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SIDNEY BUQQS, Proprietor.
Entered at Thel'OBtofuto at Ardmore
as Second-class Mull Matter
November 2. 1803.
Published Every Afternoon (Pt
Saturday), and Sunday Morning.
Offlco of Publication: North Washing-
ton Street .
One week
On. month
Ono year o 0
United States Court for tho Southern
District Indian Territory, also for the
Chickasaw Stock Association o. the
Indian Territory, and the official organ
at tho city. .
Oulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railway.
Galveston & Chicago Exp... 3:40 a.m.
Cleburno & K. C. Exp .4:25 p.m.
Galveston & Chicago Exp.. 12:35 mo.
Cleburno & K. C. Exp 11:20a.m.
Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf Railway.
Atrlvo at Ardmore 1:46 p. m.
Leavo Ardmoro 2:35 p. m.
Local freight carrying passengers also.
No trains on Sundays.
All United States malts close 30
mlcutea prior to train time.
Any erroneous rcnoctlon upon tho
character or reputation of any per
son which may be printed In thoArd
moreite, or any nrtlclo based on re
ports that arc falso will bo gladly cor
rected It brought to tho attention of
tho publisher.
Use theLong-DIstancoTelephono
and call up ,
If you want tho Ardmoroito.
Ardmore, Friday, Februray 27, 1903.
Ardmorelte's Traveling Agents.
Tho following are tho traveling rep
resentatives of tho Dally and Weekly
Ardmoroito, who aro authorised to so
licit nnd receipt for subscriptions and
advertisements for either publication.
J. W. Smith, Willie Kennedy, K. C.
Tuckor, J. O. Sprockolmeyer and J.
P. Easloy.
Durant has bogun tho task of rais
ing funds for tho entertainment and
caro of tho Confedorato soldlors who
will camp In their city limits this sum
mer In anothor big reunon. Tho wo
men of tho town aro, so far, taking tho
II. V. lllnckldy, who hnd chnrgo of
tho surveying of all the townsltcs In
tho Indian Territory, haa ' rofelgnod.
John G. Joyce, his assistant,' has
chargo of tho olllco for tho prosont
It Is not known If It will bo nocossa-
ry to havo nnothor supervising ongl
neor, na tho work Is practically com
There wns a largo crowd nt tho
Democratlo mass mealing last night
aud harmonious action. It Was de
cided to put on a straight Democratic
-ticket nnd It Is hoped that the votors
will nominate tho vary best men In
tho party that come before them. The
primary practically decides the ques
tion as to who tho officers will be for
tho ensuing oar. Then it la very Im
portant that wo select capable men
whi win i an honor to the party and
cr. .; . the town. Wagoner Say
ings 8ln. id" l&tb of February raort
icaavs hi:, i other Instruments that are
to nv i with the United States clerk
ha, , en Clod at all the placet in
tho s. uthcrn district where a deputy
leii. is stationed. Up to this date
the Ardmore office has contained
.vei.r Instrument of record. Th
change has greatly !c.Med this por
tion of the work la Clerk Campbell's
otfli n here. The change will be a mat-
ir tf convenience to some who lake
mo :agage on a small scale, but to
bt dry goods asaa or hardware deal--r
md others who do an extensive
n ih business, the change will work
a t reat hardship. There are no die-
tiu.t lines between the different court
jur Mictions and the border resident
ma v give mortgages on the sata prop
erty In two districts without detection.
This will require each extensive credit
ins a to havo a representative at th
oil er offices of record in the South-
n district.
i ."j"
Qen. Gordon Hi.
Atlanta. Qa., aeb. 28-A special to
th Constitution from Jackson, Miss.,
a :
C sjeral John B. Cardan, commander
w i taf ot the United Confederate Vat
ran 3? taken vlotently in while on
ioar i a qui . u aud Orescent train en
route m ,i,u i ay no.., i i toft Mlas.,
tonight H was noc i i , i
him iiom i he train on . i , t, , ,u
h suff.Ti-ii violent 1 1, ,,i i,.,,.. ,,
while Ixing tarried to tho Lawrence
hotel. I'hynilans were Immediately
Ktnnmoned and will remain at his bod
side until morning General Gordon
Is ufforlng much pain, which the se
datives admlnlatored by tha phyafplans
liavo failed to rollovo, lie is conscious.
Mr Knlmy Smith, for iIjIm-h years
tho manager at St Jooeph, Mo., for
the Wes'' ;n I'nion t l''rapli tnp'in
has been ' riu'sted to r sln
He is n"t a defaulter Hi ro ord
is clean, lie has been irni and
Why then should this faithful ser
vant of a great corporation be asked
to resign?
Simply for. tha reason, as given by
the superlHtendsnt, that a yonnfiOr
man may be put In hte place.
Mr. Smith Is but (1 years of ago.
Why, at M a United States senator
is considered a young man. At M mon
are placed at tho head of great bust
neas enterprises.
Hut It is not so with the men who
carry tho meaeage to Garde," the
men who work out In detail the orders
of others, the heads of departments.
the men who suffer the wear and tear
of execution.
Nerves are worn to a fratsle. Forma
are prematurely bowed. The dynamo
of vitality gives off lessening sparks.
The worn out tissue is tardily replac
Sanitariums nre health resorts are
full of theco wrecks. Neurasthenia
a disease almoot unknown to our fa
thersIs making the specialists rich.
Turned out like a broken down old
horse at SI.
They are not mutineers of the bus-
inose larques, thaso weather beaten
hoods of the crews. They hove not
hesitated In prosperous weather or
foul to climb tho halyards and shako
out or furl tho sails. Their "ayo, nyo,
sir." has been quick and hearty. Hut
thoy must walk tho plank.
Everywhere, In tho want columns
of the nowspapors, on signs. Is the
Iogend, "Wantod a young man."
In ever store nnd shop nnd office
oven In the pulpit tho young man Is
the demand of tho times. As to preaah-
ore, ono of them has suggested recent
ly that they be taken out and shot!
Asked to resign at 51!
At that age a man should be In Ids
prime. Ills judgment Is matured by
long experience. Ills habits aro fixed.
He ought to be worth half a doxtfn Im
mature young fellows.
Hut tho machinery Is worn ouL
Kndowmont and tontine Insurance
agents might clip this out.
Will Also Have Rcpresentaion on
Santa Fe Board Yoakum President.
Chicago. III., Fob. 2C Tho Record
Horald says:
It Is roportod on almost ofllcla) au
thority that tho Hock Island has fo-
curod control of the Frisco systom.
nnd that tho deal Is tho forerunner
of a now and fnr-ronclilng community
of Interest among Western linos.
Within ono or two months, accord
ing to the report, Uie Hock Island will
be given representation on the Santa
Fo board, nnd the Snnta Fe interests
will lmve nn equal representation on
the Hock Island board.
The terms on which the Frlco passes
to the Hock Island are snld to be as
For every share of Frisco common
stock, ISO in cash, 40 lit l per cent
-onds and S5 in Neck Island preferred
It is also reported that President
Yoakum will be placed m charge ot
the new Rock Island system, which
will be ono ot the largest, if not the
largest, systems In the world under
one management The acquisition of
the Frisco will add about 5,000 miles
to the Rock Island, making it a sys
tem of nearly 13,000 miles. Should
the Pcre Marquette be included the
system would bo over 14,000 miles.
Three Miners Are Killed.
Springfield. 111., Feb. M. Three men
were instantly killed and heavy dam
age was wrecked in the pit of the
Auburn and Alton Mining company's
P'ant at Auburn. 111., this evening.
The dead': Matthews Donnelly. 35
vfjirs old. leaves a widow and four
i Midi en; Walter Davis, 86 years old
anjl single, his tret night' la a nine;
V'jomas McLaughlin, M years old,
leves widow and eight csUdren.
Th three victims were the on!;
men in tho mlno at the Ume of the ac-
The day shift hnd ascended to th
tp of the mine and the uight shift
jut brardlng the cage for the de
pont. when terrlBo Intonation from
the depths of the shaft waned the
men of the disaster.
Every mule in the pit was killed.
The top. was blown froqt tas alrshsft.
the stopping nnd trap-door ro blown
to pier, s ,md il gieat amount ui ikwj.
a. i.- I'l1' ,1 .1 J in the
n .. (.iiih,, ut tho explosion has not
. n iioteiiumed. On January 10 two
o.iners were badly mutilated if a. sim
ilar accident In the same shaft.
Wotnon who go in for holding ofil
oes In Hoclotlos and leagues would do
better for their country bj holding
chairmanships of largo-slzcd families
of children.
Tt' Casey saloon. Just weat ot here
tiurned ntgbt before lee. Tr-e "nr
tender a Wplng in the rix"u and
barely eoaied with his life. l.os es
timated at $1,2M; no insurance
The Knrk tslaad elding la now be
ing crowded with material for the new
Tke A. & C. bee track laid nearly
to Oakland.
A. J. Henderson is on the tuck list
Mr. and Mrs. Scott hare gone to
the markets to purchase sarins goods
for the Scott-Held win Dry Goods com
pany. Judge I. O. Iew'ts has returned from
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Davte. are visit
ors at Wapanucka,
Mr. Thait left for South Mc A tester
yesterday where he goea on business.
Sir. Duvall went to Madlll today.
Ild Williams le here from Fillmore
Klrby Purdam has returned from a
visit to Texas.
Willie Mcllvalne is In Comanche to
The mall went through today for the
first time In a day or so.
Sprink creek is overflowed.
T. S. Roberta from Wost Creek is a
visitor here,
John Pace of SIvIIb Bond. Texas.
returned homo yesterday after wyernl
days visiting relatives horo.
Ono pf U D. Sparks chlldron is very
Springer. '
John Patton, John Curry,' Mack
Camp, Hoy O'Hryan and Edgar
Sckrtim went to Ardmoro today after
goods to replenish our stores.
Our citixens had a school meeting
last night for the olectlon of a teach
er for a four months' school. Mrs.
Dr. Holbert was employed.
O. P. Hushing, Dr. Hlgglns and Mrs.
Kellor aro setting out trees and other
wise Improving tholr places. ,
W. S.. Gardner has finished his
houso. i, ., -
C. M. Vaught Is ablo to be out on
crutchos after a sovorc solge iwlth a
brokon log.
Earl. ,i
E. W. Potormaiv has roturned -from.
Lnwton, O. T.
John Pollln has bought an Interest
In tho It. H. Jones store and It will now
bo known as the Jones & Pollln firm.
Fletehor Shirley contemplates en
larging his grocery store soon.
The A. & C. has a large force of mon
side-tracked here working on the road.
J. C. Pitman and wire left tills morn.'
lug for Mannsrille to attend the bed
side of Mr. Pittraau'a sister.
Blllle Heasley la here from Tisho
mingo buying hogs. ,
The Washita river is very high..
We have received no mail hare for
several days.
L. OJimith is on te sick list,
To Investigate Theory That tha tun
Is Inhabited. '
Jefferson City, Mo,. Feb. 2. the
house tolerated a little horse ploy
tola morning. Mr. Odneal or 'Mercer
offered a resolution reciting the dif
ferent views of Professor Young of
La Porta, Ind., and Professor Piokar
lag of Tale to the habitation of the an
and asking that the house appotet a
committee of three to Investigate the
The resolution went on to provide
that the committee thus appointed pay
a visit, to the planet m question, pro
vtded free passes can be obtained.
On motion of Mr. Huck this resolu
tion was referred te the committee on
internal improvements and' railroads.
Coon Song Melodies.
Mr. RrlBck reputation as a ttaf
er of coon melodies u Wei! know til
over the state. On October ft aha
sang la Music Hall. Talr ground, and
Hbe captured the audience-by storm.
Her song, "I Don't Want to Oo to
Heaven" was sung and acted to par
rectlon and when she returned acoom
panlod by a little negro boy wbo did
acake walk whllr Hlie sum; the auJt
nrp vs.. lit v.i Ul
Mi. iirinek has cause to feel proud
of "the hit" she made on this occa
sion as an ar. -t In tht line of sing
ing. All over the vast assemblage you
could hear people speaking In high
pralso of her ability as a slngor auo
actress of nogro songs. Dallas Nows.
To Cuni a Cold In Ono Day
Take Laxatlvo Dromo QulnInQ..TabJets
AH druggists refund the money if it
falls to cure. W. E. Grove's signature
li sn each box, 2Cc. ;..
A Harvest at Anadarko for Saloons.
Gamblers and Tough Characters.
Tii- i"uiiir qua. wilt payment of
tin- tnilians nun mado nt Aanadarko
last wi-rk. anil that town has been
(warming with all daxaes and condi
tions of people, all bent on separating
the noble red man from as much of
hie easily-gotten wealth as possible.
Gamblers, courtesans, pickpockets,
stteaktaieves, snide actors, tamnle
venders and various other specimens
of humanity who live by tholr wits,
have made tho town tholr headquar
ters during tho payment and while tho
Indian's monoy lastotl they lived on
tho fat of the land.
"The week of Indian payment Is a
red-letter occasion to the uncivilised
Indian," says a correspondent, "for It
means fire-water, feasting and numer
ous othor forbidden pleasures. If there
ta any money left after the Indian
agent deducts the amount due poor
Lo's creditors. It is quickly dissipated
in gambling, debauchery or riotous liv
ing. The gamblers and saloon-keepers
are fully cognisant ot this fact, too,
and never failed to make preparations
for getting hold of aB much of the
Indian's money as they can Induce him
to part with, and the task of persuad
ing him to "let loose" Is not dim
cult The Indians are paid quarterly
In cash and rations, and from four
days to an entire week, are usually
required to transact the business con
nected with the payment, which Is no
small Job, particularly when there are
many creditors, and all the gororn
ment red tope and regulations to be
gone through With to secure the trad
ers and other creditors their money.
So. as the week for the Indians to be
paid off approaches, the town begins
to III! tip with an undesirable class of
cltlsen the worst olement of mankind
to be found In the new country, in faeL
No matter how dttlt the times are. or
what the conditions surrounding the
payment, the Indians rarely hold onto
their funds longer than a week at
most, and with some of them the
money lasts scarcely three days. They
always get gloriously drunk, gorge
themselves with moat and drink, and
If they cannot find sufficient gambling
opportunities, give tholr money away
to anyone who will tako the trouble to
try and got It. And there aro always
plenty of ' that' class of parasltos
around at such tlmos. Tho avorage
Indian who deponds on tho govern
ment for support Is usually wonderful
ly deflclont In a knowledge of the
value of money. "Como easy, go easy"
Is his motto.
Offers $50,000,000 to His Country.
Austin, Tex., Fob. 2C A dispatch
from Moxlco City, Mexico, snys that
President Diaz has recolved a com
munication from Podro Alvarado, the
multi-millionaire mining man of Par
ral, Moxlco, offering to contrlbuto $80,
000,000 for the payment of Mexico's
foreign debt.
Several weeks ago Alvarado wrote
to Minister of Finance Joseph Ives
Limantour offering to pay oft the pub
lic debt of Mexico. The offer was de
clined at tbe time, but It has again
been renewed In another way, direct
to President Dlas.
Alvarado has acquired a vast for
tune from his Palmillo mine during
the !at rew years. He says that -he
got his fortune out of the ground and
that it is right he should give a por
tion of It to the' government. He lives
in princely style and has given large
sums of money to charity.
The scratch of a pin may cause the
loss of a limb or even death when
All danger ot this may be avoided
blood poison results from the Injury,
however, by promptly applying Cham
berlain's Pain Balm. It is an antlsep
tl6 and quick healing linlmentr cuts,
Srulses and burns. For aakrby Olty
Drug Store. F. J. Ramsey and Ardmore
Drug Co.
Votice In Bankruptcy.
a the District Court of the Vnlt.i.
jjutes for the Souther Djatt.j.
u Ardmore. m xao matter o D.
W. Kerry, bankrupt, tn oanaruptcy
To the creditors of D. W. Berry, in
the Southern district, in the Indian
Territory, at Ardmore, a bankrupt
Notice ! hereby fiven that on thf
7t. of l ebruary, m3,U said D. W
tifry was duly adjudged banknrpr
aai tho first meeting ot his c-redl'onr
.11 be held at my offlco at the court
.souse in the city of Ardmore on the
:.Ut day of February, 1903, at !
''"lock In the afur.ioon, at whlcl
time tho aaid nedt'.., may attend,
pnvo !,.;; ci..l.4, appoint a truate
i..: no t.io bankrupt and transact
-eh other buslnots j, nay come before
-.ai mee.tlng. JOHN 1IINKLB.
Refaree In Bankruptcy.
First pubUshed Feb. 190.
DeWltt's Witch Hazel Salve.
The only poiltlve cure for blind,
bleeding. Itching nnd protruding pllos,
cuts, burns, brulsos, eczema and all
abrasions of the skin. DoWltt's Is tho
only AVltch Hazel salvo that Is mado
from tho pure, unadulterated witch
hazel all others are counterfeits. De
Wltt's Witch Hazel Solve is made to
euro counterfeits are stado to sell.
City Drug Slsre.
i nut mmm or nun m
Febi-Uary Z8tt)
where it will be served With Cream.
Malta Vita is the most Healthful Breakfast Food
manufactured. Malta Vita is the Original and only
Thoroughly Malted, Toasted and Flaked .whole wheat
food on the Ma. -ket. Malta Vita is delicious served
with preserved or canned fruit. Malta Vita can be
served in Seventy-TwD Different "Ways.
Be Sure no i Ask Your Grocer for It.
Don't Fail y it
oiit niM'iuit1.
It Is tokl cr n Confederate veteran
who fought In the Spanish war that In
moments' of excitement be thought he
wns fighting the Yankees. A biogra
phy of Klmcliike. the historian, contains
a similar story of Lord Itnslnu. n vet
eran of the Xflpoleonlc wars.
In 1ST, I Raglan went to tbe Crimea.
Two French olllcers wore attached to
his headnunrtor.
Several times the stuff was embar
rassed and -amused at Lord Italian's
lwblt. due to old penlnnulnr associa
tion, of calling the enemy "the French"
In the presence of tbe foreign guests.
Ilfitiml to Cvt There.
"Don't you Uilnk." said the generous
minded man. "tlmt you would feel more
kindly toward your political rivnl If
you could Imaglneyourself Inlilsplnco?"
"My dear sir." answered tbe euergot
Ic mati. "mure Imagination won't do.
I'm going to put myself In his plncc If
It can possibly be mannged. He lint,
one of the best plnct's In the govern
ment service." Washington Star.
CmuIiiHlt .VrKiimcnt.
First Olllco Hoy 1 guess de boss will
raise my pay.
Seeond Olllco Hoy What makes ycr
fink so!
First Olllce Hoy-1 give him tor un
derstand I'd stay till be did. Judge.
Mtim'I l'inn Aiireil.
Iltifus Nosstih: Ah don't bnvc no
mo' trouble wlf de box? at do shop.
Uncle Itcnins llnh! Vo' mus' 'n'
done reformed yo' ways. den. Is yo'?
Iltifus XomuIi! Ah'se done quit de
lob! Chicago News.
"I understand III friends have all
dosorleil him."
"Yes. You nee. they discovered that
he was n dually going to need their
nsHlstnnce." Colorado Springs Gazette.
It Is a poor consolation to tbe girl
who bnx Ixt-n Htung by :i bee to know
that been mo partial to sweet tblugM.
For Golds La Grippe!
Protect yourself, aud don't trust to
Providence. Considering the harm
doue, "neglect" before and after taking
a cold Ih a tiliynical crime. You may
prevent a cold, or, if too late, you can
insure yourself against tho "after ef
ects," for there is tho greatest danger,
by using Dr. H art er Iron Tonic. Few
die from Colds, or La Grippe, or Ca
tarrh. They die of the after effect.
These diseases all weaken, and (o a
weakened body come flocking a host of
diseases that fasten on weak lungs,
heart, t stomach, kidueys, and other
weak parts that we seldom think of.
The easiest aud best tiling to do is to
fortify the yalcm so that you will not
catch cold, but if too late to do that,
then you must see that no lusting in
Jury is doue. Medical authorities all
agree thnt Iron Is the fighting elenientof
the blood cuabling tho system not only
to want off disease, but to fight itaftci
riRrtsSBsw 't ha obtained a foot-
VZ9 hold
Or. li ABTEB'S
is Jut the remedy needed, as It stro
phes tho blood directly with thelrou it
requires to combat Colds or La Grippe.
Tnlco It before, during, or after. If
taken In timo, it will prevent ; if tuk.cn
during, it will shorten tho course ; If
taken after, It will piovontrdl bad after
Women nro especially benefited by
Dr. Harter's Iron Tonic, as they seem to
suffer from tho weakness of Colds nnd
La Grlppo longer thnn men, and they
aro particularly susceptible to the action
of a blood builder such as this Is,
rfect Fooi
and Monday
ai)d frjafcf? 2i7ct.
with Cream and Milk.
Advertisements under this head will
bo received at the rate of five (o)
cents per line. No advertisement
rcolvod for less than fifteen (16)
cents. Special monthly rates fur
nished on' application. The notice
may contain nny matter of "LoBt,"
"Found," "For Ront," "For Sale,"
"Stolon," "Strayed," or any purpose
without display lines.
WANTED A white girl to do dining
room nnd house work. Mrs.T. 11.
Johnson. 27-2t.
WANTED 1,000 two-year-old steers.
J. M. Pollard, nt tho Cold Storage.
WANTED Boarders a the new boars
Ing house or Mrs. E. A. Carlisle, 291
D street, near court house. 25tf
FOUND Sunday, a lady's collaretts.
Call at this office, pay for this no-
tlco and got same. 25tf
WANTED 1.000 ladles' skills aui
waists to cloan, mend, nltei, dy.
South Washington, 'phono 231. Ard
moro Prosslng Club. 24-lu
WANTED. Mon to learn barber IraU.
ouiuuiubui ui siuauy prnciico, ex-
port Instructions, lecturos, stc,
without limit to time. Tools, dlple
nias, Saturday wages and positions
given. Spring rush soon. Writs
ttday. Molor Uarbor Collogo, St.
I.Oiils, Mo. o(J-t
WANTRD To rent five acres of till
able land close to Ardmore. Apjjly
K. Carlton, care Ardmorelte. lSdVtf
WANTED 1.0C81 agents In ev.ry
town In Oklahoma and Indian Terri
tories for three good fire Insuranoe xi
companies. Liberal commission
Apply readier & Andtfrson, (leirsr
al A.Kats, Ardmore, Ind. Tor. 12Mih
FOR R!?NT Nicely furnished rooms
near Cumberland Presbyterian
hur. b. Mrs.-'. M. Robinson. 26 if.
FOR RftNT A njto suit of roowsi
Apply R. W. Randoi. 2Ut
tOR KNT ne
frame dwellings
Apply Fralsy
Bros., a planing mills.
i'OR RENT One two-ruin
nicely located. Apply K. B.
21 W. I
i Business!
Clean Clothes
. -Repair Clothes
Dye Clothe
Alter Clothes
A!n Aii fn
f MURPHY BROS . Tailors.
:: Will be Rlml to flguro with
:; you on our Spring Knit or I
t i.rou5ers
I Jlrtort Stean ab Die Wlij j
L. F. UURTON, Prop. '
TeltuUone 2 JO. Ardmore, I. T. ''

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