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Republican Leaders Are Wearing
Something Like tho Above The
Statute of Limitation Hat Run
and They Are Free.
To the Ardmorolte.
Washington, D. C, Aug. 10. Many
Republican leaders who, In the rocont
erstwhile, wero going about wearing
a worn, haggard and hunted expres
sion aro now walking the streets of
tho nation's capital wearing a broad
and expansive smllo that resembles
a crack In a frozen ltvor. 'Wherefore?
Simply becauso on tho 31st of July
last tho statute of limitation ran and
thoy aro forover barred from prose
cution for tho misdeeds and pcctiia
tlon they Indulged In whllo hoUIng
positions of honor and trust under tho
'national government three year ago.
There arc many men whoouga. to hnve
been Indicted and would have been
had not President Roosevelt told
Fourth Assistant Postmaster Gcnonti
Brlstow not to Investigate any ot tho
cases whero the statuto of limitation
would run this year. It was known
hero also that Perry S. Heath, the
secretary or tho Republican national
committee, would havo been ono of
tho first to bo Indicted, along with
Machen, If tho Republican leaders had
not stopped In and put a veto on tho
thing. Mr. Heath knkows too much
of tho Insldo workings' of tho cog
wheels and oiling that tho different
parts of tho machlno received In (Le
last two national campaigns. Ho might
as Rathbono threatened to do, "pull
down tho pillars ot tho temple," and
that would bo dangerous to many In
high places and leavo tho Republican
skeleton exposed in all Its hideous
ncss. Tho man who Invented tho stat
u to of limitations should havo a Wu
umcnt erected to his memory by the
Republican leaders, for thoy knotv
how much tribulation ho saved Us cm.
Tho next convention of that party
should pass tho hat nrount and no
cno should bo moro liberal In his do
'nation than President Roosevelt.for it
lms saved h'm a world of annoyance
and publicity that might havo Jeop
ardized his political future. An ei
collont slogan for tho Republicans
next year would bo: Vivo la statuto
of limitations!
Whon President Roosevelt appoint
President. Vice-President. Cashier.
Ardmore, Indian Territory.
Designated Depository tor Bankruptcy Funds m Ghiokasaw Nation.
v Capital paid in $ 60,000.00
Surplus Funds 165,000.00
Total $225,000.00
Tho oldest bank In Indlnn Territory. Accounts ot Arms and individuals
solicited upon tho most liberal terms consistent with good banking.
$ ?sH?HjHjK:K
I UlfD STATES Fllin HI Miff MOT.
Homo Office, Baltimore, fid.
Paid Up Capital, $1,050,800.00 Sl'rkty Bonds.
Judicial Bonds Executed Without Delay,
Uenks, Stores, Residences Insured Against Burglary or Theft.
CorrespondeRca Solicited. aENArdVao?2-r.
Abstracts of all kinds accurately made. Records
thoroughly searched, and any kind of informa
tion furnished on short notice and small fee.
v W. S.vWOLVERTON & SON, Mgr's. ,
ed "Rot" Clarkson surveyor of tho
port of Now York thoro was a goner
al gasp of astonishment by civil sor
vlco reformers and a good deal of
surprlso was manifested by the loss
truly good politicians. That Clarkson
paid but littlo attention to the duties
ot his ofllce, but 'was making secret
trips to Southern states, wi'h a strong
inclination to conflno society sought
to "black-and-tans" and "llly-whltcs,"
who wero known to bo Important fac
tors In selecting dolcgatcs to tho na
tional Republican conventions, occa
sioned no amazement amongst poli
ticians. They regarded him as tho per
sonal representative of tho president,
and on what might bo called a secret
sorvlco mission for him. Clarkson re
gards public offlco as a prlvato snap
and although President Roosovolt is
supposed to havo other and oppslte
vlows on tho dutios of public officers,
ho ovidently docs not disapprove ot
tho Clarkson "graft" of drawing a
good salary without much, If any, re
turn to tho peoplo who aro taxed to
pay it. Clarkson Is an old plltlcal pal
of Postmaster Gonoral Payne; thoy
havo been mixed up In some similar
deals obtaining delegates on former
occasions so nobody will bo particu
larly surprised at tho lnfoimnr:,n that
"Rot" Clarkson Is the man who furnish
ed tho rovenuo cuttor for Postmaster
General Payne and his family to take
their lato summer oulln. That rov
enuo cutters wero not Intended for
prlvato use docs not scorn to havo
troubled tho clastic political conscien
ces of cither Clarkson or Payne, it
is through this looso Idea ot the prl
vato snap that high officials regard
as tholr political porqulsltes, -that tho
grafting and looting In tho postoillco
and other departments have grown to
such serious scandals. Yet Mr. Payne
Is supposed to be Inveutlgatlng this
sort of thing. When will the people
If President Roosovelt Is elected
next year It will bo simply and solely
becauso tho voters of tho country bo
llevo that ho Is helping them In their
battle with tho trusts. It Is nod
strange, then, thut tho president Is
doing all In his power to give currency
to tho Idea that ho Is fighting tho
tmsts with might and main. Let us
sco how he is doing this. Let us sco
how much ho 1$ entitled to "tho dis
tinguished consideration of the peoplo
for his efforts to curb tho trusts. Mr,
Roosevelt started In political life ns
a strenuous freo trader, and was a
member ot tho Now York Freo Trade
club, yet recently, under prcssuro from
tho Protective- Tariff Loaguo, ho Joined
tho "standpolntcrs," and thus stands
opposed to tho most cortaln way of
curbing tho trusts and g'vlng relief
0000 0 0000000
to tho peoplo by reducing the tariff
dutios. It was tho president's volco
that killed tho Minefield antitrust
bill In tho last consress and caused
tho passage of two sham artl trust
bills tho Elklns intl-rcbato bill and
tho department ot commerce bill with
Its bureau of corporations to glvo pub
licity to trusts. Ills volco could havo
caused his attornoy general to go
after tho coal trust that William Ran
dolph Hiarst had treed with his own
money and sololy in tho Inwxest of
tho people. Ills volco wts tilcut. In
stead of saying, "Sick 'cm Knuty," ho
loft .Mr. Hearst to guard tho Ires
alono. Tho facts that aro Blowty com.
lng to light In regard to the now bu
reau of corporations In the department
ot commorco should open th oyos of
tho votors of tho country to tho real
position of tho president on tho trust
question. In discussing tho "Prosont
Statistical Outlook In Washington,"
tho correspondent of tho New York
Journal of Commcrco and Commercial
L'ullotln, on July 27, said ot this now
bureau: "Tho work now laid out for
this bureau Is of a really thorough
typo, and If It Is pursued with vigor
on tho lines now suggested thoro will
bo a good deal of complaint In tho
boar future when tho mothods now.
contemplated are actually applied,
I'ressuro of tho most strenuous sort,
will undoubtedly bo brought to bnr
at tho whltojhouse. Just how soon
the department will really bosln to'
shotv its hand In tho mattor of trust
Investigation can not bo certainly pre
dicted, but those who aro in a position
to know say It will not bo until after
tho noxt presidential election. A3 a
matter of fact, a good deal of time Is
needed for tho organization of tho
work and laying out special lines ot
investigation. All this will consume
many months, and Secretary Cor'.elyou
Is too tactful a man to weaken his
strategic position by opening flro In a
presidential campaign If thcro would
bo any danger In hurting his party,
thoroby. It will, thorcforo, bo a goad
whllo beroro any dcflnlto rosultj of
tho Inquiries of tho bureau of corpo
Alfalfa Seed
For salo by E. 1). Pugh.
Special Correspondence.
Woodford, I. T., Aug. ll.HItU,
Roberts & Caldwell wero herb yes
t:?;a talking to Ihc fnimorj in re
gard to hauling tho'.r crop? to Her
wyn rather than crois Pnddo, ns there
is no brldgo on Cv!i? for thein to
i oss over on and 'he bink3 aro so
stoop It Is Impossible to pull a load
up thoni.
Mrs. Emma Akors an I May Jolly
wont to Tlshdmlugo yes-otday to at
tend tho grand 'chnptor of tho O. R. S
Dr. Taylor Is "miiii? the Woods
dwollin? from tho north part of tcw.i
to his lot in tho south part.
The W. O. W. Camp aim to glvo a
picnic horo In tho near future. All
can "look well to tho tall timber."
Ardmoro camp No. 33 Woo-.lmen f
the World, Vill hold tholr regular
meeting next Friday aisl.t, August
14. Important business will come un
and all tho members aro requested to
attend. J. N. MORGAN. C. C.
Folding Camp Furniture
Mahes Camping Out a Pleasure.
(Successor to C. R, Jones.)
Ardmore National Bank,
Capital Stock and Additional Liability, : : : : : $200,000.00
Largest of any Bsnk In the Chickasaw Nation,
We accept small and large
ueneral Banking Business for you.
0. R. Bmith, President. R. A. Jonkb, Wholesale and Kitai
0. M. Campbell, Vice-Prea. Fnrnltnr.
Lek Gkoce, Cashier. Sam Noble, Wholesale Hardware,
G. W. Youno, Stookman J. R. Pennington, Grocer,
J.C. Thompson, Attorney, a H. W. Random Merchant.
Pirls the Scenee of Awful Catastrophe
Horrifying Details Amid Fire and
Smoke Heart Rending
Scenes of Death.
Paris. Aug. 11. Hlghty-rour bodies
havo been rocovored and tho doalh
list will probably oxeced ono hundred
In an underground railway disaster
that occurred horo last night. Tho
accident, which occurred on tho Met
ropolitan street railway, assumed the
proportions of an awful catastropho
during tho early hours of tho day whon
more than four score bod'es of burned
and suffocated victims wero removed
from iho subtorrnncan passage Tho
work continues and Indications aro
that tho death list will perhaps ox
ceod flvo scoro.
Tho scones at tho mouth of tho
tunnel whero tho victims wero brought
fcrth were of tho most heart-rending
description crowds of weeping men,
wbmcn and children struggled for
ward In an effort to rccognlzo their
missing relatives and friends. Most
Of tho vlotlms aro from tho middle and
working classes, as tbo trains wero
carrying them homo from their work.
Although tho nccldcnt occurred at
8 o'clock last ovcnlng, ofllolals and
firemen wero unablo early this morn
Ins lo descend into vho-tunne', owing
to tho blinding clouds ot smoke
from tho burning train. Frequent at
tempts wero mado by hcorlc volun
teers, whom It was necessary to res
cuo half suffocated.
At ton minutes after 3 o'clock Ser
geant Ahrcna, wearing a respirator
succeeding in making a descent. II
remained soven minutes and brought
tho first Information to tho effect that
corpses woro strewn nil about tho
roadway of tho tunnel. Then the col
lapsed. Twenty minutes later firemen
forced their way down through tho
tunnel station at Mcnll Montant and
returned soon nfterwnrd with seven
bodies. Theso persons had been as
phyxiated, as their positions showed
thoy had been groping through smoko
that filled tho tunnel, socking n way
to oscapo whon thoy woro overcome.
Tho work of bringing up bodies
wont on steadily after that, undor tho
porsonal dlroctlon of tho porfect of
police who summoned a largo rcsorvo
farce to hold-back tho surging crowd,
including rqlatlves of tho victims.
Attor daylight tho qrowds nt tho en
trance of tho tunnel , increased to
enormous proportions, obliging tho
polico to perform a cordon through
wero admitted only tlioso seeking to
Identify their rolatven among tbo vic
tims. Tho falluro of.. .many, men, women
and children to roturn homo during
the night gavo mnny tho first news of
the catastropho. Fathers and mothers
camo hurrying to tho mouths of the
tunnel to try to find their absent ones.
At tho second descent tho firemen
found a great number of bodies mass
accounts and conduct a
t'd near tho ticket ofllco of tho
station whero many had evidently
been overcomo whllo seeking tholr
wny out. Somo escaped but others
had boon trampled on.
In addition to tho blinding smoko
tho tunnel bolched forth terrific heat.
as ono of tho trains was slowly burn
ing within. Tho firemen succcodod In
throwing sovoral strenms of water In
tho direction of tho wreck, whllo somo
flromrs. and military engineers, at
groat bazard. pushed on Insldo tho
tunnel. Thoy brought out flvo bod
ies. Theso woro tho passongors of
tho burned train. Thoy had leaped
from tho coaches whon tho flro broko
out nnd, grouping through tho suffo
cating clouds ot smoko sought oxlt
nt I.es Charonnos streot station. Rut
tho tumiol makes a sharp turn near
tho scones of tho disaster and at tho
nnglo tho ontlro mass of humanity ap
parently becamo tightly wodgod.
Tho panic which took placo at this
point within tho dark suhtorroncan
passago must havo been torrlblo.
Many of tho victims had hanttkor-
chlofs stuffed In tholr mouths, thoy
having evidently tried to keep out tho
asphyxiating smoko. Tho faces of
tho dead woro red and congostod.
Somo womon hold tholr children tight
ly In their nrms. As firemen brought
out tho bodies agonizing cries went
up from women and children -who
recognized their dead husbands and
fathers. Most of tho victims wero
second class passengers. Tho body of
ono of tho womon, however, was hand
somely drcssod, whllo two young male
victims wero ovldontly porsons of Im
portance. At 8:30 a. m. tho total of bodlos
lying in tho morguo had reached for
and tho totnl at tho barracks ot tho
municipal guard forty-four, making
eighty-four altogether. Tho number
of bodies was unofficially estimated at
abovo ono hundred.
Inhuman Treatment Reported From
a Georgia Prison.
Atlanta, Oa., Aug. 11. Qovornor
Tcrrlll has ordorcd an Investigation
ot tho whipping of Maurlo Do Crist,
tho "Diamond Qucon," at th'o rldte
prison camp at Mlllcdgovlllo. Tho In
vestigation Is expected to result 'u
revelations of tho most shocking
character. Tho whipping has aroused
so much Indignation at Mollodgovillo
that citizens aro making threats of
lynching tho officers who whipped the
Miss Do Crist was tho hospital
stewardess. Tho wlfo of Warden
Alagood took offenso nt her nnd had
hor husband placo a negress In hor
position and send Miss Do Crist out
to work In tho field. . .
Mlfls Do Crist protostod and Mrs.
Alngood flow Into a passion nnd per
suaded 'hor husband to havo' tho wo
man whipped. Wnrdon Alagood did
so nnd railed two guards, to assist.
stranncd hor. and' whllo thoi cifarls
held her tho warden "apfillCd "tlio
stinging lash to her back. Forty lash
Unf.'rj VP"01 am flnal'y after Miss
bo Crist had exhausted herself by
screaking, sho falntod away nnd was
not revived for two hours. Tho wo
man's back was beaton raw and sov
oral blows landed on hor breast, In.
Dieting cruol bruIsCB.
J. A. BIVENS, Provident DON LACY, Vlce-Prtaldent
A. H. PALMER, Cashier. W. A. WOLVERTON, Asst. Cashlsft
Capital $100,000.00
Surplus Funds 30,000.00
Account of Arms and Individuals
f Whiteman Bros.
Geaeral Commission Merchants.
f (Oklahoma Cltj.O.T.
J HOUOEB Ardmore, i.x
(Chlekaaha, I.T.
ft nananas, urauges, iem- &
ons, Apples, Cabbage, Onions and Packing 4
f House Products.
Jf r'
flUIBE OF Pi 18 1
The Pope Hat Deen Over Exerting
Himself Throughout His Recent
Coronation Ceremonies Phy
sicians Gave Relief.
Homo, Aug. 31. Pope PUm X. had
a fainting fit this morning whllo cele
brating mass. Ills hol'noss s-on re
vived. Tho popo has boon overexerting
himself to such an extent thnt tits
nnturally strong constitution was un
ablo to bear tho strain put upon It
by tho coronation coromonles. Such
has boon tho effect upon bis norvoj
that ho has been unablo to sloop for
wholo nights whllo numerous recep
tions yestorday mado mattors worse.
Last night bis holiness was vory
much agitated; still ho Insisted
admitting tills morning to hoar his
mass all Venetians who bad Journoycd
to jiomo purposely to attond tho coron-
atlon. Thoy numborod nbout 300
whon mass began In tho Paulino chap
ol nnd tho air was vitiated with n
tomporaturo abovo 90 dogrcos. Popo
Plus was scon to gtow palor and
palor, finally throwing out bis hands
as though seeking support. Ho would
havo fallen had not Monslgnor Dros
san, his prlvnto chaplain, been quick
to catch hlra,
It Is Imposslblo to doscrlbo tho con.
fusion and alarm among worshippers
wnilo tho popo lay motionless and un-
conscious, his oyos closed. Fortunate
ly among tho Vonotlans prosont wag
Dr. Davenosla, who for nlno vears
bas been tho popo's attending physi
cian at Vcnlco. Tho physician gavo
tho pontiff Immediate assistance.
whllo messengers tolophoncd Dr.'Lap-
ponl. Tho latter rushed to tho Vati
can, but did not arrlvo until after tho
popo had boon restored to conscious
ness and taken to his own apartments.
Tho W. 0. T. U. will mt at tho
First Presbyterian church Wednes
day afternoon at 4 o'clock.
Furnished Cottage
to Rent.
s rooma, good looatlon, large CCIQ rr
lot, orchard, barn, etc. HlO,JKJ
Offices to Rent.
Borne dealrable olUoea, alnirle or in aolte
newlx papered anv "alntod. at cheap real.
Storngfe. .
dtorntfo roomlfor bouaehotil eooda or any
otborkladof iroodt. lo a uood brick build
loir. Vlll lot a apaoe at reaionable ratei.
The Redfiold Agency,
Real Estate, Rents, Loans.
Phone I3i. ARDrtORfi, I. T.
solicited, Conrteoni trs&tsaeat
all allks.
si n i'TrM-iar a it
!M. fllS j PHOMia. t

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