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Killed From Arrbut Between
and Hit Hone.
M"e Phoenix giT-a th '
kwir.r ' " f Jim Mr-Parland. ' r.
of th- f-j-!." tbe Bpokoiree 'rf i
Jam- M'Fkrtesd was y-t-day
t ' o ' kK k snot la tb be' V an :
instantly kill! by rty or part;
sekitova while be wm riding tf a
Weleetka to bis bo. aad about ,,
MtKw from tf tenner niece
i'Ma TS Inert, UMIN State 1p l
tr tmnmti. mated at weteetka. wa
Uifnroad yasmsay evening that M
Faftaad bad b aeeaetneted and left
linHatfr lor tae nhee wr it
was mH tbe body tdU b- (cm ad
Taavurt tt awl found Mr far
lar t rsmatni. He flat a ad to W-
- 4d rout aa an tea ted tbe Inform
j . ' Mac-swat Itunaatt by tele
phone frna Otauulgee. Tatbert wired
Marsfcal II watt tor iastrucitoui
Manwal Bennett reutted ar wire for
TalWt ta awe bat jadnaeat la la
miliar aad to follow Instmrtloas nere-
tefore gJrea.
MeFartaad was kilted la tbe North
Ferk notions, near tbe lord, oa tbe
road foe-flag Iroai Weleetka- Oa
dtber sins of tbe road la dense Msg
ber wtta aadsrbcasb. It la oa of
tbe laoet (noteled ntacee la tbe road
(bat MeFarfaad bad to travel to reaeb
ass note. n -was auowed to get
pact Use aesbunb. bat oary one abot
was Arod an far aa Deputy Talbert
eoald ascertain.
It will be rwaetabrd by readers
that MeFartaml wan la th shooting
Mrapo at tpofcogeo a few weeks ago
wMcb resulted la tbe daatk of tbree
men. It bat been freely predicted
nines bat aceuitiAt at JCufaala tea
days ago tlMt It would only be a ouea
tlen of time until McPartead would
b Wiled, bot few believed it wonld
be so aoon.
He wm mlaed up la a fowl down In
that M-r-tion of tbe country aad noth
ing but blood eeemd to aatlsfr 'tth
cr party He took aides with tbe
RMdl-s in the Brooke-Riddle feu"
and th-r has always been bad blool
between tbe parties.
Je one baa ventured a ronJect-:r
as mi who snot Menu-land, aad tbe
guilty person nay never be disco
WW 1
Mother's Friend.
tT7 tt wits r-41- on aoa te
Met ---. tr T fMtitjr it 1
Jtrt 4 t-ti rii, aatt iat -lk
t kab::.oc,tht imu 4
t U-(esr Ht-idt'i-.t iniiir, ,
tr, 4y tf ;jr. : th od Ua-1
bta? M oc t mi 1-tk'.. sa4 th -r
art:atr vrtar th t a iwMt
rr1 lie or a -rtb'.y f- tr9
JS pt:iow. 4J itit ta hr iiMttaatr.
llMa, It err L ao;4 Ul ar at ktr
turned. aMbtl aa4 mf tl kMltk.
.MOTMfiV FPIfc-NU ayp! tl cxtersttlr
ttoaaraoat T ratacr S ri. ta pa
oMrtaflUt.. t4 o axttbtr aad childcaa
(aO ta V kithr. kart. kUMf. cltar coas
titaavd. p-r. blo4A. calm atrrtd aad
tl la 4:poitla. wko af atataailr
'rft3?!'" rf ,attoatd at
e( UMavar! frta4.
Of 4n;r!i( 1 1! CO
Oar Uti, -Mstbtrkeod" matld fr.
Thc Bradficld rccuuator Co.
ATLanTa. Ca.
"I 1
How's This.
Tl f . . ....
u uuor one uunureu dollars re-
warn lor any cago of catarrh that can
noi uo ctirtMl by Hall's Cr.tarrh Cure,
V. J. CHUNKY & CO Tol!n o
Wc, tho undomlgnod, hnvo known
F. J. Cheney for the oast flftfn
and bollovo him perfectly honorable
In all buBlnoss transactions and finan
cially aoio to carry out any obligations
iuuuo uy ineir nrni.
AVholosalo drusglsts, Tolodo. O.
,, ,w,1o,e0,0 dnjgglsts, Tolodo, 0.
Halls Catarrh Cure Is lakon Jntor-
nnny, acting mrectly upon tho blood
and mucous surfaces of lho system.
icsiiraonlals Bent free. I'rlco 7Cc por
uuiwu. duiu uy an uruggists.
Hall's Family PJB aro tho host.
Tl ... .1 I 1 .
uiuuwaiuui uioiigu it may noom.
tho right end of a chock to Indorse Is
the left end.
We sell hnrncss, nnd It llko other
merchnndlso In our store, Is tho best
A Dozen Times a Nloh.
M. Owen Dunn of Denton Ferry, W.
Va,, wrltos: "I havo bad Wdney and
bladder troublo for years, nnd It be
camo so bad that I wan obliged to get
up at loast a dozon times a night. 1
novor recolved cny permanont bonoflt
irom any meuiclne until I Mod FoIov'h
Kldiwy Cure. Aftor UBlng two bottlos
i am oured." r-old by Uannor & Don
ncr. r
Ardmore to Ravla.
Leavo Ardraoro 7t00 a. m.
Arrive Froronoo 9;00 a. m.
" Durwood 10:10 a. rn.
" Karl n:20 a. m.
" Jlannsvlllo 1:30 p. m.
" Norton 3:00 p. m.
" Havla j00 p. va.
Leave dally oicopt Sunday.
Ardmore to Madill.
3avo Ardraoro 7:00 o. m.
Arrivo Hoxbar 10:30 a. m
" Wilson 12:00 ra.
McMillan 2:00
" Tyler 3:00
" Weaverton 4:00
" Oakland C:30
" Madill 0:00
Lcavo dally except Sunday.
ft. in.
Ardmore to Healdton.
Lcavo Ardmoro 0:30
Arnvo ino Grove 8:30 a. va.
" Howltt io:30 a. m.
" Hoaldton 12:30 p. m.
Lcavo dully except Sunday.
; Ardmore to Simon.
Lcavo Ardmoro 6:30 a. m.
Krrivo Brook 8:30 a. in!
" Chock 10:00 a. m.
" Simon 12-30 p. m.
Ioavo dnlly oxcopt Sunday.
Star Ilouto malls closo promptly
on leaving tlmo.
;,Fttmo Is but a bubblo. 'nio laurol
leaf' Ih lets strenuous than a barrel
Kind to Poor Tramp.
A social observer of b amorous
ysapeOUes reports a trait of a Cbl
aet servant employed In a soborban
family, wblcb reveals a certain capa
bility for reading asaimolstiofi with
American methods of dealing with tbe
tramp problem. A hungry traT b call
ed oa Monday afternoon t tbe
kitchen door, aad was promptly chal-
enged by John. To John the tramp
told bis Ule of woe, ending with a
bumble petition for something to eat.
Uke ash?" asked John In in
sinuating tones.
"Ve I like Bsh." the tramp an
swered. "Call Fllday," sail John, as hm that
the door, with a smile imperturbable.
Tbe man who like to cat up early
In the morning baa an idea that the
reason he isn't rich is because he is
too honest.
Tliclr I'nte.
The late Dr. Talmage once called on
his lawyer and found two of his rm
rlshlonors there ou legal business of a
private Datura
"Ah, doctor," called the lawyer in
greotinj,, "good morning! Here arc two
of your Dock. May I ak without im
pertinence If you regard them as black
shoop or white?"
"I don't know as yet," roplled Tal
mage dryly, "whether thoy're black or
white, but I'm certain that If they re
main nere long they'll bo fleeced,"
Verr Sad.
"Yes. It's very Rad."
"How Is that."
"Why, ho always held that to train
a wife properly you should catch her
while sho's young. So be did."
"Well, It seems tbnt sho had tbe
samo Idea about n husband, nnd now
there's n crisscross of training Ideas
that is simply home wrecking." Chi
cago Post
Why H Objected.
"Hut, paps." pleaded tho million
aire's daughter in buhnlf of tho poor
young tnnu she wished to marry, "sure
ly It is no disgrace to work for a llv
".Vno, my donr-no. What I object
to is being the ono who is worked for
IL"-I'hlladelpliln llulluUn.
Wlgwag-My wife threatens to go on
the lecture platform.
Henpeckke My wife dooen't need n
platform.-Philadelphia Record.
Wo Iwvo ofton wondered which
comes Orst-the thought In tho widow
er's mind of mnrrylng ngnln, or the
story on him. Atchison Globe.
In tho District Court of tho United
States, for tho Southern district, at
Ardmoro. In tho mattor of Leo
Mays & Co. bankrupts, In bankrupt
cy. :
To tho creditors of Leo Mays & Co.,
in tho Southern district, In tho In
dian Tarrltory. at Ardmoro, a bank
rupt: Notice Is horohy given that on tho
Hd day of Octobor, 1902, tho said Loo
Mnys & Co was duly ndjudgod bank
rupt, and that tho first mooting of his
creditors will bo held nt my ofllco at
tho courthouso, in tho city of Ardmoro,
on tho 18th of Octo'oor, 1902, at 2
o'clock In tho afternoon, nt which tlmo
tho said creditors may nttend, provo
tholr claims, appoint n truatco, oxam
Ino tho bankrupt and transact such
other business as may coino boforo
said meeting. JOHN HINKLI3,
Rcfcrco Jn Bankruptcy.
First published OcL C, 1902,
-TV ! a Mate bt tW aJfcaUrt at wi. ar a !
j'c foftz- V. ova caaac to ssaJM ti:s ?.r :h vira:ss foitt :a tie life
of Mats fr-erpette. kcigb. hvjrtltwg boy ot You w:i utJrjta-: taat
today te real asu Is ttve man of laHani, anal yon know. too. that a.cccxt
Try Uae of boasit wa U Jke worM as open to wnasaa. How different
from a few yean ago! Now. here tea plan that will place at yo
asaad a SM-cftbs bustMs cdacaUoa. tt yon for eamtag a pood sehtry or
eweip yon foe the inwusafal ssanaeentent of asy bnatneee enterprlee. Aad
K U so staple, so easty. aad snch pleasant employment that no ronae ma
or l4y eaa aSord to let It pees. To the person sendteg as the largest ttii
ot ananu ranscrwers to tbe Weekly Attfawrette by the Ik nay of Decern
ber. lSt, we will sead a paid np scbetarshtp ta the Southwestern Business
UalTerslty of Oktahooss. CUr. This coliere ha ba MakHfcwi t.- . nM.
tr of years aad has eiery eeularneat oeceeean to laMrt a thorn rh hl.
cess Rewcsuien. iu leacaers are nenot traiaing la their various Maes of
work aad you are gives roar choice of bookke9fnr and baaktar or iaw
ograpby. These courses taciad thorough trsJaing ha zttaaaashia. tMiHsr.
Kuer wnnag aau ttngntn.
Do not beeiUte: eater the contest today. See roar fMeorf v
wro are reaaiag lae paper now will resew for a year.
Aaouer leaiare of the contest Is. you get good say for ("rrr baair'
work while tralag the sefaol&rshlB. We wfll rtre rati ic Mt.
aannal subecrlbcr. or la other words, for every subscriber you resit us St
aw Keep ne it. eeats to pay you lor your Uae. Sample copies win
be furnished you. Be the first ia roar town or nelehborlMu ta iv .. tw
work. Surely yon can sead ia as ntacy m inoair ikun. rm .
- . . i ui vm
uis dusk tonight aad raaJl it te ns.
I Ct-a-r.;- cf Cc.-T.eree Cun.inttee.
I Finance J A Bivn. C L Ander
s n. J A Madden.
Manufacturing and mercantile In
R oe J R PennlBcioe
: K P Caicpl!!
rn-.r highways Mate WeaUteimer.
L I" RobJrs"n. W K Walvwrtoa. A
Palmer. H. H. Pennington.
Advertising Sig Simon. T. N. Cole
man, ona RedleM.
JtailroMs. etc. W. A. Jd batter. F.I v t
M. Gate, John U Oalt. W. F. Whit- the Southern district oJ
Uagtoa. C. U Herbert. T.n.w h
Arrtcuhare-J. B. Boone. John F. I J "Z ' m
. ' "V'nouia Will on Ine Ktk j
Ewley, J. S. Mullen. M. Mumeshelmer. Apr, iS02, last post he Va! V.1
Mebhlp-C. L. Byrne. R. W. meed bankruot und.r .k" dUli
dkr. Dos. Lacy.
Batertalaateste John L. Gait. A
V. Doak, K. w. Roberts.
House R. W. Dick, W. A. Wolver
ton, A. C. Young
Tn h T'nii . . ... I
'" BUI.., r.
Southern Distrirt of t.
rttory. in the matv-r
Jones & CO haj,; ...
rnptcy. Jfo. .
To the Hon. Hosea To.,
of tb ntalrlirf r. .
.., vuun or tha thl
to auuin.rr, tu .
tA Ttullnn T.J, ""Ult
" . ivtimj
nn ir.e m
vuuBlss reiaung to bankruptcy
he has duly surrendered an m '
eriy and rlghu of propertr. aad
. .. IKU a f .
ArbUratloa-C. U Herbert, Lee L7Z l..01. rj
v.nice. u. b. Allen. W. P. Poland. J. -an , v 7.
bora gins. u ' : ' u)
C. L. BYRNE, Sec'y.
i oeawe to enter the eontaat for th achats rutin t. e.ik.u,,
- r w v. wa
Buetaeos University at Oklaboasa City Please send me sample eopws and
oiaaKS ior sending In Dames and making remittances.
i ours very truly.
Dancer In Fall CaM
Fall colds are liable to hane nn nil
winter, tearing the seeds of nnetimo-
iDia, oroncnius or consumption. Fo-
ller s Hoaer and Tar miro nnlnVlr-
ana oreTeais seiMms renuitc. it la niH
and reliable, fled and tested, safe
I aad RDrP mntalna nn nnllllaa anA III
u .. i a nuu rt IH 1 T
not constipate. Sold bv Ilonnnr I Southern Distrlrt nf t, in.. -t
I . 'V
decreed by the court to bav. ,
charge from all debts nrovshu...
his estate under said bankrupt I
wept suea aeuts as are exoeMij
I law from such !iuhnrlr
Dated this 3d dar of Of i,.u. ,
1W2. "4
O. F. JONBS and f! r invn.
I Bonaer.
303 Main Street. Etbolb' Old Stand,
Opposite Opera Flonee : : : s
Telephone No. 104,
Jmt opened np with a bifr etoek of
Furniture, Stoves, Dishes, Tinware and all
Warning Order.
In the United States court in the
Indian Territory, Southern district:
C. H. Skaggs plaintiff vs. M. E. Skaggs
defendant. No. S.246.
ine defendant M. E. Skaggs ie
warned to appear la this court in thir
ty days and aaawer tbe complaint of
the plaintiff, C H. Skaggs.
tory, s
On this 3d day of Octobor i
i:92, on reading the foregoing pu
It Is ordered by tho court that a t
mg be had upon the same nn k
day of October. A. D. 1902. befor
court, at Purcell, in said district
z o clock In the afternoon; and
notice therof be published In thn
raorelte, a newsnaner nrlntp,! in
district, and that all known credl
WHnMa irjtn 11a... t- .
Judge, this Mta day of September. ur PrsoM !n 'nlereet ma,
i. aaa inMr nr ma ml . f
(Seal) C. M. CAMPBELL. Clerk.
E. A. WALKER, Attorney.
J. J. BATES. Atty for Noa-ResldaaL
rirst published Sept SB, 1X;
Stoves to burn: a car lust In.
kinds of Household Goods, both
New and Second-Hand.
f fUPtn rmm
We will buy jW old stove, or repair it the same
day you bring it in. ::::::::
Call and get our prices and make our Btore your
headquarters. We are just from Arkansas, and
we can show you that our prices on all kinds of
Household Goods are the lowest ever heard of.
Remember the place.
Hall & Hillis,
P. S. Nineteen years in the Stove Repair business.
pear at the said time and nir
show caufo, If any they have, why
prayer of said petitioner should
be granted.
And It is further ordered bv
court that the clerk shall send by
to all known creditors conies of
petition and this order, addressed
inem at their places of resident
witness, tbe HonorabU it.
Towneead. Judge of tbn
Look Out for Fever I the aeal than-amf nf t... 1, , , '.
- u, , umini, m mm
UllllOttSness and Hvar illanrdarr nf H.. I trfpt nn the a.i ..,
r .r. "I"' . ,r;B85.0 cleans- (Seal of Court) n m niunnc,
Early Risers. These famous little niiu CI
do not erlnn Thor , t. . 1 I BvT. P r.DCPV tv
gently, but copiously, by icason of the First published October C 190
to the glands. Cv Drug Store. u-nm. . .. . .
- - - l iii Uf. I
they can see through each other.
Most aristocrats are victim of in.
verted heredity.
The Burllngtr to renews the
one-way Settlers' rate of 125.00 from
Missouri River to California, Portland
tienrr 1. riiiiihai, ru.ii.tJ,
lOWa. Was nirol nt n cnn.... .-- J
....u nuttu lit- nun nAn umiM,A.iu
i. ""i.iOTII
'" y ur uoxos of Chomborlafo
.viuouu -muiaiu uUU i.iver Tablets hp I
- ,ui,oi ouuju gouniry every I "uui ineu many otr.o rerner
day during September and October, ""i? ,a lnibor of Physlclars -aitiii
.!. . . . ' I relief. For Knln liv nin n cl
"' -urreponuinEiy low rates to the j t. t t.- " "'"6 a
RnnVnnn n...l. -" ""u ' ' "' "amsey.
.avA.vb uuu me xiuiio-xio-
ena District; also proportionate rates
from Interior Missouri. Kansas nnn
southern territory.
"The Burllnnton Northern Pacific
Express" is tho great through train
eavlng Kansas City daily, for
If wishes were sawhorsis bet-
would have nothing to wish for.
Miking Bra, Ars3
I Through Land oEnchantmenfc I
Tourist Sleeper every Tuesday K
I $2 Tcxas to California 1
I Septra ganta Fe ysJ
Warnlno Ordrr
In the United States Cnnrt t ti
Ai..fminirO In tha Tn.1ln m i .
Mil uuu;, tur uie i " " iMUu ierniory, ao
Korthwest Through Coaches. Chair ern District:
tars taeats free), Standard and Tour- ueno E. Crummcry, plalntlfT.v il
1st Sleepers to Butte. Helena. Sno. iert Crummerv. defemlnnf I
kano, Tacoma, SeatUe, Portland Con- The defendant Albert Crummerl
inccnons train from Denver at nlehf warneu to anDear In thtu i .
Joining this northwest train at Al-11? 0Iya and answer the complain
iiuute, ceo. mo plaintiff. Queno K rv,,m..
TO CHICAGO-Tho Burllnptnn'a Witness Hon n '
famous "El!" Is the best known and Judgo of aald court, and tho sealth
moBi popular iram rrom Kansas Citv 01 mis nth iinv nf mno
I I wwfc.a 1 JU..
ana St. Joseph to Chicago. c. M. CAMPBEI.T. riori
m e-r t m nn m . .. . . I .
oi. Luuior-iffo aawv train skal
carrying all classes of standard Bur- S. C. Treadwell. nttornov
In Eton enulnment. I a r nui
" - i ... .. suijiimir niinmn. ..
.. I , . UUll-J
On tho first and third Tuesdays of
August, boptembor and October, to
many sections of tho West and North
uonsuu nearest tlclcet agent or
write tho undersigned for full Inform
atlon, printed matter and tho least
cost of your proposed trip.
First published Oct. 12, 1902.
tr- .
oume raon are as rnnriv tn ,i
Injury as they aro to apologize for
Reclining Choir Cars
Texas, Oklahoma,
Indian Territory
and THK WK8T.
Double Dally Service
Puflman Buffat Sleeplnu Car.
HawlaUS VMtlbul- Tralaa.
BaastuUd Sohiiulaa.
rcriaat DarTlaa.
its s titmmuT munis
rwaataaraullta Mil UU.I u
aajr Uaa. tt aa
L IWlMI. T.P.i. Dillll. Til.
i a. V. Tartar. T.P.i.. Ckltk.m. a.f .
,.r.a i.jl, unit Oct, art.
L. L. WAKELY, G. P. A.,
St. Louis, Mo.
28?, Main St,, Kansas City. Mo.
C. M. LEVEY, Gen, Mangr
St. Louis, Mo.
"Watch the Kleins.
"Wlinn l,ow .
i i4 1 1 L 1 1 u ri nni'ninin- .
n,T. J-,. '",l'mu: oioys Kidn
Bonner Tanner. SM
Worry Is the Interest mankind Days
Ion tho debt of nature.
Things Wo
Like Best I
Often DIsagroo With Us
iwu Reward
Will bo nillrl hi Ik. iili.i
btOCkmon'S AtiHrwIntlnn .v.
iui bUD
arrest and conviction of anyone
steallnn stock of any kind from
w ii t ! this Association.
or W. T. T.noi... !
DR. T. p. TinwKT.r tj,.
J . Haley, Sec.
Tlecsiisn wa nvnrn.it nf tmm. Tnrll
EMtlon follows. But thero'a a way to
I ftcn&nA Klinh MncnntlAnrna. A rinan nf
good dlgestant llko Kodol will r olive you
nuuto, juur Hjoiaou is Bimpiy wo
weaK to uigesi wnai you eat. That's an
indigestion Is. Kodol digests the food
without fhn ttnmiAh'f mXt rphita Ih.
stomach rests while tho body is strength-
finnd hw whnlncnmn foml. TltAtlniy la tin.
J - .
. tt1 1 . . t . a
uoenssary. xvouoi uigusn any mnu 01
Kuwu ioou. oircuguucua ana lavigorates.
Hoaal Bafakais
Rloh Red nUaaaf.
Yrcpared only by E. a DsWirri Oo.. Ohlcaco.
$10,000 for an p to
ve,rt,8r Thoro "re others
S!l f?rftnnnnualBubscrip
pay Mt tlon t0 piNTEK,s lNK
and learn whnr nil n,n .i
era are thinkinp; about.
reached0 Vh.V-9 not ,he "trem.
i IUU, UUU "V aoiaic neither. Kc
yrn'Ulii,Ho, 10 tipi-Dco St., N. T

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