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I rnorniBTOB, J
Asks Simple Justice to Return Body
of Her Soldier Son Who She Says
Was Murdered by His Com
manding Officer, a Texan.
mo court, orreu in uu verdict 01 nc-1 q, t.
qulttal for Sinclair.
The widow has been In consulta- Visit of Indian Agent Shoenfclt Re
tlon with Senator Cnrmack of Ten- 8Uts n Radical Instructions
ntreeo since ner nmvni in nanmgion. Waglllngton i.b. 26.-lJen II. Col
oonuior arnmcn im uwm one 01 me b(jrt Un,tod gtate mnUnl for tlu
mosi acme omeinis in me government Southern dlitr,ol of the m.Unn Terr1
in uieciwinK me cruelties in tne run- forv. n, , Sho9nfeU. United
Ipplnaa, and may be of service to Mm. 8tBtei ngent for tho flvo civilUo.l
tribe, headnunrtera hi Muikome. nnd
Followng Is the txt of. nor latter eX.Qov n. H. jounBton of the Chlclm-
to the nroiltlont:
"Hon. Theodore Itoocerelt: I have
Journeyed from my home In Syracuse.
N. Y., for the purpose of asking that
snw Nation are here.
Mr. Colbert cnme up to bring two
boya to tho reform school hero,
Wnnhlncton. Feb. 2G. Ono of tho
fiwst pathotlc appoals ovor mado to
the prosldont of tho Unltod States
reached Prosldont Itoosovolt this week.
It was In the shapo of a letter from
Mrs. Ellon C. IUchtor of Syracuse, N.
RY. Sho camo to Washington to seo
ho prosldont In porson and hor nils-
In this country. Sho wants tho gov
ernment to bring homo from tho Phil
ippines tho body of her son, who dlod
ihoro In February, 1002, and sho wants
the government to punish Lieut. Wll
lam S. Sinclair of Texas, whom sho
charges with having issued orders
which cnusod tho death of hor boy.
Mrs. nichtcr Is a widow with gray
lialr. Hor shouldors aro bont nnd hor
ace bears the traces of suffering; deep
Incs of grief no doubt marked upon
lor countonanco by tho sorrow sho
ias known slnco hor boy wont away
fb tho other sldo of tho world to fight
or his country's flag.
Tho story of Prlvnto Edward C.
debtor's death at Uasmarlnos Is al-
eady known In this country, for it
Ivas mado a subject for newspaper
omment at tho tlmo of the Dcmocrat-
c attack on tho outrages In fho Phil-
pplncs last year. Senators used tho
iplsodo to provo tho cruolty of cor
aln American army officers, and the
frholo country heard of tho death of
rlvatc Itlchtcr. Nevertheless, tho le-
Jotcd mother takes occasion to again
ficlto tho details of hor son's demlso
?tho letter to President Itoosovolt,
nd tho document speaks eloquently of
10 mother's anguish.
Mrs. Itlchtcr has been to tho war
epartment to nsk that tho body of
or Bon bo brought homo for burial
10 wants It to rest bosldo tho body of
fathor In tho comotory at Syracuse
says the war department refused
bring tho body homo, and furthor-
loro rofusod hor a copy of Iho pro
jedlngs of tho court martini trial of
leutcnant Slnolair, who was acquit
.(I. In her letter to tho president she
tys Judge Advocate Davis of the wai.
epartmont had atlmlttod to her that
t.V..i V yZ , ,Z 7 . Z tnn Agont Shoenfelt Is bore In the
JUBtleo bo done in tho caso of my only , , , , ,.,, ,,.
. . .. Interost of somo of tho affairs of IiIb
olly torturod to doath by Lleutennnt
William S. Sinclair, a commissioned
officer of tho United States army. I
earnestly doslro nn audience with you,
and am prepared to prove theso factB:
"That my son was a good, kind, obo
dient hoy to his mother, nnd possess
ed the confidnc6 nnd esteom of tho
leading cltlsens of Syracuso,
oinoo, nnd has secured some Import
nut ullngs concerning the collection
of tribal taxos. He will have full au
thority to collect taxes or clow busi
ness houses In the flvo civilised tribes,
when ho loavoa hero, nnd will proceed
to a closo collection of all tribal taxes.
Ex-Governor Johnston came on to
Washington In the interest of the per
"Thnt on tho night of Fohruary 7. P' Pnymont. and has secured the
1002, at Dasmarlnos. Phlllpplno is- promise or mo ueparimeni mat. mo
lands. William S. Sinclair directed nnd Payment Shall bogln April 1, 100J,
ordered that my boy bo romovod from nud tnat aU Ule old Incompotont fund
his nuartors and bound hand and foot nnu nrroars or mtorost ninu snail uo
,to tho ground; that whllo thus bound !,ala Put Pr caPIta to tho lniMnm of
Lleutonant Sinclair ordorod a gng 11,0 Chlckrtsaw Nation. Tins is quite
placed in tho holploss boy's mouth. a victory of ox-Governor Johnston,
"This gag. conslstlnc of a nleco of w " 10 Bocuro lno Paymoni oi
cloth, was hold In Edward's mouth by thlB monoy t0 hl8 poonI lllrlnB 11,8
moans of a club In tho hands ot Ser- four 'car8' torm r "lco as Bvornor
goant McDermott, who sat on his aml waa fo"8ht 80 blttQr'y 8omo
breast; that as a farther means of tor- who eMauti tho monoy should bo
turo Lieutonnnt Sinclair compolledhls pala out only tc-incompotonts or tholr
mon to pour Ico water on tho holploss 188UO- nn" uml 11 8"muu not uo Pal"
soldier's face. This torture was con- slrasht to tho wholo people. This por
tlnuod for two hours nnd twonty mln- caI'Ua Paymont ot 10 to cach man.
utos, nnd when my poor, misused, dy- Pvoman anu cm,u- a clmon 01 lno
Ing, holploss boy nlendod for niorcv. "1CKaBaw INUOn- w,u lum 10080
saying 0. don't Mac! tho torture was about 220,000 in tho Chickasaw Na-
still continued. tlon' nn" """d bo a groat holp to tho
That many of tho soldiers nrnsont merchants of tho nation noxt spring
could not witness tho awful suffering aml BU"'mor.
nnd woro obliged to turn, horror-strlck- Lewis G. Nichols and H. G. KIrby
en from tho scene. camo hero as deputies with Mr. Col-
Only yesterday at tho war depart- uorL an" liavo spent several days hero
mont I read all tho court-martial pro- seeing-tho sights and enjoying tho cap
ceedlngs which acquitted tho officer, lital. They havo taken In all tho places
When Judge Advocnte-Gonoral Davis f interest nnd promlnonco nnd havo
was asked why Sinclair was acquitted enjoyed their visit hero thoroughly.
no went so far as to admit tho court Judgo J. O. Lewis, known as Judge
erred in Its decision. "Sobo" Lowls. a nromlnent Chickasaw.
"You have, porhnps, hoard tho ar-lis hero In tho Interest of a Federal
my's version ot tho crime, nnd whllo I court at Madlll, or to havo Uio court
rocognlzo tho great pressure upon your moved from Tishomingo to Madlll
tlmo, yot It Is your right and your Ho has been nctlvely nt work In tho
duty to henr tho truo sldo of this aw- lntorost of this mattor, but so far has
nil occurrence. Tho war department mado Httlo or no headway.
uud .,m.,.-u ,o B,vo mo a copy OI UIO If. IT PorciiRnn fnrmnrlv with tl.n
proceedings, has failed to return to mo UnIte,i states geological survey at
tho remains of my boy. and. worso DeniBon. and woll known there, as ho
Still, tllO guilty .Officer 18 Still an hOll- tR thrnilL-hont tl.n In.llnn Tnrrl.nrv- nr.
Killed Father, Fatally Wounded Sister
nnd Mother, Then Killed Himself.
Kronl-ffirt. hid.. Feb. 25. lSnrl
Woods, the 17-yenr-old son or a prom
inent farmer seven miles west ot the
city, this evening killed his father,
shot and family woumlod his mother
nud ststor, nnd then commlttwl sui
cide. The motive of tho boy's bloody
crime Is nut known. After tho shoot
ing the yonnjc mnn went to tho homo
In-lot a neighbor nnd said that robbers
had entered the Woods homo nnd
killed his father, mother nud slstor,
and that he had escaped nfter a run
ning bnttle with the desperadoes. He
wns apparently greatly excited, and
said ho wns organising n posse to pur
sue ills father's slayers. Tho boy then
continued on his way toward this
Ity, and, stopping nt tho next house,
told the tame story. Whan ho was
questioned concerning tho shooting he
bwnmo confusd and resented tho In
qulsltlveness of it farmer to whom he
told tho story. Young Woods said ho
had no time for further words, as ho
had to run down tho robhors, and ho
started 'toward the barn yard at tho
farmor's home.
Aftor tho boy disappeared behind
tho barn, a shot was hoard and tho
farmer to whom tho boy had been
talking but n moment boforo. hastened
to the Uarn to find tho youthful nnir
deror dying with n bullet through his
breast. Tho fathor of tho boy Is ro-
portod dead, and It Is said his mother
and slstor eau not recover from tholr
orod mombor of tho nrmy."
F Ascribe for tho Ardmorelte.
Vice President
fiiit. Cubr,
rived last night from Los Angelos1
Cnl. He will probably bo back In the
Indian Territory soon. In somo depart-
ir.m. oi tue overnmem sofvjpe.
AdvortfBe in the Ensfor number of
tho Orlo MagaJilno. Ovor 1,000 copies
will be circulated. It VIII pay you
and you will holp towards getting a
young men's reading room
Ardmore. Indian Territory.
Designated Depository (or Bankruptcy Funds m Chickasaw Nation.
t r i d en nnn nn
Surplus and Profits 140.000.00
Total r $200,000.00
Tho oldest bank In Indian Torrltory. Accounts of firms nnd individuals
solloltod upon tbo most liberal terms consistent with Rood banking.
The Mitchell Wagon Is tho "Mon
arch of tho road."
Aid from the St. Louis
Washington. Fob. 28. W. A. Jones,
commissioner ot Indian affairs, has
received a loiter from tho officials of
the Ixnilslann lfixpoaltton copipany
nsklug that a ropresantntlvd of the
Indian bureau be soul; to St. Louis to
oonfur with tho exposition officorn
relntlve to the Indian exhibit to he
given nt the World's fair. Commis
sioner Jones has not decided whether
o will comply with the request. Ho
unable to go to St. Louis hlmsolf
nt this time, nnd there Is no repre
sentative of tho department available
ho ti famlllnr with the plans for the
There 1b not much use of talking
nbout an olnborato exhibit," said Com
missioner Jones "unless tho exposi
tion officials mako some provision for
increasing tho funds to bo used for
that purposp. The $10,000 appropriat
ed by congross will not bo nioio than
ufllclent to mako n display of tho
oik of tho Indian schools."
Murderous Gang Will Meet In Paris
In Secret Session.
New York. Fob. 25. Tho Evening
Tologrnm brlnts a story to tho effect
that anarchists from all ovor tho
world aro about to meet In secret con
vention at Paris to dcvlso plans thnt
may radically affect tho crownod heads
of Europe. Tho plans becamo known
through the boastful talk of a young
dclegato to Jho convention from this
city. Tho man, an Itallan'iknown ns
"Angolo" and "Rudolph," gavo up his
placo Saturday, declaring ho had been
solcctcd as ono of the flvo dolegntos
from tho United States to tho conven
tlon. Tho Telegram continues:
"Fnr-roachlng anarchistic plans aro
to bo discussed and perfected nt this
world's convention, It Is said, and It
Is oven whispered that oro an adjourn
nient Is takon a moetlng of .tho anarch
lata most Inmost cabal will have been
hold and lots will havo beon drawn
assigning men to deeds, tho full nc
complishmenl of which may shapo
the destinies of the reigning houses
Notice! to Court Citizens;
All court citlzons who oxpoct to ns
peal their naso to tho oltlsenshlp court
at South McAlestor are requestod
moot at elty hall, Ardmoro, I. T., n
Saturday at 1 o'clock, Feb. 28, 193
Business of Importance.
25dw G. H. UUATCHEIt.
Thnt are as pretty ns can be had
and the very latest patterns.
New Bank at Chlckasha.
Chlcknshn, I. T., Fob. 2C Tho Honk
of Commorco, Ohlcknsha's now finan
cial Institution, wns opened this morn
ing for tho transaction of business.
TIib bank Is capitalized at $G0,000, ful
ly paid up, and tho stock Is distributed
among tho loading business mon and
merchants of tho town In such a way
as to mnko It strictly a homo Insti
D. I). Snyre, a leading Insuranco
man nnd largo proporty ownor, is
prosldont, whllo C. T. Irwin, bolng
connected with tho CItlzon's National
bank, Is cashier.
Tho Institution has Us own building
on South Third street opposlto tho
postofficc, and tho furnlturo nnd fix
turos, mndo specially to order by Via
Great Western Cabinet company of
Kansas City, aro as ftno as thcro aio
In tho Southwest.
Tho now bnnk starts out under tho
most favorablo auspices, and a Ion;
nnd successful career Is confidently
predicted for it. Uumor hao It that
two moro Institutions ot a similar
charactor aro to bo started In Chick
nsha In a short tlmo.
Somo times tho good dlo young and
soniotlmos they outgrow It.
Panhandle Country Again Wrapped In
Snow Great Cattle Loss.
J $ J $ J J
Amnrlllo, Tex., Fob. 2C Snow
4 hns been falling hero for tho past
21 hours. Two feet of snow ox- 4
Ists here and nt Claronddnt Tho
entire Panhnndlo country Is
V wrapped In tho hoavlest snow of
the winter. $
! Inrilcmtlmia tin nnf tmlnt In nn J
early breaking ot tho weather.
aud gront loss to range cattlo
Is feared.
.. & Jf
Must Stand Trial.
Washington, Fob. 25. Soorotary
Moody hns ordorod tho trial by court
mnrtlal of Ensign rWnd IC. Wortraan.
the ofllcor who was In direct charge
of the 8-Inch turret of tho battleship
Massachusetts whon tho oxploslon oc
curred on that vessel which resulted
In tho dontli of nlno onllstcd mon. This
action roversos tho recommendation
of tho court of Inquiry that no furth
or proceeding bo had.
For good work dono, proporly dono
at tho right prico, tako your crlpplod
watchca and broken Jowolry to Noland
& Rollins. W. T. Nixon, Jowolor. lOtt
Buy a Home
Six-room dwolllng on southeast cor
nor lot at Fourth avenuo and A street.
If you want n good homo you can got
it for $000 Torms on part It you
want it.
Choice Block
Of six lots, Improved with tw,o houses
of two rooms cach (unfurnished) and
two sheds. Situation vory desirable
on Wost Main stroot. Lots lovel and
high. Exceptionally fino building slto.
Prico reasonable $850.
Somo very flno building Bites, fa
vorablo location, In southwest part of
city, Sou about thorn if you Intend
to build.
Tho Redfield Agency.
Real Estate, Rents, Loans.
Phono i3i. Ardmore, Ind. Ter.
J. A. BIVEN3, President DON LACY, Vice-President.
A. H. PALMER, Cashier. W. A. WOLVERTON, Asst. CashUr.
Capital and Surplus
Aocountuof firms nnd individuals solicited.
Accorded all alike.
Courteous tTsatmuah
It is the Best
M.ao uUAi pv Mill Ri. FI FVATOR f!fl.
Security for Depositor, Borrower and Bank Our Motto
'.es. t.
'Ardmore, I. T.
Capital Slock and Additional Liability . .
Largest olany Bank In the Chlekasav Nation.
WJii accept small and larce accounts and conduct a General Banking
Business for You. Farmers, stockmen and other business men
A eood reliable insurance pop Unnlto onr office their headauarters when in Ardmoro.
icy makes you feel secure, OUR bank is a public institution and we advance the best interests
rests your nerves, and makes of tho people and Riye tneir business our personal nttenuon anu
I 1 1 1 D . .r.!l.i--. .mm n.atn 1 nali-lt n Fa r t-x hiinlf CI I Alia
You Feel Secure
slumber a possibility, even in
extend to thorn ovory facility consistent with safety to bank and cur
the midst of danger. Insur-
comparatively cheap
eaner than restless 0. It. Smith. President.
ftnxietv 0. M. Campbell, Vice-Pres.
Lee Cuuoe, CaBhier.
W. S. WolVBrlnn & Sons G. W. Younq, Stockman
uorm.n Buiidi. J.O. Thompson. Attorney,
C. R. Jones, Wholesale and Retai
Furniture. -
Sam Nodle, Wholesale Hardware,
J.R, Pennington, " Grocer.
R. W. Randol, Mfirchant.
The First Rational BAnk
of Marietta, I. T.
Established, 18 96
Offers to depositors every facility which their balances, bnsine
and responsibility warraut.
Judge Overton Love
Geo. M. U. Holford
Jas. A. White
E. F. Graham H. a. iurkpatrick
Holmes Willis
Jas. N. Kirkpatric
W. S. Derrick
J. G. Butler
Leading 5c Cigar of the Year.
Popular with Par
ticular People
WH ITEM AN BROTHERS, Distributors,

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