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$500.00 IN CASH
2s 3Js..iJs. sii. sW. vW. CW. ,CW. Ai.L' .vUK iW. vUr
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But your favorite institution may receive this magnificent sum by you spending your money at Ardmore's
leading store. With every 25c purchase at our store you get not only more goods and better goods than else
where, but are permitted to cast your vote toward securing for your church, club, lodge or society the hand
some $500.00 Cash Prize.
Our big 3 days' Clearance Sale wss a success in every particular, enabling us to clear out all odds and
ends, short lengths and odd pairs, and also placing before the public clean, seasonable goods at prices to fit
the most slender puree. We now call your attention to those
Which are beginning to arrive. Every department is putting on a NEW SUMMER DRESS, and coming out
in "true negligee."
DEPARTMENT is now full of the sum
mer necessities-,
daintier and fresher than ever, and all are
ready for your inspection.
thoie dainty SILK MULLS in all the new
shades, the sheer, clingy kind so well suit
ed for those pretty little shirred summer
costumes for evening wear. Don't fail to
see them before planning your next
velTety kind for folds and brands usual
ly sold at $1.00, bat sometimes "reduced"
to 80e our price will b ill continne, per
yard 85c
is bringing many new things in this de
psrtment, new patterns, but the same grade
which has won for us the best wash goods
trade in our history. When you desire a
new wash dress, you will save both time
and money by coming direct to us when
you get the 8 13 grade for
The 15c grade for
The 25c grade for
kind which laundries so nicely. New pat
ternsnot out of date job lots to be sold
for what ;ou can get for them, but nice
clean goods with style and value which
cause them to be so papular at 10c
NEW BELT PINS, Stick Pins. Shirt
Waist Sets, Chatelain3 and Parses. Beads
are quite a fad. Inspect our new ones.
THE GENTLEMEN should see that line of White Madras Shirtsbran new the 75c kind which we
cleaned up from the factory at a price they go at 50c
BOYS, you do not know what the comforts of summer mean until you dress up in one of oiir New Crash
Suits they combine elegance, style and comfort.
.... DON'T BE MISLEAD ....
About your Voting Tickets. Read the list of those giving the Cash Prize Votes and remem
ber they can only be secured at those places, and one vote for every 25c purchase.
. i.Kts .CV s...
Special Correspondence
McKlnnoy, I. T., May 27 Wo bavo
bad flno rains In tho last two wooks.
Tho farmers aro complaining of cotton
being so bard to got a "stand." 8omo
has already boon planted twice. Tbo
"web worm" baa mado his appear
ance and ban already doslroyod scv
eral patches of cotton. No great dam
ago Is expected from them.
Corn looks well, and tbo oat crop
will mako a very good yield.
Tho sick aro reported Boms better.
J. B. Buckley and wife, also other
members of tbo family, bare been
quite sick for two weoka.
Mrs. Dettlo Taylor and bob Scottlo
of Van Alityno, Teiaa, camo up
about two weeks ago and wilt renfcln
aomo time yet rUltlng Un. C. 3j
Tho Sunday Bcbool that baa been
organized bcro for about two or three
yeara, waa laid off Sunday. Thoro
will bo a union Sunday ecbool organ
ized at tho Bhop next Sunday. Alio a
UaptUt Sunday school la to bo organ
ized right away.
Catarrh Cannot be Cured,
with local application, aa tboy can
not roach tbo seat of the dlaooao.
Catarrh la a blood or constitutional
dlicoao, nnd In ordor to euro It you
must tako Internal romodlee. Hall's
Catarrh Curo is takon Internally, and
acta directly on tho blood and mucous
surfaces. Hall's Catarrh Curo Is not
A quack medicine It was prescribed
by ono of tho boot physicians In this
country for years and Is n regular
prescription. It la compoBcd of tho
best tonics known, comblnod with tho
boat blood purifiers, axtlng directly
on U10 mucous surfaces. Tho perfect
combination of tha two IngTodlents Is
what produces such wondorful results
In curing catarrh. Send for testimo
nials free,
V. 3. CHBNBT ft CO., Props.,
Tolodo, O.
Hold by druggists, price 7Cc.
Hall's rtmlly Pills aro tho best
When an ontorprlslng man gets in
the grass bo eaves bay.
Stops' theCouoh and Works Off ths
Laxative Dromo Quinine Tablets cure
a cold In one day. No cure no pay
JPrlce 25 cents..
. Senator Gorman bad to sny some
thing or to Europe. lie Is now
,xii surest and safest remedy for
kidney nnd bladdor diseases Is Fo
ley's Kidney Curo, Sold by Donner 4
florao nlry poop'lo nro I06 light to
weigh In Hie balancoa.
At Ada IJogins September iS, 3003
holds two weeks, and Febnirary IS,
1901, holds throo weeks.
At Tishomingo Begins October 19,
1903, and holds two weeks, and March
1, 1904, and holds three weeks.
At Cblckasha lieglns November 2,
1903, and March 22, 1904, each torm
two weeks.
At Ityan Begins November 16,
1903, and April C, 1904, ono week
each torm.
At Furcell Begins November 28,
1003, and April 12, 1904, each form
one week,
At Paula Valley Begins Nor.
30, 1903, and April 19, 1904, three
weeks at each term.
At Ardmoro Begins December SI,
1903, and May 10, 1904, seven weeks
each term.
Traveling Is DanQerous.
Constant motion jars tho kidneys
which aro kopt In placo In tho body
by dollcato attachments. This Is tbo
reason that travelers, trainmen, street
car men, tcamstors and all who drive
very much sufTor from kidney dlseaso
In some form. Foley's Kldnoy Cure
strengthens tbo kidneys and euros all
forms of kldnoy and blnddor dlseaso.
Goo. II. Hausnn, locomotlvo engineer.
Lima, O., wrltos, "Constant vibration
of tbo englno can sod mo a great deal
of trouble with my kidneys, and I got
no roller until I used Foley's Kidney
Foloy's Honey and Tar Is peculiarly
adapted for asthma, bronchitis and
hoarseness. Sold by Bonner & Bon-nor.
Warnlno Order.
In the United States district court,
In tho Indian Territory, Southern
district, at Tishomingo.
Dora Stewart, plaintiff, vs. 15. H.
Stowart, defendant.
Tho defendant 12. H. Stewart is
warned to appear In this court In
thirty days and answer tho complaint
of the plaintiff, Dora Stowart.
Witnosq Honornblo Hoeoa Town
send, judge of Bald court, and tho seal
tharCQf. this 19th day of May. 1903.
(Soal.) C. W. CAUPUBM
By W. T. WAIID. Deputy.
Coleman & Mason, Platnttff's Attys.
Jno. T. Young, Ally for non-resident
First published May 21, 1003.
From a Cat Scratch
on tho arm, to tho worst sort of a
burn, soro or boll, DeWitt'Sj4W.ltjL
Hazol Salvo is a quick curo.
Ing witch hazol salvo bo particular
to gqt DoWltfs this Is tho salvo'.that
heals, without leaving a scar. ECsp
clflo'for blind, bleeding, ltchlngfaw
protruding piles.. Sold by CHyjD
How Queen Draga Queened It Over
Offending Bankers Wife.
Belgrade, May 27. At last Queen
Draga has bad tho satisfaction to
know that she la 'it." For a long
wbllo cortaln ladles of Belgrade socie
ty bavo managod to ignore, or cut,
Draga, without giving her an opportu
nity to strlko back. But tho other
day sbo learned that a rich banker's
wife bad oast'"! that she wont to
tho palaco without observing the usu
al ceremony, namely to kiss her maj
esty's hand.
"I wouldn't Visa that woman's band
for anything In the world," she added
Thereupon Draga sent the marshal
of tho palace to the banker's wife;
with orders to bring ber there with
out delay. Tho dame waa driven to
tbo castlo In a royal coach and four,
attracting much attention and soldiers
In parado uniform lined tho steps of
tho palaco when aho drovo up. Tbo
marshal bado tbo banker's wito wait
on tbo threshold In full view of tho
soldlors and a mob of several hundred
people who had assembled. Sho walt
od fifteon minutes, but when the
queon finally appoared, Draga looked
her sweotost and hold both hands to
ward her onomy, making a great show
of wolcomo. And, overcomo by so
much kindness, tbo banker's wife
dropped on ono kneo and, kissing
joth her majesty's bands fervently,
cried In an outburst of mingled pride
and satisfaction, "How can I thank
your majesty for coming yourself to
recelvo me?"
Tho queen merely replied: Ton
klsod my bands, didn't you, and on
your knees, too, without coercion?"
"Of courso, your majesty, with tho
greatest of satisfaction, I assure you."
stammered tho banker's wlf rising
und prcpailng to enter.
'That will do, thon," hissed back
Drags, "now got out."
At tbo samo tlmo tho queen mo
tlonbd the four-borso coach to drive
away and tho banker's wife was com
polled to loavo tbo palace on foot
amid the Jeers of tbo soldiers and tho
enlooke'ra who hail witnessed tho
scene and heard overy word, spoken,
certainly those spoken by tho queen,
who had an object In making herself
Understood. "My action may not bnvo
been vory quoonly," said Draga after
wards, "womanly It certainly was."
A gamo fish on tbo right hook Is
port proper. Flsblne tacklo to Kho
angler's ronton, at J
c tf wiuuXms, conns & cu
The latest thing on the market,
every horse owner ehould have one.
Fly Nets, Lap Dusters,
Harness Oil.
Come in and see the many things
we have for man, his horse and his
Q Mam Street, ARDMORE. A
Short jonrnejB to Northern lake resorts will be more
popular this Bummer than ever. Many have already
arranged their summer tours via
and many more are going to do likewise. Booklets that
will help you to plan your vacation trip have been
issued for those interested, nnd will bo sent on recoipt
of pottage, as follows:
Mn Lakeland'. and Summer Homes," 6c.
. i ''Lake i, Okobb'ji and rSplrlt Lake," 4c. f y
343 Alsln Street.
Commercial Agent,
The Ardmoreite
Prints All the NEWS . AH the time.
In tho United States Court for tho
Southern District of tho Indian
In tho matter of W. A. Pride, bank
rupt. In bankruptcy. No. 5,567.
To tho Honorablo Hosoa Townsend,
Judgo of tho District Court of tho
United States for tho Southern Dis
trict of the Indian Territory:
W. A. Prldo of Ardmoro, In tho
Southern district of tho Indian Ter
ritory, in said district, reapoctfuUr
represents that on the ISth day of
April last past, he was duly ad
judged bankrupt under the acts of
congress relating to bankruptcy; U154
ho has duly surrendered all Lis prop
erty and rights of property, and has
fully complied with all tho require
ments of said acts and of tho orders
of tho court touching his bankruptoy.
Wherefore ho prays that ho may bo
decreed by the court to have a full
discharge from all debts provable
against his estato under sMd bank
rupt acts, except such debts as aro
excepted by law from such discharge.
Dated this 19th dny of May, A. D.,
1003. W. A. PIUDE, Bankrupt
Herbert, Walkor & Cannon, Attys.
Southern District of the Indian Ter
ritory, ss:
On this 19th day of May, A. D.,
1903, on reading the foregoing petition
It Is ordered by tho court that a hear
ing bo had upon tho samo on tho
30 day of May, A. D.. 1903, boforo said
court at Ardmoro, In said district, at
9 o'clock in the foienoon, and that
notice thereof be publlshod In tho
Ardmoreite, a newspaper printed in
said district, and that all known
creditors and other persons Inton-
ested may appear at tha said tinio
tlmo and placo and show cause. If
any they have, why tho prayer of
said petitioner should not bo granted.
It Is further ordered by tho court
that tho clerk shall send by mall to
all known, creditors copies of said
petition and this ordor. nddressod tn
thorn nt their places of rosldenco as
Witness, tho Honorabdo Hoson
Townsend, Judgo of tho said .court,
and tho seal thoreof. at Ardmoro, In
said district, on tho 19th dny of May,
tSoal.) C. M. CAMPBELL,
First published May l?,,J9P3.i 1 '
To Cure a Cold In On
Take Laxative Drorao Quinine Tablets.
ah aruggiata rofsnd tho money If It
falls to cure. K.,w. drove's slgnaturo
Is on each box. . 25c. ' :

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