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SIDNEY 8UG08, Proprietor.
Entered at the Postofflce at Ardmore
at Second-class Mall Matter
November 3. 13.
Published Bvery Afternoon (except
Sfllriy). and Sunday Morning.
Office of Publication: North Washing
ton Street .
One week
One month
One year $6.00
nPPir.lAL NEWSPAPER of the
United State Court for the Southern
District Indian Territory, also for the
Chickasaw Stock Association of the
Indian Torrltory, anil the offlclal organ
of the city.
Culf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railway.
Galveston & Chicago Bxp. . .J: 40a.m.
Clomtrno & K ,C. Hxp P-
Calveston & Chicago Kxp. .12:35 a.m.
Cleburne & K. C. Exp 11: a-
Ticket Agent.
All United States walla close 10
minutes prior to train time.
Terms of United States Court.
At Cblckasha Begins Monday. Sep
tember 3. 102, and Monday, Febru
ary 1C, 1&0S, and continues in session
two weeks.
At Ityan Begins Monday, October
13, 1902, and Monday. March 2, 1903,
and continues In session ten days.
At Purcell Boglns Thursday. Octo
ber 28, 1902, and Thursday, March 11,
1903, and "ontlnues In session ten days.
At Pauu Valley Begins Monday,
Novoraber 3 1902. and Monday. March
23, 1908, and continues in session four
At Ada Begins Monday. December
1, 1802, nnd Mondny, April SO, IMf,
and continues In session one week.
At Tishomingo Begins Monday. De
comber 8. 102, and Monday, April 27,
1908. and continues In session one
At Ardmore Begins Monday. De
cember IS, 1M3, and Monday .May I.
1903, and continues I session eight
-weeks or longer.
Any erroneous reflection upon the
character or reputation of any per
son which may be printed In the Ard
morelle, or any article based on re
ports tliat are false will be gladly cor
rected It brought to the attention oi
tlio publisher.
: :
Use the Long-Distance Telephone
and call up
If you want the Ardmorelte.
4. .j. 4. .;. .;. .'f .
Ardmore, Monday, Oct. 27.
Four hundred men received corona
Hon war honors at the hands of Klnp
Edward and, considering the lavish
dlspla ' made on the occasion, each nnd
every one of these "honors" cost a tidy
Bum .for all of which the tax-burdened
people must pay. but royalty must
make a showing In order to hold Its
Cuba is taking plenty of time to con
nldor tjlo troaty with this country,
As Cuba Is tho only party to bo af
fected by delay, sha can take all tho
tlmo she wants. Sho will ratify tho
treaty In tho end, and In delaying sho
may drente'tho Impression that sho 1b
dollboratc, something which must ox
nit bar In the eyas of the world .If she
can just mako the Impression stick. It
1h worth tho trial.
lllllsboro lecontly sot In motion n
cotton factory. Now, wo undorstand,
a big machine nnd Implement factory
Is figuring on tfolng there. Thus wo
bco one manufacturing enterprise
makes n mnrket for and encourages an
other. It Is In ardor for Ardmore to
branch out and give every encourage
lnont that will bring factories and oth
er enterprises to tho city. With the
completion of our waterworks system
thoro is u grand futuru before us nnd
the time to Install new enterprises It
right now.
Strange things happen In the Indian
Torrltory as well as elsewhere It Is
not altogether strange, either, but a
breaking out of good, common sense.
Tho town of Lehigh Is remembered as
n stronghold of tho Marcum faction
during the Marcum-Wolvorton strug
gle. It was Imposslblo to hear a good
word ftbout Ardmoro, or an Ardmoro
man from that place. Tlmo tho oradl
rator of all differences has succoeded
In disponing tho wrathful vongeanco
of a pooplo, agnlnBt whom wo novor
had might but good words, and tho Lo
high Loader furnishes a proof of this
In tho following: "Honry M. Air
man's nddross at tho Sehloy banquet
at Dallas, Texas. Monday night, was
simply grand. Whilo short, as all
tablo talks usually are, yot it contaluod
volumos of food things. While Fur
man is a resident of Ardmore, tho
wholo Territory claim him ns one of
tholr citizens, nnd aro proud of him."
Wo rojolce nt tho friendly spirit dis
played by our neighbor, wo we expect
has seen tho ovil of his ways and re
formed, and while ho lives In tho Choc
taw Nation wo oxtend him a cordial
invitation to better acquaintance at
our mass meeting called for November
10. Come over, Brother Whltmore.
Tlx- first gun ha bwn Bred In the
renewal of the l-sttle for representa
tion In congress fr Iniiian Territory.
The Chickasaw Nation has gone oa
record and a big convention will be
held !n Ardmore November t per
fect organization for rarryinic to con
gress the appeal of the people for Im
mediate recognition.
Some weeks ago the Capital noted
the mass meeting held at Ada. Chick
asaw Nation, when resolutions vera
passed asking the mayor of Ardmore to
co-operate In the effort to organise the
Chickasaw Nation and present a solid
front to congress when It meets wtthla
a few weeks. Mayor Dick of Ardmore
has accepted the suggestion and on
November .'0 the business wen of tbe
Chickasaw Nation will speak In no un
certain language for the right that
have unjustly been denied Indian Ter
ritory. The Ardmore meeting will aurly
realise the opportunity presented at
the coming session of congress where
a pending measure that fully satisfies
tbe demands of the Territory at this
time .will surely be given considera
tion. This measure Is the Territory
of Jefferson bill Introduced and
backed by Congressman Moon of Ten
nessee. It would be unwise to at
tempt the passage of a new bill along
the lines embodied In Mr. Moon's
bill.. Having to Its credit the unani
mous recommendation of the commit
tee on territories and the backing of
an almost united press of the Terri
tory together with numerous petitions
snd resolutions passed by municipali
ties, the Moon bill Is by no means a
congressional stranger. The people of
the Territory are familiar with It pro
visions and have willingly given It the
stamp of approval.
If representation In congress Is de
sired, at once the most practicable
method of obtaining the relief Is to
back up Congressman Moon nnd add
prestige to bis threat that no business
could be considered as a matter of per
sonal privilege until bis reported bill
is put to a vote.
The people of the Chickasaw Nation
have taken a great step toward attest
ing their Independence. The example
shun! be followed by all of the Ave
tribes wltlila a short time and culmln
ated by a rousing general convention
of all the people at some convenient
place Just before congress assembles,
Dally Capital.
The Mass Meeting at Ardmore on No
vember 10th Is the Right Thing.
The Ardmorelte Is in receipt of the
following letter from n citizen on the
Hock Island road which show how
the Interest lu Mayor Dick's call for a
mats meeting nt this place on Novem
ber 10 is spreading. The writer says:
"I nm much concerned In the call
of Mayor Dick for n convention, look
Ing to tho tlmo wo may have some one
In congress to enro for our Interests.
and bog that every ono who has an In
terest In the futuro good of our peo
ple to seo to It that every town sends
some ono to roprosent thorn nt Ard
moro on Novembor 10.
"This is all Important. Wo can't
expo tt outsiders to tnko the Interest
In no ll.nl ...
... m wiui nuiuu uiiu ul our own citi
zens would. We know that conditions
are not what they should bo, but if we
make a concerted movo wu can get a
honring of our case, nnd get a dele
gate In congross. Wo have moro land
and bailor land than Oklahoma. Wo
have more mineral wealth, more tim
ber and more natural advantages than
is given to any other part of the na
tional domain. We hare as many in
telligent men and women as any part
of the United States, and if we can get
Justice, gt a hearing, wo will ile.
velop into at 8reat and glorious a state
as Is represented by tlio states In "Old
The Ardmorelte will give a bus!.
uoss scholarship, In tho Southwestern
Bnslnoss Unlvorsity of Oklnhoma City,
FREE to tho boy or girl, younc man
or young lady sending in tho largest
list of annual subBcribors to tho
day of December, 1902. This Is an
opportunity rarely offored, and espe
cially under such liberal conditions.
for as a further Inducement every
contestant who enters for tho prize
rccolves n commission of 15 cents on
every dollar collected. Bogln now If
you moan buBlnoss; tho time Is short
nnd the opportunity of your lifo Is
offorod you. You cannot afford to
wait, for you havo nothing to lose.
Samplo copies will bo furnished unon
application. Fill out tho necossary
blank and begin work today.
Tho quostlon with somo of the men
deoply Intorested in politics Is as to
tho host way to Induco young men to
quit playing ping-pong and vote.
Whilo Prosidont Roosevelt nnd his
commissioners aro supposed to bo
satisfactory to some of tho anthraclt-
ers. it seems that there are others who
prefer dynamite.
About 700 or 8'Ni pounds ot nwd cot
ton was stolen from Rose O'Nflll yes
t onlay morning The thieves ranted
th- cotton In sarkt from the pile to
the roadside, two hundred yard away,
and loaded It In a wagon. There Is no
rlew as to the Indeatlty of the thieves.
Miss Boaale Thomas and Burt
Gaines of this place were married yes
terday afternoon at Mariow.
Miss Mary Tinkle and D-Jnois Butts
were married yesterday at Use home of
the bride In this city.
W. It. Vincent made a wmluess trip
to Dallas this week.
Tbe infant child of Mr. and M-i.
M. C. Williams died last sight. The
remains were taken to Marietta today
for burial.
A white man, who was seen loitering
about town all day yevterday, stole a
horse from M. Reasoner lest night
about 9 o'clock. The thoft was discov
ered about thirty minutes later. A
posse of our cltlsens was organised and
pursuit Instituted. When Tbackervllle
was reached the posse was In such
pursuit that the thief abandoned the
horse and escaped and the horse was
captured and returned to Mr. Reason
er. Springer.
The school house has been complet
ed. Religious services were held In
the building yesterday.
Arnold & Mlers have opened up their
new store here.
The Boom Is On.
8pectal to the Ardmorelte.
Ada. I. T., Oct. 26. The prospects
for two new- railroads and the large
receipts of cotton has caused no little
boom In this thriving city. Last week
no less than $15,000 worth of real es
tate changed hands. Among impor
tant deals was one whereby Judge Hox
ney and Frank Phillips of Greenville,
Texas, purchased 80-foot front on Main
street at a consideration of 6,600.
Cotton receipts to date aggregate
10.000 bales.
Formerly heroes were urged to strike
till the last armed foe expires, but
these days they strike for higher
Wby Alexandre Duma Did .ot Suc
ceed ua a I'ubllalicr.
The Mousquotalre, a Parisian Jour
nal founded by Alexandra Dumas,
grew and nourished for n short time
and then became extinct It was car
ried on during a brilliant cxlstenco
with an astonishing disregard of busi
ness methods commonly lu vogue. Its
staff was tbe largest and most varied
over known. Persons would wnlk Into
tho otllce, propose working for tho pa
per nnd tlnd themgelves at onco ac
cepted. "What will you allow mei" a new
man would ask.
"Whatever you like, my boy," Du
mas would return. "By the way," he
would explain to every new axplrant,
"wo must understand ono thing: 1
mean you to be handsomely paid. Voa
must havo 1,000 francs a month, and
If you should want a month's pay In
advance now, don't scruplo to ask for
Everylody was dazzled, nnd Dumas
blmpclf more than all the rest. No
business enterprise, however, could ex
ist on such a Imsls, and the Journal be
gan to languish. Then a man named
Boulo proposed taking tho speculation
out of Dumas' hands. II 0 offered tho
great man 100 francs n day, which
inonnt more tliau ?7,000 n year.
"Here," said Boulo, Is a checkbook
full of those Httlo tinted leaves you arc
bo fond of. Every morning you havo
only to write your name at tho foot of
one, send It Into the otli and touch
your 100 francs.
Diunns loved money, and his face
beamed with delight "But suppose,"
said ho, "that some day 1 should want
000 or -100 francs?"
"Well, all you have to do Is to sond
In three or four of your checks. Noth
ing Is more simple."
Tho book lay on the author's desk, a
delightful and ready resource. Did a
creditor call? A slip of paper, and he
wns paid. A poor woman was about to
be turned out Into tho street A few
more slips, and sho was relieved. At
tho end of the week nothing was left
of the book but the cover. Thou Boul
cbsnged his mode of procedure-
Youth s Companion.
Guam has beon heard from again.
the Island having onjoyed 180 earth
quakes In twenty-four hours.
A New York husband who was
wholly unable to frighten his wife him
self, played tho coward and bought n
Tho best confections nt Kahn's con
fectionery, the best to eat at Kahn's
enfo. the best to drink at Kahn'a foun
tain. 2G-3t
Secure tickets now Florldlni next
Wednosday night.
Tho onllest mackerel I ever saw at
The Modern Samarltars Pay a Visit to
the Chicksssw Capital.
' Csn any good come out of Nata
reth?" was the question askd by the
inhabitants of Jerusalem after .lesus
actually opcnoil the eyes of thr MIn.1
ami raised the dead under their eyes
The Jews thought because Jesus hail
ed from Nazareth that there was no
power In Klra.
When these three Modern Samari
tans left Ardmore In the direction of
Tishomingo In quest of materia! for
our noble fraternity, we verily be
lieved that the Institution would go
upon It merits, which are too plain
to be overlooked by the dullest ob
server: but several said that the
proroeltlon, though a good one. should
have hailed from Kansas City. While
Ardmore Is young, and many Improve
ments might be made. It has furnished
the Territory with three of the strong
eat Institutions of which It can boast.
Time and space forbids that we tell
all that could be said of Ardmore as
a city. We are not quarreling with
the towns we visited, for our order was
accepted by both Mannevllle and
Tishomingo, at which places the
foundation Is laid for future work.
Two of the representatives of the
Modern Samaritan of America in
Mannsville and Tishomingo are a cred
it to any fraternal order; they were
I. R. Best and Wm.. T. Renshaw,
both ot Ardmore. They did a splendid
work and came home fully convinced
that all who filled to take membership
missed a good thing, and that the or
der will be established In every town
In the Territory In a very short time.
One thing of which we feel Justly
proud and that is all those whose
names were enrolled at those little cit
ies are among the best citltens there.
They know a good thing when they
see It. They know that $10 per week
in time of sickness, when the regu
lar Income has ceased, is quite a help
No doubt men refused our pro post
tlon who will receive help from their
neighbors before the winter has fold
ed Its wJngs and left this country- R
Is good to have benevolent neighbors.
but why tax them with our poverty
when we can sare them the trouble
and ourselves the embarrassment, with
such small deposits? One dollar per
Deputies will visit other towns ad
jacent to Ardmore at onco nnd not
many weeks hence thore will be an
army of Samaritans In the Territory.
Florldlni will again captivate music
lovers of Ardmore next Wednesday.
Took I lip Order Literally.
A suburban golf club has a Jananasa
etownrd named Ocka. He la an ex
cellent cook and his neatness nnd good
taste are beyond question, but be has
a very 6light knowledge of English,
and this sometimes causes bim to
make ludicrous mistakes. A young
woinnn gave a tea at tho clubhouse
and sent for Ocka a few days abend of
time, so that all the details ot her
party might be perfected. She ar
ranged for everything and at the end
said: "Now Ocka, at the tea we must
have apple plo order." "Yes, madam,
apple pie," Ocka returned. "No, apple
pie order," said tho young girL "All
right. Mo understand. Apple pie,"
Ocka repeated with an obstinate smile.
"Apple pie order," tho other corrected
again, and Ocka took his leave. He
served nt tho tea along with the dainty
Utile sandwiches and cake twenty huge
pieces of apple pic. Philadelphia
The lovo of no man Is nu Insult until
It begins to demand. "Dantol Ever
ton." A plant in tho room on washday Is
worth more than a bunch of Mowers on
Sunday. "Nature Portraits."
Men folks is like pickles, some. Wo
men Is the brine thoy're pickled In.
They don't keep sweet without 'cm.
"Mrs. Tree."
Readiness to answer nil manner of
questions Involving book learning Is
the beginning of a species of idiocy.
"Tho Unspeakable Soot"
A person who can't arguo Is like a
person who can't chew; ho swallows
the facts of life unprepared for diges
tion. "Those Delightful Americans."
The good right arm of tho breadwin
ner is strengthened more by an unex
pected caress or an encouraging word
from loved ones than by all tho roast
beef in Christeudom. "Buell Hamp
ton." Thar never was n plant as hard to
git rooted as charity Is, and a body
ought to have It whar they kin watch
It clou It '11 dlo a heap o' times ef
you Jest look at It, nnd It mighty nigh
always has bad soil ur n drought to
contend with. "Abncr Daniel."
There is no other place to take a
lady except Kahn'a cafe. The best to
oat, tho best drinks from tho fountnln.
The Women's Mission Society of tho
Broadway Methodist church will meet
with Mrs. John W. Hoffraun tomorrow
(Tuesday (afternoon) nt 2 o'clock.
Walt for our shipments of children's
and misses' hats that will arrlvo this
week. BAIRD & REED.
Fifty Yiers ilio Standard
' v .v kT. w mas izj w
Highest Honors World's Fair.
Highest tests U.S. Gov't Chemists
Grain, Produce, Llv. Stock and Other
(By Gulllot Bros.' Exchange.)
New York Futures.
Opeued. Closed.
October S.49 8. 10
December 8.87 847
Jannary 8.06 S.04
New York Market quiet; nothing
Uverpool Market quiet; middling
4-70d; sales S.000 baled.
Chicago Cattle Receipts.,
Cattle, 17,000; market 6c lower.
Hogs, 38,000; market 6c lower.
Kansas City Rocelpts.
Cattle, 17,000; market 6c lower.
Hogs, 6,000; market steady.
2 hard 06 fl)7
3, bard O40O6K
, hard 6CQS0
2 rod 0666
3 red 6305
4. red 670G1
: 40&S0
S 4C?47
4 4041fc
2. mixed ' 47047
.3, mixed 4.1g44
4, mixed 37flT40&
2 white 33
3 white 29
2, mixed 2931
3, mixed 2S30
(By Porter Staples.)
Tho following aro tlio prevailing
prices paid for produco today:
Wheat No. 2, 70c; No. 3, 65c.
Oats 40c to 4Ec.
Hay 7.008.00.
Corn 50c to 60c.
Sweet potatoes Co7Sc por bushel.
Irish potatoes S5c per bu.
Pecans 3 4c.
((By William Newman.)
Ducks Pordozen ?1.75.
Hons Per dozen $2.50.
Frying chickens $1.75?2.E0.
Eggs Per dozen 12c.
Butter 20 to 25c por pound.
Turkeys Gross, Ec.
Qeeso Full-feathored, per dozen
Live Stock.
(By Cold Storago Market)
Fat cows, gross cwt $2.25
Fal coIvok $3.00 to $5.00
Fat sheep, por head.... $2.00 to $3.00
Fat hogs (gross) 100 lbs $5.50 to $C.00
Wood Por cord, $2 to $2.50.
Coal (by Weeks Bros.) $3.50 ton.
(By E. B. Pugh.)
Natlvo apples, per bu $1.00
Natlvo peaches $1.0001.50
Pears $1,00
Cabbage, per lb 2
'eanuts 4
The Cotton Market.
Tho cotton market opened up this
morning stoady and remained bo
throughout the day .closing steady.
Lint cotton' sold for 7.C0, whilo seed
cotton brought 2.55. Cotton seed $14.
Tho rocelpts for the day were about
250 bales.
Look Out for Fever
Billiousness and liver disorders at thU
season may bo prevented by cleans
ing tho system with DoWitt's Llttlo
Early Risers. Theso famous llttlo pills
do not gripe. They movo tho bowols
gently, but copiously, by reason of tho
tonic properties glvo tone and strensth
to tho glands. City Drug Store.
Tho Danes declino to soil us their
llttlo Islands In tho West Indies, but wo
can buy a couple of small dairies elsewhere.
Advertisements under this h'--i
be received at the rato of 1U. ,-,
cents per line. No advcrtboim-n
rcelved for less than fifteen uj
cents. 8peclal monthly rates fn)
nished on application. Tbe nolle
may contain any matter of "I.ost
"Found." "For RonL" "For Sale'
"Stolon," "Strnyod," or any purpos
without display lines.
WANTED To ront a piano. Mn
Katherlne Peeplos. 2C-tr
WANTED To buy a rosldonoe7rnui
be cheap. Address box 181, city.
Louis, Mo., wants men to loam bai
ber trade. Steady practice, expei
Instructions; tools prosented, wage
Saturdays; board Included. Beaut
ful Illustrated catalogue and pat
tlculars mailed froe. 2G-Ct.
WANTED Sevora I young men wh
know something of photography t
travel In the Interest of my phot
enlarging house. Seo or write S. 5
Cole, Ardmore, I. T. 19-lra
FOR RENT Furnished room, sultabl
for business man, ono block froi
Main street. Apply this office.
FOR RENT A four-room ' dwellln
nt corner of 9th avonue and )
street, northwest. One of th
prettiest places In town.
24-tf. B. A. WALK EH.
FOR RENT A flvo room house, N
Washington St., throe blocks froi
Main street. Apply A. F. Jones, gn
car. 24-tf
FOR RBNT New Singer sewing mi
chines. Also have for sale seconi
band sewing machines from $2 ui
Every machine guaranteed.
At Singer sewing machine offlc.
FOR SALK One Durham milk co
and calf. Joe Bastlne, 4th ave., h
e. at
FOR SALE A nice little home 1
North Ardmoro to soil or trade fc
a wagon and team. R. M. Moble;
at Central Livery Stnble. 21-5
FOR SALE Threo pieces of buslnoi
property In a leading Indian Terr
tory town, aggregating a value (
$5,000. Brings annual ront of $120'
Never vacant. Address P. O. Bo
272, Ardmore, I. T. 20-ln
FOR SALE A good Hlnes earring'
A bargain. See E. C. Heath. 19-tf
LOST A paper back book of aboi
S00 pp. containing tho annual ropoi
of the secrotary of tho Interior. Wa
lost about noon Sunday between ni
oftlce and rosldonce. Finder leav
at my oftlco and receive pay for trot
u'e. J. P. MULLEN.
LOST A cabinet lock key cuff but
ton. Finder pleaso hnnd to SIO
ney Suggs.
fl Picture
Such a handsome collection 0
Limoges French Hand Paintei
China and other Decorated Chin:
waa never seen in Ardmore before
A visit here will bo a revelation t
Porcelain for Plain Service n
about half what others nBk for it
Two Doors
ityNat'l Un!
Foley's Kidney Cure
makes kidneys and bladder right
Spent More than $1,000.
W. W. Baker of Plalnvlow, Neb.
wrltos: "My wife sufforol from lum
troublo for fifteen years. Sho tried 1
number of doctors nnd spent ovei
$1,000 without tellef. Sho tecamo ver;
low Mid lost all hope. A friend recom
monded Foley's Honey and Tar and
thanks to this great remedy, It savci
her llfo. Sho enjoys betler healtl
than sho has known for ten years.'
RofuBo substitutes. Sold by Bonner I

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