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Special Correspondence.
Foster. I. T., Aug. 11 The weather
is cool and pleasant. Indications ol
rain to follow. We liars had no rain
In thl community yU thouglr good
rnlnii have visited JgMrtil8 ofim
munltrt. Cotton lias began to open and rick
ing will toon be IB full progress It
Is thought tie yield will ? fairly
Stork wntw Is getting sarce.
8ln'l art not doing wall on acmnt
of grass and water, both being sen ace.
S. O. Hgglwton sold a bane of beef
last wwti. He drove to Pans Valley
with tho Intention of shipping but
sold beforo he loaded.
Jim Walker and family and Mrs.
Hanna Allen of Wis county, Texas
who lias been visiting relative) hero,
rotdrncd homo Sunday.
Dr. Kails has been on the sick Hat
for soveral days, but we are glad to
say Is able to be up again.
Tom Ho war ton of Dixie, I. T. was
here this week proepeetlng. H- will
probably more to this place in the
nonr future.
.Mis Daisy NenI of Marietta, who
hag lioen the guest of MIsms Carrie
and Ilnby Alexander for msm time,
returned to her home last Saturday.
Stato of Ohio, City of Toledo, Lucai
County, 88.
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that
ho la senior partner of the firm o
y. J. Cheney & Co., doing buslnest
In tho city of Toledo, county nnd
stato of aforesaid, and that said finr
will pay tho sum of ono hundred dol
lars for oach and ovory case of Ca
tarrh that cannot be cured by the use
of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to beforo me and subscribed
In ay prasonce, this Oth day of Du
cerabei, A. D., 1880.
(Seal.) A. W. GLEASON,
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is takon Intor
nally, and acta directly on tho bl6od
and mucous surfaces of the systom
Hall's Family Pills aro tho best.
Send for testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0.
Sold by all druggists, TSe.
Spcdlal Correspondence.
DIxIo, I. T Aug. 11. Almost every
one Is Idlo, although It will bo only a
nhort tlmo till cotton picking will be
on hand. Farmors roport It opening
Tory rapidly.
Mr. Taylor and family, Mr. Halla
baugb and family nnd tho family of
l)rt Ilcnson wunt to Toxns last wook.
Mr. Ovorstrcot and Mr. Mollvaln
wont to tho now country last wook
to (Inn a mora doslrablo country In
"which to llvo.
Henry Means nnd Nowt Orr nro
-risking In this community from nonr
Mr. Hobborson has been ronovatlnc
his storo propnratory to rocolvlng his
fall and wlntor dry goods. (
Mr. Mooro roturnod from Cumber
land Saturday.
Hev. Cook nnd wlfo of Oklahoma
aro conducting revlvnl servlco under
n tuiiornnclo this woel: Jioro.
Tom Harris has returnod from n
visit to Oklniomn.
Horn, to Mr. and Mrs. Will Odell, a
girl. Mother nnd babe doing well.
Hoolth of community Ib good oxoept
Mr. ICooler, who Is still roported ns
bo I nu sick.
Consumption Threatened.
"I was troubled with n hncklni
cough for a year and I thought I had
consumption," saya C. Ungor, 211
Mnplo Btreot, Champaign, III., "I
tried a great many romodlos nnd J
.was under tho enro of physicians foi
soveral months. I used ono bottlo
of Foley's Honey nnd Tar. It cured
mo, and I havo not been troubled
slnco. For salo by IJonncr & Don-
Special Corrospondonco.
Hobborson, I. T Aug. 11. Wo had
a nlco showor last Wodiiosdny nnd It
Is mining now. Cotton Is In fair con
W. M. McCnrty shlppod n, enr of
cattlo to Kansas City tho last of tho
woelt. Mr. McCnrty went with with
mom and will visit his brothor In
Missouri bofore roturnlntr.
Prof. J, C. Morgan has moved baok
to tHobberson.
Utm Woods nnd Mrs. Uobborson nro
Or. CunnliiRhnm reports Mr. Wsath
ford as being brolly slafc.
S. J. v, Joy, who wont to Iakivsh
Avorth w. i. Marshal Colbort tho first
or tho weok. returned home Sunday,
reporting nn onjoynulu' trip.'
A revival conducted by KUlor Nolan
ofJElmoro Is in progress.- ,
Jim Hart, who has boon In Texas
forf somo tlrno, has como back to Rob-
Our bnll nlno playod with Ttissy nt
tha,lattor placo Saturday. Score, 12
to 7 In Itobborson's favor.
i' This Is an Advertisement
If, you nro looking for n, loxatlvo
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin Is, IT
Tho convcnlonco nnd merit of thli
valunblo remedy will bo explained t(
your satisfaction by w, D. Frame
will be GIVEN AWAY
01 IDS
.i tf
will the United States collect Taxes on
during the Month of December, 1902?
(Cigar bearing $3.00 per thousand Ui.)
jy j-Ofi ClC e 'ven in January, 1903, to the persons whose estimates
4-'"i&UJ JKJ are nearest to the number of cigars on which $3.00 tax per
thousand is paid during the month of December, 1902, as shown by the total sales of
stamps made by the United States Internal Revenue Department during December, 1902.
Distribution will be mtulo ols follows i
To tho. ...(1) person estimating the closest wa.. .-
To the 2 persons whose estimates are next closest ($3,500.00 each)
To lUt 5 persons whose estimates are next closest ... ($1,000.00 each)...-
To the 10 persons whose estimates are next closest...... (VSOO.00 each)....,
To the SO persons whose estimates are next closest ($250,00 eaobj
To the ... 23 persons whoso estimates arc next closest (9100.00 each)
To the.... 00 persons whose estimates nro next closest (I50.CO each)
To the. ...100 persons whoso estimates aro next closest , ($24.00 each) ,
To the. ,2,000 persons whoso estimates are next closest,.., ($10.00 each) ,
To the .8,000 persons whose estimates aro next closest..... ($5.00 each)
To tho 90,000 porsons whoso etlmatcs are next closest we will send
to each ono box of 50 "Crcmo" Cigars (value $2.50 per box)
35,213 porsons '-
$5,000.00 in cash
5,000.00 "
6.000.00 '
2,500.00 "
2,500.00 "
2.500.0O '
20.000.00 "
1 5.00O.0O "
. 75,000.00
Every 100 bands from above named cigars will entitle you to four estimates.
(One "Florodoia" band counting at two baodi from the & cent dean mentioned; and no ln
than 100 tusdi will be received at aoy one time (or eulmaiea.)
were jiurcuatcu, uivara utiuw ; j
In December, 1000,
, " December, 1901.
" January, 1002,
February, 1903,
Information which may be of valuo in making estimates: the number of Cigars now bearing $3.00 Tax per thousand, for which Stamps
407,093,209 Cigars. In March, 1003, 010,599,027 Cigars.
479,312,170 " " April, 1902, 618,835.103 "
490,983,717 " " May, 1903. 633,035,007 "
In case of a tie In estimates, tho amount offered will bo divided equally among thoso entitled to It. Distribution of the awards will bo
mado as soon after January 1st, 1003 as the figures aro obtainable from tho Internal Revenue Department of the United States for December.
Write your full name and Post Office Address plalnly'on packages containing bands. Tho I'ostage, or Express charges on your packago
must bo fully prepaid, In order for your estimate to participate.
All estimates under Ibis offer must be forwarded before December 1st, 1902, to Ibe . . FLORODOItA TAG COMPANY, Jcrsoy City, N. J.
You do not lose the value of your bands. Receipts will be sent you for your bands, and tlie.e receipts will be Just as
good &s the bands themselves In securing Presents. One band from "Florodora," or two bands from any of the other Cigar
mentioned above, will count in securing Presents the samo ai ont tap from Star," 11 Horse Shoe," Spear Head," Standard
Navy," "Old Peach and Honey," J. T.Vl"Mastcr Workman," ''Wper Heldsleck,' " Jolly Tar,'" Boot Jack." "Old Honesty,;'.!
Razor," or "Planet" Tobacco; or one Sweet Caporal" Cigarette Box Front.
g) 5od MCb estlroaU on MpcraU flcc of paper, with your nam and addreta plainly written on each. Blank farms lor ettlmatea will bo roallJ upon application.
Illustrated Cataloguo of Presents for 1903 nnd 1904 will be ready for distribution about October 1st, 1003, and will bo mailed ou
j-weipi oi ten ccqw, or ten louacco tags, or twenty cigar oanus. .
Special Correspondence.
snowcr ien tnursuay which win
a great help to cotton. Thoro Is sotr
complaint of boll worms through ty
Another now resldonco Is
erected In Provenco.
Dovey, tho 2-yonr-old son of y'
and Mra. M. Beckham, passed aw,
odnosday. Tho remains wpre j?
torred In tho Provenco cometetC.
Thursday. iv
The country roads loading to tlfjf'
placo aro being worked so that lhf,
may bo In good condition for haulltS
cotton. S
Provenco will havo two good gltg
this fall nnd will bo nblo to gin at?,
tho cotton brought In. 2
Our merchants proposo to bate
thi-lr customers' cotton and pny tl
righost prlco for It.
Tl A. I . . .
jtt-Y. uiun iNiEun n nroiracicxi inaaa
Ing hero Friday night. r
Messrs. Bud Howard and Ib-nrH
Tullos. who havo been visiting frliBfs
here for sovornl days, left this moitfi
Ing for their homo nt Lono arov.
The ball game bore Saturday brt
wren tho homo team nnd tho Man&fV
vine team resultetL In n score of 3
o 1 In fnvor of the home team.
There Is So Much News Lr
that oven If It comes by telograMi wtf
overlook some of It. Isn't It a lacs.1
that you havo seen Dr. Caldwell's"
Syrup Pepsin advertlsod sevoraw
times and have neglected to try lv&
An ounce of Dr. Caldwoll's Syruj
Pepsin Is as good as a thrco weekir
vacation. Ask any druggist or anj
ono who has taken It. Sold by
B. Frame. J)
. . 5
tippeini uorrespondonce.
Hewitt, I. T., Aug. 11. Fretl Gat
r.'prcsentlng Tyler & Simpson of An
The little son of 31 r. and .Mrs. Da'
Todd died Thursday and was burl
rriuay. j
Zan Williams, representing the Pe
nlngton Grocery company, was hei
J. F. Shonnard and famllv left Ki
day for tholr homo In Kast Texas.
Mr. Huntor roturnod Friday aftet
a few days' stay In Toxas. I
Wo had a nlco rain last Friday.
Deputy McLomoro was hore ei3
routo to Cornish Monday.
Wo learn that W. J. Greenwood
llttlo child was burled nt Boman
l'omt sunuay. l
' 3
Quick Relief for Asthma. 4
Foley's Honey and Tar affords itJ
medlato relief to asthma sufferers II
tho wot stages and If taken in tlmf
will effect a cure. For salo by Boti
aer & Bonner.
to thtj
When a mnn's wlfo goes
mountains without him bornnsn h
Is too busy to leave tho offlce and hlj
oinro boy malls tho wrong letter t
her on tho wrong dny, It spoils h!9
holiday at tho sea shore. 1
"I had diaUotos in its worst forra,S
writes Marlon Loo of Dunroath. InC
"I tried olght physicians without rel
Her. Only tlireo bottles of Foleytf
Kidney Curo mado mo a well nian.
For salo by Bonner & Bonner. J
A dog howled all night In front (S
a certain house In town rccontly, nn(J
tno woman is so superstitious thf
sho mado her husband doublo his 1HJ,1
Insurance noxt morning. Jj
Have You Seen It7 I
Wo keep Dr. Cu(J well's Syrup Pep
sin In plain vlow, but if you donf
happen to sco It, why ask for it. Tb-
manufacturers guaranteo It to curf
Dyspepsia nnd all forms of Stora"
ach Troubles. Sold by W. B. Frara(2
Wo always try to steer clenr o
thoso whoso conversation Is snld ti
bo "elovntlng." j
Foley's Kldnoy Curo Is a medlrinS
freo from poisons nnd will curo nnv
case of kidney disease that Is not be
yond tho reach of medicine Fc:
salo by Bonnor & Bonner.
Maybotho old way to keep n goo.
cook would bo to marry her, anjt
iriaybo then sho'd stop being a coolj
The Prrnlrlonl
... . ......
of tho Araorlcan Federation of Labot
Union 8,215, says: "I am using yool
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Popslri myseJ
and In my family, and find It docl
lots of good. Yours truly, Goo. C$
Campboll, Clinton, Iowa." Sold
W. B. Frame J
For sorno pcoplo n new monoy-maM
Ing scliomo would bo tho old fasti
loned way of cnrnlng It. I
It Needs a Tonic. (
Thcro aro times whon your liver ncedj
a tonic. Don't glvo purgatives ths
gripo and weaken. DoWitt's Llttlj;
Early Itlsors oxpcl all poison from thi
system and act as tonic to tho liver
W. Scott, 631 Highland avenuo, Mf
ton, Pa., says: "I havo carried D
Wilt's Llttlo Early Itisora with mj!
for several years and would not b?
without them." Small and easy ti
take. Puroly vegotablo. Thoy novell
grlpo or distress. City Drug Store,

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