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Was He Sincere Formerly? I He Sin
1 cere 'NowT Things He Has Said
and What He Now Says His
Tour and System.
To tlio Arilmorolto.
Washington, I). C, Juno 10. Jub a
fow words with President Rooscol'.
"Is ho backing up his words with
goods" Ho salA lu his speech at
Doiilff-n, Iowa, on Juno 2: 'I think
you will (Jo mo the justice to say that
I do not say what I do not m-n I
novor said anything olt the stump that
I would not say on the stump. So
what I Bay now you can tako ns sin
cere." i
So you nJmli Mr President, dial,
your two months' swing around thr
clrclo wti? n stamping tour pure and
simple. 'Now then, In view of your
article, written In 1000 and published
lh tho Youth's Companlan last No
vember, on tho duties nnd responsi
bilities of tho president of the United
States, In which you said "thcro aro
fow harder tasks than that of filling
well nnd ably" this high olllce, do you
think It entirely propor for tho presi
dent to leavo his post for moro than
two months at a tlmo and stump the
country for his own nomination and
election? Had you presidential stump
Ing tours In mind when you said at
that time "tho president should bo hold
to strict accountability alike for what
ho docs nnd for what ho leaves un.
Were you a slnccro free trader when
you wcro a member of tho Now York
Froo Trade club In tho enrly 80's and
whqn you said you would dlo for free
trade? If so, how do you explain
your letter of resignation to tho sec
retary, Poultncy Blgclow, written aftor
you had decided to desert tho Inde
pendents, who had elected you to tho
Now York legislature, and when you
hnd decided to go over to tho enemy,
Piatt and tho "professional politi
cians," whom you woro elected to
fight nnd against whom you expressed
grcnt hatred? Wns It not purely and
simply to promote your political am
bitions, Aro you willing now to re
peat your freo trado speeches on tho
stump? You say you aro always wil
ling to say on tho stump what you
say off it You aro now playing tho
President. Vlce-Pr
Ardmore, Indian Territory.
Obsignated Depository for Bankruptcy Funds u Chickasaw Nation.
Capital paid in $ 60,000.00
Surplus Funds 165,000.00
Total $225,000.00
The oldest bank In IndlBn Territory. Accounts ot firms and individuals
solicited upon the most llboral terms consistent with good bunking.
Ttie Most Gomniele sei of ADsfracls in itie souinern District
Abstracts of all kinds accurately made. Records
thoroughly searched, unci nnv hind nf Infm-m.
lion furnished on short
S. WOLYERTON Sc SON,' flier's.
j.,. umriOLAi ivvi!iiJilx, JUINJW JLY, 1JJU3. SDBSGRIPIIOH,
1 i !
Republican ; when will tho freo trade
performance begin?
Ono year ngo Dr. Schurman, ono of
your good Republican friends, gave
us tho campaign slogan for 1904 of tho
thrco It's "Itoosovelt, Reciprocity
and Rovlslon" of tho tariff. If, as gen
erally supposed, Dr. Schurman then
correctly summarized your position on
tho tariff, as gathered from your New
England speeches, aro you willing to
repeat theso speeches now. If not,
why not.
Is thoro any truth In tho widely pub
lished statements that Protective Tar
iff Leaguo pcoplo "changed" your
vlowa when they Informed you, just
beforo you left Washington on April
1, tliat If you did not ccaso to talk
revision ,thoy would prevent your nom
ination? Are you now willing, Mr. President,
to say on tho stump what you said of
union workmen In tho Rovlow of Ito
viows of Soptombor 1896? You then
said: "Tho men who object to what
they stylo 'government by Injunction'
are, ns regards tlio essential princi
ples of government, In henrty sym
pathy with their rcmoto skln-clad an
costqrs who llvod In tho caves, fought
cno another with stone headed axos
and ato tho mammoth and woolly
headed rhinoceros." They aro interest
ing as representing a geological sur
vlval, but they aro dangerous when
there Is tho least chanco of their
making tho principles of this ages
burled past living factors In our pres
ent life.
"They nro not In sympathy with
men of good minds and sound civic
Why wero you not repeating on your
recent stumping tour what you Bald
of tho farmers and mechanics and
woikmcn In your "Ranch Life and
Hunting Trail?"
You said that although tho cow
boys and roughrldcrs might bo "bro
ken by weeks of brutal dissipation,"
yet "they nro much bottor follows and
plcasantcr companions than small far
mers or agricultural laborers; nor aro
tho mechanics and workmen of a
great city to bo mentioned In tho
camo breath."
If you will show your sincerity by
ropeatlng on tho stump what you
have said of freo trade, of union work
men nnd faraiors, wo will not ask ycu
about your sincerity as a olvil sor-i o
roforraor when you appointed Pavno
and Clarkson to high ofllco, or It you
think it entirely proper for tho presi
dent, who every year must sign many
bills affecting tlio railroads, to rid 3 In
private cars nt tho oxponso of tho.io
rumo railroads.
"Words nro good when backed up
by dec's, and only so," as you told v.0,
esldent. Cashier.
notice and email fee.
V i President. In one of your speouh-1
Inst July. It's up to you.
A little trick of tho president's dur
ing his "swing around the cirri" wns
So Blv2 to tho Aesooln'H Press rep
resontatlvo accompanying him type
written copies of his nddrosa to bo
iiollvorod nt any given point, to bo
n-M nut t'locilcast over ihi' country
ns tho speech ho dollvored Ihore That
speech, as tnt out, wn i erne fully
built nnd edited. It was not tho sp.fifcii
he dellvtro 1 Lovovor, by a long shot.
Mr Uoosevolt said many tilings In
hi fpeechoH (hnt did not roach tho
people of the country, and things he
illd not want tho country at larco to
hear. Ho as caught at his llttlo
gamo by tho Ilutto, Mont., Minor. That
paper pont a stenographer to hoar
Mr. ltoogovclt and took his sneech
down M-rbatlm, and It dlffored mn-
lerlally from tho typewritten cony
lont to that ofllco early In tho morn
ing. Ho said many things of a radl
ral naturo, and. thoy wero things bo
would not want tho buslficss Interests
of tho country to got hold of, for fenr
that thoro would not bo tho samo
unanimity In endorsing him for nom-
Inatlon ns thoro seoms to have been
lately. If this Isn't saying things on
tho stump that ho does not say oft of
It, what would you call It? It this
lun't approaching tho gnmo of tho
fakir who sells soap from tho tall-gate
ct a wagon, namo It. That sort of
ork has nclthor tho color nor thn
odor of statesmanship. It Is a more
trick of a politician. If this bo leso
majeste, mako tho most of It.
Since tho return of tho nresldont to
his llttlo cheese-box ofllco ho has had
several Interviews with his postmaster
general and ho has told him to "get
off tho lid" and let tho stink corao
out. Tho latter Is going to obey him
by getting out of town nnd allowing
his subordinates to stand tlio stench.
It Is well known that Mr. Payno suf
fers with acuto Indigestion and his
stomach Is not strong enough to stand
this thing any longer. Thoso of us
who arc compelled to llvo In close
proximity to tho rottenness and cor
ruption emanating from tho nostofflco
department do not blarao him. Tho
Investigation goes "bravely on." so It
Is said, but It Is remarked hero that
nfter all tho replies to Mr. Tulloch's
charges aro boiled down to tho last
analysis, tho only wny In which they
hnvo refuted anything ho has charged
nas been cnlllng him "another."
It Is a noteworthy fact to bo borno
In mind that all tho repllos to Mr.
Tulloch 8 charges havo boon given to
tlio public with tho oxcontlon of tho
roply of Mr. Urlsfow, tho fourth as
sistant postmaster genoral. Tho rea
son. It Is bollovod horo. Is becauso
Mr. nrlstow has corroborated Mr.
Tulloch's charges In almost every Im
portant particular. It will tako a
Democratic spado to got to tho bottom
of this muck heap.
Tho big picnic at Ilrock is billed for
July 8. Tho people of that placo
know how to cntortaln and nil thoso
who go will havo a dollghtful time.
Voting coupons In tho merchants'
cash prlvo given away at tho Broad
way carrlago shop. D. E. Allen,
'Charcoal Sheatintr," or pure carbon pressed
into sheets is rendered absolutely impervious
to air or water, and is therefore a Perfect
INon-Conductor It has been proven by
test that this is the very beBt insulation for
Refrigerators, Our line of Refrigerators has
this insulation.
Ardmore National Bank,
Capital Stock and Additional Liability, : : : : : $200,000.00
La rr eat of any Bank In the Chickasaw Nation.
We accept small and large
vjuucrui uaniong juusmeas tor you.
0. M. Oamfbkli,, Vic&Prea.
flwft'1 -
U. W. Yormo. Htnelrman
-J,"5?JIC(,80N Mortar, ,
Many Oodles Found lone, a 8hort
Distance From 'Heppner, Reports
' the Finding of 300 Dead Bod
ies, Carried By Flood.
Portland, Ore, Juno 1C Tho lato
nows received last night from Hepp
ner confirmed that printed In tho dis
patches yostortlay afternoon. Tho dls
aslor occurred on Sunday afternoon,
and later reports nro to tho effect that
everything In tho Willow creek vol
ley was washed out by tho flood and
much dnmago douo at other points
than Hoppnor.
A roport from Iono, sovenleon miles
from Hoppnor, snys that 300 bodies,
carried thoro by tho flood, havo boon
rccjav.eiod. Tho flood camo with such
suildonness that tho Inhabitants wero
Unable to sook places of safoty, and
wore enrried down to dqijji by tho aw
ful riisli ot water. Somo'of tho busi
ness j.nrt of Hoppnor, which Is on high
ground, escaped.
Early In tho aftornoon a thunder
stoim occurrod. covorlng a wide ro-
glqn rf rountry, and lator a heavy rain-
storm sot In, many of tho small
streams overflowing their banks In n
short tlmo. Bridges woro swopt awny
llko straws, and tho darkness of tho
night soon mado tho situation mero
As soon ns possible after tho flood
has subsided tho work of relief was
begun by tho surviving residents.
Dozens of bodies woro found lodg
ed along tho bends of tho stream, and
In .sovoral places thoy wero piled two
or thrco deep. Up to 2 o'clock Mon
day afternoon 200 bodies had beon
recovered within tho town,
Matoy of tho buildings which were
not carried away wero torn from thulr
foundations, or toppled over.
As soon as posslblo word was sent
by courlor to tho nearby towns, ask
ing for roller for tho stricken neonlo.
Tho Oregon Hallway and Navigation
company started a rollof train with
doctors and supplies from Tho Dalles
shortly aftornoon with a party of 100,
including threo doctors, four nurses
nnd supplies of all kinds. '
A rollof train with doctors and sup
plies started for tho scono from
Portland. Tho cltlzons of Portland
started a rollof fund ns soon as tho
nows of tho dlsastor spread ovor tho
city, and within a fow hours $5,000
was raised.
Suppllos will bo rushed to Hoppnor
as soon as thoy can bo collected.
FIftoon buildings In l-oxlngton. nlno
miles below Hoppnor, on Wlllqw
creek, woro washed away, but with
no loss ot life, the Inhabitants having
tlm? to save thomsolvos from tho
surging torronL
At lone damago was dono to build
Ings, though no .loss of llfo is report
ed. Portland, Ore., Juno 1C Hundreds
of men this morning began tho work
of recovering tho dead from tho de
bris at Hoppnor. Searching parties
accounts and conduct a
fl T Tn...r. Tin t i i V. , .1
Fuaiture. m'""
Sam Nobck, Wholesale Hardware,
.1 r r.. ....... it rviv, '
Ltmuiuiuii! urocsr.
R. W.R&dol, Merchant. 1
reported finding bodies far from town.
Threo hundred corpaoa had beon ro
covered nt daylight.
It Is estimated that 200 more Ho bo
nenlh the dobrls and slime or nro
washed away to places not yet renoh-
ed by tho roscuors. Many Ho on the
floors of tho remaining warohmmn
awaiting Identification.
Owing to a lack of propor facili
ties and warm wonthor. tho cortisoa
aro bolng wrapped In shoots and bur
led In common crntos.
A Bpcclnl train, with nhylsclans.
nurses and suppllos, was unnblo (o
got nearor than ton miles of Honnnor.
owing to waBhouts.
Wagons nro carrying Uio rollof nnr.
ty nnd suppllos Into tho stricken val-
loy. Holp Is also coming from Walla'
Walla, Tho Uallos and other cities.
Oovornor Chnmberlaln ordcrod nil
posslblo asslstanco glvon at tho ov
penso of tho stnte.
DeDstroyed Choctaw Deer. 1
South McAlostor. I. T Juno lfi
Deputy Marshal Crockett I.oo return-
ed Sunday night from a trip to Co.il-
gate, which was very successful. It
soms that It had boon somo tinm
slnco thoro had ben n deputy marshal
to swoop down upon them, and every
thing was running wldo onon. Hn nr.
rested fourtcon. people for mninifan-
Hiring and selling Choctaw beer and
took thorn to Atoka, most of them
pleading guilty Saturday. Tho raid
was mado on Friday night nnd ho un.
cured about COO gallons ot Choctaw
beer. Hut beforo ho got through tho
rounds no Judged from tho anncaranco
of tho ground that thoro had l.onn
sovoral hundred moro spilled, tho
Ktiowlcdgo of tho rnld having nntur-
ally spread". Ho also raided three
cambllng Joints nt Coalgato and ono
at No. C, burning all tho paraphcr
r.ala. A doctor has two favorltn Mm-
No. 1 Tells patients to trv n. fllffnrnnt
climate. No. 2 Tells patient to unit
imng about his ailment. Prlco of
either Joko $2. ,
When a man pays back a norsonnl
loan It Is a sign that ho Is planning
to borrow moro from you.
A woman considers that shn imn nn
clothe at all If some other woman has
moro than alio.
Are now duo. A competent
Notary nlways in our ofllce to
make out your remittance papers.
Havo your work done correctly, by
one that uuderalands it.
Are you paying too much rontl
Wo havo some neat now three
room cottnees iu food location at
$5.00. Seo about these.
OGood roomdwolllritfclosoiu $12 go
8 ' ''" 16.00
2 " " ' 3 60
3 " ' Fratuo dwelling
018 0 60
LiBt your ront nronertv
it will pay you as we civo such
matters prompt attention.
The Redfield Agency,
Real Estate, RcnU, Loans.
Phone lai. ARDMORE, I. T.
J. A. BIVT.N8, Pretldent. DON LACY, Vlce-Pretld.nt
H. PALMER, Cashier. W. A. WOLVERTON, AitL Ctthltr,
. Capital and Surplus $l00,000,0t;
Acaounuof Ormi and indlTlduala
1 if You Want the
Tho Flour that was given tho Gold Medal
oyer all tho world's competitors at Paris
call for
. I
n, You can't Ret better flour,
4K tirnrwr will nnnnlu vnn
fUt tail - . '
K rriwMiouiwiUIOM.
Interlor Department Says It It Crowd
ed With Duslness and Hat Not
Time to Pay Money Schools '
Will De Badly Crippled.
In tho Hornld of locont dato an
Hbrald one "Chlcknsaw" of Colbert,
I. T., writes:
III thO tho Ilnmlll nf rnn..t
a v. v h . uuiu ill I
nrtlclo appeared concerning tho school
fund for. tho natlnnni irhmi. n n.
Chloknsnw Nntlon. In that article it
Is charged that thoro la money duo tho
schools that ought to bo paid ouL
Uvory word of tho artlclo must bo
trilO. At tho closo of this fiscal vear
Uioro must bo moro than $80,000 In
the hands of tho dopnrtmont of tho
Interior duo tho Chlcknsaw schools:
Whon tho department took chrirM
of tho royalty funds thoy claimed that
It was to seo that It was pronorlv ap
plied and that dono ns quickly as pos
slblo. Now It Is given out by tho clor-
Ical forco at Muskogco that It will
bo fully ono year beforo another dol
lar will bo applied to tho payment or
the school Indebtedness. In that
ovent thcro will bo fully $120,000 duo
tho schools from tho Toyalty fund.
School men wnnt to know whv tho
department Is holding this money.
wnon It was tho nvowed Intention to
to pny It out promptly. Is two years
pror. p piymcnt? It ought to bo
pnld tjiu iiuartorly, or at loast somi-
annually, it r argued by tho de
partment it Is crowdcd with bus
iness, and for that reason must do
lay. That Is no excuso. If tho de
partment has too much buslnoss, let
ft put on moro forco. "Where In thn
Justlco in causing tho school mon ot
tlio nation to pay thousands of dollars
In Interest? Wo seo nono.
Tho man who wns sont to tho Chick
asaw Nation as supervisor says: "Let
tho Chickasaw officials mako a do-
mnnd for tho funds." Now. ho oucht
to know that tho department seemed
to think tha tho Chickasaw author!
tics wero Incompetent, and for that
reason took tho whole nffalr out of
their bunds.
It looks to tho school men as If
thoy woro botweon tho Interior depart
ment and "tho doop sea,"
It Is tho design of tho school men
to comply with tho forms of their
contracts, but unl'iss thoro Is some
thing dono, and that soon, school af
fairs will bo vory much crippled. Tho
fact is that tho schools could do
much hotter TvorlcV nriii . Tho rintlnn
might oxpect, hotter psults If heao
matters wonr "looked nlW
promptly. ,rh
I Whon a manjarranges to'gb out with
his wlfo, ho Is compollod to wait un
till sho Is ready; but he has tho laugh
on her whon she gets ready for a rail
way Journoy; tho train won't wait for
Tho White Mountain refrigoratora
aro lco savors. Spraglns & Co. sell
solicited. Courtsoui treatneat
all alike,
Best Flour on Earth.
I l V u u ,
but you can pay more. You S
f w
..v... ARDMORE. INf

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