
Tho atocli of lainpB, chlnaware,
KlusRware, tinware, and Rrantte, nt
tho corner of Mill and Mnln atreets,
will ho closed out at cost between
now and Auguit 1.
8-d&w-tf JAKIC.
Charles Kolllns, the Isundryinan, Is
Indlapoaud toilay and unable to at
tend to huilness affairs.
(I It. lingers, reiireaautlux the
Onlncavllle Iron works, apeut ysster
day In our city slid no douht took
aomit ordera and laid the foundation
for many more. Ardmore should
huvn her own foundry.
Anyone having claims against the
Iteuulon Association must hare
Chairman John L. Oalt and Secretary
8lK HI mon. O. K. them Iwfnre they
will he paid by me.
!'tf HI) HOUKIITS, Trens.
Tho Columbus hiiRKy Is n great fu
vorlto with those who admire a hand
ftomu turnout. Tor liuiuity, there h
no hiiRRy to urinal thorn. For sale
Denevolent Society,
Wo planned to moot with Mrs. W.
It. Monro tomorrow at four o'clock
and tako our nrodlon and thimbles
and thread with ub ho wo could do
some mondlnR on oIothliiR that Iiuh
been sont In. All thlnRB contributed
may bo Hont thnre In future as Mr
niooro iiuh Kindly nirniHiieU us n
liouao for atorliiR thorn.
The Mltchnll wagon, thu munnreh
of thn road, Iiuh ulwnys been recog-
ulied as the beat wagon manufac
tured. WllllauiH, Corhn & Co. sell
llnauhull game at Fort Worth be-
twoen I'ort Worth and Toxnrkana. (
July SO the O. C. & S. !'. lly. will sell
tickets to I'ort Worth and return for
UM. good to rot urn July 20, 1008.
Tleket Agent,
Sholar In running the Whlttlngton
barhnr Hhup, Call and soe hlm.
1-1 111
Close Call.
Night boforo last llttlo 5-yoarold
Allen HvottH, whoso paronta rim tho
llliio Front roatnurant, camo near
BhootltiR hornolf with n pistol.
Rho picked up tho ruu nud pulling
tho hammer baok, abut her eyoa and
pulled tuu trlRgor. Tho plHtol was
pnlntlng downward nnd tho hall
Htruek tho llonr between her foot,
Nnthlng more than a Rood scare ro
milted, and llttlo Alice can't bo In
ducod to touch a Run any more.
Mrs. Currte Will V.tit Arrfmere Dur-
n the Rton-
- roatof. anr o'
tr - remioa program w?n ir ,t
tb i'x. '.ispr ? Th L'nued
DsigMers of tb CoBfc'.tranr. bM
n(Tf4 the fortowiftt; aj"-atace to
!u InrltstkB sent Mr. Katl Cabell
Carrie, of Dallas, daaaater o( am-
'ra 'a : tf.a'
iMilaa T'i Julr . 1.2
letter a4 1nrHatm fir t to Va4 I
Ui ('itATlt- Mtnl'ii to b (fir n
at Armor July 22. 23 an1 21 Ac-
orpt my aiacert tbanka. and b aa-
awH nothing ta lll Ut tat to ;
. I
asm pmajuro h hi w wna yoa au
C taw raaaion.
My 4ar oM falkwr. Oaaaral Ca-
batt, baa rr aatght ana, tN raa4-
ot of arth'a aoMa aa nra tb aa
who wore tb grny; no t ar a ra-
aaoaaa tad nraatdM of ibI
for I not oaly mat aad data
tb baada of tana aahla bar, bat
loara to know aad sdaslr th Sons
aad Daughter.
Hoping to b with yoa on th days
of tb roaatoa, aad wishing to oas
kad all- a bapaf UnM. I an moat cor
dially. Yoar frtoad.
All Urtaabon SMOtcrlbera wlshlag
now tataaoa directory will ploaaa
call at th Contra! office.
7-3t Manager.
The only dro&8 shirt that
odinbinsi oomfort this time of
yearia the I5. & W. white linen
gold only by Ed Mincer.
At the Jail.
Oscar Toles, larceny, arrested In
Ardmore, and put In Jail by Deputy
Hen Hawkins, charged with assault
to kill, was arrested by Deputy Wll'
Klnson three miles south of Wood'
ford nnd placed In jail this morning.
Hawlin is charged with trylnR to
kill one V. II. Heagan on the 2!nd of
June laat, with a six-shooter.
II. I'. Ho wan and Miller Taylor
gavo iMinil and were releaHOd.
Ardmore Drug Co.
Lon M Frame, DruzgUt.
Pure Drugs and the finest lino
of Cigurs in thu city.
Commissioner's Court.
In the commissioner's r.ourt today
Jaa. T. I'li.ilam brought suit against
Pierce & Joiner of this place for
$188. The cause for the action, It
seems, was that plaintiff got delend
ants to sell so.vio property for him
that he had up In the new country,
which they did, realising something
over JUM) for It. They paid him va
rious amounts at different times un
til finally they got It down to $131,
nud In order to get this, plaintiff
brought suit.
Judge Itohnutt rendered his deci
sion In favor of the plaintiff.
All goods sold nt sovon or a multi
ple of tteven.
Ids Wanted.
On Saturday, July 10, 1002, nt tho
olllco of Currlo & Whoolor, In tho
town of Wynnowood, I, T,, I will re
ceive sealed bids for tho erection and
completion of four brick buildings In
nbovo nnmod town.
Work to begin as soon as possible.
I'laiiH nnd specifications subject to
Inspection any day nt nbovo named
night to reject any and nil bids re
Wynnewood, I. T July 7, 1002.
An especially fine lino of
night robes and piijamnH. Thu
swollest line ever in the city.
The Summer Stove Chance.
For Sale ut cost for spot cash,
Quick Meal Rnsnllne nnd llluo Flamo
oil stoves.
C-at Nolnud's China Hall.
u McCiiaukn & Weiister
j Now Groceries. ,. Courteous
nnd prompt attention to all.
Phono 202, West Main St.
Duy and Sell the Earth.
If you havo business, city or coun
try property for snlo, list It with' J,
H, Arnold, tho liveliest real estate
man on earth. 3-d&wlm
Due Here Last NijM Had H Tram
ot Today.
, (. .. a. i j oesock
ac r.iht '! ' V ;w roo I
In r-t Tb) !ft Haj:)T-,li
t boor Lat ' axi wbn atxrat oa
mad a half mites from Wapanwk. tb
cnajs nan off tb track aad at
''.a? va4 tsA Tt a rnlocd
Tfi No 4arra;" wa done
' -.A h-m- nt a:.-! tb gnat dM)r
aa raaaed by th- .w of ttaa la got
IttBK aa en ale froa. Hattejrrtn 10
t Ob accoaat of tbia trata not coauaa
Id t algbt tb aceat ha aoa to
w.-.l '.at tbla morning, aad many po
Dl- bo wnateat to an orr fk mad
w dooana to dlaappointnMaL
. . . . .
9W M. W V MC 1IMH Will
coaa at toalght. logtbr wMk the one
taat Mt HaaktyilU tbia aMralac aad
w aaay bar two traiaa oat toawr-
Mowers sad rakas at
1 bsrsaswrchssed the Mrs. Becker
stock of goods aad ntrd .th tame
th Bsarkot at east Bvorrtalag
must b sold by Aagast 1.
8-dw4f JAKB.
A. C. Yoaag Is at home from Cbi
cago, where he purchased an lm
mans stock of fwrnttare for hia
early fall aad wlatar trade. Ha Is
now moviag goods at attractive
prices, making preparations for the
new goods. S-lt
We keep everything in sox
from the fancy drop Ptitch half
hos to the good,. plain, honest
aox mads to wenr-
On and after July 10, parties hav
log ho telephone, and talking over
the long-distance lines from the cen
trai omce, win be required to pay
W. II. HBItllY. Manager. 7-3t
Will Open Big Shoe Store.
J. A. I.eatherwood, who Ib so woll
known to our readers and who has
recently sold out his stock of dry
goods and clothing, will open an lm
mense shoe store In Ardmore, In
tlmo to catch the fall trade.
The Herald Shoo company, of Dos
ton, Mass., have control of olevon fac
tories ovor the country, and have
decided to open one here, with .Mr.
I.eatherwood as manager.
Oettlng their goods direct from the
factory, those people can sell shoot
remarkably low.
All kinds of Territorial
Drinks. .. Short Orders.
East Mnln St., Ardmore.
1 esterday afternoon Doputy Me
Itmnre arrested Oscar Toles, a col
ored cook, on the chnrRo of larceny
and placed him in jail. Oscar Is ac
cused of stoallnR a watch, chain nnd
chnrm from nnothor nogro by tho
namo of Chnrloy Crump, valued ut
$115. Tolos will havo a preliminary
hoarlnR boforo Judgo Hobnott on the
17th Inst.
goods sold at seven or a multl
pie .
Fancy Mixed Drinks.
Egg Coco-Cola Err-Nor
Err Malted Milk Err Flip
Err Chocolato
Err Lomonado
I. onion Phos.
OliiRor Alo
Egg I'hosphato
Itoynl Cnblnot
Grapo Phos.
Itaspborry Phos.
Strawberry Phos,
Lime Julco
Giupo Juico
Clar.ot I'hosphato
Wild Chorry Phos.
Plncapplo Phos.
Colory Phos.
Ornngo Phos.
Hoot Doer
Coca Cola und Colory.
Mineral Waters.
Vichy SolUor and Lemoi
Deep Itock Plain Soda
Seltzer Llthla
llunyndl Vichy and Phos.
Vichy nnd Soda Bicarb.
Ice Cream Soda Water.
Vanilla Coca-Cola
Lomon Strawborry
Orange naspborry
Chorry Plnoapplo
Cnramol Sarsaparllla
Grape Chocolato
The City Favorites.
Ardmoro's Quocn Toxas Ranger
Goo-Goo Eyes Egg Chocolato
Coffeo Frappe Royal Flip
Our Special Egg Coffoo
Kola Tonic for tho Norvcs
High grade cream a specialty.
8-6t J. D. WALL & CO.
There Is a
b-twicu irade grllu.t: nod trod keeiiir p Little priopfl will (,'et trade
"mpAmniy. bat those iit'le prices
1IDN if tbe trade to b permanent.
BAftliAINS to attract buverg and
l ' taacted or brown SbeeUa?. otbr
: t. per jard
LIj -etlDC. oid the world orer at 6r; oor price per yard jh
Red fabta Jjamt&ic, reealar 30. 36 aod 40c kind, as king as It lasw...kt. .2
n. uaH a few left, all color, fold
Oat. a Scrim, ftocj or wblto, a lfra
L and a itore fall of other bargains. Kindly give ns a coll
To (If f rienis and
I want to stattfthat the
Is now fitted up in first-class
strictly up-to-date plans.
best service possible for the money charged. Every
thing is new, bright and clean, and our object is to
have the best of everything.
you want something to eat
sleep on, remember you can
HOTEL. Come and see us.
Also Injured Two Men, at Offerman,
Offerman, Ga., July 8. Three white
men and two nogroes were killed
and one white man and one negro
Injurod In a thunderstorm here to
day. The men wore all employed In the
construction department of the South
ern Hell Telephone company, and
were stretching wire when struck
by lightning. The construction forces
were working in 'two sections, about
Ave miles apart.
Three white mon were killed and
one Injured in one section; two ne
groes killed nnd one Injured In the
One lightning bolt killed the Ave
and Injured the two.
Reunion Rates.
Agent A. W. Dunhnm of the Santa
Fo has been notified that tho follow
ing rntos would apply In regard to tho
Confodorato rounlon at Ardmoro:
From points within fifty mlle3 of
Ardmoro, 4 cents per mile; fifty to
slxty-sovon miles distant, $2; oyer
slxty-sevon mllos, one faro plus CO
Tlckots to bo on sale July 21, 22
and 23, limited to roturn on tho 25th.
Ono thousand handy articles for
tho homo at almost your own price,
at Mrs. neokor's old stand.
8-d&w-tf JAKE.
Card of Thanks.
Wo d 08 1 re to oxpress, through these
columns, our very slncoro thanks to
tho pooplo who, Tn nny way, aldod
us In saving n fow of our Roods dur
InR Friday night's fire. Wo aro now
located In tho two-story yellow house
In tho roar of Joo Robinson's new
brink, on West Main street, whero
our customers will find our dyo works
and tnllor shop doing tho host work,
as usual. Very respectfully,
7-3 1
I Sec A. Parks, the j
: Marble Man Oppos- 5
ite Court House.
Mrs. M. L. Garrott hnd W. M. Har
kins dispossessed from her premises,
tho brick house near tho round-bale
gin, today. Oftlccr Wilkinson exo
cuted tho order.
Tho Mrs. Uecker stock of china
wnro, near Slg Simon's, must be sold
out at a sacrifice this month. Never
before were such bargains In Ard
moro. 8-d&w-tt
The flir
int always fiUl HATI8FA0-
The following are the Bort'of
make permanent custotnera:
aik 25c a ya re": as Iohk as It
bv otbeis at lie each, our nrloo. . 7
jardor j rloa to close out 7f
Ike Public at kc
order and -will be run oh
Our motto is to give the
When 111 Ardmore anu
or a nice, cool, clean bed to
get both at the BANKS
J. W. BANKS, Prop. .
6uHlon Pad!
tVOTIIING else just like
it, We shoe your
horse with the Air Cushion
and there is nothing like
it. lie never getslameand
is worth two ordinary ani
mals. Phone S7. Horses
called for and delivered.
Remember, we do nothing
but shoe horses.
Underwear and Hosiery
Garments that are the truset
index to culture.
We hove the fancy silk drop
stitch hosiery and lisle thread
hosiery. They are all the proper
Bon Bon and Wilson Bros.'
fine underwear. Come in, see
what we have and learn the price.
As lr.ag ns they last we offer
you choice of our fine collection of
Pineapples for 25c each.
California Cherries, the nicest
ever in any town, wo oifer them
now at 25c a pound.
For Ice Cream and Cold Drinks
there in no other place like onrs.
We are sole agents for tho finest
Candies made.
If you want the best everything
trade with
Ardmore's Greatest Confectionery.
Thrco room house, lot 100x200,
cheap nt $275.
Choice residence lot 100x200,
with two wells, good shed, shrub
boryandfruit, Close in; a bargain.
We have homes for sale ranging
in price from $275 to $500.
FOR RENT. Rooms upstairs
over T. K. Kearnojv
If you want to buy sell or rent
see us.
Real Estate and Rental Agents
Office Id Roland's China Hall, Main St.
Williams, Corhn &
Co. soli corn
ilere sTourOpportunity

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