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Political Circlet Criticize the Acts
of the President Hit "Ga.j Rule"
In Postoffieo Department Ai
soclatlon With a Grafter.
To the Ardmorolto.
Washington, D. C, July 13. Tin
thrco strongost delegations in con
gross, as delegations, aro In Iowa,
tho Missouri and tho Toxas delega
tions. Nearly every man from these
three states Is a strong man and
stands pra-emlnont for marked ability
In somo peculiar lino. In writing theso
skotches of public men In future I
will tako them up by stato delegations.
Many mombers of congress, In their re
lation to tho general public can be
disposed of In a very few words, for
they havo done very llttlo to attract
general attention, although they are
good mon and good legislators. Tboir
work Is dono very qulotly nnd In tho
commlUeo rooms, whoro most of llu
effoctlvo work of a member of con
gress is performed without tho emis
sion of hot air, without fanfarronado
and blaro of trumpets.
Somo pcoplo havo an Idea that un
less a man shows up every day In tho
Congressional Record with a speech
of somo sort that ho Is no good as a
congressman, when tho truth Is that
just tho opposlto makes him tho good
and effective member. No matter how
good a speaker a man may bo or how
well qualified to speak on any given
subject, he can not say a word unless
ho gets the permission of tho speaker,
and then ho Is allotted a certain nura
bor of minutes and must limit his ad
dress. Very few men can exhaust
their subjects In tho tlmo allotted to
them; can not do justlco to thorn
selves; and' that Is why so few of them
mako speeches. Tho houso of repre
sentatives has emasculated leclt y
tho rules It has adopted and no longer
Is a deliberative body. There aro somo
men, howovcr, on both sides of tho
house who by their Intellectual forco
have mado UiemscKos felt and do
sorvo recognition.
Tako tho Missouri delegation, for In
stance. I havo already mentioned
tho Hon. Champ Clark and the Hon.
David A DoArmond. Thero aro other
strong men on thnt delegation, and one
of thorn Is tho Hon. Charles Fremont
Cochran of St. Josoph, Mo. Undoubt
President. Vice-President. Cashier.
Ardraore, Indian Territory,
designated Depository for Bankruptcy Funds n Chickasaw Nation.
Capital paid in
Surplus Funds
The oldest bank in Indian Territory.
solicited upon the most liberal terms consistent with good banking.
I HIED STATES flllll MD dMIEE (OilPlill
Home Office, Baltimore, fid.
Paid Up Capital, $1,050,800.00 Surkty Bonds.
Judicial Uonds Executed Without Delay,
Banks, Stores, Residences Insured Against Burglary or Theft.
Correipondence Sollcltad. GEN'rAcJ,ralirNl.T.
ttKintie iii!! 01 Htt in me Minii-
Abftrnots of all lnnds Bccurntoly made. Records
tlioroiiffbly searched, nnd any Kiud of infouiia
tion furnished on ehoit uo'icu and small tee.
W. S. W0LYERT0N 8c SON, Mgr's.
edly Mr. Cochran Is tho most versatile
and wldoly road member of tho dele
gation. Ho Is "loadod for bear," so to
speak, on almost any subject that
comes up for debato In tho houso, and
when ho gots through with an oppo
nent his antagonist looks like a fod
der stack after a cyclono had toyed
with It. Ho never makes a spooch
without adding to tho sum of human
Information. In his capacity of lawyer
nd newspaper editor ho has road ov
er thing and ho has a momory llko a
tar bucket; overythlng that gots in It
sticks. His pot hobblos In tho past
two congresses have been tho war In
tho Philippines and tho Boor war In
South Africa. On thoso two subjotcs
ho has hit tho Republicans more hard
licks than any two men In congress.
Anothor big man In tho Missouri
delegation Is tho lion. William S. Cow
herd of Kansas City. Ho not only Is
cno of tho best dobators In tho house,
litt ono of tho best lawyers. His co
gent reasoning and Invinclblo logic
compol admiration and knock down all
barriors. Thero was an attempt In
the last congrcn to put through s
steal of about a half million dollars,
and It came from tho commh'.uo u
tho District nt ColubHa of which Mr.
Cowherd Is a nomber. Wi.b hW trip-
hammor logic nnd unanswerable ar
gument Cowherd proceeded to hit It In
tho head, and whan ho rot through
talking it was as deil ai Hector, the
Republicans o 'en rofuslng to vote f.r
It. Mr. Cowhtrl has a :utnre. I.aok
out for him.
' be prosldont of tho Unltod State
1. just now coming In for xomc sevof)
criticism In tho political circles ic
tho capital of tho nation which Is
causing Democrats to smilo audibly
and administration Republicans to
winco perceptibly. There aro several
reasons for this criticism. Ono Is the
"sag rulo" applied to the postnir.ca
department Investigation piomulgat'.
by him before hcloft tor his summer
homo at Oyster Doy. That means
simply that tho Investigation will bo a
fi.rco from this tlnir on nnd that tin
stalls shall not bo given to tho publ'c
Uir fear of hurting tho party of public
plunder. No honost man or party ov
or was afraid of lnvcstlgatiou or or
being watched. It 2k tho thief that is
r.iraid of esplonago or publicity. Caly
a short tlmo ago President Roosevelt
w3 lustily proclaiming from tho
btump nnd through his messages to
tho congress that "publicity" was the
t f nacoa for tbo trust ovils that n w
Vsct tho honest cor. ,'i.vors of .ho
ciuntry. It "publicity ' Is tho bsccl.tc
for trust ovils, why is rubllclty i?j
"uod for tho evils, the bo rilclsm, graf:
tig and unheard of copuptlon thu
honoycombs tho poatj.fflco I'opart
$ 60,000.00
Accounts ot Arms and Individuals
ricul? If ho will recone'lo thoso tw
d'-.Tgont opinions of we benefits A
p ibllclty I will apo'5t.a 'or !ny on'
Idem anont tho manor may hafo
rrado concerning hlcn v '',
Another criticism 'hit ono hoi J
talked about In tho CO' riders ot tin
lirtcls in this polltl'i, tenter Is the
loo porsoual rolatlo is of tho presi
dent and Congressman Llttauor ot
if tw York who has etn "aught
grafting while a morabrr t congress
by grabbing a contracf to furnish!
gloves to tho army. Mr. Llttauor1
has boasted ot his Intimacy with tho
prosldont and ot his "pull" nt tho whlto
houso. Did that "pull" havo anything
to do with tho landing of tho glove
contrnct while ho was a member of
congress nnd thrforH acjiust tho
law? 1 ho pcoplo would like to have
an nm.nor to that question.
,no.'ia,- criticism of tho president is
based on an action of his that comes
as a sort ot sequel to somothlag that
occurred during his lato political Jun
ket through tho Weal, and which vn
commented on nt tho time ot this con
lospondoncc. It will bo rcmon.borad
by tho renders ot this correspondence
that I had something to say a'jouc the
failure tho lnoxp.I-nblo ncgloct of tho
prosldont of tho Ifcitorglty of C.VIior-
nln, Mr. Bcnjamu Ido Wheeler l
mention tho nnmiM of Mrs. I hcebe
Hearst and William Randolph Hearst
In tho list ot donors nnd patrons of
tho unlvorslty when they had dona'od
moro than all othors combined, on the
occasion of tho visit ot tho president
of the United states to that Initllu-
tlon. Wonderment was then oxprosscl
that such a thing should have occurred
unless President Wheeler had been
specifically asked by somo ono to omit
tho names of theso two generous do-
nols to the upbuilding ot tho Untvcr-
flty of California. Although he has
been roasted to a brown turn by tho
press ot California and asked to ex
plain, Mr. Whooicr has novor uttered
a word by way of explanation for hli
uncalled for and unheard ot omission.
Tho explanation has now como by In
ference nnd tho conclusion Is irresist
ible. A short time ago Mr. Denjamln
Ido Wheeler enmo through Washing
ton and was entertained at tho whlto
houso by President Roosovelt and
shown ovory ,posslblo courtesy. Thus
it is as gross to the senso as tho sun
at noonday that this Is a gamo of you
ticklomoand I will ticklo you. Out In
California, Wheeler, at tho roquest of
a soul so small that threo hundred of
them could danco tho highland fling on
tho point of a rambrlq norVu per
forms tho act ot an l;igat nnd in
suits tho fcplrlt o' hU suit In Wast
mgton ho gets nia pay lit being al
lowed to fawn at tin foot ;:t nllcced
greatnoss and stick his knees under
prosldcntial mahogany. Ho w-u en
titled to anything the profiled roti'd
glvo him. Ho sa7ol hlni Iron. Union-
lng to tho applaurtf. tint wui I hwc
followed tho readlii; of 'the name of
Hearst in Callfoin'a for It Is n name
that Roosovelt both fears tUH dislikes.
And no wondor. He. Uoant la tola
tho truth so ofto; coGcirnlti;r Rooso
volt and his part tint every tlmo the
president sees a iiiv Y)rk Ainerliin
ho shies ot it llko. 'lis eramillo mojii-
eyed broncho at a bla-lc slump.
C. R. Jones and Bro.
Ardmore National Bank,
Capital Stock and Additional Liability, : : : : : $200,000.00
Largest of any Bank In the Chickasaw Nation,
We accept small and large accounts and conduct a
General Banking Business for you.
0. It. Smith, President'.
O. M. Campdell, vice-Prea.
Lee Chuck, Cashier. .
O. W. Younq, Stockman
J.C. Thompson. Attorney,
Ringer's Gents' Furnlthlnn House and
Hotchklss' Jewelry Store Wiped
"v Out Law Offices Destroyed.
i Two Firemen Injured.
Again wo aro called Upon to chronl
clo a disastrous flro In Ardmoro which
broke out at 12:3G o'clock this morn
ing on Main strcot and burnod two
two-story brlok buildings - and tholr
contents to tho ground.
Tho flro was discovered In Kd Ring
er's clothing storo and later sprcni
from thoro to C. W. Hotchklss' Jewel
ry storo noxt door to tho wost, nnd
with the oxcoptlon of a fow things
that wore takon out overythlng In tho
stores wero consumed.
Fireman Oscar Wyont and Chlof
Slaughter says' that thoy would havo
confined tho flro to tho Kd Rlngor
building had It not been for tho burst.
Ing of tho hoso so much. Sovon
times tho pressuro of tho water
burstcd tho hoso, and as ninny tlmos
tho cnglno hnd to stop for tho broken
section to bo takon out. Asldo from
that they used up threo cisterns ot
wator, and tho moving from ono to
tho other caused consldorablo delay.
Tho flro boys fought with all their
might and too much pralso cannot
bo bestowed on thoso bravo fire fight
ors of Ardraore.
Tho chemlcnl cnglno was emptied
nnd recharged fourteen times nnd was
of great assistance In holding tho flro
In check whllo tho broken sections of
hoso wcro being replaced by good
Kd Ringer carried a $13,000 stock of
gents' furnishing goods on which ho
carried lnsuranco with Roberts, Pol
and Hruco to tho amount of $7,000
on stock and fixtures.
C. W. Hotchklss, tho Jeweler, had a
stock of Jewelry, gold and sil
verware, valued at J1G.000, on which
fie carried $3,750 lnsuranco on stock
and fixtures with Roberts, Poland &
Uruco, and $2,400 with Wiolvorton &
Son. A qunntlty ot his goods wore
taken out and saved from tho flames
Tho building occupied by Mr. Hotch
klss was owned by W. A. I.edbcttor
nnd wnB Insured for $2,500 with Rob
erts, Poland & Hruce. Total loss.
The building occupied by Mr. Ring
er was ownod by Frank Fronsloy and
Insured by Roberts, Poland Sr, Hruco
for $2,000. Ho also carried $1,000 with
W. S. Wolvorton & Son.
H. M. Furman ot tho Arm of Fur
man & Mathors, lawyers, who had
rooms upstairs over Hotchklss, had a
library valued at about $5,000, and
carried $1,500 lnsuranco with W. S
Wolvorton & Son.
Thomas Norman, lawyer, lost his
books and fixtures, valued at $1,500,
and did not havo any lnsuranco on
tiiom. Ho says that tho rato was so
high ho could not afford to carry tho
H. A. I.cdbcttor's loss on books and
fixtures wns about $500.
O. H. Jones, Wholesale and Retai
Sam Noble, Wholesale Hardware,
J. It. Pennington, Grocer.
R. W. IUndol, Merchant.
T. N. Coleman, druggist, first door
west ot Hotchklss, lost considerable
by removal of goods. Covered by In
Ijdbottor & Ulo'dsoo, over T. N.
Colemnn, and others on tho
snmo floor, lost mVo or losa by'ro
moval ot stock nnd fixtures.
Roy Mobloy, confectioner and cold
drink dispenser, broko somo of his
goods In moving.
W. M. Orcen, who owned tho build
ing Just oast ot tho flro, had his wall
considerably damnged, as .did lMrt
Coleman on tho west stdo.
I .u m Johnston, who wns sleeping
upstairs, bnroly oscaped with his life,
having to lenvo with n quilt wrapped
around him.
This morning nt 7:30 o'clock Chlof
Slaughtor took an oxtonslon laddor
around to tho building to boo It ho
could not tonr down tho front wall
which was still standing.
Tho ladder was placed against tho
wall and Hornco Kendall and I.on
Sconyors, two firemen, volunteered to
nscond It. Thoy. hnd not renched tho
top of tho ladder when from tho
weight of thorn tho wall was pushed
forward and foil. Tho bravo flronion
woro sevoroly hurt by brick falling on
thorn. '3j
Hornco Kondall was tho worst hurt
of tho two, having his loft log brokon.
Sconyors received a wound In tho
head but othorwlso was not hurt seri
Two Officers Shot Men
Drunken Quarrel
Got Into
Wilcox, Ariz., July 18. A torrlblo
light occurred Sunday night between
mon of I and M troops on ono sldo
and K troop on tho othor, all of tho
Hth United Stntcs cavalry at Donlta,
threo miles from Fort Grant. Revolv
ers, carbines, knives and slung shots
woro used. Corporal Seldonstlckcr of
troop M was fatally wounded in tho
groin, and Trumpeter Davis of tho
saino iroop was suoi inroiign uotu
. .... ....
thighs. Tho men who did tho shoot
Ing aro unknown at proscnt. Ono
hundred shots woro fired nnd a houso
wrecked. About fifty men nro Impli
Klshlneff Petition May Not De Pre
sented to Russian Government.
Oystor Hay, July H. An Important
conference was held at Sagamoro Hill
today botweon tho president nnd rop
rosontatlvo Jowlsh citizens of tho so
cloty H'nalUrith regarding the potltlon
to tho Russian government on tho
Klshlnoft outrages. Tho administra
tion hns been embarrassed by tho do-
lay of tho representatives ot tho Jow
lsh socloty in presenting tho potltlon.
draft of tho document was handed
to Prosldont Roosovelt sovcrnl weeks
ago, but It was decided, after somo
consideration, lo modify tho loxt of
tho petition before presenting It form
ally to this government for transriiis-
slon to Russia. Tho result of tho
conforonco has not been disclosed yot,
but a strong Intlmntlon Is given that
tho potltlon may not bo forwarded, to
tho Russian government. Tho iinslrn
of both Iho president nnd Scorntnrv
Hay Is that tho Klshlnoft Incident
should bo closed as soon as possible,
as furthor delay In Its consideration
J. A. DIVF.N8, President
. H. PALMER, Cashier.
Capital $100,000.00
Surplus Funds 30,000.00
Accounts of flrmi and Individuals
a HCAT5.
General Commission Merchants.
T noc3EJttoriCTr-0-T-
h one, Annies. Cabbacre.
House Products.
might provo embarrassing lo this gov
ernment In othor diplomatic negotia
tions with Russia.
Victim Is Llttlo Qlrl Less Than Seven
Years Old Negro Guilty Party.
Sherman, Tex., July 14. Tho local
&mcors aro Investigating a case of a
startling nature Tho crlmo charged
Is a criminal assault, and It alleged to
havo boon comralttod In a ravlno Just
off Kvorglado street In a thickly net
tled portion of this city. Tho caso
was reported to tho officers this aftor-
Tho victim of tho alleged assault is
Lillian .May Mooroland, less than 7
years of age, and daughter of J. Ci
Mooroland, who rosldos within less
than a block of whoro tho offense is
said to havo been committed.
Tho child, badly lacbrafod and weak
from loss of blood, with whlcli she-
was covered, was found by an older
sister. Slio was prostrated and faint
ed sovoral times, and hor statement
Is that sho had boon bosot by a negro
and nssaultcd.
Sho had given a inscription ot tho
man to tho officers, and other parties
havo an Indollnlto rccolloctlon ot see
ing such a negro In tho vicinity. Tho
length of tlmo and mcasreness of tho
clow Is making It a difficult caso to
follow. Tho child's condition Is tiro.
Old sottiors
reunion and picnic,
T., July 0 and 21.
Wapanucka, I
Ilato, J2.1C.
Annual mooting Grand Lodge Dc-
novolent 'nnd Protoctlvo Ordor of
Elks, IJaltlmoro, Md., July 17 and IS.
Ilato 338.90.
Annual mooting Soverolgn-- Grand
Lodgo, I. O. O. P., Daltlmoro, Md ,
Sopt. 17, 18 nnd 19. Ilato 138.90.
W. A. DASHIELL, Tlckot AgL
Webb's stamp photos nro Iho latoi
21 for 25c. i4.if
I havo today placed a number of my
accounts with Curl's Credit Cldaffng
Houso for collection nnd all other
old nccounts not paid or satisfactorily
arranged for by August 1 will bo simi
larly disposed of.
J. O. SMART, Tho Grocer.
Ardmore, July 9, 19031 Ct
Furnished Cottage
to Rent.
6 room, itood location, lareec n I Ot nn
lot, orchard, barn. oto. -tplO.UU
Offices to Rent.
Homo dealralile olllces, Binds or la lultai
nowlr papered and palntod. at cheap rent.
, Btoraco room for houaohold uooda or any
otliurklmlof coodf ,'ln a (roo'd brick build
(Dir. Will let a apace at rcaaonablo rate.
Tho Rodfieldl Agonoy,
Real Estate, Rents, Loans.
Phone I3i. AROflORB, I. T.
DON LACY, Vlce-Presldsnt
W. A. WOLVERTON, Awt Ctshlw.
solicited, Conrteoni treataMl
all alike,
n p wit ?npij.f i kf
FIH, flllS ill Miff.
JJananas, Ornneres. Letii- 4.
Oniona nnd Vnc-M

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