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'hnl $
Sidney suaas.i
l J'norHiBTon,
illLI) IIP fl TRA1H
Repeatedly Cut the Train While
Crowds Carried Away Five Car
Loads of Coal Pollen Made
Arrests Prisoners Rescued
Chicago, 111.. Jnn. 38. Lotl by wo
men, a determined mob, numbering
500 boys, womon and nion, held up anil
robbed a Chicago and Northwestern
coal train laBt night.
To accomplish tholr purpoM they
barricaded tho tracks and when the
ouglno, drawing forty cars, was forced
to stop, tho women and boye uncoup
led tho cars and carried off nearly
flvo car loads of coal. It was dono
at Webster avonuo on the Wisconsin
division ot tho road. For throe hours
that ooctlon of tho Northwestern sys-
torn was barred to traffic whllo tho
crowd Increased to noarly 1..000 per
sons. Whllo tho crow was busy tak
ing tho obstruction off tho track, one
of tho women had slipped
between two of tho forward
cars, near tho front, and uncoupled
thorn. This split the train, separating
tho locomotive and throo cars from
the rost. Meanvhllo tho tops of tro
cars wero lltorally covorod with tho
moro agile of tho crowd. They had
scaled tho aides of every car and wore
shovollng tho coal with their hands.
Somo throw tho lumps over tho sides,
whore they wero gathered up by eager
hands and stored In sacks. Others
had severed tho connections of tho
cars at various places,' womon send
ing the small boys botwocn the cars
to break the couplings or olso doing
it themselves.
L Beforo tho engineer discovered
' ...1. L . - 1 I .1 1 . .. 1 i -
throttle, hoping to draw away from
tho scone. Tho onglno and throe cars
shot nhcad. Tho long train romalnad
stationary. It extended from Web
ster avenue almost to Fullorton avenue
three blocks. Dack tho cngino enmo
aftor a short spurt, and then bogan
a long struggle betweor. tho mob and
tho trainmon a game In which tho
children took an active part. It was
that of trying to get tho train coupled
up so It could raovo. Aftor tho crow
thought they had succeeded In rojoln-
i lng tho Various disjointed placos It
B Invarlaulv ilnvninnod Hint some new
break had been mado and a section
of tho train would raovo-away, leaving
Vice President.
u President.
Ardmore. Indian Territory.
Designated Depository tor Bankruptcy Funds in Chickasaw Nation.
Capital paid in $ 60,000.00
Surplus and Profits 140.000.00
Total $200,000.00
Tho oldest bank In Indian Torrltory
solicited upon tho most liberal torms consistont with Rood banking.
part at the mercy of the coaj gather-
Word ot the predicament of tho
train was recelvod at the office of tho
general manager, II. It. Alshton, ot tho
Northwostorn rnllroad nnd tho polloo
wero notlflod.
Thrco of tho women under whose
leadership tho raid was made waro ar
rostod by the Attrlll street police, to
gether with two mon, but tho womon
prisoners, after being loaded Into a
patrol wagon, wero releniod, owing
to the threotenlngs of the crowd,
which surrounded the patrol.
Is Now Almost Certain Senate Will
De Reconvened.
Washington, Jnn. 28. Senntora re
gard it as Inevitable) that nn oxtra ses
sion of the sonnte will have to bo
called after tho fourth of March to
consider the three Important troatles
now ponding, vis: The Cuban reel'
pro city tronty, tho Panama canal
treaty and the Alnsknn boundnry con
vention. There Is no break In tho stntohood
situation, nnd unless some ngrcomont
should be reported on that quostlon
between now and tho fourth of March,
which is not anticipated, the omnibus
stntohood bill will bo still under dis
cussion during tho last days of this
congross. It will tlion dlo a natural
In tho moantlmo all othor legislation
excopt appropriation bills and' meas
ures that aro not objected to, will bo
held up. (
Thoro is no prospoct that tho troat
les can be actod upon boforo adjourn
ment, nnd In vlow of their Importance
It Is cortaln that tho prosldont will
call an oxtra sosson of tho sonato to
ratify thorn. Senators aro already re
signing themselves to tho inevitable,
and aro making tholr arrangements to
stay horo two or throo months beyond
tho torm of this congress.
At prosont thoro is no Intention of
also calling tho houso together in ex
tra session.
Snow Fourteen Feet Deep.
Wallaco, Idaho, Jan. 28. Moro than
fourteen inches of snow fell during
the past twonty-four hours in tho Coour
D'Alono and tho snow Is fourteen feet
dean In all the country near St. Keg
ens nnd lookout mountain. Tho snow
Is said to bo packed upon the sides
of tho Northorn Pacific tracks hlghor
than tho tops of tho cars.
Tho Kincmnn mako of farming im
plomonts havo taken prccedenco over
ovory othor mako. Thoy represent
perfection in farming tools. Sold by
Williams, Corhn & Co.
Int. Cubr.
Accounts of firms and individuals
Too Late! Too Late!!
That'a a bitter cry
on a bitter cold night.
Insure before you
have an accident, and
when it is too late to
cry, for the milk is
We Give You Protection.
That Is What You Need.
Cattlo Ejected for Non-Payment of
Taxes Cannot De Replevlned.
Cattlemen Have No Alterna
tive Must Pay Tax.
The pertinent point In this decis
ion of Judge Townsond are:
First Federal oflloinla cannot In-
terfera with the Indian police in the
enforcoment of tho trlbnl tax, for tho
reason that write of replevin will not
lie In cases where cattle aro seised.
Second Cattle seized - are In the
custody of tho law nnd nre subject to
Third Cattlemon are denlod injunc
tion to restrain tho Indian pollco from
ejecting replovlnod cattle.
Tho nttornoys for tho Chickasaw cat-
tlomon Who havo been working so as
siduously the past few months to
avoid tho paymont of tho Indian cattlo
tax had tholr props knooked from tin
dor thorn again yesterday In a de
cision handed down by Judge Hosea
Townsond. Undor this ruling ot tho
Federal court, cattlo that are "being
removed from the bounds of the In
dian Territory on account of tho non
payment of taxos cannot be replovlnod.
Tho clork and marshal' of tho South
ern district aro onjoinod from issuing
and executing writs ot roplovln where
tho execution will In any way Intor
foro with tho process of tho collection
of tho tribal tax of 25 cents por hoad
on cattlo grazing in tho Chickasaw na
Tho collection tof tribal taxes has
passed from tho Indians to tho officials
of tho Interior department and J. Blair
Shoonfolt, United States Indian agont,
backed- by authority of tlyo United
States "'government nnd assisted by
Guy P. ,Cobb. district rvonuo collec
tor, and tho Indian police. Is prose
cuting tho collection of this tax with
groator onorgy nnd with moro success
than tho Indian govornmont has boon
able to do. Some tlmo ago tho inter
ior dopartmunt recoived a proposition
from the cattlemen, In which tho lat
ter agroed to deposit tho amount of
cattlo tax In a national bank to bo
paid to tho Indians in tho ovont' that
tho au promo court of tho Unltod Stntos
decided that tho collection of tho tax
Is valid. Mr. Cobb favored tho plan
and showed n deslro to suspend hos
tilities, but the department of tho In
terior would accept no compromise
measures but Immediately throw tho
I C. K. Jones, Carries Them In Stock. I m
Security for Depositor, Borrower and Bank Our Motto
'Ardmore, I. T.l
ilal M and Additional Liability . .
Largest ot any Bank In
XKJli accoptstuallnndlarceacconntsnnd conduota General Banking
' business for Yon. FarraerB, stockmen and other business men
mako onr ofUco their heademarters
Oult bank is a public Institution andweadvanco the beet mtorests
of the people and civo their
extend to thorn every facility consistont with safety to bank and cuh
C. It. Smitji, President.
0. M. Campbell, Vice-Pres.
Lee Cruce, Cashier.
G. W. Young, Stockman
J.O. Thompson, Attorney,
gaunUfet into the ring again by in-
tnicttffs the police to drive the cattlo
from Ike bonnds of the Indian Terrl-
tor. This move on tho part ot the gov
ernment was checked by replevin pro-
coed Intra and Mr. Cobb was as power-
less to procood with telling olToct nn
he wtiB during the lifo of the tempor-
ary Injunction against tho collection
grontort by Judge Townsond early In
the ease. Now. since this last do-
eMail placing cattle that are In the
hands Of the collector beyond the right I Dawes commission sun 11 bog In nagotl
ot replevin and denying to the cattle- ntions with the Ch'octnwa nnd Chick-
men an injunction restraining tho In- asnws for the purchase by tho govern
dlan police from ejecting replevlned tnent of 800,000 acres ot coal nnd as
cattle,' It will be Interesting to see phnlt lands reserved from allotment
what will be the next step taken by
the Oattlcmen.
Pressure Brought to Dear for a Divis
ion of the Southern District.
Washington. Jan. 28. .CoiiHlderablo
pressure has been brought to bear up
on congress to pass a hill dividing tho
southern Judicial district of Indian
Territory. The division Is uot so much
demanded by the exigencies ot pub-
lie business as by the alleged Inability
of Judge Hosea Townsond, the prosont
Judge of the southern district, to keep
tip the business of his courts on account-
of advanced age and rapidly
falling eyesight. Tho business of tho
court Is said to bo greatly In nrrcars.
nMtn 1 1. J... 11.,., n .. 1 .. I
iu .v wmi. ..b.uob
reoontly created nn additional district
In thfl Territory, the department of
Juslloo; does not favor tho creation of
nnoiuer now nisirici, uouoving inni
the court dockets In Judge Town
sand's district could easily be kept up
by a younger and moro vigorous
Judgo Townsontl wns originally np-
polntol by Prosldont MoKlnloy In 1898
upon tlio recommendation of Senator
Toller; Ills application for reappoint-
mont In 1902 was vigorously fought by I
Bonjaniin 11. Colbert, who was himself
nn applicant for tho mnrshalshlp of
tho .samo district, but Senator Teller
again prevailed.
Almost Captured the Town and Killed
Eight Americans.
Cannno, Mox.. Jan. 28. The Yaquls
havo attacked tho town of San Mar-
clal, the mining contor of the stato,
and have almost taken possession ot
It. Tho dofondors of San Marclnl
against tno inquis included moro
thnn twonty Amorlcnns, olght of whom
wore killed. Among thorn woro.Mc-'
Master, formorly superintendent of tho
Puorto CItos mine of this place, and
Frank Pendleton, formorly foroman of
the samo mine. It Is also said that
tilers were n number of Amorlcnns on
the sldo of tho Yaquls.
the Chickasaw Nation.
when in Ardraoro.
busmosa our personal attention and
C. R. Jonkh, Wholosale and Retail
Sam Noble, Wholosalo Hardware,
J. It. Pknninqton, Grocer.
It. W. Randol, Merchant.
EIML Wllhl.
Dill Introduced Providing for Purchase
of 500,000 Acres of Coal Lands.
Washington, Jan. 28 Tho Indian
appropriation bill will como up In tho
house Tuesday. At n mooting ot tho
committee on Indian affairs today It
was docldod to ndd nn important
amendment affecting the schools of
tho Indian Territory.
This amendment provldos thnt tho
by the Olioctaw nnd Chickasaw troaty.
If this laud can be purchased at n
fair price the jfrocooda are to bo sot
apart n a fund for tho maintenance
of schools for nil children ot the Ter
ritory. Mr. Little of Arkansas, who offered
the nmondmant, has mado a spoclnl
study ot the educational conditions in
,l19 Territory and he bollovos It will
ua rognrdod favorably by tho house.
To Undertako D8tHbutlon of Venezue-
Ian Revenues.
Paris, Jan. 28. It wns lenrnod today
that tho llolglan charge d'affaires at
Caracas has Informed his diplomatic
and official colleagues that Ilclgium
will undertake tho administration ot
ie vonozuolnn customs In bohnlt ot
lB nl0B an(, oUor foro,gn clBmant8
tIma ravlnl. ihn ,,,, ,,
other nteroalod mirlIoB( from tho ro.
sponslbllty of administering tho sot
tloment. Belgian agents will bo np
pointed to receive tho customs nnd dis
tribute tho. respective portion to the
Not a Crime to Violate an Interior De
partment Order,
Salt Lako, Jan. 28. Judgo Marshall
of tho United States district court
sustained tho domurror of tho defond
nut In tho caso of tho United Stntos
vh. Frdnl'c Mnrtlnua, who was charged
with running a band of 2,000 sheep on
tho Flshlako forest rcscrvo in viola
tlon of tho rnlos formulated for tho
protection ot ' tho forost resorves by
tho socrolnry of tho Intorlor. Judgo
Marshall states that congress lias ox
ceoded Its legislative powor In onv
J. A. DIVENS, President
A. H. PALMER, Cashier.
Capitis! and Surplus
Accounts of Arms and Individuals
It Is the Best
The First National BaaR
of Marietta, I. T.
Established, 1896
Offers to depositors ovory facility which their balances, busines
and responsibility wnrrant.
Judge Overton Love
Geo. M. D. Holford
Jas. A. White
E. F. Graham H. A. Kirkpatrick
Your Grocer Will Get It for You.
Getting You.
The Bost Flour.
WHITEMAN BROTHERS, Wholesale Distributors,
powering tho secretary ot the intorlor
to mako rules, tho violation of which
would bo a criminal net, and held
that tho law was unconstitutional. Tho
decision Is roghrdod of tho groatast Im
portance to Utnh shoop mon, A num
ber of ponding similar cases will bo
thrown out ot court.
To Force a Continuous Session of the
Washington, Jan. 28. Senator Quay
mado nn offort todny to hold tho sen
ate In continuous sossion to consider
tho stntohoud bill, hut failed and wns
compollod to allow tho senate to ad
journ nt C:20 p. in. Ho sccurod an
othor ballot, howovor, to tost tho son
tlment of (ho sonata, tho volo standing
17 to 20 In his favor. Tho day was
spout In consideration of tho statehood
bit', with exception ot tho hour dovot
od to a speech by Scott of West Vir
ginia on the pension lnws.
Tho feature of tho statohpod bill un
dor speolnl consideration wns tho Ari
ona rdfundlng proposition. It was
chnrgod that tho territory has Bought
to ropudlato bonds hold by Hon. Illrd
S. Color, Into Domocrntlo cnndldato
No troublo to own a good gun. WIN
HaniB, Corhn & Co. havo mado tho buy
ing easy.
Business Property.
Urick building 25x100, central location,
ronta for SGG a month, lot 25x200.
Prlco will soil this placo.
One-story stono business houso, good
location, pays $41.50 a month rent.
If you want a good paying invest
ment you should got tho partlcularn
of theso proportion
Wo also handlo somo vory dcslrablo
homes for Balo.
Choice Lots.
Wo havo n fow vory cholco building
sltcB la SouthwoBt Ardraoro, In con
venient location. Prices aro reason
nblc. Sco us for particulars if you in
tend to build.
Tho Rodficld Agency
Real Estate, Rents, Loans.
Arc! more, - Ind. Tcr.
DON LACY, Vice-President
W. A. WOLVEriTON, Asst. Cashier.
i- -r J
solicited. Courteous treatment
all alike.
Holmes Willis
Jas. N. Kirkpatric
W. S. Derrick
J. G. Butler
Insist on him

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