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SIDNEY 8UOOS, Proprietor.
entered at the rostofflce at Ardmore
cjs Second-class aiau Atawwr
November Z. itw
Published Every Afternoon (except
Saturday), and Sunday Morning.
Offlce of Publication: North Washing
ton Street .
IVn vmV
On month
Oae year
rm. ncciritl NEWSPAPER of the
Uarted 8tates Court for the Southern
District Indian Territory; also for the
Cfelckasaw Stock Association Oi the
Indian Territory, and the official organ
of the city.
Qulf, Colorado A. 8anU Fe nallway.
OalTcston & Chicago Exp. . .3:40 a.m.
Cleburne tc K. C. Exp 4:25 p.m.
(fclveston & Chicago Exp.. 12:35 MB,
Cleburne & K. C. Sxp 11:20 a. m.
Choctaw, Oklahoma and Qulf Railway.
Arrive at Ardmore 1:45 p. m.
Leavo Ardmore 2:35 p. m.
Local freight carrying passengers also.
No trains on Sundays.
All United States malls closo 30
minutes prior to train time.
Any erroneous reflection upon the
character or reputation of any per
son which may bo printed In tboArd
morelte, or any artlclo based on re
port that aro false will be gladly cor
rected If brought to tho attention of
the publisher.
If you turn In a flro alarm by tele
phone, don't call for tho Are depart
ment, but tell "Central" whero tho
flro Is. L. C. SLAUGHTER, Chlof.
Use tho Long-Distance Telephone
and call up.
' If ydu want tho Ardmorclte.
4. 4, Jj. Jj. 4. 4, 4.
Ardmore, Tuesday, February 24.
Ardmoreite' Traveling Agents.
Tho following nre the traveling rep
resentatives of tho Dally and Weokly
Ardmorolto, who are authorized to so
licit and receipt for subscriptions and
advertisements for olthor publication.
J. W. Smith. Wllllo Kennody, K. C.
Tucker, J. O. Sprcckelmoyor and J.
V. Easloy.
Scarlet fever Is reported raging at
Pawnee, Oklahoma.
Ponca City Is tbu only democratic
town In Kay county, Oklahoma.
From every direction comoB tho re
port of loscas among cattlo during last
week's storm.
Tho schodule and nppralsomont of
town lots at VInlla has been approved
by tho lutorlor department.
Hanna's ponslon slavo bill has caused
tho postollloo dopartmont to watch out
for the sharpers It
Is expected to
Taken as a whole the municipal cam
palgn In Ardmore gives promise otjbo
Ing moro llvoly than nny of Its "p'rodo-j
ccssora. Tho best men will win, as
they always do.
; March 1 Is tho1ateBet for tile up
HBlnc In tho Balkan ctateB. It Is
feared thatho" Turkish troops may
tnako a I general slaughter, In Mace
donia, onco thoy get startoii.
There Is much undor-curront talk
among our citizens regarding cortaln
actions of the city council. Tho Ard
morolto claims u conBorvatlvo dlstlnc
tlon, ano that we should not take for
granted on ovory thing wo hoar
abroad, but rnthor that duo and dill-
gont Inquiry should be tnado. It Is
posslblo that mistakes have boen made
by eonio members of Ardmoro's city
coiinoll. Wo do not say nil, for there
nro somo by nbsonco exempt. Wo
would advleo, howover, that tho pooplc
wait, that they have patloncu, until
t) o report of tho flnnnclal condition of
tho city Is given to tho public. Such a
statement ling boon uskod for by tho
city council, and such n stntnmont hns
been promised by Mayor Dick, who
proposos to put an oxport to work on
tho books.. Aftor this Is tuado public
tho. people should know oxaotly how
they stand. Thoro aro no doubt many
things transpiring In tho big deals
now being pushed by tho city that
somo of her pooplo would like to
know, but may not. And that "not"
Is whero all tho discontent has arlson.
Tho peoplo claim and should know
whero their monoy has boon spont and
what It has boon spont for. Enough
talk has beon mado to stir up hard
foellngir, but tho Ardmorolto wants to
fioo this Bontlmont withheld, awaiting
tho report of tho mayor and his expert
accountant when wo feci assured that
everything will be mado plain and sat
isfactory to tho most Inconsistent. If
tho report does not proves satisfactory,
then tho sooner a romcdy Is applied
tho. bettor It will bo for the city and
everybody concerned.
Tho W. O. T. U. will meet with
Wrtf. Madden Wednesday afternoon.
The Chickasaw Indians, especially
those who hare been Identified wttb
the government of tfc Indians in the
but few years, are very murh In favor
of abolishing the government of the
tribe, as It is at present constituted.
They argue, and with good reason.
Utat tkeve la nothing to the present
form of government, that Is of any
rata to Uio Chickasaw people as a
whole. As a matter of fact the acta
of tho Chickasaw legislature are moro
child's play and amount to nothing,
andjw far the Chlekasaw officers be
ing ablo to do anything In the way
of enforcing laws, keeping tho peace,
or anything that In any way helps the
condition of the Chlekasaw people,
that Is all stuff. Tho laws amount to
nothing, and the office-holders perform
purely perfunctory ami needless du
ties. It has been suggested by some that
If the tribal govornment of the nation
be now dissolved, that here will be no
moans of carrying on schools. It is
suggested by those who favor a
change of Chickasaw affairs and abol
ishment of all form of tribal govern
ment that the contracts now standing
for schools for the nation be provided
for. Tho Interest on the trust funds
of tho nation now amounts to some
thing like ICG.OeO annually, and the
royalties from tho coal and asphalt
mines amount to about $84,090. There
are only about 760 Chickasaw school
children to bo educated, and thero Is
a fund available for tholr oJucatlon,
amounting to $100,000 per annum. It
Is entirely sufllclont not only to odu
cato those 750 ohlldron but would
clothe them ob well, and provide modi
cal attention for thorn. Thero would
bo no trouble! about odocatlng the
children. There. would bo moro-monoy
ior ouunationai purposes, in fact, than
thero Is undor the tfreeont ordor ot
things, whon so much money Is taken
out of tho school fund to keep upj d
form of government that Is not need-
xl and cannot be of any further uso
o the people..
A movement Is on foot among the
Chlckasaws to end the government by
the tribe with the end of the Moseloy
administration. It would havo two
moro years of logal life. If the Indians
want to continue It, but thoy figure
that considerable monoy may bo sav
ed by stopping It boforo tho time is
out, and that tho children who need
education may receive bettor educa
tion by tho nbollshmont of tho tribal
Tho Chlckasaws Vho havo studied
tho woll-belng of tho pebplo of the
Nation nro In favor of doing oyorythlng
posslblo that will havo a tondonoy to
protect nnd savov tho monoy of tho
people nnd to educate tho children of
tho Chickasaw people looking to the
time when they shall need such edu
cation to copo with tho white pooplo
with whom thoy will hnve to compete
on equal terms.
It looks llko tho time Is now ripo
for tho removal of all tho old tribal
formB and offlcos and that truly It
would moan a great saving to tho
POopHjfjof tho nation to havo the gov
ernment onded boforo tho tlmo for It
allotted to run, by tho Aioku agree
mAH, TA I . T , . .
mum. Liuiiisou uit;uu.
The Indian agent has been giving
lyuBmurauie puuiiniy to a tnrcat that!
if tho tribal tax on morohants Is not
paid ho will closo tho stores through
tho Indian Territory. Wlthbut enter
ing Into a discussion of this tax, a tax
which pays for.no protection, a lax
which Is pure trtbtilo for the right to
llvo and do business, a tax In addition
to laxos for schools and police protec
tion a, a gift to support a Joke govorn
ment whose chief function is to give
n few men Jobs, wo doslre to coll our
readers' attontlon to a decision hand
ml down by the court of nnneals for
the Indian Territory at tho October
term. 1002. This decision says that
stores cannot bo closed for failure to
pay tax and that men In possession of
town lots In regularly platted town-
sites cannot bo ojactod as Intruders.
Tho only moans loft for the collection
of this debt Is tho ordinary channol of
mo courts.
With duo deforonco to the onlnlon
of tho secrotary of tho Interior this Is
now tho law. Tho regular Judiciary
haB so decided. Tho threat of the
Indian agont Is consequently omDtv.
Tho wldo publicity given it Is moroly
a bluff, to Intimidate tho timid.
If tho tax could bo collected. In ad
dition to tho Fedornl tax and the city
tax. tho chlof wholoBale men of tho
Indian Territory would havo to move
out. Tho tax Is lovlod on all goods
Introduced. This during the year Is
often four or flvo times tho value of
tho stock. Tho tax would bo a bur.
den which tho Territory wholesalo bus-
Inofls men could not stand.
Ono of tho leading wholesale men
In tho city said today: "Wo would
havo to movo to Fort Smith If forced
to pay this tax In addition to tho city
tax. Wo could ship goods In hero
from Fort Smith lots cheaper than to
pay the tax on ovcry shipment of
goods we have bro tght lie? "VVi will
resist the pa. in' at and If forced to pay
It by the lat court, we will dimply
have to mow" '
It Is a kprioiiK matter. It h '" be
hoped that the merchants and whole.
sale mm will stand together in resist
tag this Imposition. The Kvenlag
Considerable toM among stock is re
ported here now. A number of cattle
on the ranches of Etph James and
Robert Cobb have died during the last
spell of bad weather.
John Patton went to Ardmore to
Owing to the bad weather some
stock are dying. Alva Ross has lost
a number of head In the last week or
L J. Akers went to Ardmore today.
Albort Plorco and wife were visitors
In our city last week.
Ills Bettle Carter returned to her
aorao In Caddo yostoroey after sereral
days' visit her.
Caddo creek is overflowed and a
good many fences gone.
Tho people are proparlng to plant
J. C. PruitX brought a toad of mer
chandise from Ardmore yesterday.
Soveral of our people wont to Artf-
more (today.
Deputy Blgyard arrostod Cus Tabler
W. A. Howard, who has. boon very
sick. Is reported bolter today,.
School rosumod work this morning.
Pauls Valley.
A man by the name of Leo Rollins
accidentally shot his wife hero last
W. V. Richardson, who lives north
west of town, come In yesterday and
shaved up and disappeared and has
not been hoard of since.
Tho horso-stonllng committee of this
section did a pleco of Uuslneen In reg
ulor ordor last night. The officers
think thoy havo them located In the
Wood reservation wost of tho city.
Our streets aro boing worked today
a thing much needed after ' tho
weathor of tho past weok or so.
Charles Pearson has roturned from
Ryan whore he has boon ropalrlng the
tolephono line. (
J. Will Smith, traveling, reprosentn
tive of the Ardmoreite, Is here and Is
transacting a great deal of bus(ngs
for the greatest paper of the flvo
clvillzod tribes.
J. F. Copoland of the Comanche
News Is in Washington lobbying for
the establishment of a Federal court
horo. Comanche Is more centrally lo-
catod than Ryan, has a groator popula
tlon and believes itself more entitled
to Federal, patronage than the latter
. e , ,, Waurlka.
Tho work. on tho new railroad Is to
be puRhod now; A large commissary
outfit Is already established and the
work mules nro being drlvon through
from NInnoka nnd Chlckashn. .Tho
grading tools will bo shipped by rail
at onco. i
Tho plows and scrapers to be tisod
In grading tho new line of road from
hero to Ardmoro hnve arrived and
work Is oxpocted to begin by next
Judge Dennoe is holding' commis
sioner's court now.
Arraet Malnes, Mr. Wood and J. A.
Rogers returned yesterday evening
from Mluoo, where they went to at
tend the funeral of a air. Jones who
was a prominent Odd Fellow.
Wiley Shockley haa bought a now
residence here and Is moving to It to
day. Tom Little Is In town today prepar
ing to move somo bouses to New Dur
wood.. Burneyvllle.
A series of mooting aro being held
hore and groat Interest Is being mani
fested. Already a dozon or moro
have ombracod tho Christian rollglon.
The service aro being conducted by
Rev. G. W. Plorco of St. Jo. Texas,
and Rev. Morris of Burleson.
Our literary school opens Monday
morning with a good attendance. Mrs.
D. Y Stout Is tho toachor.
Stoek are In bad condition herO and
many or the local stockmen nro losing
Oat sowing Is now being pushed
by tho farmers.
A prayer meeting has beou organ
ized and will meet at the church ovory
Wednesday night. . , .
Lone Grove. .v.
J.S. Colston and Miss Sallle Putnam
of Reck, while returning homo from
Ardmore, wore married here yesterTfny
by Rev. Clay.
I .one Grove lias a good school of
sixty pupils under the management of
Rev. and Mrs. Clay.
Ad Comanche
Walters, Oklahoma.
PrwwM brick are arriving from Ok
lahoma City and a half block of brick
buildings is now under construction
TV building Is be'ng done by the
First National bank, which will oc
cupy the corner building.
Walters la a fast growing town of
almost 1,004 people.
J. H. Moore, T. J .Clark and Drs
Clark and Thaganl arc attending court
at Chlekasfea this week.
Holder. '
L. O. Smith Is transacting buslnoss
today at McMillan.
Today's Washington dlspatcbos say
that Senator Culberson roported from
the senate Judiciary committee today
the Stephens bill establishing a Fed
oral court at Dunean and Marietta, I.
T. The bill, as it passed the house.
provides for courts at Duncan. Marl
eita.and Comanche, but It was amend
ed In the senate Judiciary committee
by eliminating Comanche. The bill
as reported Is In the shape as origin
ally Introduced by Representative
The Bank of Commerce.
There has 'been much talk on our
streets about another bank about to be
established hero, that the Ardmoreite
feels It Its duty to say a few wordB.
In the first place, that there will be
another bank started there seems to
bo no oubt. From those with whom we
tal:.d this morning at seom? to bo
Ihe concetsus of opinion that tho bank
will bo called the Bank of Commerce.
ted tho same vtl, bo capitalized at
about $50,000 or SGO.000.
But Just who will bo the offloors pf
tho bank Is not yotdotormlnod, for the
stock has not all been takon, no elec
tion has been hold to elect an officer.
We learned, however, that H. B.
Coyov of Ardmoro Is a prime mover In
It; 'hat bis father and most all his
jeople are bankers back In Tennessee
and that while Mr. Covey was now the
goneral agent of the Druggists Flro
Insurance company, of South McAlos
ter. he would probably make good
presidential tlmebr.
Tho above Is Just about tho status
of the Bank of Commorcc nt presont.
Some I.cttrrM Tlinl Men Clin Xi-ver
l.pnrn In Make
"Why Is It that with somo mon somo
letters of the nlphnbet nre hnrdor to
make than other nnd, lu fnct, that
there nre some letters that some men
never learned how to make?" asked a
young man who takes considerable In
terest In the matter of handwriting In
the New Orleans Times-Democrat. "It
Is a rather singular fact that nearly
every man outside of the experts H
weak on oue or more of the letters lu
the English alphabet Sometimes tho
lottor Involved Is n capital letter; some
times It Is of the smaller kind; some
times It Is one letter nnd. sometimes
nnother. In nny event, you will llud
few men who are exempt from the fall
ing referred to.
"I know of one man who In spite of
the fact that he does U great deal of
writing has never learned bow to make
a capital P. He simply makes a stag
ger at It. and, as n nile, the roault of
his efforts will look more llko a small
p than like the capital P. I know nn
other man who enn't make a small f
lo save bis life. He can never got tbjj
lower part of the letter below the line.
He makes It look like a clubfooted b
Instead of nu f. There arc others who,
whup thoy try to make the small b,
give It the long shank, and It looks
more like the letter f. It Is rnthor sin
gular that these (raits should ban? on
to a man's writing for a lifetime, but
they do It Xuit the same, mid If you
make n Tew Inquiries nmpng your
frlonds and acquaintances you will find
that but few of them are oxempt from
this fault.
"It Is very much like the hnblt of
spelling certain words Incorrectly.
Many men who are rated .is first class
spellers pass tltrough life without ever
In a single Instance spelling cortaln
words correctly. It Is due to habit
largoly. If you should ask them how
to spell the word, thoy would tell you,
but, when they go to write It, that Is
quite different, nnd they will got It
wrong every time. So they know, too,
how certain letters should bo made, but
they simply can't put them down ou
paper. It Is a curious but common
llrlntnl Kluilum.
Mr. Smith (In street carl Madam.
tnke my Bent.
Mrs. Jones (who lino been standing
(lftceii minutes) No. thanks. I get off
nt the next corner.
Mr. Sitilth-Tlmfs all right. So do I.
-Chl'.ngo Journal.
o t'.c nt All.
He (who lia offcuded her) Won't
you look up nt inc?
She If I did. you'd kiss me agnln.
He No; honest. I won't.
She. Then what's the use? Life.
A Itenilmli-r,
Dearborn What have you got that
string lied about your 0 tiger for?
Wabash Ob. I've beon getting war
rled, niul my wlfo doesu't want tue to
forget it Boston Herald.
Hypocrisy becomes a necessity for
those who llvo scandalously. DcFInod.
By W. O. Nicholas.
Ppocfti to the Ardmoreite.
New r Feb 21 The trtisl :u
nte art reeking information a' it
George B Cortelyou. who has bn
selected ii i secretary for the ri-vv
.-rented .'epartmen' of comm-.v
Their merest In Mr. Cortelyou grows
out of the fact that In him is Invested
the trntbu'iy to dig Into the prl.-tte
affairs of the trust corporations, whose
Mcrots have heretofore bean .nvin.
inie. The power lodged In iir. OrlM
yon i to a degree dlscretlonury. n Ir
for him tc hay whether or not lnvo4tl
gaton shall be made and how deep
the Inquiry may go; also how much of
the Information obtained may be prop
erly glvon to the public. Tho essence
of the u-tniB on Mr. Cortelyoa Is that
ho is a man f excellent Judgment and
very ripe experience in public ffarl3
and not glen to spectacular gal'p-y
plays t'cnsoquontly while nit leol
Ing r.iiy ilbf like a sense r. owner
fhip of Mr. Cortelyou, they ut n i
f'r that he will annoy them n itjcck-
tartly or adopt demagogical .io-.--.ues
against them. iot of Mr. Cortelyou's
life hag len spent In New 'oik cltv
and his knowledge of large is
mere or leib Intimate, a. thou: i ,-un
lie hveciere he was comov i'l.ly
unknown . a personality.
Tho objections to the publicity
provision or toe now rode. .. laws aro
confli.ed to r. comparative. men.
conspicuous among whom are John D.
Rockefeller and H. O. Havemoyor.
These two individuals dominate two
of the most successful Industries In
tho world Standard Oil and American
Sugar Roflnerles (snger trust). It has
been their policy from the first to with
hold everything but the barest skele
ton statoments of the net results of
business dono. Thoy nre autocratic
In their specialties and Insist that
neither the public nor the stockholders
havo any right to Inquire as to the
details or general policy and they
have consistently lived up to their
ideal In this respect. Every minor
stockholder In these concerns Is ab
solutely In the dark as to what his
Investment represents. All he knows
Is that at certain Intervals and at the
pleasure of the dominating mnnngo
ment, dividends are distributed and
market quotations for the stoek aro
based amost entirely thereon. Conse
quently Sir. Mr. Rockefeller and Mr.
Havemoyor took fright at the sugges
tion thnt they might have to take the
public Into their confidence; hence
their earnest objections to having
"publicity" written Into tho law..
Early In March the Standard oil
stock holders are to recelvo $20,000,
000 in dividends. This mnkos $328,
000,000 paid by the Standnrd oil to Its
stockholders within a period of twelve
yoars. Enormous additional profits
have boon paid Insiders in the way of
dividends on tho stock of the com
panies which aro tho outgrowth of the
oil buslnoss. Tho Sttudard oil build
ing, an Immenso structure on Lower
Broadway, Is filled with these minor
companlos. It Is designted In tho
"Btreot" as "26 Broadway." a name
that ombracos not a multitude of sins
exactly, but a multitude of Standard
oil projects.
Big money is still needed by the
big people In tho carrying out of their
ments and extension of railroads and
dustrinl development. Tho stock mar
ket Ihorcforo waits until the edge of
tho appetito of the giants is turned.
The time Is considered opportune by
tho masters of tho situation for mak
ing provision for contemplated botter-
raents and extension of rallrods, and
for tho conduct of larger financial deals
In connection with tho stool trust and
othtr protontlous Industrials. Thoso
noeds nre In rapid process of being
supplied, nnd the public Is receiving
pointed hints thnt It will not be long
before an Invitation Will be extended
to take part In anohor bull movement.
Moantlme tho conditions nro Improv
ing in evory way. Railway earnings
nro up to tho fullost expectations.
both gross nnd not. The vast sums
which have been invosted In putting
transportation properties In Improved
revenue bearing position aro yielding
fruit Thero Is still urgent necessity
for further investments and great sums
aro being expended now in bringing
tho properties to tho point of tho
greatest posslblo efficiency. Tho big
oxponso nocossary horeafter will bo
In ho way of enlarged terminals,
Equipment nnd tonnage havo beon In
creased SO per cent within tho last
flvo or six years, wbllo the trackage
and warohouso conveniences at points
of collection and distribution nro about
whoro thoy wero before tho increaso
took place. It Is for this reason that
numerous blockades occur, and It is
for relief In that direction thnt rail
road companies aro now bending their
energies. Congestion cuts down rev
onuo and Is therefore to bo avoided.
The president of one of the leading
railroads spoko tho exact truth when
ho said tho other day that the rail
roads of tho country would bo better
off If they did not have so much busi
ness. They hnve moro tonnage today
than they can handle to lb" -
We ha- been on the edge of gold
exports for the last two weeks, but it
has not been the doelre of the "kings
of the atreet" that tho yellow mtai
should go out at this time. Actual
negotiations wero undertaken several
times by a leading international bank
ing homo, which has no especial affil
iations with the speculative Interest.
Each tlmo, however. It was made an
object for the house to abandon its
purpose and no gold has yet been
shipped. Wall street gives gold ex
ports exaggerated Importance and for
speculative effect It has not been con
sidered advisable to reduce thehoardi
of gold In tho United States, although
the total (s now tho largest In histo
ry. Thoro Is no moro reason why the
United States should not oxport gold
than any other product. Tho produc
tion of this country approximates $85.
00O..0OO a year at tho present time and
most of It is kept at homo going to
Incroaso circulation. Wo might Just
as well ship gold as wheat, cotton,
corn or provisions, but it seems to be
against the policy of tho kings of
finance to allow it to bo done. Hence
when thoro is imminent danger of
shipments tho leading banking houses
erect barriors to check the outgo. This
Is usually dono by soiling bills which
Is ono form of borrowing money
abroad to meet such obligations as
might bo maturing and which would
naturally call for exports of gold. Ii
Is not Impossible, however, that the
coming week may witness moderate
exports of tho yollow metal.
Wall street will bo heartily glad
when congress- adjourns. If It passes
the Aldrlch financial bill, danger of a
repotltlon of last fairs stringency
will be averted. The banking combi
nation Is working hard to forward
that particular piece of legislation and
has assurance that the measure .will
become a law. Congress is foreiven
already for Its anti-trust enactments
and there Is a prevailing spirit of
thankfulness that nothing worse was
done. The verdict Is that congress on
tho whole has not done so bad.
The market leaders and Investors
genornlly, howover. will not feel oulto
safe, until the statesmen final
ly vacate Washington and return to
their respective bailiwicks. Un! II there
Is an actual adjournment there Is al
ways danger of a dead-lock which
would necessitate a special session.
That would bo regarded almost as a
calamity and would not fall to unsettle
va)uos . Almost two weeks must
elapso before the end of tho current
session, but that Is not a long wait
as tlmo Is measured In Wall street.
Meantime many of tho large opera
tors are availing thomselves of the
normally quloscont condition of things
to devoto a little time to recreation
at the numerous winter resorts. Thoy
will begin to return by the 10th of
March and a majority of them will
bo on deck again by the 15th.
l 1111 1 M -H-M-M-H-H 1H
! Our I
Clean Clothes
Repair Clothes
Dye Clothes
Alter Clothes
Also Agent for
MURPHY nnos , Tailors,
Will be clad to fidure with
you ou our Sprinj; Unit or
T Trousers
H Ardmore Steam arid Dye Whs
L. F. BURTON, Prop.
f Teliobone 230. Ardmore, I. T.
Better Than Cold.
"I was troubled for sviral v.. , .
with chronic Indigestion and nervous
debility." writes F. J. Green of 1b
castor. N. H. "No remedy helped mo
until I began using Klettrlc Blttom,
which did me moro good than all the
medicine I over used. They have also
kept my wife in oxcollent health for
years. She savs Electric nittn nr.
just splendid Tor female troubles; that
they aro a grand tonjc and invlgorator
for weak, run down women. No other
raeuicine can take Its place in our
family." Try them. OnU- r.oc San..
faction guaranteed by W. B. Frame.
Nearly Forftlts His Life.
A runawnv nlmn.it .nJin
.. . nuiu(, maar7
started a horrlhla ulor nn th t ..
4. p. Orner, Franklin Urove. III. Bar
four Years It tinned nil Hr.Ain.. ...i
. -. - . . Mwtwia MUH tkm
r&medlts. But Bucklon's Arnica Salve
ipua uo irouuio to cur him. Equally
AAi1 tnr Lara. 1 -l J
and pllas. 26e at TV, B. Frame's.
Foley's Kidrmv Cm-a
ttiakes kldaeys and bladder rlzhU

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