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rornniTon, J
. 55A YEAR. NUMBER 135
II I lillS
Warnlna Came From Vanderbllt Fami
ly and Threats Were Made In
Name of Y. M. C. A. Oriental
Cigarette Shop.
Now York. April 13. Mrs. Jncob
H. Vandor'jllt, who haa opened a tea
room and cigarette parlor for tho la
dlos of tho Four Hundred at No. 430
Fifth avenue, has already encountered
tho family opposition alio expected
when sho fitted up her snug little ahop
but sho Is not In any fashion dismayed
or dlsheartcnod.
Back of tho quaintest llttlo store on
tho avenuo, showing a rarer display of
rugs and curios, In tho tearoom; a
qulot dream of tho tearoom, with turn
Huro of groon rattan, with oxqulsltoly
dainty tea. tilings and tho privacy that
has so far been Almost unobtainable
by tho women of Now Yorlc
Hero thoy may sip their tea and
drlvo their darts of clgarott smoko
through clovorly executed rings, If
thoy bo so export. It Is an establish
ment that Is an acknowledged conces
sion to modern tastos brought from
abroad by thoso who havo traveled on
tho continent.
Mrs. Vanderbllt, who oponod tho tea
room and art shop a week ago, Is de
termined to romaln In trado and to es
tablish a business from which sho may
derive an lncomo to support herself In
tho mannor to which sho has been ac
customed. Sho has formed a partner
ship with Mllo. Monnlcr, .a dainty
llttlo blondo Frenchwoman, whoao
knowledge of Orlontal rugs la conced
ed to bo second to that of no person
in Uils country.
A number of rugs aro already In
Htock, and more aro expected, while
tho two partners In tho now business
expect to'recelvo many commissions
from woalthy purchasers. Tnoy will
establish a rogular Importation busi
ness, from which thoy hollovo they
will derive largo profits.
Mrs. Vanderbllt had received many
lntlmatlors that hor project was not
regarded favorably by other members
of tho Vanderbllt family, but this did
not deter her from going right on with
her preparations for her opening.
Sho has been convinced1 that her
husband's relatives will not quietly
pormlt her to contlnuo to exhibit tho
Ardmorc, Indian Territory
Designated Depository (or Bankruptcy Funds n Chickasaw Nation.
Capital paid in $ 60,000.00
Surplus Funds 165.000.00
Total J.V. $225,000.00
Tho oldest bank in Indlnn Territory. Accounts of Arms and individuals
solicited upon the-most llboral terms consistent with good banking.
Vandorbllt namo above her place on
Fifth avenuo without somo opposition.
A young tnan called at tho shop, and,
with' somo evldcnco of perturbation,
stated that ho was a representative of
tho.Y. M 0. A.
"I wish to toll you, Mrs. Vander
bllt, ho began, "that, representing as
I do tho united sontlmcnt of thr
churches of this city, I am enjoined to
warn you that you musl glvo ovor tho
sale of cigarettes to women, and must
not contlnuo to permit tho smoking of
clgurottcs by women In your tea
room." Tho young man also statod that ho
hadSpreparcd an artlclo on tho Iniquity
of such a placo, and was prepared to
publish It,
"I read oVcr1, tho-artlclo ho'had'pro
pared," said Mrs. Vandorbllt, "and
was astounded at tho matlco and In
justice which characterized It. It was
cruelly untruo In every particular.
"When I had read It I handed It
back to him, paying that I know It had
been Instigated by Mrs. Frederick K.
"At this tlmo ho stuttered and mut
tered somo unintelligible reply, and
after somo foolish and fcoblo evasion,
drifted Into another lino, telling mo I
was leading young women Into paths
thoy should not tread, and othor torn
myrot of that sort.
"Of course, you know that my tea
rooms aro not likely to tempt any wo
man from tho straight' path," said Mrs.
Vanderbllt, smiling brightly. ''There
aro many women who, having return-
from abroad with fowor projudlcos
than exist in this city, want a cigarette
before dinner. In tho first placo they
cannot buy cigarettes without Bonding
a malo friend or a servant for thorn.
Here I sell cigarettes. It Is true they
bear my monogram, but that Is not a
matter to bo regarded as criminal, or
even with any great seriousness."
Good for Children.
Tho pleasant to tako and harmless
Ono Mlnuto Cough Cure gives lmrno-
dlato rcllof in all cases of cough,
croup and la grlppo because it docs
not pass immediately into tho stom
ach, but takes effect right at tho scat
of tho trouble. It draws out tho in
fiammation, heals and soothes and
cures permanently by enabling tho
lungs to contribute pure llfo giving
and llfo sustaining oxygen to the
blood and tlsuue?. City Drug Store.
Good luck will attend you on your
first day's outing If you aro armed
with tho kind of Ashing tacklo that
comes from our store.
Tho Ladles' Aid society of tho First
Presbyterian church will hold a "kl
mona" salo at Mrs. VanDcnborg's
Thursday afternoon. Sherbot and
cako will bo sorved. 12-4
You Feel Secure
A good reliable insurance pol
icy makes you feel Becure,
rests your nerves, and makes
Blutnber a possibility, even in
the midst of danger. Insur
ance is comparatively cheap
much cheaper than restless
1 'anxiety. . ' 1
' ' W. S. Wolyerton & Son,
Plans Will Be Adopted for Disposing
of the Subject Without Much of a
Fight Indian Territory and
Oklahoma As One.
Washington, April 13. "Tho state
hood bill will bo before tho Fifty-
eighth congress and somodcclslvo ac
tion will be takon Iipoaui5 said' Sena
tor Quay yestorday. Tho senator has
Just returned from a Florida trip and
will remain In Washington sovcral
days looking after personal and official
business mattors.
"I do not think that any deflnlto plan
has been decided upon," continued tho
senator, "as to tho form In which tho
bill will bo presented, but I am confi
dent that tho sentiment of congress la
such that It will bo Impossible to do-
lay legislation on tho subject through
another session. Oh, yes, I am aware
Uiat tho opononts of tho omnibus bill
havo an Idea, that it will bo rovlvod
In a formidable manner but theso gen
tlemen have missed their calculations
before, and there is no guarantco that
t'-oy would not bo disappointed again. I
would not bet surprised to find a scnli
mcnt In favor of legislation of this
character that will result In tho adop
tlon of somo generally accepted plan
for disposing of tho subject without
much of a fight at tho noxt session."
Senator Quay refused to discuss any
of tho compromise propositions that
were considered and rojected during
the closing days of tho last congress
It Is known that when tho bill was
sidetracked in tho senato it was with
a tontativo understanding that it
would bo revived at tho next session In
somo compromlso form.
Tho plan generally discussed is for
a union of Arizona and Now Mexico
as ono stato and of tho Indian Terr!
tory and Oklahoma as another. A
compromlso bill along theso lines
would havo been passed, it Is bellovcd,
had Maro Smith, tho Arizona delcgato
In congress, not opposed tho proposl
tlon. It is oxpected that this opposl
tlon wll bo partly withdrawn, and that
somd compromlso measure will bo of
fered that will bo acceptable to all
concerned and make a final disposition
of the .territories possible.
Whlto & Crouch havo already re
ceived a number of handsomo buggies
to equip their now barn and tbo finest
landau over in tho city Is duo to ar
rive consigned to them this week.
Theso men deserve to bo popular In
their lino of business and aro to be
complimented upon their enterprise
and splendid equipments.
Before you go 'phono 74.
We can furnish your office out ofrour"
stock as we carry a full assortment.
Lace Curtains,
(. R. JOB I
Security for Depositor, Borrower and Bank Our Motto
ardmore, 1. 1
Capital SlocK and Additional liability
Largest ol any Bank In
WE accept Bmalland large accountsandconducta General Banking
Business for You. Farmers, Btockmenand other business men
mako our office their headquarters when in Ardmore.
OUR bank 1b a public institution and we advance the best interests
of the people and Rive their business our personal attention and
extond to them every facility consistent with safety to bunk and customer.
0. It. Smith, President.
0. M. Campbell, Vice-Pres,
Lkk Gbuce, Cashier.'' -i;-'
Q, W. YboNfir Stockman
JKJU'TfiokPSON, Attorney,-;.
Special Correspondence.
MeKlnney, April 12. Wo aro need
ing rain vory badly. Somo farmers
aro complaining of tho "chinch bug"
in their corn. Most ovcrybody has
'ft flno Blond of com, but It Is vory
discouraging to tho fanner to sco his
crops doing no good on account of the
dry woathor. There Is now a strong
wind from tho north and no prospects
for rain.
Uov. J. II. Maslors of Ardmoro, tho
now pastor of tho Baptist church at
UiIb place, camo down last Wednes
day and spent tho wook visiting In
the neighborhood. Ho preached Sat-
nday and today.
Uov. J. O. Forknor of Leon was horo
and preached last Thursday night.
Ho is missionary In this association.
S. E. Drummond of Lono Qrovo was
horo last welt In tho Interest of his
fruit buslnoss ,
Carlylo Whltton of Ardmoro Is horo
visiting friends.
Mrs. Do Annan of Duncan, I. T.,
mother of J. B. DoArman, who for
merly lived hero, Is In McKlnney tills
week visiting relatives.
John Zcllner of near Ardmoro was
nore today.
Tho big singing convention at Now
Hopo was held at that placo yesterday
and today, and as wo had tho pleas
ure of being present, wo will say tho.
many delegates and visitors wcro
present from Brock, Cheek, Marsdon,
Ixmo Qrovo, Loon, Greenville Mari
etta, Ovorbrook and many other places.
Altogether ovcrybody enjoyed tho raro
treat of being present, and report
rcyal treatment at tho hands of tho
Nov Hopo people. Quito a. number of
teachers woro proscnt, and tho organ
ization, wo understand, will bo mado
permanent and meet quarterly. Tho
noxt placo to meet will bo at Brock.
Somo vory flno music by tho dlfforent
classes was highly appreciated by tho
great throng that was present.
..Will Be Destroyed and the Lumber
Parnoll, I. T., April 13. Indian po
lice, working under ordors from hoad
quartors -.at Muskogee, havo , seized
nlno saw-mills and two million foot
of lumber , valued at $100,000 In tho
Uttlo river country near Harrington,
I. T.
Tho heaviest loser Is tho S. Ii.
Scratch Saw-mill company. It ran
threo mills and had over ono million
feet of lumber on hand.
Tho officers will hold tho property
until thoy recelvo furthor orders from
tho Interior department.
Tho dopartmont, no doubt, will or
der tho mlls destroyed and Uio lum
ber sold. This is tho usual custom.
Tho proceeds will bo turned over to
tho Choctaw funds.
The only puro ice cream mado can
bo had at Sploglo's bakery and confoa
tlonery at 25c per quurt or ft por
gallon, 3tt
We Pay Freight
Wllhln One Hundred
Miles of Ardmore,
. .
. . LVV,VVV.'
(be Chlekuaw Hatloa,
C. II. Jones, Wholesale and Bdtail
Furniture. ; ,
Sam 'Noble, Wholesale Hardware,
Jv IL Tennington, " aGrocer;
RWBandol, Merahaut.i4
Regulations Governing All Matter
Now Relno Formulated In Wash
ingtonContains 629 Acres.
Surpasses Hot Springs.
Muskogco, I. T., April 13. Tho gov
'riimont proposes to establish a na
tional park In tho Indian country,
something after tho order of tho na
tional park nt Hot Springs, Ark. Tb'i
park will bo located near tho town
of Sulphur In tho Chickasaw nation,
and will tako In tho numorous minora!
springs thfiro. Tho place will bo
known as Sulphur Borings, and tho
Fodoral officials hero say It will be-
como as famous in a few years ns
Hot Springs,
When tho survoyo-s woro at work
in tho Chickasaw ration running al
lotment lines thoy were bo greatly Im
pressed with tho character of 8ulphur
Springs for a national park that thoy
presented tho matter to their super
iors on tho Dawes commission and tho
latter after an Investigation referred
it to tho interior department. -In duo
tlmo tho department decided to mako
tho placo a government park and co
torod Into a deal with tho Choctaws
and Chlckasaws for It Tho park con
tains C29 acres and tho government
paid tho Indians $20 an aero for it.
Tho roscrvo takes in a part of tho old
town of Sulphur.
Tho dopartmont is now cloarlng the
park of Bottlors and lmprovcmostb
and so soon as tho work is comple!
ed steps will bo taken to mako it a
health resort. There aro no less than
twenty largo springs of different klndc
of mlnoral wator In the park and tho
scenery Is boautlful. It surpasses tho
Hot 8prlngs reservation In that re
spect and is almost equal to Manltou.
, Tho govornmont will erect no build
ing to bo usod as sanitariums or ho
tels. It will simply glvo prlvato par
tics or concorns tho right to put Im
t.rovomcnts on government ground
and chargo them for tho wtor usod.
Ilcgulatlons governing all' matters
pertaining to tho park and to man
ngomont aro now being formulated in
For Sale.
All or any part of that property
known as tho Texas wagon yard, ono
store 25xG0, hay barn 50x100, C-room
houso dwolllng. For prlco and terms
'phono 20, or Dox 43, Ardmoro.
1-m. I. It. DEST.
Wo inako, positively, Uio finest Ico
cream in tho city. Duy jyhero you
Know ii's or only puro croanv ?
J. A. BIVEN8, President
A. H. PALMER, Cashier.
Capital and SurplusZZZH
Accounts of firms and Individuals
It Is the Best
Car Cane Seed
Orange and 'Early Amber.
Bananas, Oranges, Lemons, Potatoes, Cabbage,
Onions, Evaporated Fruits and Canned Meats.
Wholesale Commission Merchants
v-7..f I MS ARDMORE, I. T.
8pocIaI Corrcspondonco.
Hoaldton, April 11. High winds tho
past week havo Injured young plant.
Evory body at work; but llttlo nows.
Mr. Tally, living somo four miles
south of hero, lost his houso by flro
last Saturday. Ho saved but ono bod
and threo quilts from tho flames.
Mrs. Ida Willis died last Sunday
and tho remains woro given burial
horo Monday. Sho leaves an Infant
and two small children.
Miss Calllo Barrlngton and mothor
pent tho weok In Ardmoro vlsltlmr
frlonds. So also did Misses llcsslo
and Iloslo McKnlghL
Dr. Gordon and Mr. Nicholas havo
returned from an outing on Mud crook.
Thoy report plonty of fish.
u. S. Rovonuo Collector Zovorlv
passed through horo this wock on
roulo to Ardmorc.
Uov. Crum of Cornish preached here
last night.
Miss Mabel Murphy and Miss I.yda
Ingram aro In town shopping today.
Grass Is getting good and cattlo do
ing well.
' Kingman cultivators.
Kingman stalk cuttors.
King mlddlo bustors.
Kingman combination corn and cot
ton chock roworo, all at Williams.
Corhn & Co.'i.
Bids Wanted.
Soalod bids for each and all Drlvl-
legca for tho Odd Follows' plcnlo at
tholr park near Provonco. Monday.
April 27, will bo recolvcd until nooa
Monday, April 20, 1903. Address
12-7 Aril morn I. T.
Tho Kingman make of farming Im
plements havo taken precedence over
evory other make. Thoy repreaest
perfection In forming tools. Sold by
Wllllama, Corhn & Co.
Paying rent and own a nice home.
Frnmo cottuRo 5 room, hall and
bath room, nice southeast corner
lot. Close in at corner 4th Are.
and A street N. E., worth $1500.
Owner has left nnd is making a
special price of $850.00. This is
nlso a flno opportunity for invest
ment as u rents by the year for
$150, and is worth 40 per cent.
more tnan is aeked.
Pasture For Rent.
700 acres, cood fence, living water,
8 miles west of Ardmoro.
Business Lots.
If you want a location for busi
ness house, factory or Bhop we
have it.
The Rcrifield Agency
Real Estate, Rents, Loans.
Phono i3i Ardmorc, Ind. Ter.
DON LACY, Vice-President
W. A. W0LVERT0N, Asst Cashier,
all nllkt.
Courteons treatment

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