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J o Killed, Others Injured Suspect
s Under Arrest Much Evidence
! of Guilt Found, Although Not
Conclusively Connected.
Uhlcago, Nov. 3. Dy the oxploslon
Ian lnrornal machtno, placed In tho
lomont o his house, hy a supposed
Smy, Joseph Kordcck of Chicago
lghts and his 2-yoar-old daughter,
re Wiled lr. tholr hods early this
Irnlng and their homo blown to
His wife, carrying in lior fcoblo arms
youngest child, a babo ot two
Inths, crawled from tho ruins a mo
(nt after tho oxploslon terribly In
fed. Tho six 'othor chlldron ,who
r " Iro asleep In tho house In nnothor
U-room oscaped with only slight In
dies. , pharles Smith, a former boarder at
p Kordeck house, who Is accused of
p torrlblo crime, Is hold by tho po
to. In his room wore found uns
id dirks ot all kinds, and hidden
jray In a bureau drawer, they found
fm packago of strango powder, which
cy bollovo to bo somo explosive.
f. Jealousy, say tho pollco, and re-
jngo for a wrong which ho believed
o Kordcck family had committed
al gainst him, arc motives which may
U'o led Smith to plan tho deed, and
ley aro working on that theory.
'No ono saw the oxploslon but every
tlzcn In tho town hoard tho crash,
bout 4 o'clock; they felt tho ground
pave- for a inllo away from tho houso
f every direction and, rushing to their
jlndows, saw tho pillar cf smoke and
thmo shoot high into tho air.
'. A hole ten feet square was torn in
o floor, nnd through this Mrs. Kor
t'clc, holding in her arms tho sleeping
Abe, fell to the basement.
Fragments of tho infernal machlno
toxo collected by tho police. Tho
aachlno was In tho form of n cylln
,er, of stool, nnd was evidently about
burteen Inchos long by about four
nchos in diameter.
a President. Ylce Praildeot,
Ardmore. Indian Territory.
Designated Depository for Bankruptcy Funds m Chickasaw Nation.
Capital paid in
Surplus and Profits
! Tho oldost bank in Indian Territory. Accounts ot firms and Individual
j( solicited upon the most liberal torms consistent with Rood banking.
It Might be Worse
You will realize tint
fact most forcibly when
your accident happens,
if you havo been pnr
dent enough to carry
accident insurance-
Insuranco won't set
broken bones nor heal
wounds, but it will pay ..doctor's bills and grocer's bills
while you are laid up. Better fee tu about it eoou.
Goods Bought, Sold,
North Washington
Tho cylinder would hold near thrco
pounds of tho explosives. Bad feel
ing had existed for somo tlmo between
tho family of Kordcck and Kranlt
Smith. I-ast year whllo Smith was a
boardor at tho Kordcck houso, ho
claims to havo lost sevoral hundred
dollars, which ho bad coucoalod under
a pillow In bis room. Ho accused
tho Kordeck family having takon It.
A nuarrol onsuod, with tho result, de
clares Mrs. Kordeck, that Smith loft
tho houso avowing rovongo.
"I'll got oven with you yet," bo
Is said to havo declared. ShS addod
that sho had boon told by the neigh
bors ho cvon nmdo throats to blow up
tho house.
Mrs. Kordeck nnd tho soven children
who had oscaped without sorlous In
juries woro hurried to hospitals, Mrs.
Kordoclrbolng takon to tho Prosbytor
Ian hospital, whoro her wounds wero
Alleges That It Has Drained a Tank
cn His Farm.
South McAloster. I. T., Nov. 3.
Thrco Fingers, an Indian who owns
nn allotment of land bordering on tho
Junction of the Choctaw railway near
101 Ttcno, has brought suit for $500
damages against tho Chicago, Oklaho
ma and Gulf railway company Thrco
Fingers alleges that tho Choctaw work
men havo laid pipes from a pond on
his placo nnd drained nil tho wator
from it to tholr rosorvolr, and It
loavos his pasture without wator for
his cattle.
All parties who havo moio land
than they can hold under tho supple
mental agreement and wish to sell
their Improvements thereon for cash,
and thoso who want information In re
gard to good lands which thoy may al
ot, address. RIDER & LEWIS,
21-d&w lm. Madlll, I. T
Ardmoro coal gets better nil tho
time. Phono your order to Laidlaw.
Dissolution Notice.
Tho firm of J. F. Monk & Co. ot Pro
vence, I ,T., composed of J. P. Monk
and C. P. Ebolch assuming nil Jndobt
mutually dissolved, J. F. Monk rotlrlng
nnd C. F. Ebolch resumes all indebt
edness and collecting all outstanding
accounts. J. F. MONK,
23-10t. C. F. EDEICH.
Cnhlsr. Int. Guar,
$ 60,000.00
New and Second Hand Furniture and StoYSS.
Rented and Exchanged
Street, Ardmoro, I. T,
The Republican Papers Are Frightened
and While the Matter Is In Doubt
Everything Seems Favorable
to Bird S. Coler.
Nv York, Nov .3. That pic-
turosquo Southerner, Honry Watorson,
1b out In a signed nrtlolo haro today,
tolegrnphod lrom LoulsvIIlo, that I twill
bo a mlraclo It Color Is oloctod. It Is
about 1000 years sluco the last well
authenticated mlraclo, but It Dlrd S.
Coler is not going to bo olectod gover
nor on Ttiosday many JiuIros ot politi
cal signs will bo mistaken, nottlng
up to last nlRht Indicated Odoll's vic
tory practically assured, but tho polls
publlshod by tho World, Horald, Sun
and Journal nnd tho Brooklyn Kaglo
this morning, It thoy aro worth a
picayune, show that, ns shown In thoso
dlspatchos, that tho contest Is ro closo
that It is liko Hipping n coin to toll
which will win. It Is a moral certain
ty that It tho Herald, World, Journnl
and Kaglo havo It right In giving moro
than 100,000 plurality to Color In this
Ity ho will win. Ot thoso tour papers
tho Hornld and Sun aro blttorly oppos
ed to Color, whllo tho Eaglo Is luke
warm. Tho Journnl is for tho demo
Tho forecasts printed this morning
startled tho republicans nnd brought
joy to tho domocrats. Tonight tho few
wages that havo been reported havo
been on a basis of 4 to 5 and 9 to 10,
with Odoll still favorite.
Ono freak of roturns on election
night will bo tho display of returns
from a captlvo nlrshlp one mllo high.
Thero will bo a lot of stiff necks In
this town next day.
Weather Indications for Tuesday
nro beginning to stir tho politicians,
It Is realized 'that Inclement weather
upstato will mean victory for Color,
whereas rain In tho city and clear
weather in tho Interior favors Odoll.
As far as present Information goes,
election day will bo dry and cool
throughout tho state.
Republican Papers Frightened.
Washington, Nov. 3. Tho political
situation, as rollccted by tho big pa
pors of Now York and othor cltlos In
this section, seoms today to bo all the
moro favorablo to tho domocrats. Tho
rabid republican sheets of Now York
aro still giving every ovldcnco of be
ing badly frightened, whllo tho domo
crntlc press Is oven moro confldont
than before. Tho Now York World
which Is classed as an Independent
democratic Journal, but which has
been lukewarm In Its support of dom-
When the brain seems weak and weary,
And life itself is dark(and dreary;
when all other friends havo fled,
Try sleeping on one of 0. It. JONES' FOLDING BEDS.
In fairy land you'll seom to wander,
'Mid Elysian dreams you'll ponder,
Wondering much what realm is this,
What fairy lind of perfect bliss.
When morning with its rosy light.
Set thai Fine Folding Bed Folds back the dusky shades of night,
On C.
In His Show Window.
Security for Depositor, Borrower and Bank Our Motto
'Ardmore, I. T.
Capital Slock and Additional liability . .
Largest ot any Bank In
VLJE accept small and largo accounts and conducta General Banking
" Business for You. Farmers, stockmen and othor business men
make our ofllco their headquarters
OUR bank is a public institution and wendvanco the best interests
of the people nnd give their business our personal attention and
extend to them every facility consistent with safety to bank and ens
0. R. Smith, President.
O'.'M. Oampbell, Vice-Pres.
Lee Cruce, Cashier.
G. W. Young, Stockman
JfO. TiiOMrsoN, Attorney,
orratlc principles ,and which has un
mercifully criticised the democrats ot
Us stato for the Insertion of tho coal
plank In the Saratoga platform,
prints estimates today which still In
dicate a republican victory, but by ma
jorities so light as to be nlmost Inflnlt
oslmnl. The nttltudo ot tho World
during tho present campaign Ib sup
posed to i.nve been Influenced to somo
oxtont by the fact that W. it. Hoarst,
editor of an opposition paper, Is a can
didate for congress, and that tho
Hearst papur has been trying to tako
all tho credit for whatever democrat
ic activity Is In evidence In Now York.
In an editorial today tho World
says: "The World gives today In Its
news columns a careful nnd Impartial
survoy of tho political situation as It
stands at the closo of tho campnlgn.
In tho rcnlly doubtful statos, tho
chances favor tho democrats. Tho
tlmo Is ripe for a reaction against
tho most Important features of tho re
publican national policy, and In sev
eral of tho statos formerly democratic,
tho democrats have so far rogalnod
tho public confidence lost during tho
campaigns of 180C nnd 1000 as to so
euro largo gnlns, If not nctunl victory.
Tho republican maporlty in tho houso
will suro bo greatly roducod, ir not
wholly wiped out. Ab -to Now York,
whoro tho inanagors on both sides nro
claiming n victory by about tho samo
majority, nnd whoro tho olomonts of
uncertainty aro unusually numerous,
It Is Idlo to predict tho rosult. Mr.
Color lifts gained In strongth every dny
sinco his nomination. Thoro Is un
mistakable confldonco among tho
democratic loadors, especially In this
city, and thn World's canvass indi
cates that Mr. Color will recolvo prac
tically tho whole democratic vote.
regular nnd Independent. If this Is
tho case, ho will havo tho largest plu
rality In tho city of nny democratic
candldato In a number of years. Up
tho stato tho Indications are somo of
them based on careful canvass that
Govornor Odcll will also recolvo tho
full party vote, measured by that cast
for Mr. rtoosovolt In 1808. Tho natural
Increase In tho total voto will appar
ently bo shared In equal rolntlvo pro
portions by tho two candidates. Tho
oiio thing that is certain Is that how
ovor tho elections may rosult through
out tho Union, tho Issued lor tho presi
dential campaign will bo settled upon
llnoa that Includo tho trusts, tariff re
vision, reciprocity and opposition to n
fixed policy of Imporlal colonialism."
Six seats on tho third row. loft
from contor ,bavo been sot npart for
tho lady who secures tho highest num
bor ot votos In tho contest for tho
Helen Grontloy succoss, "Hor Lord
nnd Master." Coupons In ovory Ard
For a Dad Cold.
If you havo a bad cold you need n
good reiiabio medlclno liko Chamber
Iain's Cough Remedy to loosen nnd ro
llevo It, and to allay tho Irritation nnd
inflammation of tho throat and lungs.
i'or saio uy uuy urug storo, F. J.
Hamsey and Ardmoro Drug Co.
shower blessings while you cau
. . 52000001
the Chlekuaw Nation.
when in Ardmore.
0. R. Jones, Wholesale and Retai
Sam Noble, Wholesale Hardware,
J.R. Pennington, " Grocer.
R. W. Randoij, Merchant.
V 111.
Meager Information Leads to the Be
lief That the Two Desperate Men
Were Killed at Cleo Springs
Yesterday Crimes Many.
Tho Guthrie Leader furnished tho
following meager Information rogard
Ing tho killing of ' tho notorious llort
CnBoy nnd his pnl Sims at Cleo
Springs, O. T., yostorday:
Word wns rccolvcd today at tho
United Stntes marshal's ofllco ot tho
shooting ot Hurt Cnsoy and Kd Sims,
two notorious outlaws, at Cloo Springs.
Tho two wore wanted for tho murdor
ot Shorlft Frank S:nlth and Doptity
George Hock near Anndarko last
spring, nnd for numorous othdr crlinos.
No Information oxcopt that tho two
woro klllod thoro this aftornoon has
boon rccolvcd nt tho marshal's ofllco.
United State-) Marshal FobsoU left Im
mediately for Cloo Springs.
Kd Sims was captured and lodged In
Jail at Watonga after tho murdor of
Smith and Deck but csenped and both
ho and Casoy havo been fugltlvos ovor
since. Deputies T. H .Lockett nnd
Fred Hudson woro hot on tholr .trail
and it Is supposed they did tho shoot
ing. Lator Two doputlos disguised as
bandits woro In confcrcnco with Casoy
and his gang In a rendezvous near
Cleo when tho deputies suddenly gavo
tho tip to tho hidden olllccrs. The out
laws Immediately pulled their guns
J. A. BIVEN8, President.
H. A. PALMER, Cashier.
Capital and Surplus.
Accounts of firms and individuals
It Is the Best
The First National BahR
of Marietta, I. T.
Established, 1896
... Oilers to depositors every facility which their balances, basinet
and responsibility warrant.
Judge Overton Love
Geo. M. D. Holford
Jas. A. White
E. F. Graham H. A. Kirkpatrick
DRS. ENLOE & FANN, Dental Parlors.
For 30 Days wo wlllmako tho following Reductions and Prlcos:
Oolil Orownn, 22 K 3 M
IlrldRO Work, ptr tooth..... SCO
I'orceiain urowns 8 CO
Itlchmonil Crowmr 4 ou
Artificial Teeth, per ot 7 00
Nothing but first class matorlal used In till work. 12 years' oxperlonoe
4 yoars In Ardmoro, and ho.ro to stay. All work Kuarantootl. Thoso prices
for 30 days only, so ootna early. Ofllcc, upstairs In Oruco Bldu'. over A G.
Young's Furniture Storo, opposito Postofllcc.
ENLOE & FANN, Dentists.
WHITEMAN BROTHERS, Wholesale Distributors,
and a Imttlo started, both Sims and
Casey being hilled.
Tho men who located and killed
them woro old companions ot tho out
laws, who woro released from tho red
oral Jail hero nnd deputized for tho
purposo ot acting ns hounds on tho
track of former accomplices In crime.
Cnsoy's capttiro lias bcon attomptcd
dozens of times, but always with fail
ure Ho oscaped from tho battlo nt
Anadarko, whoro Sheriffs Smith nnd
liuvk woio klllod last January; from
Wowokn, whon his chlot lieutenant,
Wnltor Swnfford, was klllod, and from
tho Dovll's Canyon thrco weeks ago,
whon eight of his men wero captured.
Tho plan that finally resulted In his
clonth was hatched by United States
Marshal 11111 Fossott, who took this
moniiB ns tho only ono loft to Bccuro
possession, dead or nllve, of this noted
bandit. Noarly $9,000 In rewards nro
on his head.
Only ono man ot tho notorious gang
Is now nt largo. Thoy woro laying
plans near Cloo Springs to offect tho
liberty ot Georgo Morgan nnd Mort
Perkins, on trial for murdur nt Law
ton, whon Casey and Sims woro killed.
Why Pay Rent
Whon you can buy a ono, two or thrco
room houso from ?1G0 to JGOO on ono
nnd two years' tlmo. Small cubIi pay
ment, balanco In monthly Installments
ot $5 to ?25j or I will sell you a lot
and build you a houso on samo terms.
Also a cholco rosldcnco lot 133x200
toot, closo In ,on 'West Main street.
Onico: First National bank.
All kinds of Territorial
Drinks. .. Short Orders
40-t'Kast Main St., Ardmoro.
DON LACY, Vice-President.
W. A. WOLVERTON, Asst. Cashier.
solicited. Courteous treatment
all alike.
Holmes Willis
Jas. N. Kirkfatrtci
W. S. Derrick j
J. G. Butler
Oolil Fllllnus. upward from 1 00
Amalcum Fllllne s
Cemont Fllllne. s
Tooth Kitraoted Vlthout rIn BO

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