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New Goods Arriving Daily!
Madden, Sykes & Co., are keeping the wires hot, the mails busy, the Express company hustling
and the 'freight handlers on the jump ordering and bringing new goods to supply throngs of anxious
customers who crowd this big store from day to day. The recent eye opening prices quoted the
public has resulted in a tremendous rush from all parts of the county to secure the Money Saving
Values offered. The people well know that we never advertise that ivhich we do not intend to sell.
There are no exceptions this time, we are giving those
iinnn which the enormous business of our house has been built. Progress is the watchword of our business and to eive our i
customers the Best and Newest is the main spring of our efforts. The New Arrivals are many,
Yard wide Black Taffeta Silk,
the $100 and $1.25 grade, vre
pat U down again
to 85c and.
A new assortment of large
Trimminc Pearl Bnttons.
More of those excellent values
in plain Taffeta and Satin Taf
feta in all widths. These re
present a savinc to 1 "1, 1 ,o
yon of 25 to 0 1) 3 o
In Lawn, Madras, Oxford and
Linen. This shipment has
many new novelties and are
splendid for the prica. Re
member onr Shirtwai-ts are of
the BEST MAKE and flt per
fectly. White Lawn Shirtwaists, tanked
in front and back nicely made,
pearl bnttons, new sleeve,
worth $1.75, for a Q 9 P
starter we pnt them p YLO
White Oxford Shirtwaists with
small black polka f (?A
dot, excellent value p I ,3U
White Madras Shirtwaists, mer
cerized satin stripe, large pearl
bnttons, new dip Q j rrj"
sleeve, a $2 value at p 1 1 u
White Mercerized Madras Shirt
Waists, large black polka dot,
new dip sleeve, a pretty waist
for middle aged lady A A
and a good value pZjJ
White Mercerized Madras Shirt
WaUta, resembles silk, large
black rings, large pearl but
tons this waiet is actually
worth, $3.00, they Q1 ij
go at $LLJ
White Linen and White Mer
cerized MadraB Shirt Waists,
no colors, beanti- Qj JA
fully made, go atJAV a uU
A beautiful like White Lawn
and Mercerized Madras Shirt
Waists, new dip sleeves,
beautifully trimmed
now go at
White Linen Shirt Waists, a
lovely waist for nny lady,
trimmed in Medallions and
insertion, new dip
sleeve, a 5 valne
White Lawn Shirt WaistB, they
are beanti fully trim-Q 1 A A
tnd in med. ins'np4.UU
Be pure to tee. our White Wash
Silk Waists, they ore perfect
dreams of beauty and sold at
the ridiculously lowc A A
price of $4 00 and 0UU
White Linen Shiit Waists, band
embroiedered front Q J J? A
a swell garment for 4) 4.DU
Bear in Mind Our line Heady
to Wear Skirta was never
tqualled in Ard- A A
more. At $1 to..pi)UU
We call special attention to the style and perfect fit of "A. & G.," and "American Lady" Corsets. No waists looks well
when fitted over a poorly fitting corset. The American Lady and A. & G., . are used by all smart dressers. The new models
are all here,
Madden, Sykes & Co.,
The Butterick Patterns for May and the May
Delineator are ready for you.
Special Correspondence.
Cornish, L T.. April 12. Everything
U quiet enough In Cornish,, this being
Easter Sunday.
Mr. Itachel of Rod Oak gave an en
tertainment on Friday night last and
all tho young pcoplo of Cornish at
traded. Mr. Williams and son have Just re
turned Irora Oklahoma City, at which
placo they bought a spring supply of
Wheat, oats and corn are needing
rain very much.
People aro waiting a few days on
the rain so they can proceed to plant
their cotton.
The people of Cornish and vicinity
aro making preparations for children's
day. which will tako place tho first
Sunday In Ma.
ncv. Tandy and wife- aro with tho
Cornish people again. They began a
serloa of lectures Saturday night which
-will last all this wcok.
Tho j Cornish high school Is . still
progressing and will glvo an exhibi
tion ifenTlhq1 23rd of May.
A Sweet Dreath
Is a nevor falling sign of a healthy
stomach. When tho breath Is bad tho
stomach Is out of, order. Thero Is no
remedy in tho world equal to Kodol
Dyspepsia C'iro for curing indigestion,
drspopsla and nil stomach disorders.
Mrs. Mary S. Crick, of Whlto Plains,
Special Correspondence.
Foster. I. T.. April 13. Wo aro hav
ing Homo real cool weathor. as usually
comes with Hasten
Bomo farmers are complaining of
tho ground getting dry.
Most of tho corn that has beon plant
ed Is up to a stand. Some cotton was
planted last week.
Grass Is getting up. Csttlo are do
ing very well.
Dud Hlgginbotham was up from Illi
nois Hand. Texas, lost week.
Miss Edna Stowart happened to a
quite serious accident yesterday while
horseback riding In company with
some friends. Her horso ran away
and ran against a tree, dragging her
off her horse and bruising her face and
hurting unc of hor arms. o
Dv. Calloway and family wero visit
Ing in town yobtorday from Elmore.
Also Will Dodge and Miss Amanda
Hlldrcth woro over from Elmoro and
visiting at tho Kads hotol.
Noah Foster has sold his nlaeo In
tho Comanche country and wllj inoe
back to Foster, -i , j
Clms. Durlo of Ardmore W' doing
business In town.
Last Thursday night was Mason's
night, this bolng tho second mooting
since they have organized
You Know What You Are Taklno
When you take Grove's Tasteless Chill
Ky. writes: "I have been a dyspop. Tonc bccauso U(e formu, g , , ,
(. trr vnnra.tHAil nil L'lnilH nr rnmn. 1 .
.1 1 .... Hmillntiml n rrr-n n. wA.UA
Uy tho uso of Kodol I began to im
prove at once, and after taking a few
bottles am fully testorcd In weight,
health and strength, and can eat
whatever; I like. Kodol digests what
you eat and makes the stomach sweet.
City Drug Store.
Two Mississippi Choctaw Bound
Over to Federal Grand Jury.
Durant, -l T., April- H. Saturday
afternoon at Colbort. I4 T., Doputy
United StatosIarshal J. I). Davis ar
rested jW (jilKb'lood Indians,' Mis
slsslppl Choctaws. Altjorf"Sblmaii and
Ales Gibson, who had in tholr posses
sion twelve full quarts of whisky.
They wero brought to Durant and
given a preliminary hearing before
Commissioner Parker who held them
to the grand jury of tho October torm.
Falling to give bond the were taken
to. tho federal Jail at Atoka,
printed on every bottlo showing that
It Is simply iron and quinine in a
tasteless form. No cure no pay. B0a
To Advertise the Great Southwest
Farmers, farmers' wives and daugh
ters, school teachers, doctors, clergy
men, merchants in smaller towns, any
citizen who has something to say, are
Invited to write letters and longor ar
ticles about a locality in which they
llvo in tho Southwest.
Tho territory Includes Arkansas,
Arizona, Indian Territory, - Southorn
Missouri, Now Mexico and Texas.
Premiums, that mako ti an object
aro offored. a set for each state and
territory. Full particulars of tbo con
ditions of tho contest and a list of the,
pi lies and awards will bo sent nopn
application to J. W. STEELE,
Commissioner Colonization Agency,
Columbia' Theater; Bldg.. St. Louis,
Twenty-five members of the Inde
pendent Order of Odd Follows passed
through hero yesterday on route to
Chocotah. I. T. Thoy are representa
tives of the Ardmore. Marietta and
Davis lodged to the grand lodge.
, Joe D. Adams and W. F. Schneider
of Ardmoro spent Sunday In tho city.
Arrangements nro about completed
for the organization of a chapter of
the Daughters of the American Revolu
tion In this city and within a short
time thero will be a mooting called
to arrange the preliminary work.
The law passed at the regular ses
sion of the legislature providing for
a record of all births and deaths Is
offective, the emergency clause being
attached, and hereafter all deaths and
births must bo reported to h county
clerk. County Clerk J. It. Jordan Is
aranglng his records so as to handle
those reports as they are made. It
lmposos a penalty upon those In charge
at a doath or a birth for failure to
mako the propor report.
Tho ladles of the XLI club havoi
taken the preliminary steps to secure
for Galneeville a Carneglo library-. Tho
matter has been genornily discussed
from time to time, but no real action
has beon taken. At tho last mcotlng
the ladles decided that too long have
they tarried, nnd thoy propose to go
to work on tho proposttlpn, basing
tho plans on a $16,000 contribution
from Mr. Carnegie. They think that
the city con bo pursuadod to guarntce
tho $1,000 por year nocossary. and
bollovo that a lot can be secured by
donation. Corospoudonco will be
oponed at once with Mr. Garnogle.and
as soon as his agreement is secured
thoy will commence tho work of rais
ing tho funds and securing tho prop
fttjs Best Prescription for Malaria.
Call Is and fever is a bottle of Grove's
Tasteless Chill TobIc. It ls s-lmply lroa
and quinine In a tasteless form. No
cure no pay. Pries 2Ec.
Pneumonia is Robbed of Its Terrors
,by Foloya Honey and Tar. It stops
the racking cough and heals and
lrtrr"thon thn Itinera , If . inVoit In
tlmo'H will Vpvent an 'attack of
pneumonia, lleluse substitutes. Bold
by Bonner & Bonner,
Walks Without Crutches.
I was much afflicted with sciatica,
writes Ed C. Nud, of Iowavlllc, Sedg
wick Co., Kan., "going on crutches
and suffering a deal of pain. I was
induced to try Ballard's Snow Lint
mont, which relloved me. I used
thrco COc bottles. It Is tho greatest
liniment I ever used; have recom
mended it to a number of persons,
an express tncrasoives as being ben
ofltted by it. I now walk without
crutches, nblo to porform a great deal
of light labor on tho farm." 25c, COc
anu it at w. u. t'ramoa.
Jo the People of Ardmore.
it you will let me sell your socond
hand goodu I will como to your house
after them and sell them at auction
and make youtgood money by so do
ing. R. D. ROGERS,
, City Auctioneer.
Short journeys to Northern lake resorts will be more
popular this snmruer than ever. Many have already
arranged their sntnmer tours via
and many more are going to do likewise. Booklets that
will help you to plan your vacation trip have been
issued for those interested, aud will be sent on receipt
of portage, as follows:
"In Lakeland" and Summer Homes," 6c.
"Lake Okoboji and Spirit Lake," 4c.
;m. f. smith,
Commercial Agent,
343 Miln Street.
Southen Baptist Convention, Savanaah, Qa. May th, iooj.
deneral Assembly Cumberland Presbyterian Church,
JNashvlIle, Teen., May 21-34, ipo3.
Confederate Veterans Reunion, New Orleans, La., flay 19-33,1903
For Full Information Regarding:
Rater, Schedules, Limits, Extension Prlvllexei, Through Service,
Ask lAnyCotton Belt Man.
T. P. LITTLE, Paeaeoftr Agent Contcaoa .D. M. MORGAN, T. P. A
Fort Worth. A. S, WAGISGB, T. P. A. Wco,
JOHN F. LEMANE, Oen. Freight & Pass, Ai. TVLER, TEXAS.
M4'frH-frHtfrfr frfrsfrtf. 4M54
At riBgii,Drietloal training tchool. compleu aid no to data In ararr department.
"j u 1 uni iodooi ub enure rear, uar pnpiia attaod nlshl 1M100I without extra
asar, . ToIUnn 170 ner aoath or Ho for oollmlted acLoUrtklp. ' Board 10 to fuse
Term t.i. NoTaoatloa. Paplla mar eater at any time. Brerj papilla placed on BI
u. u. it- -j 1 w.j .uT... m njiiui; m in. utiiix wru ymu, Tuorvuvn irainioft- in
in rteu moonlitni wtib efflclenor. Hefarencee Anjr bank or bnalneaa Arm Id
Q. T. BMLTIBQB A. St. Fratldanl, Oalnsarnit, Texas.
TEXAsli KM zl
Juperb Pullman Vestisclld
Handsome Reclininq Chair Ca;
"E WITH fast mcrnlnp nat)
trams to St. Loula una u
B WITH PuUninn Blcpwa
a bevele Scnrritt ainit Cvx.oU
1 (without chorwio) t J:w
J, daily.
DH: jINB WITH hnndftomonatr CTlialf
rT? 'nroutrh (without climir( ctailj-.
to Ht. Louis, Memphis nnd ". Pftso.
MOiY LINE WITU a savins of 1 i hu.i
DNLY LINK WtTH Touriat SJocbvv?
". BPini-wooKiy, inromtn (WitLcul
cbanzt)) to Onn l'rauclacu.
3EST PASSEfiDtfi SffiViiH
At Chlckasba Begins Monday.
Februray 16, 1903, and Monday Sop-
tember 2S, 1903, and continues in ses
sion two weeks.
At Ryan Begins Monday. Marcb 2.
1903, and October 12, 1903, and con
tinues In session ten days.
At Purcell Bbglns Thursday. MareH
12, 1903, and Thursday, October 22,
1903, and continues In session ten
At Pauls Valley negins Monday,
March 23, 1903, and Monday, Notem
ber 2, 1903, and continues in session
thrco weeks.
At Ada Begins Monday, April 13,
1903, and Monday, November 23, 1903,
and continues In session two weeks.
At Tishomingo Bogtns' Monday,
Monday, April-27, 1903, and December
7, 1903, and contluues in session two
weeks. .
At Ardmoro-Beglns Monday, May
11. 1903, and Monday, December .'21,
1903, and continues in session seTen
weeks or longer.

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