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SIDNEY SUMS, Proprietor.
tatered at the Postoface at Ardmoro
M Second-class MU Matter
- published ETerr Afternoon (except
Baiuraayn ou QUU""' ' T,
OSco of Publication: North N ashing
ton Street.
Oae wtek
Ob month
Os rear
i ucwcPApeR of the
CMUd States Court for the Southern
. . . . . rr .1 alan fnr U1A
mince inoiau iciii""; -
Chickaw Stock Association of the
udl&n Territory, ana mo umi.
f the cur
. ,.nnonn rpflftcMon uoon the
character or repuiauon i
cs- which mar be printed in theArd
orelte, or anr article based on ro
eerU that are false -will be gladlr cor-
reeled if brought to the attention of
I the publisher.
Stalf, Colorado &. Santa Fe Railway.
Galveston k. Chicago Exp... 3 :40a.m.
Oetmrne & K. C. Exp .4:25 p.m.
Galveston & Chicago Exp..l2:3S Km.
Cleburne tt K. C. Exp 11:20 a.m.
Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf Railway.
Arrivs at Ardmore 1:45 p. m.
Letve Ardmore 2:35 p. m.
becal freight carrying paasengera also.
No trains on Sundays.
All United States malls close 30
mtantea prior to train time.
U yoa turn in a lire alarm by tIe
faeae, don't call for the flro depart
aaest, but tell "Central" -whero the
Irs is. L. C. SLAUGHTER, Chief.
Use the Long-Distance Telephone
and call up
If you want the Ardmorelte.
Ardmore, Thursday, April 16, 1903,
All men nro lnnocont until proven
. guilty.
A public indictment merits proof of
innocence or guilt.
There Is an urgent demand for the
strictest federal investigation in tho
Choctaw and Chickasaw nations. It
Is correctly "Poor Ijo" that should now
bo given the sheltering hand of tho
Rovcrnmont. Not tho Indian that has
long resided In tho Torrltory, hut tho
poor unfortunatoc to whom has corao
an inheritance that Is tho bono of con
tention of numerous schomos and on
terprlscB that appear to bo distinctly
advantageous to tho white men iden
tified with tho suspicious movoraonU
Tho Mississippi Choctaws, Illiterate
Impoverished and timid, are being
"bought and sold as bo many slaves,
, .fey corporations organlted for tho
solo nurposo of this human traffic.
-Tho luiontlons of the pcoplo who aro
to gain by this removal of Indians
from Mississippi to tho Torrltory Is
' not ono of charity, but of gain. It Is
julrilttod by them that one-half of tho
poor Indian's allotment will soon bo
1 In tho grasp of the corporations.
' If so, how?
This Is what tho government should
expose. If tho methods of thOBe deal
ers In human Hush, who oponly soil
Indians with their allotments, can
stand tho lime light of fcdoral Inves
tigation, tho corporations should de
mand investigation. Thoy stand
hargcd. U they will not vindicate
themselves It Is a confession to cor
ruption. Capital.
Tho mattor of tho location of Choc
taw Indians In this country from Mis
sissippi by companion organized for
that purpose Is being generally dis
missed and tho promotors of the plan
ro bolng nccusod of devising a
schemo for robbing tho Indians. Por
ons who take this view of tho mat
tor should kcop, at least, two points
Jn mind. First, Chat tho commission
to tho five jivlllzod trlbos have taken
the mutter upon thorasolvos to look
aftur the wolfare of the Indian nnd
when his Interests tome In conflict
with those of tho whlto man tho In
dlan always receive the favor of the
Dawns commission. In the mattor of
these syndicate contracts with the
.Mississippi Choctaws, tho so mo rule
will hold good: and, second. If the In
dian had been loft to himself ho
would neither have bad the means
nor tho Ingenuity to have taken ad
vantage of his Inheritance from the
great father. If tho syndicate suc
ceeds In getting ovory foot of the
Indian's land oxeept his homestead,
lio Is still far better off than In his
Mississippi home paying ront io tho
1 white man.
Tho opportunity is now offered for
Bolng on record as a progressive all
Izcn of the Indian Torrltory in th'o
"World's Fair proposition. We must
raise $2,000 or take a hack scat among
the towns of the Indian Torrltory.
Ardmore is to b congratulated on
being designated as the place for holrt
log the national summer normal hi
year. In a letter from Prof. E. II.
Hlnsbaw of Btoemaeld Seminary
the Ardmorelte. that gmrtemaB coa
reys this Information. Profs. Htosfcaw
and Hendrlx will have charge of this
summer school. Thee bmw are recog
nized as the leading educators of the
Indian Territory and it goes without
saying that tho summer normal at
Hargrove will bo a power for good
and will be largely attended. The
-ess and the citizens of the town will
lend every encouragement.
In tho matter of the World's Fair
building the Indian Territory baa the
opportunity of doing 150,000 worth of
advertising at half price. Tho United
States government has given one-half
tho amount. This Is a sufficient sum
to construct aa appropriate building
and It will be the means of bringing
millions to the Territory and will be
worth thousands of dollars to Ard
more. Tho pleasure and satisfaction
of having Indian Territory headquar
ters at St Louis during the exposi
tion will, In Itself, bo worth the price.
That Boston syndlcato that has rais
ed monoy to bring the Mississippi
Choctaws here to got allotments Is a
little slow. The dating for filing of
applications by such Choctaws expir
ed March 26. It would have been a
good graft if worked soon enough.
South McAlester News.
But' io Mississippi Choctaw who
has been Identified may yet movo to
tho Territory and recolvo his 'share
of the allotablo lands.
Selected to Represent the State at
Confederate Veterans' Reunion.
Tho Confodorato reunion nt Now
Orloans will proaont ono ontlroly new
feature. A horald has beon chosen
from each of tho thlrtcon Confodorato
states; those young ladles will bo tho
guests of tho city of New Orleans
during tho reunion with hoadquartors
at tho St. Chorion.
Miss Bessie Rogers, ono of Fort
Smith's most charming daughtors, has
been chosen to roprosunt Arkansas.
This announcomont will bo of great
Intorost to tho frlonda of Miss Rogers
all ovor tho South and all will agree
that It Is an honor most worthily bo
stowed. Tho thlrtcon young ladlos denomi
nated heralds will wear whlto drossos
and hats and carry whlto parasols and
tholr chariot will load tho parades.
Miss Rogers will bo accompanied
to tho Croacont city by her father,
Judge John II. Itogers. Fort Smith
Death at Wynnewood.
Wynnowood. I. T., April 1C, 1003.
E. S. Burkes, a Chickasaw Indian,
agod 45, and ono of our most prom
Inont citizens died suddenly this morn
ing at 6 o'clock of apoplexy. The
remains will bo burled hore this af
ternoon, ,
Santa' e: Road Congested.
The San la Fq road seems to bo con
gested almost nt over station, espec
ially between Galnesvlllo and Purcoll.
Tlioro aro 150 cars tied ,. up In tho
ynrds at this placo and aainosvlllo is
still blockaded with thorn. Thoy nro
bolng scattered along tho lino in order
to mako room for the stock trains, o
movo. llut'vory llttlo of any other
kind of freight Is bolng moved ndw.
Dr. Wiley's Borax Boarders Are Chang
ing Color.
Washington, April V"- The depart
ment clerks who for sovornl months
havo submitted to Dr. Wiley's borax
cured food experiments are slowly as
suming a pink complexion.
Dr. Wiley's food oxporlmonts nro
conducted with tho strictest secrecy.
A doson or more young men connoctod
with tho department of agriculture
havo for sovorul months boon living
on a dlot proscrlbod by Dr. Wlloy, who
Is Booking to dctcrmlno tho chomlral
offocts of borax and other chemicals
on proparod foods.
It has only developed within the
last weok that all who havo boon at
tho doctor's table aro taking on a pink
complexion. It 1b not thought that
this Is due to borax, which has been'
glvon to the young men In tholr food
but to somo chemical Ingrodlont which
has boon mlxod with tho food un
known to tho subjects.
The only admission that will bo
mode at the department Is that the
drugs used in the food have, up to
date, provod absolutely harmloss. Tho
pink complexion which somo chemi
cal evidently cnusos, gives tho men
a healthy appoaranco such as would
result from good circulation of blood
brought on by outdoor oxorclie.
Died, yesterday atornoon at 0
o'clock, Mrs. Katlo Turner, aged 47,
of riioumatlBm. Tho funeral took
placo this afternoon at3 o'clock from
tho family resldenco In Northeast Ard
more Interment In South cemotory.
Constitutional Convention for Twin
Territories Urged.
To the Ardnoreite.
Wynwrwood. I. T.. April 15 The
weather Is getting pretty dry la this
section, but vegetation is growing well
aot withstanding.
The protracted mooting at the C. P
church dosed last sight at high tide,
the Rev. C. P. FKsgeratd having been
called away. Many convert were
made apd the results of the moetleg
are satisfactory and will abide.
Samuel Houston Hargls surprised
his friends last Sunday by marrying
him a wife. Joy go with him.
The now city officials have been
sworn In and are now ready to hear
everybody's complaints. It was Jef
ferson who sahl that the great fault
of all governments was In governing
too much.
The tendency of all governments has
ever been towards paternalism, to
wards relying on the government to
do what tho Individual ought to un
dortako for himself. Such tendencies
neithor develop nations nqr men.
Thero has been some such talk as
having a convention of the people of
the Twin Territories for the forma
tlon of a constitution to be submitted
to tho next con gross. Why is it not
agitated more? I have yet to see the
citizen that opposes it.
Warning Order.
In the United States Court In the In
dlan Territory, Southern District.
Mattlo Robertson, plaintiff, vs.
Oeorgo Robertson, defendant. No
Tho defondant, George Robertson, is
warned to appear in this court in thir
ty days and answer tho complaint of
the plaintiff, Mattlo Robertson.
Witness, the Hon. Hosoa Townsend,
Judge, this 13th day of April, 1903.
C. M. CAMPBELL, Clerk.
T. R. Slogan. Attornoy.
A. Maxey appointed attornoy for
First publlshod April 14, 1303.
In tho United States Court In the In
dian Torrltory, Southern District:
Boll Glllock, plaintiff, vs. R. H. Gil
lock, dofondnnt. No. 5,574.
Tho defendant. It. H. Glllock, Is
warned to appear in this court In thir
ty days and answer tho complaint of
tho plaintiff, Bell Glllock.
Wltnoss, Honorable Hosoa Town
send, judgo of said court, and Iho seal
thoroof, this 14th day of April, 1903.
(Soal) C. M. CAMPBELL, Clork.
Q. D. Glbbs, Attornoy.
Maynard & Walter, attorneys for
First published April ID, 1903.
Through Nowsom &. Kotnp D. C.
Sockwoll has sold his rosidenco In
NorthcaBt Ardmore to Messrs. Byrd &
Gregory. Mr. Sockwoll goes to Chick
ash a.
Work Resumed on Pottoffice.
This morplng Leo Cathey resumed
work on tho postolTico building nnd
will now push It to completion. The
postofflco will bo five feet longer than
tho ofJior three buildings, and it will
probably tako six weeks to completo
tho brick work,,
About 100 koys woro turnod In at
Ringor's today and still tho money
box remnlns Intact. Thoro aro 284
koys still out, ono of which will open
tho box.
The Woman tilth a
JBeautifal Complexion
U tl woma ehMV portrar
tt (low of hMlllk. Tb itdutur
llf of tsot womem mikti It tbto
hiUIj CMtiitrr for them to tulit
lutur la ktcplng th fuDttloni of
dilution In k htaltbr condition.
Thit whr
Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup Pepsin
l io popnUr with th women of
Anirirt, It It ctntlo errtUTO
Uutlvt, ttlmnlmtlcc tb llrer nl
UJmj-" to hullhr letlon-hisc no
btdacbM, no eoaitlpitlon, no ur
ToointiislniUkJ tboglowofkMlth.
SOC aid Sl.OO Bottltt
font Ttr: Smpl bottl and an lnttrit!ftf
book, "Tb btorr of Travtllnj iUn.1'
Pepsin Syrup Company
Montlcollo, Ullnolo
Clearness, brightness and daintiness are the characteristic features
of the huge stock of new farbrics in our Silk Departments; You are a
fortunate woman if you can find any where, such a new lot of bright new
China Wash Silks, 2-1 inches -wide 50c yard wide only 75c. Plain and hair
line striped Bousette Canvass, the new wash goods for Shirtwaists Suits,
28 inches wide in white, blue and white, tan and white, light blue and
white, black and white and green and white, an exceptional value at 25c
per yard.
The Latest Weaves in Striped Figured Silks,
Alexander Cloth, Voile's Etamines, Etc. Also, such new and nobby styles
in Fancy Silk Gloves, Fancy Collars, Belts and Shirtwaist Sets.
Our Special on Skirts at Values
that Amaze, Friday and Saturday.
This much talked of sale of New Goods and Nobby Skirts swing
enthusiastically on the quality given you with prices quoted are revela
tions to the most experienced buyer.
Two sensational Skirt Specials. We are our own competitors and
quote lower prices over our already extremely low ones,
Special No. 1. Is a nobby line of pin checked Melton and Knicker
bocker Walking Skirts, with all the latest trimmings and colors. Our
untouched regular $10.00 Skirts go Friday and Saturday at $7.93.
Special No. 2. A handsome Voile in Black and Blue, seven gared
with Taffeta folds and French Medalions, elobrately trimmed, the lattest,
regular $12.50 goes Friday and Saturday at $9.89.
A very stylish Canvass Cloth Skirts in black and blue Silk lined,
trimmed in silk folds and tucks, flare bottom, regular $12.50, goes Friday
and Saturday at $9.89.
Following are tho new electric rates
which will bo put Into effect May 1,
1003. In all cases whero these rates
aro lowor than tho present rates they
will apply for tho present month, hut
whero thoy aro hlghor than tho old
ratos, the old rato will prevail until
May 1, 1903.
Meter Rates for Business Houses.
Up to 25,000 watt hours per mo.. JO 16
25,000 to CO 000 watt hours per
month 14
50,000 to 100,000 watt hours per
month 12
100,000 and up watt hours per
month 10
Minimum meter rates, 91.50 per mo.
Flat Rate for 16 Candle Power Lamp
" for Stores.
1 light, per fionth $1 25
2 lights, per month 2 25
3 lights, per month 3 25
4 lights, per month .. 4 15
5 lights; per month 5 05
i jigms, per montn t vi
7 lights, per month C 75
8 lights, per month 7 50
9 lights, per month 8 25
10 lights, per month 9 00
Flat Rates for 16 Candle Power Lamps
for Offices.
1 light, per month 1 00
2 lights, per month 1 50
3 lights, por month 2 00
4 lights per month 2 40
Kach adldtlonal light, 40 cents per
Meter Rate for Residence Lighting.
Up to 25,000 watt hours, per
month ....JO 18
25,000 to 50,000 watt hours, per
month 1C
50,000 to 100,000 wntt hdurs, per
month 14
100,000 and up 12
Minimum motor rate, $1.50 per mo.
Each addition light per month.... 70
Flat Rate for 16 Candle Power Lamps
for Residence.
1 light, per month ?1 25
2 lights, por month 2 00
3 lights, per month 2 50
4 lights, per month 3 00
5 lights per month 3 40
Each additional light por month.. 40
Flat Rates for Arc Lighting.
Each 1200 candle power arc lam:
All night per month 13 00
Mtilnlght por month 8 60
in o'i'lock. per month 7 00
Meter R ates for Day Power Service.
iTIils doos not Include electric fans.)
Up to 25,000 watts per IC. W. hr... 12
5,000 to 50,000 10
50.000 to 100,000 08
100.000 to 200,000 7
200,000 to 300,000 6
300,000 and up 05
Minimum meter rato per month.. $2 00
Meter rates for arc lights, fans and
Nernst lamps sanio as other light me
ter rates.
Flat rato for incadescent lamps,
To Women!
other than 1C candle power, to be in
Flat rates for slnglo 9-hour Nernst
lamp 1V4 times flat rato for 1G candle
power Incandescent lamp.
Flat Rate for Electric Fans.
Each 12-Inch desk fan per mo..?l 50
Each 14-Inch desk fan per rao . 175
Each lC-lnch desk fan per mo.. 2 00
Each ceiling fan 2 60
In all cases of paying by meter wheer
meter reading comes near the divis
ion point tho charge will bo made on
tho basis of tho next lower rato at
tho minimum quantity. For examplo:
S5.000 waits at'12c, $11.40.
This would bo charged on a basis
of 100,000 watts at 10c $10.
There -tI11 bo no midnight flat rate,
as all '"customers will ' be on tho 24
hour circuit, and parties desiring
lamps for duly a Tew hours each day,
may tako motor it thoy do not desire
to pay flat rates
We will endeavor to havo our so
licitor sco oach of our customers per
sonally between now and May 1, 1903,
and ascertain which of tho above
rates VOU desire to select, anil In rnno
wo fall to see you It will bo token for!
granted that you deslro to continue
on tho flat basis or the meter basis,
as tho caso may be, which you aro now
using. '
Thoro will be no discounting bills.
All bills must bo paid in full the
some as any other bill which you pay.
Our now plant will bo in operation
for' 12 hours about Monday, April 13,
and our 24-hour servlco will begin in
about six weeks or soonor If wo can
complete tho placing of our machin
If. E. FOSTER, Manager.
Eight' room house with well and
sheds and nice large lot. Good loca
tion. A bargain.
Two 3-room houses, good well and
sheds. Rent for $C each per monUi.
Prlco $750.
Two houses and lots two blocks from
Main street. A bargain.
Seven-room house, po' barn, ser
vant's house, well, cistern, wash houso.
On easy terms. Closo In.
Will tako good mules and cattlo for
stock of merchandise. Good location.
Somo nlco now three-room houses.
Two-room hou3o In Northwest Ard
more. Four-room houso with largo lot for
garden, shed for stock, and good well.
Price S por month.
If It's real estato you wiat to buy,
sell or wont, see us.
Real Estate sad Rental Aits.
Advertisements under this bead will
be received nt the rato of Ave (5)
cents per lino. No advertisement
rcelvcd for le3s than fifteen (15)
cents. Special monthly rates lur
nlshed on application. Tho notice
may contain any matter of "Lost,"
"Found," "For Rent," "For Sale."
"Stolen," "Strayed," or any purpoH
without display lines.
WANTED Men to loam baraw
trade. All tho advantages of steady
practice, Instructions, etc., vaJK.
competent. Years saved. Qrttrrfesg
demand for graduates. Positions
guaranteed, tools presented. Thirty
graduates placed last month at top
wages. Particulars mailed free.
Moler Barber College, St. Loiris,
Mo. i2-t.
WANTED To sell or trade a business
house and lot In tho growing toim
of Ravia, I. T. The lot Is largs
and the location is suitable Tor any
kind of business. Apply at the Ard
morelte. dw.
WANTED NicoiM or 5 room cottng
close In; must bo desirable. Address
Supt.. box 115. ' th.s&tu
FOR RENT Six new 3-roora cottages
on South Washington street at.$6.5l
por month. Call on J. D. Wall, the
druggist. 9-lm
FOR RENT Nice three-room dVcll
ing, good well of water, barn an
shed, large promises, Northwest
Ardmore. Apply to J. D. Helsley at
the Jnll. Ml
FOR RENT UuBinees Houso on Oo4
do street, between Main and Broa
way. Apply Ardmorelte office, v
FOR RENT Nlcoly furnished room
near Cumberland PreBbyterlax
church. Mrs. W. M. Robinson. 26-tf.
FOR RENT Nice, suit of olllco rooms.
Apply R. W. Randol. 24-tf
FOR RENT Ono threo-room frams
houso, corner Second avenue and I
streot, northwest. $S por month.
14-tf. , MORAN SCOTT.
FOR RENT Nlco cottnpo on Broad
way, closo In. T. IC. ICcrtrnoy. lltf
Good for Children.
Tho pleasant to tako and harmless
Ono Mlnuto Cough Curo gives lmrae
dlato relief In all cases of cough,
croup and la gilppo because It does
not pass immediately Into tho stom
ach, but takes effect right at tho scat
of tho trouble It draws out tho In
flammation, heals and soothes nnd
cures permanently by enabling the
lungs to contribute puro life glvlnr
and llfo sustaining oxygen to the
blood and tissues. City Drug Store.

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