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EIDNET SCOGS. Picyrtdtcc
Saturday I. aad
orrh Wth-
KZilK at
at Ard
IS &
i. IMS
Oss want:
e yaur
. It
. J
7 eft ' af !
Cu-t t auero- ourtt i
ant Tf 't-jr: ate sor u Chid (
Eip-tber t.
PArasry It. IMS,
iHtxc two
At Ryan Begins Monday. October
13, l"?. aad Mc-nda: March t, 1W.
aaa Metis oa la sef'.rts Ma days.
At PbwU-Begtas Tt orator. Oe
iafcer St. 1M2. aad Tbtnrsday. Mart
12, IMS. aad coatieues ta iiisloi tea
At Pudc Yaiy Bsgmf Monday.
Korea? 2. IMC
Marel tt, lie, aad
rlc taar weeks.
At Ada Masaiy. Die tan
br 1. IMS, aad Msaday. April S.
lMt. aad aepthmui ta mmnc om
At TWeca3- Begans 1 Iaadiy.
Icf3ir S, IMS, u4 Maaeay, April
27. IS-. u cinttasH la hwIn eae
At Ardmore Bsgsai Xoaday. De
cabtr IS. IMS. aad Monday. May 4.
IMS, aad cOTttiaaw ta etstoa eight
weeks or laager.
Calf, Cctorado 4 Santa Fe Railway,
GrJrectaa & Chicago Sta. . t:M a. ax
Clare L. K. C. Sxataai. .:9C
Ctlrestaa & Chicago Kz. .1!:U
absra & K. C. BxarM..U: aja.
A. W. DCNIIAM, A taat.
VT. E. KBBNAiC. G. P. A.
All ViOUi SUtai afU cax :
Blsotes prior ta train ttaa,
Aar aiiuaauaa rHaattioaa aaoa ta
cbaxactar or rrpotatloa of aar ac-
caa vaka awr be prlated la ta Aa
zsarecta. or aar article aaaaa oa r-
Vtts that ara fab win b gbvdlr oar
ret4 tf aroagat to tae aUaatloa'af
T7t tae Loas-DtoUac Tataaaose
a ad call up
If roa waat tae Ardstoreite.
Ardmore, Tuesday, August 12.
Aa exchange says with Tracy bar
led and Klog Edward crowned, there
Is room oa thfl jtago for . bvvt hm.
A Dalfcu paper tella u that Hoaa
ttin at4fsment far )M2 w)i! Mm up
to m.OOO.QM. wtile Dailag
nnt win fal! below Hijm.toO.
DUas'.iooa wodatora, aceoaaaa
Sed by oalr illght rainfall, rtattad
Kansas City. Mo., and Treatoa. N.
last Sunday. The destrucUoa of alata
glass and signs is reported great.
The Poet hopes that all nations of
the earth will accept Germany's inrt
tatlon to a conference oa earthquakes.
If the kalsor has a scheme for sprink
ling salt oa the tall of aa earthquake
the workl ought to know about It.
Kansas Is making com plaint that
hot winds are undoing th bsaaflcial
work of the late rains for ber grow
lng crops. Wind is air In motion.
Hot wind is therefor hot air. It is
not Kansas alone that Is a. vktirn of
hot air.
Special Ambassador Curry com
ments on the coincidence of three
great European nations Holland.
France and Spain wrestling at the
same time with the conflict between
church and state .and points out that
while different methods of proceedure
bare been adopted by the different
rowors, none of then have accepted
the American solution of the prob-
iem me awolute separation
church and state.
It has been a long time since poll
tics In the affairs of the Indian Terr!
umeQ me proportions they
have at this time. The contest Is
not only for the honor of being the
last governor of the Nation, for that
Is too lightly conslderod, but the
power that pushing things lies In
ic nujiicauon oi rejection rather
of the supplementary treaty. If
ratinedsomo will find their tenuro
of office radically uncertain for any
Ereai periM, nence their devotion to
the anti-treaty 'partyl
tmm Sttk AMKtiM tha jriM
A Dsnir ''a-va Senes
, Fa.- ta Destroy it.
Th Fort 8ai!t Rword an
mt t t t "tie r"
, M E , - jm . ir ' mora:
Dewatr rmtei g'a Ma ai Aaa
Wade aad bit fneads make logn-
Mcv . -- r- -wi: r "wHlCamfctrtBa
! 4' a' &pui Hi. hai , - -'" "
iiarttt aai JaJa Clnrtaa MM - '-at
taa na crafir aiaw4 taa frill ii
ta WaaY awtT. aa rr
ftoai taa aavaaara
lot af vaaaka
la ta ataaiara tW
Wadaaaaar. 4 for
tat McCanala vMaay
l ami it ae ftaaiar artt-
rla. a- that ia cwKtHaae tridk ar-
aaa caacMay arttaart far .
TVrt ia a BcUa thla atatr at
acticMi vttk H. aka Waaa aoea aot
tafl. aaa vklca avaM JaaUQr Ma ra
BMrai raa tf k aai tatataai ta ta
trrrtoae aa i lataai. valat aa oa
ka-aiac Jade Clartea or Hanaal
Hf km aafteraa aad that la taat af
tar aHxtac ta aiitakr Wa4 4U aot
aaatror H aa a booM o aaaar kts
otta aa a Jiaatj Karsaal. a
-van aa?aiijr aaataa ap, taoaga
Ta eaaaa aaagaal for ta rvawral
ot Waaa la a aratal umfaat cf a
efctaaa of McCartala. It la aOacad
Waa aMt a aaa earryt? a aox taar
ft. aut -mm
a aaauaarat ta
orar ta a4 1tk a rrrolTr
fractarai all akall
8d Pallia rrs Uwrdcrer Nw Safely
Behind the Jatl Bars.
Teatcrday aftaraooa Depolr Mar-
aaal Oeorae A. roster of Parry O. T,
arrlred ta ta city, hariac ta caarea
Jlai DiUard. alias Saai Joaes. caargad
with ta raarder of Bod Pnlliaai aboat
va yaars ago oat oa Caddo.
Frara what we caa Sad oat the kiU-
las of Bad Palliaat occuiiad orar ta
coftoctioa of a debt. Bad waa collect-
ta for old asaa Keller of KdhH-. aad
had aa accoaat aaaiaat th aasro J ha
Bad asaa aa t DTflard-a plaea aad
foaad aba la ta cottoa patch weigh-
lag cottoa. Bad got oat his bora aad
waat la. aad feast how tha.dlaaeahr
casae ap we did aot tears, bat cartata
it I that th aagro shot Potllaai with
a pistol aad got away aad waa never
arreatad aaUI a eoapla of days aaa ia
Perry. Okhthaata.
Dpaty George A. Foster told :
Ardasoralta raaortar yesterday aftr-
aooa that th aagro was located
there, aad waa takaa aastafrs Into a
building where a tt gran waa read
to hint, which authorised his arrest
for murder in this district.
The negro saw he was trapped aad
made a break for the window
through which he jaraped to the
ground some fifteen or eighteen feat
below to the sidewalk. Ho then ran
aad would have made bis escape had
It aot beee for Deputy Poster, who.
batag attracted by the noise, rail oat
aad iateroepted the fagltlre. The
deputy nM he had do gas, hat potsU
ad bis anger at the negro and loii
htat to stop, aad the aagro obeyed.
Ills capture waa tha effected aad last
araalag he was broaght dowa here
aad placed In jaU.
Deputy Sheriff Morrison Has Asked
for Federal Assistance.
Oathrie. 0. T.. Aug. 11. Deputy
Sheriff Neal Morrison of Kiowa coun
ty is in the city to make arrange
ments with the Federal authorities to
co-operate with the Territorial author
ities in try lag to braak up the gang
of outlaws, known as the Casey gang.
that Infest Soathwestarn Oklahoma
aad th northern part of Indian Ter
Wednesday night Mr. Mosrison and
hi posse located th gang, aad threw
pu-kats out aroaaud th Hews ranch
where th outlaws were stopping. In
so-ne manner Casey, the leader, be
came aware of the presence of the
olScers aad be. with two of bis pals,
sneaked away from the rest of the
gang, leaving them to certain eaptnre.
when the officers rushed Into the
eamp Monday morajng they succeed
ed In capturing four of the lesser
members of the gang, but -the big
birds bad flown.
Stabbed to Death.
Chicago, Aug. 11. Walter A. Seott,
president ot the Illinois Wire com
pany, was stabbed to death In tho
Monadnock building today byf Walter
L. Stebblngs. a civil and consulting
onglnoor, with offices In tho same
Stebblngs uied a paper knife, stab
bing 8cott twice.
The men had a dispute over the
work Stebblngs had donejor the com
. .
T '
'( rrac-a
MB Jdocr ift thil
thr Cht-aw SM)M
E T Moor
Kt Hrl of aJhk tcsaa,
aar vMUac ala ataea. Mr.
itkm Attn Hawara af Mwa'.aga fc
als risttxaff Mr. aasMsMar Mr aa
ft. M yjahhuiusi aaa jgww froa
TH Mchaa1at annla at rt't
doatd Saaday.
Th BapthBU aaajga i
Mat atgat ft. RaOy af
is hr aaoMlas ftev. djtft af SaftahMr
TVA.IC. grad aas haaa
taroagh Loae Orar mtd stoat all
graders feava gaaa to -aan oa tha
taasta r Btthatal af Paajp Valley.
Mrs. J. a Kirby aad daaghter. Mfaw
tea. waat to MfB Craah taday
U C. Hasjsee aai faaaOy haa ra-
fsoai MIT aak.
Mr. aad Mrs. i. H. K.
Lattl Cttfiord Tossag, aaraW WsJfc
ar aad aar asfaat taster ara all
sorted aaita ste. Dr. a 'm of 9at
har is her sttwadtag thaam.
J. S. Darts. J H JOrhr aad Ll C
tl ansis tha Odd FeaNrws
at Sarohar Mat aadhc
Missis. Baraar aad Hawaii ar
har today apniBtap th awa lots.
is qaM a targe crowd her
tnadiac th ahMsle.
Thar waa a ladlorai asrsaslna yas-
terday afteraooa at o'ekxk aad aa
other ascaaaloa is to he iaadi this af
teraooa. Mr. Winkler is aar taday froai
diss Lara Pafmps of
are here
Mrs. Leper of Boekhoa is ' hat
v:ttt!ag her son aai daatMar i. W.
.ad Miss Rosa Joaact .
Aboat sajhty yard ot eaaras be
oagtag to tha Wyaaevood has ball
team waa atolaa Mob Jay saga
The Fata aad Lean arc to "play a
natch game of ba'i here this after
tooa. MHI Creek.
Forty-two head oat of a hard of
lA cattle belonging to Arthur Jamas
war killed by tlghtatag a short dis
tance north of Mill Crack Saaday
The cattle, which were killed, war
staadiag alongside a wir feaee. aad
ware valued at I ISM As Mr. James
had sold them to John Moore, a com
mlssioB man la St. Louis, for It: per
head, Mr. James will have to suffer
the ks, as he will be anabte to de
liver the cattle.
Ike Adtor and J. J. Harden af Da
vis are in town.
Our first bale of cotton is an the
street bat It has not yet been aaM
The town Is full of Indians an route
to Tishomingo to vote at the election
Dick Allen. Will McCarty, Bd Ud
deR and Will Jackson came up today
from Gainesville and went out to
Honey Creek for a stay of four days.
W. B. Dumey aad Charles Bowers
of the Chickasaw towastie commission
left yesterday for Berwys, having
finished their work here
Mr. Larsh, manager of the Norman
Milling company, passed through this
meralng en route heme ta Norman
from Mill Creek.
Quite a number of Indians are com'
lag la for the election tomorrow.
J. P. Basley Is here today represent
lag the Ardsoroite.
The work Is progressing rapidly
on the oil mill.
The first bale of IMS cotton was
sold here yesterday. It waa raised
by a Mr. Wilson-, who lives east of
this place. He received 9c per
pound and was given a premium of
VvtHk has begun oa the Shields
crick building In the First National
nanK DtocK. it will be a one-story
building with a frontage of fifty feet
Mr. Ainiey Is here today from
Den! son.
Archie James attended the plenio
at uavla joeterday.
Mr. Kolly of Sherman Is hero to
Hough & Houston's show Is hero
and will exhibit tonight.
Mr. Akin o( the Madlll oil mill went
to Dcnlson today
vMlss Louisa Chapman returned
T''..li -J- ' - "
uuuju iu nayia many.
The average woman jsn't half 'so
much afraid' of gossip ai shells' of a
Baking Powder
Used in Millions of Homes.
jlo Years the Standard. A
Pure Cream of Taitar Pow
der. Superior to every other
known. Makes finest cake
and pastry, light, flaky bis
, cuit," delicious griddle cakes
palatable and wholesome.
Pascc &uus
Pswoc Co.
rite Inspectors Released and Postmis
tress te Be Presesuted.
Maacem, O. T.. Aug. 11. The ease
asaJast Poatotace Inspector j. L.
Stice. charged with robbing Mrs. T:
W. Tate, the postmistress of this
place of HT. has been dismissed aad
the warrant for the arrest of R. M.
Hoaford, another poatosac iaaeector
oa the sesee charge, has beea called
la without being serred. Stice was
arrested at Columbus, Kan., aad cause
i ere Immediately aad related ale
tory ta th county aUeraer- He waa
promptly discharged. The eoaaty at-
toraey also withdrew the warrant nsc
Ilosford's arrest. According to Stice
registered mall at si antrum has been
amnered with aad somo decoy letters
were seat with marked bills. Mrs
VatCK. the postmistress, was accasea
of the theft. She turned over 147 to
the Inspectors- This was the amouat
mhteiag. When her husband came
ia to Maagum from the farm she tow
him that a couple of men claiming to
be poetomce Inspectors, had held her
np at the auaale of a gun aad robbed
ber of 147. The husband immediate
ly had warrants issued for their ar
te t Yates has been removed from
the postoface aad the inspectors will
prosecute her on the charge of rob
bing the malls. N
Another Charred Body Found,
Was Unrecognizable.
San Angeio, Tex., Aug. ll.-An
other body was takbn from the ruins
of the London hotel today It was so
charred as to be unrecognisable aad
as yet is unidentified. The work of
searching the ruins has been In prog
ress all day, but do names have been
added to the list of those known 'to
have perished.
The funerals of Mrs. J. C Landen
of San Angelo and B. Hendricks of
Waco took place here this afternoon
and were attended by large crowds
of people.
The bodies of Mrs. Frank Schlu
plnsky and two children of Houston
and Mrs. Fowler and her grand-son of
Houston have been claimed by rela
Uvea and wilt be taken to Houston.
Over One Hundred Are There to At
tend the Grand Lodge."
South McAleeter, Aug. 11. This
place is filling up with Masons and
members of the Order of Eastern Star.
A school of Instruction for the Ma
sons is being oondueted by the grand
lecturer, Benjamin G. Martin ot
Dixie. The grand chapter of the
Bastern Star convenes tomorrow. The
grand oldge of Masons will begin Its
communication Thursday morning
ana last two days. There arts over
1S6 Masons attending the sehool of
Instruction andSO0 delegates are ex
pected to the grand lodge.
Chester Baxter and Oliver Terry
were arroeted near Ark by Deputy
Norton for disturbing religious wor
ship and brought up on the noon train
today. Tbey were arraigned beforo
Judge Itobnett and. one of them plead
ed guilty.. ;.; . . ... " ,
'When a' pretty woman a stared at
she doesn't consider It a glaring fault.
skswn a w - -S-
Norx. Avoid hokiag powders smde irom
ahan. They look Rke pure powders,
aad may raise the cake, but alum
Is a pcesoa aad no one caa eat food
mixed with k without iajury to bealdc
Boer Leader's Sudden Death.
Ii mills. Aug. 11. Geeeral Lucas
Meyer, commander of the Orange
Free State farces in the Boer war,
is dead from heart disease. The aad
cense suddenly.
General Meyer aad his wife, who
had beea entertained In British oav
dal circles, left London for Dresden.
few days ago, oa the advice of his
physician. Oa his way to Germany
he stooped ta Holla ad to see former
President Krager.
Use Sunshine Soap; it washes the
finest silks aad fabrics. 114.
A Business Change.
The Stiaaoa Machinery com nay
has this day sold its mechlae sfc -ps
to the L. B. Robersoa Machine coo
aaay. I. N. Stiaaoa retires aad the
L B. Robersoa Machinery company
assumed all Indebted of the former
company aad wfll collect an out
standing notes and accounts.
Ardmore. I. T., Aug. S, 105. S-tf.
Burton-Peel Dry Goods Co..
One Price.
Valups Above The Average
If Burton- Peel Dry Go-ids Co., Provided values only or
average merit, we would not be doing the business wc are.
There are hundreds of average stores, but only one
Burton-Peel Dry Goods Co., In the Indian Territory
We offer Bargains tbat are not duplicated elsewhere. "
We m3ke a friend of each new buyer.
To c'ay's Store News, though brtef, Is worth reading, it
has offers of Seasonable Goid, below Real Values, as you
will see In prices below quoted
For Wednesday and Thursday
72x90 inch Pepperel
Sheets, torn and hem
ed, recular 50e qnalily
special price 42c
81x00 inoh Pepperel
Sheets, torn and hem
ed, ready for nse, COe
value, special 47c
90x90 inch Pepperel
Sheets, torn and berri
ed, 75o quality, special 53c
45x36 inch Pepperel Pil
low cases, ready for
u-e, 15c values special 10c
42x3C inch Pepperel Pil
low llaies regular 12lc
vulnes. Fpecial, each 8o
3G-inch'Bleacbed Domes
tic, regular 5c quality
special 4c
Genuine green ticket
Lonsdale Domestic Sic j
valne, sprciui price 7c
Advertisements under thli head vts
be received at tne rue of five (tl
cents per line. No advertisement rtl
celved for less than fifteen cents (uj
ceaU. Special monthly rates forsUiJ
ed on application. The no'Ie miJ
contain any matter ot 'Loit,
Vouad." "For Rent," For (-&lt,
"Stolen." "Strayed." or any purpouj
without display lines.
WANTED To exchangp t . .
euggles lor a oeuer on ,; ; , j
this office 1 t
WaJTTBD Fire young men fro.
nation at oace tc pim
for positions In the govern-
service. Apply to later s-aul
Corres. Inst-, Cedar Rapids, la
M ear lis.
raurrKcro salesman or abin . u
years' experience la large stor' , de
sires to cfefcace Sept. 1. Wonl : Uk
to near from good house, who
preeiaies a good maa. Also fairly
wen ap oa dry goods. Box SO. WiiN
Passu. Texas. 8 it.
A AXTaTD Active, responsible agents
aar alt Indian Territory towns; none
hat goad mea wanted, who can for
atsa refereacee or give boad. asd
derate their Uae to a business that
wW pay well for earnest effort. Ad
dress I. R. Mason. Sec Equity Home
Csl. Ardmore. L T. 3-dlS-wi
FOR SALE Two-story hotel and rail
read eatleg-hoaec, near Union dep it,
Ardmore. I. T. Twelve rooms r i.
pletely furnished, excellent tra ,
wan paring busisess Cause
Miliar, ill health. See or wr:'e fit
oace B. Moskowltx, Ardmore I
FOR RKNT Two nicely furni-! 1
rooms, also three roms f -light
housekeeping in nl"--' art
of the city. Address Box ' T
FOR RENT The store house e -a .
rninAul hv rt T SVhnl fmm S.-.' 1
Apply Alf Wolverton at City Nat a
at Bank. 11 At
WANTED TO RENT 1-room hov
close In. Must bare good war
W. C. R-, care Ardmorelte offirp
LOST Bunch of keys, finder l-a
at this office aad get pay. ll-3t
LOST A Saata Pe mileage book be
tween Marietta and Ardmore. Use
less to. anyone except myself. A
liberal reward will be paid for re
turn to me. H. W. Choate, Mariet
ta, I. T. 21-d&w
No married man attracts attention
except the gossipy kind.
Spot Cash.
54- inch, half bleached
Damask, rejular 35c
quality, special 23c
50-inch Red Damask 20c
quality, special price.. 12c
55- inch Bleached Dam
ask, rood 35c value,
special 22ic
72 inch Cream Damnsk,
60c value, special 39c
70-inch Blenched Dam
ask, cood 75c value
special price . 62c
Regular 60c quality
Satin Damask 70-inch-es
wide, special price.. 45c
Regular $1 50 quality
Satin Damask 72-inoh
, es svide, special, per
yard J 1.25

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