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SIDNEY BUQ03, Proprietor.
Entered at tho Postofflco nt Ardmoro
as Second-class Mali Mnttor
November 2, 1893.
Published Every Afternoon (except
Saturday), and Sunday Morning.
Offlco of Publication: North Washing
ton Street .
Ono week
One month
Ono year
United States Court for tho Southern
District Indian Territory; also for the
Chickasaw Stock Association of tho
Indian Territory, and tho official organ
if tho city.
Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railway.
Galveston & Chicago Exn...3M0a.m.
Cloburno & K. C. Exp..... 4:25 p.m.
Galveston & Chicago Exp,. 12:35 un.
Cleburno & K. C. Exp 11:20a.m.
Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf Railway.
Arrlvo nt Ardmoro 1:45 p. in.
Leuvo Ardmoro 2:35 p. m.
Locnl freight carrying passengers nlso.
No trnlriB on Sundays.
All United Stntcs mails closo 30
minutes 'uior to train time
Terms of United State Court.
At ChlcknBha Begins Mondny. Sep
tember 29. 1902, and Monday, Febru
ary 1C, 1903, and contlnuea In session
.two weeks.
At Ryan Begins Monday, October
13, 1902, and Monday, March 2, 1903,
and continues In session ten days.
At Purcell Begins Thursday, Octo
ber 23, 1902, and Thursday, March 12,
1903, and continues In session ten days.
At Pauls Valley Begins Mondny,
November 3 1902, and Monday, March
23, 1903, and continues In session four
At Ada Besins Monday, December
1; 1902, nnd Mondny, April 20, 1903,
and continues In session ono week.
At Tishomingo Begins Mondny, "De
comber 8. 1902, nnd Mondny, April 27,
1903, and continues In session one
At Ardmoro Begins Monday, De
cember 15, 1902, and Monday .May 4,
1903, nnd continues In session olght
weeks or longer.
Any erroneous reflection upon tho
character or reputation of nny per
son which may bo printed In thoArd
nlorcltc, or nny nrtlclo based on re
ports that aro fnlso will bo glndly cor
rected If brought to tho attention of
tho publisher.
If you turn In a flro alarm by tele
phone, don't call for tho flro depart
ment, but tell "Central" whoro tho
flro Is. L. C. SLAUGHTER, Chtof.
fr ! -5- J- 4 4-
Uso tho Long-Dlstnnco Telcphono
nnd call up
If you want tho Ardmorelto.
4 f -fr -5- 4 4 -5-
Ardmore, Friday, January 30.
Now thnt Youlsey has confessed and
told who tho murdorers of Goobel nro,
that gentleman will doubtless not caro
If ho never goes back.
The body of an unknown man. In
a decomposed condition, was found In
a cotton seed houso recently at Musko
gee. Ho had evidently crawled In
there to sleep and tho seed caved in
on him, killing him. Two years ago
thero wero two men killed In tho snmo
manner at tho same place.
. A Washington dlspavch says tho do
partmcnt of justice docs not look with
favor on the schomo for tho division
of tho Southern ditrlct In tho Indian
Territory. Tho tono of ibo dispatch
indicating It is rathor a revival of the
fight which was waged against .Iiulgo
Houston paid $16,000 to oxpert ac
countants to "look at tho books." The
prlco pnld for this sorvlco scorns ex
orbitant, but tho exports gained over
$-10,000 for tho city which orrors, Ir
regularity and carelessness. If nothing
worse, had allowod to bo lost, so tho
city is ahead. It Booms It pays somo-
tlmes to "look at tho books."
A plan Is being maturod at Musko
gee for graveling several blocks of
streets at an oxponso of 75 conts i er
squaro ynrd. Ardmoro. with bound
less asphalt doposlts under hor nnd all
nround hor, could havo ovory streot
In town paved with asphalt for tho
same money It tho matter was taken
up and pushed.
Dovory has won out In his fight for
recognition by Tammany, nnd can enst
his voto In tho legislative committee
or tho organization. With tho people
of tho Ninth assembly district of Now
York city with him. and tho courts de
ciding In his favor, t looks ob though
tho big ox-flro chief had won dut com
plotoly in his fight for his rights In
tho organization.
Judge Marshall of tho United Statos
district court In Utah holds that con
gross oxceeds tho legislative pow
In empowering tho secretary of tho I
terlor to mako rulcB, tho violation
which would bo a criminal act. t
lipids, that such law Is unconstitution
al. Strange as this may appear. W,
Davjaf Gainesville holds tho samo
In advocating tho erection of n pub
lic school building on tho triangular
block In tho Third ward, tho Ardmore
Ito foels thnt It Is working for tho
greatest good to tho greatest number.
principle which should not bo do
nlod In nny town. Tho objection, wo
arc Informed, Is against tho erection
of a public school building on n lot
ncross a 70-foot street from personal
property, nnd tho furthor objection
that closotn In connection would con
tnmlnnto tho surroundings. This lat
ter objection seems to bo tho great
est. Yet It Is no wlso a serious one,
nnd of Itself Is fcoblo. How about tho
sanitary conditions of closets which In
connection with our ward schools exist
ovor tho city? How about llltu condi
tions at tho Whlttlugton hotel, In tho
contor of tho city? Has any nulsanco
ovor been mnlnlnlnod, or reported
from any of thoso plocos? No. And
wo presumo no groator fenr need bo
ontortalnod with tho surroundings of n
school In tho Third ward. Again, wo
linvo Information thnt some of tho ob
jectors for tho reason Just stated havo
no rosldonco buildings on tho lots
which thoy foar will becomo polluted.
Tho lots aro foncod but otherwise va
cant. Wo do not say that theso lots
were purchased for speculation, but
do say thoy aro at presont vacant. At
tho closoflt approximation tho school
building nnd tho objoctors' rosldcnco,
should thoy both be built, would bo 125
foot npnrt, a dlstanco Bafo onough, It
nppoars to us, to purify an untainted
atmosphere botweon thorn. We do not
wish to be understood as fighting the
gentlemen who opposo this building
proposition, on tho contrary, If wo
wero placed In tholr position wo would
ory llkoly do tho samo thing. It Is
only tholr mfsfortuno to bo so placod.
Wo aro only giving facts ns wo obtain
thorn, and ns wo said at the outset bo
llevo that tho groatost good should ac-
cruo to tho groatost number, nnd think
It will, by tho erection of tbo school
house on tho lot In question.
They are now threatening In the sen-
nte to read tho speech of Sonntor Quay
In opposition to Senator Quay. It be
ing tho speech ho threatened to road
during tho discussion of tho Wilson
bill, when that measuro was boforo
tho sonato. unloBB he secured a duty
which ho doslrcd on carpets. Mr.
Quay is at this time pressing for log
Islntlon, just as tho domocrats wero
pressing thon, and tho speech was
prepared to kill tlmo nnd oventunlly
olthor prevent tho passage of tho tariff
bill or glvo Quay what ho wanted. At
proscnt tho same speech Is to bo used
to ptovent him from securing legls-
laum on tno statehood bill, it re
lates wholly to tho carpet weaving in
ilus try, but In tho sonato thoro Is nei
ther limit In tho debnto nor rulo con
fining tho sonator to. the question at
issue. Hcnco It can bo used just ns
well In a Torrltory fight as In a enrpot
Tho blockado situation romalns un
chnnged and thero Is little possibility
of Its being raised so long as Vcnezu
ola adheres to her present demand for
nn equal participation of all claimants
In tho 30 per cent customs guarantee,
In tho opinion of tho Kansas City
Journal tho good people who aro work
ing for tho downfall of Sonator Sraoot
of Utnh and endeavoring to induce tho
senate of tho United States to deny
him admission, will havo tholr labor
for their pains. It Is pointed out that
to bo n Mormon Is not rated as n
crlmo In the United States, nor Is It
proved that Sonator Smoot has ovor
commlttod nny sort of a crime. Con
trary to tho practlco of somo mambors
of tho Mormon church, ho Is tho litis
band of but one wlfo.
mat Guthrlo Is sorlously affected
with potty robbers, moro so, probably,
than Ardmoro, appear to be a fact.
It wo may judgo from this cllnnini-
trom n Guthrlo papor: Yostorday
evening two of tho night pollcomon
entered n rotaurant for tholr midnight
lunch. When through with tho eating
ono of tho ofllcors got up from tho
counter, put his foot on tho stool, pull
od up his trousers log nnd from tho
Innor side of his sock brought frrth a
two dollar William. Tho luncheon for
tho two camo to forty conts and tho
copper asked tho restaurant keener
to take caro of the change for him
unui morning in order that robbers
could not touch him for it.
John Howard Killed.
l.oxington, Ky Jan. 29. In a gen
oral light In Broathltt county this af
ternoon John Howard, cousin to Jos
Howard, accusod of assassinating Wit
nam uoouoi. was shot through tho
stomach and klllod. Howard's wlfo
and two of his youngor brothers mot
ai ijuoriy uioraouts and two of hlu
brothers nt tho country store. Thoy
had been enomlos for somo tlmo. nnd
Instantly a fierce fight was In progress
Howard had come away without re
volvers for tho first tlmo In ten years
uno or tho Cloraonts wns hit with
hammer and badly hurt.
SubscrlbB for tho Ardmorelte.
The Sufferers, Their Loss and Insur
ance Delleved to Have Had In
cendiary Orlflln Letter Re
ceived Threatening Town.
Special 'Phono to tho Ardmorcltc.
Comancho, I. T., Jan. 30. Comancho
last night suffered the most disastrous
flro In her history,. Six business
houses on tho north sfdo of Main
streot, together with tholr contontB.
woro destroyod.
Tho flro originated In the ofllco
rooms over tho drug store of Mont
gomery & Co., and was dlscovcrod at
about 10 o'clock. From this building,
which Is located on tho corner, tho
I! am os sprend rapidly cast along Mnln
street to tho W. A. Yntes stono build
ing, whorp tholr progress was stopped.
Following is a list of those who
suffered from tho conflagration:
Montgomery & Co., drugs; loss on
stock $2,150. building nnd fixtures
$1,200, Insurance) $2,000.
A. V. Wookley, drugs; loss $2,500,
Insuranco $1,000.
Drs. Montgomery & Prultt, who oc
cupied rooms ovor tho Montgomery
drug store; loss on library and fixtures
$300, Insuranco $75.
Dr. J. A. McAfee, dontls-t, who also
occupied rooms ovor tho drug store.
lost hla fixtures and library.
Immediately oast of the two drug
stores-was a vacant- building, the prop-
orty of Yatos Bros., valued at $100; no
Tom Bogloy, grocorios loss on
goodB and flxturoB $C00, Insurance
E M. Yatos, Sr., building occupied
by Uegley grocery store, eatlmnted
nluo,$500; no Insurance.
I. W. King, groceries, stock vnluod
at $)400, loss estimated at $1,000; In
suranco $G75. '
Llgo Yatos, building occupied Kby
King, vnluo $450; no insuranco.
Tho roof nnd front of th& W. A.
Yatos stono building, which stopped
the Hames on tho east, was damaged
to tho amount of $250.
The first room of the stono building
was occupied by W. A. Yatos with a
stock of grocorios. This' stock was
damaged by water and tho hasty re-
monl of tho goods to the amount of
Tho same gontlemnn occupied tho
second room with a $10,000 stock of
dry goods. This stock was damaged
about $2,000. Ho was fully insured.'
Tho wind bolng In tho north the
building across the streot south from
tho burned district suffered consider
ably. Tho three brick buildings owp
ed by J. F. Way mire of Grapevine.
Texas, and occupied by tho First Na
tional bank, W. W. Kldd's dry goods
and the Burt B. Case music BtoreB wore
damaged considerably In this mannor.
The plate gloss In tho front of all of
them bolng broken. Mr. Waymlro'fi
loss Is covored by insurance. The
front of B. F. Mousey 's store wat dam
aged to Uio extent of $150 nnd MJllor
& Co. $100. None of tho merchandise
In any of theso stores wns damaged.
Tho majority of our people, osneclal
ly those who reached tho flro beforo
It had mado much prosress, believe It
to have been of Incondlary origin.
A fow days ago City Marshal Ray
received a letter from an unknown
party In which the sender had drawn
a picture of tho offlcor hung to a llrnb
of a tree, a coflln on tho ground no
noath him and somo ono standing bo
hind him nnd shooting at him with n
revolvor. Tho wrltor nlso threatened
the town with a flro or somo calamity.
It Is bolloeod tho wrltor had somo
connection with I:.st night's flro and
tho ofllcors aro at work trying to learn
bis ldontlty.
Better Indian Agents.
Washington, Jan. 29. Thoro Is a
strong likelihood thnt tho Indian
ngonts hereafter to bo appolntod will
bo out on tho classified sorvlco and
no appointments will be mado to theso
positions unkiss the applicant has
passe' ho civil service examination.
This i j been recommended by Com
missioner Jones and has been pro
posed to tho presldont by tho Indian
Rights' Association nnd tho president
Is understood to tuvor tho suggestion
nnd will take the Indian agents Into
tho classified service Tho Rights'
Association claims that Uio backward
ness, of tho Indians In tho matter of
civilization Is due to tho class of men
who have been selected for tho posi
tions of Indian agent. Tho commis
sioner practically agrpos with this
vlow and tho president Is perauaded
that tho boat intor-osts of tho IndlnnB
demand that thero shall bo a reform
in tho appointment of agents.
No Expansion of Townsltes Until
Titles Are Perfected.
A number of towns In the Indlnn
Tenltory which havo been surveyed
nnd platted, In conformity with tho
townslto law now In operation, and
tho Bitrvoy and plat approved by the
seorotnry of tho Interior, 'havo boon
mnklng vigorous efforts to havo tho
acreage of their townsltes Increased.
Tho Interior department has decid
ed that no Increase In tho acreago of
any townslto In tho Indian Territory,
previously nurveyed, platted and ap
proved, will be allowod until land ti
tles aro perfected. According to this
decision, no land can bo added to a
town already Biirvoyed and platted, un
dor tho torms provided for original
The only mnnner In which tho area
of a townslto can bo Increased Is by
dealing with tho Individual allottco
after ho is in possession of a deed to
his land. Towno in Indlnn Territory
can oxtond tholr boundaries ovor land
to which tho nllotteo Is In possession
of a title by denllng with tho ownor
or the land, In conformity with, the
rule nnd rogulntlons governing the
snlo of Indian land, published In a pre
vious Issue of this papor.
This decision on tho part of the sec
retary of tho intorlor Is In tho Interest
of tho allottco, who will now rocolvo
tho benefit of tho Increaso In ho value
of lands adjacent to townsltes.
Germany Will Not Be Permitted
Bluff Thlc Country.
Washington, Jan. 29. Tho Vonozuo-
lan situation, especially tho attitude
of Germany, was dlsctiBBod by the son
ato commlttco on military affairs to
day and tho situation Influenced tho
committee on somo niattors pdrtalnlng
to tho army appropriation bill, among
which was tho decision to nccopt the
house provision rolatlng to transporta
tion; that they bo retained In sorvlco.
Tho commltteo also provldod for an
Increase of olcctrlclans, skilled gun
nors, machinists nnd sergeants and
others who take care of and handlo
tho guns In tho sea coast dofonses.
Somo other additions woro made In
tho bill with tho view of Improving
tho sorvlce. Tho discussion was gen
eral and earnest and tho conclusion
renchod, as stated by a member of tho
committee, wns that tho United Stntes
mako It plain that tho honor and
dignity of tho country would bo main
tnlned and that Gormany should not
bo allowod to "bluff" the government
by any nttltudo she might assume.
Bill Was Introduced to Increase It to
One Hundred Thousand Per Year.
Washington. Jan. 29. A bill was
introducod I n't ho house today by Rep
resentative Brlstow of New York, In
creasing tho salary of tho president of
thp United States from $50,000 to $100,
000 annually.
It was referred to tho appropriations
Tho fact that tho bill was Introduced
by a mcmbor of the delegation from
Roosevelt's own state gave rlso to tho
report that Mr. Brlstow's, action was
taken with tho, knowledge nnd consent
of tho president. "While President
Roosovolt would bo a beneficiary of
the bill If enncted In caso bo Is re
elected," said Mr. Brlstow, -"ho had
nothing whatever td do with Uio
preparation and Introduction of the
bill. Wo pay our president a niggard
ly salary, and I bollovo ho should ro
colvo moro as wo becomo more and
moro of a world power. The personal
nxponBos of tho president Increaso
To mako your homo complete nnd
your kitchen neat nnd comfortable
you need only n. Garland stove.
Own a double-barrel, hammorless
shotgun for less money than you ovor
thought possible. Williams, Corhn
Co. havo cut tho prlco.
Subscribe for tho Ardmorelte.
Make Our Store Your
You are Looking Around or When You Have
Come in From Out of
We Sell and Buy
Second Hand Goods.
We have jast received n bitr shipment of Carpets, Rugs, Rookirif?
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business. We sell for cash or
Easy Payments.
Call, Berid word, write or 'phone No. 104. Free Delivery.
H A T T , Jtr. PI TT T I
ntroduceg Omnibus Dill ao Rider to
Appropriation Bills
Washington, Jan. 29. A few mln-
utofl before Senator I-odge suspended
his speech in opposition to tho omni
bus statehood bill yostorday Senator
Quay, In chargo of tho bill, Introduced
the statehood measure as an amend
ment to each of tho two appropriation
bills the agricultural and tho sundry
civil bills. Tho document was handed
In quietly nnd tho occurrenco attract
ed no attention nt tho time. Tho
amendments contained In each caso all
tho provisions of the bill oh It came
from tho houso and provides for tho
ndmlsslon of Oklahoma, New Mexico
and Arizona as states to tho Union.
Sonator Quay would not discuss tho
purpose of this stop, but his friends
practically admit that It Is tho Inten
tion so to Join tho measure with tho
bills providing money for tho conduct
of tho business of tho government ns
to render it necessary to accept Btato
hood In order to secure the passage of
appropriation bills. Thnt this is tho
purpose is mado moro evident by the
fact that Mr. Quay requested that the
amendments bo roforred to tho com
mltteo on organization and conduct of
executive departments, of which ho Is
chairman. A rulo of tho ncnnto re
quires that In ordor to avoid bolng
thrown out on a point of ordor an
amondmcnt to the appropriation bill
must bo roported by somo committee
of tho sonato. Sonator Quay's com
mittee Is composed of nine members,
a largo majority of whom are friendly
to the admission of all three territories
as states, although It Is a committee
which has not had a meeting for years
It Is contended that It Is perfectly com
petent to pass on any moasuro that
may bo referred to It for consideration.
In the usual ordor of business tho
amendment to tho sundry vlcll bills
would havo been roforred to tho com-
motteo on appropriations and the
nmendmont to the agricultural bill to
the commltteo on agriculture, but this
was not becnuBo these committees aro
not so certainly favorablo to the stnte-
hod propositions, If favorable at all
to It. Hence Mr. Quay decided to hnve
tho measure go to his own commltteo
where ho was suro of securing tho ac
tion ho seeks. Tho Intention Is to
havo the committee called together at
an early date to consider tho nmend
It Is understood that tho decision to
take this stop accounts for Mr. Quay's
motion to adjourn at an unusually
early hour in tho face or tho notlco
given by hlra that ho would ask tho
senate to sit in continuous session
until the statehood bill hould be dis
posed of.
If, as has boon roported, President
Roosovolt has read the handwriting
on tho wall and Bees but little chanco
to occupying tho presidential chair
again, ho may be depended upon to
Inject as much strcnuoslty into tho re
mainder of his present term as possl
A Tcndrr llusbnud.
ia connection with a slight affec
tion of Mrs. Ulysses S. Grant'o eyes a
very pretty story is told Indicative of
General Grunt's tender devotion, to her.
When he wns president, she became
somewhat' sensltlvo about her eyes-
she suffered from strabismus nnd cou
suited n specialist to Bee what could be
done for her. The specialist told her
ho thought he could Improve her eyes,
but the operation would bo, painful.
She consulted her husband to learn
whether he would advise tho operation.
"Don't have It done, dear." snld the
general, presslug her cheeks with his
two linntlK. "Let those dear eyes stny
Just ns they lire. If they were chnnged.
I might not recognize my sweetheart."
l)U(lllt-u Tmvplrl b- Oilor.
As nn illustration of the distance
odors nro carried It Is noteworthy thnt
the fumes nnd exhalations from the
sulphur Mirliigs of Colorado can be ills
tlngulHhed tit u dlstnucu of fully twenty
iiiIIok, The delicious perfume of the
forests of Ceylon Is curried by tho
wind twenty-flvu miles, out to Hen, while
In foggy wcu t her travelers 100 miles
from the hind havo recognized tholr
proximity to thp coaKt of Colombia by
the sweet smell brought them ou u
Headquarters When
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rcelved for less than fifteen (15)
cents. Special monthly ratos fur
nished on application. The notice
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"Found," "For Rent," "For Snlo,"
"Stolen," "Strayed," or any purpose
without display lines.
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furnished front room, 4V& blocks
from Main streot. E. G. Murphy, at
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WANTED Men to loam barber trade.
Always rush for barbers In spring.
Prcpnro now. Years saved by our
method. Steady practice, tools, di
plomas, positions nnd board given.
Cataloguo mailed free. Molur JOar
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S. E. Jonklns. 25-it
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threo horses for ensh or on time.
Apply Randol. Banks & Co., or J.
F. Young. 25-Ct.
Bankrupt Notice.
In tho United States court for the
Southern district of tho Indian Ter
ritory, In bankruptcy. In tho mat
tor of D. C. Brady, bankrupt. In bank
ruptcy. To tho creditors of D. C. Brndy of
Francis, I. T., In a division sof the
district aforesaid, bankrupt: Notice
Is heroby given that on tho 27th y
of January, A. D., 1903, the said D. C.
Brady was duly adjudicated bankrupt,
nnd thnt the first meeting of sold cred
itors will bo held at my office In the
courthouse at Ada on the 10th day of
Fobruary, A. D., 1903, at 1 o'clock In
tho afternoon, .at which time tho aW
creditors may attend, prove thilr
claims, appoint a trustee, exnmtie
the bankrupt and transact such otber
business ns may properly come befcre
gjild meeting.
b. p. Ginw,
Referee In Bankruptcy.
First published Ja. 2S 1903.
Doak & Smith's
Real Estate and
Rental Bargains:
Two-room houso with nice lot l&HS
in N. W. Ardmoro. A bargain at
Several cholco resldenoe lots la
North Ardmore. Cheap for cash.
For salo or will exchange for Ard
moro proporty, 1C0 acros In Cleveland
county, Oklahoma.
Somo good residence property
Northeast Ardmoro.
Somo nice ofHco rooms over T. K
Threo or four rooms aver E
EtaaB Estate and
Ronta! Agents.
(lira ains
IUyIuc ImprovtUKsU an
isfkultal or Crass ki for Me
Willllnditto their adran
tngo to pee me before .
selling. I will sivospeuial
attention to those that
can give possession of
hont.ea immediately.
Ardmore, I. T.
trio most hsaltng calvo in tho world

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